or does she just not want her son to cause another scene



Basically a German produced 1930′s film that features a student who falls in love with her teacher. Some kissing/hugs in it. NOT A HAPPY ENDING.

Pretty good for the time period


A student tells a lie about her two female teachers and causes one of them to question her sexuality. NOT A HAPPY ENDING. 

Again good for the time period. 


An old woman visits her old school and reflects on a past lesbian love she had at the school. NOT A HAPPY ENDING.

4. Just the two of us 1973

A pair of housewives fall into bed together after seeing two women hold hands in a restaurant on sunset boulevard. One is a lesbian and the other is exploring. NOT A HAPPY ENDING. 

5. WINDOWS 1980

Lesbian psycho stalker. NOT A HAPPY ENDING


Two young athletes engage in sexual relationship, however, one of the girls leaves and goes off to be with a man. 

7. THE HUNGER 1983

An aging vampire dumps her boyfriend for a woman. 

8. LIANNA 1983

Lianna, a naive young wife of a professor bored with her life has an affair with another woman, Ruth and when her affair becomes common knowledge, she finds herself shunned by both her friends and family. NOT A HAPPY ENDING.

9. Desert Hearts 1985

A middle aged woman in current divorcing of her husband pursues an affair with a young woman named Cay whom she meets in Reno at a ranch. HAPPY ENDING. It is worth a watch.


The daughter of a Japanese ambassador has an affair with the wife of a Nazi officer. The Japanese woman ruins it by sleeping with the Nazi officer. 


November is a french/german Jew who falls in love with a french woman in Nazi-occupied France. The two women must fight to be with each other, hiding November in the rural countryside. GUYS THIS FILM IS LIKE HAPPY ENDING ISH BUT YOU WILL CRY COS SOMETHING AWFUL HAPPENS IN END WORTH THE WATCH.


A young Tina Kernard from L word plays a butch Randy who falls in love with a an upper class black girl. I dont really like it, its overhyped. 

13. GO FISH 1994

Max is a young lesbian student who meets Ely, they end up at her place and, after some flirtatious conversation, they kiss. Suddenly a call comes in from Ely’s  partner Kate, with whom Ely has been in a long-distance relationship for more than two years, which puts a bit of a damper on things. Ely decides to cut off all her hair, ending up with a very short butch style. She runs into Max in a bookstore and Max almost does not recognize her. Ely and her roommate Daria throw a dinner party and, after a spirited game of I Never, Max and Ely reconnect. They make plans to go out again and then begin kissing. They have several phone conversations, in the course of which Ely reveals that she’s “sort of broken up” with Kate. They get together for a second date but they never make it out of the apartment. Max ends up trimming Ely’s fingernails. This turns into foreplay and they have sex. HAPPY ENDING.


Two women fall in love, a maths teacher and a married secretary who works in the same school. They pursue a relationship to the dismay of work colleagues and family. The two women want to marry each other aw aw aw HAPPY ENDING. This film is a bit of a flop tho


Camille a christian professor meets Petra who is in the circus. Camille has a boyfriend however, falls in love with Petra. Happy Ending, worth the watch. 

16. BOUND 1996

Corky, a tough female ex con falls in love with Violet, the girlfriend of a mobster. Together they concoct a scheme to steal millions of stashed mob money and pin the blame on Violet’s crooked boyfriend Caesar. Happy ending for couple, its not your romantic comedy or anything but ok


Two women fall in love, ones straight, others got a girl, its ok movie

18. FUCKING AMAL(show me love) 1998

Agnes is a depressed teenager with no friends and is in love with the popular girl Elin. After a dare to kiss Agnes, Elin discovers she is attracted to Agnes and avoids her, sleeping with a boy to convince herself otherwise. Elin realises she loves Agnes and kiss in the schools bathroom, the entire school  see them and in turn are outed. HAPPY ENDING.


Based on a true story follows two women in Berlin whilst  the Gestapo is purging the capital of Jews, a dangerous love affair blossoms between two women. One of them, Lilly Wust, married and the mother of four sons, enjoys the privileges of her stature as an exemplar of Nazi motherhood. For her, this affair will be the most decisive experience of her life. For the other woman, Felice Schragenheim, a Jewess and member of the underground, their love fuels her with the hope that she will survive. BUT ITS A SAD FUCKING ENDING U WILL CRY GOOD FILM


Maggie meets a young artist named Kim. They quickly develop an intense romance and move in together. However when Maggie’s mother and brother come to stay she is forced to decide between living in secret or revealing who she really is. A tale of love, acceptance, loss and pleasure.


Gray falls in love with her brothers fiance after drunkenly kissing her. Gray discovers she is gay and has to find herself in this rom com. Its not a romance film as such but it is a feel good film with a lesbian protagonist, quite campsy but a great film. 


Complicated storyline but the premise is basically two women who fall in love in victorian england under strange circumstance. Some sweet and passionate love scenes, Happy ending. 


Annabelle and her female teacher fall in love, resulting in the teacher being arrested. Some nice love scenes. Ending a bit meh


This film had the potential to be good, however, the characters fell flat and you were left wanting more. The film follows Jenny who is in the closet to her parents and decides to marry Kitty her partner of five years. The film is more about her parents accepting her and going to her wedding, its a good watch in terms of its gay themed, its just the lesbian couple is not rooted for as much as you would if the love was portrayed between them more, they kiss a couple of times and thats it. 


WOW lemme just say this film is an odd one, weirdly you root for the lesbian housewife who cheats on her wife and becomes a prostitute. Its a fantastic film with well executed love scenes. Abbey, a lesbian housewife decides to become a lesbian escort as she is in a sexless marriage. WATCH IT ITS GOOD


Beautiful film of lesbian love. Miriam a housewife falls in love with Amina, a cafe owner in the 1950′s and in South Africa. Optimistic ending for the two. Despite no sex scene, the love between them is elicited via kisses and looks. 


Tala, a Palestinian, falls in love with Leyla a British Indian. Tala is engaged to be married and must overcome her sexuality in order to be with Leyla. HAPPY ENDING WATCH IT, ITS CORNY BUT GOOD

28. CRACKS 2009

This film is a weird one. A teacher, the sexy Eva Green is obsessed with the new Spanish girl, she rapes her in her sleep and the ending omg watch it, Its not happy but the character Eva Green portrays is fantastic. 

29. THE GIRL KING 2015

A Swedish Queen falls in love with her Lady in waiting. Good film

30. CHLOE 2009

This film is no romantic happy film but it is so raw and interestingly poignant. Chloe is hired by Catherine to seduce her husband as she believes he is cheating on her. Chloe reports back to Catherine and in a state of sadness from what Chloe says her husband did, they sleep together. Chloe becomes obsessed with Catherine, leading to a death at the end of the film omg watch it, see Amanda Seyfried have sex with Julianne Moore

31. BANDAGED 2009

Lucille disfigures her face and is bandaged until her surgeon Father can cure her. He hires a nurse, Joan, to care for Lucille in her recovery. As Lucille begins to heal, it is clear the two are falling for each other resulting in love scenes that are v niceee. The ending is happy/sad/who knows


A cheesy comedy about Alex who tests her sexuality when old high school friend Grace tells her she had an affair with another woman. The two fall in love in a town where homosexuality is a sin. Its v cheesy but what do you expect from a 1997 lesbian film. 

33. Elena Undone 2010

Elena Undone is a tad corny and low budget but the characters are well explored and little factoid for you: it has the longest onscreen kiss in history. Elena is married to a pastor but falls in love with Peyton.


Its not great, its corny and a bit of a flop but some scenes get your heart racing. Classic student teacher relationship with extra cheese on top, the ending is pants as is the whole film. 


A married woman hires a female prostitute, they fall in love but one of them dies. A bit shit this film but potential to be good.


People dont give this film a chance and seek out the explicit sex scene but if you invest time in the film, you will cry at the end omg. Adele and Emma fall in love, break up cos Adele is a slutty idiot, then Adele wants Emma back. 


This film is never going to win Oscars, but its a good feel good lesbian film. Its cute and you will the characters to be together, corny but good. Rachel marries Heck and on her wedding day meets the florist, Luce whom she falls in love with. 


Paulie and Victoria are roomates who are seemingly in love until Victoria breaks Paulies heart by sleeping with a boy, Paulie kills herself. 

39. KISS MYG 2011

Mia and Frida fall in love after meeting at their parents engagement party. Happy ending and the sex scenes in this film are wowowow


Bit of a flop, jessica tries being with a woman but doesnan’t work.


Some people might see this film as a bit of a flop but personally I love it, it is set in the late 1940′s and follows a married woman who falls in love with her 10 year old sons female teacher. watch ittttt.

42. CONTRACTED 2013 

A lesbian woman is raped and contracts a deadly disease.


Just for the laughs is the sequel to Bridget Jones where the ‘bitch’ Rebecca turns out to be gay and in love with Bridget


Angela is in love with Sara but the only way to be together is if Angela becomes a man due to the time period. Its sad omg

45. CAROL 2015


Hunted | Yoongi

Originally posted by yukidinme

Genre: Angst (sorta?) | Slight fluff (?) | Action | Mafia/Gang!AU

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (ft. Got7)

Warnings: Violence, shooting, mentions of dead bodies, cursing/swearing, etc.

 Word count: 2251

Request: Hello! I would like to request a scenario! Instead of writing blah, blah, blah I will make it easy to read: 1. Yoongi (with Agust D personality - you know, a bad, sassy, rude boy) 2. A mix of genres, whatever you feel inspired for but please - not 100% fluffy. 3. Triggers are alright, they make the plot even more interesting! If that’s okay with YOU ofc. 4. The AU totally depends on you! I thought about something like poor producer AU, drug dealer but I’m up to anything! 5. THANKS

 A/N: I’m finally back after the hiatus! Please leave me feedback as always, I hope this came out okay? I’m not sure, but feedback is much appreciated! 


Your arms slung loosely around his slender shoulders, your lips gently pressed to his neck as you chuckled softly with a mischievous tone, and Yoongi couldn’t help his mouth from curling up ever so slightly, a hint of a smile dancing on his lips.

“Aish, Y/N, stop making me so soft,” he complained half heartedly, swatting your hands away as he leaned forward on his desk, his fingers intertwining, clasping his palms together on the hard surface. His phone buzzed repeatedly against the desk, and he sighed, hooking his finger onto the object and flinging it closer to him.

“What, is our big bad gang leader going all soft and gooey for me, hm?” You teased him, wanting to see how long you could keep this up, a smirk tugging at the corners of your lips with the knowledge that only you could make him this soft.

Yoongi wasn’t the soft type. His own gang members held a certain fearful respect for him, their heads ducking in a nervous nod under his piercing, cold gaze whenever he strode past any of them, his pistol always swinging around his finger threateningly. They had all witnessed his incredibly short temper, how he would easily flip the trigger on anyone who insisted on pushing his buttons too far. His wrath was particularly evident when a rival gang made a puny, futile attempt to threaten him, or back out on a deal, it was safe to say they’d be seeing nothing but darkness from that moment onwards, their bodies lay limp and decorated with wounds. His work was known clearly from his signature mark, three shots; a shot in the head, in the mouth, and straight in the heart, the chilling preciseness of the wounds instilling fear in anyone who saw the cold, emotionless, steel look clouding over his eyes, as he’d cock his head to the side with a small smirk, observing his work.

For someone who seemed so emotionless and sociopathic, his stone heart held a lot of love for you, no matter how much he tried to hide it in front of others. You were strong, skilled, a valuable asset to the gang as well as his beloved, the one person who could soften his stone hard heart, who could melt away the cold glint in his eyes, replacing it with a warmth barely seen by anyone. He couldn’t help but let his mouth curl up onto a smile every time he watched you walk past confidently, hair bouncing effortlessly, your eyes always sparkling with an inquisitive, curious look. You could be just as ruthless as him when needed, the sparkle in your eyes glazing over and becoming steely, much like Yoongi. There was a reason why no-one had attempted to use you as a threat towards him; not only would you have found a way to murder them where they stood, Yoongi’s full wrath would truly be enticed out of him, leaving no-one standing, their bodies hanging as an example for anyone who tried such a stunt again.

That day, you left Yoongi reclined in his office to make some phone calls, waving at Jungkook and Jimin as you walked past, two of Yoongi’s most skilled hitmen. You confidently strode through the halls, spinning your favourite dagger in your hands, and eventually slipping out through the front doors of the huge manor house, making your way towards the safe house in the back. Peering around the place, you suddenly felt a prickling feeling on the nape of your neck. Something wasn’t right. You stopped in your tracks, cocking your head to the side as you analysed your surroundings, your posture defensive, dagger gripped tightly in your hand.

“If there’s someone there, you might as well come out now, does it look like I have all fucking day to play with you? Whoever ‘you’ is?” You spoke out, tapping your foot impatiently as you continued to observe your surroundings, listening intently for any noise.

“Well, I guess you caught me out, huh?” Jackson, a member of a growing rival gang, stepped out from behind you, chuckling darkly with a raspy tone. “I always knew I could never sneak up on you, too quick for me.” He tapped his nose with a wry smile, his eyes inquisitive as he looked you up and down, tutting at the glare in your eyes. He spun guns in both hands, tilting his head at you in a deceiving puppy-like way.

“What the fuck do you want? Get it over and done with, you piece of shit,” you spat at him, clearly aggravated by this trespass onto Yoongi’s premises. “It’s either, you get out now, or this knife is going straight in your heart, you’re testing my patience right now.”

Jackson simply chuckled at your words, one eyebrow raising in a perfect arch. “Too bad, wouldn’t want to hurt Yoongi’s girl, hm?”

You were so preoccupied with glaring Jackson down, you didn’t notice Jaebum soundlessly and stealthily approaching behind you, until you felt a strong hand clamping over your mouth, his other arm wrapping around your waist in an attempt to restrain you. You felt a fire quickly burning up in your chest, and you skillfully spun the dagger in your hand, stabbing back into Jaebum’s side, causing him to double over and release his grasp on you. You threw the dagger like a dart right at Jackson, aiming for his heart without second thought, but he was quick to dart out of the way, just about, his gaze now furious as he clenched his sharp jaw.

You were about to sprint back to the manor house, if another of their members hadn’t pressed a cloth to your mouth, the dizzying scent leaving your eyes fluttering shut, your body weakening and dropping like a stone onto the hard ground, your limbs crumpling uselessly as you lay in an awkward position, passed out.

Jackson gestured towards your unconscious body, the other men quick to scoop you up, carrying you away from the scene before someone caught on what was happening.

“Little shit,” Jaebum cursed, pressing his hand to the wound, and wincing at the murky, sticky red liquid dripping from his fingers. “She knows how to use that knife, why is it always me who has to restrain them, while you just stand there having the fucking time of your life watching?” He glared at Jackson, quick to follow the other men sneaking off.

“Stop complaining, just get Youngjae to patch you up when we get back.” Jackson rolled his eyes in retaliation, strolling off in the same direction, but not before peering back at the manor house with a devilish smirk tugging at his lips. “Let’s just see how long it takes lover boy over here to realise we have his girl.”

➳ ➳


Yoongi’s hands shook violently, his eyes obsidian with how much they had darkened, flames seemingly flickering and licking up in his gaze, his stare piercing right into Namjoon’s soul as he stood there, shifting from side to side.

Namjoon sighed, pushing his plum coloured hair back with his slender fingers, his own gaze finally returning to rest back on Yoongi’s smouldering gaze, watching him clench and unclench his jaw in complete fury.

“Say that again… I dare you,” Yoongi threatened, his voice laced with a terrifying tone that was only ever heard in moments like this, when those he loved were threatened. When you were threatened. He swore he was going to kill those sons of -

“I said, Y/N is missing, she’s nowhere to be found, not answering any calls or texts, and we found this in front of the safe house…” Namjoon slid the small white card across the table, Yoongi slowly picking it up and spinning it in his hands, crushing it in his fist in realisation.

It was a simple white card, a single black hexagon in the centre, circling the number ‘7’. Yoongi’s fist shook harder, as he grasped the crumpled card in his hands, wishing death on all those who had just crossed him.

“Those fucking… they’re going to fucking pay, believe me,” Yoongi spoke coldly again, his gaze fixated on the desk, cogs whirring in his head as he contemplated how to get you back safely, into his arms, into the manor house where he’d make sure no-one could ever dare to hurt you again.

“Taehyung managed to track the bug he planted in her vest, he thinks he has her location… of course, it’s not going to be easy to get her back, they probably have the place highly secured, security guards watching any possible entrance to the place…” Namjoon assessed all the possible layouts of your whereabouts, only to be interrupted out of his thoughts by the sound of a fist slamming into the table.

“Whatever it takes,” Yoongi breathed heavily in anger, furrowing his eyebrows in frustration, slowly rising from his seat. “We save her, and teach those motherfuckers a lesson, got it?”

Namjoon simply nodded, pulling out his phone. “I’ll inform the others, gather a team, we won’t let them get away with it.” He smiled warmly in reassurance, dimples indented into his face as he left the room, leaving Yoongi tossing a book at the wall with a frustrated sigh.

➳ ➳

“You fucking shitheads.”

You breathed heavily, your chest quickly rising and falling as you sat restrained in a rusty chair, the room dark apart from a dim light in the centre, shadows seemingly crawling across the walls as several pairs of eyes fixated on you. You hadn’t stopped cursing them out since they - with great difficulty - tied you to that chair, your eyes shooting daggers at them since then.

“Hyung, she’s so annoying, can we just let her go?” Bambam complained, earning a hit on the back of the head from Jaebum, much to his protests.

“Are you stupid? She’s our key to finally overtaking Yoongi’s gang, and taking all their shit,” Jackson leaned forward, a rather cheerful smile on his face considering the fact he was holding you hostage.

“You really think that’s going to happen?” You leaned forward in your seat, scoffing at the thought. Your mind had been racing with plans to get out of there, weighing your chances of escaping, and analysing the situation as you had been trained to do. While you kept them distracted with small talk, your hand was reaching as best as it could to pull out the spare dagger you always carried in your back pocket, smirking at their carelessness. Your hands were tied behind your back, allowing your body to shield what you were attempting to do, your hand finally clasping onto the cold blade. You began to hack at the duct tape keeping your hands together, the rest of your body remaining convincingly still, as you continued to talk at them.

“You think you can take over Yoongi’s gang that easily? You lot really are clueless as hell, huh?” You shook your head at them, your hands now free and working at the rope tied around you. You would’ve managed to free yourself, had the door not burst open, Yoongi standing there, leaning on the frame, one eyebrow cocked in curiosity. He was accompanied by his main men, along with some others, and you peered behind him at the carnage of bodies scattered in the hallway.

“So,” Yoongi nonchalantly swung his gun around his finger, his eyebrow still raised at their surprised faces. “You thought you could just kidnap my girlfriend and think I wouldn’t find her? Fucking idiots.” He yawned casually, stretching his arms out and pointing his gun right at Jackson. “Okay, I’m bored with you all.”

The first shot rang through the air, grazing Jackson’s arm as he dodged out of the way, and chaos soon ensued as Yoongi’s men and Jackson’s men began to shoot violently at each other, knives flying through the air, and bullets speeding. You managed to free yourself in all the mess, jumping up and kicking Jackson right in the crotch with your boots, causing him to collapse in pain.

Shots continued to fire through the air, Jaebum pressing his hand to a wound for the second time that day, except this time it was located right above his heart, his eyes rolling back into his head as his body collapsed, lying limp on the floor. Jackson cursed at the sight, clutching his own wounded arm as he tried to fire everyone down, and yet he stood almost alone, all his members either dead or too injured to fight.

“Give it up,” Yoongi pointed the gun at his head once again, tilting his head and cocking his eyebrow at him. “You won’t last a fucking day without the rest of your gang.” You helped up some of your own injured members during the exchange, helping to usher them out and glancing back at Yoongi.

Jackson glared at him, coughing up blood and groaning in pain as he clutched his arm, stumbling from the pain. He glanced around at the carnage around him, sighing as he realised he’d have to admit defeat.

“Let this be a warning to you, you fucking touch any of my gang again, and I’ll make sure you’re not standing either.” And with that, Yoongi walked out with you in tow, ducking expectantly as Jackson attempted to fire at his head, Yoongi spinning around and shooting his other arm too.

“You never learn, huh?”

Trailer Breakdown

I rewatched the trailer again (okay, many times) and was able to piece a few things together based on clothing. I’ll be attempting to give a general timeline of sorts, which I’ll break up by “groups” for lack of a better term, but certain events within those groups may happen in a different order than presented since I don’t have enough information to figure everything out. Yes, I actually took the time to do this because somehow this goddamn show has given me straight up anxiety. 

Group One 

First, we have what seems like Dennis introducing the gang to his son. Note that Dennis is wearing a white crossed shirt, Mac the Salty Dog tee, Charlie a grey hoodie over a brown shirt, Frank a blue top, and I’m not too sure with Dee but it looks like a dark green or maybe black shirt. The baby momma is wearing a floral top and the baby a green and grey striped shirt. 

Now, I’m not sure if this would be the opening scene or not, but Dennis would have to introduce his new “family” before many of the other events seen in the trailer(s) could occur. It’s also possible the second screenshot is Dennis delivering the news that he has a kid, and the first occurs afterward when the baby momma and son arrive. Based on outfits, these are the following things that must happen within that same day:

More under the cut (this is long as hell, FYI):

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anonymous asked:

(1/2) i love lance more than anything but i'm also in love with the percy jackson series and recently i was thinking; unclaimed!lance, stuffed into the hermes cabin, and all alone even with everyone around him. because his friends are out there, having a jolly good time being claimed (Hunk is Hephaestus, Pidge is Demeter, Keith is Ares, Shiro is Ares.) and he's stuffed with Hermes. And he's so sad over it, yknow? because he doesnt know what he is, who he is, and he feels so left out

(2/2) because he sticks out like a sore thumb in the hermes cabin, he’s not all cunning and thieving like they naturally are (hermes is the god of thieves) and it kind of just kills him bc he’s always had a big & close family and all of a sudden he was torn away from them and hauled into this camp and then he finds out he doesnt even know whose kid he is?! (i like to imagine him being claimed as a son of poseidon and finally, finally feeling at peace bc he knows who he is now)

I am weak for Percy Jackson, how did you know Okay so, lets say this is in canon verse for the Percy Jackson series- they had the war and they won and shit- and imagine, Lance, who doesn’t know who he is, who is kinda good at sword fighting but much better at long range archery, who gets a long very well with Will Solace and the Apollo cabin, move into a cabin that is almost always empty. 

Yeah, he’s excited to be Percy Jackson’s sibling and all, but holy fuck, is it lonely in the cabin. Percy is at collage now, and Tyson is in Rome with Ella, and the cabin is so lonely and silent and it honestly bothers him. That is until Percy and Tyson find out they have a younger sibling. (In canon, Percy is like 18-19, and in this AU pretty boy, Lance, is like 16, and Tyson is a cyclops their age scales work differently.) And they’re like rushing to camp to meet them. All of the seven do. And of course he hung out with Nico, cause you know, friends with Will Solace, so hes already cool with him, but now he’s friends with all the demigods that are like… cool as shit and strong as shit. And he hangs out with Jason Grace- little known fact about Lance, he has a crush on one Jason Grace, much to Keith’s annoyance. 

So he starts hanging out with the seven plus everyone else, and his friends are like, “What” because now Lance is really cool, and being recognized for being really cool, and he has all these new friends, and Hunk doesn’t want to be replaced. Cue a big emotional scene were they talk it out and Hunk is introduced to everyone and Leo is like, “Oh yeah that’s my brother, hes a nerd.” And Pidge takes a little longer too come around to Lance but when she does. Oh boy. Pidge hugs and cuddles Lance to death and won’t let him go because she doesn’t want Lance to forget her like her family had too in the awe of his new friends. Next is actually Shiro, and his is a little less emotional, and they just talk it out about how he wants too be Lance’s friend, always. So… Keith.

Keith, golden boy of the ares cabin, can not deal with the thought of Lance abandoning him for his new friends especially Jason mother fucking Grace. And all of his siblings are like, oh just confess to him you wimp, except Clarisse because she gets hot hard it is to love someone who is in love with another person Selina  so she doesn’t tell him anything, instead, she tells him he should talk too Nico about it- Because lets face it, Nico is great and probably waited around doing that mutual pinning thing for will for like two weeks until they got together (This disregards canon because canon is dumb when it comes to how they got together) and he knows. So Keith goes to Nico, they talk, and Keith tries to confess to Lance. Except he accidentally challenges Jason too a duel instead. And holy chicken fry, Lance ain’t prepared. Like to see his major crush, challenge his minor crush, and have his minor crush accept? (Piper’s laughing her ass off and taking bets.) He is shook. Especially when Keith tells him in the Poseidon cabin that hes fighting for Lance.  So the day of the fight he walks over to Lance and tells him to keep his eyes on him, and Lance does. Keith wins- to everyone’s surprise and since no one won in the betting pool Piper keeps all the winnings and he just, kisses Lance. And Lance kisses back. So now Lance has family, friends, and a boyfriend- BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE

Because Sally is the best mom ever to exist, she invites Lance over, and just smothers him in affection, because his own mom is in Cuba. He cries, she makes cookies, Paul is happy to have another person that they consider a son, and Sally is going to give birth soon, its going to be great. 

Arie’s Author’s Corner Week 1/?

I’m going to try to get back to Fic Recs. I do love reading fanfiction and I reblog as often as I can. 

I will LARGELY recommend Jensen and Dean Fics/Series/One Shots/Drabbles/Blurbs However there will be the occasional Jared and Sam. 

With that being said, here are a list of fics that I have recently fallen in love with. 

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Midnight Masquerade - Part 9

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Genre: Vampire!AU | Fluff | Angst

Synopsis: Your best friend drags you into attending a masquerade ball with her, only to abandon you in the middle of the strange dance. Standing alone in the midst of a flurry of people, the events that play out here change the course of your life; only to leave you wondering; who is under the mask?

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi (Ft. the other boys of BTS cx)

Word count: 2293

Warnings: Brief mentions of kidnapping

Series: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 | Pt 7 | Pt 8 | Pt 9 Pt 10

(A/N: So, I finally finished it! Ah, I’m quite happy with this part, I took the advice someone gave me and tried to quicken the pace of the story, so there’s more drama in this part ^_^ Feedback is always always appreciated!)

You stood in front of your small house, having finally returned home from uni, your mind frantic with thoughts and unanswered questions. Unanswered questions that you were hoping to get answers to. You exhaled, pulling out your keys and unlocking the door, stepping in cautiously, looking down the empty hallway. The house was eerily quiet, and you were immediately set on high alert; your home was never this silent, you were always greeted by the sound of the television murmuring in the background, or your mother greeting you from some room in the house. If not that, you were at least greeted by your cat, Yuna, pattering towards you as soon as you opened the door.

And yet, there was nothing. A chill spread through your spine, as you carefully set your bag down on the floor, your eyes narrowing as your senses heightened, and your blood ran cold. You could hear everything, and every little sound set you off; the whirring of the boiler, the low humming of the fridge, even the sound of your own breathing. You had been so ready to sit your mother down, ask her all the questions that had been driving you crazy the whole journey home. She might have tried to evade your question, the guilty glint in her eyes as her eyes darted around, looking anywhere but you. But you would have eventually got it out of her, you thought. You would’ve finally got some answers. But she wasn’t here. And something told you she hadn’t simply popped out to the shop.

You roamed into the living room - still half expecting to see your mother sitting on the couch, smile on her face as she saw you standing there -  and yet the room was empty, her usual spot cold and bare. Glancing around the place, you noticed there was no sign of struggle, everything was in its normal position. It was at that moment you spotted the note stuck on the table, the handwriting slightly rushed and hard to make out. Squinting, you just about managed to read it, it was an address jotted down in someone else’s handwriting, and that was it. No explanation. No clue of what had happened.  Nothing. You felt anger quickly boiling up, and unknowingly your eyes began to pool with murky red, your pupils narrowing, your hands balling up into fists.

Something was very, very wrong. And it had angered you to new heights. You ripped the note off the table, shoving it into your pocket, before grabbing your bag and sprinting out the door. You were going to find your mother, and whoever did this was not going to be let off easily, not on your watch.


Yoongi returned home, his backpack slung over his shoulder as he waited for someone to let him in. He stood by the door, earphones in as always, shut off from the world around him, and he sighed, tapping his foot impatiently.

The door finally swung open, and the maid stood meekly in the doorway, bowing politely. Yoongi simply nodded, pulling out his earphones and wandering in, and yet his mind was not nearly as calm. The scene from earlier that day played over and over again in his head, as he tried to decipher what had happened. Who were you exactly? And how did he know you? And what on earth was Nurse Sumi talking about? He had mentally noted to find his father as soon as he returned home; he had to find out what had happened. He doubted his mother knew anything, somehow he knew his father was behind a lot of this.

He walked through the large hall, recalling how it had once been swarming with elegantly dressed people, eager to impress one another, eager to feast. And yet he had spent the majority of the night in his room, expecting to remain there without interruption - just another night. And yet you had come along. You with your enticing scent, your strange manner, your confusion. Half-breed. That was what Nurse Sumi had said. He had heard of the concept of half-breeds before - they were rare and hard to conceive. But possible. Once born, the child would tend to be more towards one side than the other; either more human or more vampire. That was all he knew of the matter though; he had never known someone of the type before. Or, so he once thought.

He stopped by his father’s study, pushing the door open before knocking, as was his father’s required etiquette. But Yoongi didn’t care about etiquette at this moment in time. He cared about answers. Answers he knew his father would have. Answers that his father would have to give him, whether he liked it or not.

His father sat at his large desk, his face stoic as ever as he murmured some words down the phone. On sight of Yoongi standing there nonchalantly, leaning on the doorway, he frowned, ending the call and looking up at his son expectantly.

“Why are you here? You know not to enter without knocking.” He asked, his voice booming and authoritative, his eyebrows raised in question.

“Nurse Sumi told me.” Yoongi simply said, watching his father’s face carefully for any change in expression. There seemed to be a very brief sign of surprise evident in his father’s face, before becoming expressionless once again.

“So I heard. Your point being?” He responded, seemingly growing bored by the situation, as he flicked through the large pile of paperwork sitting on his desk, scribbling down something on paper. “I’m clearly busy right now, it is not the time to be disturbing me.”

Yoongi sighed, glaring back at his father, quickly becoming annoyed at his dismissive manner. “The point is, I want an explanation. What did she mean by I was betrothed to this girl? This girl that I barely know? Unless I knew her at one point? I need answers.”

His father looked up at Yoongi, this time his attention was fully focused on his son, and he gestured to the seat in front of the desk.

“Sit,” he ordered, setting his paperwork to the side and crossing his arms on the desk.

Yoongi followed, cautiously taking a seat, his gaze focusing back on his father, as he waited to finally gain some answers for the questions that had been buzzing through his mind ever since that fateful night.

“When you were a child, you had a… childhood friend, should we say. She was the daughter of an influential vampire around these parts, a close friend of mine. But her mother was human. It worked out for a while - her family living next door to us, and her father and I made an agreement. We decided to get the two of you betrothed, destined to be married someday.”

Yoongi could do nothing but stare at his father, attempting to absorb this information. He leaned forward in his seat, eager to hear the remainder of the story. And yet, he could hear the faint sound of what seemed like struggling, muffled screaming, coming from another room. He opted to ignore it, assuming his mind was playing tricks on him.

“And everything was going as planned, the two of you were as close as ever… until her mother ruined things.” Yoongi’s father continued, sighing as he recalled. “She… didn’t agree with it, and so she took the girl - who we think is (Y/N) - away, and somehow erased her memories of her childhood. And so, all these years I’ve been trying to find her again, trying to fulfil your destinies, trying to let fate take its path. Nurse Sumi told me everything you told her, and that you… bit the girl, am I correct?”

Yoongi nodded, looking away awkwardly as he thought back to that night. “But, what does that have to do with anything? How is that going to affect her?”

His father rubbed his head in slight frustration, before saying, “That bite may have not only caused the vampire side of her to emerge, but also reestablished the… connection between the two of you. Have you noticed yourself feeling… strange or attached to her?” He inquired, still staring at Yoongi expectantly.

“Well… yeah. It’s weird, it’s like I feel protective of her? It pains me when she’s in pain, and I feel this weird feeling when I’m too far away from her.” Yoongi carefully responded, pushing his fringe out of his eyes once again, before studying his father’s expression, his expression which seemed to say this was bound to happen. “Why did you keep this from me? After all these years, you decide to tell me this now? After this happened?” He bombarded his father with questions, his gaze becoming fiercer by the second.

“It’s just as I thought. It seems that fate has returned to its original path…” His father murmured, slowly becoming absorbed in his own thoughts, leaving Yoongi throwing his arms up in exasperation, leaning back in his seat, attempting to stop the frustration bubbling up in his chest. He had gained some answers, and yet he was left with more questions, only serving to frustrate him even further.

As he sat there, slumped in his chair, he heard the sound again. Scratching, banging, muffled screaming. His senses immediately perked up, his body becoming more hostile. His eyes scanned the room cautiously, a familiar scent filling his nose.

“… is there a human in here?” Yoongi glared at him, slowly standing up, his hands slamming down onto the table. He thought back to his words, her mother was human. Fate has returned to its original path. “What the hell did you do?” His voice grew louder by the second, his irises quickly becoming crimson, his pupils narrowing.

His father stood up in anger, glaring down at his son with an equally hostile expression, his eyes also shining a brilliant red colour, his posture authoritative. “Don’t talk to me like that. This is none of your business.” His voice boomed through the large room, the pitch dropping down an octave, a growl coming through in his voice.

At that exact moment, the door burst open, to reveal you standing there, a fire in your eyes that no-one had never been seen before. Your eyes were blazing a fierce golden colour, your pupils slitted, fangs protruding from your gums as you glared at the two men standing there, your fists balled up so tight that your knuckles were turning white. Yoongi and his father stopped arguing, instead staring back at you, surprise and shock evident on both their faces, along with an element of fear. Fear at what you had become. Yoongi squinted at you, trying to decipher the situation. Golden? He had never seen a vampire with golden eyes before, but then again he had supposedly never seen a half-breed before. The whole situation was new territory for him, and it left his mind in a blur.

“I’m going to ask this once, and you had better answer. Where. Is. My. Mother?” You gritted your teeth, your voice coming out in a low growl, as you were blinded by frustration and anger, your mind set on finding your mother, and bringing her back home where she would be safe. Your mother was all you had when it came to family, and while you bickered and argued with her at times, you would never let anyone hurt your mother in any way. You weren’t going to let anyone hurt your mother. And if they had even grazed her… they weren’t going to leave unscathed.

“So you came. Just as I was expecting,” Yoongi’s father said smugly, the chair spinning as he stood up, gesturing to a door leading off the side of the room. “Follow me.”

Yoongi couldn’t find the words to speak; he could merely stare from his father to you, and back again. What had he done? What had happened to you? He felt strangely frustrated on your behalf - he felt your anger, he felt your pain. He didn’t like seeing you so furious, he wanted nothing but to hold you, to calm you down. He watched you narrow your eyes at his father, reluctantly following him through the side door, your posture remaining constantly hostile, your eyes not once faltering or returning to their original colour. He had no choice but to follow you in, and he grimaced at the sight he was met with.

Your mother was tied tightly to a chair, a cloth wrapped around her mouth to the back of her head, stopping her from crying out or screaming. A man was standing beside her, a hint of shame in his expression. Yoongi felt as if he recognised the man from somewhere, maybe he was associated with his father in some way. He didn’t seem like one of his father’s workers, this man seemed much higher up, possibly almost at the level of his father himself. Yoongi noticed how your mother’s eyes widened at the sight of both you and his father entering the room, and she began to struggle again, the chair rocking back and forth from the impact.

You stood there, shaking with pure anger at the sight, your eyes only becoming even brighter by the second, if that was even possible. You were about to demand your mother be let free, you would have even grabbed Yoongi’s father by the throat, but you spotted the man standing by her. A sense of recognition spread through you - you knew this man. The man stared back at you, his expression equally confused and curious all at once… when it hit you.

“Dad?” You exclaimed, at the same time the man asked, “(Y/N)?”

Hey guys! I just wanted to put a disclaimer out here on this story, it is very angsty and deals with mature subject matter, it could possibly be a trigger warning. Thankyou so much!

It all started simple enough, it wasn’t supposed to end up like this. Hanging out with the gang, that was it. But then there was Betty Cooper

Kind, selfless, beautiful Betty Cooper who would rather die than see any living thing being tormented in any way. He should’ve noticed it, seen it in her eyes, the way her shoulders drew up and her breathing quickened. She was ready for a fight. And a fight she was going to get.

They had been eating, that’s all, just minding their own business, going over school work and laughing with their friends when all of a sudden the crash of a plate hitting the ground echoed through the barely full diner. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to Dilton Doiley now sitting on the ground covered in his own food, bleeding from his arm. He wasn’t alone. Surrounding him were the biggest high schoolers Jughead had ever seen, tattooed and muscled their faces so mean and rough, it was scary to even look. And then they kicked the poor boy laying on the ground.

They kicked Dilton so hard, he coughed himself into throwing up. Betty was up in a second flat, he never even had the chance to touch her, grab her arm. Keep her stuck in that seat. He would’ve done anything to keep her there.

“Stop! What’s wrong with you?! What are you doing?!” She shouted hysterically, moving to help Dilton but was quickly stopped by one of the bunch.

“Back off bitch, this isn’t your fight.” It was a group of six all equally staring Betty down with such venom Jughead thought me might throw up alongside Dilton. He saw her hands go up to her ponytail, tightening it.

Oh shit.

“It’s my fight now, this is my town, my diner, my friends.” She stood tall , not a shake to her body. Suddenly without any warning she was slapped across the face, completely knocking her to the ground. “I said mind your own business bitch.” The tallest one spoke spitting on the ground near Betty’s face.

He had hopped over the booth in a second flat, Archie and Kevin following close behind

As soon as he reached for the monster who had slapped Betty he was being pulled down by another two of the gang. Pinning him to the ground and using the heel of his boot, the one to his left kicked him hard in the cheek, splitting his lip. He vaguely heard the screams of Veronica and Cheryl and saw Archie and Kevin being held back.

“This your girlfriend?” The tallest one said shoving Betty’s face into the ground by jugheads head keeping his foot on her head, he couldn’t help but think that this asshole was getting dirt in her hair. He tried to catch her eyes, tried to tell her it was gonna be okay, he was here, they were gonna get out of this but he couldn’t find her eyes, he could only make out the light pink cardigan, they weren’t letting him move, suddenly he heard her yelp and the sound of skin hitting skin caused him to push up in the force holding him back. He caught a glimpse of the scene.

The man had Betty’s shirt almost all the way over her head and had punched her directly in her side. “You’ve gotta learn” he was saying, “you can come with us, pretty young thing like you, we’ve got space in our trailer, we could make good use of you.” The rest of the group laughed and jughead growled

“Oh your boyfriend looks jealous, why don’t we let him see a little more, hell who knows it might be the last time he gets to see this tight little body.” The man was trying to unbutton her jeans but she was wiggling too much. He gripped her face so tight, Jughead was sure he was gonna leave bruises “stop fucking around”

She looked the man dead in the eye and spit right in his face “fuck you.” He couldn’t help the swell of pride in his chest, she wasn’t going down without a fight. The mans face contorted into something Jughead had never seen before, he was so angry he was physically red

“You dumb..” his hands were around her neck squeezing and jughead thrashed, pushing against the men holding, “Betty! Get the hell off of her!” He was crying now he could see her choking.

It was all over before it began, the sound of police cars blared through the windows and he was released, watching Betty slip to the ground he breathed a sigh of relief, the gang tried to run but as soon as they made it to the door, pops was there, rifle in his hands and cellphone held up. The cops rammed through the door taking down each and everyone of the monsters. He looked up to see a flash of black and red fly past him.

“Betty! Somebody help! Please” Veronica was crying, thick streaks of black mascara running down her face and Cheryl was on her cellphone with who he presumed was a lawyer based on her declaration of “you’ll be representing Betty Cooper and I want you hereNOW!”

He looked up and saw Archie, holding his arm and helping a shaking Kevin up.

Suddenly snapping out of his daze he got up running to where Betty was laying. Shoving both Cheryl and Veronica out of the way he dropped to his knees. Betty’s eyes were open, tears streaming out, her eye completely swollen and the harsh red fingerprints sticking out on her smooth skin, she had her fingers on her throat,

“I can’t Breathe” she choked out her voice raspy and weak.

Jughead was crying now, she should never look this, ever. but here she was , broken and hurt. And he couldn’t stop it, he didn’t do anything to help her, he couldn’t.

She was reaching for him

“My side juggie, its…I can’t..” his hands instantly went to the lift her t shirt, her ribs were bruised beyond belief and that brought on a fresh round of tears. Suddenly she was being ushered away by a group of emts a man gently lifting her onto a stretcher. Veronica looked at Jughead, “I’m gonna go to the hospital with her okay, you stay here and answer the questions they have, but if I don’t see you by Betty’s side in an hour, I’ll lose it.”

Archie gripped his shoulder
“This was not your fault man, they were going to kill Dilton, Betty did what she does best, help people. you couldn’t have stopped it. You know that”

Shaking his head he went over to the officer to describe the attack, apparently these men have been on a rampage, they had put six students in critical care, ones still fighting for his life. They were going away for a long time.

And Betty did that.

She stuck up to those monsters and she got them put away. But how could he face her? He looked her in the eyes as they beat her. He couldn’t do anything, just watch. The voice of Kevin Keller broke him out of his thoughts.

“She needs you, I know you’re blaming yourself but Betty would kill you if she knew you were doing that, you jumped in, you put yourself at risk for her, she knows that, she’s probably feeling just as guilty as you are, so go to her. Now. before she overthinks herself into a coma.” Sheriff Keller came and quickly took his son away. He was a good dad.

Shit, Betty’s parents were away on a week long cruise for a journalism retreat. Betty literally was on her own.

Hopping into Archie’s car, he smiled weakly at his best friend, he was waiting for him, he knew he would come to his senses, turning the key Archie turned to Jughead , a huge smile on his face
“Alright jug, lets go get you your girl.”

He rolled his eyes. Alright then, let’s go get the girl.


Pulling into the hospital parking lot, Jughead ran out of the car, sliding into the waiting room, “Betty Cooper” he yelled to the general public
“I need to see Betty cooper.” Suddenly a nurse in light blue scrubs approached him “Betty Cooper is in recovery, from her chart I can see she’s fine , no internal bleeding. Just some fractured ribs and a whole lot of bruising. Unfortunately only family can see her right now, ms.lodge is the exception.”

Jughead shook his head
“No. no I have to see her, her family is all away, I’m what she has right now. I’m … I’m her boyfriend.”

The nurse looked at the panicked boy and felt herself smile, he clearly cared about the beautiful blonde. She could bend the rules just once.
“First door on your right.”

He started to run before turning back quickly “Thankyou, Thankyou so much”

Standing outside the door, he took a deep breathe, okay he was ready. Slamming open the door he felt like all the wind had been knocked out of him.
She looked so small in the huge white hospital bed, tubes sticking out of her arms, the purple Bruises marring her perfect face. He wanted to cry, but he wouldn’t she needed him to be strong.

“Well I’m going to get pudding, vanilla or chocolate b?” Veronica said gathering her wallet.

Betty’s eyes never left jugheads “chocolate” she smiled, she knew that was his favorite.

Eyeing Jughead with cautious eyes, Veronica walked out the door. As soon as the handles clicked shut he was by her side

“I’m sorry” they both said at the same time.

It was almost comical how similar their faces were in that moment.

“For what” they both said again almost synchronized.

Jughead finally took her hand cautious of the tubes “I let them do this to you, I couldn’t get away I tried so hard, I watched everything they did, everything they tried to do. I couldn’t even protect you.” She shook her head quickly,

“This is my fault I should have left it alone, I saw how they were acting, but.. they were gonna kill him. He’s so small, he couldn’t take much more” she choked out through watery eyes “and then you jumped in and they hit you. That’s my fault” her fingers went to touch his bloody lip. But he grabbed her hand pressing it into his chest, right over his heart.
“I would go through this a hundred times over to spare even one of those bruises on your face.”

She sniffled, smiling at him

“Were quite the pair aren’t we?”

He laughed softly, rubbing the soft skin of her cheek, careful of any bruises.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight now, I hope you know that.” Betty nodded
“I don’t wanna be anywhere but with you.” She whispered
“Good, because I’m not going anywhere.” He dropped his forehead to hers and closed his eyes.


As one can assume based on my username I spend a lot of time thinking about Bellamy, who he is and what makes him who he is. My most recent round of thinking circled around to JRoth and his statements about Madi potentially causing issues between Bellamy and Clarke (because Clarke will do things for Madi that may not align with what’s best for their people), which made me think about what Bellamy’s relationships with children specifically over the course of the last four Seasons have said about his story arc, so let’s delve into this:

In Season 1, Bellamy’s connection to a child is Charlotte (who is 12). Through his relationship with her, we get our first real glimpse into who Bellamy actually is. Charlotte is only in two episodes (1x03 and 1x04) but her impact in Bellamy resonates across the Season.

Charlotte has a relationship with both Clarke and Bellamy and it’s one of the ways the show gives us a visualization of the differences between Bellamy and Clarke. We’re first introduced to Charlotte when she has a nightmare and Clarke attempts to comfort her:

Clarke: “Hey, wake up. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s just a dream. You’re Charlotte, right? I’m Clarke. It’s okay to be scared. Do you want to talk about it?”

Charlotte: “It's… my parents. They were floated and they… and I see it in my dreams and I just…”

Clarke: “I understand. My dad was floated, too. So, how did you end up here?”

Charlotte: “Well… we were taking my parents’ things to the redistribution center and… I kind of lost it. They said I assaulted a guard.”

Clarke: “I can’t say I blame you. See that bright star up there? That’s The Ark orbiting above us. I think whatever happened up there, you know, the pain… maybe we can move past that now. Maybe being on the ground is our second chance.”

The next time we see Charlotte she’s followed Bellamy and the hunting party because she can’t deal with the sound of Jasper’s pain, unfortunately before they can make it back to camp the acid fog rolls in and we find Bellamy and Charlotte trapped in a cave.  Again, Charlotte is sleeping and has a nightmare, a parallel to her first interaction with Clarke, but they differ in how they handle the situation with Charlotte:

Charlotte: “No!”

Bellamy: “Charlotte, wake up. Charlotte: I’m sorry.”

Bellamy: “Does it happen often? What are you scared of? You know what? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you do about it.”

Charlotte: “But… I’m asleep.”

Bellamy: “Fears are fears. Slay your demons when you’re awake, they won’t be there to get you when you sleep.”

Charlotte: “Yeah, but… How?”

Bellamy: “You can’t afford to be weak. Down here, weakness is death, fear is death. Let me see that knife I gave you. Now, when you feel afraid, you hold tight to that knife and you say, ‘Screw you. I’m not afraid.‘”

Charlotte: Screw you. I’m not afraid. Screw you. I’m not afraid.”

Bellamy: “Slay your demons, kid. Then you’ll be able to sleep.”

We see the difference in Bellamy and Clarke’s handling of the situation from the get go, while Clarke tries to get Charlotte to embrace the fear and learn from it, Bellamy encourages her to run from that fear, to pretend that she’s not afraid, to slay her demons. And we know she does this with disastrous effect when she kills Wells.

Bellamy is shaken by Charlotte’s actions, because they were influenced by his words, but “Weakness is death, fear is death” is still a statement that Bellamy embraces for the rest of the Season, in fact the only reason we actually see him admit to being afraid is when he thinks he’s dying (in a moment of weakness).

They deleted a scene where Bellamy gives a rousing speech to the Delinquents, but here’s what he says:

“Everybody, listen up. I know you’re afraid, but how you choose to handle that fear is up to you. You can let it break you down or you can use it to make you stronger. Are we just a bunch of kids from the Ark who weren’t strong enough to survive? Because if we lose today, if we let the fear win, that is what they’ll say about us. But I say screw fear: I’m telling my own damn story!”

Bellamy’s rejection of fear is the first sign that he’s anything other than the asshole that the show originally attempted to paint him as and also sets up his defining arc (”Screw fear.”) for Season 1.

Bellamy’s Season 2 kid is Lovejoy’s son and he’s introduced in Episode 2x11 (not as early as Charlotte) but he is a defining moment for Bellamy:

Lovejoy’s Son: “Mister… Are you on a ground unit? My dad is training for a ground unit.”

Bellamy: “It’s pretty cool up there. I hope he makes it. They’re just kids.”

Maya: “What did you expect you’d find here?”

And Maya’s question is an accurate assessment of Bellamy’s thought process until the moment he sees Lovejoy’s kid. He really did believe that the Mountain was full of monsters (and why shouldn’t he have?). Seeing Lovejoy’s kid forces him to reconsider the plan of attack and that’s when he almost begs Clarke for another:

“She helped me escape. If not for her, I’d be dead. And, Clarke, there are kids in here. We need a plan that doesn’t kill everyone. Please tell me we have one.”

Because Bellamy can handle killing monsters. That’s just slaying your demons, but kids? That’s a violation of everything he believes and it’s being forced to help make the decision that ultimately kills 26 children (along with the men and women) that is responsible for contributing to Bellamy breaking after his actions in the Mountain. 

Because for the first time slaying demons meant killing innocents as well. 

His Season 3 Kid? Adria, the girl who Luna loves. 

Again, this child is introduced late into the Season and they don’t actually interact much, but it is the first time that Bellamy actually sees with his own eyes the carnage that the Chipped!individuals can wreak on unsuspecting towns and its then that he fully realizes that the Chipped! aren’t enemies in the traditional sense. 

His interactions with Adria (and the others on Niylah’s rig) help lay the groundwork for Bellamy’s refusal to invade other Grounder villages the very next episode and, later, his insistence that the Chipped! are not killed only temporarily incapacitated until Clarke could shut down the CoL. 

Because this time, they are going to find a plan that saves everyone, unlike the ultimate resolution for Season 2. 

And last but not least, we have his Season 4 Kid: The Grounder Slave girl he saves in 4x02, When he saves her (and the other slaves), it’s a continuation of the journey he’s been on since Season 2 and Lovejoy’s kid:

Bellamy: “We didn’t get the machine.”

Clarke: “It didn’t survive landing?”

Bellamy: “No. It did, but I had a choice… bring the machine home or use it to save them.”

Raven: “Oh, we are so screwed.”

Bellamy: “We have time, but I am not sacrificing any more innocent lives.”

Clarke: “You just did.”

Bellamy: “I made the call, and I’ll live with that.”

Raven: “Yeah. You’re not the only one who has to live with your call, as usual.”

Bellamy: “Well, go tell them. Go tell Riley I should’ve left them to die.”

Bellamy has been forever changed by his actions over the course of the Seasons, but this is the first time we see him directly reference the loses he’s had to inflict in order to save his people. This is the beginning of Bellamy’s “We save who we can save today” arc. 

We see this arc come to final fruition when Bellamy has to make the decision to close the door on Clarke and blast off. The arc that we see begin for him in 4x02, saving those who can be saved, even if it ultimately means that others will die in that episode, is what preps him to be able to make the decision to close the door on Clarke in 4x13. 

It wasn’t just Clarke’s speech about using his head (although we do see him reference her with “It’s what she would have wanted”), it was the fact that he’d already made a decision just like this. Choosing to stay behind to wait for Clarke would have meant the death of the others on the rocket and while Bellamy might have been willing to make the sacrifice if it was just him (”I left her behind. I left her behind and we all die anyway”), he could not justify making the decision for everyone else, so he saved who he could save today. 

Basically….I wrote all of this out to say we should be paying close attention to Bellamy’s initial interactions with Madi (who will likely be one of the first children he meets) in Season 5, because they obviously plant lots of little seeds for Bellamy’s overarching Season journey in his relationships with children. 

It’s probably not a secret that I’m madly in love with Lucien. I’ve written and read plenty of meta about him to gather a general insight on what the ACOTAR fandom thinks of him. Often I find that people see him as a tragic character that’s going to either rise or fall to the occasion— and I can relate to that method of thinking. However, I’ve begun to notice that a lot of these comments about Lucien are, in fact, very misleading and are almost always full of double standards. For instance, these are a few of the classics:

  • “I want him to succeed but not until he repents.”
  • “Lucien should just leave Tamlin. He’s a High Lord’s son, right? He’s should be able to just walk out spewing fire everywhere.”
  • “He’ll ally with the Nigh Court after Feyre uses Elain as bait.”
  • “Lucien isn’t as damaged as Feyre, and she managed to escape.”

And on, and on…

It’s disgusting.

I’m going to try to keep this as calm and educational as possible (even though on the inside I’m typing in caps and being bitter) so let me address the first issue with the above statements: they’re all unrealistic, contain harmful representation of a person suffering abuse, and are brimming with double standards. Lucien doesn’t need to repent. I’m tired of seeing this as a scapegoat for readers to think that “after character does X they will be deemed good enough and receive Y at the ending.” Lucien doesn’t need to be forgiven for trying to survive. He’s a victim of immense abuse (*see horrific references below) and he’s only ever acted accordingly to what would keep him alive. I realize that the main scenario readers want Lucien to apologize for is the scene in ACOMAF where he tries to take Feyre back to the Spring Court. Let me break this down for you all.

While the event was definitely one portraying him as an antagonist, Lucien still believed that the Night Court was evil and manipulate— especially where the mind is concerned. Rhysand literally can place claws inside of a persons mind, and he once threatened Lucien to step aside or have the Autumn Court and his mother executed. (We all know it was for show, but did Lucien? Of course not.) So when this girl, who was deeply in love with his only friend, disappears and is found with a new, wicked attitude that matches Rhysand’s to an extent and Illyrian wings to boot…hell, if I were Lucien I’d probably think some mind control had come into play as well. This is where things get a bit tricky, however. Lucien does realize that Feyre looks healthier and seems to be better off in the Night Court, but he’s not certain if it’s real or a compulsion. Given that he has no way of knowing the truth, and that believing Rhysand had truly helped Feyre get better after Rhysand’s last encounter with Lucien had been full of threats, I’m lead to believe that Lucien was trying to help Feyre escape, even if it meant brining her back to Spring. We also have to consider that Lucien, although having shown signs of being wary of Tamlin’s behavior,  still loves Tamlin because he offered him a home when his own brothers chased him out of his court. So if Tamlin orders him to do something, Lucien will do it out of loyalty and fear. Loyalty, for what he thinks he owes Tamlin because he’s never known what it’s like to be free, and fear because he knows Tamlin will lash out violently if he doesn’t get his way.

The second and third points I’ve stated are probably the worst I’ve seen. Lucien is the seventh son of the High Lord of Autumn, so he more than likely has magic that can rival other High Fae and, possibly, even High Lords. However, we have to consider that Lucien never reveals his magic for a few reasons. He could not know how to control it because no one may have bothered to show him. He could be terrified or disgusted with it, because fire (and let’s assume it’s fire magic) can cause devastating destruction. Or he simply doesn’t have enough power to rival Tamlin’s, and he knows this so he doesn’t try because the one time he DID stand up for himself, when he announced that he would leave his family’s court, he was hunted down.

Much like using one person’s love for another is a prominent motif in this story, Elain could potentially be used as bait for Lucien to “behave” himself in the Spring Court because he probably knows Feyre is up to something. This is wrong and deceitful for so many reasons. If Lucien is to have a character arc that rivals the main character’s own development (which I firmly believe he will) then he needs to come about this revelation on his own terms, not because of someone else— not matter if they’re his mate. If Elain were to be used against him, that would only further his abuse. This would be manipulating and traumatizing a PTSD and abuse survivor. He’s already lost one person he loved, and to dangle his mate in front of him for his cooperation won’t make him realize he’s more than he believes himself to be— it will only continue to make Lucien think that he’s worth less than those around him. Also, Elain doesn’t deserve to be treated like a piece of meat, much less by her sister (so I doubt this will happen, but it agonizes me to continuously see this theory).

On the topic of which character faced more abuse than the other, it’s nonexistent. We should never compare two characters’s trauma for the sake of figuring out who deserves the most sympathy. That’s so incredibly offensive and WRONG.  This applies to all situations, books, and real life events, but for this rant I’m applying it to the concept that Feyre suffered more than Lucien and therefore calling Lucien an abused character like Feyre doesn’t mean anything. It’s important to note that I strongly disagree with this, and that I think their suffering is equal in that they’ve felt it both so strongly that it’s ruined parts of their lives they can never get back. No suffering can be measured, for everyone feels it differently. That being said, Feyre and Lucien DO contain many parallels together—mostly that Lucien is exactly in Feyre’s position, stuck between loving Tamlin and fearing him, but he doesn’t have a Rhysand to help him escape.


  • He was treated like dirt in his homeland. 
  • His lover was murdered right in front of him as he was held down by his family.
  • When he stood up for himself and told them he was going to leave Autumn, his brothers hunted him down and tried to murder him.
  • He’s never had real friends aside from Tamlin, so he doesn’t understand how a real friend should treat their friends. 
  • Tamlin helped kill one of his brothers, and Lucien feels indebted to him.
  • Lucien is known as the drunk, flirtatious courtier/spy that isn’t stable and cannot remain in a single court. This has definitely effected the way he thinks about himself and his self worth.
  • Amarantha used Lucien as a flogging board when Tamlin didn’t obey her.
  • Lucien’s eye was ripped out because he once again tried to stand up for himself on a task that wasn’t even his own.
  • No one has even tried to help him battle his PTSD, so it’s only festered
  • Ianthe pursued him and tried to rape him but he managed to escape her
  • Lucien has never had someone to talk to about these things.

Bottom line, treat Lucien better. He deserves so much more.

Sorry this took so long to actually get on here…I’d been typing…too much…hahaha…right so, HIGHLIGHTS! Just a reminder that what I saw was the first PREVIEW and I already know they’ve made some script changes, so until opening night on April 4th things will still be changing! Anyway here are my highlights (Re: Lauren trying not to just type out the entire musical.)

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Screwball Ninja’s Mini-Review: 6x16 Mother’s Little Helper

Oh, what a tangled web we weave/ When characterization takes its leave. Let’s dig in!

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You can tell she’s evil because she farts glitter– that stuff gets everywhere!

  1. Things That Had More Screentime Than Belle This Episode: Blackbeard’s wig. Her Handsome Hero. Rumple’s dagger. Jaime Murray’s cleavage. CGI spider butt. Perhaps we could scare up some more scenes for Belle in an episode about her son where the theme is MOTHERHOOD? Look, she’s already wearing pants in a plea for attention– somebody give her a scene with Gideon before she’s parading around in leggings and a ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sweatshirt.
  2. I’m here for Small Business Owner S&M Jaime Murray in a sparkly black tutu. What is this show? And it’s interesting that fairy dust can be used for evil (e.g., creating the Dark Curse) and needs to be a Category 1 Controlled Substance. No wonder the Blue Fairy smacked down Nova for loaning it willy-nilly in S1. I guess the price for fairy dust is slave labor (children, dwarves)? That’s dark, show. “Excuse me, Mr. Gold? Is this fairy dust conflict-free? Because I only use– *is snailed*
  3. Dark Swan is back, folks. Emma force-choked and beat an unarmed, unresisting man who was talking to her about his history of abuse because she was angry about losing her boyfriend for a day. “YOU TOOK HOOK FROM ME,” says Emma in her exact Dark Swan throaty tone. Force-choking is *never* shown as something good or justifiable– and it’s always shown as the sole provenance of villains. (They call it ‘Vader-ing’ in the script.) She’s law enforcement– you can’t beat up suspects because you’re upset! You can’t threaten to “force” people to do things! S1!Emma would have asked Gideon WHY he wanted to kill her before any fisticuffs, and she certainly wouldn’t have made him bleed while he was talking to her. This scene also makes it sound like Emma is more pissed off that Gideon cockblocked her than about his murder attempt. Priorities, woman! (Note: This was done on purpose to put our sympathies with Gideon– hence his line that Emma was “so far wrong” and that he wasn’t “the bad guy.” Gideon’s not all bad, Emma’s not all good: message received. But it’s fascinating to see Dark Swan pop up again without the excuse of The Darkness ™ .)
  4. Gideon says that the Black Fairy tortured him and he’s trying to protect “hundreds” of abused children in another realm. Emma’s response? Going to Rumple and … threatening to kill Gideon. “Your son has a death wish, one that I’m happy to provide.” What the everliving fuck? Rumple has to spell out that the Black Fairy is Bad News and may be a direct threat to Emma before she thinks to help Gideon. “Not my family? Not my problem!” is a legitimate philosophy … but not if you’re The Savior, and not if you’re the Sheriff. Emma even makes a deal (more Dark Swan-age) with Gideon to get Hook back BEFORE she helps with the Black Fairy business. I realize it makes sense to lift any magical barriers before embarking on a dangerous enterprise but it makes it look like she cares more about Hook than an entire realm full of abused kids. If this is “walls down” Emma someone *poof* her some bricks, mortar, and an enchanted trowel because I’m not here for this.
  5. Speaking of Hook, does OUAT have a writers room? You know, a room for the writers to talk to one another about what’s happening from episode to episode? Because this episode takes place one minute after last week’s episode, where Emma shed two tiny tears because that’s what she “needed to move on.” And now she’s beating up a child she helped deliver a week ago because she can’t be without Hook for literally a day? Which is it, show? 
  6. Hook is an adult who’s survived for hundreds of years and is in a realm he used to call home. He’s not hurt, he’s not cursed, he’s not threatened– he’s just on a bit of a vacation. You know, a break– what Emma wanted him to have until he got his head right about the whole lying business. So where’s the fire? Also, Blackbeard assumed Hook stole the jewels from a “wench”– is this something Hook did before? (Have fun with the inevitable JewelThief!Hook and FBI!Emma fic, CS fans!) P.S. BLACKBEARD SHOUTS TOO. MAYBE IT’S JUST A PIRATE THING? I AM HERE FOR THEIR HARD OF HEARING FRIENDSHIP!
  7. And normal Emma returns when the giant spider shows up! Yay! (Any scene that has Emma quipping about Charlotte’s Web while pretending to be in a life-and-death struggle with dollar store Haunted House webbing is a good one in my book.) Gideon apologizes for screwing with her instead of just asking for help. Yay! And then he double-crosses her because he thinks the ends justifies the means. Boo! But he’s heart-controlled! Gasp! Note that Gideon’s contractually obligated to do his premature gloating away from the scene of the crime, giving Emma time to escape with Rumple’s help. Villain rules, folks– if you disobey they take away your black cloak and make you wear pastels for a week. Also, props to the Black Fairy for not spilling her Secret Evil Plan to anyone yet. Next-level evil, for sure.
  8. “I’m sorry, but your son cannot be saved. He’s evil,” says Emma. Excuse me? One fairy coma, giant spider, and piratical banishment and he’s irredeemable? This is a show where mass-murderer and child abuser Cora went to heaven after telling her daughters to play nicely for five minutes after she was DEAD. Split!EQ killed three peasants, cursed Snowing, threatened to poison the town’s water supply, and sped up Belle’s pregnancy leading to Belle’s son being kidnapped– and got a “fresh start” in another realm. Hook killed Merlin and tried to kill Emma’s whole family last month but that’s “in the past.” But Gideon tries to kill one person to save hundreds of abused children and he’s beyond the pale? Ahahaha, no. Also, he’s *spoiler alert* heart-controlled. Boy, won’t Emma feel silly when she learns that. "He needs help!” says Rumple. “LOL nope,” says Emma. And then Rumbelle gave them epic side-eye and held hands (and gave the fandom heart attacks; it’s been a rough year).
  9. Neverland “must have transformed when Pan left!” To … Vancouver. Truly, Dark Magic. In S3 it sounded like without magic the entire realm was going to literally explode but you know what? Gangly teens carrying torches running around Neverland-cum-Vancouver beaches are not the most ridiculous thing in this episode, never mind the show. Carry on, fellas. 
  10. I’m oddly with Isaac the Author when he complained about his imprisonment. He created the AU but he didn’t actually kill anyone– and considering Regina, Snowing, Zelena, Hook, and Emma have cast Dark Curses and are running around free he’s right that being terminally annoying isn’t really grounds for perpetual incarceration. He should join King George and Sidney in their class action lawsuit against the Storybrooke Police. Calling it now: S7 is Law and Order: Storybrooke.
  11. Being The Author causes you to write gibberish and it gets worse the longer it goes on? That explains the show! “What happens at the end of the book?” asks Henry. The Author replies: “The Savior fights the Final Battle– and trust me, no-one wants to be around to see that!” Well, with these ratings no-one will be. #BaDumChh
Dom & Letty 3.0 - FOTF

“You will never be alone again.

I vow wherever you go, I go.

You ride, I ride.

You fight, I fight.

And if you ever die on me Dominic Torreto, I’m gonna die with you..”

Those were Letty’s vows to her husband the night they got married and this movie presents them in action. In part 6 we got to see Dom fight not only for her but for their love, having to captivate her all over again. Now here in part 8 the roles have been flipped and its Letty’s turn to either fall in line with others thoughts or fight for her husband. The difference in their battles is the fact that Dom was fighting for a resurface of memories and their undeniable draw/chemistry – while for Letty it’s about faith. The question of would Dom do this, would he turn his back on his family…on her, and when all the evidence says yes, does she still have the power to say no. How much does she know her husband, how much does she trust him and their love. She comes through with flying colors.

Like I said even though this is a flip, there are big differences, one of those being knowledge of enemy. Dom knew who his enemy was, he knew what had went wrong with her and who was using that for his own purposes. But Letty doesn’t have this same knowledge. She doesn’t know who the big bad is or why Dom is doing things that are totally against everything he is. That’s where the faith comes into play, because she has to everything off the back of it. Despite others telling her that this may be who he has become she has to go off of what she believes of him and their love and remind them of all the great things her husband has done for them while they’re so quick to give up on or judge him. She reminds us of her position and exactly where her loyalties reside when she responds to Hobbs by telling him that he’ll have to deal with the both of them when he warns her that he may have to put Dom down. She’s not just willing to fight for him, but beside him – and that’s not in the hope that he’s still good, but in the certainty that something else is going on because her Dom would never turn his back, the fight for the family is all he’s ever known. You know its certainty because she places her life in his hands. In the briefcase scene there was this great subtext moment because here’s the reality, that moment after he shot the gun in the air and she turned around and told him that he wouldn’t shoot her because he loved her…this moment really was about choosing – he had a choice, stop her and his baby survived another day. Let her go free and choose losing that. He let her go. It doesn’t matter that she got caught unaware around the corner by someone else…because he let her go. The next scene – the standoff – is also important because here he is again choosing to protect his wife with the knowledge of what it will cost him if he shoots this man. Not only that, but it comes back to that faith again. Because this moment is really her time to prove if she believes her husband is doing this for a reason or because he’s turned bad. She has to either side with him (let the case go) or keep it and get the other guy a bullet to the head – putting Dom in further hot water (it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know exactly what that hot water is, only that she’s aware of its existence if she believes her husband to be innocent).

In one of my old Dotty articles I claimed that Dom had elevated in his Alpha status, that he had become the kind to analysis his enemy then to plot and plan.  That his control was of self and his lead was of understanding his mates and those around him. This chapter really proved those claims. He planned and adjusted to everything that happened (which I’ll go over in more detail in the review). The only thing he really couldn’t plan or adjust for was his wife. As they say – a driver’s weakness really is his best partner knowing all his tricks. She was the only one able to keep up with him cause she knew his tricks, when she got the briefcase he couldn’t adjust and ended up choosing her not once but twice which led to the punishment of Elena dying (not that I shed a tear – I knew she was gonna die the moment I saw that baby). The enemy’s biggest mistake was thinking it was an either or game with Dom – not realizing that he plays the long game his plan would be getting his child and going back to his wife…instead what she did was taunt the him with one (Letty) and bait his with the other (baby Brian). Big mistake leaving Letty out of her equation because she left something out there to fight for him and for him to fight for. She thought the baby would over compass that, she thought the baby would shadow his wife – she was wrong. It not about choosing the baby over Letty/family – it’s about connecting the two.  

I see people saying things like the baby ruined the relationship, it ruined Dom/Letty. No the baby may have ruined the fantasy as you saw it…but he didn’t ruin that relationship. Every one of their chapters has shown that nothing comes between that love because that love is the factor. Letty is not bothered, or upset by this child…and why would she be? It wasn’t something that intentionally happened and when she told Elena that she understood her relationship with Dom, she actually meant it. The baby wasn’t/isn’t a threat to her marriage. It doesn’t mean Dom was in love with Elena, cause he wasn’t. It doesn’t mean that Letty can’t have her own kids with him, cause she can. It doesn’t mean she’s gonna mistreat baby Brian, cause even though he may not have come from her womb – he is still a part of her husband and like him family means everything to her. It doesn’t mean that their kids will take second place just because it came second – understand that there will be no distinction between these kids. Understand that just because this baby didn’t come out of her womb doesn’t mean he’s not her son too. That’s what the Fast & Furious has always been about –a family created not by blood but by bond. Dom and Letty are now parents – maybe not in the way we originally thought/wanted, but in a way that’s not wrong regardless.

One of my favorite things about this series and about this relationship is everyone understands that when it comes to Dom and Letty – the shit that’s between them is undeniable and there’s no walking away from it. When they reunite and he lets her know he hadn’t walked away, she says she knows. Dom and Letty see themselves as soulmates, as bonded, as ride or die. Whatever you wanna call it, it all means the same thing -Love- They’ll follow, they’ll ride, they’ll fight, and they’ll die for it. Isn’t that the ideal, isn’t that why we clamor for it, why we cling to and love it?  

We’ve gushed at their cuteness/power, we cried when she died, we cheered with a blood of vengeance when Dom sought revenge, we fought for the Letty comeback, and we all gasped and gave a standing O when we all saw Letty’s pic after the credits, we died and came back to life when Dom fought for her, their love and their future. We threw our hat into this ring a long time ago and I don’t know about you guys, but mine still resides there and always will as long as the franchise holds close those ideals that are so dear to me - Loyalty, Love, Family, Romance and the sacrifice/fight in the name of those things. As long as it centers and protects the Dotty goodness. Familia remember that we fought for this shit right here. Our OTP’s love is written all over this piece and that is in part thanks to us fans. Romance is thrown to the side in action flicks, used to create some angst by killing off one of the lovers or back-filler that gets no real shine.  But with F&F we get it all, the action, the romance, the family. Sixteen years and the pairing is only getting stronger. I loved this movie because it really defined the love this time around. I don’t just mean romantic love either. It really put the quote ‘you don’t turn you back on family…’ to work, because even though some of them had been misjudging Dom the moment his life was in danger – what did they do? Every time I think they can’t emote further, that they can’t make me feel more about the emotion that resides in these films and yet every time I’m wrong. With the Dom and Letty relationship when I say it defined the love…I mean it really cemented what love means to them – as a pairing not just from Dom to Letty. If I had to pick one word to describe their type of love it would be faith. We’ve seen the trait throughout their relationship over the years and in a big way in part 7 when he let her go on the faith that she would figure it out and come back to him (cause you can’t tell someone they love you). Like I said earlier, it’s her total being in this film - because their faith in one another is so strong, so is the certainty of their love. The reason they can trust one another so immensely, the reason they’re so loyal to one another, the reason they’re so willing to sacrifice, the reason they make each other so damn happy is because of that certainty. They give and know its to be returned with the same passion. They love each other and they always will. It’s the reason they work, the reason they always find themselves together. It’s the reason they’re so indestructible. It’s the reason we’re so damn blessed.

Notes: Videos not mine first one is Queen of hearts and the second is of course one of my all time favs - you know I always gotta in with a ConquerGravity video because the vids are just so damn on point to what I’m getting at. Every time I see a ConGrav vidseo it always makes me see a bigger picture of what I think and feel about this pairing and they’re relationship. None of the videos are new cause the new film just came out but oldies can make you feel new things. I didn’t put everything in this post because I am coming out with a review of the movie and theres a lot of points that connect to that so I stripped this down and left it as bare as possible. I went and saw the advance showing…but I’m going again tonight to see it so I’ll write the review after and hopefully have it up by later Sunday night. Sorry this is so long with no images…

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What do you think of Anakin killing the Tusken tribe and Padme's reaction?

I’ll tackle Padme’s reaction to it first, cause for a lot of people that’s where they can’t see where she’s coming from.

Padme comes from a well off, loving family. Her older sister has two small children who adore their aunt and her parents clearly think very highly of her career and love her very much. Family is very important to Padme so when she hears that Anakin’s mother is in danger – or at the very least that he perceives her to be in danger– she goes with Anakin to check on her, because this is Anakin’s family and that means something to her. He shouldn’t have to be cut off from his family just to keep her safe. When she comes back to Tatooine, they go looking for Shmi, who Padme remembers as the kind older woman who took complete strangers into her home, feed them even though she had literally nothing to her name, and helped them get the parts needed to fix their ship so they could go to the core and eventually save Naboo.

Padme knows she didn’t do anything after that to help Shmi Skywalker. Maybe she tried, maybe she didn’t, but the bottom line is this: she did not help this woman who helped her, her people, and then let her son go off with them. She left Shmi Skywalker in chains. That’s on her – and she knows it. They go to Watto and find out she was sold on and then freed. To Padme, that’s good news – Shmi was freed and then found love! Something good came from her struggles.

But then they get to the Lars homestead and find that Shmi has been taken by Tusken Raiders. The only thing that Padme knows about these people is that they came to a moisture farm in the middle of nowhere, abducted someone, and then killed members of the rescue party that went after Shmi and crippled Cleigg Lars. Maybe if she has a particularly good memory she remembers that they were also shooting at the racers during the podrace that Anakin was in when he was nine and apparently they do it so often that it’s accepted as a normal thing to watch for during said races. Either way, all she knows of them is that they are violent, dangerous, and malicious. They came to Shmi’s home and took her from her family property – it wasn’t like she was in the middle of the wastes and they took her from there, no, they came to Shmi’s home to take her.

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request: “Hi! Um… since you needed requests I think a good idea would be you and George head to the quiddich World Cup together and when the death eaters come you get hurt and he helps you and there is flirting and fluff (hopefully I described it well!) ✌🏼-thx” by @hey-whatz-up

a/n: i’m glad how this imagine came to be but idk, i just love everything with george weasley on it lmao


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Another ToG fic for my overwhelmingly ACOTAR blog! 

If you’d like to see more I have a masterlist you can check out! 


She was home.

She was still broken, still fighting, but at least she was home.

As she stood on the balcony of her childhood palace in Orynth, thin sheath swirling around her in the breeze and hair loose on her face, she didn’t know whether the snow and pine she could smell was from the mountains in the distance or her mate beside her.

“Fireheart,” He said soothingly.

“I know.” She choked. “I can’t, Rowan. I can’t think. I can’t do it, I can’t punish Aedion for this. He’s hurting. He didn’t mean to. Gods, why did Chaol demand this? What right does he have-”

“He is the Hand of the King, and although I disagree with his decision to call for a punishment, it is within his right to do so. If someone attacked you like that, I would have done the same.”

Aelin cringed at his words. Rowan claimed he would do the same, but Aelin knew he would not. No, Rowan would have justly dealt with the problem there, rather than inciting the fury of those around him. Now, not only where the people scared for the war, but they were scared that the Crown was too unstable to handle the aftermath.

Her mind kept replaying the scene in her head. The bustling crowd, the sound of Dorian’s nose as Aedion broke it, the screams as people ran from the blood, Chaol bellowing that Aedion needed to be reprimanded for touching the rightful King of Adarlan.

“If it is any consolation, I don’t believe Chaol was thinking straight when he called for the council to give a formal punishment.”

“But it’s not the council who has to decide,” she sobbed.

Aelin had scarcely been home. After Rowan and the others had saved her, and subsequently defeated Maeve, she had been welcomed into Orynth. After all, she gave them their army, and they never even knew she had been gone. That was a story she would share after the defeat of Erawan – right now she needed their full trust and revealing it had been a shapeshifter in her place for so long would definitely work against her.

It was so much so quickly. Aedion was not someone she could control her emotions around, and she suspected that if her mate hadn’t gathered her in his arms after her first sob, then she would be on her knees uncontrollably upset.

She clutched at Rowan’s shirt and pressed her face into his warm chest.

“Talk to Aedion, Fireheart. I can come with you, if that’s what you want. His punishment won’t be a grave one, it can’t be even if Chaol and Dorian wanted it with all their hearts.”

Aelin sniffled and rose her head. She was hit with the full gaze of his green eyes, and his look alone gave her the strength to stand on her two feet again. “I’ll deal with Aedion.” She breathed. “You should check on Gavriel. I don’t want any slit throats over this, and I worry for anyone who threatens his son.”

Rowan’s hands were tight around his waist, and before he let her go he pulled her in closer and kissed her. It wasn’t frantic, like their kisses had been when he’d found her, but they also weren’t the kisses a content husband and wife might have. It was the grey in between. Just enough for her to be satisfied for now, but never enough for long.


Aelin dressed in clothes more appropriate for public, and wandered down to the cells where Aedion was being mandatorily kept. It had not been her choice, she had nearly rioted when they took her cousin from her, but it was decided by the lords.

It was cold in the tunnels. The cold of the night had infiltrated the space and left it so chill that every bone in her body was rattling. Aelin hated that she was cold. Hated that she couldn’t warm their home. But her magic was depleted and healing, and Rowan assured her that these things would take time, and she needed to be at her best for when they face Erawan. She knew he was correct, the buzzard usually is, but it still cut her when she saw Aedion curled on the gritty stone floor of his cell.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’ve survived much worse.” As Aedion spoke, Aelin could see the air turn frosty from his breath.

“You shouldn’t be here in the first place. None of this should have happened.”

Aedion smirked at his cousin, and sat up. He crossed his legs and leant back on his hands. “Tell me, Aelin, and what should have happened instead? The prince was out of line-”

King, Aedion. Dorian is a king and you should address him as so. I don’t agree with you being here, but your actions today were disrespectful and detrimental to our cause.”

“Pfft. Poor Dorian. Did he get some dirt on his precious hands? Maybe not having a hair stylist with him at all times is affecting him more than we originally thought.”

Aedion Ashryver!”

“Don’t use that tone with me, your majesty. This is all just a ruse anyway. Do you really think I believe there will be any sort of consequences for my actions? Hurting me would affect any Terrasian more than the precious prince. I was here, Aelin, all those years caring for our country, and not a single person here doesn’t know it. The Havilliards are pure evil. What they have done to us, to our family-”

“This needs to stop! You can’t keep taking your political frustrations out on Dorian when it was his father-”

“I know Dorian a hell of a lot better than you do, Aelin.” Aedion snarled.

“That is not at all true! If I didn’t think that he was different, that he was good, do you really think I would help him regain his throne in any way?”

“You seem to forget that I knew him for years before Celaena ever did. The only time you ever knew him was when he was either using you to regain his crown or when he was trying to get you into bed.”

Aelin banged her hands on the iron bars of his cell in frustration. “I thought we were past this Aedion! I thought after I was gone-”

“Gone? Gone?! You weren’t gone Aelin, you were taken. You sacrificed yourself, and didn’t even have the decency to tell us. Don’t you think I would have liked to have known that the only family I have left was going to do that to herself? Or that the only reason the woman I love would ever touch me is because you whored her out? What about Rowan? Do you really think that he would’ve ever recovered from losing you? Have you ever thought about someone other than yourself?” Aedion jumped up and met her at the bars. His lip was pulled back and teeth bared in an animalistic show of anger.

Looking at her cousin, at his obvious pain and suffering… Aelin understood now. Understood that his anger at Dorian wasn’t anger at the king at all. Her eyes stung, and she couldn’t help the tears that fell.

She reached a hand through the bars and soothed back his hair – tucking it behind his ears. His brows furrowed at her touch, and his mouth went slack.

“I’m sorry.” Aelin whispered. “I never wanted to hurt you. I love you so much.”

With one hand Aedion held the hand on his face, linking their fingers and squeezing. With his other, he, too, reached through the bars so he could wipe away her tears.

“Please don’t cry Aelin.” Her tears were making some of his own appear.

“This is all my fault, and I know that now. But Aedion, please, you must stop taking it out on the people around us. I know I’ve hurt you in irreconcilable ways, and I will never forgive myself for the pain I’ve caused you, but this is a time when we all need to come together. I know you and Dorian have had your differences in the past, and it needs to stop. He is a changed man,” a smile appeared on her face, “he’s no longer the fine lady we knew as a child.” She laughed lightly, but it was interrupted by a sob.

Aedion pulled her forward, as much as he could with the iron between them, and gave her the closest thing to a hug he could.

“Whatever happens tomorrow, my fiery cousin, I know that you are doing it for our people, and that your punishment will be just. I love you too. Even if you are stubborn as a mule.”


Aelin stood on a podium in front of a crowd of hundreds, excluding the Bane that had also gathered. There were civilians and nobles making up the brunt of the crowd, all curious as to what the lost queen would do to Wolf of the North.

On her left was Rowan standing tall and proud. Now that she was here, actually her and not just Lysandra in her skin, they had announced their marriage properly, and much to the disdain of some of the lords of Terrasen. Aelin refused to hide her love for him, as she refused to hide her love for anybody. Not now. Not anymore. Not ever.

On her right was Dorian and Chaol. Somewhere, hidden among the crowd, Aelin was sure Manon and her Thirteen were stalking around. Where Dorian was, it seemed the witch always followed.  

Chaol had the nerve to look nervous. The night just passed Rowan had spent an hour convincing her as to why she shouldn’t be mad with him, and eventually she had let her anger at him go. Thank the Gods she had Rowan to keep her grounded.

She may not be mad at him, but she still didn’t think he had the right to be nervous about an event he orchestrated.

“After an incident yesterday involving the General and the rightful king to the throne of Adarlan, I am here to bestow his punishment.” Aelin started her speech.

The rustling crowd grew silent, all wide eyed and focused on their future queen.

“Aedion Ashryver is a hero to this country. Even in the direst of times, the darkest of our days, he did everything in his power to defend our people against the tyranny of the late king. Without his efforts in the rebellion, an unspeakable amount of lives would have been lost.”

There was confusion surrounding her speech. It did not sound like a declamation for a man who was going to be penalised.

“But.” Aelin turned towards Dorian and held out her hand. He took it unwaveringly and stepped closer to her side. “Dorian Havilliard deserves respect as much as Aedion does. His Majesty fights bravely not just for his own country but also for ours. He is not his father, and he will help us win this war.” Aelin bowed her head to Dorian and released his hand. “That is why there must be retribution for his actions.” It killed her to say it, but she also believed in her words. No more lying – not from her.

“For attacking the king of Adarlan unfairly, I hereby decree that Aedion Ashryver forfeit his landholdings in Adarlan to the king to use for whatever purposes he seems fit. That is all.”

Aelin spun on her heels, making her green dress flow around her elegantly as she strode away from the platform. Rowan was instantly at her side and offered his elbow as they went down the stairs that led to an entrance to the palace behind them.

The others quickly followed.

Once they entered the palace and no one was in hearing distance, Aedion grabbed Aelin’s elbow and spun her to look at him. “You do realise I don’t own any land in Adarlan, right?”

Aelin scoffed. “Of course I know that. Good thing is, they don’t. Problem solved.”

“Problem not solved!” Chaol shouted. He stormed up to the pair, red faced and seething. “How in any way does this fix anything? Gods Aelin!”

Before Aelin could reply, Dorian swaggered up to them with a wide smirk on his face. “I think it was quite genius.”

Chaol turned to his best friend, utter disbelief written on his face. Dorian’s smirk did not falter though. Looking at Dorian, you would never have known that the previous day he’d had his nose broken. Between Rowan’s healing magic and Dorian’s, the bone had healed and not even a bruise was left behind.

“This way the public knows that we stand as a united front, but also as people who do not see each other as being above the law. It humanises us. It also means that any internal conflicts we have with each other won’t fester as much as it would otherwise.” Dorian turned his blue gaze on Aedion. Surprisingly, the two did not glare at each other. “Past aside, you are my friend Aedion Ashryver. And I will prove to you that I’m not my father.”

Aedion hung his head and shook it. “You have. Many times over. It is I who needs to change my attitude.”

Rowan came up behind Aelin and wrapped his arms around her waist. He rested his chin on her head and she held onto his arms.

Progress. They would need to act as one to defeat Erawan, and it seemed they were heading in the right direction.

anonymous asked:

Ok, I'm absolutely in love with your persuasion au. I didn't know how much I needed something like this until I read it. It's a treasure. Thank you SO MUCH for it! Can I ask you why do you ship rebelcaptain? as a deep question, I just want to read your thoughts about them 'cause you write so well

First, thank you for the compliment on my Persuasion AU! I’m glad you like it! And I’m going to get working on the next chapter of it now that I’ve written this 1,400+ word treatise I wrote on rebelcaptain because of your question lol.


Diego Luna and Felicity Jones have and had amazing chemistry as Jyn and Cassian. The eye contact, the lack of personal space, and the passion they conveyed as their characters with and without words was really impressive. Even when Jyn and Cassian were arguing and angry with one another, you got the sense that they fought as they did because the other person mattered. Their arguments are never about romance, but they were about the important basics of any relationship, romantic or platonic: truth, trust, faith, belief, and how you choose to act (or whether you choose to act at all).

But their chemistry isn’t just sexual or romantic. They also have chemistry as a battle duo. They work together well almost instantly. When she’s sporting for a fight on Jedha, he knows exactly when to pull her back. When a Partisan bomb is about to blow her to bits, he saves her—it’s not a question. On Scarif, they seem in sync the whole time from when she gives her speech to when they die together on the beach. They don’t question the other because there’s implicit trust and they seem to instinctively understand that what the other person is doing is the right or best way. They’re on the same page if you will.

Individually and Individuality

I love them as individual characters. They are my murder son and my murder daughter.
They both have defined and deep character arcs in the movie, and they grow because of it. They act as catalysts for the other for the change to come. They grow because they met each other, and they do so in the platonic sense.

Jyn’s forced herself into apathy because she’s been hurt, abandoned, and traumatized by “the cause” and the battle between the Rebels and the Empire. She lost both her parents. She was abandoned by her foster parent. She was stripped of anything that ever felt safe, that felt like home. The passion and fight intrinsic to her personality was temporarily snuffed out. She’s given so much but what has she gotten back but misery? She now only fights for herself. But meeting and knowing Cassian reawakens that passion and drive in her. The catalyst moment is when he gives her his trust on the U-wing to Jedha, and it builds from there. He pushes back against her resistance, and where others may have not cared enough to do that, he does, and that fight wakes her up again. Then he offers her a home and a family in him (and Kaytoo, Baze, Chirrut, and Bodhi). Thet cause, which has only taken from her, has given her something back. It has given her people she cares about and who care for her to fight for.

For Cassian, after 20 years of war, I think part of what traps him in this prison of his own making is that he feels like he’s fighting for abstractions now. He’s lost everything and everyone he cares about. There’s only the cause, and it’s made him do terrible things that have been cutting him into little pieces. But then he meets Jyn, and she’s not an abstraction. But it’s not love or love for her that acts as a catalyst for his change: it’s her inner fire. I think he sees in her what he used to see in himself. It reminds him of what he’s fighting for, in part, too, because he sees the tremendous losses she has also suffered at the hands of the fight. In her push to go to Scarif, she also gives him a specific way he can justify everything he has done as a soldier. And like it is for Jyn, I think Cassian finds himself now with people he cares for specifically, people for whom he fights (aka the found family he has personally collected over the course of a week).

Complementary Personalities

I like the idea of opposites attract, but I love more the idea of complementary personalities who share a lot of similarities. I think Jyn and Cassian fit this bill. They’re both orphaned child soldiers (essentially). They’re both passionate fighters. They are iron-willed, confident, resolute, and strong people. They’re different enough, though, that they can balance the other out.

They are complete people when they meet—there’s no need for one to “complete the other”; it’s rather like I argue above, that parts of them have gone dormant, and meeting each other brings them back to life; they fill in the cracks.
And they are equals. There’s no power differential. Sometimes he takes lead. Sometimes she does. They’re a team. It’s beautiful.


The intimacy between these two characters scrambles my brain, to be honest. The first time I saw the movie, it didn’t hit me until late (HI, ELEVATOR SCENE), but it hit me hard when it did. The intimacy in that elevator scene goddamit it—it made everything click for me. Not just the shipping but like, the wholeness of their character arcs. They are both initially cast as loners who guard themselves really closely from others—from affection, from attachment, from any ties to another living thing. But in that elevator scene, it’s all there flashing in their faces. For the first time, Jyn looks soft and lost as he stares at him in the darkened space, a whole future they won’t get to live flashing before her eyes. For him, he looks at her like she’s the only person in the galaxy that matters, and for him too, it’s colored by this sadness of what if. How long has it been since he’s been touched like this? When was the last time he had someone he could love before now?

With the idea of intimacy, too, I would argue that they both let their guard down around one another in a way they don’t with anyone else. Cassian is supposed to be this cool-headed, seasoned solider and spy, but he meets Jyn and is almost immediately running around, disobeying orders, screaming her name, saving her at all cost to his own life and to the cause. Maybe this is how he’s always felt about things, but he’s been able to push it all down before. He can’t with her. She’s triggered something in him that makes him feel. Jyn can also read him like no one else can. He’s an open book in her hands.

And for Jyn, because he’s shown her the first semblance of trust in years, the fact that he just refuses to ever leave her behind, opens her up. Even with Saw, she puts on this air of “don’t care” (“It’s not a problem if you don’t look up”). Again, the personal space issues! The touching and closeness (she touches his arm when they get the clearance to enter Scarif; she notes how he smells [of blaster oil and Eadu dirt]; elevator, beach, he’s the most beautiful person she’s ever seen etc etc.).

He makes her care about someone again because he cares for her. If you watch the scene on the beach when they hold hands—note how Jyn reaches for his hand first. But when she does, it’s tentative and unsure. He senses her hesitation and then he reaches out and takes it.
And the hug to end all hugs. I can’t even.

Unrealized potential

With most of what I ship, it’s usually the unrealized potential that sets my brain on fire. I love a good established couple (Baze and Chirrut) but because they seem to have had their happiness or their happy ending, it doesn’t tug at the heart strings as hard. I don’t actively ship because I don’t have to wonder. To quote one of my favorite shows, Veronica Mars:

Veronica: Come on. Ruined lives? Bloodshed? You really think a relationship should be that hard?

Logan: No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.

And I still contend that I’d ship them just as hard if they had survived and the ending of Rogue One hadn’t given us an explicitly romantic ending (kissing, declarations) because it would still be unrealized potential. Their deaths just make it more tragic and force more sad whale noises from my mouth.
I’m Not Ill (k.th asylum!au)

//Trigger Warning: mentions of mental illnesses, physical abuse, and light mentions of death //

Summary: It’s your first day as an intern in a psychiatric ward. You knew a lot about this place, all the dirty secrets it kept. But you see more underneath its dark exterior as you meet the actual people suffering inside. 

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Word Count: 2k+

“Ah, good morning Y/N-ssi!” The warm smile from Mrs. Kim greeted you. You smiled at her. It would’ve comforted you if it wasn’t for the daunting building you stood in front of.  ‘Daegu Psychiatric Ward’. You never thought you’d be standing in front of that place, much less working in it. But here you are.

You nodded politely at her. With silence,she led you in the building. The inside was about as interesting as the outside. White walls, and a marble floor that seemed to be more properly taken care of than the patients. You’ve been here in the past a few times when your cousin was admitted with a bipolar disorder. You saw how one of the nurses beat him to get him to calm down. Ever since, you didn’t want to get associated with such a place.

But here you are.

You passed by the front desk and entered a room with an ‘Employees Only’ sign. You reminded yourself why you where here. Just a huge family favor, and a desperate need for money. Namjoon was kind enough to coax his mom to give you a job offer, but you were never really thrilled about it. Even he wasn’t that fond of their business. He knew what their nurses did, but couldn’t tell his mom in fear of having them come back at him.

“Your job is pretty light. Keeping the patient records organized, manning the front desk from time to time, and in some instances, taking care of the patients. Don’t worry though, if that time comes, I’ll make sure that they hand you a much… milder patient.” she said, her smile unfaltering.

You knew what they meant by ‘milder’. Probably some kid who just needs someone to remind him to take his meds hourly. They’d never let you handle any schizophrenics or manic depressives. You wanted to help them, yes. But Namjoon told you beforehand that some of their patients are pretty intense. And he just ‘wanted you safe’. 

“Since today isn’t much of a busy day, I’ll let Jackson tour you around so you get familiarized with the place. Not that you haven’t seen it before.” She led you out into the front desk. “I’ll call him. He’ll be here in a bit.”

She disappeared into the outstretched hallway connecting the front room to the patient lounge. You could see a few people dressed in white moving around, but no one came through the front desk, mainly because of the two guards at the end of the corridor. Mrs. Kim came back a few minutes later, a brown-haired boy following behind her. “I’ll leave her to you.” she addressed him, nodding at you before leaving.

The boy, Jackson, as she has said, gave you a sheepish grin and held his hand out. “I’m Jackson, and I’m a nurse here. If you have any questions about this place, feel free to ask me.”

You took his hand and shook it. You had to remind yourself that not everyone here is heartless. Mark looked genuine enough, and that’s good for you. “I’m Y/N.” You smiled back at him.

He led you through the hallway, the guards parting to let the two of you pass. The lounge had a few chairs and tables. Everything was drenched in white, and it sort of strained your eyes after not seeing any other color for so long. About five people roamed around the room, their only entertainment being a few word search puzzles, some books, and the lone coffee machine sitting beside some of the ‘decorative’ indoor plants.

Curious eyes stared at you as you followed Jackson around. He sat down, and you sat opposite of him. “Anyway, I’ve heard that you knew the owner’s son? I’ve known Namjoon for a few years now. We used to hang out a lot before uni, but nowadays we just text. The patients here are really nice, by the way. You just need to learn how to get with them, you know what I mean?” You nodded.

While he was talking, you couldn’t help but glance at each of the patients. Only two people were sitting next to each other, while the other three went about their own business. There was only one girl, and she was huddled up in a corner, her knees pressed against her chest. Her hair was all over her face, preventing you from having a look at it. 

One boy walked around the couch, muttering to himself. He had dark hair, and a small, rounded nose. If it were under different circumstances, he would’ve passed as attractive for you. Another boy sat at the end of the table you and Mark occupied. He stared straight ahead, seeming to not pay any attention to his surroundings. In front of him sat an untouched cup of cocoa. 

“Hey, you ok?” Jacksn waved a hand in front of you. You whipped your eyes to him, but he already followed your line of vision. “Oh, I see you’re interested in our pati-friends.” He hastily corrected themselves. You stared at him. Maybe he was only new here, at wasn’t comfortable with them yet. Much like you. 

He bit his lip, not wanting to mess up. He turned to the boy sitting at the other end of your table. “Hey, Hoseok. You look a little faint there, buddy.” Hoseok blinked a few times before turning his head to your direction. His eyes widened after seeing you, but his surprised expression was soon replaced by a sheepish grin. “H-hi. I’m doing great. Haven’t blacked out in a few days, so I guess there’s progress.”

You returned his smile. “This is Y/N. She’s the new intern Mrs. Kim has been telling us about. She’s really nice.” Jackson introduced you as you waved at Hoseok. “Want some hot chocolate? Coffee isn’t the only thing that rust-bucket can make.” Hoseok pointed to the coffee machine. 

“Well, that’s mean. That coffee machine looks fairly new.” You laughed at him.

This got the attention of the two boys on the couch. “Jungkook, stop your whispering for a while.” 

“But h-hyung! I swear they’re lying to us. The medicine’ they give us doesn’t make us feel better, does it? They’re all lying, they-”

“Jungkook, sit down, you’re making me dizzy.”

Jungkook obliged, cautiously sitting next to his hyung.

“I’m going to talk to her.”

“No you won’t, Taehyung.”

“Yes I will, Yoongi.”

“You’re more delusional than Jungkook.”

“I’m not delusional!” Jungkook screamed.

Everyone in the room froze. Jungkook brought his hands up to his face and kept quiet. “Yoongi, what you said to Kook isn’t very nice.” Jackson turned around in his chair, facing the pale man on the couch. Yoongi held his icy glare on him, until finally sighing and faced the dark-haired boy from earlier. “I didn’t mean it, Jungkook.” The younger boy sighed at his weak attempt of an apology, but nodded. 

Then you noticed the other boy next to them. He had a golden brown tan and a boxy grin. His eyes met your gaze, and in an instant, he was heading toward you. “Wooaah! I haven’t seen that face yet! Come here, come close, I won’t bite, come on, come here! Waaaah, you’re so pretty!”

He looked like a kid seeing an amusement park for the first time. His smile got impossibly larger, and his eyes widened more. You couldn’t help but become flustered not only because he’s immensely cute, but also because there’s a stranger who can do who-know’s-what quickly making his way over to you. “Uh, h-hi, I’m-”

You were cut off as the guards who were previously by the entrance are now holding Taehyung back. You stood up, shocked by their sudden harshness. 

“Yah, yah, yah! I just want to talk! I’m not hurting anyone!” He began elbowing them, wriggling out of their grip. Yoongi just stared at them, a hint of guilt in is eyes. Jungkook watched in fear as his hyung thrashed around, knocking over a chair in the process. 

“Hey, let him go!” You strode over to them, wanting to help Taehyung, but Jackson stepped in and held you back. “Believe me, I don’t like it either when they do this. But don’t expect them to treat you any different from the patients.” He whispered, eyes avoiding the scene in front of you. 

You couldn’t do anything but look on, silently cursing the guards who were grabbing him too roughly. Another nurse came over soon. She had an injection in one hand, and you very well know where this was going. 

You turned your head to the side, glancing at Hoseok just as the guards were holding Taehyung down. Hoseok was staring at them with sad eyes, eyebrows scrunched. He downed his hot cocoa before stomping out the lounge, heading to his room. In the background, you could hear Taehyung’s yells getting softer. You faced him again, in time to see his body slack at the ground. 

“He wasn’t doing anything wrong.” Yoongi stood behind the guards, his stance supposed to give a menacing vibe, but his voice failed him. He bumped past the guards and kneeled over Taehyung, placing a motionless arm over his shoulder. 

“He was causing a ruckus. And he probably would’ve injured someone, just like the last time.” One of the guards replied, uninterested. They got back to their usual spot. Yoongi seemed as though he was going to yell a snarky reply, but held it back.

“Come on, Jungkook. Let’s take him to his room.” Jungkook walked over to them. He stopped gnawing the white sleeve of his shirt and slung Taehyung’s other arm around his shoulder. He looked at you curiously and said a silent ‘thank you’. 

“I can do that for you.” Jackson spoke up. Yoongi turned to him, the same cold stare on his face. “No, thanks. You might hit him on the way just for fun.” he spat at him.

Both boys continued walking down a corridor, leading deeper in the building. They took a left and disappeared out of sight. You heard Jackson sigh next to you. “Yoongi is still… a bit un-trusting of the nurses, or anyone in general. Jungkook’s worse though. But don’t worry, their getting the treatment they need. They’ll get better, I’ll make sure of that.” he gave you a weak but reassuring smile. “It’s ok. Do you mind, uh, telling me more about them?” you cocked your head to the side. 

Taehyung genuinely got you interested. Plus, you wanted to know more about Yoongi and Jungkook. Even Hoseok, who seemed to have nothing wrong with him, which piques the question ‘why is he here?’ Jackson contemplated for a bit. 

“I think you need to know them more before you know their illness. I don’t want  you to label them as anything before actually knowing them. No offense, it’s just that that’s what usually happens here.” you nodded in response, fully understanding him. 

The day went by slowly. The tension from earlier still lingered, and you didn’t want to spend much time in the lounge anymore. So Jackson took you to see the patients’ rooms. 

You didn’t go in, but as far as you know, the ‘milder’ patients had the closer rooms to the lounge. That part of the building was on the floor above the lounge, about 5 rooms per floor. You let him lead you up the building.

“They’re not all filled, of course. The first five rooms have no one in them, and is for the staff. Every room has a window. We ensure that our patients have proper ventilation, of course.” he paused, giving you a proud smile. “That’s Hoseok’s.” he pointed to a white door. The only thing that distinguished it from the others’ was a small, metal tag, the number written on it. “Where’s Taehyung’s room?” you blurted out.

Jackson lightly chuckled. “Someone’s eager. His is just a few more floors up. Hey look, that’s Jungkook’s.” he pointed to a room two doors away from Hoseok’s. Jungkook’s number read 8. 

You began thinking about Jackson’s previous statement. If Taehyung’s room is around the middle, then does that mean he could actually be dangerous? ‘No’. You thought. He looked like such an innocent child when he first saw you. There’s no way he could physically hurt someone on purpose.

“This one’s Taehyung’s, and next to him is Yoongi.” You stopped in front of doors 18 and 19. You knew that this building had seven floors. 

“My mom thinks it’s good luck.” Namjoon’s voice replayed in your head. It was the summer before this. You were hanging out in his room, listening to music. His mom left you brownies to eat, and told Namjoon to tell you about the ward.


“Yeah?” he turned to look at you. He was sweating from climbing up so many flights of stairs. “If you’re wondering, we’re not going on the seventh floor yet.”

“Yet.” you repeated with a smirk. This made him laugh lightly. “Okay, we’re going back down. This time, we’re taking the elevator, because Jesus Christ, I feel like I’m gonna faint.” you followed him, passing by Taehyung and Yoongi’s rooms. You decided that you like Jackson, since his talkativeness made you feel more comfortable. 

You got inside the elevator with him. Then suddenly, you realized something.

“Jackson, correct me if I’m wrong, but this building has seven floors right?”
“Yes, we covered that earlier.” he said teasingly. “Seven floors, twenty-five rooms. Patients roomed from mildest to, well, where it goes”


“Yeah, why?”

“Jackson… why is Taehyung in the eighteenth room?”

Your question was met with silence. The elevator stopped with a ‘ding’, and Jackson shot out the doors. “Look at the time. I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.” he nervously smiled at you, completely ignoring your question. You sighed, deciding to let it pass. You gave him a small grin. 

“See you tomorrow.”  you said to him as you waved goodbye. As you were walking away, you missed the pair of longing eyes, looking at you from room 18.

I Am An Alpha Ch 1: Boy Soldier

Summary: Insoo has lived her life as boy since the age of 7 when she was forced to join the Blood Army under her brother’s name with the help of a young alpha. Being a female omega in a army full of alpha isn’t easy especially when none of them can know what she is. On a mission with her new pack she finds her mate, who just happens to be part of the most feared pack in Asia. But it isn’t as romantic as she thought it would be. Especially when she finds out he isn’t her only mate.

We’ve all done bad things in our life, some worse then others but still, there is always something. To say that I’ve done something bad doesn’t my sins justice. I would like to say that I didn’t have a choice in it, but there is always a choice. I stare at the scene in front of me, young boy in tears, sword in hand. He’s making his choice right now with his parents on their knees in front of him. His mother is bawling while the father tries to stay strong and convince his son to save himself. I watch without much sympathy for the boy or his parents. Their deaths are inevitable but this way at least their son will live on.

“Please,” The mother begs me. “There must be another way.”

I shake my head, my poker face strong as stone, “There is no other option other than for the two I have offered you. I’m getting impatience with this though, I will give you one minute to decide before I decide for you.” I know this isn’t easy but if I don’t return to the village center soon I will receive a punishment and I don’t feel like being beaten tonight.

The mother continues to cry, glaring at me with disgust on her face, “How can you be so cruel? He is only a child!”

“We were all children when we made this decision. None of us wanted this but in this world it is kill or be killed. Now choose.” I spit. I have no patient for people who think we would want this life. I wanted to be a normal child, to grow up with my parents and my brothers. I did not want to have to choose between slaughtering my parents and saving myself or dying along with them. But here I am, years later forcing others to do the same to avoid punishment.

I’m brought out of my thoughts by the sound of someone screaming. Blood splatters on the floor followed by the now silent mother. The father roars at the death of his mate but that is short lived before the boy does the same to his father. Suddenly it’s silent. The young boy, probably about 8 or 9 the same age as me when the same happened to me, is crumbled on the ground crying. He discards the sword and curls tighter around himself.

I sigh, “I know that was hard but this isn’t over yet. We have to go now before we both get into trouble. Lets go,” I grab his arm but he shakes me off before glaring up at me.

“Don’t touch me!” He screams. “How can you be so calm when people just died in front of you? Doesn’t that effect you all?”

“No kid, it doesn’t. You are not the first person who I watched do this. I’ve seen thousands of people slaughtered, I got used to it. You will too, and before you get hostile with me I want you to know I am one of the nicer people in this army. If you are going to be a part of it you are not going to want to be alone so accept my kindness before I change my mind.”

“You call this kindness?”

“I’m offering you some place to belong in the new world you just signed up for. Those wolves out there will eat you alive out there now stop being a bitch, get up off your ass, and follow me.” I turn on my heel to leave when suddenly there is an explosion. I’m blown back on to my ass on top of the kid. Without hesitation I grab his wrist and quickly scramble to the far wall of the small cabin. The wall across from us is gone, leaving chard wood and a scattered body parts outside.

They’re using the bombs? What the hell is going on? With a firm grip on the boy I quickly drag him along out of the cabin into a surprising battle field. Another bomb is thrown causing more debris to fly. Gun shot echoes through the village as we run through in search of my closest friend.

“Jin hyung!” I yell when I finally find him with the others gathered together behind a cabin. I can see the relief on the older man’s face when he sees me. He accepts me in his arms and kisses the top of my head, surprising me. Jin and I are close but he rarely shows me physical affection when we are on a mission.

“What is going on? Are Jaebum’s people throwing bombs? I thought this village was good spot to find strong alphas. Why are we bombing?” I wonder when he releases me.

“We aren’t alone. The Black Dragon’s are here. They started attacking the other team while we were trying to recruit. I lost my two in the blast and so did the others. I see that you got one,” Jin explains as he eyes the young pup up who bashfully hides behind me the best he can. His hands are clutching mine as if I’m grounding him. “I don’t know if he’ll be able to make it back with us. We are going to scatter in about five minutes.”

“I take responsibility for him, don’t worry.”

Jin’s eyes narrow on me, “Insoo,” he starts in his fatherly voice that is quickly cut off by the sound of another bomb and a familiar voice calling out.


That one word turns me on autopilot. Jin gives me one last look before turning and running in another direction while the others do the same. The boy and I are the last to move, heading to the south end of the village where we began. He is breathing heavy already when we reach the edge of the village, he stops in his tracks, pulling me back like an anchor but we can’t stop, not yet.

“A mile.” I tell him.

“What?” He groans threw his heavy breaths.

“We need to be at least a mile a way before we can stop.”

“But I can’t run anymore,” He whines.

I groan internally and for a moment consider leaving him. I push that idea away before turning my back to him and demand for him to climb on, “Do it quick.” He hesitantly climbs on to my back, much lighter than he should be for a boy his age but I have no room to talk. With him settled on my back I begin running through the forest. I can’t smell anyone or hear anything following us, I think we are in the clear. Thank god. I don’t have the strength to fight against a real alpha right now.

That relief is short lived when suddenly I’m taken down by a massive black wolf. The boy flies off me and lands in the bushes while I land on my back with the wolf on top of me, a growl ripping threw his throat. The monster snaps at my face as he glares down at me. Our eyes lock and for a moment, the world freezes.


Why is he doing this? Can’t he tell it’s me? From the way he continues to snap at me I’m going with a no. Of course he can’t Jin made sure that no one would be able to catch my scent by burying it with his. But still I feel like my mate should know by just looking at me. I stare up into blood red eyes and am frozen but not with fear, I just feel overwhelmed. I’m seeing my mate, my one true love, but he can’t see past the scent of alpha all over me to realize that. I want to reach up and just hug him, to bury my face in his fur and inhale his delicious scent. Like fire wood and warmth.

There is a gunshot, knocking the massive wolf off me. My mate falls to his side, still growling but quickly begins to move away. I want to call to him, to beg him to come back but when I see Jin coming closer with a shot gun in his hand I want him to run.

“Hyung stop!” I demand as I quickly stand.

Jin pulls me behind him without lowering his weapon, “That’s the fucking leader of the Black Dragons and you are telling me to lower my gun? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“The leader?” I mumble out.

“Run,” Jin commands, “run Insoo. I’ll keep him distracted.”

“But,” I look to my make, hunched and teeth bared.


“Fine, where is the kid?” I scan the forest for the boy.

“Forget him!” Jin growls, “Get out of here!”

“I’m not leaving him!” I snap back as I slip past Jin to look where the boy had disappeared to. “Kid,” I call.

“Hyung?” He mumbles softly from behind a near by tree. I offer him my hand and pull him behind Jin along with me.

“I can’t believe you are taking him,” Jin rolls his eyes and glances at me over his shoulder. Bad decision. My mate jumps at us, taking Jin down and knocking the shot gun out of his hands. The boy and I stumble back, my eyes are wide with panic when my mate bites Jin’s shoulder, making the older yell out in pain. It’s an unfair fight with Jin in his human form and it’s not allowed for us to transform without a higher up’s permission. I quickly grab the shot gun and hold it up but realize soon after how stupid it is of me.

I can’t do it, I can’t shoot my mate. I least I thought I couldn’t. Jin screams once more and I prepare myself to pull the trigger, “Get off him!” I command my mate. The wolf releases Jin and glares up at me with those now terrifying red eyes. He takes a step toward me, ready to pounce at me. My body reacts on it’s own when the wolf launches itself at me. The sound of the gun going off registers before the fact that I had just shot my mate does. It feels as if I had been shot myself when a horrible pain spreads through my chest forcing me to my knees.

I stare at my mate who is lying on his back trembling. I killed him. I killed my mate! I try to rush forward to him but Jin grabs my hand and pulls me away, gripping his bleeding shoulder.

“We have to go!” Jin yells.

“But-“ I almost cry in relief at the sight of my mate rolling on to his side to glare at us. At least he’s a live.

“The rest of his pack will be here soon, we don’t have time!” With that Jin drags me through the forest with the boy holding my other hand. He’s trembling. I force myself the push the thought of my mate away to realize what I ‘ve just done. I endangered my pack. I almost got Jin killed in my daze, what the hell is wrong with me?

We reach our meeting point two miles away from the village, everyone is there waiting and jumps the their feet at the sight of us. Jin is healed but his shirt is still bloody and shredded from the bite. The others are quick to notice.

“What the hell happened?” Namjoon, our alpha, questions at the sight of his second in command in such a mess.

“We were attacked,” Jin explains shortly as he collapses to the ground in exhaustion.

“How the hell did that happen?” Jimin wonders.

“How the hell do you think?” Jin snaps back giving the pup cowering behind me a glare. Everyone follows his gaze. Poor thing. With all six alphas glaring down at him I know it can be hard. As a young pup whose rank hasn’t be decided yet, that much dominance can stress the body out. After being with these guys for years their dominance doesn’t really do much to me anymore, I’ve had to pretend to be an alpha for a long time, I had to learn how to hide my feelings. I stand strong against their obvious distaste for the pup.

“If this is anyone’s fault it’s mine,” I snap back.

“Soo-ya,” Hoseok sighs, “We know you would never do anything to put Hyung in danger, don’t take the blame for that brat.”

“It is my fault,” I repeat. “I hesitated when the wolf attacked him.”

“Lets just drop it,” Jin growls, silencing the group. “Lets head back to base.”

“We can’t,” Namjoon deadpans.

Everyone looks to him confused but Jin is the one to question it, “What do you mean?”

“I got a message from Jaebum before he was attacked, apparently the Black Dragons had stopped there first before joining us in the village.”

My jaw drops, “So you’re saying that everyone is gone?”

Namjoon nods.

“Is it wrong that I want to cheer?” Yoongi chuckles.

We all share a look before letting out a loud cheer. “They’re dead!” I cheer happily, “All those bastards are dead!”

“See you all in hell!” Taehyung giggles gleefully as he does a little dance.

“Shouldn’t you be sad?” A small voice wonders. I look over my shoulder to a trembling boy who now just looks confused.

Jimin scoffs, “About what?”

“They were your pack.”

“They were our slave masters,” Yoongi corrects with a disgusted look on his face.

“We are like you kid, we weren’t here because we wanted to be, they just didn’t give us very good options. This is my pack,” I explain gesturing to the guys in front of me. “They are my family.”

“Speaking of that, what are we going to do with the kid?” Jimin wonders.

The boy tenses but I try my best to calm him, “Can’t we just keep him? He has no where to go, no family left, please?”

“Seriously Soo?” Jimin scoffs, “Do you think this kid can do anything for our pack?”

“I’m pretty sure I thought the same thing about you when Hoseok hyung saved you. We all questioned Yoongi when he saved Taehyung and I know Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi hyung all thought Jin was insane when brought me back. Now look where we are.” I finish with a smug look on my face and my hands on my hips.

Namjoon sighs, “I hate when he is right. Fine Insoo, but you know the rules, he’s your responsibility now. That can be a hard thing to deal with.”

“Tell me about it,” Jin clicks his tongue as he rubs his shoulder.

I chuckle and walk over to do it for him, “I know Hyung, you got a lot more than you were hoping for.”

“We should probably do introductions before we welcome him,” Jin sighs. “Hello, I’m Seokjin but you call me Hyung. I’m basically your grandfather since my problem child has taken you on as his own.”

Namjoon gives him a small smile, “I’m the head alpha of this pack, Namjoon.”

“Yoongi,” Short and sweet.


“I’m Taehyung, nice to meet you,” The silly boy greets.

Jimin just nods at him, “Jimin.”

I try to seem as warm as possible to stop the boy from shaking. “And I, your lovely guardian, am Insoo. I respond to Hyung. What is your name little wolf?”

“I’m Jungkook.”

“Well Jungkook, welcome to the pack. You seem to bring trouble with you,” Jin mocks.

“If the Black Dragons is something you drag along I will not hesitate to kill you,” Yoongi warns. “I have no desire to fight with other alphas over stupid things.”

“Don’t mind him,” I half whisper, “He’s harmless.”

Yoongi shakes his head, “You are the exception to my cruelty Soo, don’t think others will be so special.”

“I know, I’m a very special case.”

“What do you mean?” The pup wonders.

I smirk, “Trust me, you’ll find out.”

First chapter done! Sorry you only get a glimpse of EXO but don’t worry they will come.

Get Out

Context: First time Robert comes face-to-face with Finn after Aaron gets sent down.

“You sure you want another?” Chas asked pouring Robert another drink, Aaron had only been gone for a day but it had felt like the longest day of Robert’s life, he seemed to have spent it crying or drinking, trying to forget what was happening.

“One more. Just one.” He pleaded with Chas who reluctantly gave into his demands, knowing this kind of behaviour would stop after a few days. As she handed him the glass he swirled the drink, his mind blank from everything but the ongoing agony of missing Aaron. He began to feel tears escape his eyes and in an attempt to keep up his front of being relatively okay he left and went into the toilets.

Whilst he was gone Chas heard the front door of the pub open and looking up saw the sight of the person none of them wanted to see. Finn.

“I think you should leave.” Chas muttered not making an attempt to make conversation, knowing she would end up doing something she would regret.

“Chas I’m not here to see you.” Finn spoke quietly, trying not to create a scene.

“Then who are you here to see?” Chas questioned, annoyance slowly building inside her. As she asked this she saw Robert enter through the doors again, anger immediately flooding his face at the sight of Finn.

“Robert.” Finn said as he turned to see a version of Robert he had never witnessed before. “I just want –“

“Get out!” Robert marched towards him going to drag him out of the pub, not wanting to lay his eyes on him for a second longer.

“Robert!” Chas interrupted seeing how worked up her son-in-law was getting.

“I don’t want to see you in here, actually I don’t want to see anywhere, from now on stay away from me and stay away from my family, do you understand?” Robert muttered glaring at Finn.

“It’s not my fault.” Finn said without thinking, instantly earning a response from Robert.

“He was defending you! He was trying to help and you let him go down for it, what kind of scum does that make you? Ratting out a friend so you could have some cheap shag with a man who doesn’t care about you, if you think what you and him had was love then you’re more delusional than I thought.”

“He attacked him! Now Kasim never wants to see me again – “

“Let it go Finn, you weren’t even together, you were a quick fling that’s all.” Robert mocked, “Aaron was worked up and over reacted and – “

“Oh yeah,” Finn retaliated interrupting him, “And why was that again? Oh yeah, you were having trouble keeping in your pants as usual, weren’t you? Surprised you aren’t already crawling into someone else’s bed given he’s been gone a whole 24 hours now.”

As soon as these words escaped Finn’s mouth Robert’s whole body filled even more with anger, his jaw tensed and his eyes full of disgust.

“You what?” He asked with gritted teeth.

“You heard.” Finn remarked bitterly, “I’ve got Rebecca’s number if you want it, or if that’s not enough I’ll just pull out the phonebook, I’m sure you’ll find someone to keep his side of the bed warm.”

Suddenly Robert charged towards Finn, grabbing him by the shirt and slamming him against the nearest wall, holding him so harshly that it was impossible for him to get away. In Robert’s eyes it was all Finn’s fault, he betrayed Aaron, he was a coward and now he only felt hate towards him, and now he was gonna make him pay…

“Robert!” He heard a small voice erupt from behind the bar, stopping Robert in his actions and bringing him back down to earth. Turning to the direction the voice came from he spotted Liv stood there, just come in from the backroom, a look of disbelief on her face, “What are you doing? Do you want to end up in a cell as well as Aaron? He’s not worth it!”

“Aaron,” Robert began, his anger subsiding as he looked towards Finn, “He’s alone in that prison, he’s scared and bitter and angry, and that’s all because of you. Now here’s something Finn,” Robert continued walking closer to Finn, feeling his whole tense as he did so, “something you wouldn’t understand about loving someone, I feel every single thing he does, all that anger and the built-up rage, it’s all in here and every minute he’s locked away it just gets worse.”

Finn began to feel scared as he noticed the sheer honesty in Robert’s words, he could see every single emotion Robert had just described plastered all over his face, he knew he had gone too far and was instantly beginning to regret it. Before Finn could leave Robert placed his hand on his arm, harshly enough to stop him running out of the pub, but not enough for anyone to notice.

“Except I’m not locked up in a cell, I could destroy you and no one would even bat an eyelid, luckily though for you, I’ve got her to look after,” he murmured causing Finn to glance towards liv, “But if I were you, I’d watch my back. Now get out.”

As he said those last words he released Finn’s arm from his grip and watched him hurry out of the pub. He nodded towards Liv, thanking her from stopping him go too far before returning to his stool and downing another glass of whiskey…

Hope this was okay, I’m thinking of doing a little series of how Robert copes with Aaron being sent away, let me know what you think and whether you have any ideas!! 

To Torment the King, Threaten the Queen

I decided to rewatch Arrow 5x17, and it’s even more amazing (and heartbreaking) to watch the second time. My first viewing was just pure emotional response to what was playing out onscreen. I caught some details here and there, but mostly I was trying to process while hanging on the edge of my seat anticipating what was coming next. Watching the scene again in which Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Prometheus, taunts Oliver about Felicity was fascinating, because I could more easily see how Chase segued into each particular jab and the intent behind it. Like the sick, twisted psycho he is, Prometheus slowly escalates the stakes both physically and mentally for Oliver by threatening his love.

You murdered your own wife

After Chase drowns Oliver for the same amount of time it took his father Justin Claybourn to die, he starts to taunt Oliver about his numerous victims. He tries to humanize them by saying they had families of their own: husbands, wives, daughters, sons, etc. Oliver, however, isn’t swayed because he believes these people committed terrible crimes and had victims of their own. He then points out that Chase is sick and a hypocrite, especially since he murdered his own wife.

It’s that exact moment that Chase makes a very interesting transition. Of all the victims on the wall, he chooses to specifically single out The Count. Why The Count?

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