or do you prefer baby lips


Okay guys, I’m about to get real with you. 

This is my dream, this is my need, this is everything I have wanted since the moment we saw Even’s sexy seducing slow mo walk in ep 2. 


Can you imagine it? The matching hoodies and jackets, the confident “i’m with my baby” swagger walk. Even’s arm around Isak’s shoulders. Isak doing that super cocky smirk pouty thing he does with his lips. Even preferably wearing those super cool shades again because daaaaamn, Everyone is looking at them, the music is badass yet chillingly beautiful. We have goosebumps, we can’t breath and then

Isak trips and falls on his ass

You are pregnant...

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“I can’t believe that there is a baby in there” Darry whispered, a massive smile on his face as he looked you in the eye. “I’m ‘gonna be a daddy” 

“Yeah, you are.” You smiled, running your fingers through his hair. “What do you think the boys will say? Do you think that they will be okay with it?” You asked with a hopeful look. 

“I’m sure that they will be more than okay about being uncles.” He pressed his lips to your forehead as he trailed his fingers across your flat stomach that was sure to grow. 

“Please don’t expect me to call it something weird… I cannot do that to our child, Dar. I will not be calling it Ponygirl or Pepsi-Cola… we need normal names like Claire or Jane”

I want a scene where a newly-recovered Natasha is at a SHIELD training facility and she gets cornered by a bunch of recruits (a la Gamora in the Kiln in GotG) and just as she’s about to launch herself at her assailants (and take them all fucking apart bc do you really think a bunch of baby agents would stand a chance against the fucking Slavic Shadow? Nah bro) and then Clint shows up

And Natasha might be infamous, but Clint is a legend. Carnie that trained himself to be a sharpshooter and despite preferring a bow and arrow is one of SHIELD’s most prolific agents. So the baby agents just scatter, leaving Natasha and Clint together.

“I didn’t need your help,” she growls, and Clint cocks his head at her.

“What? I don’t have my hearing aids and your accent makes reading lips super hard, so I’m going to assume that you said ‘thank you.’ You wanna get outta here? I’m craving pizza that doesn’t come from a SHIELD cafeteria.”

Calum has a wet dream about you

request - Hii, can you do one of Calum where he is on tour with All Time Low and have a wet dream of you and the boys tease him. Thank you :D

Pairing - Calum and Y/N

His pov

“Jesus Christ Y/N faster” my head rolled back in pleasure as her head bobbed faster. She smirked up at me and licked the tip before standing up and licking her lips.

“You like that baby” she said innocently batting her eye lashes throwing me over the edge. I grabbed her hips and threw her on the bed climbing on top of her kissing her roughly and leaving occasional kisses on her jaw line. Her mouth opened and a moan escaped her soft lips.

“You’re so hot” I pant. She took advantage of my weak state and put herself on top of me grinding her hips on my hard on. “fuck” I breathed attacking my hands to her ass making her move faster.

“I’m going to cu-”

my eyes shot open and I could feel the sweat dripping on my forehead. I looked around the dark room panting reaching next to me to find Y/N. I sighed and buried my face in my hands when I remembered I was on tour. I quickly threw the blankets off my body and swung my legs over the side of the bed. The hard on was evident in my boxers, I hopped out of the bunk and walked over to the living room because it leads to the bathroom.

“Quite the dream you had huh cal?” Alex smirked and laughed turning his head back to the tv. I glared at him and opened the fridge grabbing a water bottle.

“Shut up, it’s hard when I haven’t seen here in 5 moths” he rolled his eyes and chucked.

“Oh yeah Y/N faster, oh yeah right there” Jack moaned mimicking me. All the boys laughed including ashton who was sat on the floor.
I picked up the pillow and thew it at all of them.

“if you would excuse me I have some business to take care of” I mumbled and opened the bathroom door.

“Fuck Y/N it feels so good, keep going” they all moaned banging on the door.

“Fuck off!” I yelled and started to call Y/N to help me take care of my hard on.


Sorry it sucks and it’s short I haven’t done something like this before.

Keep sending requests please it helps!!!

Their Reaction to You Wanting to Adopt a Baby (Fantastic Beasts)

Newt Scamander

You and Newt had been talking about children for awhile so you looked into options. To you, the best one seemed to be adoption, so after doing some more research, you approached Newt on the subject. You explained as much as you know and he nodded a bit, a crooked smile falling on his lips. He agreed that if adoption was what you wanted to do, he was fine with that idea. He just wanted to have a family and wanted to have it with you.

Jacob Kowalski

You often walked home and whenever you did, you passed an orphanage. It always broke your heart to see the children and you wanted to give them a better life. One night, after getting home, you talked to Jacob about it, telling him that there bringing a new child into the world seemed unfair when there were already children that were looking for a good home. He thought it over but eventually agreed. A family was a family and you might as well help someone out with it.

Queenie Goldstein

Queenie didn’t care one way or the other regarding adoption. She just wanted children and why not take in adopted children? Either way, you had a family. Of course, she figured you could take in multiple children at once and very quickly get a large family. You weren’t so sure on that, but you were at least happy that she was alright with adopting children rather than any of the alternatives.

Tina Goldstein

Tina was a little disappointed at the thought of not having a child from both of you so you gave her some time to think about it. In the meantime, you built up your argument a little as well. It turned out unnecessary, though, as she came back and stated that the idea seemed like a good one the more she thought about it. Instead of having to use your argument, she ended up rambling off many reasons why adoption would be a good idea, which made you happy.

Percival Graves

You thought Graves would need more time to think over the possibility of adoption. He seemed to be the type that would want to “continue his bloodline” and all of that. However, when you told him you were thinking of adoption instead of the other options, he agreed to it with a faint smile. You couldn’t help but ask him and he said he wanted to make sure you were happy; he was happy so long as he was with you and a family.

Seraphina Picquery

Madam Picquery needed some time to think about adoption. She very much wanted to continue “her bloodline” and to have a child of her blood. There were several options that you two could take but you wanted to adopt. You two debated about all options for several months before she finally decided you two could adopt, but under the stipulation that you didn’t rule out all options in the future. You agreed, but with your own condition; that she still love this child as if it was her own blood. She smiled some and agreed, stating that any child brought into the house would instantly be hers.

Credence Barebone

You thought about it long and hard after first being with Credence. As much as having a baby of your own would be nice, you wanted to make sure no child ended up in a situation like Credence. Sure, you could always just have a child and raise it right, and you might eventually do that, but for now, you had another idea, and you told Credence about it, letting him know that you wanted to adopt a child. Credence was ecstatic. He liked the idea of doing what his mother had done, only making sure the children had a better life.

Lost and Found ~~ Theo & Baby

Baby was well and fully lost. He bit his lip and looked up and down the street from where he sat on the curb. This wasn’t right at all. It was supposed to be a place where he could get some things to help the plants at his work grow better, but all there was all around were houses. He pulled out his phone and tried to get the map thingy to work, but he couldn’t figure it out at all. He guessed the only thing he could do was to call Felix. He felt bad to be bothering the werewolf, his best friend in this place, all the time. He was just looking through to find the picture of Felix when a shadow fell over him. He blinked up and then smiled. “I got lost.” He declared to the stranger, feeling no fear at all. In fact it felt not so scary now that there was a person there. 


Good Enough

Request: Can you do a one shot where Mikey starts feeling insecure about his weight bc of Twitter comments, and the rest of the band comforts him?

“I’m gonna head to bed,” You announce to the boys as the end credits of the film you were watching starts to roll, “Don’t be too loud or I’ll kick you out,” You laugh, only half joking. You lean over to give Michael a kiss goodnight, earning a few catcalls from the other boys, “G’night, baby,” You whisper against his lips, flipping off the others behind your back.

“Be good boys,” You flash them a sickly sweet smile, heading up to your bedroom to sleep.

“Your girlfriend is so hot, man,” Luke groans semi-serious, trying to get a rise out of Michael, “How’d you manage to keep her for so long.”

Michael just grunts, “Apparently that’s the question on everyone’s mind lately,” He huffs, scrolling through his phone grumpily.

“Hey, man, I was only messing around,” Luke quickly defends, realizing he may have gone too far, “I’m sorry.”

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Paradise Preferences: #4 You’re Pregnant (2/4)

Paradise: Everyone has made it to a paradise, after being through the inhumane trials. Preferences include: Thomas, Newt, Minho, and Gally.

Guys, Please send in requests for this series or for imagines, I’d be happy to do them! :D

Thomas: “ Thomas, I have something really important to tell you, can you stop working for a minute?” You asked. Thomas sighed and nodded and turned to face you. “ What?” He asked. “ Thomas, we’re going to have a baby” you said softly, smiling big at him.  His jaw literally dropped. “ We…. We’re having a baby?” he said before picking you up and spinning you around, placing a sweet kiss on your lips.

Newt: “ Newt! Newt!” You squealed happily as you ran over to him. Newt chuckled lightly. “ Yes love? What are you so excited about?” he asked. “ We’re having a baby!” you squealed and Newt smiled big. “ I didn’t even think i’d see the day we were free from WICKED and now we’re having a baby, this is amazing!” Newt exclaimed. He had an adorable smiles and was trying his best to control his excitement and you knew he would be a great father.

Other two to be posted later.

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pls do "marry me" with Calum 💘


Branches entwined with glowing white, circle lanterns lit a wooded path from the reception tent to the pristine hotel just next to the wood’s back entrances, your hands clutched tightly around Calum’s arm as he laid his own free one against yours; the heat from his palm making you giggle drunkenly into the late night.

“What’s so funny, baby?” Calum asked, his lips kinking into a fond smile as he led you both away from the tent, the thump of the bass still booming though it was growing fainter each step you took away from it.

You shrugged, though the movement nearly knocked you over as a result of your off-kilter equilibrium. “So warm,” you muttered dazedly, stumbling over the ends of your dress before Calum pulled the two of you to a halt. You thought he was simply going to wait for you to knot the sheer fabric above your knees so you wouldn’t trip over it again and let out a surprised “oomph” when he promptly swiped his arms beneath your knees and arms and picked you up. “Cal,” you mumbled in disagreement, frowning at his gesture and squirming in his arms, “Put me down.”

Rolling his eyes, Calum continued his trek towards the hotel as if he wasn’t holding another grown person in his arms; as if your weight meant nothing. “Shh, baby,” he cooed, smiling at the employee who held the door open for him. “I’ve got you.”

“But Cal,” you whined into his neck after shoving it into the warm crevice when you realized people were looking at the two of you. “You know it makes me feel insecure.”

Though you couldn’t see it, you knew (even in your slight drunken stupor) that your boyfriend was frowning. “I know, pumpkin,” he started, clumsily raising his foot once he reached the elevators and pressing the button with the point of his toe. “I know you don’t like when I do this but it would’ve taken us ages to get up to our room considering how slow you move when you’re drunk.”

“Hey,” you piped up, your face pinching into a sulky expression that made Calum absolutely weak at the knees before lightly hitting his chest. “I am not drunk.”

The brunette quirked an eyebrow and smiled teasingly down at you. “You had like seven glasses of champagne baby.”

Your pout further deepened as you burrowed yourself into his chest again, your mumble of “It was good champagne” into his collared baby blue shirt making him laugh. Absentmindedly, you fiddled with the button lines down Calum’s torso as he carried you into the elevator and pressed a kiss to his chest, right above where his heart lay.

“Did you have a good night, baby?” the brunette asked quietly, the low hum of the elevator shaft the only accompaniment to his soft voice.

“Mhm,” you nodded, yawning. “‘S good.” After a moment of silent deliberation, you added, “Can’t wait until it’s us, though.”

As of a few hours ago, you and Calum became the last of the 5sos couples to not be married. Every year since the boys had settled in L.A. three years ago and really focused on building their record label’s reputation, one of the boys happened to have a summer wedding. Today, Luke and his partner had tied the knot and both you and your boyfriend were honorary members of the wedding party, but to be honest… it was getting a little old being the one to hold the bride’s dress while she peed or holding back tears while listening to heart-felt vows being exchanged or watching the father-daughter dance from the sidelines. You wanted to be the one walking down the aisle and cutting the cake and accepting congratulations from friends and family members alike until “thankyou” felt foreign on your tongue from saying it too much.

“Okay, then let’s get married.”

Immediately, your head popped out from Calum’s sturdy chest again, your breath catching in your throat as you choked out a disbelieving, “What?”

“You heard me,” he stated with a smirk. “Marry me.” After a beat, he added. “I triple dog dare you.”

You stared at the brunette, your mouth open wide as he stepped out of the elevator when the doors opened to the fifth floor. Before you could contain yourself, a laugh bubbled from your lungs and up your throat and out of your mouth until you were practically shrieking with giggles. “You-you–” you gasped, trying to catch your breath.

“Shh, baby, there’s people sleeping right now.”

Shooting him an incredulous look, you had to refrain yourself from flicking his nose. “Excuse me, you’re the dumbass who just triple dog dared me to marry you.”

Cautiously, Calum set you down before fishing through his pockets for the room key. “Exactly darling, and I know you well enough to know that you never back down from a dare.” 

You followed him into the suite once he’d unlocked the door and wrapped your arms around his torso, pressing your face against the expansive planes of his back muscles before remarking, “Well, I’d hope you’d know me well enough to know that, considering we’re gonna get married and stuff now.”

“So that’s a yes then?” Calum asked, spinning around in your grasp and grinning down at you.

“No,” you replied, gently pecking his nose before just barely brushing your lips against his. “That’s a triple dog yes.”


#293: Mile High Club

Ashton: You let out a moan as Ashton left a mark on your hipbone, stopping to look up at you with a smirk. “Quiet, baby girl,” he tells you quietly. “We don’t want everyone on the plane to know what we’re doing.” A sigh slips past your lips as you nod, your eyes shutting as he runs a finger through your folds. “You’re so wet,” Ashton hums. “Who made you this wet, hm?” “You did,” you gasp as he begins to rub circles on your clit with his thumb. “Fuck, you did, Ashton. Please do something.” He leans forward and flicks your clit with his tongue as he puts two fingers into you, smiling up at you saying teasingly, “Only because you said please.”

Calum: Calum’s eyes narrow as he grips your wrist tightly and hisses out, “What do you think you’re doing?” “You looked a bit tense, babe,” you shrug innocently as you tug your arm out of his grip. “I was just trying to get you to relax.” “And you couldn’t have offered a massage?” Calum retorts, squirming in his seat as he tries to adjust himself. “I was giving you a massage,” you laugh lowly. “I hate you,” he shakes his head. “Enough to not meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes?” you ask with a wry smile. “I don’t hate you that much,” Calum mumbles, his cheeks flushing at the thought of you on your knees for him in that cramped bathroom.

Luke: You bit down on Luke’s shoulder to muffle your moans as he slid into you, his grip on your hips tightening at the feeling. “Shit, you feel so good,” Luke whispers gruffly as he moves against you. His thrusts are fast, his main goal to get you both there as quick as possible to avoid getting caught. You roughly press your lips to his, moaning into his mouth when he reaches down to rub your clit. Your nails dig into his back as you feel your orgasm begin to build up in your stomach, your eyes widening when you hear a knock on the door. “You shitheads are lucky that everyone else is asleep,” Michael grumbles from the other side. “You’re so fucking gross.”

Michael: “Michael, not now,” you grumble as you push his hand away, not thinking anything of it as you go back to watching the movie. You roll your eyes when you feel his hand go back around you, looking at him with an annoyed expression when he begins to toy with the button on your jeans. “Michael, if you haven’t noticed, we’re on an airplane,” you point out. “We can’t exactly do anything while we’re here.” “We can do whatever we want as long as we’re quiet and don’t get caught,” he smiles cheekily as he unbuttons your jeans. “How about a bet? If you can stay quiet, you can be in charge when we get to the hotel. But if I hear anything from you, I’m in charge.” “Deal.”

A/N: Ha it’s been like 923870293847 years since I last wrote a preference but honestly I just can’t write them anymore. Imagines and blurbs are just easier for me so I think I’m just going to write enough preferences for us to reach 300 (because 292 is an awkward number to end at) and then do whatever. But yeah, hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx

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Can you do a blurb about Niall fucking his girlfriend who's really short & small & him being really into it???xxxx

Niall’s eyes raked up and down your body as you stood there in your lingerie, biting your lip.


God you were so short and small-he knew you’d be so fuckin’ tight too. “Well what? Yer fuckin’ gorgeous.” His tongue traced his lips.

You giggle and run over to him, jumping on him. “Baby… I want to try a new position.” He whisper and kisses down your neck.

“Okay, well, get to it.” You whisper back.

Niall starts to pull off your panty and bra set. “I surely fuckin’ will.” He whispers and kiss down your neck.

Niall grips your hips and flips you so you’re back is pressed against his chest. You were so small, you fit so perfectly against him.

He loved it.

“How’re ya doin?” Niall’s not so dominant voice asks me softly with a tender kiss to your shoulder.

“I am fine baby, keep it up.” You hold his hand briefly and bring it up to kiss it softly.

“O'course.” He smiles as he speaks.

You tighten your grip on his hand and he kisses your shoulder again.

“Ya know, ya lookin pretty fuckin sexy and  fuckable.” Niall whispers in your ear moving down to bite down on your shoulder.

With that his hand moves to grip your thigh and hikes it up and drives himself into me.

It is such an odd position that it stretches me differently than before and a brief flash of pain goes through me before the pleasure of having him in me over takes it.

He keeps his thrusts even and hard. His arms are wrapped around your waist, holding you close and balancing you at the same time.

“Fuck.” He grunts as he brings your leg down, making you all the more tight.

“Niall…” You moan and your nails dig into his forearms.

That was all the encouragement he needed. Niall keeps moving in and out of you roughly. His dick sliding in and out of your tight wet pussy.

Niall easily found your spot when you tightened around him and you cried out his name. He made sure to keep moving roughly-hitting your spot over and over again. You start to cry out his name as he goes.

His calloused fingers pushes his way to find your clit and he rubs it roughly–drawing out your orgasm, causing you to cum a second time.

The second climax is what made Niall cum, he pulled out just in time, his cum all over your lower stomach.

You both lay there, panting.

Newborn Baby | Preference

Calum: “Am I holding her right?” Calum asked, looking to you as he sat at the edge of your hospital bed holding onto your brand new baby girl. “Just make sure you support her head.” You said as you sat up, inspecting his form. “You’re doing just fine.” A smile crossed your lips looking at your new little family. Your little girl started to cry and terror crossed Calum’s face. “What’s wrong?” He asked you, looking as if he was gonna cry as well. “Maybe she’s hungry?” You suggested, handing one of the little bottles over to him. “Just put it by her lips and if she takes it, she’s hungry.” You instructed. Calum did so and his expression changed to a smile as he started feeding her. “I’m sorry,” he whispered to the baby. “You’re tiny and scary, but daddy’s not gonna let you down.”

Ashton: "Look at him!” Ashton almost yelled as your brand new baby boy scrunched up his face as you held onto him. He slipped his phone out of his pocket and snapped a few pictures before setting it down on the table. He leaned over and kissed your forehead as he smoothed down your hair. “You’re so strong, babe.” He said lovingly. “I can’t believe you gave me a mini me.” He grinned. The little blonde boy in your arms had fallen asleep, his mouth agape. “How is he so cute?” Ash asked, reaching for his phone again, opening up the camera. “We should make more if they’re all gonna come out this cute.” “No.” You protested quickly. “No more.” You laughed as a hurt look came across Ashton’s face. “Let me get out of the hospital from the first one before we make another one.”

Michael: The birth of your new little girl was a rough one. After a long labor you started bleeding, which made the doctors call for an immediate c-section. Despite all of the problems your baby girl came out fine, but you were all drugged up and exhausted. Your strength was at a low, so Michael took the liberty of holding onto your child and not letting go. Family member after family member came in to visit your newest addition and congratulate you two. His parents finally made their way in, oohing and aahing as they eyes the little brunette. Michael was reluctant to hand her over, but eventually his mother gave him a death stare where he gave in. “Be careful.” He said as he handled her. “Support her head.” “I know how to do this.” His mom laughed. “You are my child, remember?” Michael smiled and reached up, playing with her little fingers in his, not wanting to be apart for a second.

Luke: "Luke, don’t leave, please.” You pleaded as Luke took a slight step back, still holding onto your hand. You were in the middle of giving birth to your little girl and Luke was all you wanted. He knew that, but he was freaking out about the whole thing. Hospitals, being a father, the human being that was coming out of you. He onto your hand and cheered you on as you have one final push, a silence and then the sound of a brand new baby crying. The doctors cleaned her off and cut the cord as Luke stood and stared. “Congratulations, you’re a father.” The nurse smiled, handing him the little girl. She adjusted his arms around the small child and grinned as Luke stared down at her, in awe. You watched as he pressed his lips together and tears formed at the corner of his eyes. He closed them shut hard for a moment before opening them again and having tears rolling down his cheeks. He looked up at you to see you in just about the same state. “She’s so beautiful.” He sobbed, laughing slightly before he tilted his head back down, unable to break away his gaze because he was so in love.

whatever you do don’t imagine jealous Ashton standing next to you while your catching up with an old guy friend you haven’t seen since grade school and don’t imagine him locking his jaw and grabbing your hand when your friend pulls you into a hug and don’t imagine him pressing his lips hard against yours as soon as the guy walks away whispering in your ear “your mine and mine only, baby girl, let’s go home so I can make sure you don’t forget” and him dragging your to the car to go home and juST DONT IMAGINE IT OKAY

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Yo do you write smut? If you do can you make a 4/4 or just Luke of the girl using the safe word during sex?

Luke watches in awe as you come for the third time. He hovers between your thighs, letting your fingers rake through his hair and tug at the ends. He loves watching you come, watching the pleasure on your face. He carefully crawls up your body, kissing you lightly on the lips. 

“You’re so beautiful, baby,” he whispers, leaving more kisses across your face. “Do you think you can come one more time?” 

“I-I think so,” you say, nodding slightly. 

“Yeah?” he asks, excitement in his tone. 

You nod, tangling your fingers in his hair and pulling his head down to kiss him again. Luke carefully lines himself up with your entrance before thrusting in. You gasp, still sensitive, but you don’t stop him. He pulls out, nearly all the way, before thrusting in again slowly. You whine in pain though Luke can’t tell the difference. His eyes screw shut as he picks up the pace. He holds one of your hands above your head and holds your hips in place with the other. 

“Luke,” you say, gasping for breath. 

He doesn’t slow down or even open his eyes but keeps his pace. 

“Shit, Luke,” you gasp, placing a hand on his chest. “Luke, blue, blue!”

His eyes widen in panic as soon as he hears the word. He pulls away and sits back. Luke leaves some distance between the two of you almost as if he’s afraid to touch you again at all. 

“I’m sorry. Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, baby, I swear. I shouldn’t have asked you to do that. I’m sorry,” he rambles. 

You sit up, reaching out for his hand. “Luke, it’s okay. I’m not mad at you. It only hurt for a bit, but it wasn’t you. It was just all too much. That’s what the safe word is for, right? It’s okay now, I promise.”

He nods slowly, watching you carefully trying to hear even the slightest pain in your voice. He leans forward, pulling you into his chest. 

“I’m still sorry, baby,” he mumbles.

this is pretty bad so i apologize

#218 - Love Bites

Harry: He traces his thumbs over the purple marks that are scattered across your neck. A playful smirk folds out on his lips. “Did you leave your mark?” you giggle softly, biting your lip gently. “Of course baby… Gotta let people know who you belong to.”

Liam: “Do they hurt?” he asks softly, kissing over the fresh marks that trailed down and across your shoulders and collarbones. “Not really,” you chuckled quietly, running your finger over them. “They did last night, but not anymore.” “Good baby… cause I wanna give you more.”

Niall: You bit your lip, looking at the teeth marks that littered Niall’s shoulders. “Someone was feisty last night,” he smirked, looking at you in the mirror. “Sorry…” you whispered shyly, blushing slightly. “No! Don’t apologize!” he smirked. “I like people knowing who I belong to.”

Zayn: “Oh my god,” you whispered with shock, looking down at your thighs. The insides of them were literally covered in tender teeth shaped bruises. “Mornin’,” Zayn’s husky voice came from the bathroom. His eyes widened at the sight. “Looks like I did my job.”

Louis: “They look…” you drifted off, cocking your head sideways. The bites on Louis’ chest were all shapes an sizes. “They look like they belong there,” he smirked, looking down as well. “I want more now.” “Oh I think that can be arranged,” you giggled with a cheeky smirk.

Ok but think about this.

Calum would be such a good fuck. It would never be boring with him. He would probably do it anywhere with you. Bed, couch, wall, floor, table, backseat of the car, airplane bathroom, backstage, the hotel pool.
He’d be so into it all the time. He’d groan so loud when you’d bite his shoulder or scratch your nails down his back. He’d mumble “fuck, baby girl. You feel so good around me.” in this deep, raspy voice as he thrusts into you. Fuck, and those lips. Imagine him sucking on your clit as you moan out and grab at his soft curly hair.
After sex would be A+ too. Snuggling in those muscular arms, head on his chest listening to his heart beat. Dang.

5SOS Preference #36: Stay
  • Ashton Irwin: "Just call in sick." He mumbles against your neck, kissing it before giving your waist a squeeze. "You know I can't do that, hon." You laugh gently, running your fingers through his hair. "Yes you can, you just choose not to be in bed with your man all day, I understand." Ashton pouts playfully before looking at you. You laugh again and then give him a peck on his pouty lips. "Come on, baby," he smiles, kissing your cheek. "You and I both know what could happen, right here; on this bed today." You're cheeks warm up at his words and you breathe out before kissing his nose. "I want that Ash, but-" "Please, baby, don't go in." He whispers, pushing his head back into your neck and kissing it. "Ashton, you're killing me here." You groan gently before giggling. "I want you to be with me," He whines gently, putting a leg over your legs. "Please, babygirl, stay here with me."
  • Luke Hemmings: "I don't want you to go." You whisper before he pulls you closer to him with his hand on your waist. "And I'm not leaving you." He chuckles gently, kissing your lips before you "shh" him a bit and remind him that your parents are asleep in the next room. "No, Lu," you whisper while looking up at him in the darkness of your room. "I don't want you to leave me...at all." He breathes out and kisses your forehead. "Baby, I'm not going anywhere, okay?" Luke mumbles, rubbing your waist with his thumb. "Just..." You choke out softly, closing your eyes as he rests his forehead on yours. "Hey," He coos in a whisper, rubbing your hip gently. "Talk to me." You open your watery eyes and breathe out shakily before you speak again. "Stay with me." He nods, leaning in and pecks your lips slowly and gently. "Always, pretty girl." Luke whispers back, scooting closer to you to snuggle.
  • Calum Hood: "Y/N..." He whispers softly, kissing your inner thighs with his hands grasping your hips. You shiver a bit as his lips travel down your body tenderly, nipping and licking then and there. "C'mon already Cal." You whine gently and then he chuckles. "Patience, babe." He says, his eyes casting up towards yours as his lips move their way up your center. You then moan blissfully once he kissing your underwear covered center. "God, I love you." He whispers before pulling down your panties with his fingers. Then he spreads your legs further apart before moving in and kissing all of you. You moan gently and smile a bit as he moves his tongue against you. "I could do this everyday." He whispers against you, making you squirm, whimpering his name. "Hey," he coos, squeezing your hips a bit. "Stay still, angel. For me, okay?"
  • Michael Clifford: "Shit." You whisper to yourself, closing your eyes gently to ease the throbbing pain in your head. "I'm so sorry." Your best friend mumbles next to you in bed. "Michael, we...we..." You swallowed while pulling the covers over your naked body more. "I know, I know," He mumbles, closing his eyes himself. "I didn't force you, okay? You wanted me as much as I-" "Michael, this isn't good," You whisper, shaking your head. "I don't want this to ruin us." He shakes his head. "And it won't, okay?" He reassures, taking your hand. "This is crazy, Mike. Friends don't do this." You admit, breathing out. "We were drunk, babe." He murmurs. "Still not an excuse." You snap back a bit. He sighs and rubs his face with one hand. "I love you, dammit." You close your eyes and shake your head. "I have to go." You whisper, getting out of bed. "Shit, Y/N wait." Michael rasps, grabbing your hand and making you stop. "Stay a little longer. Please?" He asks gently with hopeful eyes. You bite your lip and look at his glossy eyes. "I...I want to explain myself and plus, I make a mean breakfast." He chuckles before squeezing your hand.
Daddy Michael to the rescue

Requested: Yes

Do you think you could do an imagine thing where you and one of the other boys (preferably Michael) are new parents and he comes home after a full day of recording to find you sitting on the floor holding the baby both crying because you’re stressed and can’t get the baby to stop crying and it’s been hours and you haven’t been able to sleep or anything like that please?

The baby girl laid silently on her father’s arms, with her shut together and little breaths escaping her small lips. Michael stared down in awe as you were unlocking the door to enter. 

The small family entered quietly, scared to wake her up. “She’s so small,” Michael whispered, still looking down at his daughter. You nodded staring at the scenery in front of you, thinking about the future.

Michael looked up, “What?” he asked chuckling.

“I don’t want her to grow up, but I sort of do. Just to see you with her,” you replied smiling faintly.

“She was just born Y/N,” Michael laughed causing your precious daughter to stir in his arms. Michael and you kept quiet and watched your moving daughter intently to check if any cries rather than small breaths would escape her mouth. She then kept still. You both sighed in relief and smiled at one another.


It had been 3 weeks since your daughter was born and since then, both of you realised that she was screamer. She would keep you up at night for hours, taking a long time for her to calm down. 

For the first time in 9 months, Michael had to return back to the studio. 

“I mean I can just lie and say I’m sick, I know how she is and-” you silenced him with a kiss. 

“Go,” you whispered. Michael lightly held your hands and looked at you in the eye, to see if your eyes would give away anything. It didn’t. Michael leaned down to kiss you on the cheek and turned around to walk to the crib to see his daughter. 

Her full hair was matted against her forehead as her legs kicked wildly in the air and her head moving left to right. As soon as Michael leaned over the crib, her head stopped moving and looked up at her dad with her round green eyes. 

“Hey there sweetie pie!” he leaned forward, his arms outstretched to pick her up. When she was lifted from the small mattress, she gave a small grunt until she was leaning on her dad’s shoulders. “I’m going to be gone for a while, so you’ll have mummy!” Michael turned his head to his right staring down at his daughter, to see if she’s listening. She was too busy placing her mouth of her dad’s clothed shoulder, opening it and closing it and licking it. 

Michael turned to you laughing, “I think she’s hungry.” He let her go, causing her to whine. Her whine were increasing in volume until you grabbed her and began to breastfeed. Michael smiled, leaning against the door frame watching the beautiful scenery in front of him. “I’m going now.” You looked up and waved at Michael with him waving back and leaving the door. 

You looked down and smiled, “I guess it’ll be just us two kiddo,” you gently moved her hair away from her forehead, smiling in awe.


Michael parked his car in front of the garage and sighed heavily. He had a long day at the studio and couldn’t wait to get inside. He got out the car and slammed the car door shut. He walked to the front door and stopped. He heard a baby crying and another person crying. His eyes grew larger as his heart was beating fast. He hurriedly unlocked the door and ran in.

In front of him was his daughter crying while being carried by the love of his life who was also crying. You turned around hiccuping and sobbing shaking your head. Michael walked up to you and took your crying daughter who was sobbing ferociously. “Y/N. Y/N, go upstairs and lie down. Honey please, okay don’t worry I’ve got her.” You did what he told you to, walking slowly up the stairs, your sobs uncontrollable. 

Michael looked down to his shoulder and started to bob her up and down slowly to ease her cries. He walked over to her nursery room and turned the lights to dim mode. She was still crying so Michael sat down on the rocking chair cradling her. The small bundle volume decreased but she was still crying. “I think someone is tired, don’t you?” Michael muttered. He began to rock back and forth slowly watching her as her cries became minimal to finally little breaths escaping her mouth. 

Michael smiled and stood up calmly to avoid her crying again. He gradually walked over her crib and delicately placed her down. He switched on the baby monitor and exited the room. 

“Next up, Y/N,” Michael mumbled to himself as he walked up the stairs to enter the shared bedroom. He found you sitting there, on the edge of the bed with your head in your hands. 

He walked over and bent down to your level, gently removing your hands away form your face, making you tilt your head to meet his eyes. Michael placed his hand on the side of your face, caressing it with his thumb but stopped as soon as you started talking.

“I thought I’d be okay. I’m such a terrible mother, I tried everything but she wouldn’t stop. I wasn’t getting irritated with her, I was getting irritated with myself. I couldn’t get her to stop,” your eyes started to blur and Michael started to caress you.

“Hey,” you looked down, “Hey,” you looked at him, “She’s only three weeks old. Obviously it’s going to be hard looking after a baby alone. We’ve got each other and we need to stay at home a bit longer until she’s a bit older. You’re not a bad mother Y/N. You’re just completely new at this, as am I. We’ll be fine. We’ll work together. We can do this. I love you,” Michael whispered looking deep in your eyes. 

You nodded and sniffed, “I love you too.” You leaned your forehead against his and closed your eyes. He moved back and kissed it, then quickly stood up and sat next to you opening his arms to you. You moved in and hugged him. 

“How about you go to sleep and I make food?” You nodded in reply to Michael’s question. He laid you down on the bed and went downstairs to cook a meal for the two of you.

A/N hope you liked it. I decided to do this tonight and Nerd Luke tomorrow. Have a good day.

imagine waking calum up because you had a nightmare and with his eyes closed he pulls you into him and says “do you wanna talk about it baby?” so you’d say in a whisper “no just please don’t leave me okay? don’t make my dream reality” and he’d instantly open his eyes and press a kiss to your lips as he says that he’s never gonna leave you so he rubs your back and starts singing. he ends up singing a whole song until he sees your eyes closed and he has a smile on his face knowing he made his princess feel safe.