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Part One: You Can’t Outrun Your Past. (Exile On Main Street S06E01)

Episode Summary: After Dean gives up hunting, Sam and the reader are mysteriously freed from his cage in hell. Sam finds Dean to tell him he must rejoin the fight. The reader, however, is hesitant to agree with the plan after seeing the life the man has made for himself.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 5,568. 

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the Generations ripple effect

+ bonus: yuta being yuta


Was an outcast among men for being raised by elves…but was also an outcast among elves for being a mortal man

Was a ragged Ranger of the North but was also heir to the throne of a kingdom in the South

A mortal man who married an elf 

 A warrior but also a healer

 A man who lived far longer than ordinary men but was not immortal like the elves 

A man who spent years wandering Middle Earth protecting different peoples not under his own name, but under the names they gave him (Thorongil, Strider, Elessar), becoming whoever they needed him to be: always a hero but always an outcast, among them but not one of them

Who always walked between all the different worlds of Middle Earth, unable to fully belong to any of them