or for the girls on this show to get to interact outside of the guys in general so

Natsu - NaLu Theory

I feel like there is a lot of frustration over NaLu not becoming cannon recently. I am going to write a character meta-analysis of both Natsu and Lucy which will help explain (I hope) why NaLu won’t happen until both characters overcome/realise this:

1. Natsu is dense when it comes to romance/love and he won’t realise unless it becomes undeniable/obvious.

2. Lucy gets over her unrealistic ideals prince charming or her knight in shining armour expectations. She is a hapless romantic and naive when it come to love. (Note: this is not me bashing Lucy, it’s just a reality of her character. I think she has gotten better recently but I will do another analysis for Lucy)

I haven’t gone in-depth into every single scene because this was getting too long. If you would like to know my thoughts on a particular scene, please don’t hesitate to ask. I love a good discussion ;)

In regards to manga panels, there were more I could put in as evidence. I chose the events I thought illustrated my point the best. This took me a few weeks to compile between uni and life in general, so I hope you find it interesting.  Please keep in mind, these are my observations and I am not bashing any characters or ships.

Natsu and FT

Erza is a mother/sister figure to Natsu, she is essentially his female role model who taught him how to behave around people, showed him a motherly/sisterly love (I think it’s a combination) so she’s the role model he will fall back on when he’s trying to be affectionate with Lucy. Erza is an important supportive role model to both Natsu and Gray.

Examples to prove Natsu’s reaction to Erza is different can be seen by looking at his initial reaction to her being in danger, and his reaction is the same as his reply to Lucy’s question as to whether they should help Gray. He replies that he would want to finish the enemy himself, not to have anyone interfere. Natsu doesn’t apply this logic to Lucy.

You might say that’s because Natsu doesn’t respect Lucy’s ability and that isn’t true he does, but the emotions he feels for Lucy compels him to protect no matter what. Even if he knows she can protect herself. The panel above is a key example because it was a lighting fast reaction to protect who mattered the most to him (keeping in mind Happy and other friends were there but it’s Lucy he covered with his body). It is the split-second decisions which I hold in high regard, due to the fact they reflect a person’s true feelings. 

If you want to read more about my thought in regards to Natsu, Lucy and Happy —-> Link

After the Tenroujima fight with Kain, Natsu’s behaviour towards Lucy changes once again. This is shown in the Grand Magic Games (GMG). I believe during the fight with Kain, Natsu subconsciously fell in love with Lucy. However, that doesn’t mean he acknowledges it because he doesn’t think too much outside the moment. This shift in feeling does change how he acts around her, even in general situations. 


I didn’t watch Fairy Tail for years and I didn’t ship anyone.  I was on the fence about NaLu (is there something, isn’t there?)  it sparked my interest before the GMG arc but there wasn’t definitive evidence Natsu felt the same as Lucy. It wasn’t until the end of Tenroujima and the GMG which convinced me Natsu had feelings for Lucy.

What changed my mind wasn’t the obvious Natsu going to save Lucy. There was a considerable difference in Natsu making his opinion known when a subject/situation concerned Lucy. Which compared to the others who are friends, guildmates and close team-members (Gray, Erza and Wendy) were over-reactions to the situation. Saying this is because of a life threating situation and he wants to protect is a weak argument. In these panels, Natsu is substantially more powerful than the characters concerned. You might say with Yukino that was purely Natsu’s dislike for Saber showing but he is an instinctual person, he would have noticed her mood but it didn’t matter in this case because his priority was Lucy. 

Before this Natsu was not as concerned with what was happening with Lucy, which solidifies my point on Tenroujima being the event that changed the depth of his feelings (note that in the manga neither Natsu or Gray are waiting at her flat). 

Despite Natsu being oblivious to his true feelings (which even a child -Aska- picked up on), Natsu still flirts with Lucy. He even admitted himself that he can’t resist teasing her. And the number one thing emotionally immature guys do when they like a girl? Tease them, annoy them, be a brat to get attention. All behaviour which Natsu exhibits, because Lucy makes him feel comfortable enough to do those things. 

Natsu can be himself because he doesn’t fear that Lucy will hurt him. He’s is used to a gentle Lucy and shows restraint he otherwise wouldn’t when she has hit him (in a serious situation). If it was anyone else in the guild, I believe you wouldn’t get the same reaction. He starts fights with them all the time, so what difference would it make knocking them out.

The fact that Natsu will fight with everyone in the guild, apart from Lucy, is a telling factor that he loves her. He doesn’t want to risk hurting her and as I said before, this isn’t because he doesn’t believe she is strong. When he does bring up the prospect of sparring, it is usually in a playful manner. 

Natsu’s Emotional Growth

I think the problem on Natsu’s side is he’s dense when it comes to romance. Shown by his interaction with Gildarts. 

Indicating that Natsu’s emotional intelligence when it comes to recognising the difference between friendship and lovers isn’t great. Though I have no doubt about his feelings for Lucy are intense because of his different reactions to losing his love interest and losing a beloved friend/family member.

This to me is a desperate man losing a woman who he didn’t realise was vital to his future. With Erza and Igneel he was very sad/aggrieved but he wasn’t devastated. 

As for the breast groping, I don’t give these a lot of credence other than it’s a shonen manga (there’s always going to be fan service like that) and Natsu is a young man who is sexually aware of the girl he likes. Lucy is grown woman capable of making it known what she feels about that.  And she does, the first time she punched him.

Considering current events in the manga, I don’t believe NaLu will happen until Natsu’s role within Lucy’s life is challenged in some way. Natsu knows that he wants Lucy in his future, he wants things to be the same with them going on adventures. They are best friends, it’s natural. However, it wouldn’t be the same if she were to go out with another guy. Yes, they would likely stay on the same team but he wouldn’t be able to continue the same behaviours. 

I believe Natsu has come to depend on Lucy emotionally (in a good way). He seeks her out before significant events and feels most secure when he’s vulnerable by surrounding himself with her. Lucy provides him with a different kind of care and affection that isn’t provided by other guildmates, which is why he chooses to spend most of his time around her. Another reason I think he finds this in Lucy is the start of the manga.  

At the beginning, he says ‘I chose you’ and the way Happy explained the way teams worked, it sounded like Natsu didn’t work well in teams before Lucy arrived. Plus, Natsu is always reminding that her presence on his team is essential. Erza and Gray come and go (they pair up with other people) but Natsu and Lucy are always together by choice.

He is sensitive to her mood and when she is upset, he knows it and it throws him. Especially if it is him who upset her. Any other time he has a nonchalant attitude but with Lucy, he feels the guilt.

He won’t be able to be ‘more than friends, less than lovers’ if she were to marry another man. If she had a boyfriend he wouldn’t be able to crash around her house, play games, sleep in her bed, eat her food, go through her draws etc. Which is why Natsu will need an event that triggers this realisation before NaLu will happen. There will be more angst because angst is essentially the hard lessons the characters need to learn. No emotional events, no story progress.

I have considered the possibility of this event being Lucy’s perceived death but I’m not holding my breath. I still think he has some more growth to go before NaLu happens. I think this is good because it means Mashima pays attention to character growth and development, if the character isn’t at that stage then it shouldn’t be forced. The slow burn is why I like NaLu, seeing two individuals develop an unconditional love and it’s beautiful.

Thank you for reading! <3 xx

Unique Charm

→ In which Taemin isn’t slick but you’re super dense.

*gif not mine*

Word count: 2.5k

Taemin is quiet.

To outsiders, he doesn’t show many emotions. When he smiles, there’s always a hand covering it. More often than not it seems like he’s in his own little world, clueless to his surroundings.

Taemin is soft-spoken.

He’s probably the most awkward person you’ve ever met, but it’s endearing. His voice is gentle, calming even, and you love it. If he doesn’t know someone he doesn’t speak unless spoken to, and unless he’s comfortable, he’ll only speak a few words at a time in general. 

He is comfortable with you, though. He slips out of his shell when he interacts with you. Smiles are still covered, but he willingly laughs around you. Most people who don’t know Taemin personally think he’s bland, boring even. But you know that’s not the case at all. It took a few months to open to you joining his crew through mutual friends, but now it’s like you’ve been there all along. He’s funny, always cracking jokes that barely anyone catches. He’s playful, always teasing and laughing at his friends if something kind of unfortunate happens or if they cry.

Taemin is cringeworthy. 

He’s the clumsiest guy you know. He can’t act cute to save his life, cringing at himself and making others do the same. He isn’t smooth at all, but his awkward attempts at trying to smooth-talk get him far due to how funny they are.

Taemin is handsome. 

Every hair color and style looks good on him. He can even rock a bowl-cut and still have distant admirers. His lips are perfectly plump and his smile, when shown right before fingers are blocking it, is gorgeous. He has smooth skin that is usually hot to the touch, and it’s perfect for your cold hands.

Taemin is an idiot.

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What my cousin’s husband would always tell me is that, I shouldn’t be “too attached” with my idols. As whatever you are seeing on the outside are already “packaged” by the company and what they are portraying right now are not really their true personalities. To be honest, everything has already been set up by the company; program scripts, behind the scenes of magazine interviews, fan-signing events. All things has already passed through the company’s fingertips. Believe what you want. SM is a veteran company, and the images of their idols are meticulously planned; moreover the idols can’t change it as they wish. An idol’s behavior in front of the camera and everything that you are seeing has already been planned. And most of what you see now, paves the way for greater things to fall into place later on.

They’re making an example with this new group. SM has very high expectations for EXO. However, their popularity in Korea in reality fell short from what they were expecting. 

SM is very controlling over new groups.

Pairings within a group are a MUST, so they go to great lengths with it. Some members are obedient, and some are quite against it. 

SM is really determined in making EXO popular whether by hook or by crook. They will try their damn hardest to boost the group’s popularity and make them known in the public. That is why, even though they just debuted, they already have collaborations within SMTOWN. They even got the chance to perform onstage with BoA even though she’s a senior. However, cousin’s husband said these are nothing. SM has other tricks up their sleeves and they are scarier.

Read the comments, I said I’m a student and my brother-in-law is the staff member. I absolutely did not post this in behalf of the company. = =. 

So to continue, the no-dating-policy is not true. Even when SJ were just rookies back then, there were already a lot of scandalous photos. SM, with the use of the internet, controls the public’s opinion and it’s actually very easy. They would continuously lead the public on but they wouldn’t say their official stance nor confirm the matter (unless it’s one of their objectives). They want the attention, the hype, and by the time the fans are already caught in, they would quickly shoot down the issue. SM’s moves are quite unpredictable.

But with EXO it’s different. Their trainee period was boring, there was nothing much to say with their past photos, there was no room for speculations, so firing up the public was the hardest.

Therefore, collaborations are vital, they would also automatically become the possible candidate every time ideal member types are asked, they’d interact with those girls (and must be seen by fans), in order to drop hints at us. 

SM’s package comes along with these little tricks. Everyone should seriously ponder this over.

Baekhyun’s love for SNSD is not just a casual thing (there’s actually more to it). [ENTRY DATE: August 30, 2012]

I just went to search for EXO-SNSD pairings. And I was surprised that there are fans who are quicker than the company, and whose thinking are in sync with the company’s, they also have a lot of resources…

I like EXO, although it’s my first time to really engage in hallyu. But still, I didn’t expect this.

By the way, that thing about KRISSICA dating is impossible. The company has already been planned Kris for something else and there’s no J (Jessica) for the few candidates that came up because she already reached taboo. She already has one too many scandals, and she’s already a member that gets more hate (than the others). The company would go all out no matter the cost, but not to the extent of destroying their own idols.

Kris won’t be paired up with Amber as well. 

The scandals won’t have Yoona in it as she’s in acting. To speak of, Taeyeon and Baekhyun has been planned. The louder the responses of the fans are, the more the company’s objectives are met. [ENTRY DATE: August 31, 2012]

The M subgroup will come up with a scandal since their popularity in Korea is not as good as K’s. SM would rather M sink (than K) because this is quite risky, similar incidents such as the Black Ocean might happen if they are not careful. M is confirmed, and they are making plans now for the two most popular (Kris and Luhan), that would then allow the entire group to be known. He said that they’re going to do the same thing to f(x) too. 

Luhan and Kris are definitely beneficial for the group, first of all they’ve got the looks, then their age is closer to the girl group’s age. As the main focus in SNSD is Seohyun who is the youngest. In Korea, they prefer if the guy is older than the girl.

Initially, the company paired Kris and Seohyun as their height makes them look compatible for the other. But plans changed as after several deliberations, their characters would be too hard to create a hype with. Kris is now matched with Yuri, or perhaps Luhan and Seohyun as main scandal, and Kris and Seohyun as supporting scandal.

Now, it’s mainly Luhan and Seohyun. Like I’ve said before, take a look at their collabs. There are a lot of SMTown interactions, and watch their interactions on fancams. Also for their ideal type, no other person would come in mind right? Also cousin’s husband said their dynamics is quite good. The goody-two shoes boy and girl just like one of those pure, innocent couples, and their characters onstage and offstage are compatible.

Luhan and Seohyun for the pure, unadulterated type.

Baekhyun and Taeyeon for the noona-dongsaeng, vocal LINE type. (this two is really set for it).

Kai will be possibly paired with Krystal, this is being discussed. Kai really doesn’t like couple pairings, male x male or male x female.

So Oh Sehun is also a possible candidate for Krystal, however this matter is a thing of the future. Maknae is unlikely to have a scandal this early, but definitely will have.

Kris might have Yuri, their style is unknown.

[ENTRY DATE: August 31, 2012]

I have no ill intentions with what I’ve said about Jessica, but she really has too many scandals from DBSK to SJ to idols from other companies, creating a scandal around her would do no good and instead would probably ruin her.

I asked about Kris and Jessica’s interaction during SMTown, and he said that there are only two possibilities:

1. The company made alterations with their plans (very small possibility)

2. The relationship between the two is actually pretty good (close)…but everybody don’t get to angry.

Tiffany has dating rumors with people outside the company. Tiffany and Nickhun is real, but he doesn’t know if they’re still together.

In addition, the EXO member’s have friends and developed friendships with their colleagues. In fact Kai and Baekhyun’s interactions with them in general have been witnessed by fans quite a lot since it has been set up by the company.

With K being manipulated, some companies are also involved.

EXO-M Lay’s popularity is just average but Lay has a lot of connections in the broadcasting stations in Hunan. 

SM has a lot in store for Lay, but they didn’t expect Kris’s to be popular that fast.

*T/N: The text before the line are questions, I’m only going to translate OP’s answers.

Not really, Luhan is M’s trump card and will ignite the fire. In fact it will also promote M’s popularity. Luhan and Seohyun is a win-win situation. Both are SM’s favorite, they are the ones who are deemed unlikely to have scandals. Seohyun is extremely popular, and generally has a good impression to the masses- well behaved girl and even non-fans also like her. Luhan as well had created a good image. The two of them are the pure and innocent type, profitable to both sides right? And the goguma thing from before will help Seohyun since it will create the hype, it will pave the way for the future.

KaiBaek was created to cover up that they’re not close.

ChanBaek, this is an official (planned) pairing.. Their relationship is pretty good however they excessively interact mostly for the hype.

All of M doesn’t like male pairings

Do not hope for SM to promote LuBaek.

Sooyoung’s going to act. SNSD is on the low, an album is going to be released this year, and after that there might be some changes. They will have activities IN GROUPS. [ENTRY DATE: August 31, 2012] 

Variety, acting

There’s no proposed scandals for Chanyeol, it’s assumed that he’s going to focus on acting only. [ENTRY DATE: August 31, 2012] 

I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t say Baekhyun doesn’t like SNSD, he likes them and it’s more like taking advantage of that fact. Also Baekhyun and Taeyeon looks cute together. Their height and appearance matches well.  But then again, SM doesn’t care if you like or dislike the person, the company focuses on a fitting scandal- the kind that is able to create a hype but unlikely to cause too many anti. Like BaekYeon, Baekhyun is originally an SNSD fan. SeoHan can be understood as they are suitable for each other, at least both of them have nothing against the other. However, a better understanding of this is that, they are awfully obedient, listening to what the company has in store for them. And then the company will work on the collaboration and so on.

Someone messaged me if Kris and Chanyeol would either be picked for Seohyun, also about KriSica. Well, I understand you guys since his (Kris) character and persona is somewhat like Seohyun (height) or Jessica (ice princess). However, he has been set up now with Yuri. It was Seohyun before but she didn’t match with what SM had in mind. Jessica is unlikely going to have a scandal now.

DBSK will release an album this year. Changmin will also have another drama

Japan for f(x). Take advantage of their TV series.

Korea will hold the two maknaes, and possibly give them shows.

I asked jiefu when they’re going back to China, he said Japan first. They’re still going to evaluate the responses to Victoria’s drama.

They’ve been talking about Luhan’s drama, he’s getting offers from the Mainland. However the probability of him acting this year is extremely low, look forward to next year okay?

The number of pairings, I do not know. But Minho and Krystal’s relationship is pretty good. Krystal is needed for EXO though. 

Tao will be recognized in the future

In fact Chinaline has different characteristics each.

Tao’s dancing and singing is not bad however they want him to focus on his martial arts, and he has limited chances of displaying his skills.



This insider thread was created August 30,2012 | 20:19. If you were to read this and compare to what happened the past 2 years, most of what she have said came true. It’s up to you to believe in this or not. TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT



I Think I Like It (Part 1)

Originally posted by intokai

Title: I Think I Like It

Featuring: Kai (EXO) x Reader

POV: First person

Genre: Fluff and teasing, eventual smut?

Rating: PG-13 for now

Summary: It was supposed to be a reclusive summer getaway at a family beachouse, until Jongin showed up.

I’d  already packed all my bags and was getting into the car when my sister, May, dropped the bomb.

“A couple other people are coming.”

I’d  be spending part of my summer break at a beach house my aunt and uncle owned. They were out of town and left the two of us a key to the place, where I’d hoped to get some reading done, take morning dips in the ocean mere feet from the property, and catch up on some Netflix shows. Instead, my sister was going to turn it into party central.

“I’m not going.” I said, pulling my bag back out of the car. She huffed and rolled her eyes.

“Oh, come on! It’s only a few people, and we’re not going to be rowdy, I promise. They just want somewhere to go relax, too.”

I eyed her steadily, squinting, silently telling her I’d kill her if she got up to any funny business

“Who?” I asked, knowing which of her friends I could tolerate and who I would walk out for.

“Just the gang, you know…” She rattled off a few girls’ names, then two guys.  I felt a streak of anxiety shoot through me when I heard “Jongin”

I  would never admit it to anyone, not even myself, that I had a little bit of a crush on my sister’s friend. He was too gorgeous for words and everyone knew it, and it was only made worse by the fact he was also sweet and mild-mannered in comparison to my sisters other friends. I wasn’t sure if I could handle sharing a house with him for a few weeks.

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Part 1 - Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole

Lately it seems that everything I write ends up never seeing the light of day so I wanted to write something fun, that might actually get read. If you guys like it I’ll continue the story. 

Let me know what you think!

I woke up, eyes bleary, head pounding in a hospital bed I’d never been in, but could have sworn I’d seen before. As I rubbed my eyes, I racked my brain to try and remember how I’d gotten here, but could only come up with fragmented moments on the subway platform. It was a fair assumption to say that I’d passed out. Something like that had happened to me once before, and upon coming to had left me feeling very similar.

“It’s good to see you’re up.”

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anonymous asked:

gwyndolin is only ever referred to with male pronouns and is dysphoric about their "frail" appearance and mentions being "raised as a daughter" despite being referred to by followers as male. gwyndolin could be read as a trans guy just as easily. you really don't need to be so vitriolic over a headcanon.

Gwyndolin is only ever referred to with male pronouns by other characters and the item descriptions themselves, these sources are all biased, from the perspective of the writers. I’m assuming you know Japan as a country has deep seated issues with transphobia, sexism, and homophobia, among other things.

So, the narrative frames Gwyndolin as a man, but Gwyndolin herself in the game does not, and while you might want to headcanon her as being a trans man, you cannot ignore the common transmisogynistic tropes that are very common in Japanese media. Specifically modern anime, games, etc. These tropes exist in the West as well, but it’s particularly common and bad in Japan.
In this case, it’s specifically the transphobic idea of a “trap” aka “a pretty girl that’s really just a very feminine boy! oh no!” (Which is homophobia AND transphobia in one!) is probably the largest reason Gwyndolin is presented by the narrative in the way that she is.

(That trope is particularly vile because it sometimes includes features the character could only have by being on HRT or by being Intersex. It’s transphobic as hell.)

This intent by the writers is further solidified by the piece of trash in Dark Souls 3 called the Reversal Ring. The item description says: “A divine ring granted to the Darkmoon Gwyndolin in his youth. Causes males to perform female actions, and vice-versa”. It’s a stupid ring put in as a gimmick, but it shows that the writers thought of her as a man who just dresses and acts like a woman. (It’s also super biodeterministic and sexist…)

Gwyndolin as a character has a hell of a lot of agency in the Dark Souls story, but there’s an argument a lot of defenders of Gwyndolin “just being a feminine cis man” use, that her “deep respect” for her Father Gwyn is the in-universe reason for why she dresses and is the way she is. By the time Dark Souls 3 rolls around it’s a super dumb magic item. The real answer is there’s no big, valid, good explanation in universe. Gwyn just did it because gender roles.
Out-of universe, It’s a bad excuse from the writers to include a bad trope.
I don’t think it was to sell to otaku or anything, it’s not like they’ve made any Gwyndolin mechandise, and she’s hidden in the game. It’s just because Fromsoftware wanted to. Same reason why Miyazaki asked for Gwynevere to be a giant woman. It’s a bad reason.

In the game, the narrator says explicitly that Gwyndolin is “all too aware” of her “repulsive, frail appearance”, and that she hates herself. You could say it’s just the snakes, but I don’t think that’s accurate given the numerous pieces of evidence I’ve given about the creators’ intent, which just so happens to be specifically transmisogynistic.
I think the narrative is saying one of two things by this specific quote here:

1. If the narrative is claiming that she’s upset she is “frail” in the sense of “not masculine”, then it is using part of a trope that “trap” characters who do so full-time are frail and weak because they’re just… “feminine” men? Which is, again, rooted in transmisogyny. So, If it’s that. Then from a trans woman’s perspective, it’s bullshit and it’s better interpreted as dysphoria with some parts of her body.


2. She’s upset she isn’t physically more imposing, that she’s only magically gifted. Her Father was an incredibly powerful God. Gwyndolin is tiny compared to her older sister. We don’t know if she knew the Firstborn before he was purged from history or if she was born after, but I’d be inclined to include him in here as an example of physical strength.

But! She’s a super powerful sorceress! She has the power to create illusions that can actually be interacted with! It seems odd for her to be worried about that. I think the former alone is more likely.
Gwyndolin’s magical ability is impressive and vast: Illusory Gwynevere, whom you can interact with as if she was a person, the entire sun in Anor Londo, the illusory wall outside the Darkmoon Tomb which you need a ring to get through, debatably Ornstein and Smough.

So. Here’s what Gwyndolin’s body and her general presentation look like:

She is a trans woman. She is not any of the transphobic tropes she was written as. If she wanted her body to appear different it would. And hell, she might already have done that. She doesn’t look frail or repulsive to me at all.

My interpretation isn’t “a headcanon.” I’m reading everything they left for us from the perspective of a trans woman who has lived through a lot of this. While many of the experiences may be relatable to the experiences of trans men, if you say she’s a trans man, or even that she’s not a trans woman then that is your headcanon. That is you disregarding the game and the surrounding influences. The work doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Dark Sun Gwyndolin is a trans woman, she was just designed and written by a bunch of transphobes who didn’t know they were creating a trans woman.

Unpredictable (Johnny)

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

plot: fratboy!Johnny

length: 1,729 words

genre: fluff

*a/n: Y/R/N means your roommate’s name (this can also be your best friend’s name if you don’t have a roommate)

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anonymous asked:

UT/UF Sans sits next to a cute Crush on the bus who wears ear buds all the time. As time goes by, they end up passing little notes to each other, growing closer and closer. One day, Crush offers their earbuds to the skell to show what kind of music they're listening to. There's no music. Crush is deaf and wears earbuds to kind of hide it. (I was thinking about a video I saw years ago when I read the bus ask hhh)

Ok so I googled deaf girl earphones notes lol, and I think I found the video you were talking about. It’s this one: https://youtu.be/QyB_U9vn6Wk

if anyone is interested.

Also this turned into a small one shot

UT!Sans: The first time you two interact is the first day he’s on the bus. He’s not completely sure where his stop is and his phone is dead so he can’t google it. He turns to ask you but when he sees the earbuds he just gently taps on your shoulder so you’ll turn to him. He starts asking you the question when he realizes that you’re still wearing the earbuds. He gestures for you pen and notebook you’re holding and then quickly writes out the question on a blank page. When you write the answer he just thanks you and lets you be, you didn’t seem like you wanted to interact and he respects that.

Next day he sees you on the bus, sitting in the same exact spot. Because the bus is fairly crowded he figures he can get away with sitting next to you again. He is, conveniently enough, carrying a pen and pack of post it notes in his pockets. He plops down next to you and carefully sticks a post-it note on the back of the seat in front of you.

’’I hope you’re not too bus-y, just wanted to properly tank u for the help yesterday’’

…the puns are starting to sink in.

But he keeps at it. Placing the block of post-it notes between the two of you so you can both reach them. The rest of the bus journey is spent trying to come up with the corniest jokes about traffic and writing *groans* and ’’omg that one was so bad’’ in response to some of his worst ones. Examples include:

’’Yesterday was my first time taking the bus, I wanted a car but I couldn’t a ford one’’


’’But I can Harley wait ’til I  get my motorcycle license’’

After a few days the puns are slowly replaced with questions and a real conversation starts to build. Everything from books to movies to his brother and just general life on the surface and all of its struggles. By now both of you carry your own post it notes and pens and Sans finds himself skipping his stop to talk to you for just a little bit longer. He’s really starting to like you and your humor and he wishes he could talk to you without the post it notes.

When you offer him your earbuds after a few days he takes it as you opening up to him a little more. His stop is coming up soon but he still has a little time left. When he takes the earbuds and doesn’t hear the music he’s kind of confused before he looks up and sees your sad smile. Then he puts two and two together. You never reacted to people screaming in the back of the bus or loud noises outside. He hands you the earphones and smiles back. Then he starts signing. You never introduced yourself when you talked through the notes so that’s what he’s doing now. Before you have any time to react, the bus stops and this is as far as he can take it. He grabs a post it note and quickly scribbles something before hopping off.

’’Thanks for trusting me enough to show me your song. I’d love to talk through more efficient notes, though. Text me?’’

His number is written on the bottom.

UF!Sans: He’s been on the bus a few times before and he’s seen you around. This time he’s sitting next to you, though, and that’s a first. He’s kind of flustered which he hates, and he’s doing everything he can to not look at you. He notices a guy a few seats across from you two, and he won’t stop staring. That wouldn’t be so unusual if it was at Sans. But this creep just won’t stop staring at you. Then, the guy slowly brings his phone up and starts taking pictures. That’s the last straw. He doesn’t want to cause a commotion in public right now, he’s way too tired for that sh*t. Instead he opts for sending a death stare in the creep’s direction. It’s effective and the guy quickly puts down his phone and looks away. He gets off on the next stop.

Sans still feels like he has to warn you though. He pokes your shoulder to get your attention and your head jerks up. He starts to speak when you gesture to the headphones. He wonders why you can’t just take them off but decides not to ask. Instead he picks up his phone and quickly writes a message in his notes telling you about the creep. He gives it to you and watches you read it before you start typing away on his phone. You tell him that you know the guy and that he’s not gonna do anything but you thank him for telling you and also making him stop. He just grunts and takes his phone back, turning away from you. He’s blushing and he doesn’t want you to see. He gets off on the earliest stop possible.

He sees you again a few days later. Still sat there with your earbuds in and looking out the window. There are not empty seats, and he’d rather sit beside someone who doesn’t look at him with distaste so he slips into the seat next to you. You look over and give him a small smile before turning forward again. He kind of wants to talk to you, but you’re still wearing your earbuds. So he picks up his phone and does the same thing as the other day, he writes you a small message in his phone’s notes.

’’what’re ya listening to kid?’

You smile down at his phone and raise and eyebrow at him and for a moment he feels kind of stupid and thinks about teleporting off the bus. But you just give a very quiet laugh as you type out something on his phone and then hand it back.

’’It’s a very special song, it’s part of me’’

Well that wasn’t what he had expected. Still, you weren’t rejecting his attempts at conversation. He hands you the phone again, asking if maybe he could hear it. You pause for a second seemingly re-reading it a couple times. Then you shake your head and give him back his phone with an answer.

’’I’m embarrassed by it :(’’

Just as he reads the note you squeeze yourself out of the seat and bolt towards the exit. Huh, he hadn’t even noticed it had stopped. Just as you’re about to jump out of the bus you stop and turn around. You give him a smal smile and a little wave and then you’re out. He can feel his soul brighten a little.

This time he doesn’t delete the notes you left in his phone.

It becomes a sort of routine. Every time you’re both on the bus you sit next to each other and talk through his phone. He knows you better now, and his crush on you is growing more and more. He knows a lot about you. Your favorite movies and books, your interests, your humor and what your family’s like. But he still doesn’t know why you refuse to take of your headphones and talk to him. He ignores it though, and tries to push down the tiny bit of insecurity he feels because of it. And then one day when you’re talking about one of the human and monster talk shows, you ask him something out of topic.

’’Can I have your number? It would be easier to text than to go on like this. And then we wouldn’t have to limit our talks to the bus :/’’

This is his chance

’’I’ll show you my number if you show me your song’’

You stare at the screen for a while and then look up at him with a pensive look. Then you reach up and take your earbuds out and then hand them to him. He lift them to where his ears would’ve been if he were human, which is where he hears the best. Still nothing. Sh*t, did he break them?

But when he looks back at you, still a little panicky because sh*t he just broke your headphones, you’re just smiling sadly. Then you sign something with your hands that he doesn’t understand. You must have noticed that he didn’t follow what you just signed because you pick up his phone and, while making sure that he can see what you were doing, you went into his contacts. You add a contact with your number and then name it ’’cool bus person’’

Then you go back into his phones notes where you have been having your conversation. You type for a while and then give him the phone. This time you’re not looking at him as he reads, instead you’re looking out over the bus.

’’I’m deaf and there never was a song. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to look at me like I’m different. You still owe me your number though’’

He can’t help but laugh as he goes into his contacts and starts typing a message to you. Only now does he realize that holy f you gave him your number. As he’s typing he doesn’t notice the bus slowing down and coming to a stop. His head jerks up as you tap him lightly on the shoulder and wave as you walk away. Before you jump off you turn to him and make a motion with your hands as if you were texting on a phone. He nods his head to you. You look relived and smile one more time before exiting the bus. As soon as the bus starts moving he continue with the message.

’’It doesn’t make you different in a bad way. Made me think I broke your headphones tho - Sans’’

Everyone else in the room can see it - A masterpost

All quotes used are original.

Initial reaction or information as a starter

  • it just seemed very far fetched to me and too crazy to be true.
  • always felt like Elounor was a bit fishy
  • even though I hear rumblings about “Larry” I didn’t believe it at all
  • I knew nothing about the band, their music (except WMYB lol), what they looked like (except 17-year-old Harry)   

Immediate reaction after seeing videos/story told

  • My husband is quite impatient so after 30secs he’s like “Yeah ok they’re clearly together, so what’s your point?" 
  • he was speechless, he then asked if the whole fandom knew because you’d have to be blind to not be able to tell 
  • He totally called it after watching like two clips
  • I’m not even from this fandom but is there people who actually think he is not with the other one guy from this band??
  • It’s seemed so obvious to me that H&L had something going on between them 
  • I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not just Larries that can see H&L’s relationship. It’s super obvious to people outside of the 1D fandom too
  • and i’m also pretty sure two of them are in love, which is how I found your blog
  • So the two that were singing to each other on the AMA’s, when did they come out? I don’t remember hearing about it. (AMAS 2014)
  • Does the little one with the cheekbones know the prince is in love with him? (male, 40 married, teen kids, AMAS 2014)
  • who is he looking at?!” but I didn’t reply. When the performance ended she looked at me and said, “he was so looking at Louis THE WHOLE TIME.” and she said it as if she’s been shipping them for years, although I rarely mention it to her (mom, AMAS 2014)
  • young couple that basically said that they newly ship larry cuz they were watching the AMAs and saw how much they are actually together and I wrote your blog name down for them and LITERALLY PEOPLE ARE SHIPPING IN FALAFEL SHOPS (AMAS 2014)
  • You didnt tell me there was a romance in the band! Those two there *points at Harry and Lou* are the cutest! (gay brother, AMAS 2014)
  • As the performance we ending, she looked at me and said in reference to Harry “he just can’t help himself can he? (AMAS 2014)
  • It hurts me to say but I realized that. Every time he sang ‘it will never change me and you’ he looked straight at Louis. You might be right about this Larry thing (non-shipper, AMAS 2014)
  • Is Harry looking at louis through the whole performance  (outsider, AMAS 2014)
  • hey you like that harry styles guy right? What’s up with him and that other guy in the band, are they in love? (AMAS 2014) 
  • My only question about the performance, who was he staring at? (twitter, AMAS 2014)
  •  two staff members were talking about the ama’s and one said to the other did you see those two from one direction staring at each other last night? I think something’s up there? And the other lady said no shit they had serious eye fucking going on. So I slid past them and said wait until you google their tats and then walked away smirking (supermarket, AMAS 2014)
  • You said Harry was staring at the other one the whole……ohhhhhhh. Yeah I get it. (husband, AMAS 2014)
  • I saw the AMAs and they looked happy together and it’s nice to see, they aren’t being too crazy with the pda though which is really cool too (friend who thought they’re already out, AMAS 2014)
  • omg harry is totally gay, and louis! they’re so gay for each other! was i blind this whole time?? (after watching Larry videos)
  • You were right. They’re in love. (dad, AMAS 2014)
  • he’s not even hiding it anymore, is he? singing straight to him. (husband, AMAS 2014)
  • god, Harry truly does love Louis, doesn’t he? (mom, AMAS 2014)
  • that one (Louis, I didn’t even know his name yet) is gay and…he has a crush on one of his band mates. (video diaries)
  • *points at Louis* “that one’s gay” (mom, TMH)
  • They are so obviously gay and in love 
  • 30 sec into the first video, she turns to me and goes “and why are people arguing about whether they’re a couple or not? (mom, videos)
  • 'oh he’s the gay one isn’t he?’ I was like ye with Harry and then she replied with 'he’s definitely gay but i can’t see so much about Harry, he has the possibility’ she came to me after the AMAs and was like 'yep your right sorry Harry is deffo gay’!! (TIU then AMAS 2014)
  • Well, I looked up Harry Styles yesterday and saw pictures of them and if they’re not together then I’m a damn fool (straight boy)
  • The camera guy should’ve moved away aand let him do his thing (AMAS, 2014)
  • Besides, I saw them on the AMAs, and that little one with the big hair probably has his hands full with the tall one in the hat that fake-dated Taylor Swift. (brother, AMAS 2014)
  • how do people not believe their together? They’re so fucking obvious, you’d think they already have kids. HE’S SUBMISSIVE, WITH A DADDY KINK? WHO’S THE LUCKY BASTARD?” He was shown a pic of Louis and his jaw dropped. “Makes so much sense.” (gay dad AMAS 2014, call me daddy tweet and little spoon)
  • They are so so obvious, I can’t believe people still don’t believe it. (dad)
  • I kinda know what you’re trying to say, ok? I’m 62 years old, and if you believe they’re in a romantic relationship, then you’re not crazy. Curly was serenating him and Arched Brows liked it (mom, AMAS 2014)
  • And after that kind of statement you needed to ask me if I think they’re in a relationship? Haha, you’re funny (same mom, Mario Kart int.)
  • holy shit dude they’re together. (co-worker, Mario Kart int)
  • I’m not a Larry shipper per se, but even I’m like: so he was with Louis (outsider at Jesal’s not with Louis tweet)
  • IT WAS SO OBVIOUS!! (mom, 40 yo)
  • well that explains all the leaning in
  • they make the goggliest heart eyes, it’s so bad
  • Laaaa’, you didn’t tell me two of them were banging each other. Why no one’s talking about it (brother, 15 yo, video diaries)
  • Ok, they weren’t only banging each other, they’re fucking married. Should I tell my classmates to stop fantasizing over them? (same brother after AMAS 2014)
  • it’s the way they look at each other. Louis doesn’t look like that with his gf and Harry doesn’t look at anyone else like he looks at Louis. (12 yo, AMAS 2014)
  • which one of the boys is your favorite?’ and I said it was Louis and she was like 'Harry’s husband?’ (mom, WWA DVD)
  • Oh my gosh, he’s gay! He’s so gay! It’s so obvious! (mom, “Now kiss me you fool”)
  • So what’s up with him and the teeny tiny one? Are they married? (aunt)
  • and people still doubt and question whether they’re in a relationship?! (oldest sister, when jealous Harry grabbed Louis’  leg in the interview)     

Harry sexuality vs narrative not adding up

  • Why would someone straight have so many PR stunts
  • This is like the scene in the movie where you realize all the red strings on your wall of clues and suspects point to the same place: Harry Styles’s butthole
  • You can’t have a womanizer who looks miserable with women can you?
  • it was just the vibe that I got from him. He’s very flirty and charming in person towards basically everyone around him, men and women alike, but he just seemed a lot more comfortable around other men. Also just the way he carries himself is much more feminine than most straight men that I know. And that doesn’t always mean definitely gay, but in a room where the majority of the men were openly and comfortably gay, he didn’t stick out as the lone straight man, is basically what I’m saying
  • sorry but I’m pretty sure he’s gay
  • Makes sense I had a feeling Harry liked boys so I was confused when he pushed a girl to him.
  • I think you should like the Irish one honey, I think harry is gay
  • The one boy with the curly hair, Harry Styles, I like him” and I was like yeah lol so do I why because it was out of no where and he goes, “He’s just so like funny and doesn’t care. He’s gay, right? I see him and he acts gay and people ask him but he doesn’t answer just acts more gay, It’s rad. And then the next day I come back and he goes “What about Louis? Is he gay too?”
  • I didn’t know that 1d guy is gay (someone looking at Louis and Harry on the phone of the person who they sat next to)
  • “is the hottie also gay? This is beautiful, he’s singing to the other one!” (1D day, little things)
  • the broomstick and the elf need to stop staring at each other or people are gonna think something’s up (dad, AMAS 2014)
  • "is the curly haired one gay” and then when Louis was talking about his deepest love my brother said “I bet you he’s talking about the curly haired one” (brother, 1d TV special)
  • that harry styles, he likes the older men (dad, Graham Norton)   
  • Brother: I didn’t know they were a couple. I thought this one (points at Harry) was the only gay member. (brother)

Louis sexuality vs narrative not adding up

  • If Louis comes out later this year or next year, I guarantee that no one in Doncaster over the age of 16 is going to be remotely surprised or shocked. /Doncaster resident
  • He stood there about 30 seconds pointed at Louis and said “he’s gay.” Everyone can see it.  (42 yo boss upon hearing 1D)
  • ahhh like Elton John, I’m not surprised (grandma)
  • No one, I repeat no one, from the general Doncaster area would be surprised if Lou was gay. My little sister is his age, and I remember when 1d were on the xfactor, all of her friends used to talk about him being gay. All the lads I grew up with think he’s gay, it’s a common opinion there

HL narrative not adding up

  • Never put together in interviews or seated next to each other.
  • They want to quell the rumors because they’re actually true.
  • How Harry has all his tattoos on one arm and Louis on another (this was before the tats on Louis’ left hand)
  • The more Harry and Louis blatantly ignore each other onstage, the more I get confirmation that something is going on between them that is trying to be covered up. There is absolutely no reason for the complete 180 in interaction. The other guys have had rumors as well, but they still talk all the time.
  • it is very clear that louis and harry can’t interact, I found it weird cause I didn’t see it much in that performance like I didn’t think it was that noticeable, maybe I’m used to it, but I then showed him their cute interaction and he said no wonder they can’t it takes 5 secs to know they are more than just friends haha (dad, iheartradio 2014)
  • 50+ year old man watched that special just to see how H&L acted together & he said they are the reason he wants to listen to Four
  • Brother, 30 m. later: Oh. So they say “We are straight”, and then get coule tattoos and look obviously gay together. Funny. The girlfriend (makes air quots) is pretty though. (brother)
  • but when I mentioned the public separation, she came to a stop. And then she said: 'Well, that sounds fishy. Why would they be separated if there was nothing going on? That doesn’t make any sense.’ Ding, ding ding. (mother)

Shady shit

  • it’s the only explanation that makes sense. There comes a time when coincidences stops being coincidences and starts being a pattern, you know? 
  • how Louis’ family made it a point to let everyone know that Harry was there
  • we saw pics of him mingling with Louis’ family and none of Eleanor with Louis family
  • You don’t waste your time and your energy to hide somethings that is supposed to be false
  • Either they have the worst team ever or they are laying low before something big hits
  • they aren’t disproving the rumor solidly besides on twitter because they know they will lose many fans (Larries) by disproving it
  • Wow, they surely have an iron grip on them, is it because two of them are involved? ..<>… Hahaha please, everybody knows! (friend from the music industry)
  • my mom came to me this morning and asked me about larry stylinson. out of the blue asked me 'what and who is larry stylinson’. this is a 45 year old woman who has literally /no/ time to read the news, watch tv or anything because of the workload she has so the fact that she comes up to me and asks this completely baffled me. turns out she had read more than three articles on different websites in between a week on different days (shes kinda hooked on 1d drama despite not having the time) and had picked up on larry stylinson because it had been mentioned. these articles were all different. one to do with zayn leaving, the tour rider and louis and eleanor. she said to me that when she was dealing with a case one time (she works for the police and works in liason with journalists on seeding info abt crimes in the media so that its less of a shock when people find out) that everytime they got closer to the suspect being found guilty they kept mentioning his/hers name more &more contand she said to me that she found it interesting that this name had been mentioned a lot of times. i said to her that there used to be literally no larry articles once and she said that somethings going to happen and whilst we all know this what with seeding and everything it was just nice to see an outsiders perspective on it. she also mentioned that the two pictures of h&l together would help coax younger fans who might read articles into seeing them together which i found interesting as well!

 Had an idea

  • I fucking knew it
  • The one.. I think Lewis (yes he said it that way) is his boyfriend right?
  • he looks at Louis and goes hey isn’t that the one who’s dating that styles kid?
  • the group with the two boys in love with other
  • is it true Harry and Louis are together?  (12 yo)
  • he is WITH LOUIS AND FANS CALL THEM LARRY’ AND I WAS LIKE WHOA WHERE DID YOU HEAR THIS FROM , she found it on the web and she said rumours about his sexuality were also on the tv this is how spread this is guys my grandma found it (grandma)
  • that one on the left gay (harry) the 20 yo in the seat next to me goes yeh he is with that one whose staring at him (louis) the stylist replied with oh yeah ive heard about those two (hahir stylist) 
  • mum was looking over my shoulder and when Liam said 'a song about beards because that’s new’ or whatever, she went 'huh no it’s not, that tiny one and his twin have been pretending to be dating for a while now’ (mom)
  • is it because he’s dating the curly haired one?“ (friend’s reaction after hearing that some fans hate Louis)
  • The other day i was talking to my best friend (a bloke, not interested in 1d at all, who barely knows their names) and 1d came up in our conversation. He was trying to remember their names and he goes like "there’s the blond one, uh, and then there are the two who are together…”. 
  • Today some of my friends from grad school were gossiping about celebs and 1D came up, which never happens in my circle. I casually brought up that two of the members were dating. One of them asked me which two so I start to say “Harry and…"and I got interrupted my other friend says "Louis.” The whole group shrugs at me like its old news.         

You don’t do this with a friend.

  • I mean is that normal? Is it? For your best friend to get into a relationship with a girl and you go and get a compass right after he gets a ship? Not even a full day later? Is that normal?
  • they’re acting like that awkward couple that has so much chemistry and everyone wants them to date cause they look so cute together
  • I don’t think I’ve ever looked at someone like that in my entire fucking life. There was so much flirting between them Jesus.
  • she saw Louis and Harry sharing one of their 'looks’ and immediately went 'Oh, these two like each other, don’t they? (video diaries)
  • I have only seen that look once.“ and I was so confused so I asked where and he said "My dad looked at my mom that way till the last moment he held her hand (grandpa)
  • I saw a gif set of the infamous "if that” moment. Louis’ response made me suspicious b/c that’s not how a straight guy would normally talk about his best friend’s gf
  • little sister who is kind of a her girl, and my mum and brother were like 'who is the gay one?’ and she got really angry but when they saw Louis it was so funny they were pointing at him saying it as him (AMAS 2014) 
  • How come people don’t know?! They’re so obvious. Look at the way they look at each other. (mom)


  • it’s obvious that a lot of their tattoos are a matching set
  • We should get those! I can get the ship, and you the anchor cus you keep me grounded (boyfriend to his girlfriend after seeing the anchor and rope- no faces shown)
  • okay but why can’t they just be together (anchor/rope tattoo)
  • yeah the birds have like human faces/eyes. (dad)
  • I’ve been married for 10 years now, and I still don’t think I’d get a couple tattoo with my husband don’t tell him
  • i jokingly asked ‘so who’s gonna get the rope tattoo and who’s gonna get the anchor’ and she turns to her husband and says ‘that’s so cute it’s the same concept as if i get a lock and you get the key’ and he laughs and i continue just pitching out other ideas for complimentary tattoos and bring up the compass and the ship and gave a brief explanation and she LOVED it so i continued and said ‘maybe you should tattoo it on opposite arms so when you hold hands or walk next to each other it would align’ and he looks at me and goes ‘that’s too much no one does that’ and she laughs and says ‘do you know people that has that’
  • absolutely, no way, too much commitment. (about getting complementary tattoo)
  • ‘So his mum or someone has the rope,’ she said, and when I told her it was Louis she was pretty taken back and ranted about how they were ‘pretty fucking stupid.’ And I was like, ‘they don’t just have one matching pair, they have six.’
  • I asked him like the dork I am, if those tattoos are for couples or friends, he said: “Maybe one, but 3 or 4 that’s a bit too much don’t you think?” and then he pointed at the ship/compass and he went: “I actually thought they’re together when I saw only this… So…” (tattoo artist)
  • Yeah, they’re fucking. They might even be married, that’s legal in England, ain’t it? (tattoo artist)
  • our artist saw my phone background and said “two of those guys have to be dating. like you two are getting matching tats but those two, that’s different. my wife won’t even get tats like that with me” (tattoo artist)
  • Wait. Is this a dagger? Me: Yeah. Brother: Doesn’t the curly one have a rose? Me: Mhm. Brother: I didn’t know they were a couple. 


  • Youtube videos
  • friend/family
  • internet
  • stunts not adding up
  • from other fandoms


Joey Purp is carving a name for himself in Chicago as being one of the most fluid rappers on the scene, and for good reason. His effortless rhymes seep out of each song like syrup, while his beats draw you straight to the dance floor. It’s no surprise we’ve had his recent hit “Girls @” on repeat since we first saw him play at SXSW, and we couldn’t wait to jam with him again at House Of Vans Brooklyn. We caught up with Joey after his set to chat about the birth of “Girls @,” and Pharrell William’s influence on his music.

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Familiar freckles

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader (pretty platonic tho.)
Word count: 1570
Summary: You go grocery shopping with your little brother and meet John. NAILED IT
Warnings: Uhm. Non. I think. Bad writing
Notes: This is pretty lame. It might be cute tho. I should probably right a sequel to that. Ive also only written this to finally have a laurens fic.

“Can I have chocolate?”, a squeaky voice demanded, and you sighed, looking down to your little brother. “Will you stop bothering me after I buy you chocolate?”, you questioned with your eyebrows raised, while taking an egg carton from the shelf and placing it carefully in the shopping cart. “Yes! I promise!” With a cry of joy, he was already racing through the supermarket, and before you could even notice, he disappeared behind one of the refrigerator counters. You didn’t put too much thought to this, you were sure he would come back soon enough, so you continued your shopping. 

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Chapter Sixty-Three

A/N: Here we are, another chapter. It’s quite big, with quite a few different things happening. Very engagement-centred, but I hope you enjoy it. If any of you don’t know who Ant and Dec are when you reach that part, please do Google them. They are the funniest and nicest guys, literally the whole of the UK loves them.

That said, I hope you enjoy. Please do let me know what you think, your feedback means a lot more to me than you probably realise 😊💖

Emmy didn’t speak to Taylor or Chris for the next week. She didn’t hear from them at all, and their silence was getting her down. She didn’t mean to upset them, but the truth was that she didn’t know who to trust anymore. And so it was best not to provoke them, not to anger or offend them even further.

However she was worried, for she hadn’t heard from any of Harry’s friends either, and she prayed that Taylor hadn’t told them what she’d done. She had a feeling they would take it a lot worse than Taylor had. Although she suspected that Skippy already knew he’d been lied to, even though Emmy had specifically asked them all not to tell anyone the names until she’d told them herself. She didn’t realise Taylor and Skippy spoke so much.

A day in Newcastle was on the cards for Emmy, where the mental health charity Mind had worked with Heads Together to set up a day full of activities in the city centre to raise awareness for mental health. She was going with William and Kate, and she was dreading seeing them both. She didn’t know whether William knew about Taylor finding out, but she expected he did. With Edward and Harry in Brazil, Claire needed someone else to discuss everything with, and ever since she’d found out that William knew all about their plan she’d taken to talking to Miguel, William’s secretary. And, in turn, Miguel told William everything.

So she wasn’t surprised when, as soon as she met William and Kate outside Kensington Palace ready to leave for the day, William pulled her into a big hug.

“How you holding up?” he asked gently, and once he’d released her Kate gave her a cuddle too.

“Um, okay,” Emmy said. “I guess you heard about Taylor?”

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seokjinsarmybomb  asked:

I appreciate you respecting and acknowledging my opinion about the possibility of Jikook coming out if say they are together, or an idol who is LGBT in general. I think idols give hints (like Jonghyun saying kissing boys is the same as kissing girls to him and Heechul agreeing). It's like they want people to know but won't use the words due to the stigma.

Yeah yeah, I love the little hints they give to say that they indeed support LGBTQ without directly saying it. Especially Kim Heechul (bless him honestly), and he was definitely one of the first people when I joined Kpop who encouraged all the gay openly and treated everyone equally so I really appreciate that :) 

There’s even a rumour that Heechul is actually dating Gunhee rn cause they sketch af but…who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ LOL

Anonymous said to jikook-love: It’s like God forbid idols have friends outside their group or company or whatever. What I’m also worried about is the sort of “slut shaming” towards jimin for being playful or interacting other idols

Slut shaming is so 2006, even though it never should’ve been a thing in the first place (though I guess we leaned more towards conservatism back then so I guess it makes sense in a developmental kind of sense). Even if they were truly dating all these people, it’s their love life and we have no say in it–maybe they just fall in love easily. Who are you to say they can or can’t. Geez. 

Believe it or not, there was once a time where shipping between guys and girls in groups was so encouraged–I actually started as a “Super Generation” shipper (SNSD and Super Junior) because groups actually did collabs and interacted with each other back in the day and were paired up and looked good together. Nowadays collab stages are rare and few and not like they were before, and a segregation was inevitable after that. We’re supposed to have been more open-minded since then, but sometimes, especially at times in this, it feels like we took a step backwards. And it’s not entirely our faults either: if the companies just allowed us to get habituated to the images of all these idols interacting with each other, we would certainly be more accepting of it all (e.g. Super Generation was way popular because Suju and SNSD did so many collabs and everyone could immediately see that they looked cute together). But no. It’s like they want their groups to own their own success. No more friendly cross-company collab. No Wonder Girls x Big Bang, SNSD x 2PM, SHINee x Kara, SHINee x Suju x 2PM x SNSD x Kara Dance Battles (yeah these happened.) anymore. Being busy is one excuse, but it’s like the light-heartedness of Kpop has suddenly all disappeared ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Like imagine if we had the “Idol Group Dance Battle” shows now? For those of you who don’t know, the annual Dance Battle would be an event where all idol groups would get together for this one day and perform their own dance performances and compete against each other. Like ISAC, but it was a dance with all the top tier groups. And it was so fun. but if we did it now, i can only imagine how fans of today’s day and age would ruin everything with fanwar-emitting comments like “noooooo oneeee stood a chance BTS hahaha” or “EXO was obviously the best.” or “Gfriend absolutely wrecked Twice ^_^” etc etc please ._. Or do the thing we’ve been doing recently “OMG. LOOK AT JIMIN CHEERING FOR ___________’S PART OF THE PERFORMANCE. THEY’RE DATING. RIP. IMA GO ACTUAL EMO NOW.” 

The point is. This is why we can no longer have nice things. :T

Anonymous said to jikook-love: I want to add about Jikook coming out (or any idol actually) that we have to remember that they have to go to army and a lot of shit happened to gay people here so even if any of them are gay it’s more safe to speak about that after, so in a few years.

Personally I haven’t heard about what happens to gay men in the army but I’m sure I can imagine :/

Also, I think it’s more that even if they are gay they are less likely to go around and say it outright, as we are used to in our Western cultures. So that could also be a reason why there are less people “coming out” in Korea as we thing? idk.

Anonymous said to jikook-love: People are reaching. Jimin is currently posting a lot of pictures feat JK lately. I’m probably reaching too but I couldn’t help but notice the picture jimin posted where is with JK (BV) and JK making a V sign, he’s wearing a ring on his 4rth finger, same kind of ring Jimin did wear when they arrived at singapore. let’s reach together lol. Anyway, Jimin will post a picture today (of BV ep2) let’s see if JK will be in it ;)

When do we not reach lol it’s okay. Again, everything’s up for interpretation :)

Ah, when will we ever discover the truth behind Jikook’s sketchy rings XD

Even though I was on the speculative side of it, I certainly don’t now, and they do seem like the kind of couple who would indeed have dem secret couple rings ;)

Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes: The Wine Recap


Witch twins!


The eponymous Tasha Banes arrives at a quaint B&B.

One guest is less than welcoming. Tasha admires a ring the woman is wearing. (Hint: we should pay attention!) Tasha passive-aggressively offers to cleanse the old woman’s aura, but the woman just snickers. Tasha gets all checked in, and later that night it’s revealed why she’s at the charming B&B –witch hunting.

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Silver (BTS Members x Reader

Originally posted by delectaeble

General genre : Fluff, some angst, fantasy AU, smut, action.

Author’s Note : Again sorry, it takes me longer to post these parts. Like I mentioned before, I just moved and my place is a mess. Also this part is longer than the previous one (oops) but finally Jimin will be back soon. 

Summary : Namjoon POV, Taehyung POV and Jungkook POV. Jimin finally returns. 

Warning : None. (At least I don’t think so).

Word count : 8.5k

Prologue, Chapter 4, Chapter 4 part 2, Chapter 4 part 3, Chapter 4 part 5.

Chapter 4 part 4

Hobi’s week was uneventful, they stayed in doors due to the ‘dating scandal’ with Yoongi. The rumors kept trending in popular websites, there was literally no end to them. The only good thing about those rumors is that the majority of them weren’t hateful towards y/n. They decided to postpone the rest of the guy’s week until Yoongi’s fan had forgotten or at least until the rumors had died down a bit. Yoongi was invited to several popular tv shows due to his firely rise in popularity. His radio shows were hitting the highest ranks in ratings in the country, there were a lot of people calling the show to be able to speak to him, tons and tons of fans would wait for him outside the building and shove cameras in his face whenever they got the chance. Other several tv shows were also requesting y/n to be on them, but luckily for her, they didn’t have any way to reach her and Yoongi never gave out her information.

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Thoughts on Justice League- Gods and Monsters

Warning: This isn’t a cartoon movie meant for young children. If you or your parents are comfortable with movies with a PG:13 rating then this shouldn’t offend.

Despite the continuing popularity of dark alternate universes portraying “darker and more gritty” versions of the DC Comics famous big three, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, I’ve grown pretty tired of it. They all seem to focus on the same tropes and inversions and are only dark for darknesses sake but my curiosity was peaked when I heard Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett’s names attached to Justice League: Gods and Monsters

The more I heard about this universe it actually sounded interesting. It promised to handle the inversions intelligently and the fact these characters are not simply dark versions of the same flagship characters I decided to give it a shot.

What did I discover? The animation and production values were outstanding giving me many impressive visuals and exciting action sequences to enjoy on both an aesthetic and technical level. 

It exceeded my expectations with an engaging mystery story as its plot and how it intelligently explored what justice is by exploring what might happen when a superhero’s vigilantism goes too far. This article will explore the Machnimania and Movie since they are packaged as a whole in this vision of the DC universe. Don’t worry I won’t spoil how it ended since the twist surprised me and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

The Characters

The thing that I tire of in some versions of characters in alternate universes is that often they just make them opposite of what their nature is in the main universe with little rhyme or reason. In Gods and Monsters the Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are literally not the characters we are familiar with.

This Superman is the son of General Zod and not Jorel because he stopped the launch of the escape pod before Jorel combined his DNA with his wife’s in a genetic engineering fashion.

He also was raised by a pair of illegal Mexican immigrants who became farmers. This Superman has the literal background of an alien in two ways with this very clever twist. His witnessing of the ill treatment of immigrants and outsiders plus his more violent parentage makes his hard hitting and uncompromising version of doling out Justice believable.

The short introducing the character has him killing a childlike version of Brainiac who pleads for an end of his suffering. Since he was causing havoc unable to control his power this Superman feels justified in granting his wish. His background makes this course of action and his actions in the movie make sense.

The Batman in this continuity is actually Dr. Kirk Langstrom who is known as the Man Bat in the main DC Universe. In the main continuity he is a mad scientist who transforms himself and his wife into mutated giant bats and generally is a villain. Essentially, its treated more like a werewolf like transformation.

In this storyline he accidentally makes himself into a vampire by trying to cure his cancer with the help of his friends. He rejects Francine and she marries their  friend but remains a loyal part of their life while trying to cure himself.

As a mutant vampire he needs to kill and suck blood to survive and so he feeds on and kills criminals. Yet again knowing this Batman’s background we understand why he doesn’t lock criminals up like Bruce Wayne.

His introduction short involves an incredibly psychotic Harley Quinn that is truly creepy and unsettling. We are able to sympathize with him and understand his reasoning for killing and how he feels that its a form of justice.

This universe’s Wonder Woman is New God, Bekka. In the regular DC Universe Bekka is the wife of Orion and fights alongside her husband and High Father against the forces of Apkolips. 

In this version she is married off in a political deal to Orion as part of a peace treaty. The writers gave her a strong reason to abandon the New Gods with her backstory but I do think its the weakest of the three protagonists in that it uses the classic alternate universe trope of “the good guys are the bad guys in this universe”. How marked is the-bad-is-good in this world?

High Father is so prejudiced in this version that the whole wedding is actually a ruse so that they can massacre the entire governing body of Apkolips. The way its presented its as if the overture of peace by Darkseid is genuine.

Bekka is shocked to find this is the case when Orion visits her on the night before the wedding. In this continuity he gives her a sword that harbors the Mother Box so she sees he has a good heart and instantly falls in love with him. 

She tries to get High Father to spare him but instead he kills Orion. This is all that takes to give her the courage to use the sword Orion gave her to rebel and then run away.

If you can’t tell already I find her story less interesting and more unoriginal than the other two characters. I did like her no nonsense attitude and banter with Steve Trevor but she had a little bit too much of the emotionally injured female that becomes the “I don’t need no man” trope for my taste. If they showed her as involved in the war or the massacre willingly and not a repressed pawn it would’ve worked a lot better. Where Superman and Batman make you understand why they dole out justice in the morally grey area I just have a hard time buying a broken heart as enough reason for her to be as brutal as she is. Her short shows much of the same banter with Steven Trevor and is the most light-hearted of the three.

Over all I thought they did a good job in giving the characters believable motivations. Though the Wonder Woman backstory was a little unoriginal it was executed well and I was still able to sympathize with her so I can’t complain too much.

The Plot

The plot opens up with the Justice League stopping a terrorist organization and they kill every single criminal.

Here we also are treated to alternate/combined versions of some iconic villains for each of our heroes. Everyone has a different thought with the powers displayed but the general consensus is that the big guy is Bane/Solomon Grundy, the girl is Live Wire/Captain Cold and the guy in animal print is Bronze Tiger/The Cheeth. This movie is full of character references like these guys too numerous to mention but they are fun to see. I will tell you my favorite reference involves the big guy up there on the left.

Yep a reference to the infamous Bane breaking Batman’s back incident!

The Justice League is criticized for the blood bath by the President, FBI and Steve Trevor. They defend their actions by stating that the criminals were terrorists and deserved it. The citizens don’t trust them though giving us a good idea of the climate and interactions of the characters to come. Over all it was a strong opening and well done from a story-telling stand point.

The real plot kicks in when the heroes are told of a string of scientists who were murdered and the clues are pointing to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. I won’t give a lot of detail on the plot since I don’t want to spoil the unfolding of the mystery but it was excellent. A person not familiar with the DC Universe can still enjoy and understand the plot.

They also include plenty of Fan Service. I already mentioned cameos and references to characters that populate the film but that is only the tip of the iceburg. We get small parts for most of the characters we’d expect to see, like Superman tries to get some good press from Lois Lane, plus many visual references to the DC Universe for the fan in the know.

I highly recommend this movie if you love dc comics and mysteries.


Detransition, Desistance, and Disinformation, by Julia Serano

Transcript under the cut:

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“I don’t want you talking to him.” Harry says. When Y/N’s silent, frozen as she stares up at Harry, he realizes that he’s never spoken directly to her before, let alone been alone with her.

Y/N continues to not say anything to Harry in response. He can tell by the look on her face that she’s hesitant on her response, is thinking about all the rumors she’s heard about Harry getting into bar fights and his parents’ money stopping him from getting suspended when he went a bit too far during a frat party and almost hospitalized a guy.

“I’m serious, Y/N.” Harry swallows. “I swear to god, if you were mine,” Harry starts, and then he realizes what he’s saying.

If you were mine

Which makes no sense, because since when did Harry want Niall’s girlfriend to be his? But instead of stopping himself, he takes a small step forward until he’s crowding Y/N against the wall.

or Harry thinks Y/N and Niall are dating and gets mad when he keeps seeing Y/N with different guys, only to realize Niall and Y/N are actually roommates and he’s just jealous that Y/N’s been paying attention to everyone but him.

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