or fluently learning a different language

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I know its hard speaking two so different languages i mean i tried learning arabic once but gave up because it was to difficult and i already had enough of a hard time learning english and french while speaking german and turkish fluently an belive me when i say that that was/is way easier than it sounds at least when compared to learning arabic as a forth language

sometime there some words in Arabic i cant find it in English and that make translate my comic hard sometimes  

can we destroy the idea that people must apologise for poor english because whenever someone says that to me i break apart because no no you’re perfect you’re learning another language different from your native one and thats so much more than so many others, who expect everyone to just know english fluently

nursey headcanon

these are the 6 different languages nursey can speak because that’s how extra he is.

Arabic and English: Nursey grew up in a bilingual household, alright. His ma is Arabic so he has been able to speak it fluently all his life, while his mom could barely speak a lick of it. (At one point, she became so annoyed at her wife and son having conversations completely in Arabic right in front of her, that she began to take night classes to learn it, completely fueled by spite. She’s nearly fluent now.)

Spanish: When Derek was younger he had a Hispanic nanny who would only speak Spanish to him, which caused him to learn just enough to keep up a conversation with her. (They still keep in touch, and she will still only speak Spanish to him, despite now being completely fluent in English. She just wants him to keep his skills sharp ok.)

ASL: His mom lost her hearing in her right ear when Nursey was 16, so nursey’s family all learned sign language so they could all communicate better! (and so the nurses’ can all pat themselves on the back, because now they can honestly say that they’re a trilingual family. Achievement unlocked, kiddos.)

Latin: Nursey 100% took Latin at Andover. he took it from his freshman year to his senior year and is completely fluent. This fact pisses Dex off. (“FOR FUCKS’ SAKE NURSE, WHY ARE YOU FLUENT IN LATIN???? IT’S A DEAD LANGUAGE IT’S NOT AT ALL USEFUL OH MY GOD.” “you’re just jealous that you weren’t able to read the Life and Times of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus.”)

Italian: at this point nursey just wanted to fulfill Samwell’s foreign language requirement, so he took Italian in his freshman year for shits and giggles. (No one really understands why he chose Italian out of all languages, and to be perfectly honest, he just taped the names of Samwell’s foreign language classes to a dartboard at the beginning of his Freshman year, closed his eyes, and threw a dart. The dart landed on Italian, so he took Italian.)

Is it all about popular languages?

I’ve started a few days back to follow langblrs blogs, because I ignored there could be such an tendency about the topics that makes my life move, so I started to follow tons of blogs at right and left (a diestra y siniestra in Spanish).
But I found out that these guys mostly talked and uploaded wonderful content (Wordlists, meanings, pdf books, etc) about European languages?…
Let’s get this straight, I love European languages, in fact I know two of them fluently and I’m learning six of them, reaching different levels with each other, but, you people that call yourselves ‘‘Languages lovers’‘, where are the less relevent languages?

Where are the indigenous languages of North America? Lakota? Cheyenne? Navajo?
Of Meso-America perhaps? Mayan? Nahuátl?
Of Sub-Saharan Africa? Xhosa? Lingala?
Of the rest of Asia? Dzonghka? Kannada? Laos? It is not everything Korean or Japanese, Asian culture isn’t K-pop.

Translator/Barrier Au

flip-a-dip-me-off submitted: An Au where everything is the same except their are language barriers between the different alien races. Pidge has to make translators. Shiro has some understanding after living with aliens for the past year. Lance has trouble flirting. Hunk is just confused. Keith is pretty much the same. and after a while they learn the language and can talk fluently. When they make it back to earth, every once in a while they burst in to angry Altaen or some other foreign race’s language.

Like I know it’s such a minor thing and the focus should be on the ice skating but??? Idk I just think it’s cool as heck that Victor and Yuuri speak a second language fluently enough to be in a relationship where the main language between them is neither’s first one?? And it’s one with a completely different alphabet too like I honestly just think being bilingual is cool af and it’s got me so motivated to start learning languages again

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Do you want to speak all of those languages fluently? I speak Russian (mother tongue), Ukrainian and English. I'd love to learn Bulgarian. The Slavic nations that use Cyrillic script are really easy to me.

//Very much so! I’m super dedicated to language as I want to travel the world some day! However, it’s very difficult since I live in America and learning different languages are mostly frowned upon, especially in the southern states.

Language Hc
  • Shiro’s mother tongue is Japanese and he still speaks it fluently with his biological brother and family.
  • Since he’s been in space for a year or so now, he speaks it to himself and tries to write stuff down in the language so he doesn’t forget it. He’d doubt he would, but it’s still a fear of his.
  • Many of Shiro’s original team were multilingual coming from different parts of Europe, Asia, and South America. 
  • Time to time they would all just speak their mother tongues just to see if anyone understood each other…it never worked.
  • Shiro tried so learn some of his friend’s languages, and in turn, they tried to learn Japanese. As a result, Shiro knows a bit of Ukranian, Italian, Greek, Spanish,  French, Hawai’ian and Armenian.
  • He just doesn’t let Lance know he knows a bit of Spanish, it’s fun to overhear what he says. 
  • He and his other teammates hates it when their European teammates could speak to each other in pretty much 5 plus different languages. 
  • tbc
more Voltron hc‘s

- Alteans can go really long without blinking. Don’t bother starting a staring contest, you won’t win

- Lance learns this the hard way

- Pidge can sleep everywhere, no matter how inconvenient it is

- Hunk already found her sleeping smack in the middle of the hallway more than once; Lance swears he once found her sleeping curled up in the kitchen sink

- Keith actually speaks a lot of languages more or less fluently; the others find out about it when he accidently mixes up a few words and ends up using four different languages in one sentence

- Hunk and Coran comparing their cultures and actually finding small similarities! both being super excited to tell the others about their discovery

- Shiro wanting to find out what he missed during his time in space; Pidge tries to fill him in on important political changes and scientific discoveries; Lance explains the newest memes

- Allura casually lifting really heavy objects; Voltron crew: *sweats nervously*

Imagine that Person A speaks fluently in a different language or has a code they use. Person B doesn’t know the said language. One day, A comes home with a tattoo in that language and won’t tell B what it means. So B does all this research and learns the language, so when B reads A’s tattoo, it says: “I love you, B.” Ends up, A was testing how committed B was to their relationship. Bonus: A’s tattoo asks, “Will you marry me?”

50 Question Studyblr Tag

// Decided to make a studyblr tag for Day 2 of this month’s #JulyHigh posting marathon! I tag EVERYONE who reads this! Make sure you reblog or include #studyblrtag so I can read all the cool and amazing things you guys do!


  1. What country are you studying in now? Sydney, Australia
  2. What’s your major or specialization? Medicine (type 2 diabetes)
  3. What year are you in? 1st year of research by masters
  4. What courses are you taking (/will be taking if on break)? I don’t take any courses, but the last one I took was Medical Statistics and Ethics
  5. Favorite course? In my undergrad, it would have to be either Human Anatomy and Histology, Perception, or Psychology of Law
  6. What languages do you know? Want to learn? English, French and Tamil fluently, want to learn German, Spanish and ASL : )
  7. What language do you study in? Do you think in a different language? Study in English and 99.9% of the time think in English (0.1% Tamil)
  8. Career aspiration? Principle investigator/professor/food policy maker for South Indian communities/dog walker
  9. If you couldn’t be #8, what would you be? Psychologist, interior decorator
  10. Moment you knew what you wanted to do? When I took a chance and was already doing it


  1. Where is your favorite place to study? My office space in the lab. It’s so big and fancy and has everything I need. All my motivations are right there, I love it : )
  2. When is your favorite time to study? Early morning or late at night (not really my favorite but I tend to be more productive at those times).
  3. Clean desk or organized mess? Clean desk
  4. Music or no music? What type? Music. Alternative, indie, top 100 if doing work but not reading, EDM/instrumental if reading.
  5. Name top 3 worst distractions. TV shows, Facebook, and food.
  6. Exam time, dress up or dress down? Always dressed nice, gives me confidence for the exam
  7. Exam time, hair up or hair down? Hair down, I like to grab it when I think
  8. Favorite outfit for studying? Leggings and a bit hoodie
  9. Favourite study scent? Right now, frangipani


  1. Name 5 things you would consider your ‘study essentials’. My pilot pen, blank paper for random thoughts/flow-chart sketching, axe oil, glasses, cardigan/sweater
  2. Hardcopy books or pdf online? Both works fine for me
  3. Favorite study snack? drink? Granola with yogurt; orange juice
  4. Favorite pen (or pencil)? Pilot
  5. Favorite notebook/paper? The clairefontaine paper is to die for, but I’m cheap and don’t actually use it
  6. Name 5 apps/tools that help you be productive. Microsoft OneNote, Google Drive/ OneDrive, Mendeley, LabArchives, BusyCal
  7. How many pens/pencils/markers are in your pencil case? 5 pens, 1 pencil, 1 marker
  8. Backpack or purse? Backpack
  9. How many notebooks do you have? 4, one for learning German, one for random numbers/notes, one for journaling/sketching and one for work.


  1. How do you motivate yourself when you’re not motivated? Take a break, watch a TED talk and/or listen to theory of everything soundtrack
  2. Pump up routine before writing an exam? Bag needs to be packed, have to have showered, dressed nicely, hair done and minimal make up applied - and listen to either EDM or coldplay on my way there.
  3. Crammer or pacer? Study as a pacer, assignments/essays as a crammer
  4. Type of learner (kinesthetic, auditory, visual)? Visual, then kinesthetic
  5. How do you plan? (digital, planner, lists, no plan, etc.) BusyCal with to do lists every morning
  6. Preferred note-taking method? Typed/digitally
  7. Do you make to-do lists? How?Yes, on my phone or on my laptop
  8. Do you stick to your to-do lists? Yep, at least 80% of it if it’s a big list
  9. Group study or independent study? Independent, unless the group is just as determined as I am.
  10. Average number of hours of sleep during exam time? Like 4-6? I don’t usually sleep much to begin with though, I’m less productive the more I sleep (after 6 hours). Am I the only one?
  11. Ever pulled an all-nighter? Oh yes, yes I have


  1. What do you do to recover from getting a grade lower than expected? It depends on how much lower and what my expectations were. I’ll have a night of good food, good company in a chill environment and then plan my attack :P
  2. One advice you’d give others? There is more than one way to get to where you want to go. It’s not about taking the fastest or most common path, it’s about getting there and enjoying the journey. Learnt that the hard way!
  3. What are you most proud of right now? Working on my first publication as a lead author : )
  4. Favorite quote to keep you going? Since my work nowadays isn’t really about studying but about doing experiments/presentations/having meetings, my go-to quote is “Get up, dress up and show up”
  5. Favorite way to destress? Socializing or a TV show/movie


  1. Favorite 5 studyblrs? Can’t pick, but I’ll make a post soon with a list of all my forever follows!
  2. How often do you check Tumblr? 2x-3x a day?
  3. Hobbies when you’re not studying? Painting, swimming, music
  4. Favorite compulsory-reading book? Why Evolution Is True by Jerry Coyne
  5. First nerdy joke that pops into your head. Why did the polar bear dissolve in water? It was polar. (middle school joke!)