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Construction Worker Hides Waldo On Site Everyday For Kids In Hospital Next Door To Find

Jason Hanley, a construction worker, decided to cheer up the children at a hospital, Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, Indiana with a creative idea. Constructing a Waldo with the help of his daughter, he made an eight-foot tall effigy of the beloved character Waldo from the children’s book series called “Where’s Waldo?” and hid it at different places for the young patients to spot next door. The thoughtful father gives the children something to look forward to, a fun game to keep them occupied while they recuperate, has inspired many people.

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If you like cute clothes and shopping

So I’ve been nervous to post this here- but my mom is getting really bummed out about the clothes she is trying to sell because they are not selling. The main reason is there aren’t enough people who know about the clothing line LuLaroe.

BUT. If you really like clothes that are really cute, unique, stylish, and comfortable please check out my mom’s Facebook page! Even if you don’t want to buy, just spread this around! I want to help my mom in anyway I can!

They respond to messages and questions fairly quickly, but if you have any questions feel free to message me!

LuLaroe with Lori & Wendy

tldr; Help my mom sell some clothes by clicking the link above!

Okay so I’ve said this before but it needs to be said again because it happens more often than it should:

If you send me a message and I don’t reply, it is 100% because tumblr ate the ask. There is no way I would ever ignore any of you and if I don’t reply within a day you should really go right ahead and message me again because I don’t want our conversations to end. 


About Kamiyan...

I got so many asks about it here on tumblr (even on my facebook, twitter and LINE (you guys know he’s not really my bias in the seiyuu fandom, right?)), so I just want to talk about this since I’m actually happy that Kamiyan is married and even have a child. Because his already on his 40s so he deserves to be happy and have a family, I’m also saying this to the other seiyuus as well (just waiting for Yuukyan and MaiMai’s announcement someday hehe)

But seriously, I’m actually surprised to some fans reactions on twitter about it (especially the DGS fans that ships Kamiyan and OnoD so much), it’s okay to ship their characters and such but to ship them in real life is too far-fetch =.=

Also I remember before (around 2011) that Kamiyan is married to a manga artist, but there wasn’t any proof so that rumor tone down (too lazy to backtrack and find that news about it) but now, it seems legit. I’m just waiting for a confirmation from Kamiyan himself, since his agency’s comment was really (half-ass) useless by saying ‘We have no comment about the seiyuus private life’ -.- I do want it to be legit because he deserves to be happy and you can see it on the picture when he was carrying his kid (and imagine how much he’ll be a doting father too >w<)

So guys, let’s be happy for Kamiyan and I really bet some seiyuu ossans are married too, as long as we are here to support them!!

starryiedd  asked:

Hey Madd I too, am cockles trash but misha probably just took the pictures lol

1) you’re probably right

2) however

3) the last time Jensen gave photo credit he said “(photo cred - my beautiful wife)” on Instagram and was even more specific on Facebook

4) why wasn’t he specific about what Misha assisted with if it was just photo cred

5) even if it is just photo cred let’s take a moment to acknowledge the parallel between Jensen thanking his wife and thanking Misha

6) no matter what he means I’m still dead

I thought i was over you. Yeah, maybe i was still feeling a little empty but at least i thought i was over you. Right after everything happened, I deactivated my facebook account even though you don’t even have a facebook account because every now and then i’d see one of our mutual friends post a picture with you in it. I couldn’t bear to feel the pain of seeing even a picture of you so i decided i had to stay away from facebook. It has been months and I really thought i was ok, so over the weekend i reactivated my account. Today i was browsing through my feed and catching up on what people have been up to. Then, there you were in someone’s picture at someone’s wedding. I didn’t even look at the picture long enough to see you clearly but the moment i glanced at it i knew it was you. It didn’t take long at all for everything to come flooding back. My stomach dropped and i felt like something ripped me up and tore me apart, it felt like there was a gaping hole through my stomach. I didn’t cry, but it just felt like a awful wave of emptiness, internal pain and longing had come over me. Now i just feel like i need to go back into hiding and shut myself off from the world so i can try to forget you all over again after what i thought was months of good progress. Coincidentally, i read an article today about the one person you may never get over, just before i saw you on facebook. You probably don’t know and don’t care, but maybe you are the one i’ll never forget because it’s been 18 years since i was 14 and you were 15 when we first met and dated, and somehow the feelings never went away. This was our third encounter which ended up futile again, but this time it really, truly tore me apart. That’s when i realised that i actually love you and care for you so much more that i knew at the time.

I didn’t really take tinder seriously and I talked to a couple guys and got their numbers but it didn’t really work out with them. I was kind of tired of the app so I was going to delete but of course I was swiping one day and I match with this guy that doesn’t seem like my type at all but is super cute. He messages me and we talk about music and concerts and he just seems like a genuinely sweet guy. We talked every day for a 3 months, we even became Facebook friends and planned to meet up several times. Later in the third month I went through a family death so i wasn’t texting as much because I’ve never experienced a death in my family so I felt distanced, he constantly texts but I don’t reply, I feel bad but I just couldn’t shake it off. Two days later i find out on Facebook that he updated his relationship status and has a girlfriend after we just stopped talking for two days. Now and then he still tries to talk to me inviting me places but I say no thanks.
Maybe it is my fault… I still feel stupid about this situation.

Okay, please don’t get mad or misinterpret what i’m trying to say. I’m not hating or bashing on ADC, i’m just perplexed and kind off ‘???’… and maybe you are having the same feelings as me. So, even on Facebook on my birthday i write a post saying “Thank you for the birthday wishes” as a formality. I’m still unsure as to why ADC didn’t do that. Tbh, i’m kinda sad that she never saw or acknowledged the videos put together for ADCInfinity and for her birthday, or the thousands of people that wished her a happy birthday. She had to have known that people were wishing her happy birthday. I know it is up to her how to interact with people that support her, and i know there has been major privacy violations, but idk, it just surprised me that she didn’t do anything even as a formality like you do on Facebook. 

For what it’s worth, I find it incredibly unlikely that Yahoo would shut down Tumblr.  Tumblr isn’t in the top five social networks by most estimations, but it’s still a very active user base and worth hundreds of millions of dollars if Yahoo can just figure out how to cash in.

I’d say chances are pretty high that they may sell it off, or screw it up miserably in their attempts to monetize it, but they won’t shut it down.

Then again, it’s already pretty miserable unless you use plugins with it, so I’m not sure that much would change.