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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing
A/N: Continuation of THIS prompt (need to read first). After high demand, here is the continuation to my Bucky prompt!
Feeling the metal cuff dig into your wrist, you tugged at the rusted chains that kept you bound to your chair. Letting out a pained grunt, you threw all your weight forwards, trying anything to get you free.

“N’aww sweetheart, that’s just not going to work.” A smarmy voice murmured from the shadows, causing a shiver to run down your spine, “I admire your perseverance though, you just won’t seem to break…” He continued, moving out of the shadows with a familiar object clutched in his hands.

“No no no no no…” You breathed out shakily, pushing yourself back as far as you could go, feeling the tears roll down your cheeks as your tormentor smiled maliciously.

“You brought this on yourself…” He whispered, turning the switch and blasting you in the face with water. Spluttering and wheezing, you felt the familiar feeling of your lungs searching for air.

“Please… please…stop…” You gasped as the onslaught of water stopped.
“Are you going to do what I ask?” The man barked, the whites of his teeth gleaming in the dark.

Feeling a sob build in your throat, you violently shook your head, holding back a scream as water once again blasted you in the face.

Waking with a start, you curled up at the head of your bed, letting out a shaky sob into your hands. You thought you were over your nightmares, but everything with Bucky had caused it all to come rushing back. That familiar feeling of not being able to breathe, of feeling your lungs burn due to an absence of air. Feeling suffocated in your dark room, you grabbed the jumper you’d thrown on the floor and fled to your usual hiding place.


“I really fucked up, didn’t I?” Bucky murmured, head in his hands as Steve and Sam stood in front of him.

“Yeah bud.” Steve said, “But so did we, we never should’ve provoked you into it.” Hand resting comfortingly on his friend’s shoulder.

“Yeah dude, this is on all of us.” Sam sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose before flopping down on the couch.

“I need some air…” Bucky huffed, pushing himself up and striding out of the room.

He didn’t know why he did what he did, he just could not stand the smug looks on Sam and Steve’s faces. He knew that everything they were saying was true, that he constantly found himself drawn to you, even if you were always butting heads.

Getting in the elevator, he pressed the button for the roof, leaning back against the glass wall as it began to rise.


Sitting on the low wall, you took in a deep breath of night air. From your position, you could see for miles across New York, feeling your body relax as you focused on the hustle and bustle of the city and the twinkling lights both above and below you.

“Oh…” You heard quietly from behind you, immediately swiveling to see who had joined you. “Shit, Y/N… I didn’t know you would be out here…” Bucky murmured, mouth hanging open slightly.

“Yeah, well… I am.” You growled, having to hold back the tears that had already sprung to your eyes.

“Look, about earlier I-“ He started, eyes swimming with guilt.

“Don’t!” You snapped, jumping up and moving back towards the door, halting as his hand gripped your arm. “Let go of me, Barnes.” You murmured quietly, not even looking in his direction.

“Will you just let me apologise?” He pleaded, voice cracking slightly as he spotted the tears beginning to stream down your cheeks.

“Barnes… I will only say this once more… let go of me, or I’ll burn your damn hand off!” You snarled, making your skin rise in temperature just enough to make him let go. Storming away, you let the door slam behind you, not even sparing a glance back in Bucky’s direction.
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Part 33 - Second Chances

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe.

This story is ongoing, so if you missed a part, or are new to the story, please use the link to the masterpost below to catch yourself up:


Part 33 - Second Chances

I didn’t get much sleep and when Jin’s alarm went off at 5:30 AM I felt like I wanted to die. 

He’d given me fair warning the night before that he was an early riser, and knowing he liked to get a workout in before heading to the academy I should have realized exactly how early “early” had meant.

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Watch Me (m)

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warning: kinda… sub!Wonwoo? , handcuffs

Request: Can i request a Seventeen smut. Where Wonwoo is tied up and watches you please yourself. Thank you :)  

A/N: Sometimes I think I should feel ashamed but I don’t so heey, enjoy. I have to add I’m not good with titles

This wasn’t exactly what he was expecting. Actually, he hoped it was you who was in bed with handcuffed hands at the headboard and not him.

Just a few weeks ago, he’d brought some handcuffs to include them in your sex life, however, he hoped it was you who wore them while you begged for him and not him.

It had’t been planned, you simply took advantage of the chance that he was asleep to tie him.

You had been working hard for days, so you could hardly stay home despite he was having a break, so you wanted to make up for it in a different way when you finished.

This was the last day, things at work finally returned to their normal course so you arrived earlier than you thought back home. What you did not expect was to find your boyfriend asleep.

It was normal, you had not warned him that he would return before and he should also go with the boys to practice.

You sighed, taking off your shoes and sat on the bed staring at him until an idea crossed your mind.

You searched the drawer for the handcuffs he brought in a few weeks ago, just as things at work began to become a mess and occupied much of your time.

Careful not to wake him, you handcuffed his hands to the head of the bed and licked your lips. More than compensation for him, this was going to be a reward for you for all the work you had done.

You leaned over him, kissing his jawline, down to his neck where you bit and sucked his sensitive skin, causing him to move. You kept going down, unbuttoning his shirt to kiss the skin on his chest.

Y/N?” he murmured, his eyes still closed.

I’m home, Wonwoo.” you said with a smile, getting up, waiting for him to realize the situation he was in.

Hey, y/n, open this.” he said when he realized he couldn’t kiss you because the short chain stopped him.

I don’t think so.” you said smiling, returning to kiss the skin of his chest, to the edge of his pants.

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Going through the tags has made me even more unsure of Akechi. The P5 fandom seems to be split between “angel who just needs a hug can do no wrong” (these people tend to ship him with the protag) and also “worst character ever literal scum I hope he burns in hell.” Both of these are really extreme reactions, but I guess I’ve seen a lot of that sort of thing in fandoms. (Danganronpa comes to mind)

Personally, I do feel bad for Akechi. He had a bad life and let revenge consume him, and if he met the main characters a few years earlier he could have been saved. But… he also murdered people. He was basically a hitman for Shido, and there’s not a lot that suggests he regrets this. And it felt like the game was trying to hammer it into you that he’s meant to be sympathetic somewhat, by having him randomly deliver his backstory and have him outright say he just wants to be loved and acknowledge. The latter part does make me feel bad for him, because I often have similar feelings, but at the same time he still killed people and whenever I wonder if he’s alive I remember he has blood on his hands and if he does come back somehow he would have to atone for his crimes. Probably by going to prison.

I’m not happy with how they just killed him off. Persona 5′s all about breaking out of the chains society forces on you, and most of the confidants you meet are being chained down by society in some way and you end up helping them free themselves and lead happier lives. But Akechi dies. You can’t save him like the other confidants. Though you could argue him dying is a way of him being freed from society, I feel like it sends the message that the only way Akechi could ever be free was to die, which I think goes against the themes of the game.

I think it would have been much easier to like Akechi if you had the choice to continue his social link like the other confidants, so you had to actually put in effort to bond with him. At the very least I think he should have joined the group earlier to make it less obvious who the traitor was. Then he could have had bonding moments with the team and it would have left more of an impact when the betrayal happened.


Tiny lil pug pattern!

This is just a little pattern i whipped up inspired by some adorable pictures i saw. 

I used a light tan wool for the body, legs, and tail, and a mid brown wool for the ears. The face is embroidered using brown, pink, and black thread. (feel free to use buttons or felt or improvise for the face if you dont want to embroider though haha) I used a size 3 crochet hook, but a slightly larger hook is also fine.


Body & tail
R1: mc 4 (4)
R2: inc around (8)
R3: *sc, inc* around (12)
R4: *sc2, inc* around (16)
R5: *sc3, inc* around (20)
R6-10: sc around (20)
R11: *dec, sc2* around (15)
R12: *dec, sc* around (10)
(attach legs, stuff)
R13: dec around (5)
R14: slst gap closed, don’t cut wool
Tail (continuing from butt)
R15: ch 5
R16: hdc in 2nd chain from hook back to the body
slst to attach to body
tie off wool end and cut and weave in
attach ears and embroider face

Paws X4
mc 3 (3)
inc around (6)

Ears X2
ch5, turn (do not ch1 when turning)
sc4, turn
sc3, turn
sc2, turn
weave wool tail back through, attach

That’s all there is to it! Go forth and make yourself an adorable lil potato

Please feel free to contact me if you find an error in the pattern.

Soulmate au (pt.1)

It was said that when you met your soulmate, their thoughts about you appeared on your skin. The words could change over time but were impossible to remove if they still remained. And it wasn’t particularly thrilling to know your soulmate thought you were a loser.

So a good few weeks ago I received an ask and made this post and following on from that people asked if I would consider making it into a proper fic. I told them all yes, then continued to procrastinate for a month. But at last I finally got round to it, so here is part 1!

I’ve taken out a lot of the magic, except of course the soulmate concept. Please feel free to give me some feedback, introductions are so hard! 

next part

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What Not To Do In High School (Part 10) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: yooo for next part of the hs au, maybe barry convinces reader to skip class with him?

a/n: today I had my algebra 2 midterm…shooting myself in the face would’ve been less painful

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 |

This class is the bane of Barry’s existence. The only thing good about first period is that you have the same class. Literally, your ass in front of him gives him his motivation. Everything else pisses him off. Not sure if the subject is boring or the teacher is just a fucking moron.

There’s not a lot of time left, lucky for him. “Psst…” Barry whispers, leaning forward, stomach getting impaled by the edge of the desk. Reluctantly, you stop scribbling on the worksheet, looking over your shoulder. “Skip next period with me.” he smirks, upper chest resting on his bare forearms, pencil twisting in between his fingers.

You bite your lip, uncrossing your legs beneath the desk. Well, next class is history…do you really need to go today? “Okay.” you hum back, smiling devilishly. He returns the gesture, green eyes watching your ass swivel around in the smooth seat. His back slumps, connecting with the chair; his pencil still moving.

In a few short minutes, the bell rings and everyone stands from their desks. Barry plucks your backpack from the ground, hauling it over his shoulder, nodding toward the door. “Let’s go.” he encourages, slowly taking your hand in his. You crack a grin, allowing him to to lead you through the crowded hallway.

When his black Vans scuff at the rusted white back doorway, he quickly glances around the emptying hall, free hand digging in his back pocket. You continue holding his hand, feeling a shock of rebellion electrify your veins. Licking his lips, he tugs out a plastic key card, flashing it in front of the lock.

The light flickers green and he shoves the door, guiding you outside as you gaze behind, eyebrows furrowed. “Cisco made me a key.” he shrugs, strutting down to the sidewalk; you mumble a quiet ‘oh’. Cisco, the super genius. “So, what do you wanna do now that you’ve broken out?” Barry asks, lips tilted sideways, chain thumping against his gray skinny jeans.

Wind blows his chestnut locks out of style but he bends his neck down, shoulder bumping into yours. “Can we get froyo?” you beam, head cocked to the side as you point down the street. “We had a double block, so it’s almost ten o'clock, meaning it’s gonna be open soon!” You play with the red flannel draped over your V-neck, peering up at your boyfriend.

Froyo? Barry can do froyo. “Sure, babe.” he smiles, standing up straight. Both of your hands swing while you walk, and it makes his heart flutter. Like, fuck yes, he has a super hot girlfriend that does stuff with him! Hell yeah! “Froyo it is.” he confirms, nodding his head curtly.

You have a bright smile plastered on your face when you enter the small shop, converse squeaking on the checkered black and white flooring. The lime green walls contrasts with his eyes and he blinks a few times. All the neon colors aren’t really his style, but if you’re happy, he is too. “Oh! I love froyo!” you jump slightly, making the flannel flap around your body.

He has to suppress a giggle- can’t giggle in public. His chain sways as he follows you towards the silver ridged counter. “We might have to share; I don’t got that much money, princess.” he sighs, yanking his wallet out of his pocket while adjusting the backpack on his shoulder. If he had a bigger allowance - cough, cough, Joe…

“That’s okay, boyfriend!” you smirk, dragging out the last word, pulling a magenta cup from the stack. He chuckles. “Have any requests?” you tease, peering at all the different flavors. There’s so many to choose from…

Barry shrugs, flicking through his dollar bills, “Just add some cake batter to whatever you want and I’m good.” he shrugs, not really paying attention. You hum, starting to pick your flavors. After filling the cup, you give it to Barry, smiling sheepishly. He takes it slowly, “Did you put every flavor in here? Geez.” he jokes, heading to pay for it.

You roll your eyes, “Not every flavor…” You pick up two spoons, walking to the long booth. Sliding in, the backs of your thighs kinda sick to the smooth cream colored plastic and you lift your legs slightly. Barry flings the cup on the table, watching it slip to the middle. “Here!” you beam, holding the pink spoon out to him after he sits down across from you.

“Thanks, babe.” he replies, left hand falling to his thigh as he digs into the frozen yogurt, eyes glued to you spoon entering your mouth. A happy noise comes out of him and he takes a bite. Sneaking out of school has never been this good.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a boom sonamy prompt? Like sonic realizing he likes amy? And she is kinda like "whaaaats goin on?" just a collection of sonic acting adorable and embarassed around her is good for me :)

Aw, that could be fun XD It’d be difficult with Modern Sonic… but with Boom Sonic? We’ve been told he’s a lot more comfortable around her, so maybe… dodging such affections could happen on a more cuter scale? (Modern Sonic would avoid her if he felt something and wait for the feeling to go away before seeing her again.) so yeah! :D This could be fun!

External image

(single greatest sonic boom sonamy art of all time)

Sonic, after spending loads of time around Amy, has began to start carrying some affection for her, and more than just friends! Unaware of his these new developments, however, he denies that anything is different or weird between the two of them.

He starts stuttering or acting weird, and simply plays it off as though he was just sweaty that day. As more and more incidences started to be noticed, Sonic began to worry and went to Doc about it.

“So… you’ve had sweaty palms, strange stutters, fire in your cheeks?”

“There’s more than that!” Sonic exclaims, looking worried about his health. “The other day I saw a flower, I turned away for a moment, looked back, and it was her face! WINKING at me! Winking, Doc!” he got on his knees and held her arms. “What’s wrong with me??? I get jittery, like… there’s something in my stomach!” he grabbed his waist. “And another thing! I can’t think straight around her.” he suddenly gasped, getting up. “Oh no… I’m… I’m..”

Doc leaned forward, hoping he had figured it out himself.

“I’m allergic to Amy.” He narrowed his eyes, completely convinced that was it.

“No!!” Doc jumped her small little frame up and whacked her clipboard down on his head.

“Ow! Wh-what-what?! You’re the Doctor, I’m just guessing here!”

“You’re in love, Sonic! And this is natural for a boy your age. Especially with a girl that you’re always around. I’m sure your fine. It’s all apart of growing up.”

“G-growing up..?” he looked afraid, “Wait, … in love?! With AMY!?!?!? W-w-wait you realize we’re talking about Amy ROSE, right?”

“….Yes, Sonic… I know.” Doc looked at him like he was being ridiculous. “Just… try and not spook her, alright deary? Heaven knows you’ll just mess this up for yourself. Good luck, kid!” She rolled her eyes and then walked away, giving him a thumbs up as she went.

”..I…I…” the camera zoomed in on Sonic’s horrified eyes. “I’m in love with Amy Rose?”

The screen turns back.

A montage starts of Sonic trying to desperately avoid Amy, but he ends up just putting himself into more awkward meetings with her. Like, for instance, he tries to hug the wall and avoid her seeing him going into the hub, but he gets startled by Knuckles greeting him and walking by, not really paying attention to his behavior as he stumbles and knocks a vase with flowers down. He grabs the flowers and the vase, but the hand with the flowers is toward Amy, as she turns around and happily squees, accepting the flowers.

Another time, he’s in the middle of battle and ends up taking out an enemy for her on accident, having rammed into it and watching it fall to reveal her. He freezes up, as she happily runs over, “Wow! Nice kill, Sonic!” she kisses his cheek and continues to fight.

This is usually a normal thing for her to do, flirt a little, but nothing really comes out of it…

Until now…

Sonic’s whole face flushes as he gets a spike of energy, and his feet vibrate as he suddenly takes down all the robots with super sonic speed, causing a few Sonic Booms as he suddenly stops cold turkey in the middle of the battlefield, gasping.

The robots all fall down as the team looks shocked, and laughs. “Sonic! What have we said about leaving some of the fun for us?” Tails teases.

Sonic is now banging his head on the table in front of him at the hub.

“Hi Sonic.”

“Hi Amy-AAAHH.” he stops, realizing whose come in and raises his head with a loud gasp of air being sucked into him, before closing his mouth and covering it with his hand.

“Hmm?” Amy notices the weird behavior, but usually didn’t say anything… until now. “What’s the matter with-?”

He turns around, letting out the air and glaring at her. “You’re pretty! That’s what wrong!”

“…Excuse me?” she blushes, holding the two books in her hands tighter to her.

“If you weren’t so…so… I don’t know! A girl! Then none of this would be happening!” he flailed his arms around as she looked at him, utterly confused.

“I’m sorry, did I miss something here?”

“Yeah! You’ve been missing it all WEEK!” he hollered out, before stepping up to her. “Look, I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I’m gonna… I’m … IIIIII…” he had leaned forward, holding a finger up to her and glaring, before slowly realizing how close they were and leaning back, his eyes shrinking.

“…W-what?” Amy’s eyes glittered a bit in the light…

“…” he glared at her, blushing.

“….are you… blushing?”

“STAY OUT OF MY WAY! I WON’T GROW UP! I REFUSE TO LET CHEMICALS AFFECT MY LIFE. I AM FREE. I AM THE WIND!” he starts throwing a tantum, as Tails walks in.

“Woah, what’s wrong with him!?”

“AHHH!!!” he picks up a chair and throws it. “I WAS MEANT TO BE A HERO, NOT A SLAVE TO DARN… FEELINGS!" 

"I…I think he’s in love with me.” Amy concluded, gaping at that realization.

“…AHAHAHHAHA!” Tails starting laughing, hitting his knee, before looking back at her. “Oh, you’re serious.”

“CHAINED. GROUNDED TO THE EARTH.” Sonic fell to his knees, and continued to hit his head on the smaller table in the living room now. “What is my LIFE..!?”

“…Y-you know… Love’s not all THAT bad?” Tails tried to help, as Sonic growled and glared at him, turning his head slightly to him. “Ehh… nevermind. Go on with your pouting and hopeless shouting.”

Sonic nodded, and threw back his head, clutching it with his hands, “DOOMED!!! DOOOOMMEDDD!!!”

Amy walked over, very calmly standing behind him, and summoning her hammer.


“OW! Hey!” He turned around and looked dead center on her hammer’s back, and quickly scooted up more on the table. “He-he-hey now..!”

“Quit acting like a CHILD! Ever thought I might actually LIKE the idea of you crushing on me?” she looked really upset. “Geez, I’m so sorry that the world is ending just because you thought I was pretty!” she was about to cry, but held it in. “You’re… you’re really terrible sometimes… you know that? Is loving me really that horrible..?” she lowered her hammer, as Sonic felt something sting in his heart.

“Wait… n-no, no, no, no, you see, I’M THE ONE that’s suppose to feel horrible right now, not you!” he got up, doing a terrible job at comforting her as he reached for her, but pulled back and withdrew from that, looking awkward and nervously down and around the room. “L-look,.. I think… I might like..” he shook his head. “No, let me do this right. Amy-” he turned to her very seriously, as she sorrowfully looked up at him.

“…I like you.” he stated, and took a deep breath, feeling how scared he really was at admitting it out loud. “But I’m no where NEAR ready for a relationship right now! I mean, I’m still just a kid, especially at heart so um…” he looked away, a little more humbled it seemed now and lightly pressed his pointer fingers together, embarrassed.

“…I get it. It’s okay.” Amy smiled, seeing how it really was.

“Ah, it is?” Sonic looked back at her, amazed she understood him.

“Yeah. I can wait, and besides! You’re no where NEAR where I am when it comes to loving someone. So don’t worry about it. Just live your life, and be nice to me, okay?” she winked and patted his back reassuringly as she walked by him.

He took a sigh of relief, before twitching at something she said. “Wait.. no where near… Hey! Hold on! W-who do you love?!!? I’m ten times cooler than him, right..? A-Amy? Amy?” he spun around, noticing she had disappeared, and growing flighty with worry and panic. “AMMMY!!!” he dashed out, whining for her, and worried she may be in love with someone else! Someone cooler than him! Someone-

“Oh wait. It was me.” he stopped in mid-air running, realizing this and then sitting on air for a second, legs crossed and putting his hand up to his chin in thought, narrowing his eyes, before looking down. “Oh no…” he realized he had stopped over water…. 

he looked up at the camera and twitched an awkward smile out, before falling into the shallow end of the lake near there hub. “AHHH!!”

You could say he was…

drowning in love!



Feelings of love? Drowning? Water humor?

No..? No pun lovers out there?


(Totally not canon by the way, but I tried my best to keep him in character. Same with the rest, as always xD)

pre-new moon reading.
this oracle deck was basically handed to me by Aya, i saw it & i knew immediately it was a gift from the Arcturians because i have have always heard them use the term E, & they even have a symbol for E. the deck is called the Oracle of E, & i was pretty shocked when i first saw it. Aya always comes through when i do readings with this one.
“The New Moon will bring many joys & much love, & there is no need to feel stuck anymore. That stage, or pattern, is being broken. You are free of the chains of habit. Embrace the Light! Now is the Time. You are being rewarded for all that you have done as a lightworker on Earth. Continue to send your Love to all who love you. Abundance seeks you. Time for fun! Manifesting will come easy with the New Moon. Think carefully. Is this what you want? Well, you have it, dear one!” 💗🌈💜

Burns Brighter Than the Sun

Anon sent me this prompt: 

On updates you said were accepting prompts and I mostly like to not ask for anything too specific, but, if you are, Adoribull with tears, comfort, and maybe bondage?

I thought, I’m pretty sure that happens in a whole lot of existing fic. And there’s nothing new I can bring to the table there, when so many people have done a beautiful job of it. And then I reread the prompt a few times and thought… You didn’t say it was sexual bondage…

Please be warned that there is cannon-typical violence. It’s not explicit, but people get injured. 


It hadn’t been the ideal situation when they’d taken on the job in Tevinter. There had been a whole lot of talking, a few shouting matches, but Krem had insisted that the pay was too good to pass up. They needed the money, and they were near enough to the border that it would be stupid not to hear the client out at least.

Of all the things that could possibly have gone wrong, they weren’t counting on Bull being the one to get captured. Krem, more likely. Dalish and Skinner, perhaps.

But not the seven-foot-tall battering ram who laughed when the slavers brandished their weapons. In retrospect, that had been a bit stupid.

So now here he stands, chained in what ambient noise tells him is a courtyard, the sun beating down on his shoulders. He relies on hearing, taste, and smell because they’ve covered his eyes with an impractically expensive blindfold.

‘Vints, honestly.

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The Absent Gods - Everlind
By Organization for Transformative Works

Happy Halloween everybody! I’ve had this in my folder for over a year, I decided to dust it off for the occasion and finish it up.

Pairing: John Egbert/Karkat Vantas
Rating: Rated M
Summary: Karkat is a dark god of ages forgotten and John is the sacrificial lamb. They make a deal.
Warnings: MIND the tags, it is not rated M for romantic/sexual shenanigans. This story includes: Death, Torture, Blood, Body Horror, Ritual Sacrifice, Life & Death, Revival

The day you die is just a day like any other day.

It’s a chilly day in April and you’ve celebrated your birthday only a week ago. Nice and quiet. Just you, your sister, Con Air and no cake. You know, the only right way to celebrate a birthday. Because cake is evil and Con Air is totally the best movie ever.

School’s out and kids are galumphing out of the building, occasionally jostling you as they all make a desperate bid for freedom. It’s a short lived sprint, everybody coming up short at the gates, a collective leash jerking them to their senses. It’s not safe out there. Not for kids. Not for anybody under their twenties. People mill about, tiptoeing and casting about for familiar faces of family, friends. Most of them are picked up and stuffed into a car right away by parents, others have to wait. At which point they resign themselves to doing pretty much the same thing you are: try not to freeze any appendages off.

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Request: You are needed to help Liam's heart rate go up to help him control his shifting.

You groaned and rolled over to reach for your phone that was ringing on your bedside table. Looking on the screen you saw it was Scott calling. You sighed. It was so late at night. What did he want now? You answered the phone. “Hello?” Your voice sounding very tired. “(Y/n)?” Scott asked. “No it’s Gerard.” You said sarcastically. When you were tired, your grumpiness always got the best of you. “Sorry. We really need your help. We’re at Lydia’s lake house. It’s very important.” You yawned. “Scott, what could you possibly need my help for this late at night. And even if I really did need to help, I can’t just drive down there. I’m only 15.” You reminded him. “Kira is on her way to pick you up. Please (y/n), we need you to help us tonight.” He pleaded to you. “Well I would like to know what I’m helping you with.” He hesitated. “Uh..we need help with…um Liam.” You waited for him to say more but you rolled your eyes knowing that he was just gonna say something totally unreasonable and stupid just to get you to agree with him if you asked more. “Fine.” You replied. “Thank you!” And with that he hung up the phone leaving you to get dressed and ready. Kira arrived shortly after you finished getting ready and you hopped in the car. “Hey Kira.” You said still tired. She started to drive again. “Hey (y/n).” She looked over and smiled. You’ve grown quite close to all of the girls even thought you were the youngest of them all. “So what am I really helping with?” She hesitated as well. “Well…uh we’re trying to help Liam control his shifting and we just need an extra hand.” She said nervously. You didn’t know why she said it nervously. You didn’t think it was much anyways. You dazed off the rest of the ride until you arrived at the lake house. “They’re all in the basement.” Kira said, leading you both to the basement. When you entered, the pack stood there waiting for you, while Liam sat in the corner tied up to chains in case anything went wrong. “So what am I supposed to help with?” You asked no one in particular. Scott glanced around the room waiting for someone else to answer your question. Stiles just pretended not to hear you. And Lydia waited for the boys to explain. Malia got sick of the silence and finally said, “We’re trying to help him control his shifting so we’re trying some things. We need someone to make his heart rate speed up. And that someone is you.” You looked at them confused. “Well how am I supposed to do that?” They all filed out of the basement, you following. “Is someone gonna answer my question? I did not wake up I’m the middle of the night to be ignored like this.” You said getting a little irritated. “We need you to do stuff to him that will make his heart rate go up.” Scott said. You widened your eyes a bit. “What stuff?” You were a little afraid of the answer. “Kiss him, touch him, spoon him, be sexy, turn him on, anything! He’s a teenage boy!” Stiles explained. You looked at them like they all had 5 heads. “What! Why me?” “Because he likes you.” Lydia said. “No he doesn’t. That’s ridiculous. He rarely talks to me.” You were surprised by this. You had always thought he was quite attractive and it did cross your mind that you would love for him to like you the way you liked him. But you didn’t think it would happen. And now that you think about it, the very few times he’s talked to you he was very nice, unlike to other people. And he always gave you a genuine smile. “He’s always staring at you during and when Kira asked him to the party he asked if you were gonna be there. It’s so obvious (y/n).” Lydia said defending her statement. “I-are you sure he likes me? I don’t even know if I can do this. I don-” You were cut off by Stiles pushing you into the basement and locking the door as you stumbled in. “Seriously Stiles?” You said through the door. “Sorry not sorry. Bang on the door when his heart rate goes up.” He laughed. You sighed and looked over to where Liam was. He was sleeping, still sitting up as the chains restrained him from any other position. You had no idea what to do. You did not have a clue on how to turn on a boy. The farthest you’ve ever gone was a kiss. You mentally slapped yourself for agreeing to help them. You sat there observing his features, finding him to be very handsome. He stirred a little before opening his eyes. He opened them fully and looked at you. You smiled. “(Y/n)? Where are the others?” He asked still looking a bit tired. “Oh they kind of um locked us in here.” You laughed. “Oh.” If it wasn’t for the darkness the basement held, you would have been able to see how much he was blushing. You felt a cool breeze and thought of an idea. Lifting your arms up to rap around yourself, you said to him, “I’m actually getting really cold. Do you mind if I…” You motioned to sit closer to him. “Oh! Uh..no sure yeah go ahead.” He said a little flustered. You scooted closer to where the chains were holding him and snuggled into his side. You looked up at him and saw him looking at you. “So how’s being a werewolf?” You asked trying to start a conversation. “Um it’s good. I still need to learn…a lot.” He nervously laughed. You slowly intertwined your fingers with his. You could see him trying to control himself. You were quite taken aback, as you never realized how such a little gesture of you could affect him. You decided that you needed to take this further in order to raise his heart rate more. You began to rub his arm gently. “You okay Liam?” You asked innocently. “Uh huh.” His voice sounding restrained. He was trying to calm down his breathing. Smiling, you put your hand on the side of his face and turned him so he was looking at you. Slowly, you leaned in and connected your lips with his. You loved the way his lips felt against yours. You could feel his heart beat through his chest. You pulled away observing his expression. He was shocked. His eyes were glowing which was a sign of his heart rate speeding up. But it still wasn’t enough to make him change. You knew you had to do even more at this point. “I really like you.” You told him. He leaned in for another kiss, this time you turned your body so you could straddle him. This was your first time ever making out with a boy. But it all felt so natural with him. Your lips moved in sinc and you placed your arms around his neck. You could feel him under you and you would never admit but you were getting slightly turned on by this. He broke away, his breathing more heavy. “I can smell you.” He said. Underneath you, you could feel him getting harder and you blushed furiously knowing what he meant by that. He connected his lips to your neck, trying to break free from the chains so he can have more access to your body. You knew he was about to change into his werewolf form. You could feel his heart beating faster and faster. And even though you wanted to continue, you stood up and backed away before he fully changed. You gave a bang in the door as the others flooded in. Liam was now completely transformed. “How’d you do it?” Kira asked. “Stuff..” You replied. “You smell sweet.” Malia said sniffing around you. “It’s progress.” Stiles guided Malia away from you. You smirked. Totally worth waking up in the middle of the night.

a/n: kishagdkahjdhsgskfsurbagkdhdudshffhskfjishsdjdkhsjdf the feels man.
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Daisy Chains

(aou) Pietro x Reader


Word Count: 783

A/N: This is the first fic I have ever written so it would be really great to have some feedback from you, if you want to! I will continue to post oneshots and stuff and I will take requests, so if you want anything particular feel free to put it into my ask and I will get around to writing it hopefully. Hope you enjoy, thank you for reading!

It had been a surprisingly calm day in the Avengers facility today; no mission and nothing important that you had to do. You had spent the day relaxing, relishing the free time you had as it wasn’t often you could spend the day unwinding. That was until a certain someone dashed into the living room of the Avengers facility and plopped themselves down on the chair opposite you.

“Hey, y/n,” he spoke breathlessly with a smile.

You chuckled and replied,”hey, Pietro, I thought you and Wanda went out for the day?”

“We did,” he answered,”it was only to have lunch,Tony recommended a place,” he finished. You had liked Pietro from the time you started getting to know each other, which was after the battle with Ultron and as you started to get to know him more, your feelings for him grew. You never really thought that he would share these feelings, so you opted for keeping them to yourself but although trying to hide your feelings, the other Avengers clicked on that you liked Pietro as something more than a friend.

           “I can see that you have not moved today,” he smirked, “do you want to come for a walk?”

You groaned, looking around at the empty tea cup on the table, your legs wrapped snugly in your favourite blanket and your book on your lap and questioned whether it was worth you moving. Then you realised, of course it’s worth you moving because it was Pietro freaking Maximoff and you found it hard to say ‘no’ when he looked at you like that. His hair was messy and hanging around the top of his forehead, his striking blue eyes gazing into yours, and that smile… It gave you butterflies every time. “Fine! If I must, Mr Maximoff!” you exclaimed jokingly as you flipped your blanket off your legs and placed your book on the table. “On one condition,” you said with your arms folded over your chest.


“You have to give me a piggy-back down to the first floor,” you said, earning an eye roll from Pietro.

“Fine, hop on,” he instructed with a laugh, squatting a bit so that you could get on his back.

             Five seconds and a streak of blue later, you were by the exit of the facility. You hopped off Pietro’s back and started walking out through the large, transparent doors. “So, were are we walking exactly, Speedy?” you questioned.

“I don’t mind, as long as it’s with you,” he replied softly. You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks and hoped that Pietro would not notice the now evident blush you wore. You were both in comfortable silence for a while, just enjoying each others presence, until you reached a large tree, with the perfect amount of shade underneath it. “How about we stop here for a bit, y/n?” Pietro asked.

“Yeah, sure,” you replied, sitting down next to Pietro and starting to pick daisies. You started making a daisy chain, thinking that if you managed to get a picture of Pietro in it you could send it to Wanda (definitely not just because he would look absolutely adorable). “What are you doing?” Pietro pondered as he leaned over your shoulder, trying to get a closer look. “Making a daisy chain, look, I’ll show you,” you started the process again, showing Pietro every step you did, and soon he had his own completed chain, although messy, it was a great first attempt. “Okay, that was not too hard,” he smiled. He looked at you and then placed his daisy chain gently onto the top of your head. You laughed and put yours onto his head.

          As you were about to put your hands back into your lap, Pietro grabbed one, causing your breath to hitch. “You look beautiful,” he said, looking into your e/c eyes. You smiled and replied, “and you look absolutely adorable.”

Pietro looked down at your intertwined hand and then returned his gaze to your face, his eyes flicking to your lips once before going back to your eyes. “I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time, y/n, but I was never sure if you felt the same,” he admitted, “I really like you and I was wondering if you would maybe want to go out sometime?”

“Of course I would,” you breathed, your heart feeling as though it would burst through your chest, “I feel exactly the same way about you Pietro,” you finished, returning his gaze. Pietro’s free hand found it’s way to the side of your face and pulled you towards him, weaving your lips together in a sweet kiss.

These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Six

A/N: Hello all! So lovely to be back on schedule with this story. I have to admit, posting on a Saturday felt way too weird lol. It had to be done unfortunately, but miraculously, I was able to get back on the old schedule! Thank you all so much for understanding and also for being patient with me.

Now then. As usual, I want to give a big thanks to anyone who reads this story, and especially to those who leave feedback. Every little word from you counts, and I’m so privileged to know you all are actually interested in this little story of mine. Thank you <3

And a personal thank you to catching-dandelions for being my partner in crime, and allowing me to throw ideas with her back and forth whenever I require it.

Disclaimer #1: This chapter contains a rather intense portrayal of an actual actor (N) that is purely for fictional purposes. I apologize if it’s unsettling, but it is indeed just a story after all!

Disclaimer #2: This chapter contains domestic abuse.

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

All chapters so far can be found here [x]

So then! That being said, and without further adoooo….

The world disappears away from view as I shut my eyes tightly, blocking out the sight in front of me as my mind goes swirling into denial.

There was no way that just happened. There was no way that could have happened. All of this time I’ve been trying so hard to forget him, so hard to avoid him, so hard to distance myself from him, and then I spontaneously bump into him in Berlin during my darkest hour?


It’s a dream, some sick nightmare imposed upon me to absolutely mess with my mind.

It’s a hallucination, my anxiety and fears taking hold of my senses and causing me to see things that aren’t really there.

It’s all a sick trick. It cannot be real.

My eyes squeeze tightly shut as I follow the common mindset of, “If I close my eyes and then open them again, maybe he won’t be there.”

But bringing my sapphire blue hues into view again yields no mercy.

Because my boyfriend, my fucking ex boyfriend, is still standing there right in front of me, boring holes into my head with his eyes.

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Loose Ends

A/N: Spoilers for this season - I’m kinda basing this off spoilers we’ve gotten for the coming episodes about how Hook might get his heart back.

I really like the idea of Belle playing a big part in it! I have no idea how it might go down between she and Rumple, so I just wrote Emma/Killian. 

The fic starts immediately after the Shattered Sight spell is broken.


Smiling as her parents broke away from hugging her, Emma gently handed Neal over to her mother. “Safe and sound, just like I promised,” she said quietly.

“Of course he is!” Snow said, beaming.

“With you watching his back, how could he be anything else?” Charming chimed in with one last pat on her back.

With her hands free, Emma finally got a chance to glance around the square. When Charming heard her suck in her breath, his gaze shot up. “What is it?”

“What the hell,” Emma muttered. “Why is Regina here? If she’s here – what the hell did she do with Henry?”

“Relax, Emma.” Charming said soothingly. “She would be panicking if something is wrong – let’s just go ask her.”

“Yeah,” Emma said absently as she continued to look around. The back of her neck was prickling with the sensation that something still wasn’t right.

As they made their way towards Regina, Snow laid a reassuring hand on Emma’s arm. “I’m sure Hook is fine too, Emma. Maybe he just needs someone to free him. If he chained himself up at the docks, he’s probably alone.”

“Maybe…” Emma started hesitantly. “But something doesn’t feel right. I think we should-“

“MOM! Quick, you have to help!” Everyone in the square turned worriedly as Henry ran around the corner yelling. “It’s Grandp – I mean, Mr. Gold! He’s got Hook! We have to get back there!”

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If you have cable, on Nickelodeon or Nick.com. If you don’t, Amazon and iTunes can hook you up. And the season 1 DVDs are slated for release in May, with French and English audio. Beyond official releases, I’m afraid you’ll have to do some sleuthing on your own. ;)

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UPDATE 4/17/2016:

What do you use to draw?

My own bloodthirsty ambition. Oh, you mean like materials? Okay.

Digital: I use Adobe Photoshop on the subscription model. It runs on a Wacom Companion 2, which is a tablet computer with a Cintiq screen. I would not recommend it to people looking to get into art as a career; I would recommend it to people already doing art as a career. Or who have similar experience with digital art and various tablet interfaces. You can get the biggest advantage (portability) with something half the price, like an iPad Pro or a Surface. 


Inks - I use Microns for most detail work, brushes + speedball ink for fancy line-weight stuff, and a variety of Kuretake pens for… well, anything. If you cantrack down Kuretakes, buy them, they’re cheap and fabulous. (There’s a your mom joke there but I’ll spare us all.)

Colors - this varies a lot. I use anything from Sharpies blended with rubbing alcohol, to crayons and colored pencils blended both traditionally and with turpenoid solvent. I haven’t used watercolors in a while but when I do I like to lay down lines with colored pencils, then use watercolors and watercolor pencils to paint with. I should do more watercolors. Dang.

Paper - whatever’s appropriate? Like I’ll use the Strathmore sketchbooks for just about anything it can take, but I’ve ripped through pages in them with my burning enthusiasm before. Wet media tends to be their Multi-media books or Bristol. I have some real nice watercolor paper that I haven’t cracked yet out of sheer intimidation.

Misc - sometimes I shade with Tombow Grays or an ink wash. For most pencil stuff I just use a Bic 7mm mechanical pencil. I also use blue or red Col-Erase pencils for pictures I want to finish in pencil or ink. Oh, and water-soluble graphite is a wonderful and terrible medium and everyone should try it at least once.

Basically I collect art supplies like a hermit crab collects crap to put on its shell, so take this all with a hefty grain of salt.

UPDATE 4/27/2016:

Can I translate your comics and post them?

Sure, as long as you link back to the original(s), and aren’t using them to make money.  


Joke’s on you, sucker! My socks don’t match, I’m a broke artist, and my mom has lupus! (The one time it actually WAS lupus!) Anyway yeah I don’t do chain messages, my condolences.

UPDATE 4/29/2016:

Will you do more Relive the Magic? When?

I am going to try to go through each episode, yes! And I try to do about 1 per week as time/life allows. They will continue until either the hiatus ends or I run out of episodes.

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