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I just wanna bring up the way Richie recognizes he fucks up when speaking of Betty Ripsom he says she’s already dead and Bill says she’s not dead that she’s just missing and Richie immediately apologizes and amends himself because of Georgie.

I believe no one dared to mess up with Bill that year, Henry admits it even.

My heart.

this ain´t my pic, but damn would you look at him?

is this man freaking hot, or what?

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alright, alright. what a stupid question. of course he is

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i just imagined julian with reading glasses and im crying,,,,,,,, he's honestly such a nerd

ok but did you imagine him wearing them with or without eyepatch?? that’s the real question. either way i think he’d take bad care of them

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This is just a quick announcement. I’m not gone lol I just can’t post as much as I used to. My mom had an accident last week and I’m taking care of her. She’s getting better but until she’s back on her feet I won’t be posting as much. That’s why I’ve been kind of gone last week. Sorry everyone who sent asks or messaged me. I’m trying to answered everyone as fast as I can. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

Thanks :)

Love you all <3

“I’m just sitting here, talking about armadillos, and you disrespect me in this way!”

- Jeremy Heere, to Michael Mell



Consider this:

Finn teaches Sean to drive

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Is magic part of someone when they are born or is something you have to learn? Did you learn to do magic?

I absolutely learned. Just like learning anything else, some people have advantages, but everyone can absolutely learn. I started at the age of ten with an old tutorial book and worked my way up here. Believe me, it’s taught and it’s learned. It just takes time. You can take the summer magic lessons and see for yourself.