or even seeing him cross the street

I don't speak Spanish either.

So, this happened several years ago. My boyfriend and I had been in a long-distance relationship for a long time, and we would see each other maybe twice a year. This was during one of my month-long visits to him over the summer.

We’d decided we wanted to go to one of the nearby malls, and had to take two separate buses to get there. Him living in SoCal, it was fucking scorching; it was probably around 100F. For a “delicate” NorCal girl like me, that feels like death.

We’d gotten off the first bus and were walking to another stop a couple of blocks down to catch the next one. We’re stopped at a corner of a particularly long street, waiting for the light to change so we can cross, and there’s group of three girls behind us. We’re not paying them much mind at first, until I hear one of them go “No, I don’t want to ask them! I don’t even speak Spanish! How am I supposed to talk to them?”

This is where it’s important to note that my boyfriend and I are both of Salvadorian descent, and therefore pretty obviously brown. However, my Spanish is incredibly poor [that’s a whole different story], and I really hate it when people assume that I don’t speak English. It’s rude. But whatever. I guess it happens. It’s what happens next that ticks me off. An attempted whisper: “Look, just ask the girl. Fat girls are always nice.”

Okay. Fine. Not worth my fucking time. I’m not even gonna say anything because it’s hot and who wants to deal with this shit. But then from behind me I hear, awkwardly, “Perdón?” I turn, and it’s one of the girls–surprisingly, one that also looks latina. She sounded like the one who’d claimed not to speak Spanish.


She looked a bit surprised, and relieved that I spoke unaccented English. “We were wondering if you could tell us how to get to _____?” Some location. I was the wrong person to ask.

“Sorry, I’m not from around here. You’ll have to ask him.” I gestured to my boyfriend. Again, I’m from NorCal, so I had no idea where anything was down there.

The girl turned to him hesitantly, asked him, and my boyfriend, being friendly, gave them directions. Turns out it was straight down the long street we were on. The girls took off without even thanking us, and the light changed so we finally crossed the street and waited for us bus.

The bus shows up maybe ten or so minutes later, and we’re relieved to be out of that god-awful San Fernando Valley heat. The bus takes us down the long stretch of road, and I see the girls from before trudging down the sidewalk under the merciless SoCal sun.

“I told them that it was right down the street,” my boyfriend says. “I never told them the bus goes there.”

The Ichigo Kurosaki Defense Squad

I have a bone to pick with Late Canon Ichigo. 

He sucks. He’s generic and lame. Everything that made him an amazing, interesting protagonist was gone by the end. Prepare yourselves for meta.

Early Canon Ichigo is a soft soft boy whose physical appearance invites trouble. He brings FLOWERS to a ghost every week. He probably helps old ladies cross streets. He probably bakes.

His heart is broken because he couldn’t protect his mother and so he spends the rest of his life trying to make up for that. With everyone. He is SO GRATEFUL to Rukia and even Urahara for giving him the opportunity to do it. He sees storming soul society and stopping her execution as an equivalent, that he’s paying her back for the deed of giving him power and teaching him how to use it.

He’s so friendly. How friendly is he? Even though he literally almost killed like half the people in SS, they’re all still his buds and they visit him in the living world.

He’s also a little shit. He’s a troll. His entire relationship with Ishida is based on this. He’s a sarcastic little shit who uses his words first.

Speaking of: This dork loves poetry. Look at all his damn flowery speeches. I would bet serious money that he has a journal that he jots that shit down in.

This sap has so many quotes about destiny and “The power I gained was for her sake” “How can I keep up with the spee d of the woRlD without Y O U IN IT” Somebody stop me.

He’s in touch with his feelings. He’s not afraid to care about others.

He’s also a Drama Queen. He does things specifically to be Extra and Dramatique. He didn’t need to show up on the Sogyoku in a flowy cape, blotting out the sun and spouting a sassy quip.

You cannot convince me that the pod person we see by the end is the same sweet boy.

Protect him.

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Can I request an imagine with RFA + Saeran with a very short MC? Probably like 4'10-5'0 ft. This could be NSFW but doesn't have to be! :) thanks!

Anonymous said:

Hello there ^^ I would like to please request the RFA reacting to meeting the MC for the first time, but she’s a lot shorter than they expected. I wonder what that would be like since I’m 4'11 (about 150cm) and almost 20, so I feel like I look younger than I actually am T^T Thank you!

ok bUT CAN YOU BELIEVE WE’VE DONE HUNDREDS OF REQUESTS BUT NOT SHORT MC?? I swear most blogs have it, especially one that’s been around for a while like us;; I can’t believe it myself. Anyway, this will be SFW.

I made it more like mini-fics than a reaction because I can’t imagine anything other than, well, surprise and coming to terms with it. I’m sure you guys have read tons of short MC headcanons elsewhere already ahaha ^^

(Note: let’s assume MC has passed the age of puberty, otherwise being short before the end of puberty isn’t too surprising, you know?)


Request Killing: 7/30

Reactions to a Short MC


  • Out of everyone else in the RFA, he’d be the most mature and least judgmental about this, surprisingly
  • Honestly, he’d just be so excited to even meet you, he wouldn’t care how tall or short you were, or how you looked at all
  • Doesn’t even realize that you’re short until Seven starts making jokes about it
  • Yoosung would defend you first before looking at you more carefully and realizing that you were shorter than the average person your age, but he still wouldn’t care
  • “Don’t worry too much about it,” he comforts you, flashing a cheerful smile. “Being short isn’t a bad thing!”
  • Gets angry for you every time someone makes a comment about your height
  • Never teases you
  • Sure, sometimes it was difficult to find you in a crowd, but that gave him an excuse to hold your hand
  • He also loved getting things for you whenever you couldn’t reach
  • He just enjoys your company and treats you with respect regardless—just because you’re short, it would never mean he should respect you any less. At least, that’s what Yoosung believes


  • With him being as tall as he is, he thought he would be able to spot you in the crowds immediately at the party
  • Apparently he was wrong. He swore he’d be able to recognize you even though he’d never seen you before, and yet it’s been an hour since the party officially began and he hadn’t seen anyone that reminded him of you
  • And then he’d feel a poke on his back and turn around to find… no one
  • Huh?
  • You tugged at his sleeve, making him look down. Oh.
  • Though he hadn’t been the one to find you, he did recognize you immediately, and a big smile stretched across his face. “MC!” he exclaimed in glee, reaching his arms out to hug you—only to realize he wouldn’t be able to reach you unless he lowered them
  • Well… He was nearly an entire foot taller than you, after all.
  • Doesn’t understand why he feels a wave of pride rushing through him when he realizes how adorably short you are
  • But he loves it.
  • Uses you as a head rest, his arms hanging loosely around your shoulders
  • Asks to compare your hand and feet sizes, even though he knows he’s bigger than you in every way
  • Jokingly flirts as your hands are pressed together for comparison, “If you were a little taller, this could’ve been that much more romantic… I would’ve been able to put my forehead against yours, you know~?”
  • Loves teasing you about your height because you flash him an adorable attempt of a scary look every time
  • But he hates when someone else makes jokes about your short stature, and defends you every time


  • At first, she didn’t think that short person awkwardly trying to catch her attention in a subtle way was “MC” but realized that it really was you when you introduced yourself
  • Extremely surprised that you’re shorter than her
  • She thought she was short already (especially since she was surrounded by the tall RFA men, but Jaehee is actually average height)
  • She feels like she’s your older sister
  • Tempted to tease you, and beams innocently as she gives into the temptation
  • “MC~ Can you help me get this, please~? I can’t seem to reach it,” she said, pointing to something on a shelf that she could clearly reach if she stretched her hand
  • Would be taken aback when you basically climbed the shelf and returned with the item in hand, acting nonchalant about it
  • After the initial high of teasing you was over, she’d just talk to you like normal
  • But every now and then she’d find herself smiling because you look adorable and she can’t help but fawn over tiny things
  • Uh, not that she would say you’re tiny, of course…


  • He doesn’t hold himself back from squeezing you into a hug the first moment he sees you
  • Seven had already seen how you looked in the photos he’d found when he researched about you, but seeing you with his own two eyes made him realize just how short you really were
  • A goofy grin was on his face as he spun you around in his arms
  • “Why didn’t you tell me you were so cute and cuddly~?” he asked, pouting as he continued to hold onto you. Seriously, he had no qualms about being so touchy despite having only just met you
  • You’d stick your tongue out at him for calling you cute—gosh, you weren’t a little kid!
  • But he’d continue to treat you like one, even after the party. You would’ve thought the hype about your short height would’ve worn off soon, but it didn’t.
  • He’d use you as an arm rest
  • Lifts you up and spins you randomly
  • Tells you to look both ways when crossing the street, every time, saying that other people wouldn’t be able to see you because you were so short
  • Uses you as a teddy bear, cuddling you every chance he got. (But always ‘just friends’ though, according to him)
  • Pretends to forget your age all the time and asks when your 7th birthday will be
  • Teases you so much, you almost regret ever going to that party…
  • The next time you meet up with him, you were definitely wearing heels. It wouldn’t increase your height all too much, but it sure would let you stomp on his toes. Maybe then he’d fall down in pain. Who’s short now, huh?


  • He couldn’t help but worry about you the entire time at the party, nervously following you everywhere
  • Eventually, you’d be fed up that he just kept following you and not saying anything
  • He didn’t answer when you demanded why, averting your eyes as he thought to himself that you were short like a kid, and he wasn’t sure if he could trust you by yourself… There were so many people at the party, who knows when someone could bump into you?
  • And as you stood there, arms crossed, waiting for his response, that was exactly what happened.
  • A lady knocked into you by accident, causing you to trip and fall into V’s arms
  • It was then that he noticed just how short you were, because he couldn’t help but compare your height to his own
  • Before he knew it, the words had left his lips, “So much shorter than I thought…”
  • He hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but when you whacked at his arm, he realized his mistake
  • Feels guilty for insulting you and stays far away for the rest of the party
  • Over time he’d get used to it
  • Would pet your hair a lot
  • Looks out for you as if you were his younger sibling
  • Hugs you as a greeting, but always ends up lifting you off the ground by accident
  • Apologizes profusely every time
  • But he never learns from his mistake honestly
  • At least he treats you to a drink after, which you liked because you could spend time getting to know this mysterious man better :)


  • “Are you lost, miss?”
  • That was what Jumin had asked when he first saw you at the party, only to realize that you’re the MC he always talked to in the chatroom
  • His eyes widen slightly as he realizes that you’re much shorter than he imagined
  • He did expect a height difference since women were normally shorter than men, but he had expected you to be around Jaehee’s height
  • Still, he didn’t comment about it, instead greeting you with a professional smile as he asked how the party was
  • You roll your eyes at his formality, telling him to drop the act since you were friends, after all
  • Jumin would have trouble stopping himself from glancing at you constantly, still focused on your height
  • Also worried that he’d lose sight of you
  • Questions your age over and over, even though the answer doesn’t change
  • Until he asked for the 60th time and you dryly reply that you were a few centuries old and shrinking. “Happy now?” you sigh
  • It was then that Jumin realizes his rudeness, and smiles sheepishly
  • He puts an arm around you so that he doesn’t have to keep looking at you to make sure you weren’t lost, holding on tightly
  • But then he feels a strong tug on the tail of his tuxedo, and he turns to face you, only to realize that his arm was around your neck
  • “…Oh. My bad. I thought that was your waist.”


  • He had been hiding out near the bathrooms (where hardly anyone passed through), waiting for you to pass by so he could take you away
  • Well, he was lucky that you’d been dared to drink as much as you could tonight (Seven had been teasing your alcohol tolerance because of your height, saying you couldn’t possibly hold your alcohol with such a stature…)
  • You were running to the bathroom, trying to make it to the toilet to throw up, because… well… you’d had waaaay more drinks than your body could handle
  • Unfortunately, Saeran hadn’t been aware of this.
  • I say “unfortunately” because he wouldn’t have grabbed you so quickly, had he known. And then you wouldn’t have vomited all over him.
  • SHIT!” he swore, wrinkling his nose at the stench. But a job was a job, and he had to escape quickly before anyone noticed you were missing. So, out the window he went, leaving behind a trail of bile. This was probably the most disgusting (and obvious, honestly… someone’s going to notice the vomit and lack of its culprit) kidnappings Saeran has done in a while.  
  • He was still surprised that you were so short, though, as he carried you. He laid you gently in the back of the car, and you fit just perfectly thanks to your height. He bit back a smile, finding it amusing. Then he proceeded to drive all the way back to headquarters.
  • Although he had been ordered to take you to the Saviour immediately upon returning with MC captured, he couldn’t help but feel intrigued by you… so he decided to lie down beside you, even though he wasn’t supposed to.
  • He held you in his arms, relishing the feeling of your body against his own, secretly comparing how much shorter you were in comparison to him.
  • He gently lifted your hand, smiling at how much smaller yours looked when he held it. You were so much shorter and smaller up close, appearing so innocent… 
  • And Saeran couldn’t help but relax while holding you like this, gradually drifting off to sleep.
  • Well, he would only have this night with you, after all. He felt a bit regretful, but he knew he couldn’t go against the Saviour’s desires… whatever her intentions would turn out to be.
Cross My Heart

Title: Cross My Heart (Soldier!Dean AU)

Summary: Dean Winchester is a man who’s been to war and back, a man that’s lost loved ones and has seen too much to believe in love or fate or destiny. But when he meets a girl that radiates kindness and warmth, one that’s ready to love his shadowy corners and accept him for the man he really is, he begins to change his mind. And, when she shows him the darkness in her light, he promises himself that, no matter how hard things get, he’ll never let go of her. Because, he realizes, he loves her. And that is the beginning and end of everything

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Mary and John Winchester (both mentioned), Benny Laffite, Sam Winchester

Word count: 7026 (I know, I know it’s a monster fic, but I promise, it’s worth it)

Warnings: Fluff. Angst. Some language. Implied smut. Death of a parent. Loss. Mentions of blood and of the warzone (nothing too graphic). Bad marital relationship (not Dean associated). Domestic Dean Bean (yup, this should be a warning)  

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @jpadjackles Double Birthday Challenge. My sweet B, thank you for letting me participate. I had the time of my life writing this and I can promise you, it ended up being a fic very close to my heart.

Special thank you to my twin @ravengirl94 for answering my stupid questions about the US Army, and being such an amazing best friend and beta. Without her, this story would have never been posted.

My prompt for this was Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg.(I am not American so every detail about the US Army in this fic is the result of research. If there’s a mistake in it, I apologize in advance.)

And, without further ado. Enjoy <3

The first time Dean sees her it’s on his mother’s birthday.

It’s a sunny day, sky a soft shade of blue, summer slowly creeping its way into his life and, even though he’s not sure of a lot of things, he somehow knows she would have loved this day.

He can almost see her, standing in the middle of their garden, sundress blowing with the wind, a smile gracing her lips while he’s whining because there’s no pie, and it’s all so tangible, so real, that he thinks he can reach out and touch her.

Her image disappears as soon as it’d appeared though, and he’s back in the middle of a crowded street, on his way home from training, all alone, with no plans for the day and no mum to celebrate with because his mother’s gone and nothing can bring her back.

The thought pulls at his heartstrings and he can feel it again, that sickening sensation of missing someone so much that all of his body cells are aching for her and he curses under his breath, already loathing the day.

And then she catches his eye.

She’s just sitting there, at the bay window of the old coffee shop that always seems to have some jazz melody pouring out of it, nose buried in a book.

She’s beautiful, he can tell that much, but what really stuns him is the way she’s holding the dog-eared book, fingers grazing the paper gently like it’s soft skin, eyes skimming the pages as she bits her bottom lip, a wrinkle in her brow. It’s been a while since Dean has seen someone so engrossed into something and he loses track of time, forgets that he’s burning holes on her until she looks up and her eyes meet his through the window.

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Mr. Barnes (Part 1 out of ?)

(A/N): Here’s that mafia AU you guys! 

Summary: Living in 1940′s Brooklyn as a crime lord is all fun and games until someone falls in love

Warnings: for now just swearing and brief mentions of torture

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   Bucky huffed on his cigarette as he walked down the empty streets of Brooklyn, a crooked little smile upon his face as his dress shoes clacked against the pavement. He’d had a business meeting only a few hours before but his newer- partner- had taken a little more negotiating than others. 

   “Good evening officer,” Bucky smirked as he tucked his bloodied fist into a handkerchief, hiding the already scabbing wounds. The officer gave him a polite smile and gently tip of his hat as he walked down on the road, attempting to hide the way he nearly quaked in his shoes as he walked off. Bucky chuckled dryly as he puffed a little bit of smoke into the air, watching it curl up beautifully only to dissipate a few moments later. With a gentle sigh Bucky continued on his way, bypassing half the slums of Brooklyn and slowly, nearly leisurely, made his way to the nicer, bigger houses in the Brooklyn area. 

   The lights to his house were on and a figure stood in the doorway, their arms folded over their chest as the looked out into the road with no doubt that distasteful eye of theirs. 

   “Dot,” Bucky smiled as he made his way up the steps to his home, kissing his girlfriend on the cheek. “Hiya babydoll,” 

   “You’re late,” She sighed, tucking a red curl behind her ear. Bucky gave her a gentle smile as he flicked his nearly burnt cigarette into their rose bushes. 

   “Business ran a little later than usual, seems like old Danny won’t be able to sell secrets for a bit,”  Dot smiled, a twisted little thing as she got up on her tiptoes to press a kiss to Bucky’s lips. 

   “You cut out his tongue, didn’t’cha?” She asks with an almost morbid curiosity. Bucky smiled as he pressed another kiss to her cherry painted lips, letting her sweet taste fill his mouth. 

   “Mh, It was only fair, was it not?” Dot smiled even more, her hands sliding up to grasp at Bucky’s blood stained tie. 

   “Such a dirty boy Mr. Barnes,” She chuckled in an almost sultry tone. 

   “You know it,” Bucky gave her a little wink as he stepped away from her, waltzing into his warm kitchen. “Ah, doll, you made me dinner?” 

   “ ‘Course I did Baby, I even warmed it up for ya,” Bucky turned to Dot with a mock fond smile, an almost coo falling from his lips. 

   “You’re so good to me Dot, what would I do without’cha?” Dot smiled, an almost girly chuckle falling from her lips as her cheeks dusted a light pink. 

   “I suppose starve, you don’t ever seem to have the time to stop and eat,” Bucky smiled, turning back to look at the food with an almost ravenous look. 

   “Of course I would,’ 

    (Y/N) walked down the street, their jacket pulled around their freezing form tightly as they breathed in and out shallowly. Damn, they hated their stupid asthma and they hated stupid winter. With a wheezing little breath (Y/N) turned a corner, marching right out onto main street. (Y/N) eyed the little bakery just down the block, it’s soft lights an invitation to get out of the cold, an invitation (Y/N) would accept. With a smile (Y/N) walked as briskly as they could to the shop, pulling open the old wooden door. 

   “(Y/N),” Mrs. Rogers, the baker, smiled out at (Y/N) with bright eyes and rosy cheeks. “I was wondering when you were going to stop by today,” 

   “Sorry,” (Y/N) gives her an apologetic little smile as they remove their mittens and hat. “Asthma’s been acting up and I got here as fast as my horrible lungs could carry me,” Mrs. Rogers gave them a sympathetic smile as they browsed over the baked goods, their fingertips gently reaching out to brush along the glass. “How’s Mr. Rogers doing?” (Y/N) poked their head up from the case just long enough to give Sarah a look before ducking back down again to look at the cookies, cakes, and breads. 

   “He’s just fine deary, thank you for asking,” 

   “And what about-” The name catches in (Y/N)’s throat, as though stuck by some invisible force. “What about Steve?” Mrs. Rogers sighs, her bright eyes losing their shine. 

   “I don’t know (Y/N), he’s hardly ever visiting, he doesn’t ever write to us, we only ever see him on the streets smoking with some hooligans.” 

   “I’m sorry,” Is all (Y/N) could provide, their tone coming across as sympathetic. “It happens to the best of them,” 

   “These….these gangs are dangerous aren’t they?” (Y/N)’s head perks up again, a look of remorse crossing their winter touched features. 

   “Yes Mrs. Rogers, very dangerous,’ Sarah sighs, hanging her head in shame. 

   “That boy is going to be the death of me…” A brief look of pain crossed her features before she was suddenly perking back up again, her cheery smile returning (even if it was a bit more plastic this time). “Well, what are you going to be having sweetie?” (Y/N) gave her a small smile as they point to a loaf of bread, the steam still slowly rising from it. With a smile Sarah retrieves the loaf, placing it in a small bag for (Y/N) to take home. 

   “Tell your mother to come visit sometime, god knows she needs to get out of that house every so often,” (Y/N) chuckled as they placed a few coins on Sarah’s nearly pristine counter top before they reached over and grabbed the still steaming loaf of bread. 

   “I’ll be sure to, I’m sure she’d love to catch up,” 

   “And mind that asthma of yours! I don’t want you dropping dead on me!” Sarah calls after (Y/N) as they exit the shop with a wave, a small smile plastered on their dusted cheeks. Sarah smiles as she places the money in the register, listening to the satisfying little chime that issued when she dropped the coins in. Her thoughts drifted to (Y/N), of poor sickly, stubborn (Y/N). God bless their soul she loved them, but in this world, with their ailments she doubted they’d last very long. And oh how right she’d been…

    Bucky walked through the freezing streets of Brooklyn with a lighter in his hand, his thumb flicking over the tiny flame over and over again, almost tempting fate to burn him but he knew it wouldn’t, even fate was scared of Mr. Barnes. With a little satisfied smirk Bucky flicked the cap closed and placed the lighter back in his pocket, right next to his Brazilian imported cigarettes. His eyes linger on the small rounded material as he turns a corner, his feet carrying him down the familiar main street but suddenly his freshly polished shoes are colliding with some force, another person to be exact. 

   Bucky grunts a bit as he grabs onto whoever he bumped into, gripping them to steady not only himself but them as well. 

   “Sorry there kid, I didn’t even see you there-” Bucky’s sentence trails off as he looks up, his blue gaze connecting with one of the most gorgeous faces he’d seen in his life. Their eyes were brimming with tears, no doubt due to the harsh air, their cheeks and nose were dusted an almost innocent pink color, and their outfit, albeit old and shabby, complimented their rather sweet look very well. 

   “I’m sorry,” They whisper, their voice rather hoarse. “I wasn’t looking were I was going and-” 

   “It’s a-okay kid,” Bucky gives them a gentle smile as he dusts off their shoulders. “Nobody got hurt,” 

   “Well uh- thanks for sparing me a lecture about being mindful,” (Y/N) smiles sheepishly, their face suddenly contorting with pain as they turn their head to the side and cough up a raging fit. If Bucky didn’t know any better he’d say they were dying, hacking their lungs right up into the crease of their arm but suddenly the fit ends and they look at him again, giving him a sheepish smile. “Sorry,” (Y/N) whispers, their voice even more hoarse than before. “Um, thanks again though Mr…?” They trail off, waiting for Bucky to supply them with an answer. Bucky chuckled a bit, shaking his head in almost amusement. Oh, this was always his favorite part, telling someone his name and watching the life and color drain from their face, watching the way their eyes would dim and their smiles would fall. 

   “I’m Bucky. Bucky Barnes, and you are?” (Y/N) suddenly gulps, their eyes widening just enough to let Bucky know that they recognized his name. 

   Bucky Barnes- mobster and leading crime lord of Brooklyn 1944

sweet creature


after being overseas for six years, bucky is struggling to adjust. being home after an honorable discharge isn’t as easy as the movies make it seem, but could you and your child be the key to bucky’s happiness?

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: ~10K 

warnings: angst, children, mentions of abandonment, nightmares, mentions of PTSD, mentions of guilt, mostly fluff, happy ending

a/n: this is for @bionic-buckyb‘s 5K AU writing challenge. my prompt was number 18 (“I’m such an idiot. I made the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”), and i may have gone a bit overboard (like way overboard) but. oh well. i hope you guys like it! 

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Monsta X as neighbors


•  rolls in on his scooter at like 2 in the morning every night, probably always waking you up
•  you’d think he was all badass, going to parties and staying out and everything…but he babysits dogs when their owners are away
•  and he’d tell you that one morning when you found him trying to get in your apartment bc he mistook it for his “are you sleepwalking lmao”
•  probably offers to cook you breakfast on the weekends if you’re not busy
•  bonus if you actually had a dog, he’ll give you discount and you’d have the pleasure of watching him being all cute and kissy with your pup


•  has knocked at least 17 times on your door, asking if you had any Ramen
•  even if you’re like “no……same answer as the last 16 times” he’s still like “ok well I have some, wanna come over?”
•  but it’s so fun flirting with him tbh he’s hilarious plus he always has expensive ice cream in his fridge that he’s willing to share if you came over
•  one time you found him flirting with your other neighbor when you came down the stairs “gasp, we’re you just hitting on timothy…I thought we had something special”
•  has a new hairstyle every time you see him 


•  introduces himself on like the first day of moving in, with a box of cookies and the whole shebang
•  way too cheerful and loud in the mornings but his energy rubs off on you and you can’t help but smile when you pass him in the hallway or the elevator
•  offers to go jogging with you on weekday mornings and have a late brunch
•  sometimes he comes over without any warning and makes himself a cup of tea while you’re cooking
•  has all the latest gossip on everyone in the building/street so you’re always scandalized


•  you probably heard about him before you even met him
•  “oh my gosh I heard he’s such a player tho” “did u see him blowing kisses at my dog???” “He looks like the type of guy to pour his milk before the cereal” look he’s just a dork
•  you always see him carrying brown paper bags for his groceries
•  retro 70s/80s music can heard from his door every Monday morning but you should probably not ask
•  has way too many plants and cacti in his apartment…..if you’re ever lucky to get invited inside to see


•  people would think he’s some sort of celebrity when he moved in next to you
•  always wearing blacked out shades and long pea coat even when it’s like 90 degrees at night
•  won’t even spare you a glance unless you’re carrying a new issue of his favorite magazine or you just smelled really nice “is that the new dior?”
•  once you have the privilege to step inside his abode, it’s like yall are besties and he’s sharing his favorite non-gluten recipes with you
•  gives everyone a stank look if if they stepped on his ‘welcome, bitch’ mat with their dusty shoes


•  does he even have hair on his head, why he always wearing a snapback ??????
•  brings his homies over every other night and it’s so loud, you can see like 3 or 4 more people sneaking in his door every few minutes
•  when you decide to finally give him a piece of your mind,  he’s like “bro come turn up its lit!!!! I got jello shots :’)))”
•  yeah ngl his parties are always lit and he plays the best music plus no one has any complaints bc they’re always at his place anyway
•  friends with the local pizza shop and has free deliveries if the manager is invited


•  an upstanding citizen, you’ve even seen him helping old people cross the street and save a fat pigeon from being run over by some kid’s skateboard
•  usually has his face buried in a book when the elevator is crowded, but you can bet he’s listening on everyone’s conversations
•  one time you caught him looking at your texts with your friend and it was just full of memes
•  that’s when he introduced himself…..I mean he kinda had to bc he couldn’t stop snorting at your sense of humor
•  has like 10 stray cats and cool lizards in his place “please don’t tell the landowner, I just couldn’t help myself :(”

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I don't speak Spansh either.

So, this happened several years ago. My boyfriend and I had been in a long-distance relationship for a long time, and we would see each other maybe twice a year. This was during one of my month-long visits to him over the summer.

We’d decided we wanted to go to one of the nearby malls, and had to take two separate buses to get there. Him living in SoCal, it was fucking scorching; it was probably around 100F. For a “delicate” NorCal girl like me, that feels like death.

We’d gotten off the first bus and were walking to another stop a couple of blocks down to catch the next one. We’re stopped at a corner of a particularly long street, waiting for the light to change so we can cross, and there’s  group of three girls behind us. We’re not paying them much mind at first, until I hear one of them go “No, I don’t want to ask them! I don’t even speak Spanish! How am I supposed to talk to them?”

This is where it’s important to note that my boyfriend and I are both of Salvadorian descent, and therefore pretty obviously brown. However, my Spanish is incredibly poor [that’s a whole different story], and I really hate it when people assume that I don’t speak English. It’s rude. But whatever. I guess it happens. It’s what happens next that ticks me off. An attempted whisper: “Look, just ask the girl. Fat girls are always nice.”

Okay. Fine. Not worth my fucking time. I’m not even gonna say anything because it’s hot and who wants to deal with this shit. But then from behind me I hear, awkwardly, “Perdón?” I turn, and it’s one of the girls–surprisingly, one that also looks latina. She sounded like the one who’d claimed not to speak Spanish.


She looked a bit surprised, and relieved that I spoke unaccented English. “We were wondering if you could tell us how to get to _____?” Some location. I was the wrong person to ask.

“Sorry, I’m not from around here. You’ll have to ask him.” I gestured to my boyfriend. Again, I’m from NorCal, so I had no idea where anything was down there.

The girl turned to him hesitantly, asked him, and my boyfriend, being friendly, gave them directions. Turns out it was straight down the long street we were on. The girls took off without even thanking us, and the light changed so we finally crossed the street and waited for us bus.

The bus shows up maybe ten or so minutes later, and we’re relieved to be out of that god-awful San Fernando Valley heat. The bus takes us down the long stretch of road, and I see the girls from before trudging down the sidewalk under the merciless SoCal sun.

“I told them that it was right down the street,” my boyfriend says. “I never told them the bus goes there.”

TL;DR: Girl assumes boyfriend and I don’t speak English, her friend makes a rude comment about my weight thinking I won’t understand, boyfriend gives them directions to were they want to go but makes them walk in the hot sun instead of telling them the bus goes straight to their destination.

EDIT: The problem isn’t that they assumed I don’t speak English. The problem is that they called me fat and assumed I wouldn’t understand them. Also they didn’t even say thanks for the directions. Just walked away as soon as my boyfriend finished. Rude.

EDIT: “SouCal”

7th grade science (Zach Dempsey, 13 reasons)

Other than being on the badminton team to get out of having to take a gym class, you steered clear of sports. You hated the people, the double standards, and most importantly the fact that most of the school’s budget went to sports. You took part in theater and choir and dance and art and practically any visual/performing arts activity the school had to offer. By the end of your freshman year, you were helping out at the local elementary and middle schools that were putting on plays. Star basketball player, Zach Dempsey’s little sister was apart of play productions at her school.

After coming to one of her plays that you’d helped put on, you noticed Zach has made an effort to come over and speak with you. He seemed a little shy, but the two of you carried on a conversation perfectly fine. The week after that, you noticed Zach making an effort to talk to you every day. You didn’t think anything of it on the first day. Or the second. But things got suspicious after that. His friends started being nice to you. Justin started walking you to some of your classes, Sheri complimented your makeup. Marcus even offered to help you study. None of these people had really talked to you before. You stayed guarded. Your best friend had a history of dating jocks, but other than that, jocks had nothing to do with your personal life.

On this day, your best friend had gone home sick, the two of you didn’t drive, so you usually walked home together. With her absence, your earbuds became your friend for the walk home. You were still walking down the street in front of the school when you were jolted by a honk. You looked over to see a car driving by you slowly. The back seat held none other than Zach and Marcus. Justin filled the passenger seat, while Bryce drove.

“Need a lift home, Y/N?” You hear Bryce say, laughing under his breath. All the boys were staring at you, obviously waiting for an answer.

“Um, I’m fine, but thanks.” You went to put your earbud back in and continue on your walk.

“Got homework to do?” Justin asked. You swallowed. Not making direct eye contact with any of them.

"A lot, which is why I’m gonna get going.” You put the earbud in quickly this time. Walking off at a fast rate. They were, of course, in a car though, and you couldn’t exactly speed walk away from a car under most circumstances.

"We could get you there faster.” Marcus laughed. You could hear their various comments no matter how loud you played your music. Finally, you yanked both earbuds out.

"I’m really not trying to be a bitch. Really, I’m not. And I know none of you are used to hearing the word no. But there’s a first time for everything. No, I do not want to ride with you. I want to walk home, alone, listening to the music I want to listen to. I’ll see all of you at school tomorrow.”

You looked up at the sky, dark clouds were taking over, as well as winds. You, being in a short sleeve T shirt, crossed your arms over you chest and sped up, wanting to get home before the rain started. A minute later, you looked over and they were gone. You breathed a sigh of relief.

"Uh, Y/N?” You jump, startled once again. You look up to see Zach walking next to you. He grinned at you.

"I’ve been here for a solid minute, and you haven’t noticed. What is that you’re on, twitter?” You glared at him, walking even faster now.

"This could probably qualify as harassment. Where’d the car go?” You look around in the surrounding Parking lots and on the streets.

“I told them to go on without me. I wanted to talk to you.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, still looking at you.

"Yeah, okay.” You mumbled, staring at the ground. You suddenly felt drops on your arms and on your head. It was beginning to rain.

“Shit.” You found yourself mumbling again.

You walked faster, not wanting the papers in your backpack to be completely drenched. You soon realized that Zach was a lot faster than you and could keep up with you. And suddenly, you had his letterman jacket draped over you.

"I’m fine.” You grumbled. He simply chuckled.

“You’re soaked.” He corrected. You rolled your eyes.

"And now you will be to.” He was in a tight blue T shirt, his arms crossed like yours. He smiled at you.

"Better me than you.” You gave him a side eye glance. He wanted to play gentleman, did he?

"Since when do I exist to you?” You adjusted the jacket to where it covered your head.

“What are you talking about? We’ve been friends since elementary school.” You scoffed, pursing your lips.

"Aren’t we friends?” You could feel him looking at you. You walked faster, he knew you weren’t friends before this. He knew you hadn’t talked since you’d been paired up in seventh grade science for a project.

"Do you really think we qualify as friends, Zach? Do you really think that?” You looked up at him. He looked a little hurt, but maybe like he knew you were right.

"Look, I know we just started hanging out but-” you stopped abruptly, catching him off guard.

"Hanging out? You call you and your friends following me around for a week straight ‘hanging out’? I call it creepy.” His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. He hadn’t expected you to be so harsh and brash.

"I’m sorry okay? It’s just, my sister loved working with you so much and it just reminded me of some stuff.” He pushed his now sopping hair out of his face. You were a block away from your house, so you started walking again.

"Stuff being?” You persisted, though you walked ahead so you couldn’t see his reaction.

"It reminded me of why you’re the only girl I’ve ever really had a crush on.” You stopped. Sure, you were in front of your house, but you also couldn’t move. Zach Dempsey had a crush on you? Key word being had, but still.

"How? When? Where? W-” he cut you off this time. You were still in front of him but you heard him let out a sigh.

"Justin and them- they’re better than they seem. But they don’t get biology, or why I love it. Do you remember when we were paired up in Ms. Milton’s class in middle school for a project?” Zach looked at you. You opened the white picket fence that shut you away from your yard, walking inside the property.

"You can come in, Zach.” You held the fence open. He shuffled quickly inside. He looked surprised that you’d even invited him in. You walked up the path way and up to your porch, unlocking your front door.

"It’s not fancy like yours, but it’s home.” You held the door open for him once again and he walked inside, looking around.

"I’ll get you a towel.” You ran up the stairs, soon coming back down, handing him the towel. You gestured for him to follow you as you walked into the living room to sit on the couch. He sat next to you.

"What were you saying about Ms. Milton?” You didn’t want to let on that you knew exactly what had occurred in Ms. Milton’s class.

"Well- we were partners for a project. And- I let you pick the animal we’d do the project on. You picked whales. And I became so interested in sea life after that project. Now I wanna be a marine biologist. It all started in Ms. Milton’s.” He stared at you. He was serious. He’d been in love with you since the seventh grade.

"Yeah? Well you stopped talking to me in high school. I stopped mattering to any sports player once high school hit.” You didn’t make eye contact with him.

"Okay. Well, I thought I’d never have a chance as soon as I became a basketball player. But I’ve liked you so much- ever since middle school.” You looked up he was scratching the back of his neck.

"You do that when you get nervous.” You pointed out. He laughed a little.

"Oh yeah? When you’re anxious or nervous, you pick your nail polish off.” He was right. That was a nervous tick you had. Maybe he wasn’t such a liar after all.

"Listen, I’m sorry if the boys started to bombard you. They just- they hook up with a ton of girls and they were worried because I wasn’t into any girls they sent my way. When I finally told them about my.. thing for you, they went a bit nuts.”
You laughed a little. Justin and Marcus fucked anything that walked at parties. Bryce’s dad set it up so he could order strippers and prostitutes to come whenever he wanted. Zach was different from his friends. Everyone in the school knew it.

"Do you wanna stay for dinner Zach?” You blushed a little as you looked his way.

"Sure, but can I take you out for some food tomorrow night? Just us?”

You felt yourself blushing again. Defensive? Sure you were. But your heart was already fluttering at the idea of going to dinner with Zach Dempsey.

Stupid tapes (part 2)

requested? yes! (thank you for doing so!)

pairing: Zach x reader

Summary: Zach takes his girlfriend home from the party and tried to help her with what Bryce did to her

warnings: mention of rape i guess, dealing with the feeling of being raped

words: over 1.3k


masterlist | request

With Hannah’s death Zach knew things can get really bad pretty quickly. One day you see someone in the school hallway, the next day you find out they’re dead.

But it never even crossed his mind that, first of all, his girlfriend would break up with him and that the next day he would have to save her from Bryce.

Now he was driving them away from the party, from all the drubk people, from Bryce. It was late at night,  streets were mostly empty, lights turned off in the houses. Zach’s hands were tightly gripping the steering wheel, his eyes focused on the road ahead though every five seconds his eyes were going back to the girl sitting in the seat next to him. 

Y/N was sitting with her knees up, feet on the edge of her seat. She was hugging her legs, chin propped on her knees. She was practically drowning in Zach’s jacket. If it wasn’t for the fact that his scent calmed her down, she would’ve given it back to him. She inhaled deeply, her hand brushing through her hair, getting them away from her face. Y/N has stopped sobbing but had silent tears running down her already wet cheeks. Her mind was slightly less intoxicated now, yet the feeling of disgust was still present. 

She hasn’t even realised the car stopped until Zach quietly said “we’re here”. She furrowed her eyebrows, looking at the house they were stopped in front of, “I thought you were taking me home.”

He bit his lip feeling nervous, “I didn’t want you to be alone right now,” he told her truthfully. He only saw her nod her head before she undid the seatbelt.

Zach quickly got out of the car and went to the opposite side to help Y/N get out. She quietly followed him up to his door, it took him only a few seconds to unlock them and let her inside. 

“My parents are out of town and my sister is having a sleepover at her friend’s house so…,” he was glad noone was home, he hoped Y/N would feel more comfortable with just the two of them, without anyone asking any questions or giving them looks of worry.

They stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, both not really knowing what to do or say. 

Zach wanted so badly to take her into his arms and protect her from everything but he wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to touch her, so he did nothing. What he didn’t know was that Y/N did want him to do just that, but she also wanted to hide somewhere and don’t talk to anyone.

After a few seconds they eyes met, them looking into each other’s eyes, keeping the eye contact, trying to communicate without saying anything. 

Suddenly a sob break out from Y/N’s lips and she brought her hands to her mouth, trying to muffle the sounds. Within a second Zach was by her side, taking her much smaller body into his arms and hugging tightly, afraid she would collapse. His hand was gently moving up and down her back, his lips pressed to the top of her head, leaving small kisses. Zach had his eyes closed, he was breathing deeply, his heart breaking at the state of his, well, ex-girlfriend.

“Do you want to go upstairs and change?” his worlds were muffled by her hair and the sound of her crying but she pulled back and nodded, Zach’s hands cupping her cheeks and wiping off the tears from them with his thumbs. 

When they stepped into his room Y/N sat on the edge of his bed while Zach took out a T-shirt he knew Y/N loved to wear whenever she was spending the night at his house. She didn’t even need anything else, as the shirt almost reached her knees.

She would normally change with him in the room, but this time Zach opened the door to his own bathroom and left the clothes on the counter, next to the sink. 

“You can go and change in the bathroom-”

“Can I, uh, take a shower too? I feel kind of… dirty,” she didn’t look at him but kept her eyes on her hands, playing with her fingers.

“Yeah, you know where clean towels are,” he smiled sadly at her. 

Before she went into the bathroom she stopped in front of him, “can I leave the door open? I don’t want to be locked there.”

“Of course! Do you want me to, you know-”

“Please,” she finally looked up at him and this time he was the one to nod. Zach sat by the door, his back pressed against the wall as he watched Y/N taking a shower behind the almost see-through glass. 

But his mind wasn’t focused on her naked body, God, he wouldn’t even think about looking at her like in that moment. His mind was trying to understand how Bryce could even try to do something to her. He truly wanted to beat the shit out of him, not even caring if he would kill the guy. Zach didn’t even know what happened exactly, and he wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted to hear, but he had to ask Y/N about it. Nothing he prepared in his head seemed to be good enough to be said to the poor girl. 

He was brought back from his thoughts when the water stopped and when the glass door opened to reveal Y/N wrapped in a fluffy towel, some make-up sill left on her face. 

Zach stood up from where he was sitting on the floor and grabbed the t-shirt he prepared for her and helped her put it on.

“Zach?” with her broken and quiet voice she seemed even smaller than she already was.


“I, I can’t wash this off of me. I can still feel his hands on my body and his lips on my neck,” her voice was shaking and the hand she brought up to her neck scratched the side of it hardly, hoping the awful feeling would go away.

“It will go away, I promise. He will never touch you again, fuck, he will never even look at you after I’m done with him,” he didn’t know how else he could help her.

“You were friends, I don’t want to cause-”

“Don’t, don’t even say it. He never was my friend, and he will never be. You’re all that matters to me, alright?” he cupped her face once again, looking straight into her eyes, “I love you so much, I’m gonna do everything I can to protect you, okay?” she bit her lip when she felt her eyes watering again, nodding. “But I need to ask you about one thing first, is that alright?”

“He only kissed and touched me, nothing more,” she answered before he could even ask, Zach let out a sigh of relief, glad his girlfriend’s story wasn’t the same as Jessica’s.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get there earlier-” Y/N stood on her tippy toes and kissed his lips softly, her hands wrapping around his neck. 

“I just needed to know you’re really here,” she mumbled after she pulled away, “I wanted to feel your lips and not… his…”

“I will always be here, I love you, baby,” Zach had tears in his own eyes, finally letting them fall down. 

He pulled her closer to his body, arms securely wrapped around her, shielding her from the world. 

They then spent the whole night cuddling in Zach’s bed, not talking much but just letting Y/N know he will be there for her, whatever happens. 

And the next day, when he dropped Y/N off at her house, he made sure to have a small talk with Walker, breaking his nose even more.

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Kat, kat. U've read fma right? And you think edward is pretty right? (Say yes, please) Anyway, if you write fma, I want to be enabler. So, like. Maybe edwardxkakashi. Like, they could bond over their guilty feelings. And (my god. Why are they so pretty????) Stuff. Anyway, if u don't write fma xover, u can ignore this message. XD

I have read it, and I’ve actually written a couple f brief one-shots for it! Buuuut I’ve never thought of Kakashi/Ed before and nOW I WANT IT. 

So. Have a drabble. (Post-2013 anime, CoS!AU, because I adore Ed’s character design in that movie.)

Damn but Ed hates this place, with its stupid shitty weather and it’s stupid shitty prosthetics that can’t hold a candle to Winry’s automail, its constant wars and mercenary society when all he wants is a week without something exploding. Not to mention whatever ridiculous power system they use here that isn’t anything remotely like alchemy but manages to bring up pangs of familiarity every time Ed seems people do ridiculous things with it.

With a quiet grumble to himself, he hefts his groceries a little more firmly over his shoulder, trying not to smack anyone else, and turns towards the apartment he’s renting. The people here need shit fixed the same way anyone else does, and Ed’s managed to make something of a living. Teacher would drop-kick him in the face for using alchemy on most of it, but it gives Ed enough time to scour the library. The sharp-eyed librarian won’t let him into several of the sections—something about A-rank jutsus being restricted to civilians—and whatever Ed wants to say about the shinobi, they’re even better at sneaking than he is. No luck on that front so far, and nothing he’s found mentions crossing dimensions.

Ed is frustrated and his limbs hurt and he’s carrying thirty pounds of food because Al would give him a Look if he didn’t at least try to keep himself fed, so he can be excused for not seeing the asshole meandering down the street until he slams face-first into his uniform vest. There is, however, abso-fucking-lutely no excuse for the way the man lowers his book, blinks at Ed for a brief moment, and then says easily, “Ah, sorry, didn’t see you there.”

It’s been a long day. Ed’s gotten better at controlling his temper over the years, but something things are a bridge too fucking far. A vein in his temple throbs, and he steps forward with a snarl, stabbing a finger into the unnecessarily oversized idiot’s chest. “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU CALLING TOO SHORT TO SEE WITH A MICROSOPE, HUH? I’m perfectly normal-sized, you gigantic moron, so step the fuck off!”

There’s a long, long moment of silence. The silver-haired man stares at him, something kindling in his eyes, and as the haze of rage lifts slightly Ed realizes with a plummeting sensation that he recognizes it all too well. It’s the same one Colonel Bastard wore the first time Ed blew up at him about one of his shitty height jokes.

A shiver of foreboding slides down Ed’s spine, but he can’t retreat now.

“Maa,” the man drawls, all breezy bullshit and mock-innocence in his visible eye. He flips his book shut, eye crinkling in a friendly smile, and adds, “I apologized, you know? No need to be short with me.”

Oh fuck. Ed’s traded one smug asshole of a bastard for another, and this is one facet of equivalent exchange he definitely could have done without.

“Look, buddy,” he grits out, and pretends he isn’t testing the weight of the sack over his shoulder. He could probably brain someone with it, given enough effort. And Ed’s never been scared of a bit of hard work. “You’re just asking to get your face pounded in, here. Back off, or I’m going to—”

That’s definitely delight growing in the man’s face. “Ah, it’s so admirable when people don’t let certain vertical challenges get in the way of their—”

Fuck it, he’s dead. Ed swings his grocery bag like a club, sees the man dodge with almost insulting ease, and sweeps underneath it with a kick to take the bastard out at the knees. He hops over it, dodges the punch Ed throws at his ribs, and flips over a second kick with a truly unnecessary flourish and flip.

“You’ve had training,” the man says, beaming, and he flips his book open again.

Ed eyes the distance between them, wonders if it’s too low to try and take him on his blind side, and decides that Teacher would never forgive him if he didn’t at least make an attempt. “You could say that. None of the twisty shit you guys do, but I get by.”

The man makes a noise of feigned surprise. “Oh? For someone with your reach, that’s impressive.”

Ed pictures pounding his face into the pavement and tries to set him on fire with his mind.

“I,” he manages when he can unlock his jaw, “have a perfectly decent reach, you bastard.”

Another flicker of amusement that he looks down at his book to cover, and Ed moves.

As fast as if he were fighting Teacher, he throws himself forward, feels the man dodge by a hair’s breadth before he plants one hand on the ground, pivots, and kicks out hard. It’s the left leg, so he can’t feel the impact as more than a jolt, but he can hear the wheeze of air leaving the asshole’s lungs before he flickers out of the way. Ed lunges again, lets the flare of his coat cover his movement, and punches up in a haymaker—

There’s a puff of smoke, a pop, and the bastard reappears on the other side of the street, nose buried in his lurid orange book, an unmistakable smile on his masked face.

“Sorry to cut this meeting short,” he says blithely, ignoring Ed’s wordless sound of rage, “but my cute little students have been waiting for two hours already. How impolite of you to hold me up further.”

Maybe he has a good reason for being that late, but since he’s absolutely an asshole, Ed rather doubts it. “You should stop worrying about them and worry more about how I’m going to kick your ass,” he growls, shoving his sleeve up. Only the left one, because the right arm is too good a surprise to waste. “You and your stupid tallness and your stupid fucking face—”

“I’ll have you know my face is very popular,” the man says mildly. “There’s a bounty on it and everything. Ah, but you might have missed it—they usually put the Bingo Book on the top shelf, and the library only has so many ladders.”

Die!” Ed roars, and launches himself headfirst at the man, who vanishes in a swirl of leaves. A faint giggle drifts back from the end of the street, and Ed abandons his groceries to their sad, squashed fate in the street and bolts after the bastard, fully prepared to chase him across the entire village if that’s what it takes to finally pound his face in.

Show Me

This wasn’t requested, but I had been working on it for a while and just finished it!
It’s super angsty and long lol but hope you guys like it <3

Title: Show Me
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter, your ex-boyfriend, interrupts a date of yours for a petty reason and an argument ensues
Word Count: 1,608
Warnings: None I think
Tagged: @tmrhollandkay @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @melconnor2007 @mcheung0314

Your name: submit What is this?

            "No way!“ you exclaimed with a laugh. "That is hilarious.”

           Your date grins. “Yeah, well, my parents didn’t think it was that funny,” he replies. “I was grounded for months.”

           "Yikes,“ you replied, cringing. "Worth it?”

           Your date shrugs, a small smile on his face. You two had just finished going out to dinner and were walking back to his car. It had been a really great night so far, despite the concerns you harbored initially.

           When you get back to his car, your date holds the door open for you. But before you can sit down, you hear your name called across the parking lot. It’s a familiar voice that you didn’t want to hear right now.

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Itsy Bitsy

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  Peter Parker request: Can I have a oneshot where u already know he’s Spider-Man and u want him to admit it so u say things like “I don’t think he’s that great of a superhero” (something like that) so he can confess it (Does it make sense????)

A/n: Yes, it makes complete sense! Ah, oh my. If there’s one thing I am good at writing and doing, it’s pissing someone off >:D I’m sure Peter would get really annoyed to the point he confesses. Like…yes. Existential discourse is what I live for xD

Genre: Friendship, Romance, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, Fluff, Shenanigans, Crude Humor

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You couldn’t help but stare at Peter, an unimpressed look on your face. You were sitting with Peter in his room, studying the upcoming algebra test the two of you had. At least, you were supposed to be studying. It had soon turned into the two of you just talking about anything. Peter was talking, more like fangirling, about his Stark internship. You were trying to get him to admit that he was Spiderman. 

The way that you had found out was stupidly easy. All the times that Peter disappeared whenever something bad happened, and Spiderman would magically appear into thin air to save the day. The way Peter would get really flustered whenever you would mention the spandex-clad hero. You weren’t dumb or naive, and honestly were surprised no one else had noticed. 

So, you made it your goal to get Peter to confess that he was Spiderman. Although it sounded cruel, you just wanted him to admit it and get on with your life like nothing happened. You were stubborn, and certainly weren’t about to miss this opportunity. You wouldn’t admit it out loud, but a flustered and annoyed Peter Parker was a cute Peter Parker. 

So, that’s what you were doing now. Sitting at his desk while he sat on the bed, making jabs at the hero, almost laughing at how Peter’s face became a bit red with each jab. 

“You know, I don’t really think Spiderman is that great of a superhero. I mean, he wears a onesie for crying out loud.” 

If steam could shoot from his ears, Peter would have been a fucking steam engine. Peter replied, eyebrow almost twitching in annoyance. 

“It is not a onesie, (Y/n).” 

You smirked a bit, tilting your head a bit, an eyebrow quirking up. 

“Oh? Then what is it, Spiderman Expert?” 

Peter gave you a look. 


You had to laugh. His attempt to not seem all-knowing was feeble, but better than not trying to be subtle at all. 

“And exactly how do you know this, Peter?” 

His eyes widened for a moment, a look of ‘oh shit’ crossing his face before he stuttered out, looking down at his textbook. 

“I-I just..um, I assume it is? I mean. Spandex is easier to move around in, I guess. Not that I would know or anything…” 

“Peter Parker, are you admitting that you wear spandex?” 

His face turned red and you laughed, head thrown back. While completely unexpected, you guessed you should have seen it coming. Peter tried to save what dignity he had left, giving you a pointed look, though the blush on his face made it unbelievable. 

“No, I’m not. I would never wear spandex. At least, if I’m not playing a sport or something.” 

“Peter, you don’t play sports.” 


You snickered before continuing on your earlier comment. 

“But like I said. Spiderman isn’t really all that. I mean, what else can he do other than shoot webs and climb walls?” 

Peters ears became red as he argued. 

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe save lives and catch bad guys?” 

“But anybody can do that. Iron Man can do that. Captain America does that. Seriously, Peter. Come on.” 

Peter groaned out before letting his head fall back against the wall. 

“Yeah, but Spiderman is a really nice guy!” 

You snickered at his feeble attempts to save his dignity, saying in response. 

“So is Captain America. I heard Falcon was a pretty funny guy too.” 

“Yeah, but none of those guys even compare to me. I’m super nice. I help old ladies cross the street! I don’t see Mr. Stark doing that, or even Mr. Rogers!” 

Bingo. Peter froze a moment, his mouth agape and eyes wide as saucers. His eyes flicked over to you, your face smug as you gave him finger guns. 

“Bingo! Gotcha, Spiderman!” 

“No, no, no! I’m not…I’m not Spiderman! I was just acting! Ya know, defending him!” 

You laughed a bit before shaking your head. 

“Peter, I’m not an idiot. I knew all along, I was just trying to get you to admit it.” 

“But I’m not Spiderman! I swear!” 

You rolled your eyes before grabbing the web shooter that had been in your bag the whole time, waving it around in front of you. Peter audibly sucked in a breath, stuttering out. 

“Th-That’s just a fake! For…for the costume I’m making for ComicCon! It’s made with silly string and-” 

You cut him off by shooting the web at his textbook, yanking the textbook to your hand, your eyebrow quirked. Peter made a noise of dread before putting his hands to his face. 

“Oh no.” 

“Admit it, my spider dude. You’re Spiderman.” 

“Fine, fine. You want me to admit it? Fine. I’m Spiderman and I’m a pretty decent guy!” 

He gave you an annoyed look. 

“I actually can make really funny jokes and I can do things that Iron Man and Captain America can’t do and that’s help nice ladies across the street that give me churros afterwards!” 

You were laughing hard at the end of his little breakdown, his chest heaving with annoyance before he calmed a bit. You laughter made him smile a bit before he started laughing as well, shaking his head. Trying to breathe, you were able to say. 

“Oh my god. Peter, you are the best. I wasn’t being serious, you know that right? Spiderman is my favorite out of the Avengers.” 

Peter looked at you, his eyes shy and lips turned into a shy smile. 

“Wait, really?” 

“Of course, you idiot. I was just making jabs at Spiderman because I wanted you to admit you were Spiderman. Now that I know, you can have this back.” 

You took the web shooter off and threw it to him, Peter fumbling to catch it. He looked at you before saying seriously. 

“You cannot tell anybody, understand?” 

“Of course. Like I would tell anybody that my best friend in the whole wide world is my favorite superhero in the whole wide world.” 

Peter beamed at you before gesturing to his textbook in your lap. 

“We should really get back to studying, (Y/n).” 

“Aw, but I wanna hear your awesome war stories!” 

Peter chuckled before sighing, a gleam in his eyes as he asked you.

“Where do you want me to start first?”


Undercover love

Originally posted by celinet7

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Contains: Agent!Jungkook, Agent!reader, vulgar language, angst, smut(eventually), fluff, violence, death.  

Word count: 3470

Summary: Living as a top level secret agent can sometimes feel lonely and empty, but not when you have a fellow agent who constantly competes with you. Although he’s from another agency you’re both the best at what you do…hate each other. Both always sent on the same mission where you just can’t help but turn it into a competition. In order to have more chances at beating you, Jungkook sets out on his own mission to uncover your weaknesses, to spy on you. You very much hate him and he hates you…but that’s just what the both of you thought.

It was dark, very dark. There was barely anything to be seen as cold sweat ran down your forehead, swiping at it didn’t help. Your breathe hitching, here and there, as your hand was barely able to hold up the heavy object between your arm and waist. Your legs swiftly flying across the roof top of the building you had just retrieved the object from. A normal person would not believe their eyes if they had seen at which speed you were currently running.

You jumped across to the next roof top building as you glanced back to see if you were being followed. To your amusement it was that ‘idiotic arch nemesis’ of yours. With a smirk plastered on your face, you raised your free hand up to your forehead and proceeded to make the sign of an L. Doing this whenever you accomplished a mission before him has now become a tradition. The pure joy of calling him a loser was enough to drown the fact that it was the most immature and childish thing a person like you could do. Though it was dark, and you couldn’t see his face, you could feel his annoyance with the situation, “Works every time.”

You hopped over the ledge of the building and slid down the wall, landing perfectly onto the sidewalk in a crouched position. You dusted off your hand on your skin tight black leather pants, then proceeded to your car that was parked a good distance away from the scene of your now accomplished mission. You got in and placed the incredibly expensive artifact in the passenger’s seat, then drove off to return to your agency’s base.


“Ahhh, Agent Y/N! Welcome back, by the looks of it I can tell that the mission went quite smoothly?” Your information computer specialist, Namjoon, greeted you with a warm smile as he proceeded to take the artifact from your grip. “Have this returned to it’s rightful place as soon as possible.” Namjoon said with a smile while handing it to one of the agency workers. You moved over to the large screen that was normally where Namjoon would prepare and inform you on your next mission.

“He was there…again.” You sighed while balancing your head on your palm with your elbow placed onto the counter. Looking up with a pout on your face you caught Namjoon stifling a laugh while moving files and documents around on the screen.

“You think this is funny, don’t you?” You then decided to stand up straight so as to be taken more seriously. Namjoon turned around to face you, “I don’t know Y/N, I mean, it seems like fate to me. You’re always running into each other at missions, I don’t get why you two hate each other so much.”

Your arms were now tightly folded across your chest, you didn’t bother answering and just gave out a puff to show you are in no way ready to start this conversation with Namjoon again. He was always able to give reasonable points that you were never able to beat. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” and with that you waved and left the building. You were so ready to go home though, ‘Home…my empty, lonely home.’


“Alright, so what am I up for today?” You asked walking into Namjoon’s office, you dropped your duffel bag onto the chair, and walked over to the counter, where he was already standing at and swiping at the screen. Namjoon stood with his hand on his chin, “Well..” he started off, still with his eyes roaming the screen as if it were a landscape. Namjoon turned towards me, “Here.” He said while pointing at a portrait picture of a man, he seemed to be in his twenties, clearly bleached white hair, he was in fact quite handsome.

“He’s a very wanted assassin, he recently killed a high level lawyer. The lawyer whose name was Park Byeong-ho had a client he was working for before his death, none other than the infamous Hatsumi mafia leader, Dae Jung Lee. Now the line that connects this all together is that Dae Jung Lee somehow had a deal with Dragon that he failed to do. Being the mafia leader he is..he attempted to rip Dragon off, but lucky for him he was arrested before Dragon would’ve been able to get his revenge. This led to Dragon seeking revenge by eliminating the one person who could free Dae Jung from life imprisonment.”

“The Lawyer.” You said starting to realize where this story was going. “That’s correct, so your job is going to be to find out as much information about Dragon as you can. We currently do not have enough evidence to link him to the crime and many other crimes he has committed.” Namjoon placed his hand on your shoulder, “Y/N this agency is relying on you to get his ass the decree he deserves.”

“So I’ll be going undercover…I need my gear.” You walked out the office to the area that had all the equipment specially for you. You’re the top agent in your company and it’s only right to have your things separated from other agents’ equipment. You took some supplies and went back to the office to grab your duffel bag. “Good luck out there.” Namjoon smiled at you, you nodded your head as a reply, your serious mode currently switched on already.


Your plan was simple, a business woman doing her job. You watched as Dragon casually walked into the local coffee shop as if he weren’t an incredibly dangerous assassin. You waited a few minutes before going in as well, seeing him sitting on the far end of the shop, you decided to sit on the opposite side with your torso strategically facing him. You brought out your laptop and placed it on the small, rounded table. Since it was just a cover up, you began to type his features, behavior, whatever you noticed about him.

Subject ordered a plain black coffee, no sugar, no milk

No signs of unusual behavi-

Just as you were about to type the last two letters of the phrase, you heard someone walk in, and so you looked up, out of curiosity.

“Oh my god..” Sighing in annoyance you tried to look unfazed. Hopefully he won’t notice you in the tiny coffee shop, 'I’m screwed’ you thought to yourself. Unfortunately for you, the man came straight to your table and offered himself a seat.

“I feel like I should be surprised to see you here…but I’m not.” He said while watching you closely. You dare not give him the time of day, you barely payed any attention to him and focused on the task at hand. He leaned over the table just enough to make it seem as if he was studying your whole figure with utmost importance.

“What do you want?” Sighing in defeat, you knew he wasn’t going to leave anytime soon. You leaned back onto your chair and crossed your arms over your chest. He was obviously amused by the fact that he could get your attention. You watched as he gave you a smirk from delight, and you couldn’t help but notice how devilishly handsome he is, his clothes perfectly outlining his body, his biceps flexing as he shifted in his seat, his shoulders broad, you got a sudden shiver down your spine.

“Well, I think it’s safe to say that we don’t like each other. I’m here with a job to get done, but since we both are, I’d like to get to know the person I’m up against.” He held out his hand, “I’m Jeon Jungkook, agent 097, it’s a pleasure to take you down.” You reached out to shake his hand, you noticed how soft his palm was even though it looked incredibly strong. His long fingers wrapped around your hand, giving you goosebumps. Another reason to hate him even more.

You were so carried away by him that you failed to see Dragon leave. He was gone and it was all Jungkook’s fault. You quickly got up, “I’d appreciate if you don’t communicate with me, especially when I’m doing my job.” You slammed your laptop shut, stuffed it in your bag, and stomped out of the coffee shop, not even caring to look back. You couldn’t care less if Jungkook was offended, you didn’t need him disturbing you during a mission where even the slightest slip up could kill you.

“That bit-” Jungkook was furious, never has anyone disrespected him like that. “Excuse me sir, can I get you something?” The waitress had just popped out of no where, cutting Jungkook off from finishing his statement. “No. I was just leaving.” He got up with a slam of his fist on the table and walked out, raging in anger.

Thankfully Dragon hadn’t left much earlier, you were still able to see him crossing the street and entering an apartment complex. You figured it was his home, and so you decided to have a stake out in your car till it was dark enough to commence any actions.

Once the sun had set and the streets were empty, you left the safe confinements of your car, and headed over to the fire escape stairs lined up on the side of the complex. You checked every window till you got to the third floor where you heard someone aggressively speaking. Looking through the window you saw Dragon on the phone, you brought out your parabolic microphone and pointed it in the direction of the speaking.

“I swear to god Lee, if I don’t get my money I’m gonna fucking kill you.” Dragon spoke aggressively, you weren’t surprised. Criminals get upset over everything, it’s the way they function.

“Look Dragon, I’ll get you your money but you have to get me out of this shit hole first.” How are they in contact? You might as well have just solved the whole case.

“And why the fuck would I do that?” Dragon almost shouted as he paced around the small living room.

Your microphone was recording the whole conversation and all you had to do was sit tight and not get caught. You were so sure that you were going to beat Jungkook on this one too. When the conversation was over, you quickly headed back to your car with the new information, ready to hand it in to Namjoon, a smile plastered across your face as you passed the apartment complex entrance.

“Hey! Who are you and what do you want?” A familiar voice called out with a rather dark and furious tone. You swiftly turned around and of course, Dragon was standing there. 'Fuck!’ you screamed inside. Now that he’s seen you, it’s only a matter of time before he adds up all the digits.

“Do I know you?” You asked putting on a confused look. Dragon moved closer to you and you prepared yourself for the worst, “You’re spying on me.” and with that he didn’t hesitate to think twice before sending his fist in your direction. It took you half a second to decide if you were going to act innocent and take the blow, or defend yourself and give up your cover.

You dodged and crouched as you swung your leg under his feet, which left him stumbling to stand, during that time period, you sent him a quick but powerful kick to his abdomen. As he fell onto his back you turned around to quickly run to your car, but you bumped into a very tough chest, you stumbled a little but quickly regained yourself as you realized who it was. You groaned “I guess you win this one. Don’t get too cocky.” you used your index finger to hit his chest as an gesture to 'watch out’.

You left him quickly, got into your car and drove back to the base. This was going to be the most embarrassing moment in your life.                                                                                              _____

“Yes I got the information!” You raised your voice out of annoyance. Namjoon was a hard person to reason with and he wasn’t being anymore understanding this time.

“But you got caught! Now we have to assign a different agent to the mission!” Namjoon was clearly upset, he pinched his nose bridge between his index finger and thumb, as he walked around the office. The thought of having Dragon get away occasionally slipping into his mind here and there.

“Okay, I really don’t care about that since I already have..this.” You raised up the recorder with the conversation between Dragon and Dae Jung Lee, you shoved it towards Namjoon. You were just about to leave as you turned around at the door, “Oh and by the way, I don’t think you’ll have to use it anyway. Jungkook seems to have already taken care of it.” You used your head to nod towards the news on Television.

“The killer of high level Lawyer, Park Byeong-Ho, has been recently arrested. After the uncovering of new information, linking the killer to the mafia leader currently in prison has confirmed his guilt. We’ll get back to you soon with more.”

You scowled at Namjoon, it looked as if he was about to say something, struggling to find the words, but before he could, you left.


You were unlocking the door to your luxurious penthouse when someone grabbed your hand. Out of instinct you sent your leg flying to the area between the person’s legs. With a quick whack your hand was released and the person was hunched over and groaning in pain.

You didn’t even give them a second look before you scuttled into your home. You slammed the door shut and locked it. You were thinking it was one of Dragon’s minions, if he even had minions. You heaved a sigh of relief as you looked through the peephole to see if you could get a look of the person outside your door.

The sudden knocking made you jump in surprise, “It’s me… Jungkook.” 'What the hell is he doing here? How did he even find me, and what does he want?’ these thoughts now floating around in your head, unanswered questions that could be answered if you just opened the door.

Half of you wanted to open the door and flip him off, while the other half wanted answers. You looked through the peephole just in time to catch him slipping his hand under his pants, to rub what seemed to be his aching penis. You looked away hastily while your cheeks flushed with a rosy pink color. He was dressed in just a plain black shirt and black sweatpants which wasn’t very professional, speaking on the fact that you’ve both only talked once, and it didn’t end very well. Also considering that you’re both top spies who only meet at missions.

You slowly opened the door making sure it was wide enough for just half your face to be seen, “How the hell do you know I live here, and what the fuck do you want?” this reminded you of earlier today when you asked him the same question in the coffee shop. You looked him up and down, this time you were able to see him standing up in all his glory. The clothes he wore and how they emphasized his curves and muscles so perfectly made you rethink the whole 'I hate you’ situation.

“I decided to come tell you that I apologize for distracting you earlier. You see, I didn’t mean to cheat, but even if I hadn’t, I would’ve still won.” You began to fume in disbelief at his cocky words, the words 'I hate you’ suddenly making much more sense again. You hated losing, but you hated it even more when it would be constantly rubbed in your face, “Ughh, you’re just so- so- childish! Leave!” Your voice was now raised, and for just a second there, you thought you would finally call a truce, but no, over your dead body were you ever going to be at peace with this cocky motherfucker.

Jungkook loved to constantly upset you, he enjoyed teasing you and seeing your reaction. It was like a comedy TV show for him, he also doesn’t deny the fact that he finds you attractive. Like earlier today, he was supposed to be keeping watch on Dragon but he would occasionally end up checking you out. He didn’t like you, nor did he despise you though, but he hated being beaten so many times by a female.

Now standing outside your door, lord knows how he found your address, he wouldn’t mind in trying to get to know you, more like find your weaknesses, but he knew that wouldn’t be easy.

“Leave!” And suddenly the door slammed shut. Now looking at your name printed on the door right under the number of the penthouse, he sighed with a smirk on his face. If he was going to get any more information on you, his opponent, he would have to get closer to you… he’d have to spy on you.

Jungkook looked around the empty hallway, a normal person would awe at how expensive it looked but Jungkook was used to it. The security here was tight as well, the only way he was able to get in was with his badge, and the excuse of coming to visit you, threatening to call you if they still refused to let him through. Jungkook lived as luxuriously as you but would often feel lonely, people would think he could just have any girl he pointed at, which wasn’t entirely false, but he preferred not to. He’s had his number of one night stands but he’d rather look for a relationship with meaning, not just sex.

He placed his ear onto your door, trying to listen for any sounds of movement. Yes, he was about to break in.

He has no idea what had gotten into him, but he was taking the meaning of the word 'competitive’ to a whole other level. It was the risk he had to take to win any other missions ahead. He still hasn’t explained to himself how breaking into your home has anything to do with learning your weaknesses, but he didn’t care.

Jungkook used a bobby pin to fiddle with the lock until it opened. Once it was unlocked, he slowly opened the door. He peeked round the corner to see if you were in there, to his relief you weren’t. He tip toed inside, careful to check the surroundings and listen for the sound of your footsteps. He’s a professional spy, this won’t be hard.

Jungkook finally got to your bedroom’s door where he could hear the shower running in the bathroom. 'Perfect’ he thought as he slowly made his way inside. Heading straight for your desk, he began to go through pictures, files, documents, whatever he thought would give him a head start.

There was a picture of you and your ex boyfriend that he found, his face had a red 'X’ drawn over it, “Must not have been a great relationship.” Jungkook felt a prick in his stomach when he looked at the picture for a little longer, he couldn’t help but notice how happy you looked in the picture. Well… he had found one weakness of yours, that was enough for now.

He got up and quietly headed for the door when he passed the bathroom. Hearing the water running he stood there for a moment before looking at the door. Hesitantly, he placed his hand on the door handle, but immediately took it off, realizing the inappropriate action he was just about to make.

Then the water stopped. Jungkook sprinted out of the penthouse as if being chased by killer dogs. Once he was out he gave a sigh of relief and proceeded to leave. He didn’t understand what had gotten into him, but now he had a plan on how to beat you once and for all.

As he walked down the hall, Jungkook remembered that he was being assigned a new mission tomorrow. He didn’t have much information about it yet but a part of him hoped to see you there again.


A/N- My second imagine on here and i’m so glad a lot of people liked my first one. Give me suggestions on what prompts you want to see and i’ll try and write them. Please give feedback too! P.S. Not saying Alex is like this, but he had to be for the prompt, my little bean is everything, i’m sorry.



As Monty pulled up into the school parking lot, Alex and a bunch of kids were crossing the street. Monty slowed down right before he could even hit Alex, laughing at the blonde boy’s startled expression.

You sat in the back with Justin in passenger as Alex started, angrily, yelling at Monty. “Come on! Let’s fight!”

“Alex calm down dude.” Justin tried to make the boy back off. You took off your bag and set it on top of the seat next to you.

“I am fucking calm! I’m really fucking calm!” He yelled, hitting Monty’s car. “Get out of the car and let’s fight!” He barked back.

By now a crowd surrounded the car and Alex, Monty looked back at you. “Monty you promised.” You softly cried out to the boy you love. He nodded with a small smile.

“Monty you promised.” Alex mimicked your voice, making your boyfriend turn and glare at him. “You gonna pussy out because your slut of a girlfriend and you made a promise. Listen here honey, promises are meant to be broken. I suggest you give up with whoring around with this douche bag just to try and fix him.”

By now you, Justin and Monty had already stepped out of the jeep. Monty’s blood was boiling with anger as he clenched his fist. No one talked about his girl like that.

Alex held his ground, “What? You think i’m scared of you?”

“You should be.” Monty grunted, his expression furious. “Man, fuck you!” Alex yelled.

Your boyfriend started walking up to Alex, but you grabbed his arm. “No, don’t. He just wants a reaction out of you. Be the bigger person.” your voice was soft, making Monty calm down.

“Pussy ass bitch, looks like it’s true, you are what you eat.” Alex provoked, making you step in front of Monty.

There was a loud echo right after you smacked Alex across the face. He stumbled from the sudden impact and fell to the ground with a soft thud. Even if you were never one to use violence, no one talked about you or your boyfriend with so much disrespect.

Everyone ‘oohed’, making Alex, embarrassedly, stand back up and push you back, causing you to bump into Justin, who caught you.

Monty soon punched Alex across the face, causing you to turn your head away from the mess. Fighting wasn’t your thing, so every time Monty got into a fight you always looked away.

“Hey what the hell is going on here?” Mr. Porter’s, the school’s guidance counselor, sternly yelled, pulling Monty off.

“He started it!” Monty yelled, wiping off the blood on his knuckles.

“And what were you doing?”

“Finishing it.”

Monty and the crowd lightly chuckled, making Mr. Porter raise an eyebrow, “You think this is funny? You two come with me, alright show’s over, get to class.”

Monty sent you a gorgeous smile, silently telling you not to worry, before walking off in the direction of the main office.


“Y/N Y/L/N, will you please report to the main office immediately?”

You rushed to the front office, knowing it was probably going to be about your boyfriend.

When you entered through the door, you saw both Monty and Alex sitting in front of the student body. “Y/N, please take a seat.” Marcus pointed towards a seat right beside Monty’s. Monty intertwined your hands together once you were seated next to him.

“Y/N, can you please tell us what happened? Alex says you were the cause of this fight.”

“This is fucking bullshit.” Monty said for the second time in the past thirty minutes. You gave him a look to stop talking before you went on to explain.

“Well Alex is wrong. Monty was pulling into the parking lot and a group of kids along with Alex were walking across the street. Monty stopped right before he could even hit Alex. Alex got all mad and started yelling for Monty to fight. I told Monty no and Alex started insulting me with cruel names.”

“They’re fucking true.” Alex grumbled, making you turn and scoff at him.

“Go fuck yourself, Standall. No wonder Jess left your douche self.” You spat with a glare. It looked like it hit close to home as Alex’s face dropped. “I’m not one to be rude or anything, but your little attitude towards me has gone way too far to be so disrespectful towards my relationship with Monty. I’m not with him because i want to “change him”. I’m with him because i love the kid. He knows and understands me. Your hurtful names aren’t true at all. At least think before you talk, we both know how that turned out when you didn’t.“

You stormed off with tears in your eyes. You didn’t want to cry, but the words your ex best friend had called you hurt.

“Y/N! Baby!” You stopped in the middle of the hallway, wiping your tears away. Monty grabbed onto your shoulder and made you look up at him. “Come here baby girl.”

He wrapped you into a tight hug and you let out a whimper. Alex’s words had hit close to home. “I know it hurts that he says these words to you because he doesn’t accept you seeing someone else, but believe me when i say this, you are in no way a "slut” nor “whore” for being with me. You’re a beautiful person and i’m so in love with you. You mean everything to me and i’m lucky to have you in my life, so Alex Standall can go fuck himself and you, my beautiful girlfriend will be okay without him.“

You smiled up at your boyfriend with tears in your eyes, pulling him into a sweet and passionate kiss. "I really fucking love you, Montgomery.”

“And I, you, my beautiful baby.” He smiled and kissed your lips a second time.

CEO - C.H.

Anonymous said: Please can I have a one shot with Calum Hood ?? Where he’s like a big CEO of a company x

I’m so sorry, love! I hadn’t seen your message! Hope you enjoy it! I got a little carried away so… haha let me know if you liked it and if you want a second part! 

It really wasn’t like he was a stranger to you. You had been friends in college, not the closest but you really got along. Years had definitely passed; you weren’t that naïve and sweet girl he had met, no, you were a strong and fierce woman that now knew better than spent her nights getting wasted and chasing boys that didn’t deserve it.

And him… he had changed too, you thought, as you looked around at the imperious walls that surrounded you, the big and comfortable furniture you were sitting on. Every inch of the building had written all over it how much success Calum had had in the years after college. It was even in the smell of knowledge.

But you weren’t going to let that intimidate you. You had went through hell and back; a fancy building and a big company weren’t going to make you nervous or insecure.

You wanted the job, and you were going to get the goddamned job.

“He’s going to see you now, love” The young lady behind the desk in front of you announced with a sweet smile. She was definitely not in age to work, she was probably the daughter of someone who worked there… probably a summer job, you thought as you stood up, gave her a nod, a slight smile and walked towards the big wooden doors.

You only stood there for a second and took a deep breathe.

You can do this, you can do this…

And with your head held high you opened the door and entered the office.

Your breath got caught in your throat and you couldn’t look away. He was there, looking as handsome as ever in a fancy suit and a wild look in his face. But even when you stood tall and smiled with malice, trying to look as okay as you could, you were fearing deeply that your knees would give in. He looked just so… gorgeous.

His hair was stylized perfectly, not like the utter mess it used to be after a whole night out. His factions were stronger, not a bit of the boy he used to be. Calum was different, yet when he looked up and saw you standing proudly in front of him, his smile was the same.

Your heart fluttered but you didn’t let it show. You really needed the job.

“Well, well, well, look who is here,” He smirked, standing up and instead of being the powerful man he was supposed to be, he walked up to you and gave you a warm hug. Even when your mind told you to cut it out and be professional, you couldn’t help but hold him tight.

“This is a small world,” You said smiling at him once he’d let you go. He nodded in agreement and took your hand and guided you to the sit in front of his wide and big glass desk.

You sat and tried to calm yourself. You had to be professional. This was a job interview. Nothing more.

“How you’ve been?” He asked as soon as he was sitting in front of you, the beautiful sight of Sydney behind him.

“Good, I’ve been good.” You lied. The years after college had been a complete nightmare; each night worse than the other.

“Great,” He said smiling, leaning over and clasping his hands together with his elbows set on the desk. He definitely had the same smile. “I’m actually really glad to see you,”

You giggled and nodded, still scolding yourself for not being calmer. “It’s really nice to see you too.”

There was a silence and his eyes just didn’t look away; he was staring deeply at you without even feeling embarrassed. His brown eyes felt like daggers caressing your skin and you felt the need to run away from it before you did something you’d regret.

“You have definitely seized your time,” You commented, your voice sounding as strong as ever. You couldn’t look weak.

His smile grew and he leaned back on his sit, nodding and chuckling as he looked around. “Yeah, yeah, I believe I have”

“So… there’s a job offer I believe.” Slowly you said, trying to get to the interview.

He blinked a couple of times as if he was waking himself up and then he nodded with a frown and cleared his throat. “Yeah, yeah you’re right.”

You immediately gave him your papers; you had been looking for a job for so long and you knew that they were perfect and clean, but still you couldn’t shake away the anxiety in the moment he opened the folder.

He took several minutes to look at them. And you couldn’t help but stare at the way he bit his lips, or the way he breathed deep and slowly; he was a walking piece of art.

“I guess you’ve seized your time too” Eventually he said, startling you. “You’ve worked in several places…” He mumbled and then looked up at you with hooded eyes. “I think I’ve seen enough, we’ll call you.”

The words hit you like a bullet and you couldn’t help but frown and look confused, letting your appearance of confidence slip away.  “What?”

“We have your number, we’ll call you.”

You knew what that meant; it was the nice way of saying you didn’t get the job.

For a moment you thought it was a joke, Calum was a very funny dude, maybe he was messing with you, but there was no mischief in his eyes. He was dead serious.

You wanted to yell and cry and just hit him in the balls. You had prepared yourself so hard, you had struggled and improved yourself in order to be better. And yet, that wasn’t enough?

“I’m a really hard working woman, I’ve gone to several training courses and several other classes. I can take stress and I don’t mind doing extra hours.” You blurted out. You were not giving up. You wanted the fucking job. “You won’t regret it, I promise”

Calum sighed and gave you the look you hated. He looked at you with pity and sadness. No, you didn’t want his pity. You were getting a job, in a better company, you were going to make him regret not giving you the chance.

So you stood up, with a look of determination in your face and nodded only once. “Thanks for your time.”

And you left. You didn’t even look at the girl or at the other people sitting on the luxurious furniture as you strode across the room and left the building as soon as you could.

It wasn’t until you were in the safety of your home that you let yourself crumble. The moment the door was closed behind you, you let out a strangled cry. You were stressed and upset and angry and desperate.

You needed that job.

“What’s wrong, mummy?” You heard a sweet small voice ask, and you quickly cleaned your tears as the small body of your little baby girl was in front of you, her big green eyes looking worryingly at you.

“Nothing, love, I’m fine. Just had a tough day.” You said and knelt down to be at her level. “Everything is going to be okay… I promise,” You whispered the last words as you caressed her sides and your eyes found every single piece of torn clothing.

She deserved more. She deserved a nice childhood. She deserved new clothes and new toys and a good school. Your little girl deserved the world, but you had failed in giving her that.

It wasn’t easy being a single mom, but you knew you could do better than that. You had worked hard to be the best mother, the best worker, the best student after you found out that she was on her way to your life. You had loved her since that moment and had promised yourself that she was going to have the best life… and you were failing. There was not a thing that broke more her heart.

Calum closed the door to his office and smiled at Alisha, his niece as he walked up to the doors of his company. It was slightly late so he asked her if she wanted a ride home, she denied saying that she was going out to some friends and that they were on their way. He gave her a hug and then left.

His heart weighted on his chest and he couldn’t shake away the feeling. She deserved the job, she was a very smart woman and he was sure she would’ve been a great addition to the company and yet, he had said no. She wasn’t stupid, she knew what his words had meant.

But he knew he couldn’t. If he gave her the job he couldn’t date her. And God, the moment she entered that room he was 20 again. Every single feeling he had had for her was pouring out of him, and he couldn’t help it. She looked so… gorgeous, beautiful… there was not even a word to describe how good she looked.

The look on her eyes was something he wasn’t going to forget; the disappointment… his heart broke in the moment she began to practically beg for the job.

He was a complete asshole… he really was a complete asshole.

Weeks passed and he couldn’t forget her or her eyes… she was in almost every thought. She was there every time he closed his eyes. He had tried everything to forget her, to be over it… to feel slightly better about the decision he had made.

But nothing helped.

He woke up that day early and went for a run, in a stupid attempt of trying to forget her eyes, her beautiful face, but he didn’t know that in less than an hour he was going to see those eyes again. And it wasn’t going to be pleasant.

It had happened so quickly he didn’t even remember how it happened. One moment he was running, the next he was crossing the streets getting several insults and honks from the drivers, and finally he was standing in front of her.

“Hi…” He said, out of breath but she didn’t replied, she just looked at him with hate, or something very close to it. And he deserved it, he told himself. He definitely deserved it. “Look, I’m so sorry, I-”

“Mummy, mummy! Can you buy me this doll, please, please, please?” A small girl appeared with old and faded clothes and the most beautiful eyes he had seen, right after hers.

She looked like she was about to cry as she stared deeply at him, but her face softened when she knelt down and held the little girl’s face in her hands. “I can’t, love, I’m sorry…” She whispered softly, but he heard it.

And realization hit him as hard as a truck. He felt sick and as if he was going to throw up. She had a child, and she had no money.

She needed the job. She fucking needed the job… a job she deserved and that he hadn’t given her because he couldn’t help but be in love with her.

“I’m sorry, love” She said again and stood up, grabbing the doll and giving it back to the man that was selling it. Then her eyes were on him again. And he felt small and like utter trash. Without a word she left, but he saw it.

He saw the tear that fell from her eye.

The next day that followed your encounter with Calum you received a call from his company. And it was like everything you had dreamed of.

Your ears just stopped hearing after the lady said that you had gotten the job. You just began to softly cry as you looked at your little girl sitting on the floor, playing with the rag dolls you had done yourself.

I’ll give her what she deserves, you thought to yourself. She’ll have the life she deserves.

And that day became one of the happiest days of your life.

Three shades of a man (a third chapter)

Summary: You have seen Bucky Barnes at his best and his worst, and he asks you to help him through it all.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ ONLY; lots of smut, go no further if you’re not over 18 please. 

A/N:  I’ve had so many amazing comments from you lovely people about these stories, and it genuinely makes my day hearing from each and everyone one of you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’ve really loved writing this mini-series, and I appreciate you guys sticking around while I take off the smut training wheels. Final chapter below, and tried to tag those who have requested it, but Tumblr is not cooperating, so hope it works. Also apparently I’m super wordy, so this is kinda long. Oops. Feedback and comments are always welcome.

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Calm, relieved, playful

I’m coming home. Can’t wait to see you.

It was a text you didn’t expect, if only because he was not a demonstrative person when it came to the written word. He was always perfunctory, preferring to send an image or a three word answer, not because he didn’t enjoy talking to you, but simply because that’s who he was. He expressed his emotions in a multitude of other ways, saving his syllables to whisper in your ear when he was wrapped inside you, murmuring his feelings into your sweaty skin every time you brought him to his knees.

It doesn’t come often, but here it was, the Bucky Barnes you always wait to see. You think this must be him, the real him, James Buchanan Barnes, the sweet, flirty, cocky boy who was so sure of himself and his place in the world, before he became a man carved up and torn apart, remade by the chaos of war.

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A Study in Pink

The other night my entire life changed, I think for the better, and I want to tell you about it. So this is what happened on the night I moved in with Sherlock Holmes.

When I first met Sherlock, he told me my life story. He could tell so much about me from my limp, my tan and my mobile phone. And that’s the thing with him. It’s no use trying to hide who you are (or what you are, which scares me more) because Sherlock sees right through everyone and everything in seconds. It’s remarkable but terrifying. What’s incredible, though, is how spectacularly ignorant he is about some things.

This morning, for example, he asked me who the Prime Minister was. Last week he seemed to genuinely not know the Earth goes round the Sun. Seriously. He didn’t know. He didn’t think the Sun went round the Earth or anything. He just didn’t care. I still can’t quite believe it, and he’s not taken kindly to me spontaneously laughing about it. In so many ways, he’s the cleverest, most incredible person I’ve ever met but there are these blank spots that partly worry me and partly brighten my day (knowing something that Sherlock doesn’t brings a sort of thrill). At least I’ve got used to him now. Well, I say that, I suspect I’ll never really get used to him. He is like no one else I’ve ever met. It’s just, on that first night, I literally had no idea of what was to come. I mean, how could I? I’ve come to learn that when you’re with Sherlock Holmes, everything is an adventure.

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When I Was Your Man – Theo Raeken Imagine

Requested by Anon: I don’t know if you’re taking song requests, and it’s totally okay if you don’t. But if you do could you do an imagine based on “when i was your man” by bruno mars, where theo is the reader ex-boyfriend and now she’s in a new relationship with brett? basically the concept of the song.

Warning: Sad Theo and dealing with heartbreak

Word Count: 1,522

Author’s Note: Feed back is always appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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Theo stopped in his tracks the second an old familiar sound reached his ears with his werewolf hearing. It was a sweet and playful giggle. It was Y/N. He’d recognize that giggle anywhere as he heard it a thousand times before. He turned the corner and saw her with someone else. She had her arms around his neck as the guy’s hands rested firmly on her waist. He was playfully kissing and biting her neck, hence her giggling. She looked genuinely happy and that brought a huge wave of pain and guilt over Theo. 

“I got you something,” Theo overheard as the guy pulled away from her.

“Brett, you didn’t have to get me anything,” she smiled widely at the boy in front of her.

“But I saw it and I knew you had to have it.” He pulled out a small bag and gave it to her. Theo watched her slowly untie the ribbon and open the bag. She carefully grabbed what was inside. The second her eyes landed on the necklace with a werewolf charm, she gasped. “Do you like it?” He asked her.

“Brett…” she said completely surprised by his thoughtful gift. “I love it.”

He brushed her hair to the side and grabbed the necklace. “I know we’ve only been together for three months, and I hope this doesn’t scare you,” Theo’s heart stopped beating as he realized this guy was about to tell her he loves her. 

“But you’re my anchor,” Brett continued. Theo relaxed a bit, but it didn’t ease the heartache he had in his chest. Telling a girl you’re his anchor is just another way of saying I love you. It was just a matter of time before Brett would actually say it to Y/N.

After Brett clasped the necklace on, Y/N looked down and smiled at the silver werewolf resting on her chest. She looked up at Brett with a genuine smile. “Thank you,” she leaned in and kissed his cheek.

Theo sighed in defeat. He knew he messed up. His relationship with Y/N was long gone. There was no way to fix it, but he knew he had to apologize. He wasn’t ready to let her go and move on, but she already had. He wasn’t one to stop her from being happy when she deserved everything the world had to offer. The only problem was he had to let her go otherwise he’d be miserable for the rest of his life.

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Don´t judge a book by its cover Part 1

My entry for Michelle´s 2K Follower Challenge (@luci-in-trenchcoats)

First try at a Story with A/B/O dynamics.

I´ll porbably turn this into a series

Wordcount: 1706

Characters: Alpha!Dean, Alpha!Sam Omega!Reader

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Angst, language, attempted sexual assult (if this triggers you please don´t read), a little bit of fluff

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When we first met

As an Omega you hadn´t allways had it easy. Burt as an Omega that was a hunter and worked alone? Well while it wasn´t unheard of it was definetily something other hunters frowned upon. That was the reason you avoided other hunters as best as you could your only contacts in the comunity being Bobby and Garth.

Bobby had been a grumpy old Alpha who you had met a few years ago on a which hunt. He had known your father who had been a hunter too and so he had given you a fair chance to prove yourself as he knew that your father had trained his children, all being Alphas except for you, well. You had stayed in contact with the hunter ever since, taking up hunts if he asked you to or you calling him when you were stuck on the reserarch.

With Garth you would even go as far as to call him a friend. Bobby had called you once asking you to help the, at that time still inexpirienced Beta, to hunt down a pack of werewolves. You had taken an immediate liking to him as he hadn´t even so much as raised an eyebrow  at the fact that you were an Omega hunting all on your own.

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