or does the man make the suit

game of thrones sentence meme

❝ Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word. ❞
❝ The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. ❞
❝ If I look back, I am lost. ❞
❝ Every flight begins with a fall. ❞
❝ A bruise is a lesson, and each lesson makes us better. ❞
❝ The man who fears losing has already lost. ❞
❝ You wear your honor like a suit of armor. You think it keeps you safe, but all it does is weigh you down and make it hard for you to move. ❞
❝ A true man does what he will, not what he must. ❞ 
❝ A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep. ❞
❝ People often claim to hunger for truth, but seldom like the taste when it’s served up. ❞
❝ A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid. ❞
❝ I will hurt you for this. I don’t know how yet, but give me time. ❞
❝ The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome. ❞
❝ That one — he’s copper, bright and shiny. Pretty to look at, but not worth all that much at the end of the day. ❞
❝ If you can’t protect yourself, die and get out of the way of those who can. ❞
❝Sharp steel and strong arms rule this world, don’t ever believe any different. ❞
❝ Was there ever a war where only one side bled ? ❞
❝ Great wrongs have been done to you, but the past is dust. The future may yet be won. ❞
❝ They fought valiantly, they fought nobly, they fought honourably — and they died. ❞
❝ The greatest fools are often more clever than the men who laugh at them. ❞
❝ There is a savage beast in every man, and when you hand that man a sword or spear and send him forth to war, the beast stirs. ❞
❝ Any man who must say ‘I am the king’ is no true king. ❞
❝ We’re all just songs in the end, if we are lucky. ❞
❝ We all dream of things we cannot have. ❞
❝ History is a wheel, for the nature of man is fundamentally unchanging. What has happened before will happen again. ❞
❝ Kind ? How boring that would be. I aspire to be wicked. ❞
❝ War makes monsters of us all. ❞
❝ Anger is better than tears, better than grief, better than guilt. ❞
❝ A sweet face often hides a sinner’s heart. ❞
❝ I rose too high, loved too hard, dared too much. I tried to grasp a star, overreached, and fell. ❞
❝ A man may befriend a beast, even break a beast — but no man could truly tame a beast. ❞
❝ The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid. ❞
❝ The past remains the past. We can learn from it, but we cannot change it. ❞
❝ A leader can love the men that they command, but can never be a friend to them. One day he/she may need to sit in judgment on them, or send them forth to die. ❞

Space Prince Tony Stark

In relation to this post

  • Basically a prince in his home country on his home planet, very rich and famous
  • Built his Iron Man suit himself, only machinery on his planet advanced enough to make the journey to Earth
  • Came to Earth under the pretense of a diplomatic mission to make contact with humans, but really came for his own selfish curiosity because he does what he wants
  • People from his home planet have learned about Earth through hacking their satellites, so Tony is somewhat familiar with their customs, even though he’s wildly eccentric
  • People from his home planet are technically more advance in science and technology, but it’s different than what’s on Earth, so Tony is very much interested in Earth technology in very non-patronizing way, he just wants to learn more about it
  • Multilingual in Earth languages along with languages from his home planet
  • Nerds out a lot (especially when talking to Steve) about space and planets he’s been to and star patterns (Steve loves it, could listen to him talk for hours)
  • Has studied humans for years because he was interested in their traditions and customs, geeks out when he gets to meet them in person
  • Extremely impressed with the Avengers, loves to watch them spar, loves to spar with them as well
  • Loves to watch Steve spar specifically, but also loves to listen to him talk about art and his past and his old war stories and his hobbies.  Loves to watch him perform mundane “human” activities like washing the dishes and grocery shopping

I sit here
In the middle of the carriage
Making my way home

Its 2am and it’s the 27th of June

To my right sit a group of males
Males in all black
7 stops ago they were colourful

Does going home fear people that much?

Opposite me there’s a man asleep
In a suit and tie
He’s been here before me

Why does he exhaust himself this much?

To my left a girl sits drowning in black tears
She cannot breathe
She takes intervals to stare meaninglessly out of the window

Who hurt her?

Sometimes we’re so wrapped up within our own stories that we forget that all around us people have their own stories
And when they’re abstract
They’re beautiful


Social Observation

 (just something I’ve been messin about with)

The Interview

Prompt: Dean is a nervous wreck, applying for a job too good for him, among people way smarter than him, and wearing one of his brother’s gigantic old suits. He’s riding the train, panicking, but his bench mate helps him calm down and talks him through why he’s scared and why he’s applying in the first place. It’s wonderful, sparks fly, but Dean doesn’t get the man’s number before he’s rushing to make his interview. Little does he know who the boss is… wink wink

– Loved writing this (: I changed the train to a bus but other than that I hope it’s everything you wanted. Enjoy!!!

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So two weeks ago on the day of the Women's March, Harris tweeted out that "She was fucking proud to be a woman". Yet, Harris styles her hair like a man, uses men's products (deodorant) dresses like a man with suits etc. You sure you're proud to be a woman Harris?! 🤔

anon, leave your box and open your eyes to truly see this world. Gender is a label given to us by society. Does being a woman mean I cannot study engineering and play with legos and wear jeans? No! Does being a man mean I cannot make a living being a makeup artist or a ballet dancer or just staying at home to take care of my kids so that my wife can work? No! Ashlyn isn’t confined by what a stereotypical social label of how she should act as a woman. She can do and wear whatever feels right to her. If she feels like, she should cut her hair short then so be it. If she feels like she should wear cologne, then do it. If she feels like she looks better in suits (which I totally agree), then the hell with it! She’s proud to be a woman because she’s proud to be who she is and what women are trying to fight for every day. So to answer your question, yes she is sure she is proud to be a woman. 

Gavin headcannon

When Gav started out in the criminal world he tried everything from breaking and entering to murder and found his place in being the face, the negotiator, the recruiter. Need someone to talk to another gang, or to go talk to the group of mercenaries coming after you? Gavin’s your guy. Now the role naturally suits Gavin though it takes some work, and he works to be the best he front man he can be because the whole fighting and killing thing really isn’t his style or liking. 

But when he joins up with the Geoff and Jack to make the FAHC, he has to do a little bit of everything because it’s just the 3 of them. Now he still does most of the talking and Geoff and Jack do more of the dirty work, handling the rival gangs without his help for the most part.

That couldn’t last forever of course as they want to get bigger and have bigger rivals to go against, so Jack and Geoff tell Gavin they need him on this one and he agrees like it is no big deal. When a shootout starts however Gavin freezes before he even gets his gun out. The next thing anyone sees is a blur of motion as Gav runs off followed by a “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?!” from Geoff.

After the shooting ends Geoff, with Jack close behind, finds Gav in a nearby alleyway sitting against a wall still as a damn statue. Even Gav isn’t sure what happened.

Now, he’s a lot better in combat but there are times where he’ll disappear during a shootout or particularly bad bought, mostly when one of the crew is near death or there’s just too much noise, too much going on, sometimes he’ll recover but other times, the crew members who aren’t too bad will find him someplace close, still as a statue and freaking out, but trying to calm himself down - and usually, if it’s been this long, failing.

2016 in review: Blonde Footballers

2016 being the year that it was, many footballers decided to try their hand at blindingly platinum blonde hairdos. And as with any trend, some pulled it off. And some…….. not so much.

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Tonight You Belong to Me [Napoleon Solo x Reader]

Author’s Note: Finally wrote something for Man from UNCLE! Been wanting to for ages but just never had any ideas. This specific cover of “Tonight You Belong to Me” is what inspired this, and I listened to it on repeat while writing this (I made sure this song would fit in the timeline lol don’t worry, which it did… original was released in 1926). I’m not entirely sure if this makes sense, especially toward the end, as I’m getting really tired now, but hopefully it does and hopefully you like it! Illya is next muahaha. 

Word Count: 1,699

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  • James: Lily. How could you possibly think that I love Sirius more than you.
  • Lily: He spends almost every night at our house!
  • James: Wha- that's ridiculous! Sometimes we're hanging out and it's too late for him to go ho-
  • Lily: And what about on our honeymoon? I saw you with that mirror, don't think I don't know what it does!
  • James: What! No, we were just- I was telling him how incredible YOU were-
  • Lily: You TOASTED him on our wedding night!
  • James: ... What's wrong with that?
  • Lily: You told him how stunning he looked.
  • James: Hey, that man could make a tea cosy look like a fashion statement, he looked incredible in that suit Lily!

Happy Birthday to the love of my fucking life! Jung Jaehyun you are my ult bias of NCT BUT you are also my ult KPOP bias! When I saw you my life has gone down hill from there. Literally all I want in life is to just meet you and stare at you and say to myself, “how does this god of a person walk among us”. My dear Woojae, you are so adorable and gorgeous, you make a trash bag look like a Gucci suit. Your dimples kill me every time you smile, I just want to kiss them. I love that you lived in America for 4 years and that’s why you’re here, man (I couldn’t help myself). You have an incredible voice, I can’t wait for when you sing me to sleep at our honeymoon night in Fiji after our wedding. 👰🏽 Jaehyun, I hope you stay healthy and safe, I wish you so much luck in the future, and I also hope you have a great and relaxing birthday! Happy Birthday Jung Jaehyun! 🎊🎉❤️😍🎊🎉❤️😍

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OH DANG MORE 20's LAITO HCS: you like murder mysteries, huh? laito does too. he invites 6 lucky patrons over to his fanciest speakeasy, hidden in the middle of the glitzy city, manned only by 5 staff. the premise is simple: whodunit? he'll work hard to set the mood and put everyone on the trail of a murder. but his "staff" are the other sakamakis, and laito has rang the dinner bell. each guest goes missing. laito takes the last one and makes sure to keep his suit clean as he enjoys his snack~

ohohoho…!! this is so cool

Hello Charlotte EP1: Characters

The titular character of the series. A cheerful girl who attends St. Vincent’s School. Lives in the House along with everyone else.

Mr Puppeteer
Charlotte’s imaginary ███████ friend.

Charlotte’s Mom
Permanently worried about her daughter’s well-being, never at home.

Huxley’s nephew. Claims to be an alien. Very short, constantly bitter.

One very dedicated scientist wearing a gas mask with bunny ears. Does surgeries as a hobby. Owns an interdimensional clinic on the 2nd floor of the House.

One of the Butlers of the House. A tailor and a taxidermist. Makes dresses for Charlotte, lab coats and suits for everyone else.

A guy in a chem suit. No one knows his real name nor what he actually looks like.

Umbrella Man
An enigmatic man who keeps an eye on everything.


  • Listen

“How does everyone feel about me making an army of robots?”
“Let’s get serious … is what people tell me all the time.”
“We make a great team. I mean I-I’m the boss, but still.”
“You think villians know they don’t have a chance or do they just not get it?”
“Hey let me know if you ever need a flying suit of armor.”
“Maybe you can be my new assistant.”
“Time to be the best.”
“I’m taking a half day.”
“Let’s get serious … or not.”
“Man, I make this look easy.”
“That’s right, I’m a genius.”
“Let’s get it done.”

“See you at the hot tub.”


Rose makes her way down the elevator with leisure to the small coffee shop. The first floor makes the building look less like an apartment complex and more a business building. It’s all stainless steel and open, the Starbucks tucked in the corner and the front desk with it’s directory behind it. And given it’s height, it seems to accomidate offices more, but she has made a home here.

The short women gives a wave as she by passes the door keep, stepping into the coffee shop just a moment later. She carries herself tall, shoulders back, clothing well suited to her body. Today it’s a heavy, cream, cardigan the hugs her shoulders and rounded hips and the black, simple, dress that drapes over the rest. Her flats hardly make a sound while she wonders in, giving the man behind the counter a nod of her head and a charmed smile before her attention turns to looking for her suitor. 

When she does spot him, she strides over, offering her hand.

    “Rose La’Londe, a pleasure..”

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I saw your reply where you said you "find nazis hot in a fictional sense." And agree with you. I think it's the uniform. Nazis were horrid people but they had a way with their uniforms. Have you seen Inglorious Bastards?

Hells yeah, man i saw inglorious basters in theaters. And yeah, like ss uniforms where designed by hugo boss who still a leading designer in mens suits. Even the dude who playd four in divergent (theo james, i think?) Has modled for hugo boss. But i still want to say that just cus i think hugo boss makes nice suits that dudes look hot in, does not mean in agree any way with nazi. Fuck nazi, yo.


So, I am finally doing the prince series! The person who requested this also added in that you were a maid who they had a crush on so I’m going to be adding that to it as well, to start up us off as he always does is the real life prince Kim Seokjin and also I hit 900 followers!! which is absolutely amazing and I want to say thank you all so so much

  • Okay but just picture this
  • Prince Seokjin
  • Do you hear how beautiful that sounds this kid is meant to be a prince
  • Jin is obviously a very good looking man but imagine him in those princely pants and those white shirts and the suits
  • He’d be such a kind prince tbh
  • The people a d o r e him
  • He makes weekly visits to the village
  • He always stops by the orphanage to visit all of the kids and they all get so excited bc he always brings them freshly baked desserts from the castle’s chef and he brings them toys and makes sure they have enough of everything
  • Like he makes sure they have really nice beds and fresh meals on the table every single day and plenty of clothes
  • He also stops by the local bakeries and just chats with the owners like hey Phil how’s the bread coming along?
  • He also gives them some of the ingredients they’ll need as well as some more pricey ones they might not be able to afford themselves like every once in a while he brings along this really expensive chocolate that’s amazing and they put it into some of their cupcakes and that batch becomes the fastest selling batch they’ve ever had
  • But like tbh he knows basically every villager by name and it’s never a “oh hey you’re the florist dude’s wife” it’s always “hi Yoona!”
  • The first time he technically sees you is when he’s being introduced to all of the new employees
  • He doesn’t fully meet you until a few weeks have passed and he just randomly bumps into you
  • In this case that is a literal term
  • You’re busy restocking the library when he accidentally runs into you bc he was too busy talking to his guard
  • The books in your arms fall but he catches you before you can fall with them and you’re just sitting there in the arms of a prince who’s immediately !! bc are you okay do you need a doctor diD YOU BREAK ANYTHING
  • Your main concern is did the books tear so you don’t even notice who it is you bumped into
  • You just kinda push his arms away and scramble to collect all of them
  • He helps you and it isn’t until you see the hand holding out the one book you hadn’t grabbed that you actually look up and then it’s just well shit
  • You’re just o.o bc his reaction could go so many different ways like he could be pissed that you’d just ignored him and gone for the books since you’d just assumed it was another worker
  • But he just smiles and is like “you’re Y/N right?”
  • You’re beyond confused at that point bc he’s not pissed and he remembered your name wait what
  • When you confirm he got your name right, his smile widens and he gives you this lil bow
  • “I’m Jin”
  • He helps you carry all of the books despite your protests and he goes as far as helping you organize them into the bookshelves and you’re just even more confused bc is he real
  • Is this really the future king sorting books in the library to “make up for bumping into you”
  • Tbh that lil run in sparks a relationship friendship
  • He starts seeing you around a lot more and you slowly become more and more comfortable with the idea of talking to the prince
  • You realize that despite having this huge title, he’s actually really chill
  • Like he just wants to talk to you about your favorite books and hobbies like are you an artist do you bake do you like flowers what are your interests
  • You two just hang out a lot and talk about anything and everything and you always make him laugh and he makes you laugh even harder bc his laugh is contagious so basically you two are just giggling at 2 in the morning bc you’d snuck down to the kitchen for cookies
  • He’s technically supposed to be on the lookout for a future spouse but like he’s too busy trying to find a subtle way to ask you to hang out with him privately to focus on that
  • Like will you think he means it in a romantic way does he want you to think that (spoiler, he does)
  • He eventually works up the courage to ask you to join him for a walk in the gardens since that’s his favorite place to go
  • It’s peaceful and quiet and you can hear the birds chirping and the water from the fountain running and there aren’t too many people there besides the gardeners
  • He’s friends with all of them and has been ever since he was a kid so they don’t really treat him like Prince Seokjin, they just treat him like Jin
  • You two end up walking all around it and he’s telling you facts and stories about all of the flowers
  • “That rose bush over there was planted by a woman named Rosaline, I’ve always thought that was hilarious”
  • You actually find yourself relaxing around him and you stop calling him “sir” and “my prince” and all of those titles and just call him Jin and honestly every time you say his name instead of a formality, he just smiles to himself bc let’s face it here Jinny boy’s got a crush
  • The garden becomes your lil go to place
  • The more time you two spend together, the more his crush develops and the more you start to grow feelings for him as well
  • It isn’t until like a year in though that he kisses you
  • It’s a cold night and he’d already lent you his jacket and now he’s hugging you to keep you warm but then you both just look at each other and he leans in just a lil bit
  • It isn’t until you nod or lean in too or give him any sign of a “go for it” that he actually kisses you
  • His lips are just as soft as they look but this is his first kiss so he pulls away after just a few seconds but when you open your eyes, you just seem gazing at you with just this look of pure love and awe
  • “I love you”

The Danger of Party Favours

“Not because some marketing strategist in a skyscraper with a suit decided to make something pink.”

It infuriates me how many different AUs I have for canon era trans boy Enjolras (ft. exr) 

Like, I want an AU where, of course, Grantaire isn’t exactly doing very well financially. His father will not send him any more money, and what little he does have is quickly squandered on his vices. But Grantaire has one saving grace - he’s a man of many different talents. So he uses this to his advantage, and makes a little extra income tutoring the daughter of a wealthy family how to dance (and possibly play an instrument. Violin seems to suit, I think)…

The daughter is one of the most belligerent people Grantaire has ever met. She glares at him the whole time, lips pursed, and ‘accidentally’ steps on his feet when they dance. She’s beautiful, absolutely stunning, but Grantaire cannot stand her. She makes his job difficult for him and seems to resent everything they do. He honestly cannot understand why her parents are so desperate for her to learn these things, as it is clearly a lost cause - something about her needing to ‘be more ladylike’ he hears them say. Grantaire does his lessons, takes his money, leaves, and returns the next week. It becomes common practice.

Months later and he is convinced by Bossuet and Joly to attend a student meeting to discuss politics. Grantaire lives close to Cafe Musain anyway, and it is an excuse to drink and socialise, so he grudgingly agrees. He settles in at the back of the room with a bottle of wine and watches as people start to arrive. When it rolls around for the meeting to begin, he looks up to see the leader of the group as he makes his entrance, only to nearly choke on his wine.

It is the young woman he has been teaching to dance, only now ‘she’s’ dressed in men’s clothing, hair tied back with a ribbon, and that cold demeanour Grantaire loathed is of much more use to the situation when talk of revolution is involved. Grantaire cannot believe his eyes. And as the meeting drags on, Grantaire feels something strange blooming in his chest, because that ‘girl’ who does nothing but sulk and glare is suddenly alight with passion, full of hope and optimism, and though Grantaire doesn’t share in it, it lifts something in his heart to watch it. 

Of course it doesn’t take long for Enjolras to notice him - he has been in rather close contact with him for several months, so of course he recognises him. His hands shake on his papers throughout the meeting, and when it is over he corners Grantaire outside the cafe and swears him to secrecy. He explains his situation - that despite his anatomy he is a man, not a woman, and that he sneaks out of his family home most evenings to dress and live as he pleases - and Grantaire promises not to tell.

Things are awkward after that. Enjolras seems unseemingly cruel to Grantaire during the meetings (Grantaire is unsure why he is even returning to them), chastising him for his demeanour and for his drinking (Grantaire supposes the latter is out of fear that wine will make his tongue loose) and even Joly and Bossuet whisper that it’s odd for Enjolras to be quite so harsh. He is usually a friend of mankind, especially to the wretched, but he treats Grantaire as though he is beneath even that. 

The lessons continue, and Enjolras still sulks and glares the whole time. It goes on like this for several months, until finally, Grantaire takes a risk. When he is certain Enjolras’ parents will not interrupt them, he changes the way they are dancing, teaching Enjolras how to lead rather than follow. Something in Enjolras’ attitude seems to change, though only minutely. He seems less tense, and he puts in more effort, and soon they are dancing most elegantly indeed. When Grantaire goes to leave, Enjolras mutters a thank you to him. Grantaire returns home with a spring in his step.

Things gradually shift at the meetings. Enjolras actually starts to call on him for his thoughts, and though they debate and bicker, Enjolras seems to enjoy it. He gradually softens towards him. 

Finally, one lesson, Grantaire can take it no more, and asks Enjolras why he behaved so harshly to him previously. Enjolras shamefully confesses that he could not trust him with such a grave secret, but that he is learning to. 

This goes on for a long time, the two becoming more and more close. Glaring turns to warm laughter, and when that friendship turns into something else, they share a chaste kiss outside the Musain. 

When Grantaire goes to Monsieur and Madame Enjolras seeking their ‘daughter’s’ hand in marriage, they’re only too eager to accept, since no well-to-do family will take Enjolras (who, on one famous occasion, threatened to geld any man who tried to marry him with a letter-opener) and they’d quite honestly given up on marrying him off. Even an artist/tutor/whatever is better than no marriage at all, in their eyes, and Grantaire’s family is quite respectable even though he is no longer part of it. 

They’re quickly wed in a quiet ceremony, and in doing so, Enjolras is finally free to leave the family home and as a result, dress and live as he wishes full-time rather than only on stolen evenings. 

They share their anniversary a year later, on June 6th.

Shopping With Bobby...
  • It would consist of him modeling
  • Even if you didn’t ask, he will do it anyway
  • For everyone too, boy has no shame
  • He’ll talk about how it takes charm to look handsome in an outfit, not good looks
  • Then he’ll talk about how handsome someone is, but how being handsome is boring
  • He will follow that up by saying, “That’s why you’re dating me!”
  • He will pick outfits for you
  • Stuff he’d like to see you in
  • But he knows you’ll never wear them
  • Just putting them on, and modeling for him makes him happy
  • He says everything looks good on you, even though he’s lying
  • But in reality, he’s not lying, he really does thing everything looks good on you
  • You guys spend entirely too much time in the suit department
  • But you don’t care, because Bobby in a suit is the 8th wonder of the world
  • Even the salespeople are amazing by how good he looks in a suit
  • And you sit there with that face that says “Yup, that’s my man”

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