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(On an Amy Schumer video about birth control) I’m all for women using birth control and having the support to use it. That being said, Amy Schumer needs to get away from feminist principles in her comedy. It’s not funny. This is the reason a lot of females aren’t funny because they make it about them and not the general human experience.

Manslation: Men’s experiences are the default general human experience. “Females” are a totally different species, so despite representing half the population, women’s experiences aren’t funny or relatable to men, the only people who matter. (If I saw a non-binary comedian my head would probably explode.)

Holding Your Ground (ch 219 spoilers)

SO I know I don’t normally post stuff like this, but there was a ~*~KageHina~*~ moment in the newest chapter that I really want to talk about because it just hit me really hard, as a benchmark for any kind of relationship you want to ascribe to Kageyama and Hinata’s role as partners. That being said, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 219 (released 08/25/2016) IN THIS POST so if you are avoiding spoilers for the manga, please skip ALL of this! 

As Hinata is getting ready to head out from the training camp, he’s stopped by Kindaichi, who asks (with great difficulty LOL <3) how Kageyama is doing/if he’s doing well (I was reading the mangapark translation). He’s still pretty thrown by the King of the Court’s major 180 in terms of playstyle once arriving at Karasuno, and who could blame him?? But Hinata sees things differently. He responds with:

First: What strikes me here is that Hinata is remembering Kageyama openly admitting how painful and scary that was for him, that he was all alone, unable to pull back from the edge of his own ability, and how it isolated him from everyone around him. How that loneliness was a product of his own making, with his take no prisoners attitude. 

Second: there is an implicit reminder here - no one could spike Kageyama’s insane quick tosses back then. But not anymore. Because Hinata is there. 

Hinata then goes on to say that he thinks it’s just normal, “to be at each other’s throats”. Kindaichi asks him what he means and he says:

[mic drop] holy fuck, Hinata!!! He just goes 0 - 100 on the Kageyama Defense Squad duties right here <3 

Also - Hinata has a ton of experience in his own right with following his own advice in never backing down, but that’s exactly why he understands Kageyama’s own strong will so much. In my opinion, I think he is saying that Kageyama’s drive and stubbornness back in middle school was completely justified - I don’t think he means to reprimand Kindaichi, but man, that was kind of a huge “just STFU about the middle school shit already” statement. 

That being said. Right before this, he came out with this huge reminder that it was only back then that no one could hit Kageyama’s tosses. But Kageyama, despite being scared, and alone, and outcast, does not fucking quit. He does not back down a single fucking inch. He keeps tossing like he always did, he forces people to work up to his level, and because of that? 

He found the person who can spike his tosses. He found someone to make invincible, who makes him unstoppable. He found someone who makes him work to get better. 

Kageyama found a partner in Hinata because he never stopped trusting in his own worth, and that’s why he’s doing just fine. 

917. Dumbledore cared for all of his students and loved being headmaster but there was one student he cared for almost like his own: Hagrid. This is why he wanted him to stay on the grounds after his expulsion and trusted him with his life. He often joined Hagrid for tea and a chat. Hagrid was so thankful he had him as family.

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Dear trans MLM

Please dont “settle” for anyone who treats you bad. I know from personal experience and I regret it everyday, so I am writing this post as someone who doesn’t want other trans MLM to go through the same.

On a few occasions, I had felt pressured to like someone or be with them simply bc they liked me. my thinking was basically “who knows when someone would ever like me again?” “so they treat me like shit, its not like a person like me could ever do better” “he’s straight and constantly misgenders me but i like him and he says he likes me too and thats all that matters” we need to stop believing that crap. you can do better.

Some of the food made and blogged about by Kim Seokjin

Please take a look at this spread of food goodness, and then go VOTE FOR JIN to be Cooking King!!

Bread (sort of) “No. If I apply jam, it could still be tasty.”

Smoked Ugly Duckling with Seasoned Chives “Doing this and that, it’s plausible for you to make marinated chives”

STEAK  “ I’m taking a proof shot with a steak I made for the first time and… I wonder who’s going to get married to the steak, and wouldn’t the person to be married to it be so happy? Yes, I think so, they’re going to be really happy.”

Carbonara “Firstly the amount of noodles is heaps..!”

Firm Pumpkin Broccoli Mushroom BeefIndeed today as well, I eat the things I feel like eating.

Bangtan-mu Rice “ Don’t worry even though it looks like this it’ll taste good”

Bangtan Pork “ Well anyways after doing this and that we all ate well”

Rice Cake Soup “This year we’re poor so no meat”

Chicken Titties Fallen and Drowning in Chili Paste-jin (CTFDCP-jin) - “2 hours prior to beginning of practice No one has eaten a meal yet so this is CTFDCP-jin that I’m making now”



Ruby/Connie is dealing with one thing that is completely upsetting them.

Sapphire/Steven is dealing with a lot of things and holding it all in, letting them overwhelm her/him.

Ruby/Connie deals with her thing, realizes Sapphire/Steven is dealing with things, then goes over to help.

This scene was foreshadowing the entire episode. But then it tricked us into thinking it was only to show Steven is there for Connie with Steven and Connie’s interaction in it.

Oh my gosh, I love how this show adds in all these little details.

I got angry and started to re-watch it and you know the fact that Michelle called her blatant attack the truth is disgusting when Adore did so much to follow what she had told her in the past. Plus everyone ganging up when Michelle started tearing at her. Nobody said a word about her talent which was the whole fucking point of the challenge. At least Todrick had some sort of point that the outfit was a little off-brand from her usual. They just all commented on nothing but the outfit at a god damn talent show and dragged a dress that her friend thought looked pretty on her and really liked. Todrick was the only one who said anything about what she just did rather than talk about how “disappointing” she looked despite what she’s “been doing” - and even then he just said “I think you sounded amazing” as a side comment.

That song was special and personal to her and they didn’t give a shit, Michelle just wanted to trash something when she couldn’t trash her talent and she found it. That dress was something Bianca picked out and thought looked great and she went up there happy and confident and it was personal and they trashed her for it. Michelle started this and I despise her for it but everyone else made it a bandwagon and I detest them for it too because that is entirely unfair and completely defeats the point of the talent show being a talent show. Michelle saying her only positive was her wig? Fuck right off because that’s bullshit. It’s like she’s tone-deaf. That is not the the only thing she did right because her singing was on point. Michelle’s just bitter and the other judges just blindly followed suit when she pointed out the outfit.

Todrick was the only one who was by any stretch reasonable with it and he only said the minimal. He didn’t make any of the amazing points he could’ve about her actual performance, you know, the talent part. Which implies he just sort of agreed with all of the above.

They all forgot it was a talent show there and it’s on all of them.

Adore should’ve been at least safe.

my art to accompany @kenzichi‘s fic, 1 Year Reunion, for @kh-worldsconnected!! 

[and a summary of the fic - Vanitas is fed up with being away from Ventus so he sneaks away to see him. EDIT: fic is here!! <3 it’s great and i am wrecked please go check it out,]

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is it a thing that people don't like movie armond?


[WWDITS/IWTV mashup by @luthi69]

Antonio Banderas is one of the fandom’s punching bags re: being cast as Armand in that movie, when that character is in fact described as being around 15-16 yrs old, w/ auburn hair, who looks more like a Botticelli angel than a real person. Alot of Armand fans are more than hopeful that the actor cast as Armand in the new adaptation will be more accurate to canon.

I initially felt the same way about movie!IWTV’s Banderas!Armand, that he was so very wrong. But then I considered it further and came up w/ a lot of reasons (#Defending Antonio) to justify that casting, so you can give my reasons a chance or not if you’d rather join in the fun of beating this dead horse bc I know I have my own dead horses to beat, so have at it!