or even a plot

“As tragic as I find your predicament, helping would involve going out of my way, and as it would seem I —–” Pausing, Rory allowed himself a glance in the other’s direction, gaze evaluating as he looked them up and down. “Don’t fuckin’ care enough,” He finished flatly, a sardonic smile given before his attention was then lost. 

i’m half awake while writing this so if it makes no sense ??? that’s why :’) ok hello! hi, yes you, how are you?? i’m kels, living it up in the cst timezone here with some she/her pronouns. i’m so lame, very behind on ‘popular’ trends, just call me your local grandma who likes to make chocolate chip cookies for all the kids, yes that’s me :) ( yo any kpop fans in here, hmu so we may partake in the fangirling ok cool thanx <3 ) here is my precious baby eliana! still a new muse though i’ve had her in mind for awhile! you can find a quick stats here and her bio here ( tho it’s kind of long whoops ) under the cut are some quick facts tho so just click on that cute little heart if you’d like to plot at all and i’ll invade your im’s, thank you in advance if you actually read all of this, bless your soul <3

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You know what, the ‘suddenly, there’s 5 more Winter Soldiers’ subplot

has gotten a lot of flack, and I don’t disagree that it could and should have been handled a lot better, but even as it is, I really really like what it says, or rather, confirms about Bucky.

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Sochi Banquet

I love how tentatively Viktor approached Yuuri during the Sochi banquet. Look at how many shots it took for this boy to get to Yuuri.

I find this to be especially precious given how Viktor already got rejected by Yuuri earlier that evening.

For all of his being a celebrity, Viktor does not strike me as the kind of person who can easily brush off another person’s dislike of him. Hell, he made a career out of pleasing everyone, and while I don’t think he would cry over another person’s opinion of him, neither does he seem like someone who could just easily dismiss it or not be hurt. I mean look at this face:

His reservations about approaching the fascinating Japanese boy were therefore perfectly understandable. We can even clearly see that he kept his distance for a bit at first.

But like a moth to a flame,

this precious boy

can’t seem to help himself.

And for a while it doesn’t seem like Yuuri even noticed him there?

Oh, but when he did…

It became such an unforgettable night.

Lmao, for Viktor anyway.

Poor Vitya.


Who is it that Bbong Ssuni is saving?
A prince that lives alone in a castle.


Sterek AU: After the death of Claudia magic becomes a taboo in the Stilinski house hold. Everytime Stiles wants to show his dad his magic, to help his dad with his magic John lashes out. Not knowing what to do with the gift that he got from his mother, Stiles represses his magic - doing nearly unrepairable damage to himself.

Years later Derek returns to Beacon Hills to find that the Alpha that killed his sister is far from the most dangerous thing in town.

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so basically the motives of all the As were ‘I’m jealous that you’re all friends and you don’t want to be friends with me even though that’s perfectly reasonable because I’m fucking crazy’.

my salty older sister minutes after 7x20 finished


13 reasons why is bad: a summary

- romanticises mental illness 
- incredibly triggering
- no compelling story
- boring main character
- 9000 bike riding scenes honestly what the hell
- main girl wrecks main guys life for no apparent reason
- feels like a john green book, and not in a good way
- just, Yikes

Is it too late for this

Mick has a pet now \O/

we used to tie a balloon to the kittens when they were tiny to keep an eye on them, why not a rat when Mick’s letting it get some exploring done on board