or extra crispy

The Col-o-Nel's Prayer

Context: I’m a part of a D20 Modern Gamma World game. We came across a group of mutant rednecks called Brubbas who had developed a cult to Colonel Sanders (mispronounced as Col-o-nel, because they’re mutant rednecks). My Charismatic Hero, Ballo Quilledge, who is a British pretty boy adventurer, manages to pull out of his ass their actual prayer to Col-o-Nel Sanders.

Our Col-o-Nel, who art in Heaven
Harlan be thy name
Thy restaurant come
Thy wings be well done
Original or extra crispy

For thine is the mashed potatoes,
The gravy, and the green beans,
Now and forever. Amen.

a day in the life.

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Castiel sleeps like the dead. It’s an unfortunate truth.

Dean rolls over only half awake because someone has stolen all the blankets, and he blindly seeks out warmth and comfort too early in the morning. Castiel is all but a statue beside him in bed though: on his back, comforter curled over his mouth with just his nose uncovered. He sleeps soundly and doesn’t stir when Dean nudges him, tries to squeeze his way under an arm or against his chest. Dean snuffles – not quite a whine – and Castiel goes so far as to kick him under the blankets, closing his eyes defiantly tighter.

Dean sighs. Time to get up, then.

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“Sunday night I was taking a flight back from San Francisco to Toronto and was stopped by security and ordered into additional screening. Now this is nothing new to me, as I’m a brown dude who flies quite often and these types of extra screening and searchings are regular occurrences. In this specific case however I was asked to remove my turban so it could go through an additional extra check. my first inclination was to say nah, I had a flight to catch and taking off a turban and tying it back on before a flight would be inconvenient. I asked to have a pat down instead (i get my clothes patted down, and those too are made of cloth, never asked to remove those) the manager insisted that either I would take off my turban and or I would be escorted back into the public area and I could book a flight with a different airline or airport.

They provided a private screening room, and after they had done a complete body search and scanned my turban through another x-ray… they came back and told me I was good to go.

It was at this point I asked for a mirror to retie my turban again, because unlike a hat or a shoe, tying a turban back on takes time and skill (great skill, only the manliest of men know) plus I gotta make sure i look extra crispy and good ALWAYS (my motto in life, most of the time when I’m not lazy of course) The officials responded that they don’t provide mirrors and one of them had even told me to walk down the nearest bathroom at the other end of the terminal, in public, without my turban on. Which completely defeats the purpose of being in a private room in the first place… why “undress” me and then tell me to walk out “undressed” to the nearest bathroom to retie my turban again? The turban is a sign of royalty, respect, dignity, courage and has a huge significance for my people.

I followed all the security protocols, asked whatever they wanted me to do, the issue isn’t JUST with the fact that I was asked to remove the turban (however silly it still is) but with the lack of respect and insensitivity when I asked for a simple request like a mirror to tie it back on again.

Also fun fact: no one has ever found anything dangerous in a turban… ever.”

i'm gonna tell all you virgins what kissing a girl is like

Alright first off you wanna pre heat your oven to about 375f and that should like 10-15 minutes and after its preheated you’re gonna wanna put your pizza on the middle rack (for best results) and you may wanna do that on a baking sheet but if you got a pizza pan dw about it anyways let it cook for about 17-19 minutes and check if the crust is kind of a gold color (or leave it in for 20-22 minutes if you prefer extra crispy) and remove via pot holder (lmfao pot) and serve with parmesan or eat plain! for extra fun if you got a pepperoni pizza you can actually eat the slices of pepperoni before cooking and make it half-cheese/half-pepperoni

How I make my potato wedges:

You’ll need: potatoes, salt, rosemary, paprika powder, garlic powder (optional), oil (optional)

1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celcius.

2. Wash the potatoes thoroughly, dry them and cut them in quarters.

3. Put them into a bowl and mix them with (quite a lot of) salt, rosemary, lots of paprika powder (so they are almost completely red) and a bit of garlic powder. You can add oil as well, but it’s not necessary.

4. Line a baking sheet with baking paper and spread the potatoes.

5. Bake for around 45 minutes, depending on the size of your potatoes. Once they’re done, turn on the grill for three to four minutes which will make them extra brown and crispy!