or finish watching downton abbey

I finished two pieces of homework and then watched downton abbey season 2 thru the early evening. the last time I watched this was when I was 15 and knitting a ridiculous large shawl for my high school crush during winter 2011

anyway no wonder I loved it and does anyone here remember how sexy that revolutionary Irish chauffeur was or how sexy Thomas and his blind gay dead friend were or how hot mr lang was

So, I just finished re-watching the first series of Downton Abbey, and it struck me how little Thomas smiles genuinely in the first series.

He looked so miserable throughout it, besides the scene were he dances with Daisy - but in series 4, you catch glimpses of him smiling genuinely all the time at the servants’ table or in conversation with people. 

It just made me sad to remember how bitterly unhappy Thomas seemed to be in the series before Jimmy arrived at Downton. He was cold and scheming and bitter, and yes, in series four and five Thomas is by no means the nicest person around - but he improves so much, and he has more of a warmth to him. Loving Jimmy and being his friend - despite how difficult it might have been - seemed to make Thomas a stronger, better, and more selfless person.

Just watching how cold and miserable Thomas was in series 1 to how he was in series 4 made me realise in a way I hadn’t done before, just how much he loves Jimmy.