or else the transparency would look weird

In which Pidge reluctantly gets forced into some weird team-building exercises, a sequel to my last upload.

In my head, Pidge and Lance would be the ultimate meme team, and I love the idea of their relationship as space siblings, with no shippy stuff involved. Just the two of them fondly snarking at each other with short jokes, weird nicknames and banter that barely anyone else understands and making everyone else roll their eyes. 

I tried to make it look like they were standing at a large window on a transparent platform?? in the Castle of Lions, not sure how well I accomplished that. 

This was more of an experiment with a different drawing and colouring style (mostly using the “crayon” brush in SAI) I won’t be using it again in the near future, but it was fun to try out (I think I overdid it on the detail though. The shading was supposed to be really simple)

Anyway, here’s a film I’m really looking forward to, “Inside Out” (I normally don’t do this, I would wait until the film released before drawing fanart. But if what I watched was really good, I get stuck on what I want to draw xD; )