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Reckless (Phillip Hamilton X Reader)

Request!: “ Requesting a Philip Imagine where the reader is in love with Philip and ends up taking Eacker’s bullet? “ AND  “ Can you do a Phillip one where the reader is Burr’s daughter and they meet when They are both taken to their fathers’ work and they fall for each other. “

Paring: Phillip Hamilton X Reader

TW: drinking, dueling, eacker being a DICK, language?, death

WC: 2838

A/n- THis is now our biggest fic at almost 3K words. It’s also the first fic where we combined two request! We did not expect it to be this long but…


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Your Voice

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader

Words: 449

Warnings: death, blood, angst

Request: Requested by anonymous: Could you do a story where the reader is a child adopted by the Hamiltons and won’t speak to anyone. Philip gains her trust and she starts to speak to him. He becomes her voice.

It was stressful moving to a new place.

It was especially stressful when you didn’t know anyone you now lived with.

“Hi, I’m Eliza!” A woman greeted. You nodded, smiling politely.

“Does she talk?” A young girl whispered to the boy next to her.

“Angelica, don’t be rude!” The boy hissed.

“Sorry, Philip.” She hung her head in guilt.

You still remembered the day you were adopted. They immediately tried to warm up to you, but the only person you grew to know was your older brother Philip.

“Hey.” Philip suddenly entered the room, sitting down on the bed next to you.

“Hi.” You responded quietly.

“Dad wants to know if you want to go into town with the family tomorrow.” He put an arm around you.

“Mmm.” You thought for a moment. “Sure, will you be there?” Philip nodded.

“I’ll go tell dad.”

Philip was your voice.

You were stunned into silence after reading the newspaper Philip handed you.

The Reynolds Pamphlet.

“I..-” You trailed off immediately, staring at Philip in shock.

“Yeah.” He agreed.

The two of you sat in silence for a while, processing what Alexander had done. What would happen to us? Would we live with Eliza? What did she think of all this? Questions flooded your mind, scrambling your thoughts.

Philip helped you through the hard times.

You sprinted down the stairs, skidding to a stop when Alexander stood in front of you.

“Where did he go?!” You shrieked.

“What do you mean?” Alexander blinked, surprised at your sudden outburst

“Philip!” You explained, trying to push past him. Your yelling caught him off guard long enough for you to rush past him out the door.

You were one second too late.

“Philip!” Your throat strained as you screamed. He was so close, but you couldn’t reach him.

He had his gun aimed at the sky, taking careful steps away from another man.

Oh no.

“Philip!” You repeated, stumbling over your feet as you grew closer.

You were so close.

A shot rang out after they reached seven. Philip fell to the ground.


“Philip?” You tripped, falling to your knees as you reached him.

“Y/N…?” He coughed, blood spilling from his mouth. More blood pooled from his waist, staining the grass under him.

You couldn’t seem to find your voice as you watched a medic drag Philip away.

Your voice was gone.

To be honest, I could analyse the fuck out of this photo. To me, it is clear that Philip is either turning away or just facing his side.. but looking back, looking back the same way that Lukas does. In this very photo Philip is turning to move on to something else, with his life even, but Lukas is left behind because he hesitates his decisions being so closeted and terrified of the unknown. He looks to the same point Lukas does because they will always be in the same team, searching for the same light. No matter what direction they are lead in. Philip wears dark because his open emotion and lust is shaded by the metaphorical closet that Lukas is in right now - also mirroring the dark times they are in. Lukas however, juxtaposes this.. he wears white. He wears white which is so pure and vulnerable and even through all of this shit they’re going through, whether Philip moves on, he knows Philip will always look back for him. Wait for him. He knows Philip will stand at his side whether he is moving or still. No matter their differences that’s what it comes down to.. being aside one another. And as long as they have that, they have hope.