or fangirl and fangirl

soul mates.

they met in the wrong time and age. maybe if they weren’t celebrities, if they just weren’t part of the biggest girl group, if the world isn’t just full of prejudice against same-sex love, if only what they’re doing right now isn’t their dreams… they could have happen. they could be happily together.

in an alternate universe where it’s just her and her, just the two of them and nothing else matters, it could have worked out. they could’ve worked out.

but the thing is maybe they’re soul mates, and someday, in the next lifetime or so, they’ll be able to make it. they’ll last until death do them apart like real lovers do. be with and support each other like best friends do. and live happily together with only their hearts to follow.

for this lifetime though, they have to live separately and probably with some other people. but like soul mates do, they’ll find their way back to each other.

and that’s what im holding on to.

soul mates.

miyako47  asked:

why the hell am i not following you?! *clicks the follow button* THERE! :D just wanted to say, your drawings are really amazing! :3 keep it up! :D

The first thing I though was “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME ?!”

ASDFGHJKL !!!! Gosh I love your art so much, it’s so incredible !!