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What do you think Vader would do if he caught Luke crying alone about something? Maybe about all that he has lost, or something about padme...

Be very awkward and probably try to sneak away, honestly. He’s extraordinarily out of practice when it comes to emotions and comforting people. I don’t know that he was ever very good at it. He doesn’t know healthy coping mechanisms for himself, so he’s not gonna know how to handle someone else crying either.

If Luke’s been with Vader for a while, he might awkwardly pat him on the shoulder or something though. Or ask if there’s someone he needs to kill.


And I’m grateful you’re here because I remember, I remember before this choir became a family and you were my only friend there, I remember when you would try to pronounce German words you had almost never heard before and get them right, I remember when you brought what must have been a collection of at least seventeen hats to tour (ok, so it was probably more like seven, but still), I remember hiding in the room with the white piano around the corner from the rehearsal space, switching off playing songs that we’d written and pieces we knew and how we shared these until half the pieces we knew were the same ones, I remember watching the door for you every time you were late hoping you would slip in and blame the traffic, I remember.
I remember the last day, the day before our whole group came apart, half staying and half moving up and some scattering away to all manner of other places, I remember holding on to you like my life depended on it, crying, you saying “let’s move outside, stay with the group,” but all I could think was how much I would miss you and how much I would miss this choir, all these people, rehearsals and touring and all of it, realizing in that moment how important all this was to me; and I didn’t realize it with the friend with whom I had roomed for fourteen days, I didn’t realize it with the friend who I had spent hours worth of bus rides and city tours and church visits next to, I realized it with you.
I remember your voice, muffled through a phone speaker, sounding after a month of separation like a drink of water after weeks of parched throats, sounding
like the most familiar song.
It’s a song I never want to forget.
So stay here. Please.



all y’all: the ship sank!!1111!!111111 the new episode killed gwenvid!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!11111

me: listen, gwenvid dies when i die, do you understand me

how to pass your ap classes
  • ap euro: it's probably the catholic church's fault so you can blame them for everything
  • apush: just remember that the white men will fuck over everyone else, and even on occasion, other white men
  • ap english lit: tattoo the complete works of shakespeare on your person
  • ap spanish language: put everything in the subjunctive to show how much you doubt everything you do
  • ap physics i: make a blood sacrifice to sir isaac newton
  • ap physics ii: cry on a battery
  • ap calc ab: take the derivative, set it equal to zero, and pray
only reblog if youre autistic

reblog and tag your autism brand
tired autism:
- has insomnia
- autism is backed with major depression and eight thousand metric tons of trauma
- always has a headache/chronic pain
- has meltdown if strict schedule is disrupted
- is mentally 51 years old but also mentally 9
- eats a certain handful of food and wont eat anything else
- never tries new things
spicy autism:
- hyper empathetic
- loves friends but has a Hard Time
- loves spicy foods and foreign food
- has screaming crying tantrums/meltdowns
- makes weird noises
- tells stories of their life alot
- wears the same few shirts and one pair of jeans
stay at home autism:
- likes to be taken care of by others
- can cook kinda good though
- has one thousand pets
- never not dissociating. Always
- skips school a whole bunch and sleeps instead
- probably like five textures theyre okay with, the rest make them die
- has one friend maybe
manic autism:
- hallucinating right now
- “i promise ill stop!” They Didnt.
- tries really hard to do their makeup but is bad at it
- gets lost in fantasy worlds nonstop
- texts everyone, cant take a hint when they dont respond
- has eaten mcdonalds for a whole month straight and considers it an accomplishment
- identity changes every five minutes

So I think someone else already pointed it out by now probably but I really love how the original trailer for Cuphead from 2 years ago had Cuphead and Mugman running head first into fires of hell all excited and badass like “LET’S DO THIS SHIT!!!”  

and then in the final release intro they’re super terrified and go running crying to their grandpa 

and honestly I really love that??? like yes please give these sentient dishes more emotions and emotional reactions 10/10

In the dream, we are strangers knee to knee on a train. It’s the most we ever touch. I still write about you. I still end up here. There is something to be said for a love that refuses to melt. A love stored in the freezer, in a ziplock bag. Stashed behind the ice cube tray. Always waiting to be pulled out. Willing to thaw, to forgive like spring, to pick up right where it left off. You, cradling a phone in the crook of your arm. Me, crying about produce. You call, and I answer. You say, “Do you know what an air traffic control room looks like? All those switches and buttons blinking? When I hear your voice, everything lights up all at once for me. Nobody else does that.” I don’t say anything eloquent. So we’re back on the train, with the knees, only this time you’re looking me in the face and I’m staring out the window. What do you think happens when love gets left out too long?
—  Trista Mateer

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Can I ask why you ship kamisero? This is not to be mean, I just can't remember a lot of their interactions in the manga or anime and would love to be reminded of why they work well as a couple

!!!!! Ooookay this is kind of a weird question for me and I don’t really know how to properly answer because… uhm… they’re kind of always together?? Actually??? I mean they haven’t really been the protagonists in any arc so it’s mostly background stuff but when they appear they’re more often than not together - here, have some panels I’ve found skimming real fast through the parts I remembered them being there

(+Mina!!! squad moment heck yes!!)

(+Kiri!!! more squad moments!!!!!!!)

(real talk more often than not if Kami and Mineta are in the same place Sero is right there with them, I try to pretend that’s not true but alas)

(+Baku!!! Even more squad moments!!!! This one’s from an extra, I can’t find the translated version anymore - rip - but they’re trying to get Baku to play the thumb game I’m gonna cry this squad will kill me)

also on the cover of Vol 4 👌👌👌

The thing about me shipping them is that as I said I do prefer them as friends, which they are and it’s adorable, but I’m always up for entertaining the idea of good friends in romantic relationships so I’m 👍👍👍 about KamiSero too haha

i was at target earlier and i decided to wear short sleeves without a jacket because i was hot which is a big deal for me because i’m so self conscious about my self harm scars and this little girl who couldn’t have been older than 4 was running down the aisle i was in and accidentally ran into me and she fell so i helped her up and she saw my scars and she said “what happened ?” and i didn’t really know what to say so i was just frozen and her mom comes up to me and apologized for her daughter and I said it was totally fine and then the little girl said “mommy look she has the same ouchies that you have” and the mother just looked up at me shocked and i put both my arms behind my back and i was literally about to cry and she showed me her arms and i saw her faded scars and that’s when i lost it, i was bawling and i dropped my arms to my side and she looked at them and she pulled me into a hug and just cried together … i honestly needed this because i’ve been in a really dark place mentally and i’ve shut everybody out and this just reassured me that i wasn’t alone and that i was going to get better

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What if when Jeremy said that Lance was gonna die, he meant on the inside

You. I like you.

My theory, though, is that Jeremy was once again talking about something that happens later accidentally. I mean, he said that before we knew when/how long season 3 would be.

Maybe the moment Jeremy’s talking about actually takes place in season 4. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Every season we’re seeing more and more of Lance’s insecurities actually mentioned onscreen, and I personally think that it’s leading up to something.

Lance brought up to Keith that he thinks he should step aside, for the good of the team. Keith only tells him to ‘stop worrying’ about it. While this scene is adorable, in character, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it, that’s not going to fix Lance’s problem. I think what will probably happen is that Lance sacrifices himself/gets hurt protecting someone else on the team, and the resulting injury is going to be worse than anything we’ve seen on the show before. This will also be the moment that people realize how much they’ve been neglecting Lance, and just how valuable he is to the team. Especially Keith, who will remember that conversation and wish he had told Lance just how much he mattered then.

But that’s just my theory. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some thoughts I’ve been mulling over for a while...

SJM Haters: “No diversity!” *Shoving aside canonically black High Lords Tarquin and the bisexual Helion, Thesan, Nesryn, all of the Southern Continent, etc*

SJM Haters: “Everyone is white!” *Punching the non-white Illyrian races, not to mention about 90% of the Summer Court*

SJM Haters: “They’re all heterosexual!” *Throws Thesan, Mor, Aedion, the Blackbeak Matron, Thea and Kaya off of a cliff* (Actually, feel free to throw the Matron off a cliff lmao)

SJM Haters: “Rowan is abusive” *blatantly ignores the fact that Rowan was literally tied to a queen who forced him to do terrible things, and he still found it in himself to love Aelin unconditionally*

SJM Haters: “She doesn’t tackle any important issues!” *Stepping on Rhysand’s history of sexual abuse, not to mention Lysandra’s history of sexual abuse, oh and also Aedion, whose nickname was literally ‘Adarlan’s Whore,’ and the slave trade, and the treatment of ‘lesser faeries’ in comparison to ‘High Fae.’*

I’m not trying to say that the ACOTAR/TOG books aren’t without their flaws. Every book, every movie, every song, every piece of artwork that has ever been created has a flaw in some way. Often, there are multiple flaws. It is okay to acknowledge these flaws. It is okay to even criticize them. What is not okay is discrediting the immense amount of work that SJM puts into these books. She released two (2) fantasy novels longer than 200,000 words in a single year. I don’t pretend to know everything that goes on at Bloomsbury Publishing, but I honestly believe that she did that for her fans. She started writing Throne of Glass when she was 16; she got it published 11 years later. Books take time; lots of it. Ask George RR Martin, who also tackles the heavy genre of fantasy, but he’s been working on Winds of Winter for six years. Do you think SJM would have wanted to go over these books for another year or combed through them just one more time before she published them? Yeah, probably. Every author, writer, fanfiction writer, artist, or whomever, wants just a bit more time to add those final details, to keep chipping away (because let me tell you, even when it’s done, we don’t feel like it’s done). But you know what else? She’s probably damn proud of them, too. As well she should be. The amount of times I find myself laughing with these characters and crying and screeching, it says enough. 

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Just some fic recs...

I’ve read a lot of really good fic this year and I just thought the best of the best deserved some recognition.  I tried to weed out the super popular fics, but some still show up because I love them that much.  Also, the ships are numerous and varied.

Running on Air–eleventy7; Drarry
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
*I would murder people to protect this fic.  It’s beautifully written, well-plotted, original, and it reuses certain sentences, making them more poignant the later in the story they’re used.  Like, fuck me up*

the ghost of you–kissmesexybatman; Klance
When Keith goes missing without a trace, all his family and friends are able to do is move on with their lives. When he shows back up after a year, they have to convince him they still want him back.
*I may be slightly biased because the coolest person in the world wrote this, but let me tell you, it’s emotionally heartwrenching, wonderfully written, and gives you a happy ending without sacrificing the needs of the characters*

My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.–dawnstruck; Otayuri
Yuri grows up and grows older and grows into himself. Otabek helps. It just takes a while to get there.
*I’m demi and this fic described exactly what that experience has been like for me, as it features a demi!Yuri.  Beyond that, it was sweet and genuine and I adored it*

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Who Else Just Knows that Rowan Whitethorn can sing?

I mean imagine:

- Aelin sometimes walking in on Rowan humming as he goes over tax plans, or sharpens his knives.

-Aelin idly wondering if her big man can sing

- But Aelin doesn’t push it on him, not yet at least.

-Aelin doesn’t push it on him until one night, when their baby wakes up, crying and shrieking, and Rowan goes to go calm her down

- Aelin dozes off, but when she wakes up, Rowan’s not next to her. So she decides to go into the nursery, figuring Rowan probably fell asleep in there (again).

- But when she gets there, Rowan’s not asleep.

- He’s singing!

- Aelin nearly sobs as she watches her mate rock their daughter as he sings, the song clear and beautiful

- She waits for him to finish before entering the room, and when she does, Rowan blushes for like ten solid minutes.

- Aelin begs Rowan to sing for her, just one song, but he declines.

- Rowan has never really sang in front of any one, and was not about to start then.

“Please, Rowan!” She begged, a grin playing at her lips.
Aelin watched as Rowan turned towards the bed, and even through the dark, she could still see his flush.
Rowan flipped back the covers and slid in, the only sounds in the room the rustling of the sheets as he settled in. Aelin sighed, but walked towards the bed. If he was this adamant about this, she’d let it go. But at least she was right. Rowan Whitethorn, King of Terrasen, Warrior of ice and snow, could sing.

- Rowan doesn’t sing for Aelin until one night, when she awakes shaking and sobbing, the darkness too much for her.

-Rowan calmly lights a few candles, then wraps his arms around his mate and begins.

- His voice certainly is beautiful. And Aelin wonders how he’s kept this from her for so long. The song is in the old language, so she can barely decipher the meaning but she decides she loves it.

- Aelin falls asleep with his voice in her heart, and his kiss on her brow.

-But all sweetness aside, the songbird jokes begin.

i was thinking and reading about this recently but the first house isnt just about how we view the world or how the world views us. it can also represent how we came into the world, in a very literal way. planets are the most important to interpret in this case, but i’m sure the signs could be useful too!

Sun/Leo ASC: Your first experience of the world was being admired! Your parents lavished attention on you and showed you off to anyone and everyone. they absolutely glowed with pride at you, and you havent done anything but arrive lmaoo. this is a little similar to Venus on the ASC but not necessarily, the key here is to remember that unfortunately, attention doesnt equal love. in this case though, it’s safe to say that both were equally present. You were the baby that demanded attention, even among all other babies. the fussy one who couldnt go to sleep often cuz they were given attention from all the giants they were surrounded by. you learned to perform before you even knew anything else.

Moon/Cancer ASC: This implies a comfortable birth, an important one. your first experience was comfort, more than anything. this aspect or rising is one of the strongest indicators of a home birth. surrounded by the familiarity of not just your mother, but your home. your parents probably cried a lot, they were so happy and emotional to finally be holding you!!! you were probably very expressive too, though babies do nothing but express themselves, so who can really tell? haha. this might also describe breastfeeding being one of your very first experiences of the world, being swaddled in the embrace of your mother as she feeds you.

Mercury/Gemini/Virgo ASC: noisy!!! EVERYONE knew when you were born cuz no one could shut up about it. your parents never shut up, talking to you or each other or the doctor. maybe what was impressed upon you was the worry, or the logistics. this, or maybe your first experience in this world was one of clinicality and anxiety. what was impressed upon you wasn’t the embrace of your mother, but the gloves of a doctor or midwife. or maybe the very first thing impressed upon you was cleanliness!!!? maybe you were born in a car or taxi, or on a bus or something, with your siblings present. and as for sibling relationships, maybe you were the first grandchild in a family? or the first child of your parents. or maybe you’re a middle child, quiet, if a bit fussy. something else ive noticed… maybe you’re a fussy baby who babbles a lot, or has LUNGS on them, or a quiet one who needs to be checked up on a lot.

Venus/Taurus/Libra ASC: You were very loved, so much so that your very first impression of the world was one of love and pleasure and beauty. this is generally true for most people, but exceptionally so in your case. you were immediately lavished with love from your family, or maybe your birth was a pleasant experience? maybe your mom was lavished with love by you and everyone else, and that was your first experience of the world. love before anything else. you were probably a very cute baby even before they cleaned you up!!! everyone loved you and thought you were the cutest, they couldnt help but compliment you and be attracted to you. the baby everyone wants to hold and the baby who loves being held and attended to. the pleasant one who doesn’t cry as much.

Mars/Aries ASC: Birth was a fight. Maybe you resisted being born, or maybe you were too eager. your mother might have lost a lot of blood or fought the birth, again, maybe she wasnt ready or maybe she was too ready to get you out!! could also imply C-Section, since (if i remember correctly) both Uranus and Mars have to do with surgery. maybe your mom was super angry with everyone else in the room!! tempers are running hot but they probably cooled quickly when you were there. your first experience of the world was intense and maybe combative, but no less welcome. loud, too. your first experience in the world was that of asserting yourself.

Jupiter/Sagittarius ASC: You were learning as you were being born!!! you probably opened your eyes and got excited and emotional over… well, whatever you just got yourself into. your first experience of life was awe and wonder and what was impressed upon you was the need to figure it all out!!! maybe your parents were praying, maybe the doctors were discussing your condition, but all you heard was gibberish you wanted to make sense of. everything is an adventure, your first seconds of life were the biggest adventure you’ve ever undertaken, and they will be that the next time too, maybe. or maybe you were a physically large baby, or you were late!! smh. maybe you screamed bloody murder and exaggerated everything before you even know how extra you were being lmaooo

Saturn/Capricorn ASC: maybe your birth was quiet, or cold. your birth might have been perfectly on time, or even scheduled. there’s something restricted, maybe your mother took her time, or maybe you did. the first impression of the world was something you had to measure up to, the birth might have been surgical and clinical, or messy. something that had to be controlled. maybe you were tested and this impacted your impression of the world greatly. regardless, there was a sense of… discretion, about your birth. A dutifulness, as if your mother said “now that that’s over with, let’s get to business”. maybe your father was the first one to hold you, or maybe you were held by a grandparent. maybe your birth was notable bc of the time. this can also imply a home birth. induced labor comes to mind too.

Uranus/Aquarius ASC: THE shocking birth. your first seconds of life were spent surprising others with your arrival, which, unfortunately for your mother, usually happens on baby’s terms and not hers, especially so for you. or, the inverse - maybe it was a surgical event, or maybe there was surgery involved without it being expected. this can also imply an unconventional birth, maybe water birth? although that can apply to neptune and pisces too. regardless, this could also imply a forced or induced labor, something suddenly happened and you needed to come right then and there!! a sense of immediacy and surprise was your first impression of the world. maybe your first few seconds were isolated before you got to your mother, maybe she was too weak to see you for a bit, so you had to watch and wait out the distance. maybe you were even born far from home, abroad.

Neptune/Pisces ASC: You experienced life already familiar with it all. your mother might have been under some sort of strong anesthetic, or maybe your first seconds in the world were spent missing the comfort of the womb. already, everything is too solid and present and real. you either cried because it was all so frightening, or you were disturbingly calm to the point of confusing everyone. maybe you even smiled or kept still! you might have been born in a church or something? your parents mightve been praying, or maybe someone holy was present. something about your experience in this life left you open, and capable of empathizing with others. often the birth will be a singular experience, if it was calm and clinical or messy and loud, you responded accordingly to the energy in the room. maybe someone fainted bc they couldnt handle the miracle of you being brought into the world!

Pluto/Scorpio ASC: This one is also powerful. Your first experience of life was one of transformation. This is associated with particularly traumatic births. Maybe your mother almost died, or maybe you did, or both. Interestingly, i have read that this is the aspect of someone who could be a product of rape, but I don’t know enough to confirm or deny that. Your first experience of the world was having to confront it and survive it after you just got there. this was deeply impressed upon you. maybe the energies in the room were of a particularly angry or hidden nature. often, you felt violated and torn out of the familiarity of the womb. the doctor or midwife was someone terrifying, the nurses insidious. maybe your parents kept you a secret for some reason, and your first experience was being hidden from view. whatever the experience, it wasn’t fun and it left you deeply aware of how there’s always something just beneath the surface.

Lysandra and Falkan

We aren’t talking enough about these two. And we need to because I don’t know about you but this part:

This part absolutely destroyed me. I was crying for at least ten minutes and had to reread it several times and then had to message someone who had already read the book to make sure he wasn’t going to die or I wouldn’t be able to keep reading. More than anything else in this entire book, I could not handle this moment, for many reasons. 

First of all, I knew from the moment Falkan entered that he was important and would probably be related to Lysandra in some way because she is the only other shapeshifter we know of and thats how books work. Him confirming it though just made me so excited.

Second of all, because of all of this confession, we know that Lysandra has a family. After being abandoned by her father (who we know now definitely knew that she was born) and disowned by her mother and being forced into a brothel, this is so meaningful. And not only does she have a family, but he loves her and wants her and has been searching for her for years.

And Falkan’s line, which he was planning to be the last thing he ever said – and you know he must have been thinking this for years now – “I may have failed her in this life. But not in my death.” That is so freaking powerful and amazing and sacrificial and it truly shatters my heart that he was going to give up the years he’s been searching but he needed to make sure someone found her and gave her what he’s been saving up all these years for them – for them to use together to have a life. And as these words are spoken, as this task is handed off, Falkan knows that he will never meet her, never know her name, never be with his niece who is all he has left.

And then he survives, and Nesryn tells him about Lysandra and:

This part also definitely ended me because he is so happy and relieved and overjoyed to hear that yes, his niece is alive. And he decides to join their cause and come back to the Northern Continent and I cannot wait for their reunion in TOG7, I really don’t think I’ll survive it. 

Side note: Falkan’s last name is Ennar so that means it’s Lysandra Ennar (as long as Lys decides to take her father’s last name which I bet she will) and that makes me really happy because we finally have a last name, yay. 

TL;DR We need to talk about Falkan and Lysandra Ennar more because they are precious and their relationship is going to kill me.

Alright, it was pretty cute.

august 21st aka fanfic writers appreciation day.

i saw this post going around and i’ve decided to make a post to a) recommend you some great stories and amazing writers, b) give some sort of feedback. i don’t really have that much time to read anymore, so this won’t be that long. as soon as i get more time, i’ll start reading again :) the list is in no specific order, i was going through my “following” list and through my fic recs blog.

@noona-la-la-la  — i recommend literally everything noona ever wrote. i love her style and her plots and the fact that she always manages to exceed my expectations. she’s one of those writers whose stories aren’t just about the smut, which i love. of course, the amazing smut is just a bonus. my favorite story of hers is either unexpected or conditioned (which is also one of my fave tae stories ever. e v e r.) and her vmin threesome the group project is amazing! i’m so far up her ass it’s not even funny, but i seriously love everything about her blog and her writing.

@ellieljade  — amazing plots! a m a z i n g. and the dirty talk! the smut scenes are just too good, and mr.min is my favorite yoongi series. i love the plot, i love the fact that the characters aren’t labeled as good or bad, there’s a lot of grey areas and you never know what to expect. if you want to cry, read her this is how you lose her series and come bitch about it with me. and did i mention sub namjoon? because damn, watch me is amazing.

@avveh — some of the best dirty talk and pwp ever. i enjoy reading her stories from the first one she posted, which is reveries. i don’t even watch the show it’s based on, but i love the series. emily can really suck you into the plot, regardless of the smut. of course, you know me, my favorite is jealousy games because jungkook AND jimin. you know.

@xhixtape — i could go on about lila forever. the flow in her stories is amazing, i love the slow build ups in some stories, and i love the smut in all of them. she’s a huge inspiration for me and her work has inspired a lot of mine, i think i might be her biggest fan. read everything! my favorites are kitten’s got his tongue, good mornings, and vibrations. vibrations, man!!!

@tayegi — lu is one of the OGs of bts fanfics, so i’m sure you’re all already reading her stories. i lover her ocs, i love that they know how to speak for themselves and that they know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. my favorites are fuck, marry, kill (because JIMIN), the golden boy because T A E, and friendship goals because TAEGI.

@kimtrain — okay, one good purr had me hooked ! i loved the slow burn and tae′s character and everything about it, from the plot to her style. that’s also one of my favorite tae stories ever.  also, the wings of a devil? b o m b. she has a huge masterlist and i need to read all of her stories.

@floralseokjin — blessed is the day i found out about jordan’s blog. i love everything she writes, i don’t care what member the stories are about because they’re that good. i love her style because it makes me get into the story so much that i can’t stop reading. the first story i read was salt and shadow and i still love it. her jin stories are the best out there and i love reading them. show me might be my fave. also, playing with fire is bomb.

@gukvory —  can you feel it, sugar? is a masterpiece. actually, everything on this masterlist is a masterpiece. i love her writing style, i love the flow, i love the feeling i get when reading her stories. just read everything of hers, you won’t regret it.

@kittae — eva writes for other groups as well! i’ve only read most of her bts stories, and my faves are v-card because it’s the right amount of everything, and favourites and servants is so good! there’s still so many stories on her masterlist to read and i can’t wait to read more. 

@dailydoseofdia — i’m gonna recommend carousel because it’s one of the stories i’ve been meaning to read, but just didn’t have enough time for, even though everyone is praising it. i’ve read dia’s fics and they’re amazing, so i don’t doubt that carousel is just as great. lick was amazing and it’s the first thing i’ve read on her blog.

@chinnychimchim — ah. ah! one of my favorite writers. i seriously love everything she posts, i don’t ever check who the story is about. my favorite has to be reset. it’s such a good story and i haven’t read anything similar, so i love it. cognitive dissonance is also a must read. just read the entire masterist while you’re at it, it’s worth it.

@kstopping  — who doesn’t want a good mmf threesome with vmon? that’s exactly what cinnamon sugar is and i LOVE IT. also tags that crack me up every time.

@jungkookfortunekookies  — for those who don’t read smut, there’s a ton of popular stories on her masterlist, including jungkook roommate series which is so fun and easy to read!

@jeylovestoblog — i’ve heard jey writes amazing reader/girl/member threesomes, so i need to check them out, and i recommend you do the same. she updates often, so i’m sure you’ll find something for yourself.

@rapmonluv — all i’ve read so far is nightcall and it’s enough for me to know i’ll love everything else.

@jingukz — sarah’s stories are amazing and you know that i prefer smut, but her stories are that good. she doesn’t need smut to pull you in, but when it’s there, it’s great. bliss among sinners is probably my fave, but the first one i’ve read is cry me a river and i’m still not over it.

@emboyz — i still need to go through her masterlist, but i’ve read good catch and it’s great!

@pjxmin — i don’t get how everyone’s not talking about her writing. caught in a lie is amazing, proposals is such a good story, her writing is amazing and her stories are fun and they just pull you in. amazing writer!

@cosykims — merlot murders (the crimson killer, kisses of carmine) is the most underrated series i’ve ever read. it has everything and i can’t praise it enough, seriously. you need to read it!

@jiminniemouse — i think i’ve read everything of hers and there wasn’t a single story i didn’t like. i love her style, i love her plots, i just love everything about her writing. purple jewels is so well written and interesting, i can’t get enough. seriously, i recommend everything.

@wonhopes — amanda’s writing is amazing. i think you’ve all read not so honest, but i think my favorite might be cat got your tongue because TAEEEE.

@mindfullofcrazy — i absolutely loved give me love!!!

@hobibliophile — i think i’ve read everything on her masterlist and i loved it! my favorites are take a break (jihope threesome ftw), blue blooded (prince jin!!!), and don’t care about the presents (namjoon being a cutie).

@kainks — i love her writing style! my favorites are new guy and triplicity because damn, hoseok and yoongi threesome? i’m in. orange tulips is on my to read list, i’ve heard great things about it.

@versigny — if you haven’t read miss dial, i don’t know what you’re doing. read it. now. i love it!

@baeseoul  — protege is probably my favorite jungkook series ever. it’s so well written, i love the plot, i love the characters and their flaws, i just love everything about the story. destruction of a muse is on my to read list. just great writing in general, one of my favorite writers.

@protectaetae — i love her writing style! one night snap pt 1 and 2 saved me.

@taehyung-the-baehyung  — closer is amazing and so is the suit and tie series! amazing :)

@jheartseok — i still haven’t read nude, not flowers and i suck because i’ve heard it’s an amazing story. i need to read everything of hers.

@roseok — just read everything. amazing writing.

@drquinzelharleeni’m not a kid is a great series. there’s so much more i have to read from her masterlist, but i like her writing style!

there are a lot of writers who i still need to check out and i’m looking forward to it. i’m sorry if i’ve forgotten someone! if i’ve ever given you a compliment about your writing, i truly meant it. i hope i’ve included everyone. if you go check out these writers, please don’t ask them about updates :)

you know what’s absolutely heartbreaking? andrew wasn’t born closed off and guarded, he wasn’t born stone-faced and unimpressed with the world.

andrew was born as every other infant. he was a toddler at some point, giggling at everything, wide-eyed and curious. andrew probably had a favorite stuffed animal, a favorite blanket. andrew probably hummed along to songs as he finger painted and scribbled everywhere.

andrew most likely tried, and had, friends. he probably played play-pretend, hide ‘n seek, and other silly games we all played.

he wasn’t born “damaged” and that’s the heartbreaking part, the fact that the people who were supposed to protect andrew, love him, care for him were the ones who took all of that away from him.

he was a child like everyone else, and that was stolen from him like everything else was.

I don’t know if this was already pointed out but here it goes. Did anyone else notice how red and puffy Iggy’s eyes were when he learned that Insomnia fell?

I didn’t notice it until my third play through. This is the only time his eyes are like that leaving me to think that he cried. Which makes sense seeing how he lost his uncle and home. But it hurts knowing that he still probably was crying before informing the others.