or do they stay cold

  • Qrow: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~~
  • Winter: Qrow, I swear to god, it is the middle of July.
  • Qrow: But just look around us!
  • Winter: Yes my name is Winter and you are, for the time being, living in my house, which has a lot of white furniture. That doesn't mean it's funny to sing christmas carols.
  • Qrow: Fine, fine. So where's the bathroom.
  • Winter: Down the hall and to the right. Anywhere else you need to know the location of?
  • Qrow: How do I get up on the rooftop, click click click?
  • Winter: *Slowly clenches her fists, audibly crinkling the paper she's holding.
  • Winter: Qrow, do you know why you're staying here?
  • Qrow: Cause baby it's cold outside?
  • Winter: No, because you need to conceal your location for the time being so the enemy doesn't know where you are. Your life is at risk. This is no laughing matter, which means no more jokes.
  • Qrow: Okay, okay...
  • Winter: ........
  • Qrow: ...... *Opens mouth to speak, but then closes it*
  • Winter: ......
  • Qrow: .......
  • Winter: Okay fine, one more, but this the last one.
  • Qrow: Really?
  • Winter: Yes.
  • Qrow: *Points to a family portrait, moving his finger from Weiss, to Winter, to their mother*
  • Qrow: Ho Ho Ho
  • Winter: *Knees him in the fucking groin*

But do I want to say goodbye to all the glowing eyes?

for love poets who can’t fall in love

I’m an aromantic love poet—asexual.
The women are real,
the feelings aren’t.
Sucking on her bottom lip, I taste her Moscato
and my confusion;
the stomach-flip is all alcohol.

I fold my brow while working her body like a puzzle,
searching for an answer key
between the third and fourth freckle.  In bed,
my shoulders tense.
My feet stay cold.
Why do I take shots between kisses?
She says I’m just a little off.
She says she loves me for it.

I fall in love
with lyrics.
I live
in ideas.
I wrap my tongue
around the imagined.
Being in love
sounds so good
as a thought-bubble.

But in reality, when the Absolut is running low
and I’ve still got a hangover
and this girl is still here
and the roads are snowed in
and I’m picking her hair out of my teeth
when she’s not looking—
it’s just better in sonnets.
I’m just not made
to share a blanket.

I’m an aromantic
love poet.
And love tastes better in a lyric
than on my tongue.

Sometimes I dream that we were together. That you held me in your arms. That everything was how it’s supposed to be. That the cold I feel in my heart and the pain I feel in my chest was never there. But we are not together. I am not in your arms. Nothing is how it was supposed to be. I feel pain in my chest and my heart is as cold as ice. All you had to do was stay. And maybe I would be okay.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1155 // its comforting to think of you and what we could have been sometimes 

Imagine staying in bed and cuddling with Woozi all day long when the weather is cold outside.

BONUS: Whenever you try to get out of bed, Woozi will pull you right back and tightens his hold on you because he doesn’t want you to leave.

Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast Sandwich!

Happy Friday! 

Where did the week go? I guess time flies by when you’re keeping busy. The weather is so freaking cold here; you have to keep doing things to stay warm. I can’t wait for outside running weather to get here. The treadmill is so boring! I could only do 3 miles before I quit from boredom. I did fit in a little Insanity video on my Xbox before the run to warm up the muscles. 

I made myself a nice pre-workout treat to give me a little extra energy during my workout. Sometimes I get sick of protein bars, so I venture off and do something different.

I started to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and then had this crazy idea to “French toast” it. I’ve seen people add cream cheese to French toast and fruit, so I knew it had to be good. You can’t go wrong with peanut butter anyways. 

The peanut butter and jelly French toast sandwich was incredible. Why have I never done this before? I MEAN SERIOUSLY! You HAVE to try it! 

Ingredients: *2 Slices 35 Calorie Whole Wheat Bread (You can use gluten free, white, rye, cinnamon raisin bread…) *1 Tbsp Grape Jelly, *1 Tbsp Peanut Butter, *1 Large Egg. 

I used regular grape jelly. You could use any flavor you’d like. If you do not have jelly, you could mash up some berries instead. 

I used all natural creamy peanut butter. You could use almond butter, any kind of nut butter, Nutella, or cream cheese! 

Everyone knows how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…I would hope. Unless your mom made yours every day as a kid, you should know. 

Never pile on too much peanut butter or too much jelly. The bread gets soggy and the texture gets all funky. Stick with about 1-2 tbsp of peanut butter and 1-2 tbsps of jelly. My mom used to load the jelly on, and I’d have to scrape it off everyday at lunch. 

Smack the two pieces together and vuala! You’ll have yourself one nice lookin’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

Now, it’s time to french toast the sandwich. French toast has always been a favorite breakfast of mine. It’s incredibly cheap, too. All you need is bread and eggs. 

Crack the egg into a bowl or plate. Whisk it together and place the sandwich on top. 

Lather the sandwich with the egg until every single inch of the bread is covered. Don’t forget the sides! 

Grease a pan and set the heat to high. 

Place the sandwich onto the pan and cook until both sides are lightly brown. 

You could also make some of these ahead of time and pack them for lunches or to-go breakfast sandwiches. 

I like to eat mine warm with maple syrup. 

Nutrition: 265 Calories, 32 g Carbs, 8 g Fat, 9 g Protein, 9 g Fiber, 14 g Sugar. 

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