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It Started Off As A Kiss

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Glenn imagine where he is your older brother and he walks in on you and Carl getting “spicy” (if you know what I mean) and he give you the ‘talk’ after he gets you away from Carl. I hope I used spicy right.


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It started out as a kiss how did it end up like this? You and Carl had been sitting on the floor of this room reading comics for a we hours. Your legs ached from sitting on them for so long, so you decided to stand up. Carl stays on the floor, paying you no attention while you make numerous tries to get his attention; shooting him looks, trying to take his book, waving at him to get his attention. Nada. So, you did the next thing you knew would make him pay attention to you.

You grab Carl’s book and move it so that you can sit on his lap. Your lips connect with his and slowly things begin to get a little more heated. Carl has you on his bed, him standing between your legs, and hands wandering. Neither of you hear the footsteps beginning down the hall until it’s too late.

“What do you think you two are doing?” a familiar voice rings out. Carl jumps back, throwing his hands in the air. You stay on the bed because you know there is no way to make it look like what it was.

Glenn stands in the doorway looking between you and Carl. Back and forth and back and forth until you can’t take it anymore.

“Glenn…” You start off strong, but don’t know where to take it. Glenn is your older brother, honestly, you’re surprised that he hasn’t killed Carl yet. He knew about the two of you starting to date, but this is new.

“Don’t say anything, Y/n. Carl, I’ll talk to Rick and he’ll talk to you.” You close your eyes, imagining the embarrassment next time you see Rick or Michonne because he’ll probably tell her. Oh, this is going to be awful for the both of you.

Carl leaves the room, even though it’s his own, to let you and Glenn talk. If you had it your way, you’d already have been half way over Alexandra’s walls for a nice midday stroll just so you didn’t have to talk to Glenn about this, but things don’t usually go your way.

“Y/n,” Glenn starts, “I was really hoping to not have this conversation with you, but here it goes.” You cringe as Glenn starts off on the talk that your dad or mom should be giving you, not your big brother. Everything he tells you, you already know. You’re a teenager and even though it’s the apocalypse you still find stuff out. There are still books that aren’t so innocent you’ve managed to sneak into Alexandria.

“You finished?” you ask. Glenn nods, letting himself out of the room quickly. Before anybody else can come in or say something, you dart out of the room and go to find Carl who is sitting outside on the porch. “Your dad…?”

“No, Glenn’s talking to him now.” You wince, sitting down next to him. “Sorry.”

“Well, I’m not.”

You punch him on the shoulder lightly before resting your head on him.

“Yeah, neither am I.”

NCT’s reaction to catching you touching yourself

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Taeil: “I guess I’ll have to put you back in your place.” Taeil knows how to conquer you. He makes sure you know what you should do and not to disobey him again with his confidence.

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Hansol: Hansol will start getting more demanding. “You have a lot more work ahead of you.” Almost as if he controls your every movement. He makes sure that you won’t decide to touch yourself without permission again.

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Johnny: He starts to get rebellious. “I guess you don’t need me anymore.” He will constantly tease you, but never go further. Until you start following his rules he will ignore your needs and only tend to his own. “You can decide when you will listen again…”

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Yuta: Yuta will start to challenge you. He will make you go over the edge until you don’t want to touch yourself anymore. You will regret not listening to him in the first place. “Let’s see if you still want to touch yourself without me after this.”

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Doyoung: At first he will be stubborn and won’t talk to you. After a while he will see that this was something you were bound to do sooner or later. Paying more attention to what the two of you will do in the future he chooses not to hold it against you. “Maybe we can talk about this later…”

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Taeyong: He can’t find it in himself to hold it against you. “Let me take care of it next time.. I don’t want you doing it alone anymore.” Despite everything he goes easy on you. Knowing that sometimes you need to do it on your own.

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Ten: Ten would be very open to it. “Why don’t I watch you next time?” He will think of things he can do to you next time. Maybe even just watching you to see how much more you would prefer his own hands on your body.

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Jaehyun: Jaehyun would work hard so that you never felt like you had to touch yourself alone. You would start to rely on his touch rather than your own. In many cases he would find new ways to pleasure you without penalizing you. What is the fun in that?

Post-Game Karezi

It feels weird to not have the letters “AU” in this title, but this is post-game, set after the end. (Oh God. The end. I’m still trying to process the fact that Homestuck is officially over, even if Hussie did say there will most likely be an epilogue.) So, in essence, if you haven’t finished Homestuck in its entirety then this will have some spoilers.

But here is my highly self-indulgent Karezi. If I end up doing more to this, I’ll actually edit what I’ve written and proceed to put this up on Archive of Our Own just for simplicity’s sake.

For the moment though, have this. It’s the first full-story I’ve written in a few weeks and the first Karezi thing from Terezi’s second person POV for a while. (which means pls have some mercy on me)

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