or doesn't like em


on the day that I become so forgetful that all of this melts away/I will burn all the calendars that counted the years down to such a worthless day


“you smell like cologne, ireland.”
“i dooon’tttt knoow whatttt yooooou’re taaalking aboooout..”
“ireland, it’s time for a talk.”

“there was no need for that, mom. i’m not ‘getting up to anything,’ as you put it.”
“oh, sure…… but think of it this way. now that we’ve had this conversation, we don’t have to have it again!”
“yeah, yeah..”


Harry Styles & Lily Collins [manips] + selfies

959. There was a brief moment in his third year, when Harry thought he was into Hermione, but his feelings were quickly quashed as soon as midterms were happening and she turned into a studying maniac. Funny enough, that's when Ron got the same feelings.

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Are there any other nicknames for Emily besides Em? I mean I have the same name but Em doesn't feel like a nickname as it is just saying the first 2 letters of the name. im even considering just having a nickname from a diff name like Sam or something

i mean yeah there are but it depends on what the person prefers also em is a nickname for emily thats like saying ben isnt a nickname for benjamin bc its the first three letters of the name

more with my headcanon on postgame guzma~

so, we find out that his boyhood home is the house by the cemetary with the broken golf clubs, so idk if his dad golfed, or his mom, or him, but i would imagine that guzma had some experience with the sport.

so here he is ranting about it to hau while they both wait at the marina to see if lillie and lusamine are coming back.

(he also kinda taught hau how to open a can of lemonade with his teeth, but don’t tell hala)


It scared me…the thought of never seeing you again.

90’s kids in the 2010’s // draco malfoy

his family has been pure long before the world had any concept of purity - surviving, no, thriving on the idea of corruption as the means to remain on their pedestal. it’s a clever sort of wandless magic, really, one that has afforded him the name to hold court in back alleys and hotel ballrooms. and so he smirks, and smokes his contraband cigarettes, and beds girls to piss his father off. but even he knows that you can only want what you are not yet capable of losing. 

so Amanda and I were talking about modern magic and

witch bottles in old dasani bottles from the recycling because glass jars are expensive

runes in sharpie on bottle caps

wands carved with pocket knives from branches from the saplings in the local park

dried herbs hanging from pushpins and grown in old cans with holes punched in the bottom

Fae Gathering in children’s parks and lure kids out after park with what sounds like a punk show 

other Fae helping community gardens grow

ghosts from old civil war battles wandering around the business offices built on top of the sites of their death

kids drawing pentacles in their little siblings’ chalk on the floor under their carpet and fixing it with art sealant because their parents would notice if they pulled up the carpet to draw a new one too often

protection charms written on graph paper and worn in shoes during school

using oil burner scented oil or scented soaps to anoint candles

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Hey, I love your work! I was wondering if it would be okay if I get any of your fallout drawings tattooed?

Hey, thanks for the compliments! And, like, it’s your skin, if you want to put something I drew on it then go right ahead. (Part of me screams “NO GET SOMEONE BETTER TO DRAW YOU A TATTOO” but really, you’re the one making the choice here, haha).

        ❝       that was     IMPRESSIVE    .    that sharp turn   ?                         ❞      whistles    ,     ❝   PERFECT   .    tch  ,  but guess that’s what’s     EXPECTED     of veterans , huh  ?   i  —  i mean  .   ma’am  .   ❞  / &. @inspiredtrust !



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