or does it mean josh hutcherson


Guys, I have a confession to make. I hate straight porn. It doesn’t appeal to me. Just the simple act of vocalizing my attraction to women or trying to hit on them makes me feel bad. Does that mean I’m actually bi? Or are all the accusations true and I’m actually just a gay guy who’s been lying to himself and everyone this whole time?

Special shout out to @coltonhaynes, @sometimesquicklysometimesslowly, @kevincarnell, and all the other peeps I shamelessly lust after in this video.

Probably in our future
  • Moderator: *stands between Josh and Jen* Welcome to.... JOSH HUTCHERSON! *claps his hands*
  • Jen: *does the same and laughs* Joshyyy
  • Josh: *smiles the best smile on the world*
  • Moderator: aaaand... JENNIFER LAWRENCE! *yaaay* *claps his hands again*
  • Josh: *coughs* Um.. *coughs* Hutcherson. Jennifer HUTCHERSON.
  • Jen: *giggles* Joshy don't be mean.
  • Josh: Jenny, I have to! You're my Mrs. Hutcherson. Everybody should know that.
  • Moderator: Oh my god, I'm so sorry, Jennifer. I'm just... waaah.
  • Jen: It's okay! I can show you my wedding ring as a reminder for ya! *shows her hand* Aaaack!

“Jamie Dorman is really protective over Dakota,” the source says. “She is very friendly and talks to everyone [crew, security, etc.] Jamie stays to himself and does not talk much. Jamie thinks Dakota gets really distracted, because she is so nice to people and so he will walk over to who she is talking to and try and end the conversation. He is nice about it, but he does ask them to leave her alone.”

I was reading this on a website and in the discussion someone commented “My money’s on Jamie and Dakota having an affair by the end of the third movie.” I laughed. But I mean, they’ll be sharing intimate moments together, a lot. There’s obviously going to be an attraction and feelings, friendship and love, that carries on into real life. I think it’s heart warming to know that Jamie and Dakota are so close already. I think their friendship will be as tight as Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. Like I mean, that would be perfect!