or fluently learning a different language


Being a polyglot, I decided to make a post about how to study any language, Without further ado, here it is:


This is the most crucial step to studying/learning a new language. In order for your brain to pick up the new words and ideas, it needs to be more immersed in the language you’re learning. Now for most of us who are learning languages in school, that’s kind of hard, especially since most language classes do most of the work in English until you build a level of fluency. This is the primary reason why immersion programs or immersion schools are so much more successful in teaching a language: you’re forced to talk, write, speak, and think in the language you’re learning. Your brain makes connections faster and thus learns faster to understand and process the language. I would suggest that when you’re learning the language, whether it’s in class time or homework, try to work only in that language. Don’t automatically translate things into English because that’s only going to inhibit your process. Even if your knowledge of the language is limited, practicing thinking in the language, reading the language without translating, and speaking will greatly improve your progress. You’ll find yourself become more fluent and the language will flow rather than be halting because your brain is trying to translate things instead of thinking fluently.


Vocab is one of, if not the, most important aspect of learning a language. I would even go as far as saying it’s about 70-80% of effectively knowing a language. Think about it this way, if you’re at a restaurant and you’re asked to read the menu or if you’re out and you’re reading signs and advertisements, will knowing hundreds of verbs and their conjugations help you get by? Most likely not. Vocab on the other hand will make the difference between understanding and being totally clueless. If that example didn’t do it for you here’s another one: when you’re speaking to someone how can you express yourself if you don’t know the words? Chances are even if you know no grammar but know key words in the language someone will understand you. Most people don’t pay that much attention to grammar anyway when you’re speaking. As long as you have a basic understanding of it, you’ll be understood. I’m not saying that grammar isn’t important, far from it, but so many people underestimate vocab and focus on grammar and that hinders your learning. Try to learn as much vocab as you can because it will bring you one more step to being fluent. The key to knowing a language is to understand it to a high degree. You can’t understand if you don’t know the words. Find a list with the most common words in the language you’re learning and try to learn them all. Have a goal to learn 10-20 new words per day and you’ll go a long way. If you’re trying to learn vocab I would recommend to have a sheet with all the words you’re trying to learn and their definitions. Hide the words and try to write the vocab by seeing only the definitions. Writing down helps you remember and this method is foolproof. I’ve used it for 6+ years in French and it’s never failed me.


When I say basic grammar, I mean the typical verb tenses and some basic structures. This doesn’t mean learning every single verb conjugated in every single tense, but rather learning the patterns of grammar and how to apply them. Work smarter not harder. Learning the patterns makes it easier to recognize them when you’re reading and remember them when you’re writing. In my opinion, one fault with the way languages are taught in school is the way they teach grammar and how much time they spend on it. Most native speakers don’t worry as much about grammar as non-native speakers do. Again, I’m not saying grammar isn’t important because it is and  you have to know it, but the way it’s taught ruins it. Try to make a chart with all the verb tenses and the patterns that go with the different types of verbs and then a list with the irregular verbs/exceptions. This should be enough to help you gain a basic mastery of grammar. If you know the basic rules, it will become second nature as you speak, write, and read more.


The language you learn at school is very very different from the language actually spoken in its native country. Most of the language you learn is very formal while in real life, formality is disregarded to a degree and slang is prevalent. In order to build a fluency, you need to read and listen to the language in its natural form to pick up the slang and words that are actually used and not the archaic words that nobody ever says. Listen to music from that language, watch the news in that language, read a book or magazine in that language etc. This will again help your brain learn and process the language better. It will also help with vocabulary and general understanding. Children’s books are the best when you’re starting out. The language is simple and the grammar isn’t to complicated. Start with children’s books and then work your way up to novels and other forms of literature. Listening to the language is also crucial. Try to find mediums where the language is spoken and just listen. Don’t translate or stress yourself out trying to understand it all because you won’t the first couple of times. Just let it sink in. Gradually, you’ll find yourself understanding more and more and you’ll improve. With the speaking aspect, speak as much as you can. Don’t be embarrassed if you stumble, can’t express yourself as much as you would like, or have an accent. I also find that watching/reading/listening to translated works is helpful. Find your favorite book and read it in the language you’re learning, it will help you understand and learn more because you already know what’s going on and can focus on the vocab and grammar. Find your favorite movie and watch it in the language you’re learning. Again, it will help you learn more vocab. The more you practice the better it will get. If you distance yourself from speaking you’ll never improve. Balancing reading, listening, and speaking is the key to being successful.


Nobody becomes fluent over night. Cliche but true. Don’t expect to instantly know everything. It’s normal to struggle and have trouble. Failing is part of the learning process and if you stop practicing because you’re afraid, you’re never going to learn anything. Let go of your fears and insecurities and go for it. If you fall down, pick yourself up and start again. Don’t be embarrassed if you mess up but rather learn from your mistakes and grow. The things we remember most are usually the things where we’ve messed up or had a negative experience with. So use the hiccups as a learning experience and your language skills will improve. 

If you follow these steps, I’m confided that you’ll be better in no time :) The key is to enjoy what you do and have fun! Good luck!

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I don't know if you've done his but the RFA reacting to mc being bilingual (like she speaks Korean but also English or French)

I really like this request~ I’m bilingual too! so this was a lot of fun to write ^^ oh btw, I tend to alter between V being blind and him not being blind, so anything that requires sight is a scenario where he got his eyesight fixed ^^;

-Admin Ace in Space


  • you speak TWO LANGUAGES??
  • this bean is so impressed
  • he loves to hear you speak in another language, especially if you say nice things to him~ not like he can tell the difference but shh it’s not like you’d say anything mean anyway
  • secretly tries to learn some of the language so he can talk to you in it
  • loves it when you teach him different words or sayings
  • loves it even more when you read something to him and he tries to guess what it means
  • watches movies and TV shows in that language with you
  • some of the people he plays LOLOL with speak that language! now you can translate what they’re saying for him!


  • slip into that language when you’re having sex and this boy is GONE
  • no but really, he thinks it’s so attractive that you can speak two languages fluently
  • when you compliment him in your other language, he hugs you tightly and kisses you
  • learns how to say I love you and other romantic things in that language but doesn’t tell you
  • surprises you with it one evening when you’re cuddling
  • probably learns a love song in your other language to sing to you
  • because this boy is just that romantic
  • no but really, he loves hearing you speak in another language and constantly brags with you
  • thinks it’s so cute when you slip up or accidentally switch between languages


  • Baehee is also super impressed
  • she knows the basics of some other languages but she never had the time to learn any of them perfectly
  • so when she hears you speaking in another language, she’s immediately asking you tons of questions
  • is it your mother tongue? did you live in that country? is one of your parents from there?
  • no matter the language, she wants to start learning it
  • that way you two can talk to each other without anyone except Seven understanding
  • and she can complain about Jumin a lot more freely
  • adores it when you quietly talk to her in your other language when she’s falling asleep
  • it ends up with her cuddling closer to you so you do it a lot
  • because a happy, sleepy Jaehee is a cute Jaehee


  • he knows business lingo in a lot of languages since his company has business partners internationally
  • one day he was talking to one of them when you visited his office
  • and you just casually joined in? and used words he’d never heard before?
  • he was so surprised, especially when you got them to agree to the deal he’d been discussing
  • once they’re gone, he turns to you and gives you a kiss
  • wants to know how you know that language
  • like Jaehee, he asks a lot of questions
  • sometimes has you translate some papers for him
  • talk to Elizabeth 3rd in your other language and this man will love you so much


  • canonically speaks like 17 languages fluently
  • so there’s a high possibility he understands you
  • and loves talking to you in your other language
  • it’s like speaking in code around the others
  • sends you memes in that language
  • it’s really nice being around him though because you never have to worry when you forget a word, you can just slip into another language
  • if he doesn’t understand the language you speak, he learns it asap and always comes to you with questions
  • has you teach him all the bad words


  • since he travels a lot, he probably knows a few snippets of the other language you speak
  • lets you teach him more vocabulary
  • you have cute little lessons where for every word he gets correct, you give him a piece of chocolate or a kiss
  • you guys are honestly the softest couple
  • he writes little messages in either language and leaves them around the house for you to find
  • like Yoosung, he enjoys watching movies in your other language and has you translate the things he doesn’t understand
  • teaches you some of different languages he speaks, even if he only knows one word
  • you two have vocabulary lists hung up all over the house
  • if he’s still blind, he teaches you how to read braille in return for you teaching him your other language

can we destroy the idea that people must apologise for poor english because whenever someone says that to me i break apart because no no you’re perfect you’re learning another language different from your native one and thats so much more than so many others, who expect everyone to just know english fluently

  1. Group new words together in your notes (according toparts of speech, the same pronunciation, the same topic area, etc).
  2. Think of relationships between what you already know and new things you learn (for me it is for instance hond-hund (nl-no) ).
  3. Visualize idioms or phrases in your mind, or draw them, to help remember. Try to see the spelling before your closed eyes.
  4. Make diagrams or semantic maps (word maps, webs of words) to arrange key words visually on paper.
  5. Remember a new foreign word by a crazy association with a known word (camarera = a Spanish waitress with a camera).
  6. Create rhymes to remember new words.
  7. Use (colored) flashcards to remember new English words (idea: one colour = one part of speech OR one colour = one language if you are learning more than 1 language at the same time)
  8. When trying to remember, physically act out new verbs.
  9. Say aloud or write new English words repeatedly [When I was a 4th grader I couldn’t remember ‘chicken’ word so I wrote this word 20 times. Not only I remember I did such thing but also when I close my eyes I see this piece of paper with 3 lines of chicken word – but this is only for hardcore learning I guess, can’t imagine learning every word like this ;) )
  10. Copy, rewrite new language items to practice writing.
  11. Imitate (shadow) recorded language to imitate a native speaker’s way of speaking.
  12. Try to use whole ready-made phrases fluently (Nice to see you too! What a shame!).
  13. With new structures,  try to make analogous (similar) sentences based on a model.
  14. Consciously try to use the words you know in different combinations to make new sentences.
  15. Start conversations in your target language whenever you are around a native speaker.
  16. Come to out-of-class language events (search for language club in your city maybe?).
  17. Get involved in any class activities that require writing or speaking spontaneously in the language you are learning (not working if you are a self-learner…).
  18. Use a monolingual dictionary
  19. Use other kinds of resources (a picture dictionary, a dictionary of collocations)
  20. Use thematic /vocabulary books for your own study.
  21. Look for words in your own language that are similar to new words in the language you are learning.
  22. Try to find patterns, regularities in grammar.
  23. Work out the meaning of a word by dividing it into parts (prefixes and suffixes) that you understand.
  24. Make comparisons between languages (e.g. German vs Spanish).
  25. Make notes / summaries of new information that you hear or read in your target language.
  26. Even when you are not terribly sure whether it is correct to say something in a given way, take risk to try!
  27. Understand unfamiliar words, make guesses from the linguistic context and clues (like this must be a negative word, this must be the name of an illness).
  28. To understand new and difficult language material, make guesses from the situation (in a film), pictures (in a magazine), gestures, tone of voice in a conversation, etc.
  29. When you are writing a new word in your notebook, also write a sentence where this word is used. Personally I was too lazy to do it but when I finally started it helped me a lot.
  30. Try out different ways of learning and revise, revise, revise…
Does comfort with language and speaking help determine who ends up autistic and who ends up a cousin?

I recently had a chance to interact with a mix of neurodivergent autistic and non-autistic people in person, and it was fascinating. The non-autistic people had an interesting mix of ADHD, mental illnesses, and miscellaneous other unspecified brain things.

There were some interesting similarities. First, everyone was highly aware of the need to make everyone else comfortable. They asked about pronouns, they explicitly asked for feedback on their own communication (”am I talking too much?”), and gave explicit positive feedback to other people. I never see groups of neurotypicals showing such concern for others, awareness that different people communicate differently, or willingness to talk explicitly about the interaction. Everyone had some sort of processing issue, so bringing them up was a non-issue. (All of these things made me feel much more comfortable!)

The differences were even more interesting. Not the ones a neurotypical clinician would expect, like the non-autistic people making a little more eye contact and smiling a little more often. There was a huge, obvious difference between the autistic and non-autistic people in the room in how much and how quickly they talked.

The non-autistic people talked a lot, whether or not they were anxious. When they talked, they spoke fairly quickly and confidently. The process of turning their thoughts into words and speaking didn’t seem difficult for them. The autistic people in the group were very quiet. They rarely spoke, and when they did, they said fewer words, talked more slowly, and sometimes said they were having difficulty speaking.

I’ve noticed before that the autistic bloggers I follow are much more likely than the other neurodivergent folks to talk about having difficulty speaking. Listening seems to be a more universal issue–I have auditory processing difficulties and so do other non-autistic neurodivergent people I’ve interacted with. (In fact, one of the things that probably confuses and annoys people most about me is that under stress, I can still talk in a way that makes sense, but I can’t really understand what anyone is saying accurately–although I might think I still can).

But it’s one thing comparing how people talk about their experiences, and another to actually see how they interact in person. The difference in difficulty speaking was even more striking when I saw it in person.

I’ve noticed a lot of commonalities between my brain and that of my autistic friends and family.  What they say about sensory processing, feeling other people’s emotions, getting “too excited” about special interests, liking explicit communication, clumsiness, viewing certain social rituals as pointless, and feeling like an outsider describes me, too. But I ended up developing in a different direction–with nonverbal learning disability, and interaction as one of my least weak nonverbal skills. And I’ve wondered what caused that difference for a long time.

This meeting confirms my hypothesis that I developed differently socially because language and speaking have come naturally to me from an early age. It’s easier to cover over awkwardness or pretend to be neurotypical if you can talk fluently. Being able to speak and write fluently helps you figure out your brain and explain it to others, and also helps you ask other people about their experiences so you can compare. 

There are other things that help me socially too–like a special interest in people’s minds, a habit of mentally projecting myself into real people or characters’ situation and imagining how I’d think/feel/act, and demographic variables (gender, race, appearance, etc.). But I’m aware of autistic people who have the same traits.  So I think ease of thinking in words and speaking was the main reason why my autistic friends/family and I come off as awkward in such different ways.

(I also think there’s a grain of truth to the stereotype that people with ADHD are outgoing and talk a lot, while autistic people are quiet and introverted. What’s your experience been with that?).

Translator/Barrier Au

flip-a-dip-me-off submitted: An Au where everything is the same except their are language barriers between the different alien races. Pidge has to make translators. Shiro has some understanding after living with aliens for the past year. Lance has trouble flirting. Hunk is just confused. Keith is pretty much the same. and after a while they learn the language and can talk fluently. When they make it back to earth, every once in a while they burst in to angry Altaen or some other foreign race’s language.

{Reaction} EXO and your foreign language.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol would be amazed by your bilingual ability, the fact that you could speak so well in Korean even though it isn’t your native tongue would impress him beyond belief since he knows how hard it is to learn a new language.

Chanyeol: “Wow Jagiya, that’s amazing. Now, will you teach me how to swear in your language so I can curse at Kyungsoo-ah without him knowing?” *giggling*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Every time you would speak on the phone to someone at home he would always watch with admiration on his face. He would be in awe at your language and how beautiful it sounds - or maybe it’s just beautiful because of the way you say it.

{y/n}: “Why do you keep watching me when I talk on the phone to my mum, Kyungsoo? Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything about you.”

Kyungsoo: “I know… I just think you’re amazingly talented”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun would probably be the kind of person that is so set on impressing your family that he implies he is good at speaking the language when in a matter of fact he doesn’t know any at all.

Baekhyun: “Jagi I just told your parents I’m good at speaking your language so you better get the textbooks out and a fresh coffee it’s going to be a long night and they’re arriving here tomorrow at 12.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun, even though he wouldn’t show it, would be very impressed about your ability to speak in two languages.

{y/n}: “Yes I speak it fluently, and no it isn’t an easy language to learn.”

Sehun: “Give me a month, sweetheart”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Lay would be a gentleman and would probably go to the extent of learning enough of your language to have very basic conversations with you in your native tongue.

{y/n}: You really don’t have to learn my language, Lay, you’re busy enough as it is.

Lay: No, I enjoy it. Plus it makes me happy to see your face light up when I speak it” *Is a literal sweetheart*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok would love the way that you peak so differently to him and would be in awe at the difference and the beautify of the unique language. At first, your Korean would be pretty broken up, so it would be hard to have conversations with him since your Korean wouldn’t be easy to understand.But Minseok being the gentleman he is would do everything he can to help you out. He’d use pictures, pointing and some sort or charades to help you communicate. However, Minseok can have very different personalities, so be prepared for his adorable encouragement (“well done, jagi your pronunciation is improving!”) to his other forms of encouragement (“Our conversations might not be big, but you know what is”)

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae would appreciate how difficult it is to learn a new language and how difficult it is since he had a lot of trouble when studying Mandarin, but it doesn’t mean that he won’t tease you on the occasional mess up.

Jongdae: “No Jagi you can’t call me Appa! No, Appa is not the same as Oppa, please don’t confuse the two.” *Would turn into a blushing mess*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao’s language isn’t the best when it comes to Korean, so he is very empathetic when your Chinese doesn’t always come out right. Knowing how difficult it is, he would always try and help you out whenever you mispronounce or use the wrong words.

Tao: “Here {y/n} try it like this, it makes it easier to write out. You’ve nearly got it though.” *Also likes it when you compliment on how helpful and smart he is*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho would be impressed by your ability to speak both languages, and since your Korean is good, he would be happy to have conversations with you. He spend a little time learning English, so he does appreciate how hard you must have worked to get your Korean at this standard.

Suho: “You’re so amazing, jagi… maybe one day you can teach me to speak your language.”


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Luhan would come to a misunderstanding when trying to translate messages you had been exchanging with someone you were significantly close to.

“Jagi… why did you call this man butt? Do you like his butt?”

“Oh god no! Luhan its Welsh slang for a friend!”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai wouldn’t be too bothered if your Korean wasn’t good, all that mattered to him was that you liked him and had passion like him. He’d fall for a girl based on good vibes and a connection, not by the way she speaks. If he likes a girl enough he will put aside differences. Since his crush has grown significantly he’s spending more time researching things to say and impress you.

Kai: “Everyone dances the same, we don’t need language.” *grinning as he pulled you into his chest and started slow dancing, swaying in the living room without a worry in the world.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Since Kris is a master of languages himself, he would see this as a challenge to master yours. Not just for his pride and flirting skills, but also because his crush on you in genuine and he wants to impress you.

{y/n}: “Kris you’re crazy, you already speak four languages.”

Kris: “Well guess who’s about to make that five.

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How would they react to a friend or s/o that's bilingual and sometimes slips into their native tongue when they're particularly excited or happy?

(Sorry for the wait! Here it is!)


  • He finds it absolutely adorable.
  • If anyone teases you about it, Bendy will make sure they have a first class seat to hell.
  • This actually happens to him as well.
  • If you speak a language that he doesn’t know, he will try and learn it.
  • He will ask you for lessons if he is having trouble. Otherwise, he keeps it  a secret so he can surprise you.


  • He is able to tell what you mean.
  • Boris will purposely surprise you to get you to slip into your native tongue.
  • Because he loves it when you are excited in general.
  • He will probably ask for small little lessons on the language.
  • Just so he can understand the basics and if you want to get out of a situation.


  • He doesn’t know much.
  • Maybe a little bit of Spanish. Just a little bit.
  • So when he hears you burst out in another language fluently, he is impressed.
  • He now sees you with this new wave of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Loves to hear you talk in it. He could listen to it forever.


  • He is very knowledgeable in languages.
  • Who do you think translated the cartoons for other countries?
  • Will join in talking with you if he knows the language.
  • He also knows a lot of curse words in the different languages.
  • Joey will also try and surprise you by learning the language that you talk in, if he doesn’t already know it. Like father, like son.

anonymous asked:

Could I get some language headcanons for any character you have a burning desire to write for? Like, what languages do they speak, how fluent are they, what do they want to know, etc.

((Since we just reached 600 followers, I’ll do as many characters as I can without sounding repetitive. Long post ahead, you have been warned. Just wanted to add that I headcanon that all guards require to learn English since it’s a universal language.))

((Also gonna split this into 2 parts with the inmates on the other.))


·         Tomato

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  He can read and write it, though his pronunciation when speaking is a bit choppy.

o   Mandarin

§  He just started learning the basics because some of his mecha’s parts come from China and he wants to know what he’s buying.

o   Korean

§  He’s into K-pop and well, he wanted to learn Korean.

·         Mao

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  For him it’s like Tomato’s situation, but rather than his pronunciation, it’s his writing that needs some work.

·         Kiji

o   Fluent Japanese

o   Fluent English

o   Fluent Italian

§  Kiji’s cultured and enjoys foreign films so he decided to learn a few more languages, starting with Italian. His accent and pronunciation are nearly perfect.

o   French

§  He already knew how to speak it, but Trois is helping him with pronunciations and reading.

o   Latin

§  Again, Kiji’s cultured and started learning Latin after he went to see a take on Apollo et Hyacinthus during one of his vacation trips.

·         Ahato

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

o   Wants to learn French

·         Kenshirou

o   Fluent Japanese

o   Fluent English

o   German

§  You can thank Musashi for that. Kenshirou started to learn German because Musashi kept muttering insults and phrases at him. He only knows how to speak it though, and very choppy I might add.

·         Hitoshi

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  He’s still learning to read it; mostly practices with magazines.

·         Samon

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  Can speak it well. Though his reading can improve, he’s just too stubborn to sit down and actually practice.

o   Fluent Mandarin

·         Enki

o   Fluent Japanese

o   Fluent English

o   Fluent Mandarin

§  Enki isn’t much for other languages. He can learn and become fluent in many others, he just doesn’t find the need to.

·         Inori

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  He doesn’t really care to improve since most of what he uses is conversational.

o   Fluent Mandarin

§  He got so used to speaking Japanese that he rarely uses it anymore, but he can still read, write and speak it well.

·         Ruka

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  He can read and write it, hates how he sounds while speaking it so doesn’t unless he has to.

o   Italian

§  Still learning. But as soon as he found out Kiji spoke it, he wanted in.

·         Rokuriki

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  His pronunciation is choppy, but he understands written words very well.

·         Youriki

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  All three Daisen are competing to see who can best the other. He can speak it surprisingly well, but has difficulty in reading it.

·         Kokoriki

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  His strengths are writing and reading in English. When he speaks it tends to come out as phrases and he gets frustrated enough sometimes to jumble them together.

·         Damian

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  He doesn’t really talk much so he rarely speaks it, but understands it perfectly.

·         Nijimasu

o   Fluent Japanese

o   Fluent English

o   Arabic

§  Surprisingly learned Arabic back when he was in school as an elective.

·         Hajime

o   Fluent Japanese

o   Fluent English

o   Fluent Russian

·         Yamato

o   Fluent Japanese

o   English

§  Pronunciation is very choppy but can read it very well.

·         Seitarou

o   Fluent Japanese

o   Fluent English

o   Spanish

§  Pretty boy had an expensive education and can both read and speak Spanish fluently. He has trouble writing it sometimes though.

o   Italian

§  Again, expensive education. Though he still only has basic knowledge of it because he kinda stopped practicing.

·         Momoko

o   Fluent Japanese

o   Fluent English

o   Fluent German

o   Fluent Korean

o   Turkish

§  Still learning, but she’s picking up the language very quickly.

o   Fluent Portuguese

§  She likes learning different languages because it comes in handy with her job as Warden

·         Mitsuru

o   Fluent Japanese

o   Fluent English

o   At least 9 more languages, including: Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, French, Korean.

§  Only knows how to curse, insult, and say profanities in said 9 languages.

The Game

@sleepingupsidedown <- I blame you for this one
-First off let’s get one thing straight Pidge doesn’t drink because A. Underage and B. Doesn’t like the taste of alcohol so they are the DP (designated pilot)
-Hunk has the best alcohol tolerance and barely ever gets drunk but when he does the kindness skyrockets as if that’s even possible, more hugs, compliments, and he lets everyone know that Lance is his best friend/ brother, and the paladins are also his family but he and Lance are hella tight
-When Shiro gets drunk he becomes a stuttering mess who tries and fails to flirt with Allura, but no worries because he never remembers it in the morning, and he doesn’t really get that terrible of a hangover
-Allura is magnificent in many things but being able to tolerate alcohol is not one of them. She is known as the lightweight™, and she relaxes more and just has a good time with the fam
-Coran is just a mess, he can’t do proper English or any language for that matter (it’s also how the team learned that Coran speaks and reads about 25 different languages fluently and can speak another 5 but it’s slightly more broken and he’s working on it) but he also sobers up really quickly
-Lance and Keith are a different story altogether, it’s like they switch personalities while they’re drunk
-Keith becomes really outgoing, uses wonderful one liners that almost gets him layed many times(but he always says he can’t but thanks the people for offering) how the world may never know, he also becomes a shit post generator. So really when you think about it Keith has 3 levels of drunk and he never remembers anything in the morning
-Lance however gets hit hard by his homesickness, he stops making jokes, he wanders to the edge of the group, starts making excuses to leave in his head, and smiles falsely, hides his hurt whenever he sees Keith flirting with someone and succeeding, because he wishes he were in those alien’s position
-Lance is never able to forget those nights, and each time he grabs a drink he promises he won’t become introverted and every time he succeeds at first until he spots Keith with someone else then it’s game over
-One night while they’re at a neutral trade planet and everyone is enjoying themselves especially Pidge because the others are oh so amusing
-Allura is the first one to go down and starts to laugh openly more and more
-It keeps progressing until everyone but Pidge is drunk, and suddenly Keith suggest they start a game
-Whoever gets the no nonsense bartender to exchange numbers, names, and a promise to talk, will receive whatever they wish from one of the players
-Pidge is immediately determined the judge, and the game begins
-Coran goes first and all he receives is the bartender asking if he wants a shuttle called for him which offends Coran, so he walks away back to the table and claims he is din (read as done)
-Allura goes next and while she’s relaxed and happy, she and the bartender just don’t really click, they would defend one another and not insult the other because girls from every planet should have each other’s back, but that doesn’t mean you really need to be friends so Allura thanks her for her time
-When it’s Shiro’s turn, he’s doing really well until he takes one look at Allura and causing him to apologize to the bartender and telling her his heart belongs to another and he didn’t mean to lead her on
-Shiro decides that he WILL tell Allura about his feelings tomorrow, and writes it down (he does remember, and Allura gives him a dazzling smile and tells him she would love to be in a relationship with him)
-It’s Hunks turn but when he’s on his way to the bartender he gets distracted by this other girl and he just starts complimenting her make up because that obviously took time and girl the winged eyeliner is on point
-And then the girl and Hunk spend time discussing how she applied everything giving him tips Hunk prepared a shopping list in his brain because he’s down to try make up because damn that eyeliner tho
-With Hunk basically dropping out it’s up to Keith and Lance, Keith goes first
-Keith starts off by making jokes and flirting with the bartender which immediately obliterates any chance he had at winning, knowing when to cut his losses he returns to the group
-Lance had seen Keith flirting with the bartender and he found he could no longer hold the fake smile and he stopped making commentary about the game and just sat back dreading walking up to the stranger for the game, he considers dropping out but he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself
-Lance then goes up to her, and the first thing he does is apologize to the poor bartender for all the shenanigans
-And he’s sorry he will be wasting her time and then the next thing he knows is telling he everything, from his homesickness to his feelings for the man who never remembered his name, and how even though he know he has everyone he can’t help but feel alone at times, like he has no one to talk to
-By the time he realized what he’s done he starts apologizing to the bartender surprised to find her smiling at him
-She then proceeds to tell him that it’s okay, her favorite part of her job is to hear people’s stories
-She let’s him know her name is Mel, she asks to exchange numbers because he is not alone, she will be there for him and beside she wants to her updates about the group’s antics and his possible relationship with Keith
-Next thing Lance knows he has a new friend/confidant and he has won the silly game
-So he puts on his fake smile and announces he won, receiving cheers from his friends
-Lance finds it to be too much and excuses himself to go to the bathroom, once he is washing his hands Keith walks in and claims that he always knew Lance was going to win the game
-He had felt it in his bones because who wouldn’t like Lance, Keith then claimed he tried, but ended up falling for Lance
-Lance is too shocked to react and Keith just casually walks out as if what he said was casual and normal
-When they ask Lance what he wants since he won the challenge he looks panicked for a second, which prompts Pidge to jump in and tell the group they should wait for tomorrow when they’re all sober, that way Lance can make a sound decision
The next day
-Somehow Lance manages to wake up before everyone else, only to find Pidge tinkering away with their computer
-Pidge straight up attacks Lance with questions about what happened last night
-Because Lance knows he owes Pidge for saving him yesterday he told them about Mel and then the confession from Keith if you even call it that especially since Keith becomes a big flirt with everyone and maybe he didn’t mean the falling for someone in the same way as others seeing as he doesn’t usually get things that aren’t literal
-Pidge slaps Lance in the face
-Tells him how the pinning has been going on for months and Keith never said anything because he felt guilty for not being able to remember Lance
-And how sure Keith flirted but he never went through with it and it was mostly just harmless, so go get your man™
-Later when Lance finally feels confident enough to talk to Keith about it he goes looking for Keith
-Once he finds Keith, Lance wonders if he should tell Keith and Keith asks him if he knows what his price will be for winning the game (Pidge told Keith about the game and NOTHING ELSE because that’s up to Lance)
- So Lance then decides what he’s going to do
-He asks Keith if he meant it, did he mean it when he told Lance he’d fallen for him and if by the he meant romantically
-Keith gets so red and flustered but he unmistakably says yes how could I not fall for you
-Lance then grabs Keith and starts kissing him only to stop when they hear the others cheering
P.S. Mel totally sent an audio message of her squealing when Lance told her

ID #66034

Name: Liza
Age: 17
Country: Ukraine

Hello! I`m living in Ukraine and want to make a penpal. I`m quite shy at first but I really like talking to people about different stuff! I like writing, anime and movies as well as tv shows (Doctor Who, Star Trek, spors anime, FMA, snk etc.); I also enjoy history (european especially) and it would be nice to talk to someone about it! My fav writer us Haruki Murakami and i do like reading.

I`ve been studying English for like 10 years and I still want to improve it. Also i`m learning German and started Japanese. My native language is Ukrainian and i speak Russian fluently.

Sphere of my interest vary from memes to politics as i`m major at international relations. Hope i will find penpal <3

Preferences: preferably age group 15-25, but actually doesn`t play a big role

nursey headcanon

these are the 6 different languages nursey can speak because that’s how extra he is.

Arabic and English: Nursey grew up in a bilingual household, alright. His ma is Arabic so he has been able to speak it fluently all his life, while his mom could barely speak a lick of it. (At one point, she became so annoyed at her wife and son having conversations completely in Arabic right in front of her, that she began to take night classes to learn it, completely fueled by spite. She’s nearly fluent now.)

Spanish: When Derek was younger he had a Hispanic nanny who would only speak Spanish to him, which caused him to learn just enough to keep up a conversation with her. (They still keep in touch, and she will still only speak Spanish to him, despite now being completely fluent in English. She just wants him to keep his skills sharp ok.)

ASL: His mom lost her hearing in her right ear when Nursey was 16, so nursey’s family all learned sign language so they could all communicate better! (and so the nurses’ can all pat themselves on the back, because now they can honestly say that they’re a trilingual family. Achievement unlocked, kiddos.)

Latin: Nursey 100% took Latin at Andover. he took it from his freshman year to his senior year and is completely fluent. This fact pisses Dex off. (“FOR FUCKS’ SAKE NURSE, WHY ARE YOU FLUENT IN LATIN???? IT’S A DEAD LANGUAGE IT’S NOT AT ALL USEFUL OH MY GOD.” “you’re just jealous that you weren’t able to read the Life and Times of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus.”)

Italian: at this point nursey just wanted to fulfill Samwell’s foreign language requirement, so he took Italian in his freshman year for shits and giggles. (No one really understands why he chose Italian out of all languages, and to be perfectly honest, he just taped the names of Samwell’s foreign language classes to a dartboard at the beginning of his Freshman year, closed his eyes, and threw a dart. The dart landed on Italian, so he took Italian.)

anonymous asked:

do you know any resources for total beginners? Like someone who wants to start learning Arabic but has no experience at all?

Hello, dear anons! Thank you for your questions.

If you’re a beginner, check my grammar posts  and start with the alphabets. Give yourself enough time to be able familiarize yourself with the Arabic Alphabets and the different types of vowels. I believe it will be very helpful to you to study while knowing the Alphabets because it will help you link the grammar and ideas.

I post grammar lessons and I’m starting from the very beginning.

Also, you might want to take a look at this post  if you’re not sure which dialect to start with.

I would also like to refer you to this master-post made by @skywars and this informative post which contains an overview of Arabic Grammar by @arabskaya-devushka.

Don’t feel discouraged! Learning a new language can be a bit challenging especially if it has a different alphabet but Arabic is really worth the effort.

I personally know non-native Arabic speakers who started from the scratch and can now speak the Standard Arabic as well as a dialect fluently. And neither of them started learning the language as a child, so don’t listen to anyone who tells you it’s not achievable because it is.

I post learning tips every now and then on this tag  feel free to check it out.

I’m here for you anytime you feel unsure about anything or if you have any questions about the pronunciation or grammar or anything at all.

lovelyfetusgod  asked:

HI!! I have a request. Maybe RFA reaction to finding out that MC is a trilingual (person who speaks three languages fluently)!! (it is honestly alright if you are unable to write this headcanon)


-When he finds out he’s super excited

-Keeps asking her to say different things because it sounds so cool

-Secretly takes time to learn one or both of the other languages to surprise her

-Eventually gets too excited and tells her anyway

-MC then helps him with his studying

-Sometimes when they’re out in public they’ll switch between languages for a laugh

-They both have a lot of fun with it


-Hears her swear in another language when she stubs her toe or something like that

-Is really confused

-”How did you do that?”

-It’s called speaking other languages Hyun

-Once he understands he uses google translate to find sexy things to tell her

-When he tells her MC is just like

-”You said I look like a small cactus”

“But google said-”

“Google is a piece of shit”


-Has some basic knowledge because of business dealings with Jumin

-Can carry on a basic conversation with her in those languages

-MC helps her to learn more

-She finds it really cute when MC tries to be funny or romantic in the other languages

-Surprises her one day with food from each country of the languages she speaks

-Happy tears are shed and they have an amazing meal


-When he hears MC on the phone speaking about him in another language

-As soon as she’s off he just starts talking in that language since work=knowing other languages

-At first she doesn’t realize that there was a communication switch

-Then she’s like “Oh shit he knew I said that Elizabeth is annoying me”

-But they end up enjoying the fact that they found a new way to express their love for each other

-He probably takes her on a trip to those countries for fun

-So much fun being tourists but not having the language barrier


-He knew about it

-And because of his work he knows like every language ever

-So when they first meet in person he keeps switching languages just about every sentence

-MC laughs at how cute and funny it is

-They start fucking around with the other RFA members by using other languages in the chatroom to communicate

-Everyone else cries out of confusion while the 2 of them are laughing like crazy

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How does Yousef (Mikael's actor) speak english so well?! And like with an American accent? Is he not Norwegian

im pretty sure he’s half norwegian/half egyptian, when you’re multilingual, its typically easier to adapt to different accents and learn languages fluently :) so its not incredibly weird of him to be that good, but ofc im not excluding the possibility of him having lived in an english speaking country (maybe he has idk)

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Thranduil for the long headcanon thing?

:-) Of course (i <3 him): 

-Thranduil did not begin as royalty. Had Oropher not founded Greenwood and not been elected as the King of the elves there, Thranduil would have been a normal elf living in Doriath.

-Thranduil considered he and Thror quite close, and often visited the mountain for dwarven holidays. Their friendship was ruined when Thror found the Arkenstone, and Thranduil attempted to warn him of the vices of a jewel

-As King of Mirkwood, he learns each and every language of the different Silvan elf tribes that live in his forest. When he comes to his maturity, he can speak more than 200 languages. Fluently.

-Thranduil is younger than his wife

-Thranduil will sit in the woods and meditate for days. It takes a lot of magic to keep the river enchanted and to project himself into his familiar.

-He has had the young silvan elves pull at his hair and ask him if he put powder on his face. Aside from Legolas, he is the lightest elf in his kingdom.

-Despite being the king, he allows groups to govern themselves. If an issue is to threaten Mirkwood as a whole, then he will call all the tribes together and the will fight.

-He is constantly fatigued, and by elven standards, considered ill. He gives much magic to Mirkwood to counter the darkness spreading through the forest, and it has an effect on him. His people have asked him to sail for his own health, but he politely refuses (he has had accidents at council meetings, where he tumbles when he stands or blacks out completely).

-He has never seen himself above his people. Ever.

-He has trapped souls in his woods, has had men wondering his forest for years.

-He’s related to Eol. This is why he can enchant the woods to confuse intruders.

The crown he wears was granted to him by children when he first arrived in Mirkwood. They strung together flowers and twigs to make him happy after his father’s death.  He put the enchantment on it.

-Thranduil has never liked Elrond. He blames his family for the destruction of both Sirion and Doriath. Though he gains slight respect for Elrond when he refuses to keep the One Ring in Rivendell. Thranduil expected Elrond to let his people parish like his grandfather and mother.

-His hair attracts his people. It glows like starlight, and it is unlike anything they’d ever seen before. He will cut his hair of sometimes, and give it to the children who follow him around the woods.

-Thranduil has a sense of pride when Elrond is made to call him King. At a point, Elrond could have been his High King, and in Thranduil’s not so humble opinion, the line of Thingol has no right leading anyone.

-Thranduil was not born a King, he had to earn it, and after his father’s demise, his people chose him. That’s something he’s very proud of.

-He is always followed around by children when he leaves the palace. Even solo walks become completely interrupted by children. Sometimes when he sits to eat in the woods, small children will crawl onto his mat and eat with him.

-He is not fond of Galadriel. She rules over a people she has never worked to lead. She rules over his people. The Silvan, and they are so dependent on her that they are lost after she leaves to Valinor. Had not been for Celeborn ensuring their safety and integration into Mirkwood, they would have died without the power of her ring.

-He isn’t at all like Legolas when it comes to his son’s strange fighting style. He doesn’t like climbing trees nor does he like sliding off animals.

-He likes wine. It alleviates the constant pain he’s in (both physical and emotional). So he gets drunk a lot.

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So the old Tainish word for this crow species' poop is known? Does a wright have to learn all the different words for all animal species' poop, organs, hair, feathers etc.?

Haha, it’s not a unique and special word. It’s Crow + Poop in Old Tainish. You do have to basically speak the language fluently if you want to be unrestricted as a caster, yes. Otherwise you’re just parroting things you’ve memorized that are only effective in very specific situations with the very specific material you know the word for.

Is it all about popular languages?

I’ve started a few days back to follow langblrs blogs, because I ignored there could be such an tendency about the topics that makes my life move, so I started to follow tons of blogs at right and left (a diestra y siniestra in Spanish).
But I found out that these guys mostly talked and uploaded wonderful content (Wordlists, meanings, pdf books, etc) about European languages?…
Let’s get this straight, I love European languages, in fact I know two of them fluently and I’m learning six of them, reaching different levels with each other, but, you people that call yourselves ‘‘Languages lovers’‘, where are the less relevent languages?

Where are the indigenous languages of North America? Lakota? Cheyenne? Navajo?
Of Meso-America perhaps? Mayan? Nahuátl?
Of Sub-Saharan Africa? Xhosa? Lingala?
Of the rest of Asia? Dzonghka? Kannada? Laos? It is not everything Korean or Japanese, Asian culture isn’t K-pop.

anonymous asked:

I apologize, I didn't mean for my ask about Norwegians speaking English to come off as conceited. It was ignorant, maybe, but that's why I asked. American schooling, customs, and cultures are a lot different. Being taught a second language thoroughly enough to speak it fluently isn't a top priority. The most you're required to take in high school of a foreign lang. is 2 years. & you said Europeans learn about American history, well we're barely taught anything about foreign countries 1+

You’re all right. Like I said, I thought answering seriously to your ask might help others too.

You have to understand that we get this a lot from Americans. This ignorance. Most of the time a very entitled ignorance, without trying to educate themselves. So the sass you’re getting is not personal. It’s more a response to your country’s system than an attack on your naive but genuine questions.

I’m glad SKAM is showing an other type of culture to anglocentric countries.

Alt er love.

BTS Reaction to Hearing You Speak Your Native Tongue

I think the boys are all pretty interested in other languages, except maybe Yoongi and Jungkook. But I think they would still find it interesting to hear you speak your native tongue. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He was absolutely intrigued when he heard you start to speak French. He loved the language, so hearting you speak it for the first time was fascinating to him. He listened intently, nodding his head politely as you spoke to your friend from France. He was amazed at how easily you slipped in and out of French and Korean while talking to him. Even after your friend left, he still asked you to occasionally speak French and even teach him some.

Suga: He wasn’t really excited when he heard you speaking Spanish. He found it interesting that you could speak both Spanish and Korean fluently, but he wasn’t too keen on the fact that he couldn’t understand you while you were talking to your mom on the phone. The moment he heard you switch to your native language, he was completely confused, giving you a second glance. He found it cool to hear the different language, but he wasn’t going to go out of his way to learn it until it was necessary.

Originally posted by jeonbase

J-Hope: You were speaking fluent Korean, having a normal conversation with Hoseok, but when you answered your phone Hoseok had to do a double take at the sudden sound of Hindi coming out of your mouth. Obviously, he knew that you were foreign and you had told him many times that your native language was Hindi, but it still surprised him to hear it for the very first time. He watched your lips move quickly and in new ways with the words. “Wow jagi, that’s pretty sounding.” He told you when you hung up.

Originally posted by spearjimint

Rapmon: He was used to you speaking Korean or English, but when you suddenly began to speak Polish out of frustration with something that happened at work, he was completely thrown off. He sat in silence, listening as you threw Polish cuss after Polish cuss. He had never heard you speak your native tongue before, so despite the fact that you were upset, he was completely amazed at how the language sounded when it was coming out of your expert mouth.

Originally posted by bwiyomi

Jimin: He was excited to go home with you, wanting to see the place where you grew up. But entering the foreign country completely confused you. He needed to rely on you to translate everything, but it was still confusing to hear you speaking fluent Somali to all the people you passed. He knew that he had a dumbfounded look on his face, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t able to stare at you normally while watching you speak so quickly and with so much ease. He was jealous that he couldn’t speak Somali too.

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

V: “I can speak Italian too!” Taehyung insisted as always. You couldn’t help but laugh. The boy was always claiming he could speak any language that he heard, so when he said this for the hundredth time, you turned towards him and started rapidly throwing Italian at him. He stared at you with big eyes, both hypnotized in how amazingly fast you spoke and in confusion at what you were actually saying. “Sì,” was all he was able to say to that.

Originally posted by luniekyu

Jungkook: You knew that he wasn’t the best at English, so you tried to avoid speaking it around him. But as you were on the phone with your sister, you knew you had to speak it. Jungkook stared at you in absolute confusion while listening to you, trying to make out any word he knew as well as pretending as though he understood you. When you mentioned his name his ears perked up and he stared at you. “Pardon?”

Originally posted by minpuffs