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Dreams of You // Seo Johnny


the prompt: hello :) can I request a fluffy NCT Johnny soulmate!au where when the person sleeps, they see through their soulmates eyes.

words: 1662

category: fluff + soulmate!au

author note: this is actually my favorite johnny one i’ve done so far so pls enjoy it!

- destinee

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Bendy’s Reign of Terror

So I saw this post, and I had a wonderful idea.

Hell’s Studio AU belongs to @doodledrawsthings

Ever since Bendy had discovered invisible ink, no one had been safe. The studio had thought the little demon was a prankster before, but now he could literally turn invisible. This led to him playing pranks he normally wouldn’t have been able to get away with, such as stealing Joey’s glasses as he was using them, messing up the band during rehearsal, stealing Alice’s halo while she sang. His favorite person to prank though, was always Sammy Lawrence. The music director was notoriously high strung so it was easy as pie to get a reaction out of him. Bendy’s favorite prank was to stand by Sammy’s radio and turn it off while Sammy was listening to it. This would lead to at least a half an hour of Sammy turning the radio back on, Bendy turning it off, and the cycle repeating again until either the ink wore off or Sammy started throwing things. The latter was generally more likely. It was almost a weekly occurance to see an almost imperceptible blur running out of Sammy’s office while the music director screamed obscenities  It was how the studio members judged Bendy’s stress level. If he was pranking Sammy, it meant he was in a generally good mood.

Now, Sammy was getting pretty fucking tired of being messed with, so he decided to concoct a plan of revenge. He took Bendy’s bottle of invisible ink and mixed clear glue into it. That would show the little bastard. All he had to do now was wait. It didn’t take long for Bendy to get in the mood and when the demon drank the ink, Sammy was waiting. Bendy put down the bottle and rubbed his hands together as he disappeared from sight. Sammy could still make out a vague outline as Bendy began to move towards his office. Bendy’s hand closed around the knob and he let himself in. However, a problem arose when he tried to let go of the doorknob. His hand held firm, even as he shook and pulled. Soon he had his feet up on the door to pull, which only led to them getting stuck as well.

“SAMMY!” He yelled. Sammy sauntered into view, looking quite pleased with himself.

“I can play pranks too, shitlips.” He said, smirking.

“Sammy, get me off here!” Bendy yelled. “Right now!”

“If I do that I’m gonna be stuck too. So no thanks.” Sammy said, turning away. “Don’t worry, it’ll probably wear off once the ink does. See ya tomorrow, boss.”


Sammy whistled as he made his way up the stairs and out of the music department. After that, Bendy didn’t play pranks on Sammy anymore. He didn’t even go near the music department for an entire month. When he did, he was wary of Sammy. Slowly though, things began to return to normal. But Bendy never played a prank on Sammy again. He knew what would happen if he did.

First Love -1- Suga AU

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First love - Suga AU 

Parts; One | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 |

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst

Word count; 4.667

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

“Y/N hurry up, you can’t be late for your first day!” your mother was more nervous then you about the first day of college. It was rather funny, the things she put in your bags to survive the first day, you could live off it for at least a week, as you were majoring in dance and music, you couldn’t eat all the snacks she gave you but you were not complaining as you made your way to school. You had just moved to Seoul and still had to get used to everything around you and the accent, well let’s say your start wasn’t an easy one, you just hoped to make some friends in this building, so it would be less lonely.

The minute you walked into the building, you felt impressed again and as you followed the instructions you walked into a classroom and took a seat next to a guy. “Hi I’m y/n.” you bowed your head slightly out of respect and he actually smiled at you and you felt a bit mesmerized by his smile, god he was handsome.

“Nice to meet you I’m Park Jimin.” even his name was beautiful. You couldn’t help but hope he would become a friend, he was probably also majoring in dance as this was the homeroom for the dancers and if you looked at his posture you just could tell he was a dancer. “What is your specialty?”

“Oh, modern dance and freestyle I guess. What about you?”

“Also modern dance and I can do freestyle.” he smiled at you but turned away when our teacher walked in, you all got up and greeted the teacher, she was looking nice but strict but that was a good thing.

“Welcome everyone, I’m your dance teacher and I’ve taken the liberty to team you all up. You are sitting with your dance partner, this will be your partner until the end of the school year, so be sure to get to know each other.  You smiled at Jimin who looked pleased, which was a relieve, to be honest. You always thought that first days were slow days but today it was already hectic and after your first dance practice, you both walked towards the music department, even though Jimin wasn’t majoring in it, he just wanted to walk you towards the class and you both stopped when you heard someone play the Piano. You peeked around the corner and your eyes quickly found the person behind the piano and it was quite something to see. This guy had the same height as Jimin, at least that’s what you guessed but his presence gave a much bigger vibe and you couldn’t help but feel attracted to the person but you weren’t the only one because he had some fans watching him play.

You couldn’t see his face but you could tell he was slender. “Yah what are you doing?” you hadn’t realized you had walked into the room to see how he looked like. Jimin held your arm and pulled you back slightly but it was already too late because the minute he pulled you back, you accidentally bumped into a stand, which of course fell over, disturbing the guy who was behind the piano. He stopped playing and looked up, boy was he annoyed, he narrowed his eyes and got up. He walked over to you and Jimin and picked up the stand. “You should look out where you walk.” he talked with a slur, which took you by surprise because even though he was obviously annoyed by you. He still talked gently, he had won you over with just a few words and when he was actually looking at you, you couldn’t help but stare at his face because he was really handsome, his eyes stood out, they were a bit cat like.

“Are you done looking?” his voice wasn’t gentle any longer and you quickly nodded. You were really embarrassed by this and you just wanted to leave and hide somewhere but you couldn’t as you had to be here. “Jimin, you should go.” you turned and pushed him out of the room “If he does anything, let me know okay?” you nodded and waved after him before returning to the room. You sang but also played the piano but after encountering him you really didn’t feel confident about your piano skills but he was probably a few years older than you so he had more experience.

“Why are you still here?” you jumped at his voice and felt busted for some reason. “I am attending this class,” you mumbled as he glared at you from behind the piano. “Are you sure that you belong here?”

“I’m sure.”

“What instrument do you play?” you pointed at the piano and he actually snorted at that as he looked you over. “Prove it.”

“Excuse me what?”

“You heard me, prove it.” he got up from the piano and gestured for you to take a seat, you really didn’t want to but still slowly walked to the piano, you could tell he was losing his patience, which made you even more nervous. You tripped over a cord and he was just in time to catch you but he should have just let you fall because he was hurting you right now “Yah are you always this clumsy?” You shook your head because you really weren’t but he just made you really nervous.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled as you took a seat behind the piano. You cracked your fingers before putting them on the keys. You were praying that you wouldn’t screw this up because for some reason you really wanted his approval. You started to play a classic song and you were cheering inside when you didn’t mess up and when your piece was finished, the guy slowly clapped but you couldn’t tell if he was sincere or if he was being sarcastic but when you looked up, the only thing you saw was his back as he walked out of the room. This made you feel annoyed to be honest, who the hell was he that he acted like that, did he own the place or something? But there wasn’t any time to think about this because the other students walked in and the teacher followed. The teacher wanted to see what we could do, so you played the same piece again and you also had to sing, which wasn’t a problem and at the end of the class, your voice was a bit sore but luckily you knew how to fix that, just drink some honey tea.

When you walked towards the bus stop Jimin followed you. “You know I asked around about that guy and his name is Min Yoongi, he is a third-grade student, majoring in Music and producing. He is the genius of his class and he really doesn’t like people.”

“That’s no surprise, he really doesn’t try to be nice at all. He asked me to play for him and when he did he just left the room. How rude right?”

“You aren’t that bad right?” you punched his arm “Of course not, I’m a really decent pianist but apparently he doesn’t think so.” you shrugged as you got on the bus waving at Jimin, it was nice that you already had made a friend with the same passion as you but that Yoongi person really bugged the hell out of you, it was just frustrating that he treated you like that. You sat down when your eyes landed on the guy left of you and you closed your eyes just to get some patience because of course, he was on the same bus as you, he had seen you as well and you could feel the blush on your face so you looked out of the window so he couldn’t see.

What surprised you was that he was sitting next to you. “You sang really well.” your mouth dropped because you didn’t expect him to even say something to you let alone acknowledge that you existed. “Thank you,” you mumbled embarrassed because that meant that he had been listening.

“In the future, if I’m in the practice room, would you be so kind as to not disturb me.” you turned to look at him because he was really rude right now. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, I would like you to stay away from the practice room if I’m there.”

“Yah aren’t you a bit much?”

“Why are you talking informal to me, if I’m correct I’m still older.” you snorted and turned your head away from him because even though he was being a jackass he was still too handsome and it was confusing you because you felt attracted to him. “I’m sorry sunbaenim.” You had to clench your teeth when you said this but he was right why did you speak informally to him, it was like you couldn’t help yourself.

“Can you sit somewhere else sunbae?” He actually got up and sat on his previous spot and in your mind, you were cursing at him.

The following days went by with you avoiding min yoongi at all costs and the worst part about this, is that he knew it and every time you thought you could relax, he appeared. “Why are you sitting so low?” Jimin just sat down beside you, he was still walking around in his work out clothes, you couldn’t do that as you had music class next. You pointed at Yoongi who was sitting with two guys, they were talking and writing stuff down and then you realized that they were probably working on their music. You really wanted to know what they were writing about because you had a bad feeling. “Really, can’t you just pretend he doesn’t exist?”

“I’m trying but somehow we are always in the same space, which is really annoying because he really, like really doesn’t like me.”

“So what, he is just being an ass, rise above it, prove him you’re better than him by getting in his face.”

“You know I’m shy, how in the world am I going to do that?”

“Just own yourself, if he tells you to not disturb him when he is working on his music just disturb him, if he tells you to get lost, sit down, make sure he can’t ignore you because we both know that you got a low key crush on him, which I don’t get but there you have it.” he shrugged as he stuffed his mouth with instant noodles. “Yah how can you eat that?”

“Well just put it in your mouth.” he quickly pushed the noodles in your mouth, making you choke on them, which made you both laugh out loud whilst he was patting your back. You felt his eyes on you but Jimin was right, why would you care about what he thought, he was nothing to you except for the low-key crush that Jimin pointed out. After you had finally swallowed the noodles you took a gulp water and got up. “I have to run, let’s meet after class to practice the piece.” you waved as you ran towards the music room and as you sat behind the piano, you began to play the piece you were preparing for the showcase, when the door suddenly opened and of course it was none other than Yoongi, who crossed his arms whilst looking arrogantly at you but this time you weren’t going anywhere, you even continued playing the piano. “What do you want?”

“You know what I want, now get lost.” you snorted and continued playing as if he wasn’t here, knowing you were royally pissing him off. “Yah I told you to get lost.”

“Why? I was here first and I need to practice for the showcase, so maybe you should leave.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, why should I leave?”

“Because I want to play.”

“Too bad you weren’t here earlier.” you gave him your best smile but inside you were dying, you were so nervous and afraid he would hit you or something like that. Yoongi didn’t stay still though as he actually grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the piano, he even had the nerve to push you, which made you trip over cords and you actually fell.

“Leave will you.” He didn’t even ask if you were okay, which made you pissed off and as you got up, you felt a shooting pain through your ankle, which wasn’t good as you were Jimin’s partner in one difficult piece. “Yah Min Yoongi, are you going to take responsibility for this.” you gestured to your swollen ankle but he just waved you off “You fell on your own so why would I?”

“What have I done to you that you need to be so damn rude! You know I’m also majoring in dance and you’re not only messing with my education but also with my friends as I’m his dancing partner!” you had raised your voice because you really was sick of his behavior. He had pushed you deliberately and now your ankle was hurting and the showcase was around the corner you couldn’t be injured. “Then you should’ve looked out, now leave.” you weren’t going anywhere and actually took a seat behind the drums and started to play really loud, that is until he took away the drumsticks.

“Are you kidding me right now, do I really have to forcefully remove you from this room?”


He started to pull your arm but this time you weren’t going to budge and you used all your strength so he couldn’t push you out of the room. “Seriously, how.”

“You forget that I’m a dancer, if I don’t want to move, I won’t move, I’ve got a lot of muscles in my legs so good luck.” at a certain point he gave up. “You’re really annoying, to do you know that”

“I wouldn’t know because I really didn’t do anything to be annoying!” you were in each other’s face and before you knew what was happening he had pulled you against him and kissed you, this was not a gentle kiss as he bit your lower lip to get access in your frozen mind, you did just that, the kiss didn’t last long though as you regained your conscious. You quickly pushed him away and slapped him. “What the hell!!” you actually stormed off. “Thank you!” you heard him yell after you with a smile in his voice, this was just low of him. “AISH!” you startled a few people who were walking past you but you didn’t care any longer. You decided to skip music class and decided to work out even though your ankle was still hurting, you needed to get rid of this energy, the second you realized you were constantly touching your lower lip, you cursed at yourself. How did he know that would work? Did he know you liked him? There was no way he could know right?

The next few days were a welcome distraction from that damned kiss as Jimin and you were working hard for the showcase, it was going to be awesome and intense as it was a modern dance about lovers, it almost took all your time and the time you had left went into practicing your piece for the piano. You were exhausted so the day before the showcase you decided to get some rest and as you were strolling in the park Jimin joined you together with our newest friend Taehyung, he was majoring in theater and music, he was beautiful, there were no other words to describe him. The three of you became friends fast and were almost inseparable, which other people made fun off and the comments that were thrown our way weren’t really nice.

“Maybe we should practice again,” Jimin mumbled but you immediately shook your head because you weren’t going to as we knew the routine, we practiced so much that making a mistake would be weird. You had been on a strict diet the minute we began with the lifts and you couldn’t wait till tomorrow evening when it was all over and you could eat normally again. “Stop worrying, we know the routine and we need to give our bodies rest for a day, what do you think Tae?”

“I think you guys are going to be amazing.” You quickly ruffled his hair which wasn’t an easy thing to do as he was taller than you but this time you took him by surprise, “Are you crazy?!” he ran after you laughing, it was quite refreshing to have a playful friend like him, he was in the same music class as you, he played the saxophone, he was really good and his voice was really low, which made him really attractive for girls, it was fascinating to see how much attention he was getting, it was as if you were walking with a celebrity, he made friends quickly, which wasn’t that weird because he has an amazing personality. He eventually caught you and that’s when you felt someone watching, the hairs on the back of your neck were standing upright, which could only mean one thing. Yoongi was here as well, this made you stop fooling around. “We should go.” you looked at the ground and started to walk into a different direction when Taehyung stopped you. “Why? Is it because of Min yoongi sunbaenim?” You nodded and pulled your arm out of his grasp “Yah Min Yoongi, stop bothering Y/N!” Jimin walked right up to him and was actually angry, which was something you hadn’t seen before and it was scary as hell, the way he became quiet, his face went all serious and now he was talking to Min Yoongi in a way that gave you goosebumps.

“Who are you to tell me that and who says I’m here for Y/N?“ He answered sarcastically but hearing him say your name, well that definitely did something to you but this was not the time to let the crush show. “If you don’t like her than just stay away.” he was right in his face and his fists were balled, which wasn’t a good thing but before you could get in between Taehyung stopped you and went himself. “Both of you should stop this.” he pushed Yoongi back and pulled jimin with him, Jimin struggled at first but stopped when he saw your shocked expression. You quickly threw a glance at Yoongi who was looking at you but his eyes told you he was not happy about this and you had a bad feeling.

“Guys, I’m going home, I feel tired, I will see you tomorrow, oh and Jiminie don’t worry about tomorrow, it will be fine.” you waved at them and ran home, to tell the truth you just didn’t want to be there because you felt flustered by the way Yoongi was looking at you and the fact that Jimin almost got in a fight because of you well it upset you and to do well tomorrow you had to let all of that go, which meant you had to distance yourself for a few hours and that was exactly what you did by taking a bath, watching dramas and doing some homework by practicing your piano piece.

The next day was important and as you entered the school, Jimin immediately pulled you aside. “I can’t do this.” you just smiled at him and put his face between your hands. “You will be fine because you’re not alone.” he nodded thoughtfully and let you go change, you was warming up when the door opened and showed Yoongi sunbaenim, you decided to ignore him as this warm up was really important. You almost jumped when you felt his hands on your back “Here let me help you.” he pushed your body down but way to hard “YAH stop that.” you pushed back and he immediately let go of you and as you got up and looked at him. IT took everything in you to not punch the smirk from his beautiful face. “What do you want?

“I have something to tell you but now I think you should hear it when I will be performing.” with that, he walked away and the bad feeling you had become worse but now was not the time to worry about that as it was showtime. Jimin was a bundle of nerves and you couldn’t let go of what Yoongi had said. “Jimin we are up, you should take your position.” you pushed him on stage and he quickly took his place and as soon as the music started you followed, you were dancing on the song “I’m Here”  by Kim Kyung Hee and it was a really emotional song, which made the audience dead silent, this made it even more intense and you couldn’t help but cry at the end, when you ended in each other’s arms. The applause that followed was shocking and you couldn’t help but laugh as Jimin hugged you tightly and after he let you go, you both bowed to the crowd and that’s when you quickly made way for the next artist, which was a ballet routine and as you quickly went to change into a black dress, you had to pass Yoongi who was working on his stage with his two friends and one of them bowed his head when you walked by and you weren’t sure if it was out of respect or if he was mocking you but you did catch Yoongi’s eyes and they were looking at you as if he hadn’t seen you before, which probably meant he had seen you perform, well that would teach him, feeling satisfied with yourself, you returned after changing your clothes and makeup plus hair, which turned you into a musician.

Jimin put his arm around your shoulder and led you to the side of the stage and you were just in time to see Yoongi start his stage and the bad feeling you had got confirmed when he started to rap with his friends and when you heard your name, you felt your heart sink because the words he was rapping, weren’t nice at all, they were condescending and you felt the tears coming up because why would he hate you so much that he had to rap such vile words about your body and why did he kiss you if he hated you so much, it just didn’t make sense. Next thing you know Jimin but his headphone on your head and started to play the music you liked really loud so you couldn’t hear them anymore and you had never been so grateful towards him. You walked away and sat down on a chair and just stared at your hands while calming yourself down with the music, you know everyone was staring at you but you ignored it all by just simply closing your eyes and focussing on the music.

Jimin tapped your shoulder when it was your time, You opened your eyes and took off the headphone. “Thank you,” you mumbled but the happy feeling you had after performing was gone and the culprit was sitting not that far away from you, he was looking at you with an expression you hadn’t seen yet and it actually regretted at least that’s what it looked like but he couldn’t be in your head right now, as the piano piece was difficult enough. You walked to the piano and sat down, you cracked your fingers again and sighed deeply and the second you put your fingers on the keys, your head became blank and you played your heart out, it was a good thing it was an emotional piece, as it suited well with your current mood. The minute it was over you bowed a few times and walked off, now you had to wait till the last performance which was Yoongi behind the piano and this time you decided to watch him because he couldn’t do anything bad to you through the piano and of course he played beautifully and you had to clap at the end, it always surprised you how mesmerizing he was when he sat behind the piano, completely lost in his own world, sadly enough his character was bad the second he stopped playing.

The music teacher tapped you on the shoulder and you followed his finger to the piano that had been added. “Yoongi asked me to tell you he wanted to play with you.” your heart started beating really fast because there was no way he would do something right? He wouldn’t mess with your education, right?

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, he has much more experience.” the teacher smiled at you and you knew you really didn’t have a choice and if you had a choice Yoongi just ruined that as he told the audience that you would be playing with him. You looked back at Jimin who looked worried but shrugged his shoulders nonetheless so there was no other option than to return to the stage. You bowed to the audience before sitting down and when you saw the piece he had chosen, you panicked slightly because this piece was really difficult and normally you had to practice this a lot. You locked eyes with Yoongi but instead of the disgust he usually showed you saw encouragement, he was actually smiling at you. You started playing when he gave the signal and as you had to focus on the notes you couldn’t really get into it but you didn’t miss a beat, you know Yoongi was looking at you from time to time but you never once met his glance and you were almost thanking the gods when the piece finally ended but the applause that followed was something else.

You got up and bowed to Yoongi and then to the crowd but before you could walk off, Yoongi grabbed your hand and pulled you against him, while the audience was still applauding. “I’m sorry.” your mouth dropped because he was actually saying sorry and meaning it. “Excuse me, what?” he chuckled at your shocked expression and he gently caressed your hand. This took everything in you not to get into crush mode. “I’m sorry about earlier, I made that rap when I first met you but it was too late to change it.” you nodded still completely in shock, you stepped out of his embrace and after one last bow, you quickly walked off stage, still not sure about what had happened, why was he being nice to you? “What was that?!” Jimin asked when you sat down next to him and you just shrugged “I don’t know.” there wasn’t time to discuss it as we all had to get on stage for the last bow and the second we were off stage everyone went home, you didn’t wait for Jimin or anyone else and as you got home you let yourself fall on your bed, thinking about that moment you had with Yoongi but it was overshadowed by his rap.

The next days you tried to avoid Yoongi at all cost but his song followed you everywhere you went and the gossip was brutal, you started to hide in the dance studio or you could be found behind the piano but never when Yoongi was in the classroom, the only people who knew you were at school were Jimin and Taehyung and of course your teachers, it was a tiresome week but you succeeded in avoiding Yoongi that is until the last day, you were completely lost in your music when suddenly someone put a hand on your shoulder. “Omo that scared me,” you mumbled.

“I think we need to talk.”

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Rainy Days- A BATIM Fic

I have waited literally all day to post this. But yeah, literally for the last week it’s been rainy and dreary and while I normally love the rain, I had to go out in the rain and work, which is not fun. Anyways, another fic in @doodledrawsthings Hell’s Studio AU, about the first time the toons saw rain and I fudged the timeline a bit so they could all do it together because I like the trio together discovering things and it’s my story so :P. Anyways, enjoy!

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The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you one random afternoon in the studio, a soft beat filling the silence in the small, dimly lit room as you curled up even more snugly into Yoongi’s blanket on the black leather sofa. His back faced towards you, bits of his blueish black hair sticking out from beneath his black beanie, his head bobbing slightly to the beat as he clicked away on his mouse. From the side, you could see the black mask tucked under his chin with one strap behind each ear, his fair skin strikingly pale due to the contrast with his dark clothing and onyx eyes. He chewed on his bottom lip in concentration, mumbling softly to himself as his other hand fiddled around with the different controls on his sound board. He was in the zone, as per usual, and over the course of the past few months, you’d come to learn very quickly that he did not appreciate being bothered while he was in this state. Just like the very first time you’d met in your composition class.

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deathofcows  asked:

Do you have any specifics for the EU marching band yet? Regular marching bands are weird enough, EU's must be donwright ridiculous. (The parking lot they usually practice in never has cars in it- it's risky to park there, unless you know the band's schedule very, very well. If you leave your car there during practice, they will remove it, and you may or may not ever find it again. It's not worth it.)

Continuing from my previous marching band ask - The Band Director may not be fey, but he is definitely Favored, and his reputation is mythical even outside the music department.  He seldom speaks directly with those outside the band- usually, he will send one of the drum majors.   Also, no one is sure which classes he teaches, or whether he directs any of the smaller ensembles on campus (except, perhaps, his students).

OH MAN I have no marching band anything yet, I have failed you all. This whole ask is cannon immediately and I love it please. I know nothing about band camp except that it’s Weird As Hell already, and that’s the kind of thing I am Into.

↠words are my talent until i’m with you

↠ genre: college! au; fluff/romance; humor

↠ word count: 2.6k

↠ request: could you do the college! hansol one? thank u!

↠ authors note: ahh i finally got round to this enjoy (it’s long… again)

  • Well here we go the college! Hansol au I mean to write a couple of months ago
  • I think his major would be music
  • And his minor would be something like psychology
  • Because he knew music was his passion
  • and it had been as long as he could remember
  • and he figured that along the side psychology would be good because he finds it really interesting how the mind works
  • and he’s interested in how emotions work because that’s kind of what he harnesses when creating his music ya know?
  • So it’s kind of linked
  • he also does dance
  • because he figured that it was a good idea to stay in shape and it was cool because it kind of linked with the music

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The Animator

The second request for @moonfireshadow

Hell’s Studio AU belongs to @doodledrawsthings

Henry was Bendy’s favorite person in the studio. He was more responsible than Joey and more even-tempered than Sammy, not to mention a damn good animator. Most of the time after his initial birth had been spent following Henry around and critiquing his art. Whenever Joey was busy, Bendy would hang around with Henry, doing figure drawing and making sure Henry was drawing well. Occasionally he’d push Henry out of the way and do it himself if he thought the drawings weren’t good enough, which was often. Henry liked to tease Bendy about what a perfectionist the little demon was.

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Exo: When you’re stressed


You were reading the same paragraph for the third time and you still had no idea what it was about. You had exams coming up and you were learning like crazy, trying to cram an insane amount of information into your head in only a couple weeks time. You had even been neglecting your personal health trying to study, nourishment and hygiene only being your second priority. You yawned, thinking about how much sleep you had gotten in the past week. You could count the hours with your fingers. As you leaned back to strech your sore muscles, you felt warm, familiar hands wrap around your waist. “You’re still learning. Why am I not surprised?” Suho said, giving you a soft kiss on the cheek. “This exam is important. It makes up like half our grade.” You say, looking up at him. “Well, nothing is so important that you jeopardize your health for it.” He said, spinning your chair so that you could face him. “I bought us some take-away noodles and you a lavender scented bath bomb. I thought we could have dinner together and then… we could take a bath.” He winked. “But-” “No buts Y/n. If you keep going at this rate, you’ll burn out before you even take this exam. Now…” He said, scooping you up in his arms. “I’m going to make sure this night is full of relaxation and pleasure for you. I don’t want you to even think about studying for one second.” He whispered, softly kissing your lips as he carried you into the dining room.


You slammed the door shut in frustration as you kicked off your shoes and threw your coat on a hanger. You had a big project due in a few days at work and your boss kept adding onto the workload. You had already been working overtime the past week and a half because the perfectionist inside you wanted to get everything done right and impress your boss and colleagues. Plus you also just wanted to show him that you were capable of handling jobs more complicated than making coffee or copies. You stormed into the kitchen to get some ice cream, because that’s what you needed right now: comfort food. Your head was still so busy as you grabbed the ice cream from the freezer that you didn’t even hear your boyfriend walk into the kitchen. He startled you as he wrapped his hands around your waist. “Bad day?” He asked, kissing you on the top of your head as he pulled you close to him. “The worst.” You said through a spoonful of ice cream. “I think what you need right now is a real meal,” He began as he took the ice cream from your hands. “I made your favorite. I’ll heat it up for you. Go sit down.” “Thanks Jagi.” You said, kissing his cheek. You watched him heat up the meal, realizing that it had been weeks since you two had spent more than five minutes together, both of you being extremely busy lately. He sat a plate of piping hot food down in front of you and stood behind your chair, placing his hands lightly on your shoulders. “Here you go baby. And while you eat you can tell me all about your day. You can complain to me all you want.” He smiled, lightly massaging your shoulders. “And while you’re doing that, I’ll give you a relaxing massage. And maybe afterwards we can take things up to the bedroom, where I’ll make sure all your troubles melt away.” He whispered into your ear, sending shivers down your spine.


It felt like ages that you and Baekhyun had spent any time together, both of your schedules being packed full with projects and promotions. Tonight was no exception as you once again stayed longer at the office working on your latest project. You stared at your computer screen, exhausted from the lack of sleep you had been getting, your face clearly showing how over-worked you have been. The sight of a cup of hot coffee being held in front of your eyes pulled you out of your trance. “I thought my baby might need some extra energy. And some coffee.” Baekhyun winked, handing you your coffee, sitting down in the chair next to you. “Thanks my love. What are you doing here? I thought you were busy.” You said, taking a sip of the hot liquid. “I took the rest of the night off because I missed you. We’ve barely seen each other in weeks.” Your boyfriend said, stroking your cheek. “That’s really sweet honey… but I have to work on this project.” You gave him a sad smile and started to turn back to your work. “Not on our coffee date, you aren’t.” He said, turning you to face him. “In fact, I think a change of scenery is necessary.” Taking your hand, he began to lead you up to the roof, ignoring your half-hearted protests. You stopped in your tracks as you saw the surprise Baekhyun had prepared for you. A table and two chairs were placed on the roof, candles lighting the way to your seats. “The perfect setting for a romantic midnight coffee date.” Baekhyun winked as you sat down. “When did you find the time to set this up?” You asked, incredulously. “I had some help from the other members.” He said, taking your hands in his. “Now let’s forget about everything and just enjoy each other’s presence.” You two drank your coffee, laughing and talking about the most random things. You felt the most energized you had been in weeks as you heavy-heartedly went back to work, Baekhyun not leaving your side. He sat you on his lap as you got to your computer, massaging your arms and shoulders as you resumed your work, saying encouraging words and throwing ideas into the room as he kept you company.


You threw your phone on the bed, frustrated at your friend for standing you up once again to hang out with her new friends. Everytime you tried to talk to her about how that made you feel, she would always say she was just busy or that you should hang out with her new group of friends to get to know them better. Even though you liked giving people the benefit of the doubt, you knew that her new friends weren’t to be trusted and you saw how they had changed her already after only a few short months. It hurt having such a good friend abandon you and treat you like dirt. You were on the verge of tears when you suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around your body, engulfing you in warmth. “Something you want to talk about Jagiya?” You heard the deep voice of your boyfriend ask. “Chan-” your voice cracked, “I don’t know what to do with her anymore.” You felt a tear fall down your cheek. Chanyeol wiped it away with his sweatshirt sleeve, trying to comfort you. “Maybe it’s time you let her go… If she would rather be with those people than with an angel like you, then it’s her loss.” He said, kissing you softly up your neck. “She isn’t worth all this pain you’re feeling. Especially if she isn’t even trying to fight for this friendship.” He whispered in your ear. “Maybe you’re right.” You said, reaching for your phone and deleting her from your contacts. You sighed a heavy sigh as you felt the burden being lifted off your shoulders. “Now Jagiya.” Chanyeol said, turning you to face him. “How about we cuddle up in bed and watch some Netflix?” He asked with a wink, you nodding in approval.


A sigh escaped your lips as you put down your sandwich, unable to eat anymore because you were worried sick about your dog being in the clinic. It stressed you out knowing that your dog was sick and there was nothing you could do about it. It was an only-time-will-tell moment and you were tired of waiting for the doctors to call and tell you if anything changed. Kai noticed your lack of hunger and decided now was a good time to cheer his baby up. “Hey Jagi, what do you say we go outside and do something fun?” He asked, pulling you into an embrace. “I don’t know… I don’t really feel like it.” You sighed into his chest. “Well then, that’s the perfect time to do it!” He said, picking you up and telling you to get dressed. He was waiting for you outside by the car and opened the door for you. “Where are we even going?” You asked as you fastened your seatbelts. “You’ll see” Kai said with a wink. He drove to the shelter where you first got your dog and where you often come to volunteer when your schedule isn’t too busy. “Why are we here?” You ask hesitantly, stepping out of the car. “I thought we could play with some of the puppies! You know, to cheer you up!” He said happily, grabbing your hands and pulling you in the direction of the shelter. You two sat outside and played with the dogs, big and small, young and old, for hours. By the time you decided to head back home, you had almost forgotten about your dog’s situation. That is, until you got a phone call from the clinic on your car ride back home. You answered the call, your heart racing as you grabbed your boyfriend’s hand. Kai glanced between you and the road, trying to hear what the doctor was telling you. Your frightened features quickly faded and were once again replaced with a big smile as you thanked the doctor multiple times before ending the call. Kai looked at you. “Well?!” “The doctor said the treatment is going really well and they have high hopes of recovery!” You almost screamed out of excitement. “This calls for some celebratory ice cream!” Your boyfriend yelled, smiling brightly.


You sat on your couch, laptop on your lap, refreshing your emails. You were awaiting an email from a prestigious art school in Europe you had applied for, hoping to get accepted into their music department. You had even sent an audition video with the help of your boyfriend Chen. He has been supporting you every step of the way, just like you supported him. He understood that this was your dream and was even willing to lead a long-distance relationship with you because he knew your heart belonged to him, just like his belonged to you. You nervously played with your hair as you refreshed the page for the thousandth time. “Jagi stop stressing so much. You’re starting to make ME nervous.” Chen said, not looking up from the game he was casually playing to pass the time. “I can’t help it. My entire future depends on this email!” You exclaimed dramatically. “What if they didn’t like my audition?” You asked, your voice cracking as you fought to keep tears from forming. Chen put down the controller and wrapped you in his arms. “That’s nonsense, Jagi. They would be very stupid to reject you, the second most talented singer in the world.” Chen said with a smirk as he kissed your temple. “Second most talented?” You asked, looking up at him. “I’m the most talented, of course.” He said, flashing you a smile. “Now…” He began, closing your laptop. ”Play with me. It’ll help take your mind off of everything.” He winked at you, handing you a controller. You laughed as you took it, starting a new two-player game. You two played for a few hours before you had gotten hungry and decided to go out to eat. Before you got changed, you decided to check your emails one last time, noticing a new one in your inbox. Your heart raced as you saw that it was from the art school. Shaking, you opened the email. It wasn’t until Chen shook your shoulder did you realize that you were crying. “What’s wrong baby?” He asked, worried. “I got in.” You whispered, the information slowly sinking in. “I got accepted.” “This calls for a celebration!!” He screamed excitedly, picking you up and spinning you in his arms.


You let out a deep, heavy sigh as you throw yourself onto the couch of your living room. You had just gotten off the phone with your mother, who, once again, was comparing your life to that of her friend’s child’s life. They were the same age as you but, according to your mom, they were “succeding in life”. What does that even mean? You asked yourself as you rubbed your temples, feeling the impending stress headache coming your way. You loved your mom but sometimes she drove you to the brink of insanity. Kyungsoo heard you from the kitchen and walked over to you, gently lifting your head and placing it on his lap. “What’s wrong, dearest?” He asked, stroking your hair. “My mom” You sighed. “Has she been comparing you to that other person again?” He asked, slightly scowling in the process. You nodded. “She kept going on about how they had better notes, a better significant other, better job opportunities blah blah blah.” “Well, don’t listen to her Jagi! No significant other is better than I am!” You laughed warmly at him, placing a hand on his cheek. “How do you always seem to cheer me up when I’m stressed?” “I know what will make you even more happy.” He smiled, his face inching his way towards yours until your noses were almost touching. You looked up at him, a knowing glimmer in your eyes. “I’m making stir-fry for dinner.” He said, kissing your forehead. He heard an “Oh” escape your lips, causing him to smile into your skin. “Don’t worry. I’m saving you for desert.” He said with a wink.


You sat at your desk, looking at the pile of assignments due in a few days. You had been sick with a pretty bad cold for the last week and you felt good enough today to go back to your classes. However, seeing all the assignments you had missed and are supposed to turn in by the end of the week made you sick to your stomach. You sighed, knowing that staring at all the work was not going to get them done as you pull the blanket around you tighter and started with the assignment on the top of the pile. You had been working nonstop for hours when your boyfriend came home from practice. He expected you to already be asleep, so he was surprised to still see you sitting at your desk so late at night. “Why are you still up?” He asked, wrapping his hands around your shoulders. “I have so much work to do…” You tiredly said, quietly coughing at the end, hoping your boyfriend wouldn’t notice. He did notice. “Jagiya, if you keep this up, you’re going to get sick again!” He said, pulling you away from your work. “But these assignments are due in a few days. I’ll be fine.” You argued, coughing some more at the end. Sehun picked you up and carried you to bed, ignoring your complaints and struggles to free yourself. He tucked you into your shared bed tightly. “You need your rest now more than ever. I’ll join you in a minute.” He said, kissing you lghtly on your forehead. You knew it was useless trying to argue with your boyfriend, secretly glad he pulled you away from your work as you snuggled into the blankets. He dove under the covers a few minutes later, pressing his warm body onto yours. “I’ll come home a little earlier tomorrow and help you with the rest of those assignments. Two heads are better than one, after all.” He whispered, kissing you softly and humming you to sleep.


You slumped against the wall with a groan, looking at your reflection from the mirror across the studio. You had a big dance recital coming up and you kept messing up your solo that you had worked so hard on to get. Soreness and weariness was creeping up your entire body because you had been working on your performance for over two hours after practice had already ended. I don’t want to let anyone down you thought as you started massaging your aching thighs. You were so deep in your thoughts, going over the choreography mentally, that you didn’t even notice your boyfriend come up to your side and started massaging your other thigh. “I thought I would find you here.” He said, not looking up at you as he continued to knead gently into the sore muscle. “Sorry, I didn’t expect it to get so late. I just couldn’t leave without having one small accomplishment.” You said, brushing a stray hair out of your face. Lay looked up at you, smiling lovingly, his dimples popping out. “It’s fine, my little perfectionist.” He said, touching your nose with his. “But you should know that you have already made huge accomplishments and that I’m am very proud of you.” “What accomplishments?” You ask, exasperated. “Well for starters, you got the solo you desparately wanted to get, all through your hard work. Plus your performance has gotten much better than when you started. And I think if you stopped thinking about everything and just follow the music, you’ll nail your solo.” Lay said, helping you up to your feet. “I don’t know abou-” You started to protest, but he pressed his lips to yours, silencing both you and your thoughts. “Don’t think, just dance.” He said, turning on the music. You closed your eyes and let the music completely take over your body and sure enough, you danced without fault. As the music faded, you felt your boyfriend’s hands wrap around your waist, attacking your face and neck with soft, approving kisses.

Dreaded Double P.E- Teacher Mikey Way

God, you hated Tuesdays so much. The dreaded double P.E was fast approaching and rumours were spreading that your usual teacher had gone on her maternity leave early. Two hours of physical pain with a sub teacher was your idea of hell, but you had to put up with it, simply because you needed a mediocre grade. Walking over to the P.E bulletin, the rumours were proved to be true, as the sign read

‘ As of Mrs Jones’ unexpected leave, Class ZX1 will meet in their usual space and will be taken by a sub. Thank you for your co-operation. ‘

You huffed a deep sigh as you made your way over to the green playing field that had been marked with white paint to accommodate different sports. You made your way into the changing block and weren’t surprised to acknowledge that the other girls were just as confused and pissed as you were. According to them, another teacher from the school was taking the lesson and others even claimed it was a teacher from the music department. In all honesty, you just wanted to get the lesson over and done with. That was until one of the girls said that they’d heard that Mr Way was taking over your P.E lesson. Mr Way was your ultimate crush and your music teacher, according to a tight-knit group of girls, he’d be taking your phys ed lesson for the next four weeks. You couldn’t help but picture his muscular, tall form running on the track and his dirty blonde coloured hair bouncing with his long strides. If only. The group of females started to file out of the changing block and onto a bench in the field, where you were told that your new teacher would meet you.

It had been a good 5 minutes before a tall figure started lumbering towards your group, holding a large bag of rubber netballs, dropping them everywhere he went and struggling to pick them up again, and you laughed as he fumbled. You laughed, until you realised who this man was. Mr Way hastily collected the balls from the ground and dropped the bag onto the grass before you as he studied the class. His eyes lightened and he gave a gentle smile when he saw you on the end of the front bench. You had been in his music class for the past year, now and had developed a major crush on him over time.

“Okay class!” he said enthusiastically “I’m Mr Way. Some of you might know me already, but I’m a music teacher here and I’ll be taking your Physical Education classes for the next few weeks.” There were snide comments from some of the girls while others just studied the new teacher stood before them. You were slowly melting inside and awkwardly playing with the bottom of your short-shorts that were required for P.E as Mr Way went through the rest of his speech on what you were going to be doing in the course of the next few weeks.

A few minutes later, he instructed you all to get into a line and run up one side of the running course and then down the other. Simple enough. You filed into the line and somehow ended up at the front very quickly. As you began to run on the track, the girl on the other side running the opposite way decided that this would be a great time to stop and tie her shoelace, tripping you over and leaving a large gash on your knee and left side. Mr Way was at your side instantly and he called another teacher to take over the lesson and he brought you to one side.
“Are you okay y/n? I wouldn’t want my favourite student to get hurt, now, would I?” He asked you, an adorable smirk on his lips, yet concern in his eyes. You replied with nothing, you were to busy taking in every one of Mr Way’s facial features up close. You’d never been this close to him before and your face turned a tinted red at the thought of you being his ‘favourite student’.
“Can you walk, y/n? We’ll have to take you to the nurses office if you’re in this condition…” He furrowed his brow and studied your grazed leg. You attempted to stand up, and immediately fell forwards like a baby deer trying to take it’s first steps. Bracing yourself for the impact of the stone floor, you were instead met by the warm grip of two strong arms. They held you in place gently, and it felt strangely nice in the warm cushion of heated muscle, like floating on a warm cloud that smelt of coffee and cigarettes, that is, until you looked up and snapped back to reality. Mr Way was hovering above you, staring into your dazed eyes and you froze up in an instant.
“I-It um…looks like you.. um, can’t walk’ Mr Way muttered, snapping his face to the right. You were sure that you spotted a hot blush forming on his pale skin, yet chose to ignore it as a trick of your over-enthusiastic imagination. What he did next struck you as a total surprise, as he slipped his smooth hands under your knees and behind your shoulder and lifted you from the concrete ground with no hesitation.
“Sorry…” he murmured “I’ll have to do this if you can’t walk. Hold onto my neck, It’ll make it easier.” Awestruck, you hesitantly wrap your arms around his neck, holding on for dear like as he jogs to the nurses office.
After an awkward five minutes of intense jogging and the warm feeling of Mr Way’s hot breath on the nape of your neck, you arrived outside the nurses office, where he placed you down on a bench and rapped his knuckles on the door. You sat, trying to comprehend what had just happened and why your hot teacher had ran across a field with you in his arms.
“Y/n?? Are you listening? The nurse isn’t in…I guess…I could do it? I mean, I have a degree…” Mr Way enquired, snapping you out of your ‘less than innocent’ daydreams.
“Do what, Sir? What do you mean?” you reply, genuinely confused at what he was saying, lost in your own little dream world.
“I can help clean you up, is what I mean. Only if you want me to, though…” He elaborated as he fumbled with his keys and eventually unlocked the door to the medical room. The sterile blue scheme of colour flowed along the walls and the familiar smell of medication ran up your nostrils as Mr Way picked you up and gently set you down on the padded medical table in the center of the room.

You examined the room, occasionally looking behind you to watch Mr Way rummage through the drawers while mumbling incoherent orders to himself as he looked for plasters and bandages for you. After some time, he returned to the table with arms full of bottles and cloths, which you felt was bit much, but he was the one with the degree, not you.
“Um, can I ask you to um…” He gestured to your shorts and you rolled them up to your mid-thigh as he had instructed. You blushed as he gently stroked the skin around the gash on your leg, he was obviously trying to not to hurt you, and you savoured every touch, every small thing he said to you, every small smile he gave when he looked up at you. You were almost glad that you’d been hurt, in all honesty. It gave you more time to drool over ‘him’.

After around half an hour of awkward prodding and sympathetic smiles, Mr Way had finished bandaging your leg ( Which he had struggled to perfect as he insisted that it needed to be in a completely straight line) and he inspected your leg with a proud smile on his face.
“Medical prodigy, Mr Way!” you smile at him, with a small cheer. A lopsided smile graces his face as he chuckles at your joke, and then all goes silent. A tense aura fills the room for a while, as you both sit and stare at each other on the table.
“You really are my favourite student, y/n” he almost whispers, staring into your e/c orbs as you stare at a particularly interesting spot on the sporadically dotted floor. “It’s just so damn hard to stay away from you.” he breathes onto your neck as you snap your head to the right, noticing him, only a few centimetres away from you. You clench your jaw and pray to the holy heavens that this is real life as he slowly starts to lean into you. “Is it bad that I’m kinda glad that you got hurt, y/n?” he whispers onto your lips, gruffly. Your lips slotted into his and he brushed your hair away from your face with one hand as he intertwined the other with your hair. You both jumped suddenly when the school bell went, signalling the end of the dreaded double P.E. I guess P.E wasn’t that bad, as long as it was with Mr Way.

A Choir Member’s Survival Guide

School is coming up soon (if it hasn’t already begun for some of you.) And EVERY choir member knows that the beginning of a new season also means… New music (here comes the loads of holiday music in September) More rehearsals, and once November and December hit- the loss of a social life (damn holiday gigs). 

I felt it appropriate as a long-time choir nerd to give some advice to the newbies out there, and everyone else can refresh their memories.. So, without further ado, I give you, the CHOIR SURVIVAL GUIDE

1. WATER WATER WATER PLEASE DRINK IT. BRING A WATER BOTTLE TO REHEARSAL ALWAYS. Save your vocal cords. Hydrate them. Especially in the winter months. The thousand times you’ll probably be singing Carol of The Bells this coming season can take a toll on your vocal folds!

2. LEARN and ORGANIZE your music. If your choir folder/binder is clean you’re more likely to want to look at it and practice your music, and it makes finding music in rehearsal MUCH less difficult.. don’t be that person that doesn’t know where anything is and needs new music every rehearsal!

3. ASK for help when you need it. Having trouble with the harmonies? Don’t know how to pronounce a word? Ask. If you can’t work up the courage to ask your director in the middle of rehearsal, wait until afterwards in private or ask someone in choir you’re closer too. 

4. LINT ROLLERS AND TIDE TO GO STICKS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS FOR CONCERT WEAR. Choir robes, uniforms, etc.. they can get stained, covered in lint- Concert black covered in lint is NOT nice looking. Grab a lint roller at the dollar store and use it on your concert wear. 

5. SING OUT! Even if you’re not 100% comfortable with your piece yet, it’s better to sing out and be corrected than barely sing and make the same mistakes. Be confident in yourself. Something that my (Choir Jokes, butting in again) director always says is Loud and Wrong. He would rather we sing it wrong, loudly so he can hear it, and then correct it than us learn it wrong. A saying in my choir that I like to try and live by is ‘What’s the worst that can happen? Your head falls off.' 

6. GET INVOLVED: Always always always do what ever you can to fundraise or further promote your choir or music department- even if you don’t need it, raise money or awareness for other choirs or music programs that are less fortunate. Participate in as many of your fundraisers (if your choir does them) or charity concerts, etc. as possible. 

7. MAKE FRIENDS: Your choir, in many cases, becomes your family. We all joke about the section rivalry and that one bitch soprano or tenor, and although sometimes there are people or situations that aren’t so favorable, do your best to bond and make friends with your peers. You are singing with them, after all, and the better connected you are, the better you’ll sound AND feel. 

and lastly….

HAVE FUN! If you don’t feel happy or safe in the choir or music program you are singing in, maybe it isn’t for you. Your health and happiness is first priority and if you aren’t enjoying yourself, it may be time to find a new choir or a new activity- singing in a choir should be fun and enjoyable for you. 

If you have ANY other questions, concerns, or are in need of advice, do not hesitate to drop a message to us HERE

Keep Singing!

4 YEARS WITH EXO| The day we were introduced to EXO, for most of us we were ruined. We were doomed into the deep pits of our curiosity and were forever marked in the hearts of the 12 handsome figures standing in front of our eyes and computer screens; captivated by their bright, playful smiles, awkward bows and thankful spirits. We’ve overcome the long hiatus of the 1st year, survived the humorus yet dangerosly cool and sexy eras in the 2nd. We anticiapated still so much for EXO during the 3rd year despite the deptures of the remainder of that year. We stood strong, supporting the remaining 10 that lead to the most successful year of EXO’s career so far. Sold out concerts all over the world, over 2,000,000 albums sold, achievements on music charts all over the globe. Even then when another member departed, the public criticzed the idenity of one members race and (unncessary) scandals erupted, we stood by their side remaining strong and firm for our love of EXO. Traveling around Asia, endlessly, they worked hard. Acting, dancing, singing, they did it all and are still going. As we look to the next coming years as I have back in 2012-2013 when I made a post very similar to this, I still predict success. These stars are too bright and will continue to leave their mark on this earth. They will travel all around the globe and meet more EXO-L’s and will continue to make more music and work hard just to excite our curiosity even more. They will continue to do all of these things as long as EXO-L’s are by their side. HAPPY 4 YEARS EXO!<3

jin is the kid you go to school with that still has the same squad he did in the third grade and not much has changed except now he has sparse facial hair. he’s also the really attractive theater kid that always stars in some way in all the plays. he also is in the highest choir of the school and has a lot of solos with the really ethereal and attractive girls. yoongi is in his squad probably.

yoongi is the kid that always hangs out in the art/theater/music department that you didn’t even know existed until you walk into an ap lit class one day and he’s sitting there chatting with his music friends. he can have some bad opinions like all art kids but he’s one of the cool funny ones that is easy to get along with.

hoseok is that kid thats captain of all the unrecognized sports like he’s leader of the schools dance club hes captain of the golf team captain of the track team hes in freaking knitting club hes the kid thats pretty active in the school but isnt really known outside the classroom (where hes the kid always laughing and making jokes that are only funny 6/10 times).

namjoon is the type thats in like ap everything but has a lot of free periods. he isnt really seen around the school much because he leaves whenever he doesn’t have class but those that are at his education level are pretty good friends with him. hes the type of guy that no one really talks to but is always seen with one girl.

jimin is the type of guy to not quite grown out of his middle school phase. he laughs at bad jokes and is the kid to be like “its pajama day? what if i sleep naked!!!” and also the kid thats like “if the teacher doesnt show up after 15 minutes we can just leave!!”. the only reason people dont hate him or think hes annoying is because hes really attractive and very kind when hes away from his dirty friends that bathe in axe perfume. he joined anime club and became best friends with taehyung there.

taehyung is the type of kid that has tons of girl friends but not a lot of guys to hang out with, all of whom have a massive crush on him. he hangs out with the “”“nerdy”“” girls that like anime or abstract things because he thinks its cool, but he also hangs out with really “"popular”“ kids. basically the kid who’s squad is his entire graduating class.

jungkook is the guy thats like super fit and super attractive but doesn’t do much, so everyone lowkey has a crush on him but don’t understand why. he’s the type of kid that brings his longboard fucking everywhere and always listens to music in class. the type to wear black skinny jeans and some type of hoodie all the time. he sits alone or with taehyung occasionally but he isn’t bothered too much by it because he has tons of older friends that aren’t in high school anymore.