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seventeen’s reaction when they need to help you out of a shirt you’re stuck in

it makes perfect sense~ thank you for requesting!!! i’m sorry it took a few days to do this request…I have two others after this one and I promise to have them uploaded soon so please anticipate!


seungcheol ~

I think that Scoups would be one of the least flustered members. He would snigger when he heard you call out from the changing room. “What do you mean you’re stuck? How could you be stuck?” After a fair amount of teasing, he’d finally walk in and help you (of course, his laughing would pick up again when he saw your arms tangled in the material). He would pull the shirt over your head slowly, savoring the moment and doing his best to control his wandering eyes. “You should really be more careful, Y/N.” 

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jeonghan ~

Jeonghan would smile to when he heard your problem, thinking to himself how cute you were to do something so silly. At first he was little happy to be put in this situation with you, but as he inched forward, his heart picked up its pace. “Are you sure you need my help? There’s no way you can get it off on your own?” After a few minutes of you assuring him there was no way you could do it without assistance, he’d take the final steps toward the curtain and step inside. He would hardly be able to look away from your bare sides and stomach as he removed the shirt, laughing nervously the whole time.

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joshua ~

Josh’s eyes would widen as soon as your request set in. As much as he’d love to be able to walk in there and help you cooly, there was just no chance. This muffin would start to blush at just the sight of you. His fingers would shake as he struggled with the zipper, a little giggle escaping his lips “Oh no- I think I may have just made it worse.” You would move closer, hoping that a better view of the zipper would help him. However, it’d really have the opposite effect, the small distance between you and him making him even more nervous. “D-don’t worry, I think I’ve almost got it.”

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junhui ~

Another member who wouldn’t be phased by the awkward situation. He’d poke his head into the changing room without hesitation. “It doesn’t seem that stuck… Y/N, if you wanted me to take off your shirt you could have just asked-” *queue you punching his shoulder* Jun would chuckle at you, though he knows you’re embarrassed- he secretly loves to see you blush, so he’ll tease you any chance he gets. Now, eventually, he’d get around to actually helping you. There’s no doubt that this greaseball would turn you towards him as he removed the shirt, smirking as your face becomes a new shade of red.

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soonyoung ~

We all know how much of a sweetheart our Hosh is. You sounded a little upset when you asked for his help, so he was a bit worried about you. Ignoring his legs, which were shaking pretty violently, he walked right into the changing room. “Are you okay? Don’t worry, I’ll get you out!” He’d begin to fiddle with the back of the shirt, becoming a blushing mess as soon as his fingers made contact with your bare skin. All he could think about was how pretty your hair is and how small the changing room was and if you thought he was cute…literally a million thoughts, but none of them about the task at hand. So, he’d be mindlessly messing with the shirt for the longest time with no progress before he even got close to untangling the fabric.

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wonwoo ~

He would give off a cool and collected vibe, when really he’s anything but. “I’ll be right in, don’t worry Y/N.” He would say, staring at the closed curtains with a rapidly beating heart. He couldn’t bring himself to make a movement towards them- he figured that this would be the most he’d ever see of you, and god, that was terrifying. After you called out a second time, he decided running away wasn’t an option and entered the changing room. You would move close to him so he could have a good look at the problematic part of the shirt, feeling his pounding heart against your back. When you asked if he was okay, he’d chuckle nervously and stutter “What? Me? Yeah, I’m okay. Are you okay?”

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jihoon ~

I think Woozi may just be the shyest about the whole situation. Ever since he realized he has a crush on you, he’s had a hard time figuring out how to act around you. This fiasco would be a total mystery to him- he’d be to busy internally freaking out for him to figure out what he should do to help. “Should I come in now? Are you covered up? I don’t want to you..you know-” You’d cut him off, saying it was fine and he could just come in. He’d divert his eyes to the ground (which made it a little hard to help you) and did his best to hide the blush on his cheeks as he slid the shirt over your head.

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seokmin ~

There’s no doubt Dokyum would get a kick out of this- I mean is he ever not smiling and laughing? And I don’t think he’d be very subtle about his feelings for you, adding compliments into all his taunts. He would start to giggle as he answered you “You’re so cute, Y/N! Only you would do something so silly.” This would make you start to feel shy, saying you changed your mind and that you’d get it off yourself. He’d only start to laugh more from there, trying to assure you between giggles that he could help. “No, no- Y/N! I’ll get you out, okay? Just- let me see how bad it is!”

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mingyu ~

I think Mingyu would act totally neutral in the beginning, coming into the room to help you without teasing you (which is surprising because your relationship with him is all about making fun of each other). “Sure, just show me what the problem is.” He’d fiddle with the zipper and eventually you’d be able to slide it over your head. Before you could thank him he’d begin to giggle, “Y/N that really wasn’t that stuck, you couldn’t do that yourself?” You’d sigh and shove him out the door because oh my god he was so close to doing something without embarrassing you but he had to go and ruin it.

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minghao ~

This little muffin would gladly agree to help you when you called out to him. However, he didn’t fully prepare himself for the scene that waited inside the dressing room. He’d step inside, opening his mouth to speak…but when he’d see your half exposed chest (because the shirt got stuck as you were lifting it over your head.) he would tense up and his cheeks would turn a bright shade of pink “M-maybe one of the girl workers should be helping you?” Though he’d eventually start to help, it would take quite a bit of coaxing on your part.

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seungkwan ~

When Seungkwan heard you were stuck, he’d immediately start to laugh at your expense- as he usually does. However when “Could you come help me?” left your lips, he froze. “Me? Come in there?” he gulped, his palms beginning to sweat. You’re the cutest and funniest girl he knows… what if he embarrasses himself? What if he sees some of you he shouldn’t and things get awkward? A million doubts would run through his head at that moment. “Hold on, I’ll call Y/F/N, she can help you!” He’d end up yelling to you, beginning to dial your friends number on his phone. “Y/F/N lives an hour away, just come in here!” -it’d take a while, but eventually he’d help you (and he’d blush the whole time)

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hansol ~

We all know how ‘hip hop’ Vernon is on stage- but off stage he seems easily flustered. That’s why in this case, you’d probably be the one to tease him. Unlike some of the other shy members, he’d enter the changing room without being persuaded. “Okay, it’s not too bad…this should just take a second.” Despite his shaking fingers, he’d finally be able to get the shirt untangled. You’d seize the moment saying something like, “Taking off my shirt already Hansol? Shouldn’t you take me out to dinner first?” *queue a cute little laugh and pink cheeks*

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chan ~

Don’t even get me started on how much of a sweetheart our Channie is. He’d really want to help you, so there would be no hesitation in his voice when he answers, “Stuck? I’ll be right in, Y/N.” However, he’d start to feel shy upon entering. He’d probably hardly look at your body as he helped, afraid he’d make you uncomfortable. Just the little glimpse he got of your undergarments would make him blush furiously. As soon as you were all settled, he’d be frantic to leave, “Well, as long as your fine! I’ll start walking back to the dorm…see you there!”

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basically what eurovision voting between scandinavian countries looks like every year
  • Norway: And 12 points go to-
  • Denmark: Hoe don’t do it
  • Norway: Sweden!!
  • Denmark: Oh my god
  • -
  • Denmark: And 12 points go to-
  • Sweden: Hoe don’t do it-
  • Denmark: Norway!!
  • Sweden: Oh my god
  • -
  • Sweden: And 12 points go to-
  • Norway: Hoe don’t do it-
  • Sweden: Denmark!!
  • Norway: Oh my god