or else the world will fall apart

As someone who, overall, enjoyed fantastic beasts, it really causes a lot of issues for the worldbuilding

I think fantastic beasts really highlights a flaw in jkrs writing. Mainly, how the rules for her world really only work if you consider white people, and totally fall apart when you consider the same world from anyone else’s point of view.

The idea that in america you can have 0 contact with no-majs is fine, if 1. Everyone is white and/or 2. Magic is entirely hereditary. But neither or those ia true.

The movie takes place, what 60 years after slavery was abolished? What happened when a wizard was born a slave? Were they left to form an obsurial? (No, they say there hadnt been one for centuries in america) were they whisked away to the magical world and expected to leave their relatives to rot in slavery?

The movie takes place 30 years after the wounded knee massacre. What about magical children born in native communities? Are they invited to ilvermony? Do they let their communities be butchered?

What will happen in less than 20 years when japanese internment camps begin? Will witches and wizards of Japanese heritage just pack up and go to the camps too? Will they go into hiding and leave their potentially nonmagical families?

Jk seems content to act as though the Wizarding world has no racsim and instead uses magic vs nomaj tensions as an allegory. But that doesnt work when you have muggle born wizards who would be affected by racism in the nonmagical world.

And i dont think jk has ever even considered this. And it shows.

Can you imagine if an internet connection was established between different worlds and suddenly people from different universes could communicate with each other

Someone makes a post complaining about how “an asshole at work today didn’t trim his dragon’s claws and now the floor is scratched” and someone else is like WAIT YOUR WORLD HAS DRAGONS EXPLAIN and OP ends up explaining what he sees as his boring everyday dragon job to all these strangers who think it’s the coolest thing ever

An elf from your average high fantasy world chats with a robot from a sci-fi universe and discovers that it doesn’t matter that he’s horrible with a bow and arrow because it turns out he’s really good at this thing called astrophysics

“What do you mean your people are suffering because the king got killed and everything’s falling apart? Here, I’ll send you info about the basics of our different governments. Go restructure your economy.”

The blending of different cultures. The discussion of different types of magic. Ideas about fusing science and magic. The sharing of technologies. Lives being saved because zombie-apocalypse-world is giving nuclear-apocalypse world survival tips or that one centaur told an alien about a new medical treatment.

inter-dimensional social media

underrated fic rec!

Completed fics 

the sky itself will carry me (back to you): Clarke is a seventh year student. Lexa is one of the Hogwarts ghosts. There’s a connection between them that Clarke doesn’t understand, but she is determined to figure it out. 

You Don’t Own Me: Playboy Lexa owns a recording studio and Clarke is a sexy new artist.

Protect Me From You: Clarke Griffin is the presidential daughter. She likes to party a lot. She can get anything she wants. BUT. There is only one thing she couldn’t get though, the emotionless Commander Lexa’s attention. The girl whose job is to protect her. Just protect her. Nothing else.

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*To New Beginnings* Newt x reader

◘ amandasinedahl asked:

Omg yes. Thank you! Can I get one where Newt and the reader are in a loving relationship for a long time but he falls into temptation when he meets Tina. Newt thinks he’s in love with Tina because of her exciting “job” but realises his mistake and wants the reader back and will do anything. I just need angst!!! You can decide if you want a happy ending with them aka forgive him or if reader moves on without him and meets someone else from the Harry Potter world🤔

Newt came rushing out of his suitcase, beaming. Startling you, you jumped a bit  at the desk you were sitting at within the Goldstein’s apartment.

“Where’s Tina?” Newt asked.

“Uhhh…. the kitchen I think?” You answered. Rushing past you, Newt ran to the kitchen where Tina was. A few moments passed before you saw Newt dragging Tina by the hand towards the case. 

“Newt, slow down!” Tina giggled.

“What’s going on?” You asked.

“Occamies are hatching! I promised Tina I’d get her when it finally happened so she could see!”

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I. We’re fifteen and you’re holding me tighter than anyone ever has. My world seems to be falling apart, but you seem to be the only one that can keep me together.

II. We’re sixteen and you’re whispering sweet nothings in her ear. And it’s not anyone, it’s my other best friend. I don’t know why, but I hate it. You both asked if it was okay and of course I said yes because what else would I say? You catch my gaze from across the room. You can read me like a book and see something off, but instead you send me back a smile.

It’s been four months and you guys were over before you started. I’m with him and you hate him. He’s sweet and funny and cute and a good distraction from whatever is missing.

III. We’re seventeen and we’re as normal as ever. Maybe too normal. We kissed, but nothing happened. I pretty much told you how I felt, but nothing happened.

It’s been six months and you have her. You say you’re not together, but I see the way you talk so closely so no one hears and the way you sneak off together when you think no ones looking. I don’t know why you won’t tell me because I’m happy for you.

IV. We’re eighteen and haven’t held an actual conversation in three months. You’re busy with this and I’m busy with that. We walk past each other without a single glance. My heart breaks everyday we don’t talk. I miss my best friend.

It’s been two months and you’re standing in front of me telling me everything that’s gone through your head since we’ve last talked. It’s nothing I would’ve expected and makes me feel almost guilty for being mad at you. You keep apologizing and telling me you don’t deserve me, but we both know that’s not true. I take your hand and take you back downstairs and keep dancing.

It’s been two weeks and we’re back to normal. We keep avoiding the conversation about me going to school in a few weeks and you staying here. You know it’s going to happen because your gazes are longer and your touches linger.

V. We’re nineteen and we manage to be more mature and immature than ever. We’re sitting on the roof just outside my window telling each other all the things that’s happened, which isn’t much because we pretty much covered all of it when it happened. The feeling of content and safety come back to me within minutes of holding your hand.

It’s been three months and I’m back at home with you. That feeling is coming back, but every time I open my eyes you’re there and I’m not as scared as I used to be.

—  We’ll see when we’re twenty 

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Genre: fluff

Words: 581

Summary: daryl reflects on his relationship with you.

Notes: did not edit it but i was in a fluffy daryl mood. enjoy!

*credit to the owner of the gif below*

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The  Samwell  team  surprises  Jack  by  coming  to  cheer  him  on  in  his  first  game  as  Captain  of  the  Falconers.  

In  the  presser  afterwards,  Jack  surprises  everyone  else  (except  Bitty).

Alternate caption: The whole world falls apart after witnessing a blush and a genuine smile on Jack “Hockey Robot” Zimmermann’s face.


Imagine being close friends with Oliver as teenagers but a falling out causes you to grow apart.

**Based off of Song for a Friend by Jason Mraz**

Oliver had been your best friend when you were younger. When you were both naive and innocent. He had been your entire world. You still remembered how he had called you magic. He had made you laugh. He had reminded you to love yourself, even if it felt like nobody else did. He had helped you learn how to speak without mumbling because talking clearly was a sign of confidence. He had taught you that life was short and you needed to make the most of it and never submit to a world that was all too eager to hurt people like you.

Then he’d started messing around with Sara and Laurel and you had reluctantly decided to take a step back. Well, more accurately, your parents decided it was time you focused on your schoolwork instead of gallivanting around Starling City with Oliver Queen. So you had distanced yourself. Not spending time with him because almost second nature.

Then he disappeared.

Of course, you had mourned. Maybe the two of you hadn’t been close at the time of the storm, but he had still been your friend. You would have given anything to have him back, to get a second chance.

And then, against all odds, you got one.


The man turned to face you, his expression turning to shock. “[f/n]?”

You flashed a tired grin and held out your arms, “Don’t I get a hug?”

Oliver complied, wrapping his arms around you tightly. “I missed you,” he mumbled, pulling away to get a good look at you.

You wiped tears from your eyes, “I missed you too, Olly. You’ve changed so much. I wish we could just go back-”

“To the way things were before?” Oliver finished, offering an exhausted smile of his own. “I know the feeling.”

“Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s take a break from today and head back to that old garage we used to hang out in. Life’s short, and we’ve got a lot to catch up on.”

Gif Credit: Oliver

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a stand that just draws dicks on your forehead but they are very detailed and realistic. no one else can see the stand but they see the dicks. they see them. they're laughing. mom has grounded you and your world is falling apart all because your stand consistently draws detailed dicks on your forehead. help.

Ah, that’s who’s been drawing dicks

noahmango55  asked:

I don't get how when FNaF and Undertale are separate, no one bats a eye. But when someone has a creative and cool idea, that involves mixing the two together, everyone loses their goddamn minds. And, not to point any fingers, but I've seen that alot of people on r/undertale HATE FNaF. But r/fivenightsatfreddys is the complete opposite, almost all I've seen on their love Undertale. And even love some crossovers. What gives?

Because Internet People are giant toddlers who don’t know how to fucking chill out and just ignore things people made out of love that aren’t hurting them or anyone else. Like, the world is falling apart and people are just trying to make things out of the stuff they like to find some glimmer of enjoyment to cope, but yeah okay, bitch about how people drew Freddy and Sans together if that makes ya feel better. Enjoy being unlikeable.

God I’m bitter…..

can’t it be me instead? chpt 6

chpt 1, chpt 2, chpt 3, chpt 4, chpt 5, chpt 7, chpt 8, chpt 9

summary; the love of your life, Rocky, get’s a girlfriend suddenly and it feels like your world is falling apart. With the help of Moonbin, you try to win him back, but in the end you’re not sure if that’s what you want.

a.n. ok so I should probably mention that I am a complete liar and if I say that something is going to be up tomorrow, it probably means within the next 3 days ok hahah I hate myself.

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My depression feels like someone I loved died, and I just can’t quite remember.
My depression feels like everything around me is covered in an inch of dust and a layer of fog.
My depression feels like I’m sinking and no one around is noticing.
My depression sounds like screaming in my head while the world is silent.
My depression tells me I’m worthless and no one could ever love me. It tells me I deserve to be abused and discarded.
My depression means waking up extra early in the morning to give myself enough time to fall apart before I start my day.
My depression means sometimes I can’t get out of bed.
My depression feels like someone is placing bricks on my chest.
My depression means sometimes I have nothing left for anyone else in my life, and the guilt of that only makes it worse.
My depression sounds like weeping while my husband tunes me out because he’s used to the noise.
My depression feels like I haven’t slept in a week but my brain won’t stop playing a loop of every single bad thing that’s ever happened or could possibly happen to me.
My depression means I’m going to cover my tear-stained face with makeup and force myself to do things I probably don’t have the energy to do.

harsh advice for the signs

ARIES: don’t jump on the band wagon so often. do your own damn reason and quit getting angry at things when it’s not your place

TAURUS: GET OVER IT. you’re so salty and it happened forever ago. give it up.

GEMINI: make up your fucking mind. no one else is going to make it for you, make a decision right now and be straight about it.

CANCER: honestly stop being so over dramatic. realize that the worlds not always falling apart around you hot damn stop wanting to be babied all the time.

LEO: quit being a bitch. simple as that. you dish it out, you get it back in return. either quit starting shit and being rude to everyone or realize that they’re going to be rude back and you deserve it.

VIRGO: own yourself like damn! quit going around acting like someone else and pick a damn personality.

LIBRA: people actually really don’t like it when you talk shit about them. surprise, i know. you’re not some “real bitch” or truth spreader, you’re being unnecessarily awful to people who don’t deserve it.

SCORPIO: you’re not a damn victim, quit acting like it and get a grip. you know what I’m talking about.

SAGITTARIUS: if you want adventure, get out there and get it! quit complaining that nothing ever happens when you never make anything happen

CAPRICORN: be real with people. stop sliding in and out of people’s lives like you’re good at it. you leave enough of an impact that it hurts when you keep coming and going.

AQUARIUS: people! have! feelings! you’re basically assuming that you’re some sort of god and no one else has troubles in life. get that “woe is me” mentality out of your head please.

PISCES: you get what you deserve, so work harder if you want something better go get it and stop whining.

I don’t believe in love, I never have.
I do believe my parents love me, my family.
But that’s not the love I’m talking about.
The love I’m talking about…
Makes you vulnerable, weak.
It lets you take down your barriers
For someone you thought was different,
And then you just end up hurt.
It never works out.
It breaks you, even when you think you’re unbreakable.
You’re trust gets broken and then your world falls apart.
Why should you love when all it does is hurt you?
Why should you go against what your head is saying
Because you heart is saying something else?
What has love done for me other than bring pain?
Maybe I’m the girl who can’t love,
Who won’t love,
But I’m more than happy with that.
I’d rather not go through that mess,
That people call love, again.
Stay away from me. Don’t get close, because if you do, I’ll get attached. I won’t let go. You’ll become my best friend. You’ll become my world. I’ll cling to you, and get jealous when you’re away. I will text you multiple times each day because I miss you. You’d be the one I care about more than anyone else. I’ll suffocate you with my presence. You are my obsession, and it will be unhealthy for both of us.  You’ll then get tired of me and leave me. I will fall apart into madness because after all that, I forgot what its like to be alone. Stay away from me. I’m not okay.
—  thing #5 I wish I would say
He’s that boy that no matter how long you’ve been apart, the moment he looks into your eyes the world stops and you fall in love all over again. You still feel butterflies when he’s around. And somehow, he’s always on your mind. He’s the boy you compare to everyone else that could potentially be good for you. You don’t want to love him but for some reason your heart aches for him. He is that one boy you truly feel like you’ll never get over.
—  written by: lostwond3rs.tumblr.com
I’m not sure if it was the way you smiled at me for the billionth time like it was the first, or if it was the way you held my hand as all else was falling apart, or if it was the way you gave me a place in the chaos of the world, or if it was the way you made my tea just right and kept me company while I was nose-deep in some novel. But somewhere along those lines, I knew it was love. And I’m not sure if I was more terrified to let you go or hold on tighter.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1026 // so I closed my eyes and dreamt of you
How do you.

how do you not fall apart every time there is a new announcement on Facebook or Instagram or twitter. 

How do you not get angry when you see stories of beaten kids or mothers murdering there babies.

How do you not cry when you hear a child’s laughter. Or see a happy family of four walking down the street towards you.

How do you stop the ripping of your heart after every Negative. 

How do you stop hating yourself for being so darn mad at the world because everyone else can but you cant. 

How do carry on when you know it may never happen

how do you carry on. 

‘I’m different from the other girls’ said every girl ever. You’re not different from the other girls because you say so. You're all the same, girls trying to set themselves apart and make their life matter. And because so many people think that making their life matters means falling in love and changing the world, you become one of many. The only way to be truly different is to know that you’re not different, and that everyone around you is going through the same thing. And then use that knowledge to help everyone else. But above all else, know that it’s okay to not be different. The word ‘classic’ exists for a reason.
—  the book about the almost obnoxiously deep teenager that will soon meet a very interesting person