or each time you just want to hug him

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I find yours and Marks friendship so cute, I just want to hug you both! But I'm excited at the fact you will finally get to meet each other. I hope you enjoy yourself at PAX and really make the most of your time there. You both are my favorite Youtubers and I absolutely love you! <3

haha that’s sweet :D thank you!

I’m super excited to meet him too, it’s gonna be a fun few days

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hey can you please do set of gif where it looks like kaisoo has fought,and these days dont you feel like they are in a fight,like i dont know soo seems to be hanging out with chanyeol most of the time and kai with sehun tao or suho

i don’t think they don’t seem like they’re in a fight recently? i mean we’ve not had many moments this year yet tbh, and just because they’re not glued to each other i’m sure they’re okay why do you want them to be fighting i cry

the only serious one i can think of is this the hongsoo hug


and jongin ignored him and soo kept staring at him

and this? seems a bit intense

but then the other two are clearly jokey

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I'm in my feels watching the second half of season five so I wanted to know what are your top five Samxedes moments in season five and why each one is a favorite?

Oh you done started something here chile…let me see if I can muster up the strength to get thru this: 

5) This scene here because of the promise they made to each other. Yeah I still haven’t been able to watch the entire scene without throwing things and screaming and pausing but ughhhh look at his eyes (not the color but the fear behind it. He doesn’t want to lose her).

4) Her singing for him was great. Yeah I wish they would have made him apologize for some of the things he said as well but this moment just made me think IWALY when he walked out but instead he walked in and hugged her. Just ugh so freaking cuuuuuuuute.

3) Do you know how many times I have watched this performance? It’s bananas! From the moment she stood up and he slid over and was like…what’s going on and then she starts singing and he gets serious like whoa she’s saying a lot here. And then when she walks over to him and he looks behind him like wait is she coming to me? and then she takes his hands and smiles and I die!

2) I think I have replayed this kiss so much it’s crazy like Mercedes in season 5 initiates kisses. That in itself is hot as hell. okay so I added another kiss as well but i love both 

1) Now you all know what my number one is right lol

Now I had a hard time picking just 5 so here are my other moments that I have replayed:

Their first real date (that we see at least)

The footsie of course

this melted my heart…and you can tell how much that meant to Mercedes that he remembered and it was a great BOOYA in your face to that dam Tesla girl.

And of course their talk about having children in the brownstone along with the argument about the dog is up there too. I must say I screamed thru out this and annoyed my daughter who hates Glee lmfao. what are your favorite moments?

#486 imagine request: Filip Forsberg

"Welcome home!" you smiled widely as you walked into Filip’s wide open arms and gave him a tight hug.

"I’ve missed you like crazy!" he pulled back a little and kissed your lips.

"But you’re back home now" you smiled and pecked his lips. You stood there for a long time, just hugging each other, never wanting to let go.

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I wanted to wait to listen to Happy People till It came out so I avoided listening to new singles but when they did Someday live on Bbcr1 I just broke down the first time I heard it. It's such a beautiful song and I love it so much because it's not a bitter love song you know? It just talk about how they wish each other well and it's alright that it happened. I just love peace so so much and the whole album just completely flew past my expectations.


I wrote a short thing as I was dozing off last night thank you logisticwatermelons and mari-monsta for editing this so it’s not complete garbage

Title: Chasing Butterflies
Pairing: Reigisa
Rated: G
Word Count: 476
Also on AO3

He’s always been just out of reach. Just a brush away from actually touching. Figuratively, not literally. The hugs and nuzzles I’ve initiated, the few (very few) times we fell asleep on the train ride home using each other as support. Those are wonderful, yes, but not quite what I want.

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I had a dream about you last night John. God I miss you so much. I just want to talk to you, hug you, see how you are. I’m crying right now thinking about you. Why can’t we be friends? The last time we spoke and saw each other was October and you barely said anything to me. My heart feels like it’s been shattered right now. I’m thinking about all that we did together, how we used to talk on the phone for hours upon hours and how you would always make me smile and make me feel beautiful. You were my happiness when I was younger. I can’t stop thinking about you now. I need to talk to you, see you, just anything. I can’t handle all of this now. I used to tell you everything and I can’t even text you “hey” because I know you won’t reply. John, you were my best friend, I loved you. I’m sorry. I know that when I’m dead, you’ll probably not even know about it or you just won’t care. Good bye

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Signs a shy guy wants to kiss a girl? I think my sg wanted to but since it was our first time alone together without other people, he just held back? We were sitting on my bed, and he was pretty fidgety. Kept changing his position and started sitting closer to me. And there was so much eye contact. I usually break it, but for some reason i wasnt as nervous around him and he ended up looking away a few times. There were some silent pauses where we'd be looking at each other.Ended up hugging bye.

Well it’s clear he wanted to, but shy guy’s are extremely prudent. They are extremely scared of doing something wrong. They usually have very little experience so they really don’t know if it’s ok or not, when to do it, how to do it, etc.

So you need to show him it’s ok. You need to turn to him just a little more than if it was a “regular” guy. What you may feel is too, is actually necessary with a shy guy.

He is really scared of doing something wrong. But if you show him you’re ok, he will follow your lead  :-)

Just putting it out there.

Well, let me tell you a little something. You can call whatever you want. A story. A life experience. Whatever. To me, I just needa let it out of my chest.

So here I am, talking to my boyfriend. He worked at 2 in the afternoon and I worked at 8 in the morning that day. We hardly are going to be able to see each other throughout that day so i go visit him at work after I’m off at 4. I spent time with him, I’m all lovey dovey . I missed him. I missed his hugs. His kisses. His eyes. So of course I’m going to let him know this. He goes back to work. It takes me forever to leave to go home because I missed him so much. I went so long without seeing him. I know I’ll see him at home. But 10 is to far from 5:30. Finally, I leave. I talk to him on my way home. Get home. Talk to him some more. It’s about 7:00pm and I start getting in the mood. I start to think, I wanna wear something nice for babe so that he can see me and maybe wanna fuck me, you know? So I ask him what he wants me to wear again for him and he says a black dress. So I look for one that i like. Then I start doing my makeup again. And I’ll curl my hair. I tell him ima go early to his work so I can see him because I miss him and I can’t go any longer without seeing him ( plus I’m horny xD ) I get to his job around 8:10. Coworkers are outside so I decide to wait because I only want my baby to see me in my dress because I’m all his. So I do. Then one of my friends that is also my coworker comes and we start talking and we start to plan something cute for our boyfriends so I hang up on the phone with babe so he won’t know. Me and my friend talk a while till she has to go back to work. I call my boyfriend back and he’s in a bad mood. He starts to tell me he hates when customers pay him in change and then they get mad when he gives them change. He lets his anger out on me and ruins my whole mood. And I get it, you’re mad. But acknowledge the fact that I’m here, looking nice for you. Yes customers can be fucking assholes but at the end of the night, I’m the one your coming home with. But you ruined it all because of your customers. You let the customers get in between our lives and now not only wont you be satisfied, but neither will I. Anyways, I change into basketball shorts and a jacket because I knew this was gonna happen. You always do let it happen. So I’ll just wait in the car till you get off at work. We’ll drive home and well lay in bed and if you wanna come and cuddle with me, then we can. I wasn’t the one who shut you down, you shut me down. Whenever your ready I’ll be here for you to come hug. I’m just saying one day, I won’t be there. I don’t give up easily, but there’s so much a person can take.