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“I don’t want to be alone right now.” <<For DWC! :)

@dadrunkwriting a bit late, sorry :> 

“I’ll take her,” Aveline says, her hand resting on Hawke’s back, just between her shoulder blades. Rubbing slightly, the smallest motion, comforting in a way only Aveline can be. Hawke has her arms crossed on the table, her head resting upon them, feeling the world spin around her. Drink after drink, after drink, after drink. She thought it would make her feel better. Isabela is standing behind her, arms crossed, mouth closed and tongue playing with the back of the piercing that sits behind her lip. It’s Isabela who helps tug Hawke to her feet while Aveline kneels on the ground. When she stands again, it’s with Hawke on her back.

“Are you sure you can manage?” Isabela asks. Aveline’s hands underneath her thighs, her head resting on her shoulder. Eyes closed, arms loosely wrapped around her neck. One hand fisted in Aveline’s tunic.

“I’ve got her.” Hawke’s breathing is even, soft warmth against her neck. She doesn’t move, doesn’t mumble, even as Aveline adjusts her better. The night air is cool, the streets of Lowtown empty. The stars shine bright, but cannot outshine the brilliance of the moon. Torches on the walls flicker and flame, crackle among the sound of Aveline’s boots hitting cobblestone. She can see dark figures slink away, not worth the trouble of bothering the Guard Captain.

It’s much of the same in Hightown, except this time one figure does not shy away from her. He has his sword on his back, sweat on his brow and she knows she’ll have a report of some gang members killed in the night. Same as usual. Fenris frowns when he sees her, sees Hawke on her back, and cautiously makes his way towards them. “Is she alright?” He asks it in a whisper. She’s not sure it’s because he’s afraid of waking Hawke or simply afraid.

“She’ll be fine,” Aveline says. “She just drank too much.”

“Can – can I help?”

“I think you’ve done enough.” She doesn’t mean for it to come out so harshly. It’s a subtle flinch in his ears, and she watches them flatten and turn his eyes away. There’s nothing left for either of them to say. He heads towards Lowtown. She goes for Hawke’s estate. When his footsteps fade in the distance, she feels Hawke’s arms tighten around her. A small sniffle, the barest hint of wet on her neck where Hawke is burying her face.

“I love him,” she mumbles into Aveline’s scarf.

“I know.”

“He left me.”

“I know Hawke.”

“Can you stay over?” Hawke asks, chin on her shoulder, blue eyes glistening. “I don’t want to be alone.”

“You have your mother –”

“Please?” She sounds so small. Hawke has never faltered in her confidence before, wavered in assurance. Always the Champion.

“You’re not drinking this much again,” Aveline tells her sternly. She feels Hawke nod. Another squeeze of her arms.

“Thank you,” she murmurs.

@the-jade-goblin replied to your post “You are totally right about Anders’ stans, and I say this as someone…”

 Woah I think I definitely missed something in Anders dialogue bc I don’t remember him saying anything racist, sexist and abusive o.O could you elaborate? I’m sure once the dialogue is pointed out to me I’ll be 100% aware of it but its been a while since I played DA2 and can’t think of anything bad off the top of my head

Where to begin? Please note that this is only a tiny fraction, not a complete list.

Examples of racism:
- telling an elven Warden Commander that elves, with their history of being treated as second class citizens and facing huge discrimination throughout Thedas including literal slavery, don’t have it as bad as he (Anders) does
- telling Merrill that her culture and religious beliefs are incorrect and mansplaining magic and spirits to her

Examples of misogyny:
- sexually harassing Aveline
- calling Isabela a side-dish
- saying that Isabela is only good for sex
- telling Merrill that betrayal is all “your kind,” meaning women, can do
- talking about the “demon behind her virginal smile” in reference to Merrill, saying that Merrill is using her sexuality to manipulate Hawke
- saying outright that the only reason to help Velanna is because she’s sexy and her missing sister might also be sexy

Examples of abuse:
- calling Fenris a wild dog and an out of control beast
- trying to gaslight Fenris over multiple banters about how slavery couldn’t have possibly been all that bad
- telling Fenris that he should kill himself
- telling Fenris that he deserved to have been killed by Danarius
- telling Hawke that they’re in the wrong and actively hurting him for turning down his advances
- telling a rivalmanced Hawke that he could kill them
-  manipulating Hawke into helping him with the bomb by threatening to end a romance and by using the textbook abuse technique “if you really care about me you’ll do what I tell you to”
- lying to Aveline about her husband and trying to guilt her into joining his cause
- pretty much every line of his romance is textbook abuse, and it’s triggering for me, so I’ll ask you to look that up yourself

Here’s a video (not mine) with some specific examples, and I’ll list some banters under a cut.


Anders: So you married a templar, huh?
   Aveline: What of it?
   Anders: Are they all as dirty as they seem?
   Aveline: What?
   Anders: Did he ever ask you to play “the naughty mage and the helpless recruit?” Maybe the “secret desire demon and the upstanding knight?”
   Aveline: That’s disgusting!
   Anders: I hear it’s quite popular. 

    Anders: Your husband agrees with me.
   Aveline: About what?
   Anders: He thinks the knight-commander’s mad. He told me she’s gone behind your back to investigate guardsmen she suspects as secret mages.
   Aveline: Even if that were true, he wouldn’t tell you.
   Anders: He won’t fight for her when the time comes. Would you turn against your own husband?
   Aveline: I don’t know if you’re lying or crazy.
    Fenris: Is there something you want, Anders?
   Anders: You really don’t have the temperament for a slave.
   Fenris: Is that a compliment or an insult?
   Anders: I’m just wondering how your master didn’t kill you.
   Fenris: How have the templars not killed you?
   Anders: I’m charming.
    Anders: Did you ever think about killing yourself?
   Fenris: I could ask you the same thing.
   Anders: I’m serious. To get out of slavery, to escape Danarius… don’t tell me you never thought about it.
   Fenris: I did not. To kill oneself is a sin in the eyes of the Maker.
   Anders: You… believe that?
   Fenris: I try to. Some things must be worse than slavery.
   Anders: Some things are worse than death.
    Anders: I can’t imagine what Hawke sees in you.
   Fenris: It is done. Leave it be.
   Anders: Well, good. I always knew she/he had some sense.
   Fenris: Do not make light of this. Leaving was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
    Anders: I know it isn’t my place to criticize, but…
   Anders: Are you sure about Fenris?
   Anders: He seems less a man to me than a wild dog.
   Hawke: You just don’t know him.
   Anders: I know as much as I’m ever likely to.
   Fenris: That’s right, mage.
   Anders: He has let one bad experience color his whole world. Surely you want someone more openminded?
   Fenris: A mage and a hypocrite. What company you keep.
    Merrill: Are you all right?
   Anders: I nearly killed an innocent girl. How could I be all right?
   Merrill: I’m sorry.
   Anders: You’re sorry? For me? This could be you! You could be the next monster threatening helpless girls!
   Merrill: Anders… There’s no such thing as a good spirit. There never was.
   Merrill: All spirits are dangerous. I understood that. I’m sorry that you didn’t.
    Anders: Hawke was a fool to let you move in. You’ll only betray him/her. That’s all your kind can do.
   Merrill: Why do you only do this to me? Are you jealous? You don’t get upset about Hawke and Isabela.
   Anders: You can’t really get jealous of someone for sleeping with Isabela. It’s just…understood.
   Anders: She’s like a side dish. She comes with the meal.
    Anders: I know it isn’t my place to criticize, but… are you sure about Merrill? She acts sweet, but she’ll never choose you over her demon.
   Hawke: Merrill loves me.

   Merrill: What right to you have to question us? Is your Justice any different?
   Anders: Yes. Keep your illusions then. Maker knows I won’t be the one to change them.
    Anders: Is that supposed to be Andraste’s face on your crotch?
   Sebastian: What?
   Anders: That… belt buckle thing. Is that Andraste?
   Sebastian: My father had this armor commissioned when I took my vows as a brother.
   Anders: I’m just not sure I’d want the Maker seeing me shove His bride’s head between my legs every morning.

There’s so much more both in Awakening and DA2, but I shouldn’t have to list everything because even just a small part of it is terrible.


3k words, rated T, Fenris/Male Hawke

This drabble takes place about 13 years after Inquisition, and fairly soon after this one. I wrote it because there have been posts in the Fenris tag saying that creators shouldn’t make trans Fenris content so I have decided that every time there is a post like that, I am going to make some trans Fenris content to counteract the negativity with positivity for my fellow trans DA fans. Fenris is indeed trans here although it doesn’t come up very much.


The rooftop garden is closed for the winter so they have to sneak in, Fenris ghosting through a tucked-away door at the far end of the eastern wing and unlocking it for Hawke to come through. The stairs are dusted with snow and a little slippery; Hawke’s cane suddenly loses traction once and Fenris has to catch him as he flails, straining to heave his great weight upright again. The two of them collapse into each other, giggling madly.

“Thank the Maker.” Hawke kisses Fenris’s hair. “I thought we’d never get out of there.”

Fenris groans. “If I had to deflect one more question about Dumat’s death…”

“Hm.” Hawke nods thoughtfully as they ascend. “I do feel a bit badly for Aveline. Now she’s covering for us as well as Varric.”

Varric, of course, recoiled in horror the moment the word “Halamshiral” was uttered in his office; only with much stricken clutching of the chest and earnest desperation was he able to convince Aveline to represent him here instead. He is not fond of nobles, Fenris knows, and certainly not fond of five hundred of them gathered in one place, every one of whom wants something from him. Fenris has witnessed Aveline stoically absorbing numberless queries of Orlesian-accented “but where is the dear Viscount?” already this evening. And now as well “have you seen the Champion of Kirkwall, or his dashing consort?”

He will apologize after this. For now he and Hawke ascend into the night and cross the stone patio, a thick layer of powder breaking over their boots. The garden is dead—dormant, he supposes, the dense white-capped shrubs shorn of leaves, the spindly rosebushes twisting their questioning limbs into the air. To receive snow as answer, fine ridges building on each dark stem as if lain by some meticulous architect’s careful hand.

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Dragon age 2 companions react to waking up finding a kaddis swipe across their face like Hawkes

Verric: he was confused at first but then started to laugh, he found hawke immediately not doubting for a second that he put it there. “Wow, didn’t know we were this close.” He joked.

Fenris: he went about his day as normal, wondering why people were laughing at him and giving him odd looks, when he saw the swipe across his face he sighed. “Nice one hawke, I do t know how you didn’t wake me up.” He said wiping it off.

Merril: “why, what’s this.” She is happy that it got there, and when she finds out hawke put it there she’s even happier.

Aveline: she is confused and asks hawke why they did it, but afterwards she does laugh.

Anders: he is also confused but doesn’t really care, he maybe mentions it to hawke who can’t contain their laughter.

Isabela: she laughs and can’t stop. She finds hawke and they share a laugh together about the stripe. “Good one, you got me.” She said to them.

Sebastian: “I don’t know why you did it but don’t do it again.” He says trying to wipe off the stripe, hawke can’t stop his loud laughter.

Bethany: she gave hawke a long lecture on invading people personal space, and hawke regretted ever putting that swipe across her face. Carver: “I hope this comes off, for your sake.” He said furiously wiping the stripe off of his face while hawke laughed in the background.

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the DA2 gang sitting at the Hanged Man and going around and saying what they want more than anything else in the world for Wintersend (aka Thedas christmas basically) but Fenris has only been in Kirkwall a few months and this has never even crossed his mind and he has to think fast?

“Antivan jewelry.” Isabela drags the syllables for emphasis. “Not the tacky brass things with the hammered in designs though, the real stuff. Gold with rubies cascading down my to my breast, that is what I would like.”

Varric chuckles before rising his eyebrows and nodding approving, “That is exactly what I pictured you wearing when you told that story last week. The one with the Antivan crow?”

Isabela grins as she puts her cup down, “If I was he would have nicked it from my neck, so he could wear it.”

Hawke belts out a laugh, tipping a bit on his bench and Fenris almost has a mind to steady him from where he sits alongside. “Yes well, I’ll remember that for when I’m rolling in sovereigns.”

“How kind of you to share your one-day-maybe riches with us Hawke,” Varric says and Fenris smirks into his cup, “Don’t forget I’d like the deed to this place.” The dwarf motions to the tavern they are all drinking in.

Aveline makes a sound of disgust, “Varric there are so many… cleaner things you could ask for Wintersend. Useful things.”

“What would you want then Aveline?” Hawke nods to her, “And don’t just say ‘armor polish’ or something boring, this is the dream gift.”

Fenris watches Aveline, feeling invested in the conversation. You could learn a lot from what people would ask for if the sky was the limit. She struggles for a moment before shrugging “A house? I don’t know Hawke I think I might be too practical for this game.”

“What kind and where?” Hawke points to her as if pinning to her to the spot.

“I don’t know,” Aveline stammers for a moment, “Hightown? Just a nice cozy home, nothing elaborate.”

“Alright so,” Hawke looks around the table, pointing to each companion as he goes down the list “A cat, a halla, jewelry, real estate and real estate.”

“It has to be Ser Pounce-A-Lot” Anders points back at Hawke from where he has folded up his front on the table, his words slurring, “It has to. Hawke. Hawke it has to be him.”

“Yes Anders I will board a boat to Ferelden and bring back every stray cat for you.” Hawke motions to the barkeep for another round as he talks, “A boatful of cats.”

Fenris chuckles at the image, Hawke wrangling unhappy cats onto a ship as they scatter, the boat faring waves that cause the cats to hiss and claw up the deck. “I’d like to see you try that Hawke.” 

Hawke’s gaze settles on Fenris for a moment before he responds, “What about you?”

“What about me?” Fenris rises an eyebrow as the barmaid reaches across the table with new mugs of ale for them. 

“What would you want for Wintersend?” Hawke asks before picking up his ale.

Fenris blinks. What would he want? Has anyone asked him that before? He can’t think of a time, at least not in this tone and context. He feels it like a misstep, clumsy as he takes a drink to give himself a brief moment to think. Everyone came up with something, even Aveline, and he knows they won’t let him gracefully step away from the question.

What do you want, he asks himself. The first thought is ‘freedom’. But its heavy and arbitrary and puzzling and would ruin the atmosphere of the evening. ‘Danarius’ Death’, but that might be an even worse answer. Those wants are genuine yes, but outside of those things he is drawing a blank. Had he ever thought of this before? At all? Beyond basic needs? 

“Anything. Anything at all.” Hawke fills Fenris’ silence, leaning slightly towards him as he speaks. Fenris shifts away on the bench, confused by the flutter in his chest.

“Wine.” He blurts out, eyes fixed on the wood grain of the table. There are a couple laughs at the table and Fenris instantly feels foolish. 

“Just going to fill that entire mansion with wine huh?” Varric grins, shaking his head. “Not a bad use of the space.”

Hawke chuckles, but its softer. Fenris eyes him to see his expression is not mocking or disappointed but gentle, he doesn’t look like he is going to pry or ask for more like he did with the others. Fenris…. appreciates that. 

He straightens his posture, leaning slightly towards Hawke so he can speak quietly, “No one has-” He swallows vulnerability down, “No one has asked me that before.”

Their eyes meet and for a second Hawke says nothing. But his look isn’t pitying and his voice is steady and warm as he says “Then I’m glad to be the first.” 

sorry but like the whole “sebastian is rude to merrill and shes just too nice to say anything”/“fenris and anders are abusive and merrill can’t even defend herself” etc mentality is annoying. merrill isn’t a frail and delicate child and the one time sebastian oversteps his bounds in their discussions she doesn’t hesitate to let him know. she doesn’t hesitate to bite back on ANYONE - she calls out anders several times, and fenris, AND even hits back at aveline. she teases carver because she KNOWS he has a crush she does not reciprocate, and she can joke with him WITHOUT being cruel about it. his letting go and being happy she got with hawke is important to her lmao like merrill’s friends respecting her is important to her and she WILL let them know when they’ve overstepped their bounds.

merrill is not a ditzy bubblebrained child incapable of taking care of herself. her being compassionate to people who are not kind to her is not foolishness, it’s strength. merrill is a strong af character like that’s gross as fuck to perpetuate the idea she isn’t. stop it. she deserves better.

  • Merrill: Why don't you arrest us, Aveline?
  • Aveline: What?
  • Merrill: We break the law. I'm pretty sure. There are laws for almost everything. You're not a bad guard, are you?
  • Aveline: No!
  • Merrill: That's good. Is it because you're fond of Hawke? I kind of am.
  • Aveline: How very nice for you. Keep it to yourself.
  • Merrill: I'd rather keep it with her.

An interesting thing:

If you bring Iron Bull and Varric around with you, you may notice that their banter is sort of… hard-edged. Surly. Even snarly. Which is kind of funny because both Bull and Varric mostly can get along with almost anyone. Varric is also edgy with Cassandra, but then, he has reason–the woman did kidnap, threaten, and interrogate him, and then later attempt to clobber him for lying about Hawke–but even there they seem to warm up to each other eventually.

And yet Varric and Bull remain sort of twitchy around each other, for all that by rights they ought to have the same sort of ethics. 


I think: they’re both liars. And they both know it.

There’s a proverb: you should set a thief to catch a thief. And I think the same is true of liars. It’s sometimes said that you can’t fool an honest man, but that’s clearly deeply untrue (an untruth that is, admittedly, very self-serving for the dishonest to spread): it’s actually quite easy to con an honest but sensitive or generous individual. But in my experience, liars sniff each other out.

Varric and Iron Bull lie for very different reasons and in very different ways. 

Varric lies partly because it’s entertaining and makes the stories better–an impulse that, I think, all storytellers have–but also to protect his friends. We know he lied to protect Hawke, but it would also not shock me if he covered the tracks of his other criminal friends: Merrill the apostate blood mage, Isabela the pirate thief, Fenris the escaped slave with his stolen house, Anders the terrorist apostate. Even Aveline would need some protecting from appearing to be complicit in any of their crimes. Varric lies for the twin and yet conflicting goals of glory and safety. He wants the great deeds of his friends to be written in fire across the sky–and yet he doesn’t want any of them to be found.

Bull lies because it is his nature; he lies because that is what Hissrad does. But where Varric lies about his friends, Bull lies mostly about himself. He tells the truth and yet at the same time, he lies. He freely tells you all about the Qun–while at the same time admitting that he is an agent on their behalf, a spy and a  mole. He tells you he’s going to lie–and you believe him–

“The funny thing is, Mister Lipwig, that I find myself trusting you all the more when you tell me how untrustworthy you are,” said Miss Dearheart.

Moist sighed. “Yes, I know, Spike. Wretched, isn’t it. It’s a people thing.”

Going Postal, Terry Pratchett

–you believe him because he seems so straightforward, even though what he’s being straightforward about is being a liar. You believe him because even while telling you that he is lying to you, he seems so honest.

But then, Varric does the same thing. “Also prone to extravagant lies,” he admits, almost immediately when you meet him, with a glint in his eye that very nearly matches the glint in Bull’s eye. And they both will smile, tell stories, buy you a drink. They both are expansive in their personas. They both tell you that they are liars–and oh, you believe them. 

Don’t you?

Set a thief to catch a thief. Set a Ben-Hassrath to catch a storyteller. Set a rogue to catch a Hissrad. It’s all the same in the end.

We trust both of them–but they don’t trust each other.

It might could be that they’re both, in the end, correct about that.

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For DWC: “It doesn’t matter if you need me; you broke everything.” Pairing of your choosing. :)

HI THANK YOU FOR THE PROMPT SORRY THIS IS FROM 300 YEARS AGO and also that I am trash and really wanted to write some HawkexAveline!  @dadrunkwriting

Hawke had spent the last several hours drinking her feelings in the corner of the Hanged Man, desperately hoping both that a familiar face might notice her there, and that no one would dare disturb her.  In the end, she didn’t quite get her wish either way.

Aveline entered the Hanged Man like a gathering storm.  Strange to see her out of her guard’s uniform.  Hawke remembered a time not so long ago when she wondered whether Aveline even took it off to sleep.  Aveline’s eyes landed squarely upon Hawke, and she marched across the tavern, managing somehow all at once to look more formidable than ever, and also more vulnerable.

“This is your fault,” she said, without preamble.

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You probably can't come up with 100 reasons why Connor is good or why you love him so much

you are playing a very dangerous game here, anon

  1. He cares about the safety of his village
  2. He cares about his grandmother
  3. He cares about his best friend since childhood
  4. He wasn’t afraid to call out the founding fathers on their hypocrisy
  5. And he did it in the most calm demeanor I have ever seen
  6. He pets stray dogs
  7. He helped Prudence give birth in the middle of the woods even though he was scared shitless for her and for her baby
  8. The clasping thing he does with his hands
  9. He helped Norris and Miriam get together wingman of the year 2k14
  10. And he helped organize their wedding
  11. AND he walked Miriam down the aisle
  12. ANDDDDDD when he was helping Norris court her and she didn’t like flowers, he announced “I WILL UNCOVER THIS MYSTERY MYSELF”
  13. He nearly broke a guy’s wrist and when he got the information he needed he politely said ‘thank you (✿◠‿◠)’
  14. He respects women
  15. He had a conversation with the Marquis de Lafayette about crossdressing
  16. HE IS SO HUMBLE LIKE “You diminish your role, but you have always been of humble heart.” “I do what is right. No more, no less.”
  17. He actually wanted to end the templar/assassin conflict
  18. At least he tried to weaken the templar’s influence through other means besides killing them all off at first
  19. He’s not perfect, he can still be stubborn, idealistic, and impulsive
  20. When any of the recruits get injured he runs over to them, holds their hand and encourages them to keep fighting
  21. “I expect an apology when I return”
  22. Literally any scene with him and Faulkner
  23. He beat up an abusive husband
  24. Then gave Ellen and her daughter a new home where she could continue with her business
  25. He also did the same for Prudence and Warren
  26. When Miriam was injured, he carried her all the way back to the manor even though her wound was on her arm not her leg
  27. He started captaining the Aquila when he was, what, fourteen years old?
  28. When Lee kept going on about how he was going to destroy everything he held dear, Connor just fucking rolled his eyes at him
  29. His level of determination is insane
  30. Even with a gaping wound in his side, he STILL managed to go after Lee and finally kill him
  32. He teamed up with a templar for a short amount of time but never once gave up his own beliefs or ideals
  34. He actually did sincerely apologize to Achilles when he yelled and insulted him
  35. He mentored Adewale’s grandson
  36. Despite knowing that Edward was a pirate, he still must have had some respect for him
  37. He made the people of Boston look like idiots by solving all of their mysteries (the loch ness monster, ufos, etc.)
  38. But when it turned out that the headless horseman was real he was just “LOL YEAH IT’S REAL”
  39. He played fanorona with Father Timothy after Achilles died
  40. The first thing he did when he saw that Ziio was alive was hug her
  41. He always strove for equality and justice for the people
  43. “I will not die today. The same cannot be said for you”
  44. Then he faced his own execution without batting one eyelash. Not one
  45. Then he went after Hickey even though he was exhausted, most likely malnourished, and had almost been hung
  46. THEN when he killed Hickey, he told Putnam to not kick his body because “he was still a man”
  47. Connor has so much fucking respect for others even for some of his enemies don’t look at mE
  50. He’s not a bitter or cynical protagonist
  51. He actually has so much hope and optimism despite all the shit he has to deal with
  52. And when it’s all over and he pulls the hatchet out of the post, he does learn the hard way that yeah, life is not a fairy tale and there are no happy endings
  53. But he grows and learns from that lesson
  54. He does everything he can to help others, even complete strangers
  55. He has so much genuine kindness and empathy
  57. His story didn’t end with him killing Lee
  58. He still took initiative with the brotherhood and continued recruiting others
  59. He even asked Aveline for help with recruiting Patience
  60. He recruited Dobby, Patience, and allied himself with Aveline because he knows women can get shit done
  61. He gave everything to keep his village safe
  62. And when told by his grandmother that he should rest, he said he would rest when everyone is safe and free
  64. When Prudence was pregnant he saved her FROM A BEAR
  65. The amount of thought Noah Watts put into Connor from his speaking mannerisms to how he presents himself makes me cry happy tears
  66. “I do not have the time to give a woman what she deserves. Perhaps when all this is over, I will be able to settle and have a family. I hope”
  68. He has the nicest handwriting it probably puts all the founding fathers to shame
  69. He had enough common sense to throw the apple of eden into the ocean once it showed him some heavy shit
  72. “What do… you women…… like? In terms of gifts?”
  73. He looks fine as fuck as the captain of the Aquila
  74. And idgaf what anyone else says, his Captain Kidd and alternative captain outfits are also fine as fuck
  77. That little smirk he gives
  78. This speech
  79. He didn’t end up as a bitter old man okay shut the fuck up Darby
  80. The fact that he’s a positive indigenous character who’s multifaceted, complex, and doesn’t rely on gross stereotypes
  81. The way he looked so miffed as a kid when he drew the shortest straw in hide and seek
  82. The way he got so excited during his first trip to Boston mY BABY
  84. His momma was badass and perfect and held a knife to Washington’s throat
  85. [FALLS OUT OF TREE] “What? I meant to do that”
  86. He doesn’t need to talk a lot because he lets his actions and mannerisms speak for him
  87. And when he does talk, his voice is so calm and soothing and just really nice to listen to
  88. But he’s also got a good yelling voice B)
  89. He CONSTANTLY calls Haytham out on his bullshit especially when he makes unnecessary kills
  90. He deserves everything good and happy
  91. Please somebody give this man a hug
  92. [SPOILERS FOR AC ROGUE] Charles Dorian knew him and his recruits so if a French assassin knew fully well what Connor did during the American Revolution, he must have done something right
  93. Connor never forgot about the brotherhood
  94. No more of this ‘HE NEVER CARED ABOUT THE ASSASSINS’ because he did
  95. Why the hell else would be continue with recruitment?
  96. Not only does he respect the Homesteaders and his recruits, he also respects the hell out of his crew mates of the Aquila
  98. Those two little out sticking hairs on the top of his head
  99. He’s probably fluent in French, German, and Latin since Achilles most likely had him study books in those languages
  100. I just love Connor a lot okay

anonymous asked:

Can you give us some headcanon heights in DA2 please? Including characters such as the Arishok and the Architect?

I don’t really do a lot with heights, so I’m afraid I cannot give you a really intricately worded and poetic headcanon post. I can give you my thoughts though for fun (I apologize, I’m trash that has to us feet and inches because metric is not my strong point and the grid behind is merely aesthetic not accurate).

  • Hawke, no matter their gender stands at around 6′0″. Not the tallest of all who live in Kirkwall, but among the many who stand taller than most. Though they are shorter than their younger brother, Carver being around 6′2″-6′3″ and feeling at least a little more superior than his older sibling in that regard.
  • Cassandra Pentaghast of the Seekers who march into the city, stands taller than Hawke at about 2-3 inches just like their brother. It is a surprise to Varric, but all the more intimidating as well to the 4′8″ dwarf.
  • Meredith shares Hawke’s height at 6′0″ and falling shadow over all mages, especially the small elven First Enchanter. Orsino really only reaching her shoulders with his 5′0″ height on the dot.
  • Taller than those two is actually the original Witch of the Wilds, Flemeth by a good 3-4 inches at 6′6″, though whether it is the boots she always wears or not is uncertain. Though her dragon form is obviously more impressive and towering. One of only three that are taller than she, being the Arishok. Hefting around at a good 7′5″.
  • Corypheus is one of the tallest characters, probably standing around 8′2″. A vast difference between say Aveline, who stands about an inch over Hawke at 6′1″. None of the companions, even Aveline standing up well against Corypheus’ height.
  • The Architect is around if not the same size as Corypheus without his crest, probably like 7′11″. With it he is probable around 8′9″. Though even without it there is still a big difference compared to the “normal” inhabitants of Thedas, most likely due to both darkspawn being Arcane Horror/Darkspawn Emissary types. The difference really hitting home between Architect and Varric’s older brother Bartrand’s height of 4′9, aka the average size of dwarves facing off against these creatures everyday of their lives.
  • Fenris is actually rather tall for an elf, even with his slouching stance. The elven warrior standing around 5′10″ without slouching, only 2 inches shorter than the group Healer Anders. Anders being the same height as Hawke at 6′0″.
  • Merrill meanwhile in the average height range for a Dalish (since I do imagine City elves are smaller), being in the range of 5′3″. With Isabela reaching a few inches taller than her with a height of 5′11 with her boots and 5′9 without them.
  • Lastly, Sebastian actually stands taller than most of the group at 6′2, demanding only a little bit more attention. While Bethany stands a bit under him and only an inch under Isabela’s actual height at 5′8

Used Comparing Heights