or else it gives me nightmares

If you ever have trouble sleeping at night, here’s a few tips to help:

🌸 brew a cup of chamomile tea

🌸 relax your muscles in a lavender Epson salt bath & light some incense

🌸 play a soundscape (click for rain on leaves) & darken the room

🌸 apply a calming lotion to your skin while giving yourself a gentle massage

🌸 If all else fails, try taking melatonin supplements. They’re easily found in the vitamin aisle of most grocery stores. I highly recommend only starting out with 3mg first!

It always guarantees me a good night’s sleep when I do all these things so I thought I’d share in case anyone could use the tips. Sleep tight, everyone!

I’ll never cry in front of you. I’ll never tell you how I feel. I’ll never wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m not an open book. My walls will always be up and guarded. I won’t tell you how I fight with myself about you, about how I shouldn’t want you, about how you’ll break my heart if I give mine to you. I won’t tell you how my heart constricts at the thought of you leaving me. I’ll never show you how scared I am of this… Of you… Of us. You’re real. You’re everything I want, and nothing is certain. Everything is blurred and we walk on this thin line between reality and fantasy. You’re a dream and a nightmare. I find peace in you when everything else is chaos. I don’t know what this is and that uncertainty scares me but maybe just maybe if I stay around, you will too.
—  2:31 AM thoughts

((Yeah sorry for not,, doing these more,,,, ))

-Thog making sure that gregors doing alright like,, nightmares again kiddo? Ugh that sucks come here

-Thog staying with Gregor while everyone else drunk parties thogs not much of a party man and gregors kinda left out

-Thog making sure everyones eating well/taking care of themselves

-Thog helping out Markus/inien when they drunk vomiting like holding back their hair and giving water

-Thog taking care of drunk/hung over people like shit youve drunk a lot maybe go to bed

I really like the idea of thog being like the dad of the group it makes me heart,,,, ache,,,, him caring abt his family ,,, hhgh,,,

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good luck with all your work bb!! I'm sure you'll do great. don't give up!!!!!!!!

  • i went to sleep at 4 a.m. yesterday
  • woke up at 7 a.m. terrified from a nightmare about everyone in my group falling through. it was so vivid i thought it was real life…
  • lo and behold, no one has responded to any of my emails in the thread despite me repeatedly asking them to do literally two things that would take five min. max.
  • i keep working on the the design, do additional research for everyone else for THEIR convenience, etc.
  • it’s now noon and i have work in an hour. everyone’s still dead.
  • i swipe into work at 1, continue to design, send more emails, do more research bc at this point, i don’t trust anyone.
  • several hours pass and a couple people complete their tasks, but that’s only bc the one other person who’s actually been on top of their shit has been texting everyone individually bc for some apparent reason they read their texts but not their emails or fb messages lmfao bullshit. we get responses like “oh i didn’t know.” or “oh ok but where should i write all this down?” um……… i sent emails reminding you with direct links bc i KNEW y’all are lazy as fuck and wouldn’t even bother looking through the group drive folder I MADE for YOUR convenience with all the docs properly labeled, my friend sent additional emails, our group advisor sent even more emails, we talked about this two weeks in advance, we emphasized it was crucial i would need this info in our last meeting which is like four days ago, and y’all have the audacity to say you were UNAWARE?
  • at this point, i am so done but ofc there are additional favors being asked, even more dumb questions that can easily be googled so i do all that shit for them bc what is the point of trusting that they will do it on their own.
  • more hours pass, i’m still at work and i realize the person who’s supposed to cover the shift after me has not come in. i contact her and she says she’s out of town and she forgot to get someone to cover her shift. lol.
  • i cover her shift all the while continuing to design and printing out hard drafts for color, margin, and font tests.
  • it’s like 7pm now and there are still stragglers that have not completed the two tiny things i have asked them to do since friday. fuck you all.
  • 9pm hits and now people start to panic last-minute and start emailing with questions. LOL. i have no sympathy left to even bother replying.
  • i have officially lost track of time and my own sanity bc it is well past 10pm and the shift i was covering was over more than half an hour ago. missed my chance to go grocery shopping too. damn.
  • i get home and start working again. midnight hits soon and there is still a couple of people who are editing their two tasks last minute. ha ha.. hah ah aha haha ha……… no.
  • it is now almost 3:42 a.m. and i am exhausted. i still have a shit ton of work left to do. i would cry but i am so tired i don’t have the energy to spare.
  • imma kms.
  • oh yeah, let’s not forget the fact that it was daylight savings so i lost an hour too.
  • fucking shit.
  • well, back to work.
I still have nightmares I can’t talk about. 
My body never re-learned 
how to sleep.
Nobody else sees the flashbacks.
My sisters don’t believe me,
because you’re nice now.
You buy Christmas gifts,
take trips to Six Flags;
it makes it a little easier
to convince them into a lie
when you’re giving them what they want.
There was a time I thought you’d kill me.
Some January, I remember hiding in a back stairway,
calling everyone I could,
even if the right words refused to come out.
The worst thing that’s ever happened to me,
you deny ever doing.
Never threw a fist.
Never said a word.
How easy it is for you to erase
what’s haunted me for a lifetime.
—  Schuyler Peck, A Letter to Her

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I have watched several of the videos from this tour and there was one last night that seemed dangerous. Jdm and Nr were on a street, COokie was there looking nervous and you see JDM sign something of a fans and the fan gives him something else and JDM says no. He was smart, some would say surly but jesus, the crowd was enveloping them and it was out of control. They will both need a huge break aftwr this. It seemed like a nightmare to me, an introvert.

This is why I don’t go to cons or outside in general 😜. So many people make me nervous and by nervous I mean annoyed and prone to violence if you come within my personal bubble which is like a 6’ radius from the tips of my fingers seem fully stretched. 😳


I know that making everything up defeats the whole purpose, but I felt like such a failure I didn’t know what else to do. I did my best to remember which nights I had trouble falling asleep, and tried to give a somewhat accurate representation of that, but I know that some things are still off. I didn’t document any nightmares I may have had. Instead, I replaced them with those normal-people-dreams that everyone talks about, like where your teeth fall out or you find yourself naked in public. I wish I had dreams that tame.

I’m continuing to lie about my situation even as I’m trying to fix it…the irony is killing me. What’s even more ironic is that my inability to take forward action makes me hate myself late at night, therefore making it even harder to sleep sometimes.

The Walking Dead 7x13 - Bury Me Here

Uh… Is that supposed to be a statement? “Here, a melon is what we have for you, Saviors: Key, bye”. You know this is the episode when Ezekiel is going to realize that yes, he has to do something about them Saviours, or else, when it starts with him having only one melon to give as an offering.

Well, this can’t be good. I know it’s supposed to be sweet: Morgan training the little brother after mentoring the big brother. Very Mr. Miyagi. But this screams “DEAD” all over.

Well of course Carol has nightmares. How is everyone else not having them?
That kid is going to die, isn’t he? And it’s going to be the little brother’s villain story. You know this is going to be the episode when Carol breaks out of her retirement of being a badass, when she’s so far away from believing Daryl’s lies about the Saviours not killing anyone in Alexandria, when she’s even having nightmares about it.

Oooh who’s spying on Carol. Is not going to end well for you mystery person. Is it the same spy we saw in Alexandria back then? But was that spy not from the crazy garbage people?

I get Morgan no telling Carol, because Daryl decided to lie for whatever reason and she decided to believe the obvious lie. Now go confront your people, girl. At leas Morgan’s character is consistent in his peaceful demeanor. Which sometimes get’s a little annoying for my taste. You’re a badass man, come on, you know, you have to know, deep down, there needs to be something done to stop the Saviours.

I wonder when are we going to get the whole backstory of this intense dude (oh, right. Richard). Who’s Katy? Oh, oh what did you do, dude? I really hope the grave is not supposed to be for Carol. I thought Daryl made it clear to you dude.

Desperation is never good in these cases. This is going to be a disaster. I don’t get what’s the trap about, tho? Oh… Oh he hid the melon? Damn, that’s some elaborated plan to make a melon disappear. How committed.

See? This is why you don’t negotiate with terrorists. The saviors are always going to end up turning on you. And that longhaired dude is so terribly annoying. He needs to go. Why would you insist on bringing him over? I wonder if it’s Negan’s call. Because the leader of the retrieving pack obviously is not here for this bullshit.

Well shit. I knew it. I knew the poor guy was dead.

It’s a little (this is going to sound horrible) refreshing that it was a white man dying to push the others into action, though. You know is usually a woman (wife, daughter, sister, etc.) or a queer character, or a poc. But this was practically a kid, so I don’t know if it counts. (It doesn’t).

I’m glad we didn’t forget about Morgan’s mental health. This was what I was missing from him. He was clearly unstable the last time Rick saw him. Back then when we were still at the prison. And the next time we see him his the zen master?

Morgan is such a badass now. I get the peaceful mentality, but it can’t be black and white. The world isn’t black and white. There are times when you just have to take action.

Uh oh, Morgan’s on to you, my dude. He’s going to destroy you. I mean, I guess he expected to be outed once he was dead? Because Richard didn’t try all that hard to be subtle. Well, obviously he wanted to be buried there with her daughter’s backpack and all.

But of course it backfired.

Listen, obviously I disagree with him on his desperate methods. But, the dude has a point. When good people do nothing, evil always win. 

The thing with the Saviours is that they are always going to do something like this. They take and take and they don’t care about anyone else.

I’m not sure if Morgan is going to get behind Richard’s plans, though. He is furious about the kid dying. And honestly Richard is not that charismatic when he presents his intentions either.

Of course not everyone with the Saviours are bad people. I a bet most of them are decent people who got just trapped like the rest of them. Like the Hilltop and Alexandria and the Kingdom.

From the first time we see him this retrieving pack leader seemed so done with life. Like he’s doing a job he hates. He seems always so miserable. But he has to do the job to survive? It’s actually kind of sad.

I like that he send the long-haired jerk to walk back. He could have just kick his ass, though. I mean, he clearly doesn’t like him either.

And… Morgan went bananas! Wait, so they’re ok with Morgan killing the Richard? Just like that. Mmm…

I… I have a little problem with that. Sure what he did was wrong and probably everyone would have want to punch him in the face. Maybe throw him out of the Kingdom? But here we have a dude they just adopted, killing one of Ezekiel’s trusted men. And they’re chill with that?

I kind of like that after all Morgan did follow the dude’s plan, though. I mean, sure, the going crazy and murdering him maybe was a bit of improv. But hey, he did have his own grave digged out, so maybe not so much? I mean, his original plan was for him to die and make his death the catalyst to push Ezekiel to join Rick. It’s just it was the kid’s death, actually. Anyway…

Oh, well. Ok, so Morgan flipped. I guess that’s good, right? That’s what I wanted. and he clearly is not unstable enough to go after the people we care about (like our group, you know?) But I wonder is he’s instability may be the cause of his or someone else’s, someone important, death? In the finale? There’s supposed to be a few important deaths then.

But listen, I think Daryl should have not lied to Carol to begin with. And maybe she should have not pretended she believed him. She was obviously finding out eventually. And they were her friends too. Her family. Particularly Glenn.

I guess she was just trying to hold back for as long as she could. Maybe trying to fool herself into believing everything was fine. That she could keep herself alienated from reality.

But I am pumped for her and Morgan joining the battle.

I kind of think that Ezekiel was already making up his mind into joining Rick against the Saviours at the very beginning of the episode. Maybe even before. When Daryl went all rebel teenager on him. But obviously the drastic events had him like:

Hmm… I have zero clue who’s lurking in the shadows. First Carol, now Morgan? I mean, I know the point of the closing scene was to feel the loss of Morgan zen master persona, when he’s obviously turning his stick into a spear.

But there’s a moment in which he seems a bit startled, like he heard something. Right? So is only natural to guess it was the same spy that was following Carol, as he is in Carol’s house. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But the important question here is: Are the Saviours/Negan, so adamant in establishing their dominance that they make a trip just to pick up 12 melons? I mean, people, we are in the apocalypse here. Gas is more valuable than ever. Do you really need to waste it for 12 melons? And the Kingdom needs a truck to deliver 12 melons?

Hey! Remember Maggie? I miss her.

I feel in last couple of season the show has lost a bit of a storytelling quality. It feels like they sacrificed a lot for Negan’s arc. Which, ok, he’s a phenomenal villain. But still.

At times it feels like they’re rushing things up and then really nothing actually happens. The build ups feel empty most of the time. Frustratingly so. I get that having that many characters and plot lines can get messy and hard to handle. But still.

There are characters that feel misused, underestimated. Like background. And yet is not like the sacrifices were to accomplish something meaningful. We really don’t know all that much about the Saviours, beyond the horribleness of them and their methods. And we know even less of the Kingdom and its people. 

But, hey, at least it looks like it’s finally moving somewhere.

this new info about the kiss and how stiles just casually grabs her shoulders and kisses her and runs off…stiles and lydia have to already be dating in 6.01 this is literally my worst nightmare but also im kinda excited AJFJSLHFDSKJL


RP + Writing Starters from Biffy Clyro’s “Similarities”
  • "I am old and you are young."
  • "How many times can I say that you've let me down?"
  • "Please put me out of my misery."
  • "You've taken everything, and there's nothing left to give."
  • "You should be the only one I trust this to."
  • "We remain misunderstood."
  • "There is just one thing that I can never do."
  • "You are fun and I am not."
  • "This thing is like a nightmare."
  • "It's time to move on."
  • "Your turn to choose."
  • "All of this heartbreak is smothering me."
  • "My back's against the wall!"
  • "I still love it, when you're around."
  • "We are not like everybody else."
  • "Somebody will live, somebody will die."
  • "This is my last goodbye."
  • "It cost me my kingdom, your glorious crown."
  • "Don't stop breaking my heart."
  • "I never said I was tough, although I feel it sometimes."
  • "Forget everything you know."
  • "Come feel my fever."
  • "I've been lost since my very first day."
  • "You can have my money."
  • "Love is over now."
  • "You can fuck what you're fighting for."
  • "Don't run."
  • "I don't like holding anything, in case I get too close."
  • "Don't let me push you too far."
  • "We are caught in the middle of a dreaded farce."
  • "The people know."
  • "I don't see a point in going on."
  • "We are young, we're gonna change the world."
  • "It's time to move on or stand still."
  • "My story's ending."

you know what i think about? How changed the Wheeler family would be after getting Will back

give me Mike and Nancy realizing they need to deal with their grief in a healthy way. imagine Mike waking up from nightmares and crying bc he thinks he should have protected El better. and then think about Nancy having bad dreams too and always feeling guilty about Barb. 

Give me Mike and Nancy sleeping in the same room and sometimes even bed bc they don’t wan to be alone. imagine them comforting each other and talking about things bc who else is there

Imagine Nancy sitting down next to Mike one day and just quietly saying “tell me about her.” bc she knows its eating him up inside about Eleven, but he doesn’t want to keep harping about it to the other guys

imagine their mom unsure what happened between them. but she knows they’ll tell her everything when they’re ready, but for now she’s glad they’re helping each other

give me supportive Wheeler siblings duo

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What kind of movie is Pet? Is it like hostel or criminal minds where a girl is just locked up and assaulted repeatedly or is it something else? I had nightmares for a month after watching hostel 2 and I'm scared to watch saw. I like horror though, so is Pet good or should I skip?

No no it’s nothing like hostel. I don’t want to give anything away but it’s not what you think. Most of the torture is mind games and any physical harm is not done to the lead actress. (Except one scene where she bashes herself against the cage to freak her captor out)
I really loved it and the only thing that gave me the real heebiejeebies was the stalking at the beginning but like I said–it’s not what you think. Sorry if I’m not making much sense; I’m sleep deprived and out of my mind. Anyway I hope you enjoy it anon 💖💋

.:Imagine Poe helping you after Kylo Ren's interrogations:.

Combined requests for some lovely anons
Couldn’t find a gif because I’m an idiot
From Poe’s POV

I know this is shorter and I’m not very stoked about it. Like I actually hate it. Anyways I hope everyone else enjoys it.

Y/N had another nightmare. She didn’t tell me everything of what the Sith, Kylo Ren did to her. But I have an idea. I’m guessing he did the same thing that he did to me, to her.

It hurt. It really did. Your mind being searched, penetrated for information you’re not willing to give up.

As I hold her shaking, sweaty body, I felt my own pain as well. I love her. I really do. Selfish as it is, I thought about us. Everyone was a good friend to her, they loved her. Her company was soothing and wanted. She respected everybody and the respected her back. She was helpful and wonderful.

I wanted her. I loved her. But in her beautiful eyes, she saw me as a brother. I needed her but not in a way she needed.

My thoughts drifted as her breathing quickened signaling her waking.

I looked down at her. “You alright?”

She nodded softly. “Yes. Thank you.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

She shrugged. “When Kylo Ren was interrogating me, he tried to use you against me. He found out how important you are to me.”

“How important?”

“Very. I really appreciate your friendship and your love for me. I don’t know where I would be with out you. And for that I thank you.”

Sure I might have just gotten friend-zoned but, I don’t care. I still get to be around her, and help her. And that’s something we both needed.

ONE: i am a small creature of nightmares in a body made from seaglass. my mother tells me that i rip myself open too often, that i am too in love with oceans when the only body of water i should invest in lives in the bodies of the people around me. i tell her: divide the salt from our blood and i will. show me someone you can sail on and i will. show me somebody i can drown in and i promise i won’t even check for a riptide but rather consign myself to it without hesitation. 

TWO: you are eating the pasta you made for her and not crying about the insults she has sprinkled into the sauce. your heart is a tornado entirely made from ravens: they bark at you and you lose yourself in them. when you were younger, you read The Wizard Of Oz in German and thought that Dorthy should have stayed there, away from the land of men.

THREE: i kiss him and do not cry when he hurts himself because i am sad. he says i make people into messes, that i tear through like tornadoes. he says the worst part is that it is all accident, that i cannot control it, that what lives inside of me is something other than human. i don’t say: but i warned you. but i knew. but i wake up with the burdens of others on my body. i tell him: i am sorry. please, i’ll change. forgive me.

FOUR: you don’t know it yet, but i think this is the number of death. when you break up with her and finally unchain yourself, she sends you the bill for a mental hospital.

FIVE: when we meet, you and i are unready. i can’t dance without crying and your rhythm is out of time. i don’t ask to hold your hand. i take it. you let me. later, you don’t ask for my heart. i give it, gladly.

SIX: you are a small creature of open wounds that you’re trying to stitch with broken needles. i know a great deal about sewing. our love is something other, something kindred, something both of us are still learning. sometimes you are still bleeding and sometimes it’s me. we take care of each other. we help each other build ourselves out of the nothing.

SEVEN: being yours makes my heart swell beyond the borders of my bones. i swear i can taste the sun when i see you because it crawls up my throat. you fit into me so easily i wonder if we are two parts of the same home. i sleep easy these days because you are there to protect me. out of the desert i was lost in, you were my sea. you are the waters i surrender to, completely.

—  2/16/2015 4:00 PM - 4000 /// r.i.d

one of the things I hate the most about society is the way the phrase “sleeping with” has been sexualized like maybe I’m just highly ace but it bothers me that I can’t say that I slept with anyone without it being taken the wrong way and that upsets me because sleeping is one of the most innocent things you can do and doing it with someone else is one of the safest feelings and it helps with nightmares and gives the most restful kind of sleep but it’s all taken to mean something sexual and that’s really messed up to me