or even the fourth that one is gold too

Soulmate au where you can see the colors of your soulmate’s emotions

Fair warning this is about to become a Check Please post

-For most of the first year all Bitty saw of Jack’s emotion was ice blue. Bitty was sure that Jack hated him, but it was just hockey-hyper-focus shoving all the other emotions to the side. Later on Bitty learned that when the ice blue cracked with yellow and black, that was when Jack needed him most.

-Bitty had always been just a little too much for Jack. His pinks and yellows and oranges spread everywhere, over everyone on the team and everything he touched. Jack could swear he could pick one of Bittle’s pies out of a lineup just by the little lingering cloud of love around it. Jack could never imagine being so free with his emotions, and it scared him a little. It took him so long to let himself reach for Bitty, but once he did, Bitty could never think Jack hated him again, not with the way everything turned purple when Jack smiled at him. (I’m not saying that they spent most of the time on the Fourth of July watching each other instead of the fireworks, except I definitely am).

-Jack can always tell when something is bothering Bitty, because a small, thick cloud of red nerves will gather right over his heart. At this point Jack doesn’t even need to see Bitty to know, he can hear it in his voice over the phone.

-Ransom and Holster have a System. Their emotions are so in sync that when one of them’s sparking off gold happiness, the other one is too, before they even hear the good news. Part of the reason they’re so perfect together on the ice is because they wrote their own language with twists of emotions to mean anything as complicated as “Coming up on your right, pass to me, I’ll pass back and you shoot”.

-Shitty and Lardo are usually purple and yellow together, with red thrown in when Shitty’s on a rant. They don’t need to throw around a lot of emotion to get each other. Except when Shitty’s stoned. When Shitty’s stoned, Lardo refuses to use him as her beer pong partner because “Brah, your waves of admiration for my skills and general existence are way too distracting.”

-Chowder shoots off so many colors that Farmer is practically certain she’s not the only one who can see them. All you really need is to see his face. Sometimes this is hard for Farmer because there are too many colors covering Chowder’s face.

-Nursey has always had problems with his depression. He’s convinced himself that Dex can’t see his colors because he’s shoved them down so deep. Nursey sometimes pisses Dex off just so he can have some kind of emotion thrown his way.

-Dex really wishes Nursey would knock it off with the whole fake chill thing. Like maybe if Nursey would let one of his emotions out once in a while then they would STOP SPINNING TOO FAST FOR DEX TO INTERPRET THEM.

-Tango’s emotions usually show up in little bubbles. Mostly confusion. He’s almost always got at least six tiny pink bubbles of confusion surrounding him at any time. Whiskey thinks it’s pretty cute.

Reasons You Should Watch the New TMNT Cartoon Series:


  • The turtles are actually given a lot more to their personality than just one or two stand-out traits. They’re complex and interesting.
  • They’ve brought the concept “up to date” with modern times from laptops to smartphones, internet, and you name it.
  • The humor and jokes are actually funny and amusing.
  • Kickass female characters who don’t just need to be protected. They fight. They can and will kick your ass. For once, April is sassy and stubborn as nails.
  • Leonardo fucking fanboys over a show that is a clear spoof of Star Trek, including quoting direct lines, taking inspiration from it, and watching reruns.
  • They actually act like teenagers instead of grown men-turtle mutants. It’s refreshing.
  • Mikey. He’s a reason all by himself. He shouldn’t be allowed to be this adorable.
  • They also watch a TV show that is badly dubbed anime. Casey Jones even comments on this in one episode.
  • THERE IS A LARP EPISODE. I shit you not. Complete with a Dungeons and Dragons game, Lord of the Rings references, a Labyrinth reference, and more.
  • Did I mention the show is jam-packed with references in general?
  • The fourth wall is broken in canon.
  • Gratuitous Japanese, particularly from Splinter.
  • Memorable characters, even some of the lesser ones. Many of which make surprising re-appearances.
  • Lots of action, but it never gets to the point of being too serious or too focused on nothing but the fighting.
  • Donatello’s geeky tangents. He’s adorkable in general.
  • Raphael being so tsundere it hurts. Also, a Jerk With A Heart of Gold.
  • Appreciates familial and friendship relationships as strong bonds and very much in focus throughout the series.
  • Donatello’s obvious crush on April and the way his brothers make fun of it.
  • Casey Jones is likable. No, I’m serious. And his bro relationship with Raph is amazing.
  • Lots of interesting themes and morals, including sentimentality and mercy being a strength rather than a weakness.
  • Ice cream kitty.
  • Good writing. Very entertaining. Suspenseful. Heartwarming. And cliffhangers will leave you wanting more.
  • Fine, here’s the Tropes Page, too. Enjoy.