or donkey


Cedar:  “Man, it’s good to be free!”

Briar:  “Now, why dorn’t ye go celebrate yer freedom with yer own friends?  Hmm?”

Cedar:  “But, uh…I dorn’t have any friends.  An’ I am not goin’ out there by myself.  Hey, wait a minute, I got a great idea!  I’ll stick with you!  Yer a mean, lean, fightin’ machine.  Together, we’ll scare the spit outta anybody that crosses us!″


Cedar:  “Oh, wow!  That was really scary!  An’ if ye dorn’t mind me sayin’, if that dorn’t work, yer breath certainly will get the job done ‘cause ye definitely need some tic-tac or somethin’, ‘cause yer breath STINKS!”


Wow. Grant Kirkhope actually made it, the madman.

For those who don’t know, this was made by the same people who made Donkey Kong 64 with the DK Rap, one of the kickstarter rewards was to make a rap for their new game Yooka-Laylee, and they did.