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The Difference between a Reboot and a Revival

Since Samurai Jack has made its epic return to Television, I’ve noticed several comments and posts about how “This is how Cartoon Network should do reboots” or the show ending up a flop like a certain few series airing on the network. Thankfully, the latter isn’t happening since after two episodes it feels like Genndy and the crew haven’t missed a beat. There’s a few who know the difference, but I’m just typing this out to get it off my chest and share with those who don’t.

Now, by definition a fictional Reboot discards all continuity in an established series in order to recreate its characters, timeline and backstory from the beginning.

A Revival is an attempt to revive a defunct series by producing new episodes created for broadcast.Network executives may decide to attempt to revive a television program when they feel that a market once again exists for it.

This doesn’t work for Samurai Jack, as this run is labeled as the Fifth Season, set 50 years after the events of original run. None of the continuity is thrown out,  the characters are as they are.  So, in other words not a reboot.

When Family Guy was brought back to due to fan support, I remember people using the term it was revived or the other term un-canceled. Same thing with Futurama when the three DTV movies were coming out, followed by the new seasons that Comedy Central ordered.

I know that cartoon reboots are becoming more frequent, hence people tend to group revivals along with them. But unless the creators say it doesn’t follow the original’s continuity, don’t label it as a reboot.

The worst part of Family Guy is that it was actually really good in the first four seasons or so (which I actually have on DVD) but then it kind of went

Let’s take a nose dive right into seasonal rot hell!

Seriously, what happened to Family Guy?

In those first four or so seasons it was a genuinely good animated sitcom with likable characters and good humor that was just edgy enough to keep it interesting.

Now I watch clips form the newer seasons and everyone’s an unlikable ass and it’s full of really uncomfortable jokes that range from unfortunate implications to downright racist. It also tends to be really vulgar just for the sake of it.

It’s such a bizarre transformation that makes the earlier seasons feel like a totally different (and often far better) show. 

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If you had to say any episode besides Seahorse Seashell Party and Screams in Silence is the most insulting in the history of Family Guy, what would it be? For me, personally, it's Family Gay, and only really cause of my own struggles and it just always feels as a personal insult, and the entire LGBT+ Community as a whole as well too. But that's just my opinion. What do you think?

To be honest? It’s probably Brian’s a Bad Father. It’s not as bad as Screams of Silence, but other than that I can’t say anything definitive of where I’d put it (but it’s definitely in the bottom 3). I go into most of the reasons why in the review itself.

First of all - the episode is entirely pointless. The major conflict is that Brian has pretty much abandoned his son, Dylan. Through it, he learns to be in Dylan’s life. Then after this episode, Dylan is never mentioned again.

Brian is a gigantic asshole throughout the episode, and then the second that things go wrong, he’s all “woe is me. I think I made a mistake.” And then Dylan almost immediately forgives him and they have a nice heartwarming moment where it seems like Brian is going to be in Dylan’s life again. And then Dylan is never mentioned again.

The episode had deleted scenes that actually made Brian seem nicer. There was intentional editing to make Brian look like the biggest jackass possible.

I HATE parenthood stories like this. Stories where the kid isn’t so much a character, but a plot device. Dylan is very much a blank slate because this is Brian’s story, even though what happens affects Dylan so much more, but we need to feel sympathy for Brian and want him to win because… I guess he’s the parent in the situation. Even though he’s one of the shittiest parents possible.

Once you actually notice things like this, you can never not notice it. The child is nothing but the worst stereotypes of children to make the babysitter’s job harder, to make it harder for the male in the story to fall in love with the woman in the story, etc. The child is nothing but the most positive stereotypes of children to make the abuse against them seem worse, or so they can be a better trophy in a story about a custody battle. Or they flat out die to give the adult character motivation. Or, in this case, their personhood isn’t really considered, because according to most writers, a story of parenthood actually has nothing to do with the child in the situation. (It’s why I really don’t like stories, like Heavy Rain, as it’s guilty of all of this).

And then there’s the cutting joke, which is the worst singular joke that I’ve come across in my entire reviewing career. They also make another joke in the episode where they explicitly say that their audience is 14-year-olds.

This episode is legitimately hard to watch without getting ticked off or insulted.

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I'm really sorry for my dumb question but... What is a "metafam", "memetafam" or "meta" ? I'm confused because when I goggled it, It gives me the name of a protein family... Thank you so much and sorry again...

Well… it’s hard to describe. I can only say that we make dank ass memes, occasionally write… well.. meta… and are certainly not a protein family.

Guy explained it pretty nicely here.

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Me to my family: Have you guys seen the video of Kristen Chenoweth trying to figure out the pitch of the car alarm!!!!! It’s so hilarious and amazing wow

My sister: You’re turning really red

My mom: Do you have a crush on Kristen chenoweth HAHA

My dad: Yeah like a girl crush!!! HAHA!!! She’s a little short for you though

My gay ass: *turning redder, extremely stressed at the accuracy of this conversation* L o l ….. No …………

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the animation in su is so bad now. growing up i loved seeing little style differences in cartoons between episodes depending on the storyboarder when it was done well but su is nothing like that it's literally SO BAD. it's so lazy and jarring to look at it's just bad and awful. the animation literally reminds me of family guy at this point. i can't take it

it’s especially sad with su, because we used to get some GORGEOUS visuals and animation before. but now… yeah, family guy. then again, does family guy go horribly off-model as often as su??

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