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Okay I just realised people on here actually send hate to studyblrs?? And I’m so ??? Damn freaking confused??? Like jesus you’re telling them they don’t know how to run a studyblr? Like are you for real? All you have to do is reblog pics to be a studyblr.

  • Me: ok time to focus! Gonna go do my homework, get my life together, pursue my career
  • My Brain: *whispers* rhys
  • Me: what
  • Brain: *whispers* rhysand
  • Me: no, not again-
  • Brain: Rhysand, Lord of the Night Court, Death incarnate, Night triumphant
  • Me: *throws all ambition out the window*

anonymous asked:

If you were a raccoon you would look friggin adorable as Tom nook from animal crossing (I like the dude he’s adorable)

even though i would never be as cute as tom himself (or timmy and tommy. all of these guys were some of my fav nps,, u know me well anon), i gotta thank you for that idea… its wonderful :’’0

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Why is Wonwoo & Mingyu's ship name 'Meanie' but i only here Mingyu's name in it?

Hello there :)

Hahah wonwoo’s nickname back during 17TV was “Mr. Beanie”. Instead of releasing their names, Pledis used nicknames for fans to identify each of them. Wonwoo wore his beanie a lot, hence his nickname :)

M(ingyu) + (B)eanie = Meanie was their ship name then and the name stuck!

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👀+ do you regret not giving Bakuku a chance?

Send my muse “👀 + a question” and they’ll have to answer with 100% honesty.

“Bakuku? That’s a funny name for him! But it feels … strange. Having these feelings about him for as long as I could remember, only to turn them down when given the chance to finally have them reciprocated. I think that I do feel some regret, but at the end of the day, I still think that the choice I made was right for me. I know where Todoroki-kun stands on his feelings about me. Someone so unflinchingly kind — he’s seen me for who I am from the start and I think — I think that’s what I need, right now. Someone I can level with.” 

Story Time

So when I was like 12-13 y.o. I had about the ugliest crush on this guy at my school.  Like he lived across the street and we rode the bus together, but if he wasn’t on the bus it was the Worst Thing, and immediately meant that the day was going to be a Bad Day, and I would spend the rest of it looking at his empty seat in the classes we had together like “What if he’s just coming to school late?”  Also he was dating my friend (well, middle-school “dating”) for most of the time that we knew each other so that was awkward.

Well, I was going to get his attention somehow, and fortunately, I had A Plan.  Which consisted of two parts:

  1. Talk to him ad nauseam about Lord of the Rings, which I had just discovered.
  2. Punch him.  Yeah, you read that correctly.

Okay.  To be completely clear, it wasn’t like this was actually Thought Out.  Really my plan consisted of “get bae’s attention in whatever way possible” and one day I saw him walking and I guess it clicked in a part of my brain that if I hit the poor kid he’d have to look at me and so I got up a good run and clobbered him over the shoulder.  And then abruptly ran away giggling, like an idiot.  No, we never went out.  But in defiance of all odds, he did continue talking to me after that.

So it turned out that Andreth’s Foolproof Ploy for Attracting the Menfolk needed to be revised.  I cut out the second item, bringing my strategy down to only one point: talk to him ad nauseam about LotR.  And actually, that’s how I started dating my current boyfriend.  We started bonding over our shared love of fantasy novels.  We’ve been together nearly 5 years now.

So that’s the point of my story, I guess.  Whoever you are, whatever gender(s) you’re interested in, there is someone out there for you.  And the old saying about “be yourself” gets thrown around all the time, but for real: if you can’t be yourself around the person you’re interested in, how can you expect them to care about you?  Do you want them to fall in love with a shallow mask that you put on over your true self?  Because keeping up that mask will be exhausting, and some day it’s gonna slip so…why not be honest from the get-go?

Don’t try to force a relationship, kids.  If it’s meant to happen, it will happen.

another little espersquad zine update

So yeah, I am planning on making/running a super casual Mob Psycho 100 zine with the theme ‘esper squad’ some time over the next few months. Blog is still under construction but I plan to open applications soon, in a few weeks time. 

Though the final product will likely be a digital download PDF, which shouldn’t cost anything to make and distribute, I’m very keen on having it be for a good cause, so I’m thinking of having a pay-what-you-want system where any  proceeds are donated to charity (still deciding on which charity). The issue with this is that if I am hosting the zine I will likely have to make the donation of whatever proceeds we get myself, and I am worried about the complications of doing so, for example donating to a US charity when I live in the UK. So basically still I need to do more research on the boring scary finance stuff haha  

Two little Sunday surprises:

1. My piano is ridiculously out of tune. Disgracefully so. (This isn’t a surprise but it’s a surprise just how bad it is).

2. I haven’t forgotten how to read music. (Clap clap, go me; this is also not really a surprise but maybe it is given how long it’s been since I’ve actually bothered to sit and play anything).

I submitted my application for my job on Wednesday not last week, but the week before. Applications closed the Friday two days after that. Interviews are on Tuesday. At 4 pm on Sunday, there have been ZERO hits on the digital portfolio I linked to and specifically mentioned in my application. I’m SO glad I spent HOURS putting it together, because my tech ability is literally the only thing I have going for me over the other two applicants, who both have more experience than I do, and it’s a specific selection criteria.

since i have no life and all i ever do is read up on jtv, i just remembered reading this interview with jennie urman after episode 4.05: 

An earlier episode flat-out told the audience to expect another death. When will that be paid off?

Very soon. You’ll have some idea at the end of the next episode, but it will all be clear by the fall finale.

which means next episode is 4.06, the one we just saw and since the fall finale is still on december 8, is it possible that anezka isn’t the one who died after all? the exact words of the narrator at the end of the episode was, “i’ll give you a little clue friends, she didn’t kill herself.” which leads us all to believe she was murdered, but what if those words were intentionally chosen to mislead? may she really, didn’t kill herself because it’s fake? given that the death will apparently only be clear in the fall finale, maybe it’s a possibility. not to mention the trope ‘someone died but they’re really not dead’ was mentioned in the episode and those are usually foreshadowing on this show, so..

i can’t do eye makeup or anything yet bc it’s late and i’m lazy, but hey we have progress

also yes of course i’m gonna end up doing g what else do you expect from me-