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choc-chip-pancakes  asked:

Hi! First, I wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your blog, I've been lurking as anon for a long time. Second, you watch Rick and Morty, right? Would you recommend it? I've been thinking of starting it, but I'm not sure if I'll like it. :P

Ahhh, good old Rick and Morty.  Okie dokie, there’s actually a bit I have to say about that!

The first time I tried Rick and Morty, I actually didn’t like it all too much. I’ve never been someone for crude adult cartoons, and while the pilot was…intriguing to me, the second episode was just a bit too vulgar for my tastes (at some parts, at least. Though it WAS insanely funny).

I stopped watching the show for quite a while after that, thinking it just wasn’t my kind of thing.  Around the time season 2 rolled around, though, a good friend of mine (as well as many tweets by Alex Hirsch) finally persuaded me to give it another shot.  Thus, the binge watching began.

I kinda felt like I was trudging through it until episode eight of season one, Rixty Minutes.  The special thing about that ep is that it’s almost completely improvised (so it was freaking hysterical), and actually has a really meaningful and heartfelt subplot that surprised me.  That was probably what prompted me to stick around, and the second half of season one was significantly better.  However, I still didn’t consider myself completely in love with the show (aside from the episode “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind.” but that’s a whole ‘nother fantastic story.)

By the end of the first season, I was still a bit on the fence, but decided since the first few episodes of season two were out, I might as well start those too.

And then the relentless emotional bond began.

Episode one shocked me with its amazingly unique format and some surprisingly heart-wrenching moments, episode two was funny as all heck and super intriguing, and episode three…

…Let’s just say there were tears.

From then on, I was hooked.  Despite the crudeness and vulgarity the show sometimes offered, the characters had so much depth and the story lines were so creative that practically everything else could be excused.  Plus, the dialogue is so natural and fantastic, and the show as a whole is downright hilarious.

As of today, Rick and Morty is my second favorite show (under Gravity Falls, of course), and looking back on the episodes I previously found mediocre or over-the-top, I kinda love them now.  I think even if you’re not one for adult cartoons, it definitely helps once you get used to the show overall.  Granted, there are a few scenes that are still…well…an experience (any R&M fan can tell you the horrors of Mr. Jellybean), but all those aren’t too bad amidst the surprising heart and humor that the show blossoms into.

Bottom line, Rick and Morty is definitely worth a shot, even if those kind of shows aren’t your cup of tea. I recommend you to at least get into the beginning of season two (there are only 11 episodes in the first season anyway).  If you don’t like it by the first few S2 episodes, then feel free to let it go, but I still highly encourage holding out until then.

And if you do enjoy it? Well…

Just have some tissues ready for the season two finale.