or else i hope he and steve go make a comedy

Dog Days Are Over

Summary: You were already having a bad day, and then in walks Mr. Perfect and his best friend’s puppy. Oh, and he needs you to hurry because he’s got a blind date tonight, and he’s really nervous.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,993

Author’s Note: Do you know how long this has been in my drafts? Anyways, here’s more fluff. Sorry I’ve been the Ebeneezer Scrooge of fluff, but I can’t help it that I’m a cynical, angsty bitch who likes to make people suffer.

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There were certain rules to being a veterinary technician.

Number one, waterproof mascara and eyeliner always! When the customer cries, you cry. Number two, carry a lint roller on you at all times; it’s best to get the pocket-sized one, because Mr. Twinkles sheds a lot! Number three, iron your scrubs! And it’s probably best to keep an extra pair in your car, because Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell likes to pee on people.

Even though you knew these rules by heart, and you followed them every single day of your work-life, today was an exception. It was just one of those days that absolutely nothing- no matter how hard you tried- was going right. You were covered in fluffy cat hairs, Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell peed on your leg twice, and you had run out of waterproof mascara; so when Mr. Langley brought in his thirteen year old Labrador to put her down, he cried, and so you cried, and in the end you looked like the raccoon that liked to sneak into the office dumpsters at closing.

Today just wasn’t your day.

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Steve x reader 

Notes: Smut, fluff, swearing, just smutty rly. 

A/N: Steve x reader. I know, right? Didn’t know I had it in me (that sounds wrong. So, so wrong), but here we are. And lets be honest. The man is fucking adorable. And.. ever seen him in a suit? Hot damn. Enjoy! x

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“Can’t sleep?”

You looked up from the files in your lap and smiled, Steve stood next to the couch, holding out a mug to you with a similar smile on his lips.

“Never” you answered, only half-joking and took the mug from him with a soft ‘thanks’. “Why are you up, Cap? Don’t you have an early training session with Sam tomorrow?”

Steve shrugged, “Yeah, I do..” he took a deep breath but didn’t seem to let the air go when he spoke, “but sometimes I just can’t get my brain to shut off. And my mom used to say that a bed is for sleeping, not thinking”

You chuckled softly, “Meaning?”

Steve shot you a lopsided smile, “Meaning, if you can’t catch sleep because you’re thinking too much, get out of bed for a while and try again later”

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10 Signs an Introvert Likes you (1/10)

Summary: Bucky wasn’t the type of guy to show his feelings and neither were you the one to notice subtle things, until you come across this video. A guidence that may help you discover rather The Winter Soldier likes you or not. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 982

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Warnings: None, just cursing and FLUFF. 

A/N: So, I found this video here and the idea crossed my mind, it (ALMOST) will be a drabble series, because sometimes I was write too much, sorry not sorry. It won’t have any angst or something like that. Just fluff and comedy. Hope you enjoy! <3 

Masterlist of the Series

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“Oh, please, Natasha. Cut it, already!”

“Y/N, I’m going to punch you in the face, why can’t you just accept that Barnes is totally in love with you?” Hushing her with your hand, you felt your cheeks getting hotter as she cocked her brows at you.

“He’s not, fuckin hell!” Rolling her eyes and continuing to follow you to your room, she hissed, already getting tired to try to convince you

“You’re so oblivious that it hurts me.”

“He hasn’t showed any signs, Nat.”

“It’s Barnes; he can’t even start a conversation with all of us in the room. What do you expect, huh? That he raise a fucking signpost at dinner, with neon-shining letters saying ‘I’m totally in love with you’?”

“Well, maybe not with neon-shining letters, but–”

“I’m serious, Y/N.”

“So am I, Natasha. Just because I told you that I have a little crush on him, that doesn’t mean you have to join us together, okay? Now, good night.” Closing the door behind you and leaning on it, you couldn’t help but to think ‘what if?’

Yeah, he hadn’t shown anything that indicated that he liked you, but it could happen, right?

Sighing, you prepared yourself to sleep. Slipping in your pajamas, you kept thinking about Bucky and his actions. They weren’t flirty or even a little bit malicious, he wasn’t the kind of person that would normally let people in, and that kept you awake for half an hour.

Huffing in annoyance, you grabbed your laptop and entered Youtube, maybe watching some videos would make you sleepy again.

As if the destiny – and the internet – were laughing at your face, the first video on your recommended had the title: 10 Signs an Introvert Likes you.

Looking around the room to make sure no one saw you clicking the video, you plugged your earphones while mumbling that it was something stupid to do

“Well, it won’t kill anyone…” Inhaling sharply, you pressed play just to hear a sweet voice starting to talk.

The four types of introverts can be – vaguely - described by the traits: “Social”, “thinking”, “anxious” and “restrained”.

Social Introverts: The belief that a social introvert dislike socialization, is false. Rather, they prefer to socialize in small groups of people they feel compatibly with and comfortable around, such as close friends or their family circles. Thus, they are not exactly shy or reserved.

Thinking Introverts: These are people that remain introverts in their thinking process, causing them to be more thoughtful and self-reflective.

Anxious Introverts: Anxious Introverts prefer to be alone because they feel uncomfortable or unsuitable during social gatherings, as they are not confident about their social skills, consequently, they are likely to choose solitude, but sometimes even solitude may not reduce their anxiety.

Restrained Introverts: These are people who take time into everything they do, rather is socializing or springing up an action. They may seem slow, since they think more carefully before they speak or act and are more passive nature, than the active types.”

The video was already able to catch your attention and you couldn’t help but to place Bucky into the Social and Restrained introverts. Remembering all those times he seemed to be with the gears of his brain working to start a generic conversation with anyone outside his small circles of friends – You, Steve and him, basically –. You still couldn’t believe that he let you enter the duet.

So how do you know rather an introverts likes you or not?”

“You use your telepathic powers?” Giggling at your own joke, you listened to what the woman was saying.

One: Making the first move – Generally, introverts don’t make the first move in social contexts. But, if you find that an introvert is actively making an effort to talk to you, or making a gesture to grab your attention, you can bet he/she likes you.

“Sure.” The sarcastic mumble got out as you tried to remember any time Bucky had done that, and for your surprise, he did.

It was your third week in the tower, you weren’t the quiet type of person. You liked to talk, laugh, hug and kiss, however, you would always respect others boundaries and always knew who wanted to talk or not.

Bucky was on the ‘not’ sector, so you would respect his wishes and wouldn’t start a conversation when he didn’t seemed to be on his best mood, that was basically, everyday; Until one breakfast.

You yawned as you sat on his flesh arm side, pulling a bowl and grabbing your cereal. Obviously, you didn’t expect for him to start a conversation with you, since he never did.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Snapping your eyes at him in surprise, you saw he had a shy smile on his lips and that his cheeks were a little pink. 

“Morning, Bucky.” 

“Huh… Is sunny today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you know, I love sunny days. However, I also like cloudy days, because I can be crawled under my cushions, watching a silly movie while drinking something hot.” His smile widen with you bubbling, he liked that about you, especially on the start, since he wasn’t one to talk, yet. “Do you like sunny days?”

“Huhum, it’s a perfect day to read a book outside.” He moved his hand and shrugged his shoulders, subconsciously grabbing your attention

“Hmm, would you like to read something on the garden, with me?” The moment you finished your sentence and saw him backing down his eyes at the bowl, you regretted, thinking you may had pushed him too much. “I’m sorry, you must have something else to do-”

“I’d love to.” Surprised and satisfied with his answer, the smile popped out of you as you turned your face at your breakfast again.


“He just made a comment and I was the one to babble… Yeah, just a coincidence, that’s all.” 

Or wasn’t?

anonymous asked:

Dear Duke, I have noticed something about my writing: I do not know how to conduct a dialogue. I do not know how to add an emotional "burden" to the discussion. It does not sound believable what I write. To me, it seems more like a lecture than a simple conversation. I just wanted to write engaging more with the emotional side of my characters than with the intellectual. How can I do it?

Hi! You’re in the right place because dialogue is actually my favorite thing to write and any book of mine you pick up will probably be like at least 40% people talking. Idk if this is because I did so much theatre or because I just can’t shut up, but it’s high time I did a real post about it, so:

Advice for Aspiring Authors: On Dialogue

  1. You need it so don’t resist it. Books that are just huge chunks of prose are exhausting, and if you never use dialogue you’re either (1) summarizing or (2) writing a really boring book, and either way the the result is the same. Your reader is going to be bored. Choosing the right scenic mode is important and sooner or later people are going to have to speak in the moment. 
  2. Don’t stress about speaker tags. Putting this at the top because a lot of new writers seem to get hung up on it. But I’ve already addressed this, so read this post here. Pro-tip? If you’re writing a conversation between two people or even three, you often don’t need speaker tags at all. I recently wrote a conversation that takes place over the phone which consists of about 25 lines exchanged and didn’t use a single speaker tag because it was, in all instances, obvious who was doing the talking. Later in the same MS I have a really chaotic hospital scene where like twelve people are yelling at the same time and interrupting each other and there are no speaker tags because idgaf if anybody knows who’s saying what. It should feel like chaos. (If you want a really great example of this, pick up a copy of William Faulkner’s Sanctuary and read the funeral scene.) Readers are smart. They’ll figure it out.
  3. Different people speak in different ways. Who a character is will often determine how they speak. For instance, Theodore von Wammelspout, Crown Prince of Prosenstatz, is probably going to have a very different dialect than Paw Paw O’Halloran, Louisiana shrimp fisherman. (If you want a better example of what I’m talking about, watch the movie Kingsman and pay attention to how and when Eggsy switches dialects, or read the prologue to The Taming of the Shrew and pay attention to the immediate tonal shift in Christopher Sly’s dialogue when he wakes up from a drunken stupor thinking he’s a lord.) Think about a character’s origins and upbringing and backstory when deciding how they talk.
  4. But stay away from writing dialect unless you really know what you’re doing. Don’t try to phonetically write a character’s accent or dialect unless you’re a linguist, because a lot of dropped consonants and deliberate misspellings can be really difficult to read, come out like you’re trying too hard, or even end up looking vaguely racist. If a character has an accent, find a way to tell us they have an accent and then spell all their dialogue correctly. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule–i.e, if a phonic misunderstanding is crucial to the story. But basically, unless you’re writing Trainspotting, don’t do this. What’s much better and much more effective is to describe how a character says something or what their voice sounds like. What’s the texture? The color? The temperature? A warm, rough, slow voice belongs to a different character than a cold, high, slick voice does. Or maybe the same character can switch from one to the other. Give your character’s voice the same attention you would give their body or their habits or anything else.
  5. It’s a character speaking, not the narrator. Each character should have their own voice, in the same way that each story will have a slightly different narrator, even if it’s a neutral third person narrator. Writing is all about voice and style, and part of the challenge is that you as the writer have to be a mockingbird and be able to speak in as many different voices as you have characters. It will take practice. It will require a lot of questions asked, such as “Who never says a bad word? Who swears like a sailor? Who talks in a constant, uninterrupted stream and who hardly says a word?” For an exercise, write out a plain uninteresting sentence like, “He was on his way home from the store when he got a flat tire,” the way the narrator would say it, and then rewrite it in every character’s voice. Because one character might say it just like that–”I was on my way home from the store and I got a flat tire”–and another might say, “You’re not going to fucking believe this. Okay, so I’m on my way home from the store, because we’re out of beer again, because Steve was supposed to go get more and he didn’t, the dickhead–and what happens? Well, obviously, because this worthless excuse of a city can’t be bothered to keep the roads clear, I drive right through a patch of broken glass and BANG! Blow a tire. Swear to God, I thought it was a gunshot, I nearly ran my car into a telephone pole.” If all your characters sound alike or sound like the narrator or (worse) sound like you, it’s time to stop and reevaluate. 
  6. Characters don’t speak for you. Look, unless you’re writing a really boring story it’s going to have a bunch of people in it with a bunch of different ideas and some of them should believe things that you don’t agree with or speak in a way you find objectionable. Characters are sometimes going to have to say things you find morally deplorable and they have to say them with conviction. I recently wrote a scene where my FMC’s boyfriend and her dad argue about what they’re going to do about her, like she’s not a grown-ass woman who can take care of herself. And they both say things that are utterly atrocious and that if I heard a man say in real life, I would probably punch him in the face. But that’s important. In fiction, you gotta tell it all and tell it like it is. Fiction isn’t true but it should be honest. Not every character can agree with you or with each other. (This is a big part of the reason that authorial intent is a flawed concept. An author who depicts something isn’t necessarily condoning or endorsing it.) You should be writing about difficult shit and writing about it from every vantage point and using dialogue to do that. You don’t need to agree with angelic equality crusader Nancy and homophobic Uncle Jeff equally but they need to be equally convincing. Write disagreements. Write arguments. Let characters fight and get pissed and tell each other to fuck off. It’s honest, and it’s interesting. Conflict is good.
  7. Incomplete sentences are your best friend. So are run-ons. That scene I mentioned that was 25 lines with no speaker tags? There’s also not a complete sentence in that whole exchange. We rarely speak in full correct sentences, even if we know perfectly well that what we’re saying isn’t grammatically perfect. So something like this: 
            “Seen my keys?”
            “In the basket.”
    Totally acceptable. People are lazy. They talk in fragments. Dialogue doesn’t have to be correct, because it often isn’t. Stick commas and dashes wherever the fuck you want to mimic the pattern of speech. Worry about what’s natural, not what’s correct. Sometimes what goes unsaid is just as interesting as what does get said. For instance, if Joe turns to Carol and starts to say, “Have you ever thought about–” and then never finishes the sentence, that’s going to keep a reader wondering. Has she ever thought about what? In much the same way, you can have a character ramble for an entire paragraph in an epic run-on sentence if that’s the way they talk, or if they’re distressed or upset and trying to get the words out. The last book I finished has a chapter at the end where one character literally talks without interruption for nine pages. And as insane as that sounds it’s actually totally necessary because she’s telling a story that’s important for the readers and the other characters to hear but it’s a hundred times better to hear it in her own voice, grammatical correctness be damned.
  8. Don’t try too hard to be eloquent. How many people do you know in real life who spout off perfectly articulate declarations of their feelings? Probably none. They ramble and stall and repeat themselves. Real-life conversations are not movie conversations. They’re not smooth. They’re not perfectly timed. A character just saying “Fuck me” because they have no idea what else to say is perfectly plausible (and also a great opportunity for comedy). Here’s an exercise if you’re having trouble: Make two columns on a page, and on one side write out what this character is trying to say (i.e, “I love you.” “I’ve been trying to tell you for years.” “But I’m afraid you don’t want me to.”) and on the other write out what they actually say (i.e., “I really hope you’ll stay.” “You know you’re always welcome to stay.” “I don’t want you to feel like you have to stay. Just that you can. If you want to.”) Sometimes the juxtaposition between what we’re trying to say and what actually comes out is so important. So don’t worry about perfect articulation or doing justice to the “emotional burden.” Worry about the intent and the impact and how those two things align–or don’t.
  9. Read it out loud. This is one of the most important things teachers in playwriting workshops will tell you to do. Read it out loud. If it feels awkward or unnatural, it probably is. Thus also to dialogue in prose fiction. Even better option? Get a couple of friends to read it for you. This will work wonders for helping you figure out what feels awkward.
  10. HAVE FUN WITH IT. When I say dialogue is far and away my favorite thing to write, I’m not kidding at all. You can learn so much about a character or how two characters interact by how they talk to each other. Do they tease, do they nag, do they finish each other’s sentences? Do they use slang, do they slur, do they talk about celebrities they’ve never met as if they’ve known them for years and they’re the best of friends? Let their personalities shine through, because when characters speak is the only time they’re not getting filtered through a narrator, even if that narrator is themselves. Dialogue provides some of the most poignant moments of characterization you’ll ever get. So play with it. Try the same line fifty different ways until it feels right. Let your characters speak for themselves.

Good luck! Go forth and write great dialogue and have a blast doing it.

@gifsourcefed made a little post detailing about how she felt about all the hosts and I thought it would be a good way to show my appreciation as well! 

My story is pretty much like every others, I started way back in 2012, right around the time of the fall, and from then on my life was forever changed. SourceFed has always been my home, some place I could leave for a bit and then come back and things were a little different, like the furniture had changed around and maybe we got some new members, but it was still home, it still had the heart and the love that I always remembered.

Lee Newton, the sweetest, funniest, dinosaur loving woman I’ve ever seen. I connected with her Make-A-Wish story and being sick and having surgeries all the time as a kid with my own past being similar, and from then on she felt like a new mom, one complete with hilarious voices and a bright smile.

Joe Bereta, the dad I wish I had, so athletic and fearless, and Joe knew how to tell a story like nobody else, I always wanted to learn how to tell a story like Joe Bereta, even if he did almost die in half of them.

Elliott Morgan, the dry humored, silly guy who had the tendency to go a little dark, Elliott was filled with endless talent and entertainment, there truly was nobody like Elliott Morgan, and never will be. 

Steve Zaragoza, this silly, joyous, funny, fantastic man. I love Stee, even when I disagree with him, because Steve is so magical, so special in the way he exudes happiness. Zabagoobler has always been the kind of guy I wanted to be friends with.

Trisha Hershberger, this small, dramatic, tech loving woman. I love Trisha Hershberger. Trisha reminded me of myself, in drama and wanting to be an actress, and so very tiny and optimistic and loved games and technology. Trisha is the sweetest little lady, and I know she’s going to be a fantastic mother.

Meg Turney, this red haired force of nature. Meg was hot and quick and full of life, so casually cool and fun it almost hurt. Meg seemed so effortless in everything, like that being that amazing was just easy. She made being a nerd girl in a t-shirt be hot.

Ross Everett, although far from a favorite of mine personally, always added a little spice. I actually did come to miss him when brought up the last few days, missing the dynamic he had, and I think that’s how Ross shined: he was good with people, good with bouncing off of them, good at creating a fun energy and a good time. I could only hope to have that much energy as Ross.

And then came our first round of newbies. Admittedly, these are probably my favorite hosts, ones I connected with the most.

William Haynes, the unpredictable, creative, wild Naruto Shippuden loving boy. I had a crush on Will when he first popped up on Anime Club. Will was awkward, but well spoken and characteristic, and funny? Will was so funny. And he changed, right before our own eyes, Will went from this awkward boy, to this amazing, cool, funny man. Will showed me that even in the void, you can always find the light at the of the Tunnel (Vision). Speaking of Anime Club…

Reina Scully, this small, beautiful Asian woman. God do I love Reina Scully. Reina was small, just like me, and loved anime, and was actually pretty disgusting and lewd, in the best of ways, things that I was afraid of showing, but Reina brought me out of my shell. Reina is by far my favorite host, coming into her own from sitting quietly at TableTalks to yelling to my favorite soft chicken boy. Never did I have to think about liking Reina, because she was so likeable right from the moment she popped up. Somebody else that brought me out of my shell?

Sam Bashor, meek and sweet in the beginning, now a still sweet, but amazing man who is so full of ideas and passion that he seems like he’s going to burst. Sam was also somebody I had a crush on, the old Doctor Who outfits were so charming, and the privilege of seeing Sam (and Will) grow from boys my age to these incredibly talented men who are living their dreams and their passions, has always given me hope and something to strive for, that you can change but still be yourself at heart, especially if deep down you’re actually just the Flash.

Matthew Lieberman, this boy! God I love Matt. It was so popular to dislike Matt, but I loved him. I love the crazy stories Matt always brought to the table, and he always knew how to tell them, the details and specifics, and in story reactions almost unbelievable and amazing. And cooking! The man can cook. Amazingly so. I’m so upset we never got to see more of Matt’s skills, and that SourceFeed is never going to happen now. And on top of that, an actor and a writer? Matt is so talented, and I especially loved him on Nuclear Family.

Around late 2014 early 2015 I fell off SF, but not for long. I came back home, just like always, and there were even more new hosts. 

Bree Essrig, this feminist fireball, Bree is everything I wish I could be. Talented, outspoken, funny, beautiful. Bree is the complete package, topped with hair just as fiery as she is. Bree’s skills were brought to the forefront on Nuclear Family, and not getting to see those anymore makes me so sad. God damn do I love Bree Essrig. Know who else I love?

Maude Garrett. Maude. Fucking. Garrett. When Maude Garrett enters a video, enters a single frame, this is Maude’s show now. Maude brings the light to the room, draws all the attention in with that tall blonde Australianness that only she could exude, somehow contained in a Star Wars dress. Maude is so ridiculously funny, you might as well just sit back and let her go at it. The dynamic with Sam is so amazing, so perfect, lightning in a bottle that could never be recreated. I can’t wait for the Smaudecast.

Steven Suptic. This soft chicken boy. This boy grew on me. I watched SPF for Reina, she’d always been my favorite, and now she did games? Full time? Hell fucking yeah I was in. But then this boy came in. This weird white boy with greasy hair who said all the wrong things. I don’t know how long I wouldn’t watch a video that didn’t feature somebody else that involved Suptic. But somewhere along that way, that boy got a haircut, and I’m pretty sure some new glasses, and eventually found his voice and his stride, and GOD do I love Steven Suptic. Suppy is a grower, somebody that’s so bombastic you’re off-put by him. But then you watch more, and you realize that boy that jokes around all the time? Is sentimental, and kinda sweet, even if he still says the wrong things sometimes, but now it’s a little bit endearing, especially if his dick is just, y’know. Out.

I was pretty consistent with keeping up from now until the end, and luckily, I’d already been keeping up with a few of the new hosts.

Ava Gordy, a sweet, funny, short haired lady with legs more bendable than I thought possible. Ava’s been somebody I knew since 2012 as well, I saw a video she did for Taylor’s Swift’s “RED” album reviewing it, and had been watching “HALT, I am Ava.” ever since. Seeing Ava here was a surprise, a good one, Ava’s talents finally having the coolest of platforms I could think of to be shown off. Ava is funny, her timing and storytelling impeccable. Ava Gordy is a masterpiece.

Mike Falzone, this sweet, funny man was also somebody I knew, having been around the YouTube block, knowing of Tonjes and Gunnarolla. Mike was like Steve, hilariously funny, always doing something to get a laugh, and this man is so genuine it seems almost impossible. Mike is so sweet, so good to this world, and so funny on top of it all. The world does not deserve the Calzone, but we get to enjoy him anyways.

Candace Carrizales. Oh Candy. Candace is someone that took the most to grow on me. Her humor is so different from the others, her demeanor so unexpected from this office that’s known to be out of this world loud and exuberant. Not Candy. Candy’s just hear to be here, and have a good time, and to give a laugh. I wish I could’ve appreciated Candace sooner, seeing her grown more comfortable and more into her voice and comedy has been amazing, and I wanted nothing but to see her more, considering she’s made me laugh so much in the last few months than I ever expected.

Yessica Hernandez-Cruz, God damn do I love this lady. Yessica and Will were dynamite, bouncing off each other, feeling like the PBL duo to SFN’s Maude and Sam, it was impossible to not smile seeing these two do magic together. Yessica on her own, is even more magical, proud of who she is and unapologetic, and holy shit can Yessica make me laugh. I’m going to miss Yessica, but I have hope for the PBL trio, considering John’s promises. Speaking of…

John Ross, I love this man. John is somebody I want to hang out with, to teach me all that he knows about food and camera work and everything he’s familiar with. John has such an aura about him, so friendly and positive, John is the calming member of this amazing trio, just wanting to spend time with his friends and have a good time and make amazing content. John Ross is a gift.

Whitney Moore, another gift, was the perfect person for Nerd. Whitney was a slightly familiar face, and she felt just so right to be there. Whitney brought a cool meal edge to the channel, her slightly darker tones of interest so contrasted with her bright and bubbly personality. I always smiled when Whit was on screen, so funny and cool, ready to take on the world. 

Filup Molina, the biggest surprise for me, was just on Nerd one day. Just hanging out. And I’m glad that he did, that hat wearing, funny boy. Filup’s always been slightly out of place for me, in the best way, his references falling on deaf ears because they didn’t make sense to others, jokes that the viewer caught going unnoticed by others, I loved him. Filup was a breath of fresh air for the channel, a sparkling gem that I feel not many noticed.

Aside from the hosts, I wanted to note a few BTS staff:

Rickey Mizuno, handsome, talented Rickey boy, beautiful behind the camera and in front of it. This man exudes charisma, and we didn’t get to see him nearly enough. Dani Rosenberg, the HBIC, funny and badass, Dani was one of my favorites to see. She really made SF what it was, and I want to see her do more awesome shit. Sophia Lorena, that curly haired beauty, dealing with Will’s shit every day was truly a lot for her to deal with, and I think for that alone we should be praising her. Also, have you seen her blog? Sophia’s amazing. Starline Hodge, the beautiful, talented graphic designer, Star’s vlogs and art have never not caused me to smile. Star was always subtle in things, but I always wanted more of her. And Audrey Davy, hearing Reina scream her name in SPF videos was always hilarious, and seeing her in Phil’s vlogs and in the Drunk Co-Workers series confirmed that Audrey is a dime a dozen, hardworking and sweet, Audrey was one of my favorites always.

To all of those in this list, and on staff, thank you for these 5 years. They were wonderful, and funny, and God, I will never forget them or the people that made them. And I will never forget the amazing community that thrived from it. I love every single one of you. 

See you, you hot little daddy’s.

Undeniable Heat Chapter 12: Floating On Clouds

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Chapter Summary: The day after your date, both of you are still excited about it.

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Jensen’s P.O.V.

I literally could have skipped to my apartment, my mood was that great. Opening up the door, I toed off my shoes, before checking my phone for messages. Two from Jared, and one from Danneel, which soured my mood quite a bit.

Ignoring her text, I called Jared as I headed into my room, ready for a shower, and a change of clothes. “Hey man, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you!” Jared exclaimed as he answered the phone. “Date must have been good. Don’t tell me you spent the night on the first date.”

Sighing, I sat down on the edge of my bed, knowing my shower would have to be put off to talk to Jared. “Jar, the date was amazing! She was even more amazing away from work, and I think we really clicked.”

I could hear Jared talking to his kids in the background before his attention turned back to me. “But that doesn’t explain why you didn’t call me until now. Details man.”

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Evasive Maneuvers (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen part 3]

Well, I guess 3 is a trilogy, any more makes a series, right? And there will be more, so perhaps I should come up with a name for the series besides “Accidents Happen series”? I’m open to suggestions. :) 

Any who, here is part 3! It was a rough weekend full of family obligations and helping a friend move in the middle of the night so I’ve been up late tonight (Sunday) writing even though I work early tomorrow. Meh. I struggled a little more with this chapter. I had definitive scenes and funny/sexy lines I wanted to use but the transitions were harder. Phew. The last scene made me chuckle while I was writing it, though. Ha! Let me know what you think! :)

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Evasive Maneuvers (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Steve, Natasha, most of the Avengers mentioned.

Summary: Reader and Bucky trying to interact in public and hide their secret in front of the rest of the team.

Warnings: none. Just more sexy fluff. ;)

Melt with You ( Part 2)

Part 3

Never Tear Us Apart (Part 4)


Bucky had left an hour ago, despite much protesting from both of you and much more kissing in between him finding his clothing, dressing, and walking to the door.

“Okay, I’m going.”


“Really. Walking to the door. “

You follow. Kiss.

“I’m turning the door knob.” Kiss. And butt squeeze. From you.

“Hey, now!” he yelped. “I’ve got to open this door and slip out unnoticed and your hands attached to me may be found noticeable.”

You relented, one last kiss, and took a step back. He opened the door, peaked out to make sure the hallway was empty, and took another look at you with a smile.

“I’ll see you soon, Y/N.” And he was gone.

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[title]: Missed

[pairing]: Bucky x Reader

[prompt]: Kind of a “You never know what you got ‘till it’s gone” type of thing when the Reader leaves for a mission and Bucky misses her.

[warnings]: swearing, fluff, fluff, fluff

[a/n]: ft. me rambling again this is actual nonsense 

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           [y/n] liked Bucky Barnes. She had never heard him speak a word in English ever. The only noises she had ever heard him make were mumbles in Russian, grunts, and whines of terror in the night. Bucky was quiet and [y/n] liked that. And she was so confused when other people didn’t feel the same way.

           She couldn’t fathom why some of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents would look at him the way they do. She didn’t get what people didn’t understand about the fact that what happened wasn’t Bucky’s fault. She wondered why Bucky sat all by himself when Steve was away, the others avoiding him like he was fucking diseased.

          So she sat next to him one day. He was staring at the blank television screen while Steve was away on a mission. She plopped down next to him, turning the TV on. He turned to look at her with an expression that she couldn’t read. So she gave him a small smile and flipped through the channels.

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anonymous asked:

Why is Al Ewing's Avengers so great?

Real talk, to one and all who haven’t been following him: Al Ewing is one of the three best regular writers in comics right now. It’s him, Tom King, and some third person (Steve Orlando? Mark Russel? Kieron Gillen? Jonathan Hickman or Warren Ellis if we count them as ‘regular’ in terms of monthly publication?). And his work on Avengers is basically my platonic ideal of Good Superhero Comics.

It’s not just that he’s a remarkably skilled writer who’s excelled at just about every genre he’s tried his hand at, though he is definitely one of the most chameleonic creators out there at the moment* - I think part of why he hasn’t gotten as much attention as some up-and-comers is that there’s no one specific thing he excels at, he’s just great at everything, from comedy to horror to character moments to action scenes to long-term storytelling without sacrificing the single issue to tying his themes into the function of his plot to the kind of “fuck yes” moments Grant Morrison and Garth Ennis make their bread and butter on. It’s that he’s one of the handful of writers operating on that level who clearly dearly loves traditional superheroes and believes in their ability to tell meaningful stories without reinventing the wheel. It’s straight-up adventure stories with the Plunderer and Doctor Positron and the New Revengers, but with an intellect and sincerity that elevates them above just about everything else in the market.

For one, having a writer on that level determined to tell the best classic adventure stories he can means we end up with ideas like American Kaiju - as Ewing put it, “Godzilla exists, and he is American”; as David Uzumeri put it, “what if Frank Miller was TWICE as drunk when he came up with Nuke” - executed exactly as well as you’d hope. The kind of bizarre throwaway ideas Morrison deals in to add texture to a world that he doesn’t actually explore, both because he has a larger story to deal with and they’re often a little too quirky even for him? Mighty Avengers and New Avengers are basically built on those. It also doesn’t hurt continuity nerds like me that he’s building his own slice of the Marvel Universe to build his books around over time in service of something bigger down the line, same as Hickman, or Morrison across the aisle. Especially considering said slice largely revolves around Blue Marvel, who Ewing’s turned into the single best and most potentially enduring take on “how would Superman work in the Marvel universe?” we’ve ever had.** 

But what makes his work is that it has a heart. Not in the general sense of having emotional moments and well-developed characters (though it’s got those too), but in having a sense of conviction and meaningful idea of what the idea of the hero is supposed to stand for.

Most superhero books, frankly, don’t have a particularly well-developed sense of justice or ethics beyond the need to stop people from dying, and occasionally that you shouldn’t do it by killing because that would make you bad. Ewing on the other hand is clearly someone who’s thought a lot about what superheroes mean and what they can teach and how they can go wrong, and it’s something he’s conscious of in his work. It’s not just a matter of whether his heroes can win, it’s that they’re showing that civil liberties aren’t for pansies who don’t understand what it takes to get the job done, and that you have to give a shit about your fellow man even when you desperately don’t want to because the road to becoming the bad guy is in seeing others as fundamentally lesser, and that it doesn’t take powers to help your community. They’re unapologetically leftie books (Ewing’s Secret Wars tie-in Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders had the panel you may have seen floating around with a supervillain quoting David Cameron), and it’s in a thoroughly humane and community-minded sense of right and wrong that it rebukes the idea of superhero as fascist: they’re the ones who stand up to the fascists, who protect their neighbors and inspire them to do better, who grit their teeth and believe in their fellow man no matter how much their fellow man seems to want to flush the world down the drain. That Ewing has his characters fighting amazing stuff in fun ways is what makes his Avengers damn good books - whether as a traditional superhero team in Mighty Avengers, an international science strike-force in New Avengers, or defenders of the Omniverse against the impossible in Ultimates. But it’s that they’re just as concerned with how to be better people and see justice properly done that makes them great books.

EDIT: Since I was asked and realize it’s not exactly obvious, the reading order for his stuff goes:

Mighty Avengers Volumes 1-3 (starting with No Single Hero)

Captain America And the Mighty Avengers Volumes 1-2 (starting with Open For Business, which opens with an Axis tie-in. Ewing gets handed a ton of tie-in stuff, and while he’s great at turning that into narrative momentum, know it’s there in advance)

Ultimates/New Avengers up through the present, soon to be followed up by Ultimates ² and U.S.Avengers (also check out his Contest of Champions, which ties into the larger story he’s building up and is also really fun)

He also wrote Ultron Forever with art by Alan Davis, which has a team of cross-time Avengers uniting to battle a future Ultron in events spinning out of Hickman’s Avengers, and one of those characters appears in his New Avengers. He was also behind Loki: Agent of Asgard, which has three volumes (with Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm slotted between volumes 1 and 2), which is also definitely something everyone should check out and sets up some themes that are playing out further in Ultimates.

* Try for instance Zombo and his novel I, Zombie, which take opposite tacks on my least favorite major genre and both end up absolutely phenomenal. Or his trippy, 70s-psychedelia mixed with 90s-Vertigo style Zaucer of Zilk. Or his great little Black Widow horror oneshot in Avengers 14AU. And for those who really enjoyed his Avengers, I’d especially recommend checking out his pulp novel trilogy of El Sombra, Gods of Manhattan and Pax Omega (they’re technically set in a larger steampunk universe set up by another writer, but they’re fully standalone and require no knowledge of the other series).

** Which I maintain he expanded into the premise of “how would the Justice League work in the Marvel Universe?” with Ultimates. Seriously though, while I know he’s happy to work with characters of every degree of popularity, I need - need - to see that guy write Superman at some point down the road.

Love story

 Summary: In which Bucky tells your son the story of your relationship

Word Count: 7,035

Warnings: none

A/N: I’ve been working on this for nearly a week so I hope you like it! also this is the longest fic i’ve ever wrote!

Bucky sat on the couch flicking through a newspaper as your son stared long and hard at the pictures of the two of you. He was fascinated by the two of you, he always looked at the photographs of the two of you and wondered how you ended where you were.

“Daddy tell me about you and mummy.” Your son asked making Bucky’s attention snap away from the newspaper, He saw your son yet again staring intently at the pictures of the two of you hanging on the wall.

“What about me and mummy would you like to know about?” Bucky said as your son’s bare feet padded across the wooden floor of the living room all the way over to Bucky who was sat on the couch. Your son placed himself right next to his look-alike father.

“Everything.” Your son said with sheer excitement making Bucky laugh scratching his neck not knowing where to start because your relationship has so much content and detail. But then he thought back to when he first met and decided he would go from there.

“How about we start when I first saw your mummy?” Bucky suggested earning an enthusiastic nod of the head from your son who was smiling widely.

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Recruit Part Two (Reader x Avengers)

  (Part one) (Part Three)

Word Count: 1,244

A/N: I’m thinking about making this a series because it’s so fun to write. Like, can this happen in real life please? Enjoy babes! Don’t forget to tell me what you think and also request some stories if you’re into that 

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The Friend of My Enemy (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request:  Can you do a fic where she is with Bucky (sorry Buck I know you won’t do that) but he cheats on her so Steve comforts her and they fall in love ?? Love your imagines I love them so much. <3

Thank you, lovely!  I hope you enjoy!

I’m sorry.

Please answer me.

I made a mistake.

As you walked thru the city in the dark, alone, furious, and sobbing, your phone wouldn’t stop buzzing with endless texts from Bucky.  The last person who would ever hurt you.  Or so you thought.  

(Y/N), please.

I’m sorry.

That was enough.  With a shaky breath, you closed your eyes and let out a loud yell as you threw your phone into the river with all of your strength. It served you right, falling for an Avenger.  How could you possibly have believed that you could keep his attention?  His life was exciting, full of experiences around the world, with women at every stop, hoping for time with such an attractive and personable man.  Bucky was a master of flirting; hell, it worked on you, didn’t it?

“Shit.  That was an expensive phone.”  With the moment gone, reality hit you.  You were alone in the night, no way to call for a cab, and blocks away from the busiest street to try to catch one.  Moving your purse under your coat, you tucked your hands in your pockets and began the long walk back to your apartment.

Within a few blocks of home, your tears finally subsided.  You were either all cried out, or completely dehydrated.  Either way, your body felt numb and there was nothing you wanted more than to sleep, perhaps for days.  Your door was just ahead of you now, so you searched your purse, looking for your keys.

“Hey, (Y/N)?”  

Surprised to hear your name when the sidewalks were all but empty, you gasped as you looked up to see Steve approaching you.  Other than Bucky, he was the last person you wanted to see.

“Steve, if you’ve come to apologize for him, or to convince me to talk to him-“

He shook his head and held his hands up, “No, no nothing like that, I promise.”  He watched you for a moment as your search became more aggressive.  “Do you need help?”

You threw your purse to the ground with a solid thump, exasperated and angry.  “Son of a bitch.  Steve…” Dropping down to sit on the steps to the building, you rested your arms on your legs, wringing your hands.  “What do you want?”

He sheepishly grabbed your purse from the ground, and after a few seconds presented you with your keys. “He called me.”  Gesturing as if to ask to sit, he slowly found a spot next to you when you didn’t deny him.  “I’m assuming your phone has been thoroughly destroyed?”

Laughing, you found a small comfort in having someone who knew you so well, even if he was the best friend of your new enemy.  “How’d you guess?”

“Come on, (Y/N).  I’ve known you long enough.”  Steve leaned back on the steps, resting his elbows behind him.  “I know all kinds of stuff ‘bout you.  I know that you cry at romantic comedies.  I know that you wake up with a craving for pizza after you’ve been out drinking the night before.  I know that your toenails are always painted the same bright shade of pink, year round, because it reminds you of summer.  I know that you can ride a rollercoaster for exactly 45 seconds before you get sick.” His eyes were introspective now, as if he were watching his own memories play out in his head.  His voice became quieter and deeper, “I know that your eyes are a shade of blue that can only be found in the deepest part of the ocean.”  He stopped, his face now red with the realization of what he was saying.

“Anyway…” you said, clearly uncomfortable and hoping to change the subject.

He took a deep breath and looked away, “Anyway…he called me and said that you weren’t answering his texts or calls.  It’s late and I was worried about you.”

“And that’s all?”  You wiped a tear from your eye, surprised that you had any left.  “Nothing else?”

“Listen, I’ll never be okay with what he did, (Y/N).  Best friend or not.  But, that’s going to be between him and I.  I’m just here to make sure that you’re okay.  Nothin’ else.”  

You looked to him, and saw that his eyes were sad but genuine.  They were a cool blue but filled with warmth; he was telling the truth and he was here to take care of you.  Your stomach was in knots as you held his gaze.  Why had you never noticed the color before?  

“Steve?  Would you like to come up for a few minutes?”

“Yes.”  He replied quickly, almost before the question was fully asked.  Steve put a hand to his face, rubbing his chin.  “Yep, I said that way too fast, didn’t I?”  He chuckled and lowered his head to stare at his feet, “Smooth, Rogers. Real smooth.”


“Here.”  You handed Steve a cup of coffee, sitting next to him on the couch, pulling your legs up underneath you.  “Thanks for coming to check on me, Steve.  I appreciate it, really.”

“Mmm,” sipping on his coffee, he nodded, acknowledging you.  “It’s what I do.  I swoop in to rescue the damsel in distress.  Works like a charm.”

The glimmer in his eyes was unmistakable.  Or were you reading too much into it?  Was this really the time to be looking at him like this?  This was Bucky’s best friend.  Your friend.  “Is that your goal, Steve?  Do you want it to work on me?  Because…” you paused to set your cup on the table, “I’m no damsel.”

His eyes widened, shocked that you were being so direct.  “Um, well, I guess…yeah.  I guess I do.”  Sitting motionless, he watched you for some sign of how to respond, but it never came; he would just have to ask.  “Is that what you want?”

“We’ve known each other for a lotta years, Steve.  And until today, hell, until just the last hour, I’ve never looked at you this way before. But now…”

Steve shifted closer to you on the couch, cautiously, but anticipating being much closer very soon. His eyes were dark and intense, searching yours.  “But?”

Your breath became shaky and uncertain.  You saw him look from your eyes to your lips for just a brief  second.  “But now…”

Steve saw the opportunity and made his move, eagerly pressing his lips to yours, his body holding you against the couch as his hands learned the curves of your body.  You moaned softly at his touch, easily allowing him to take control.  You heard a deep growl in his throat as your hands moved to his hair, pulling gently while he covered your neck in hot kisses, his breath sending shivers through you.


He paused, giving you just enough distance to speak.  His lips were red and swollen now, and he was more striking than you had ever seen him.

“Stay with me.”


The next morning you woke to harsh banging on your door.  Rolling over, you smiled to yourself as you saw Steve, still asleep. He was really there, and last night had really happened.  His chest was moving with his slow, rhythmic breaths, and you wanted nothing more than to wrap your arms around him as he slept.  With a quiet sigh, you resolved yourself to face the man on the other side of the door, once and for all.  You smiled at the realization that Bucky no longer held any piece of your heart.

Trying to stay as quiet as possible, you quickly swung the door open to see Bucky, hungover and disheveled.  His eyes brightened for a moment as he saw you, but his smile didn’t reach them.  “Hey, there’s my girl-“

Before you could reply with your carefully chosen array of four-letter words, a large arm reached past your head, striking Bucky and swiftly knocking him to the ground.  

“What the hell, Steve?!” Bucky pulled himself up, holding his bleeding nose.

“Sorry, Buck.”  Steve said as he shut the door, locking it securely.

My girl.”              

The Dreaded Day - Bucky Barnes x Reader *Valentines Day Request*

Originally posted by sebastianstahn

(Requested by Anon) A Bucky oneshot please you’re sad because you’re always alone on Valentine’s Day where as to everyone else has somebody to be with and Bucky notices and figures out why and sets up a whole day for just you and him and he’s secretly in love with you 
Warnings: Swearing, Bucky being so cute - that always needs a warning label tbh
Admins Note: ALL this week leading up to Valentines Day there will be new one-shots, imagines, headcanon’s with the topic of Valentines Day being involved with them! So, get ready for something cute/ romantic to read! 

The dreaded day was drawing near. You wanted to throw up at all the decorations you saw at the store, all the people smiling at the stuff they brought or saw like you, it was disgusting for this day to even exist. 

Every year this happens and you’d like to pretend you are fine but after the many years of being along, on this day also, you just couldn’t pretend to find it enjoyable. Of course the day you hate most of all is, Valentine’s Day. You couldn’t understand all the cute couples, all the pink and red decorations, all the cards and heart shaped chocolate; you just couldn’t understand any of it! 

You thought joining the Avengers would take your mind off of all these thoughts of being alone, well; actually it made things worse since everyone had someone. Everyone had either a date, a person to be with, a person they loved with everything they had and it made you sick!  

Everyone had something to do, everyone had someone to be with and you were stuck listening to their plans, with their stupid smiles slapped onto their faces just everything about today seemed forced to you. 

“It’s just because you’ve never been in love” Natasha tells you, you rolled your eyes the amount of times someone has said that to you, you’ve been in love “okay, you’ve never had someone to share this day with, therefore you don’t understand all the cute things, you just have this one-way image of it being alone” and that made more sense to you, maybe the reason why you hate it so is because of the fact you’ve never experienced it with someone, never had someone plan anything for you and just being alone made you dislike it.  

Natasha was spending this day with Clint, they were going to the cinema to watch movies, well to actually throw pop-corn at other people but still. 

Tony and Pepper were going on a weekend vacation to Italy, he did actually ask if you wanted to tag along, to be in Italy and see the sights as they did couple-y things, you respectfully declined; you didn’t want to spoil their time away, although it was one of the nicest things Tony had ever said to you.  

Bruce even had something to do, well actually himself, Thor and Jane plus Darcy were going to some Science-convention and they invited you but for obvious reasons you didn’t go. 

Even Steve had someone, Sharon Carter; this would actually be their first date together. Both the twins plus Sam had dates, probably Bucky too and you were the last Avenger; who had no one, not even a sympathetic date to be, nor a friend either to hang with.

Bucky Barnes, your crush since you met the guy last year, had sensed your distaste for the day. He didn’t understand why you hated the day, since it was about being in love and or finding love. 

Steve and Natasha explained your reasons, he still didn’t understand, he didn’t understand why you never had anyone; he thinks you are the most gorgeous dame he has ever met, he figured you had suiters lining up around the corner for you, obviously he was wrong not that it mattered since he too has been in love with you for the longest time. 

The whole idea had been last minute, so he couldn’t reserve a table at some fancy restaurant for you, or do anything super special since everyone was booked for the day; he had to do it all himself.   

Of course Bucky couldn’t cook, so he order Chinese food, Wanda had gotten her hands on those cheesy romance/ comedy movies that he knows you enjoy watching and he had spent most of the night creating the best blanket fort ever in the quiet room. The quiet room is basically Bucky’s therapy room, when people get too loud or things get a little noisy for Bruce, they go into the room where it’s silent and has books lining the walls. 

Along with Pietro’s help, Bucky had set up a TV inside the room, along with his blanket fort facing the TV and also at night he was planning on star-gazing with you outside the Avengers base on the grass where he would hope he would tell you how feel about you.

Originally posted by lifeismymiracle

You woke up praying you had slept through the entire Valentine’s Day, you hadn’t. You groaned loudly sitting up in your bed, something felt odd about today but you couldn’t place it, you figured the fact it may have been the fact Bucky had been acting weird yesterday. You rubbed the sleep away from your face, frowning you notice something stuck upon your door, it looked like a note; a sticky-note in fact, orange and shaped like a heart. 

Getting out of the bed you stumbled towards the note, the chilly air hitting your exposed skin from your pyjamas, you pulled it from the door and read it.

Get dressed into comfy clothing; meet me in the quiet room! Xx

You frowned even more, who would leave a note like this for you? As far as you knew everyone was busy with someone else today, they had no time to talk to you, or even spend time with you. 

You were curious so you got changed into pink sweats, a long sleeved white top and pulled your (H/C) hair into a pony-tail, thinking maybe concealing the dark circles under your eyes with make-up also; you did the basic make up also, concealer, one later of mascara and lip balm enough to make you look human and not a sleep monster. 

You opened the door and see a trail of wrapped heart-shaped chocolates, you let out a small giggle and started to crawl along the floor picking them up, when your hands filled up you got the bottom of your top and pulled it and placed all the chocolates there as a sort of hammock for them- it exposed your belly to the chilly base also, not cool. 

Still collecting the chocolates you were met with black sock covered feet, you looked up and see Bucky looking down at you, and you hadn’t even noticed the chocolates had led you straight to the Quiet room.

“Hey, Bucky” you stand up all the chocolates either in hands or the weird hammock you had created with your own top “I’m just… following a trail of chocolates” you sigh out, he nods with an amused smile, you had no idea it was him still “and someone left a note for me to meet them here” and then it dawned on you, as he chuckled at you “IT WAS YOU?” you asked a little stunned. 

“Yeah, Natasha said you didn’t have anyone to spend today with, decided to trick you into spending with me” he shrugged, he didn’t want you to feel awkward since he generally had that effect on people, you smiled at him “unless you didn’t want to, I don’t want to force you into-“ you cut him off with a grin.

“No, this will be much better than me alone and crying” he nodded a small frown etching on his face at you but he opened the door, you followed him inside and gasped at the room, dropping your top all the chocolates fell to the floor. 

The blanket fort was strung up by the shelves and ceiling, it looked like a tipi and you could see fairy lights strung up inside of it and a TV set up with the screen of ‘Knocked-Up’ title menu on it. The smell of Chinese food filled your nostrils, you almost felt like crying, no one had ever done something like this for you. 

“Bucky, this… is so nice” you manage to choke out, walking towards the fort, he followed with a proud grin “thank you” you turn and pull him into a well-deserved hug, he wrapped his human arm around you, leaving the metal one to hang at his side.

“This is probably the nicest thing a guy has ever done for me” you tell him laying on your stomach watching the third movie of today, you had forgotten the name of it, mostly today was spent eating and talking to Bucky “actually the only thing a guy has done for me” you correct.

“I always thought you had people lining up to be with you” he shrugged, you laughed at that, he actually thought people wanted to be with you? “Don’t laugh, why wouldn’t I think that? You are nice, funny and beautiful, a guy just assumes ya’know?” you stopped laughing and blushed at his compliments. 

“Okay… what about you then?” you asked and you looked at you with confusion “why are you here spending today with me? I know for a fact that women love you” he frowned at you “don’t play dumb with me, Barnes” you chuckled lightly at him “women like the brooding exterior, blue eyes and yes, the metal arm… pretty sure that’s a kink now” he chuckled, shaking his head.

“That’s because they don’t know me or what I have done, so they look at it and think it’s cool or whatever, but if they knew…” he sighed gently with a shrug “things would be different” he muttered and you nodded slowly. 

“I think it’s cool and I know the story” you tell him gently “I don’t look at you and see the Winter Soldier, I see Bucky, the guy who went out of his way for a friend today and that’s the guy I see always even before today” you shrugged and he smiled at you.

“Enough about me lets watch the movie” his eyes went back to the screen; you nod and draw your eyes from Bucky’s face back to the television.

“Okay… why are we outside?” you asked as you lay down beside Bucky, he chuckled and looked at you, even in the moon light his eyes shone the clearest blue. 

“To star gaze, everyone told me it was… a good thing to do” he tells you, you chuckled at him as he sighed “it’s stupid isn’t it?” he asked and you laugh at him.

“No, it’s adorable” he sarcastically laughed at you, looking back up to the sky at all the twinkling lights, and you did the same but Bucky’s eyes came back to look at you. You were smiling, eyes searching the sky and your skin glowing in the moon-light, you looked beautiful almost unreal to Bucky. 

“Have you enjoyed today? Despite having to spend it with me” he asked and you nodded, still not looking at him “(Y/N), I have something I want to tell you” he whispered, you look at him and he seemed a little nervous and he sat up with a sigh, turning to look at you and you sit up too. 

“What is it?” you asked concern lacing your voice. 

“I didn’t do today because I felt alone or that you was along too” he begins sighing, the nerves slowly leaving his body “I’ve wanted an excuse to tell you that I… liked you for a while, and I know it’s completely cheesy of me to choose today of all days to tell you but… I… god, I don’t know I just really like you” you wanted to chuckle at his stumbling but you were shocked.

“I like you too” you mutter, he looks into your eyes with raised eyebrows and you smiled nervously at him “not cheesy, actually really adorable” he chuckled and nodded “normally I don’t kiss on first dates but since you did so well, I am willing to make an exception, if you want?” you grin, he blushed slightly and nodded, his shyness actually being very endearing to you. 

He cupped your cheek with his hand, bringing you closer to your lips are millimetres from his, his minty breathe fanning your face. Everything stopped when he kissed you, the million butterflies swarmed in your stomach, you could feel him smile into the kiss and the hand on your cheek went down to your waist. 

Your hands ran through his hair, playing with strands between your fingers, his lips tasted like the candy you had previously eaten. His tongue swiped your bottom lip, you opened your mouth for him to explore with his tongue, he tasted like the chocolates he had left as a trail for you; those were nice chocolates. He pulled away first, pecking your lips as you grinned at him, your flushed cheeks giving away how you felt.

“I said kiss not make out” you chuckle as he shrugged. 

“It’s Valentine’s Day, just think of it as your gift to me” you laughed at him “I did get you Chinese, I think that counts for another make out” he quipped, you rolled your eyes at him but nodded, he grinned at you. 

Valentine’s Day isn’t as bad as you originally thought.

(You can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie. Also accepting headcanon requests, we are taking on Valentines Day requests, posting leading up to the day also - Rosalee)

So, I wrote a part two to the Mafia!AU and I’m really getting invested into this now which probably isn’t a good thing. Oh dear…

Here is part two and I hope you enjoy!

Part 1

 “This is for you, sir.”

“I don’t want it.”

“I’m afraid that’s too bad. It was sent by Mr. Stone.”

The frown that curled at Tony’s lips deepened immediately but he didn’t say anything else as the man laid the suit on the bed, making sure that it was perfect and unwrinkled. The man, one of the helpers, turned his gaze towards Tony again and simply said, “Dinner’s at seven tonight.” He then gave a small bow before exiting the room and closing the door behind him. Once there was the sound of a gentle click, Tony quickly made his way towards the bed before taking the suit in his hands and throwing it across the room. It gave him a big sense of satisfaction when he heard the material hit the wall with a heavy thud and he let out a deep breath before glancing over at the door.

“Dinner’s at seven, my ass.” He muttered bitterly before taking up his usual position in the far corner of the room and seated himself there, bringing his knees up to his chest in a form of comfort. He wasn’t going to attend that dinner and they would have to kill him before they made him go. They had been trying to make him attend it for about a week now and he knew it was finally getting on Tiberius’ nerves. He wanted Tony to come downstairs and dine with him, wanted him to smile prettily while pretending that everything was okay.

But everything wasn’t okay because he had been fucking kidnapped. He had been taken against his own free will and was now forced to be in a place he didn’t have any desire of being in. He wanted to go home to his warm apartment and curl up with Jarvis, his cat. He wanted to see his friends and tinker with his tech while watching one of those comedies after a long day of hard work.

He wanted Steve and wanted so desperately to be in his arms again. Tony missed him so much and he missed everything about him. That warm smile that only seemed to be reserved for him, those blue eyes that could stare directly into his soul and strong arms that held him protectively while keeping him warm. That was what he craved for because those were the only things that could make him feel better. Tony wanted nothing more than to have his normalcy back.

But until he found a way to escape or Steve magically appeared, he was stuck in a house with a man who was both dangerous and crazy.

He was stuck here.

“Damn it.” He murmured softly and his eyes slipped closed as he rested his forehead against his knees, slowly taking in deep breaths. He couldn’t panic right now because he needed to think of ways to get out of here. He could try searching the room again but that wasn’t so successful the last time. The bathroom was right down the hall and there was a window big enough for him to fit through. But the drop was too much and he would end up breaking both of his legs if he even tried.

There was no hope searching downstairs because Tiberius had men everywhere. They were on the inside as well as the outside so snooping around was going to draw some unwanted attention. He casted his glance towards the window again and remembered how they only opened so much.

It was like they planned his arrival carefully and made sure to Tony-proof this place up. It also meant that the guy must have done his research if he knew that he had to take precautions to make sure Tony didn’t escaped.

Tony gave a slight shudder of displeasure.

He didn’t like being researched.

His phone was taken away from him.

Anything that could possibly aide him was gone.

So…what was he going to do?

Tony spent the next few hours coming up with possible plans and during that time, he had gotten up in order to pace while he did so. It was relaxing for him and he got lost in his own world as he thought of different things. There was always options but there was also the chance of being caught and the costs of that weren’t entirely pleasant. Time went by and seven o’clock raced right through as well but Tony remained oblivious as he thought and thought.

Seven o’clock had passed.

Seven o’clock…had passed.

It had only been an hour but soon enough, there was a sharp knock on the door and Tony was immediately pulled out of his thoughts. He stayed quiet for a while and when the second knock came, it was louder and harder. Tony felt his heart beat slowly pick up as he began to back away from the door, his eyes completely trained on the only thing that was keeping the man on the other side away from him.

But the other man had the power to enter whenever he liked and Tony felt his breathing pick up as the door knob turned and the door finally opened.

Tony stayed as far away as he could when his eyes landed on Tiberius who entered the room slowly and closed the door behind him. The man seemed to be calm as he glanced around the room first, his blue eyes taking furniture that he had seen many a time. He was dressed in a simple white button down shirt with the first two buttons open and a pair of black slacks. His blond hair was slicked back perfectly and he just looked so well-kept. He was what most people would drool over and they would be happy to be on his arm.

Tiberius enjoyed that feeling, Tony knew, but he didn’t enjoy that the one thing he wanted didn’t want him in return.

And that was Tony.

Taking a deep breath, Tony tried to push down the sudden anxiety and fear that he felt when he firmly asked, “What do you want?” That seemed to startle Tiberius for a moment but he soon gave a soft chuckle as he shrugged and moved away from the door, making his way around the room. “I don’t know.” Tiberius answered as he took his time, his steps slow. “I wanted to see you.” He said, giving Tony a soft smile which caused the brunet to look away as it gave him nothing but chills.

“Why?” Tony asked, his voice strong and underlined with much annoyance because Tiberius was the last man he wanted to see.


That question earned another chuckle and Tony could hear him, feel him getting closer and closer. The floors were wooden so the soft click of his shoes made it completely clear when Tiberius was finally close to him.

It only took a few seconds before Tiberius leaned in close and whispered softly in his ear, “Because I don’t really appreciate being stood up five times in a row.” The ending of his sentence ended in an angry growl and Tony didn’t have any time to defend himself when a strong hand suddenly gripped his jaw painfully. He was suddenly shoved against the wall harshly, Tiberius’ frame towering over him with an expression that told Tony exactly how Tiberius really felt.

Anger and extreme irritation.

Tony should be scared.

To be honest, he was terrified.

(Final) Show Diary of Stuff Noteworthy Only to Me, Day 28 (End of Daves)...

It is Sunday, around 1:30 pm, as I write this. If you must know, my boss of 24 years, Dave Letterman, is where he always is on this day, somewhere on Pit Row at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. His driver, Graham Rahal, is currently running ninth with 132 laps to go. Maybe by the time I finish this, he’ll be further up on the others. And so will you people….

If you must know, I feel relieved and extremely proud. But that’s all I can give you right now. Mercifully, for the purposes of this exercise, how I feel is not important. You saw it, you know how it made you feel. That’s all that is relevant, practical and real. But I can take you through the last day and maybe they will be something there. Something else. Something else, like that last 78 minutes we all had together.

THE MORNING: I am not a superstitious man, but I do love subtle symbolic gestures. So, I decided to wear the same grey glen plaid suit I had worn to the last show at NBC 22 years ago. I didn’t think of it until Chris Albers posted that photo of me on Twitter at my desk. I knew I still had the suit, and I hoped it still fit. In the spirit of rigorous honesty, I could have worn it as is, all zipped up and buttoned, but I might have passed out somewhere during the Taco Bell remote. So, I had my dry cleaners take out the pants an inch. I got a lot of compliments, and when I would tell people the significance of the suit, they would look skeptically until I produced a photo or two from my pocket.

THE WORK DAY: The final show had been lovingly built brick by brick by Barbara Gaines over the last six months. Her title was Executive Producer. Her everlasting credit will be my best friend. By the time we all turned up for work Wednesday, there’s was almost nothing to do. Almost. The four tape pieces (Kids, Taco Bell, Day In The Life and the final montage) had gone through their last incarnations and had been signed off on by Dave. The guests for the Top Ten had been booked. We knew there may be some final changes to the list, but that wouldn’t happen until rehearsal, which was five hours away….which is like a generation on a strip (nightly) show. So, for most of the morning, everyone was kinda antsy. Antsy like Alan Shepard in the cockpit of Freedom 7 (”Let’s light this candle!”). We just wanted the show to start.

The monologue, my main responsibility (along with Steve Young), had been put together the night before. We never do it this far in advance, but because there were no jokes based on topical material and Dave wanted no distractions on the final day, we compiled it just after the Tuesday night taping and just before a 7 pm technical rehearsal. We settled on 11 straight jokes and five enhancements (one live element – the giant print on the cue card, and four short tape pieces) for 16 total jokes, which is the number we usually shoot for. We knew if we got anything on Wednesday that we really liked, we could slot it and replace what we had. We monkeyed with the order a bit, but the Tonight Show joke (written by Mulholland and Barrie, aka “The Boys” even though they’re Dave’s age) was always going to be first out of the chute. In 24 years, I remember a handful of times when the opening remarks had been set a few hours before the taping (Anniversary shows, the first show at CBS, the first show after his heart surgery), but never the day before. 

For those of you who really want the complete monologue deconstruction, we started with 22 jokes under consideration (on cue cards) and we quickly got down to 12, then 10. The last two jokes cut were a mini-run, I now enter a new phase of life: Moping…. I now enter a new phase of life: Shouting out answers while I watch game shows…. They were cut because he had done a joke that day, I now enter a new phase of life: Googling “foods that help your prostate…”  which he felt was the best version of that premise and it didn’t make sense to revisit. So, we had 10. We were one short. I pitched a joke to him written by Steve Young that he had passed on: My son is not clear on what’s going on. He keeps asking, “Why does Daddy have to go to prison?” He remembered it and laughed and realized we had nothing in the monologue on his family. So, it went in. Over the years, I have pitched a lot of jokes in the eleventh hour and I would say he’ll take one for every 20 I offer up. It was especially gratifying because it was a Steve Young joke, and it didn’t sound like anything before or after. The final breakdown of jokes was also pleasing in its numerology: 3 for The Boys, 3 from Chris Belair, 2 from me, 2 from Steve Young, and one from Chris Albers, who wrote jokes at the old show when he was Paul’s assistant before moving on to a 18-year career running Conan’s.monologue. Chris was one of a half dozen former writers I invited to contribute to the final opening remarks: Gerard Mulligan, Adam Resnick, Larry Jacobson, Frank Sebastiano and Jeff Stilson. They were all touched and grateful to have the chance, and I loved that one of them scored.

Even though we had a monologue, the main opening remarks writers (me, The Boys and Belair) pretended it was just another day and turned in our submissions at the regular time, along with the freelance guys. Dave considered a couple, but nothing made it through. My last effort looked no different in format than my first, which I typed on an IBM Wheelwriter and turned in Monday, October 21, 1991, except that just under Opening Remarks  Scheft  5/20,  I wrote the last line of Catullus poem #101 (Atque in perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale.). In the makeup room, he asked me to translate the Latin, and I managed to not choke up when I said, “And into eternity, brother, hail and farewell….”). Truth be told, there was one joke of mine I would have loved him to slot in under the wire: 35 years ago, I stopped drinking. I think that’s long enough, don’t you?  

The three of us (Dave, Me and Todd Seda) ran through the cards three times, just like always. We ended up replacing one of the taped elements (”Me in 2 Weeks”) with a Steve Young piece called “Comedy We Would Have Done Tomorrow,” a beautiful last deep wink and nod to the notion that we were cluelessly continuing as if the show was not ending. We kept the hologram of Dave saying goodbye to the staff and the cultural impact moments from “The Simpsons” and “Wheel of Fortune.” For once and at last, everything was in the right order. 

Rehearsal, which I only attend if I’m in a sketch, was noteworthy for two moments, neither of which I witnessed. After the Foo Fighters had run through “Everlong” live for the first time to accompany Barbara Gaines’ epic montage, she leaped onto the stage and hugged Dave Grohl.

Six months she had worked on this, her singular swansong after 35 Dave years, with Randi Grossack, Mark Spada and a battalion of self-doubt. Can you blame her for lunging?

The other moment happened during the Top Ten rehearsal. 8 of the 10 celebrities were happy with the lines we had written for them. Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus wanted to consider other takes. Julia settled on a line written by Mike Leech (”Thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale….”) which the next day was proclaimed the “winner” of the Top Ten. Tina took something a little more subtle and much more pointed (”Thanks for finally proving men can be funny….”) That line, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and ladies, was written by Caroline, whose last name I don’t know. I don’t know because she was the writer’s intern and we never got that formal. But on the last day of the last show, she scored the final two entries on the final Top Ten. Oh yeah, she already had Bill Murray’s line (”Dave, I’ll never have the money I owe you….”) We were all genuinely thrilled for her. This 21-year-old has all the resume she needs going forward. I will be happy to help her in any way I can. But I’ll need her last name. (UPDATE 6:30: My pal Brian Koppleman found her on Twitter. Caroline Schaper @carolimeschaper)

Our final day together in the dressing room preparing for the taping was remarkably similar to all that preceded it. Dave, Me, Nancy, Barbara, Jude and Matt laughing about something from another show, another year. Jane with the makeup. The only difference was Les Moonves stopping by to say hello, and at 4:26, many people yelling “Biff is coming!!!!” for the last time instead of just wardrobe person Natalie Fowles. Dave walked slowly down the stairs to the stage door, as he always does.

THE AUDIENCE WARMUP: I don’t remember much. I looked out and saw Regina and Harry, both beaming, and I had to look somewhere else. So, I looked to their right and saw Donna Reilly Roboto, who was Dave’s nurse during his heart surgery and then came to visit Adrianne half a million times when she was in the Cornell Weill Cardiac-Thoracic ICU with chemo poisoning, in Sloan-Kettering after successful esophageal cancer surgery and in our living room during the long slow recovery. So, you’ll understand if all I remember was Dave’s very last line: “This is the most important show of my life….”

THE TAPING:  You’re gonna have to believe me, there’s nothing to report. Zero. Move along. Nothing to see here. Show’s over… The taping ran 20 minutes long, which means nothing was edited out. Nothing was redone (5/27 UPDATE: Nothing EXCEPT the intro to the Taco Bell remote, when Dave mistakenly said “1976″ instead of “1996,” which is why in the redo it got a knowing inside laugh from the audience). You saw what everyone else saw. So… I’ll leave you with this incredible photo by Pulitzer Prize winner John Filo, snapped seconds before the end of the final commercial break:

It was a long long last break as they set up for the Foo Fighters. The band must have played Ian Hunter’s “Central Park and West,” Dave’s favorite New York City song, for ten minutes. Around minute ten, Paul looked at Nancy Agostini and pointed to his watch. That is where we are here. Nancy is staring at stage manager Eddie Valk, waiting for him to give the 30-second cue. Todd is holding the last cue card, THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT, which Dave will utter at the end of his final remarks. Me? I’ve already said the last thing I will say to my boss: “You know how to do this….” I cannot tell you exactly what I’m thinking here, except I can see he’s happy. Hell, anyone can. I know he’s okay. I know he’ll be okay. So, if I had to write something in a thought bubble for me, and I’ve made my living with words, the best I could come up with is “What now?” 

(Seriously, though, can we give it up for the suit?)

You want to know if I got emotional? Just once. In the middle of the Final Montage, in the middle of that masterpiece, I looked over at the podium just as Nancy Agostini grabbed Barbara Gaines and threw her behind the podium so she could observe what she had so lovingly wrought on the podium monitor. That elegant, beyond affectionate gesture was not lost on me. Three years ago, Gaines had chosen Nancy to replace her after nine years running the show from the floor. In the 33 years between NBC and CBS, Barbara Gaines had been behind the podium longer than anyone. Barry Sand, Robert Morton, Rob Burnett, Jude Brennan and Maria Pope had toiled before her. Then Nancy, the very first writers intern at NBC who I have know since she was 20 and living in an all-women’s hotel, and who, like I have to tell you, is not from this Earth. For Barbara, giving up the tiller was not easy, but necessary and an act of supreme humility. And now, she got one last moment at the podium. The last moments of the last show. That got me. Good Christ, that got me.

Enough. Race is over. Rahal finished 5th. Didn’t get the podium. Thanks for indulging me these last 28 days.  As College Boy would say, “Some guys just live right.”

My time is up. You’ve been great. Enjoy The Truants….

“It’s Your Day, Let’s Nail These Suckers!” *Avengers x Reader*

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Summary: Your a single-mum who is also an Avenger. It’s Mother’s Day and the Avengers help your son plan a day for you but everything goes wrong; baking, reservations got cancelled and you just got back from a gory mission. Instead you end up playing video-games, challenging the Avengers and beating them all when pairing up with your son. You mention maybe quitting the Hero life, living somewhere normal but your son convinces you otherwise
Warnings: Major fluff over-load plus Steve x Reader fluff
Admins Note: It’s MOTHER’S DAY IN THE UK! As something special to ALL the mothers on here; who may or may not read this blog, I appreciate everything you do and so does your children. Most of my young-childhood it WAS just my mum raising myself and siblings; she did a fantastic job, so are you! This goes out to my mum, who for a while had to look after my older brother on her own, and then once myself and sister were born she had to do it on her own AGAIN; despite my dad saying he was in it for the long-run. Know that for seven years you were My super-mum, my hero and you STILL are. Not even Captain America or Natasha Romanoff can compete with you single-mumma’s - Rosalee : FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS THE SON IS NAMED HENRY… OBSESSED WITH ONCE UPON A TIME AGAIN!

No One’s POV

“Okay we have five hours to plan something” Henry walks into the living area of the base; Steve, Natasha and Clint’s head turn to look at the thirteen year old boy with questioning smiles “it’s mothers day, I need help planning stuff for my mum… obviously” he rolled his eyes at them. 

“She’s not our mum” Clint chimed earning an elbow from Natasha “okay, okay what do you have planned?” he asked with a deep sigh.

“Well, my bird friend” Henry started, Steve snickering at him “Tony made reservations at my mum’s favourite place for seven, I wanna bake a cake because she loves cake” he shrugged, everyone nodded slowly “you gonna help or not?” he asked impatiently.

“I can’t bake” Steve tells him “I’ll supervise, that’s something I’m good at” he chuckled, Natasha and Clint stand up ready to help Henry for whatever he had planned. 

You had joined SHIELD well before you had Henry, you decided to continue with this job because it’s all you knew plus you never thought you’d join the Avengers either, now that you have; yourself and Henry live at the base along with a few others who reside there. 

It had been difficult raising Henry on your own, his father not wanting anything to do with, you could find him but Henry told you not to bother; since he wasn’t bothered about Henry’s existence, Henry wasn’t bothered about his! Joining the Avengers it had gotten easier, not by too much but it got better, the pay was good. Although the massive downside was the danger, you virtually had no one other than the Avengers, so if something were to happen to you… Henry didn’t really have anywhere else to go. 

“This seems like too much flour” Henry says pouring the flour into a bowl, Natasha nodded in agreement, both other men shrugging as they look at the baking book; saying it was the right amount “I forget that you guys have zero-to no life skills, like at all!” Henry chuckled lightly, earning a playful nudge from Natasha. 

“That smells revolting” Henry says as they pull the Victoria Sponge Cake from the oven, everyone equally scrunching their noses at the smell, he sighed and looked at the book; they had done everything right but for some reason it didn’t turn out right “what went wrong?” he asked mainly himself, he just wanted everything to go right, to show how much he appreciated everything you do for him. He knows the danger you put yourself in, how much hard work you did before being an Avenger, he just wanted to prove he cared as much. 

“At least you have those reservations” Steve sighed and Henry nodded, Steve rubbing the small boys back “she’ll probably laugh, knowing the thought counts, don’t be too hard on yourself” Henry nodded with a small sigh. Nothing else could go wrong, right?

Wrong; Tony timidly walked into the living room where Henry and Steve were watching TV, laughing at some comedy show they had found together; Natasha and Clint had gone out to get you flowers and chocolate- to make up for the worst smelling cake ever. 

“Hey, tiger” Tony grinned and Henry frowned at him “ugh, you are gonna be so mad and you have every right to be, I spent an hour trying to make it right” Tony sighed to him “for some reason during the week a worker cancelled our reservations” Henry groaned “and they are fully booked, I tried name dropping but they assured me they couldn’t do anything, I tried; I am really sorry” Tony tells him. 

“It’s fine” Henry sighed, leaning back into the sofa, it’s quiet as Tony leaves and Steve looks down at Henry; who was having a mental battle over what he would tell you, why he had nothing planned for you “well, I’m going to get the award for world’s worst son, ever!” Henry sighed out.

“No, no you won’t” Steve chuckled at him, his dramatic behaviour being a trait from yourself “you tried; (Y/N) will see that, she’ll appreciate the effort you made” he smiled and Henry nodded. 


You returned home after a very gruesome mission, wanting nothing more than to just relax, to forget everything you saw but that wouldn’t happen; you can’t forget, not really. You managed to make it through a shower and changing, the deep ache already settling in as you walked to the living area, where ALL the Avengers sat with huge smiles; you frowned. 

“HAPPY MOTHERS DAY” they all shouted, including your son, you had forgotten that it was today; you grinned as Henry ran and hugged you tightly, smoothing his brown hair you kissed the top of his head. 

“I forgot it was today” you tell them, taking the flowers and chocolates from Natasha “I hope we aren’t going out, I kinda wanna stay in, it was… it wasn’t a very good mission” you admit sitting down beside Henry who grinned lightly, Steve nudged him knowing everyone was thinking the samething; thank god you didn’t want to do anything BUT relax. 

“What do you wanna do?” Henry asked, you thought for a moment, looking at Henry with a small smirk and he grinned “Cut Throat 2?” you asked and he nodded his head. 

“It’s your day, let’s nail this suckers” he grinned turning the PS4 on and grabbing the controllers, everyone getting into pairs; Tony and Bruce, Natasha and Clint plus Steve and Thor all had a characters picked out. (Think of Mortal Kombat but totally different; four people play and are in pairs, they fight against another team moving up- so it’s not one-on-one #realgamebutactuallyforPS2).

“Oh and you two losers are out” you trash-shouted to Tony and Bruce; Tony threw the controller down in a tantrum, leaving the room and Bruce got up to go sleep, you high-fived your son who was laughing “Oh, Birdman and Spider-Girl are up now” you smirk; Clint and Natasha glare, they were tricky and very good at the game but you spent countless hours with Henry on this game, you new all the moves 

“OH AND THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE” You stand with a shout, Natasha stands and so does Clint, both walking out in silence “awe, come back… we’ll give you another chance” you call to them. “Ah, who needs em’” you shrug and sit down, beginning the next fight against; Steve and Thor, who weren’t very good at it but it was equally fun, since Thor ALMOST broke the controller. 

“With a little practice from my boy you two could be really good” you sing as you defeated them, Steve chuckled and so did Thor; who left to get food but Steve remained for a while watching you play against Henry… the real challenge. 

“Well, I’m calling quits” Steve sighs and stands up “I expect lessons from you on this game, that’s an order” he ruffles Henry’s hair, who shrugs him off and nods, you grin at the two. 
“After he does his homework” you nudge Henry, who rolls his eyes but nods “Night, Steve. Thanks for looking after Henry today, appreciate it” you tell him and he shrugs, smiling.
“I don’t mind” he tells you, silence falls and Henry grins “anyway, see you both tomorrow” he waves before leaving hearing you challenge your own son on “best six out of ten games”. It’s silent except for the buttons getting pressed onto the controller, the odd trash-talk from either you or your son, that’s expected when two winners compete against one another. 

“Hey, Henry” you speak as you play and he makes a sound that he acknowledges you talking despite his eyes glued on the TV, hunched forward slightly, you wanted to chuckle but you wanted this to be serious. 

“I’ve been thinking about maybe stepping off the field, moving away from the missions” you tell him and he nods with a frown; either from the game or you “actually I’ve been thinking about quitting the Avengers, moving somewhere normal, safe for us both” you tell him and he turns and looks at you, you wanted to smile but a serious face was glued onto you. 

“I think that’s a stupid idea” he tells you, elbows on his knees as he goes back to playing, you do too but he continues “you love being part of the team, I love being here and it would be stupid to give up what you love, I know that your job is dangerous; I know that” he shrugs as his character K.O’s your own. 

“I know but it means we’re safe” you tell him and pause the next game, Henry turns to you and smile but furrowed your brow “I get this is all cool and whatever but… it’s difficult for me to decide this; especially for us both” he nods slowly “I’m a single mum trying to do what’s best for her son, I can’t do that if I’m an Avenger trying to do what’s best for the world, I want to put you first and I do but sometimes I can’t do that; you may understand but sometimes you won’t” you sighed gently “maybe if you had some place to go but all we have is each other, plus the Avengers but I’m talking about family, we only have one another; if your father was around this would have been easier” Henry smiled.

“We do have a family, it’s a little weird and unpredictable at times, but we have people who loves us” Henry smiles at you “I don’t look at them as if they are hero’s, I look at them and see family, people who would do anything for myself and one another” he grinned at you “that’s more than anyone else has showed us; my father has showed me” he chuckled and you nodded. 

“Besides if we left than yourself and Steve won’t ever get together” Henry resumes the game, you look at him with wide eyes “having him as my step-dad, that would be pretty cool!” he chuckled at your face, nudging you to play, you do.

“Whatever you think is going on between me and Steve Rogers, it’s not” you tell him in a mumble, Henry chuckles.

“Well it needs to happen myself and Tony have a bet going” you frown “hey, I’m rooting for you guys” he shrugs, you nudge him “hey, cheating, that’s a foul move mum” he calls out and you chuckle.

(Hope you like it. I did my best, I actually had a lot of fun writing this, I would totally do a part 2 if people request it but whatever. Anyway, remember to catch up on the latest Alternate “You”niverse part plus Becky and Peggy. You can still request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

LONG POST: future RDJ projects

Now that I’ve gotten your attention– I decided to make this list partly for my benefit, to pass time while awaiting any word regarding RDJ’s next film.

It’s been pretty frustrating in that since Team Downey’s founding (it very much seems as though RDJ only considers Marvel or Team Downey projects), film acquisitions get announced, then languish in development for years. Hardly anything has come into fruition (the exception being The Judge).

Anyway, below are thoughts about thirteen fourteen different Team Downey projects. I also added a “Stark Scale”– which is basically me trying to see how Stark-like is the character that RDJ may potentially play.  By that, is the character a “classic RDJ” – i.e., smart, very charming, wise-cracking, quippy?


++ Pinocchio ++

INVOLVEMENT: actor, producer, script credit
PREMISE: A take on the Pinocchio story but from Geppetto’s perspective
STATUS: Multiple script drafts; Paul Thomas Anderson is writing the latest take and may potentially direct.
DEVELOPMENT:  Announced in January 2012 as a Tim Burton project for Warner Bros with a script from Bryan Fuller, with RDJ being courted to star. Jane Goldman was subsequently brought in to rework the script. Burton eventually left due to scheduling conflicts but RDJ remained attached, now also as a producer. At one point Ben Stiller was loosely rumored to be a potential director.
STARK SCALE:  5/10 — he’ll be playing Geppetto.  Like Stark, he creates his own son and is Italian. (Stark is partly Italian, right?)
OP THOUGHTS: Out of all of his potential projects, this one has the most activity, especially after the PTA announcement two months ago.  Barring any new, unexpected film announcement, this may be his next project.  As much as I’m yearning to see RDJ in smaller films, I’m actually ok with him doing blockbusters as long as they’re enjoyable (ex. Sherlock Holmes franchise).  PTA is a highly-admired filmmaker but he doesn’t do this sort of film.  And this is assuming he’ll actually direct. Personally, I think the chances of that are decent since he and RDJ are very good friends and they’ve been looking to do a project together. Plus, PTA has really young kids and it becomes one of those things where he probably wants to do something that his kids can watch.  If done right, this could be great.  They gotta hurry though, in that there is a competing live-action Pinocchio film from Disney that is being planned.

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(Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five & Six &Seven). Summary: Somehow Steve is guilt tripped into baking with his daughters, it turns into a mild disaster, since all three have no clue how to bake and the Avengers are left to deal with tasting the mildly disastrous baking goodies.  
Admins Note: A small series I am starting where yourself and Steve have twin girls, who are very much like Steve in every way possible. I’ve also given the girls names but you are welcome to change them to what you want. - Rosalee
If you have any ideas for this mini-series of Steve being a dad, please suggest them, I am planning on making it so they grow up and have he has to deal with Teen drama’s so please send in your ideas for this!
NOTE: I have a difficult telling apart Mary-Kate and Ashley, so if I use gifs please just go with it, I have no clue despite the fact I love them… I can tell them apart as adults but under seventeen? Don’t hate me for not putting a Becky and Bucky moment in this, or for not putting him in this part /: 

Banging, rattling and small yells could be heard from the Avengers kitchen, Steve frowned as he strained his ears to listen to the commotion happening behind the brown door and to his amusement it was his daughters. He pushed the door open, seeing Becky on a stool along with Peggy, bowls and various ingredients were placed around them. Peggy was obviously in control of this situation because Becky seemed to have no clue what her sister was doing. He walked in silently, the girls with their backs to him, purple and lime green caps on backwards so everyone could tell them apart; only Becky made her sister switch to see if their own dad could tell a difference- He could, instantly. 

“Hmm, what do we have here?” he pondered loudly, both girls stopped and turned their heads slowly to the sound of his voice, looking a little sheepish but smiling at him “looks as though my daughters are baking, without adult supervision” he crosses his arms over his chest, looking at them both. 
“Well, we have an adult here now” Becky shrugged, Peggy nodded in agreement with her sister, Steve shakes his head.
“I have important paper-work to do, girls” he tells them, Peggy looks up at him with the saddest eyes she could muster “do you even know how to bake?” he asked.
“How rude” Becky shot “coming into out kitchen and slandering our passion for baking, are you trying to knock our confidence, father?” he raised his eyebrows at Becky, it was different than her quiet behaviour, she has been coming out of her shell a lot and everyone is discovering a very… sassy Becky. 
“Alright, I’ll supervise and help” he sighs gently, Peggy high-fives her sister and they begin. 

“Um, girls I don’t think that’s the right flour for brownies” Steve tells them, Peggy rolls her eyes and Becky turns her head to look at Steve, he knew he was about to get a talking to by her.
“Excuse me, Captain America” she begins “do we come into this tower and tell you how to save the world? huh?” she asked, he chuckles and shakes his head at her “then don’t come into the kitchen and tell us how to make brownies, can you believe that guy?” she asked Peggy “as if he knows how to bake” she mumbled, stirring the mixture as Peggy grabbed white chocolate chunks to put in the bowl. Steve was laughing now, he should probably help or teach Becky not to be so mouthy but it was adorable, especially since she does get the attitude from her mother. 
“Okay, the only real reason you are needed in here is for this part” Peggy turns “place this in the pre-heated oven” she orders, he stands and puts the weird brownie mix in the oven, turning back to the mess of a kitchen he sighs. “wanna wash up?” she asks “we’ve been working all day” 
“Yeah, my show is on” she hops off the stool and out the kitchen “CLINT” a small yell is heard, Peggy jumps off her stool and races out the door, leaving Steve in the messy kitchen. 

“We made brownies” Peggy tells, Clint and Natasha, both assassins smile at them “and now dad is cleaning up” she continues, earning a snicker from Natasha. 
“Shhh” Becky mutters “this is the best part” she tells them, she was sat watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, a programme she discovered herself and actually thinks is a comedy… because no family can be like that, right? You had allowed Becky to believe its all scripted, you didn’t want her to lose hope in humanity just yet, also trash-TV is your favourite. 
“Are you watching the Kardashians, again?” Steve asked Becky, she nodded “why do you like it so much?” he sits down beside her, pulling her into his lap as she sighed loudly, looking at him.
“I always think there’s nothing else stupid for this family to do, but they like to surprise me everyday, also… any time someone insults Kim mum gives me a cookie” he raises his eyebrows, Natasha laughs with Clint, making Peggy roll her eyes at her sister. 
“Becky you shouldn’t call them stupid” he tells her “or anyone stupid, that’s not very nice, no matter how true it may seem” he tells her, she snickers and nods her head.
“You are too nice” she pats his cheek, he smiles at her “I guess that’s why mum loves you, that and you are okay looking” she turns back to the TV, he chuckles at her.

“They don’t smell like brownies” Becky comments, Peggy beside her as they look at the chocolate mess, Becky turning to her sister “we should have gotten mum” Peggy nods in agreement.
“Can we try it?” Natasha asked, Tony and Clint beside her, Steve holding Peggy as Becky sat on the counter in front of the tray of ‘brownies’. Both girls nod, everyone grabs a piece, its silent as everyone looks at each other for a verdict. 
“Okay, not brownies but more like… a weird chocolate cake” Clint states.
“Hmm, like a not-so fondue” Tony chimes
“I still have no idea what fondue is” Steve mutters, sharing Peggy’s piece, Becky was already on her second helping of whatever the chocolate stuff is. 
“Hey, girls” you walked in, you looked as everyone was eating some kind of chocolate dessert “did you attempt baking without me?” you asked, both girls nod. 

“We tried brownies but now it’s either a cake or a not-so fondue, whatever that means” Becky shrugs, you pick her up, pulling her lime-green hat off and placing it on your own head “I’m Becky, also” she whispers.
“I know” you whisper back, kissing her cheek “well, it’s chocolate, meaning… who cares what it is” she nodded in agreement with you. 
“You owe me five cookies” Becky tells you, you look at her, letting out a long sigh as she smiles.
“I regret ever showing that show to you” you tell her, she shrugs lightly “right, I’ll make some real brownies, and get you those cookies” you place Becky on the floor, she wonders back into the living area with Peggy. 
“I swear whenever I leave you with them; its either marriage, baking or make up” you smile at Steve.
“Marriage was Bucky, also so was make up” he attempts “they have me wrapped around their finger, like you do, so don’t play innocent” he points sternly. 
“Don’t blame me, it’s not my fault you don’t have will-power” you shrugged, he laughed kissing your cheek before going to sit with; Clint, Natasha and the girls. 

“Natasha, can you teach me to beat people up?” Peggy asked, Natasha looked at Steve, a bright grin on the adult women and Peggy turned to pull the same puppy-face as before.
“Add Natasha on the list of people I have trouble saying no to” he calls to you, making both girls smile with delight.
“Clint, I would ask you to teach me something but I don’t want to move” Becky tells him, he looks down at her, slouching down so he was her level and propping his feet up on the coffee table.
“You know, kid” he starts “you are alright” he nudges with a grin, she smiles looking back at the TV “split those cookies with me, okay?” he asked and she nodded.
“As long as you get me milk, then we have a deal” he looks at her, both with a straight face “I’m going to teach you poker, you have one hell of a face” he tells her, Clint looked at Steve who was sat in the arm-chair.
“Add, Barton to that list also” he mutters to himself, he really was a softie on his children and his Avengers children.