or do they just use their jawlines

RFA Reaction to cuddling at MCs place while Family/Roommates are there

So basically this is my HC for the RFA I need to start doing Minor Trio with Baeran dammit me going to MCs place for the first time and trying to cuddle/other but the catch is MC lives with family/roomies.

Some are just fluffy. Some get smutty. *cough* Zen and Jumin *cough*


  • Your room?? Alone?? I-Is that okay??
  • “Yoosung, we’ve hung at before…”
  • “Yeah at my place where it was just us…Is…Is your family ok with this?”
  • “Yoosung I’m a legal adult. I have been. We both are.”
  • “O-Okay.”
  • You’re sitting in your bed cuddling, playing video games. You get a little handsy. A slight blush rises in his cheeks and he pretends not to notice as he keeps playing his level.
  • But your hand rests at the hem of his shirt, and sloooowwwlllly lifts it up, letting your fingers softly trace up and down his sides
  • Blush intensifies “MC..?? You feelin cuddly?”
  • “Maaaybe” You nuzzle into the crook of his arm as he puts it around you.
  • You are not satisfied. More snuggles. More.
  • You throw one leg over him, latching onto him like a Koala.
  • It was pretty innocent, but Yoosung imagining your parents or sibling walking in and seeing you tangled up just made him so flustered. ‘If I keep playing my game, even if someone sees us they’ll no nothing was happen-’
  • You crane your neck and plant a soft kiss on his 
  • This boy can’t keep a poker face. You know you’ve got him. You casually take his DS out of his hands, save the progress, and close it.
  • Yoosung is just wide eyed staring at the ceiling, lips pursed and shaking juuuust a little bit. His hand still in the position as if he was still holding his DS up. He is too shook
  • So you make the move, throw your arm over his chest and start kissing his neck again.
  • “MC are you sure?”
  • “We’re not gonna go crazy…I mean. Probably not.” And you start leaving a couple soon-to-be hickeys on him.
  • ‘Oh what the hell’ Yoosung gives up. He likes you too much.
  • He takes your hand in his and interlaces your fingers with his
  • Turns his head to yours
  • So many kisses. He starts pressing his lips to yours, it’s deep but still soft.
  • You guys just keep it up for a while. Snuggles, kisses, the occasional grope.
  • It gets late into the night and Yoosung figures he should get going.
  • You walk him to the door and he gives you a kiss goodnight.
  • You promise to hang out at his place next time so he’s not as nervous.


  • She thinks your roommates are lovely. They like her too, think she’s kind of stoic, but like her none the less.
  • You two go up to your room. She sits on your bed, no second thoughts about your roommates or anything. Why would they come in? And even then Jaehee’s sure you’re not ballsy enough to try anything crazy with people in the house
  • You guys arent quiet enough for that
  • You sit next to her and put on one of Zen’s shows. You start off side by side but soon end up spooning.
  • You guys have watched these movies so many times you know all the lines, so whenever Zen goes to deliver a really sexy line, you beat him to it and whisper it in Jaehee’s ear.
  • She giggles and it’s so fkn cute. Ugh.
  • You get a little restless at one point. You run your hand down her side, admiring her curves.
  • And sloooowly back up. Your fingers brush exposed skin and her spine straightens a bit.
  • “MC…” She chuckles
  • You two start kissing. It’s sweet and slow. You don’t go very far, because you’re both just feeling more cuddly than lusty. Lusty isn’t a word but shut up
  • Eventually the movie is over. You walk her out to her car. You go to give her a quick peck goodnight, but she cups your face and holds it there for a good minute. You melt a little and put your hands over hers. She’s too cute.
  • You watch as her car pulls out of the driveway. A small smile on your lips.
  • Your roomate opens the front door “Hey, you gonna stand here and think about that steamy ass kiss or come inside already?”


  • He knocks at the door and your roommate opens it.
  • “Holy shit MC your hot ass celebrity boyfriend is here” They yell up the stairs (it’s me. I’m one of your obnoxious roommates.)
  • You come down the stairs “Babe! Hey! Sorry I didn’t get the door I-”
  • “No worries, Angel” And he planted a quick peck on your lips. You heard your roommates snicker as they set the table for food.
  • After you all ate, you and Zen slipped into your room. You expected immediate cuddles and kisses but
  • He just sat at your desk and looked around
  • “Uh, Babe, you can come sit on the bed” You patted the spot next to you
  • But Mc…… T H E B E A S T
  • It could appear at any moment.
  • I’ll take my chances just get over here you egg.
  • So he joins you on the bed. Slowly he sinks into the spot next to you, as if a quick movement might rattle the cage of THE BEAST
  • You turn on your music and start chatting. Eventually ending with Zen’s head in your lap as you play with his hair and he stares at your face with endearment cause he’s just so in love with how focused you look as you braid his hair and chat.
  • So endeared he doesn’t hear you muttering about cutting off the rat tail
  • Soon the braid is done and there’s nothing to occupy your hands while you guys talk.
  • They start off at Zen’s face. Tracing his cheekbones and jawline.
  • “MC…what are you doing?” He chuckles
  • “Just touching you”
  • MC Phrasing please
  • Then your hands trace the tendons in his neck to the well toned muscles on his shoulders. His shirt color tries to get in the way but you just snake your hands underneath.
  • His eyebrow twitches
  • MC please he is using all of his self control right now.
  • You lean over, giving your arms more reach farther into his shirt, your fingertips brush the beginning of your lovers V line. Haha V line. V. Hah you can only think about V whenever you see Zen’s V line now
  • Your intention was to get your face inches from Zen, not touch his hips. That was just added bonus
  • His breath gets a little heavy and husky, brushing your lips which are only about an inch away.
  • You very slowly, and I mean very slowly, lean in to close the gap. Your eyes half lidded while Zen’s are wide af.
  • The second your lips touch Zen jumps up. Well he tries. WIth your hands in his shirt and face above his you both get a little tangled for a second but his feet find the floor and he turns so he’s facing away from you.
  • “Hyun? You ok?”
  • “ I just…. Ugh. If we kiss like that again I don’t think I’ll be able to help myself, Princ-”
  • “So don’t.”
  • He turns his head, a look of shock in his eyes. “What?”
  • “So. Don’t.” You grin. “Don’t help yourself”
  • “But your roommates are-”
  • You turn your radio volume even higher, a smug look on your face.
  • His voice dropped so low you thought it was a new person. “Are you sure you want to?”
  • You got up and pulled him close, pressing your bodies together. “Positive”
  • Music: High
  • Kisses: Heavy
  • Beast: Unleashed.
  • You guys weren’t used to having to be quiet. Zen wasn’t sure how to feel about you not screaming his name. But it was a fun little challenge for the both of you. It made things interesting, added the element of getting caught.
  • Eventually you guys were left panting and just laying side by side.
  • He glanced at the clock.
  • “Oh shit My Love, I’m sorry to eat and run but it’s getting late and I have morning rehearsal.” He hopped out of bed and started pulling his clothes on.
  • “I understand Babe” You threw a shirt and sweatpants on and walked him downstairs, where your roommates were still awake watching a movie.
  • Zen cast a nervous glance towards them, but covered it as soon as they looked in your direction.
  • “It was nice meeting you!” He waved to them.
  • “You too!” They both chimed and waved back.
  • Zen turned to you, gave you a kiss goodnight, and walked out to his car.
  • You shut the front door, and as soon as you did
  • “Wow. Your bed is really squeaky huh?
  • “Wha-” A blush spray paints your cheeks bright red
  • “Celebrity sex scandaaaaaal” The other one sings.
  • “We didn’t-” You tried.
  • “MC….your shirts backwards” They winked.
  • You looked down and sure as shit you were looking at the back of your shirt. Welp. RIP.


  • You were a little nervous for Jumin to come over and meet your roommates.
  • More often than not they were those ruthless Jokester friends. They didn’t get when people didn’t get their jokes and Jumin…he’s not the best with jokes in general.
  • Your friends are also very casual, so when Jumin showed up in his “Formal Dinner Party” attire they were a little confused.
  • You had given them a fair warning…but they didn’t think you were serious.
  • You ate dinner, it went surprisingly okay. You swore there might come a time when Jumin and one of the roomies might hit a rough patch but nope. Smooth sailing, especially when he learned one of your roomies is pre vet and they shared a passion for felines.
  • After dinner you escorted him to your room.
  • Almost immediately you were wrapped in each other’s arms on the bed.You guys try to keep it professional in public, so once you’re alone you two make up for the lost public snuggle time hardcore.
  •  You lay side by side, your head on his chest, his arm around you and rubbing your back. You just chat about things, you ask Jumin about random things just to hear his voice His voice is my guilty fucking pleasure my god bless that VA. It calms you. But if he says the right things it gets you a little… hot and bothered.
  • “So dinner was good….when’s dessert?” Yep like that. Hot. And. Bothered. 
  • “Jumin” You gasped a little, surprised he suggested it
  • “I’m sorry? I assume from the way your hand was inching towards-”
  • Oh shit? Your hand was heading down there wasn’t it. Haha ohhhhh Hand. *cue audience laugh track* Anyways
  • “I mean, I would but uh…my roommates are downstairs. It’s not like the penthouse where it’s just us.”
  • “And?” He is so shameless. Or clueless. Or maybe a little bit of both.
  • “Wouldn’t you be, uh, embarrassed?”
  • “Should I? I assumed it was no secret that we had sex. Usually people assume anways…” He trailed off, but then remembered the situation at hand. “But if you’d rather not I understand. “ He sounded a little disappointed, but then he looked at you with a small smirk. “But I guess now it’ll be only sweeter the next time I get to lay you down and” cue intense details of. He didn’t stop, he just kept talking about all the things you two could do, and his voice kept getting lower and huskier and you could tell how excited he was just by the way he was talking
  • You couldn’t take it
  • Fuck the roommates
  • Jumin was right it’s not like they don’t know
  • You suddenly rolled so you were on top of him, straddling his waist.
  • “Kitten I thought-”
  • You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him into a very sloppy kiss.
  •  When you pulled away for air you just “I don’t care. Let them hear.”
  • You two got wild
  • ….I’ll stop here. You guys don’t need the details 
  • Once you two were finished you were cuddling again. Just cuddling without clothes but that was A OK.
  • Jumin was back to rubbing your back again, and you were cuddled up to him again.Your hand was on his chest and his hand on top, his thumb gently rubbing back and forth. But instead of talking you guys kept exchanging gentle kisses, taking turns leaning in and reaching for kisses from each other.
  • Around midnight he figured he should get going home. You both put your clothes on and walked out to the car. On the way there you saw your roommates. They looked a little shook. Little bit. They waved by to Jumin even though they could barely look at the two of you without blushing.
  • Jumin planted a firm kiss on you at the car, and when you walked back in you turned to your roommates, ready to apologize for the..uh…noise.
  • “Hey guys…so uh…hahaha awkward amiright?”
  • “I don’t know, is it….’Kitten’?”
  • “Or should we ask….’Daddy’?”
  • You’re never living this down. Ever.


  • He came over to meet your family
  • He already knew almost everything about them so he was well prepared to kiss ass
  • He didn’t have to though, they liked him off the bat. They were glad they finally got to meet the boy MCs been spending all their time with.
  • After dinner MC and he decided to go upstairs and hang out a bit.
  • These two nerds legit sat in MCs bed looking at memes on their phones
  • At least an hour went by with you two just giggling and showing your phones to each other
  • Somehow you both found ways to get closer to each other without meaning to.
  • It started off with you two leaning against the wall, but soon you were basically sitting in Seven’s lap, head leaning against his chest, and the two of staring at one phone screen of memes.
  • At some point Seven snaked his arms around your waist, and buried his face in between your shoulder blade and your neck.
  • The giggles continued.
  • Soon you saw a meme that had you dying laughing. Seven was amused, but he ended up getting more amused when you started snorting from laughing so hard. You clasped a hand over your mouth to try to silence the noise, but it was not happening. He thought it was too cute and couldn’t help but kiss your cheek with an overdramatic “MUAAAH” noise
  • More memes and time passed
  • Now you two were laying on your tummies, side by side, memeing away
  • That’s when you look at Seven. A slight grin on his face, the way his eyes sparkle when he’s having a good time, everything about him really.
  • You just feel so much…love for him.
  • So you put your phone down and start peppering him with light quick kisses all over the side of his face.
  • He laughs “MC what are you doing?”
  • “I just…I love you so much” You can’t hold back the smile on your face. Just staring at him makes you happy. “Saeyoung, sometimes…Sometimes I can’t even believe you’re real” and you lightly touch his face, taking in the feel of his skin and the look in his eyes.
  • He seems overcome with emotion too. Some mix of happiness and sadness, but then more happiness.
  • He shifts so he’s facing you more and plants a long kiss on your lips. Eventually you both sit up and just start kissing. It’s not the sloppy make out of when you guys are getting ready to do the do, it’s a long line of passionate kisses filled with innocent love and need for one another.
  • It’s love.
  • You end up wrapped in one another’s arms staring into each other’s eyes until both of you doze off.
  • It’s about 2 am when you wake up. You two are still wrapped up, and Saeyoung is snoozing peacefully inches from your face. You wish you could just stare at him all night, the moonlight bouncing off his face made him look like he really wasn’t real, like he’d turn into mist at any second and slip away Wow I’m getting really poetic. Probably cause it’s 5 am idk sorry
  • But you know theres work he has to get done and normally he’s not even sleeping at this time so he’s probably already behind schedule.
  • You start off as a soft whisper, scared your voice could break the magic of the moment “Saeyoung”
  • He stirrs a bit but doesn’t open his eyes.
  • A little louder, but still whispering “Saeyoung” HIs eyelids lift slowly, and when he sees your face, a sleepy smile spreads across his own.
  • This alone makes you feel giddy and in love and your own mouth cracks a giant smile. Then you start peppering his face with gentle kisses.
  • “Come on” kisskisskiss “Wake up silly” kisskisskiss “I kept you long enough”
  • In his tired lawd kill me if I heard sleepy Seven’s voice I’d probably die voice he muttered “Keep me forever, MC”
How NCT 127 + Ten Would Kiss You


now listen since y'all sleep on taeil  so much that you probably don’t know this but he has really pretty lips and really nice hands so ,, naturally ,, you want them on your waist asap. (the lips or the hands you can decide)(i’m literally five why did i say that) anYwayS kissing taeil is going to be soft at first bc yeah he’s awkward but he also takes his time doing things that need to be done. so slow touches here and there, his hands tracing your curves as he presses kisses up your jawline. he stops right in front of your lips to just stare and you. probably tucks a flyaway lock of hair behind your ear and tells you you’re the most beautiful person in the world. when he fINALLY kisses you, i imagine taeil is very slow and sensual with his kisses. doesn’t use tongue much unless he’s rlly in the mood bc he just likes the intimancy of your lips touching. his hands never stop traveling to places they shouldn’t be tho ngl.

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anonymous asked:

So I know Steve is in those school detention videos, but do they ever try to get you to be in any of them too?

they tried. they did not succeed.

this occurred for two reasons. 1. steve made those videos while i was still with hydra, so i wasnt around then. and after i came back and they asked me to do them, i watched steves videos and saw how dumb he looked. so i passed. 

and 2. steve only did them in the first place because he got blackmailed. 

so back during the war, steve had a reputation among the howlies as being terrible with women. which he was. so every so often when we were on leave, one of us would get it into our heads to try and help stevie develop some sort of game, in hopes that we would have to listen to him pine for peggy carter less. 

he did a lot of pining. 

we were all hanging out at a bar near camp after a stressful operation, killing time before the next transport turned up. morita was running late because he was getting a stark update for his radio kit, but the rest of us were already a few drinks in and well on our way to heckling steve into doing something dumb. 

(we didnt have tv back then, so we had to get our entertainment somewhere. and let me tell you, steve is better than the kardashians in terms of just-cant-look-away decision making.)

so dumdum had convinced steve that he had the perfect line, and all steve would have to do was walk up to some dame and say it. steve obviously wasnt interested in anybody but pegs, but he admitted that a bit of practice just holding conversation with a lady would probably do him some good.  dumdum pointed out a lovely dame with long brown hair and a WASP uniform sitting up at the bar, whispered the line in steve’s ear (because he didnt trust the rest of us with his perfect line) and sent steve off. 

we watched as steve made his way over and sat down. he’d never looked more awkwardly enormous as he did wedged into the bar stool next to that tiny dame. he flagged down the bartender, ordered a couple drinks, and turned to deliver dumdum’s line.

except that right then, the bartender slid the drinks down the bar to him, and his arm caught them both as he turned. 

so he delivered the line and then promptly doused the dame in two pints of terrible beer. 

that’s when morita showed up. and just as the lady delivering a really lovely slap across that chiseled-as-rushmore jawline, jim morita says:

“what the hell is steve doing with my wife??”

because it turned out his wife was a civilian pilot who’d joined the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots, and happened to be the transport pilot we were waiting for. none of us even knew he was married. he and his wife both kept their rings on their tags under their uniforms. her name was jenny, and she thought the whole thing was pretty damn funny.

she and steve both refused to divluge what exactly the line had been. but it must have been pretty bad, because when jenny and jim morita’s son found steve after the war, he used it as blackmail to get steve to do those videos. turns out he’s a high school principal somewhere in queens. and he’s on some sort of educational board that makes those things. 

but morita never had any blackmail on me to pass along, so i got out home free. 

161206 Melon Radio SVT - Dorm Stories

(The members will tell a story about a member’s behaviour that is weird or out of place in the dorm aka complaining about your members)

SK : The8′s expression really shows that he really want to talk about something is really outstanding. Yes, The8.

The8 : I really have something to say.

SK : Who? Who? Who? To who?

The8 : To Vernon

SK : Ah~ Vernon

The8 : I usually like the dorm to be in clean and neat state. Our Vernon-ie really didn’t clean up his clothes. 

MG : That’s true.

The8 : From Aju Nice era till now, I think he didn’t clean up his clothes.

SK : Wait a minute. If you said Aju Nice, it was from July. Even after 5 month, you still didn’t clean up the mess. Is there any witness for this incident?

MG : I have an additional statement to give.

SK : Additional statement, please go ahead.

MG : Do you remember the day we moved into the new dorm? Do you know the green box that we brought together on that day?

SK : Ah, the moving goods?

MG : We still have that box.

DN : That was enough

MG : It’s not like we still have the box, but the box is still there in it’s original state and on top of it, there are clothes pilling up and the green box is starting to get buried. I think he’s always ready to move out.

SK : Wait a minute. I think we cannot just let it pass without hearing to Vernon’s story.

VN : I don’t think you need to listen to it. Actually I don’t have anything to say about this.

JH : Vernon, is that green box your treasure?

VN : No, it’s just that without I realizing it, pilling up clothes on the green box was comfortable for me.

SK : Vernon, because we talked about this while laughing, you might think that we are just joking, really, please clean up soon! We already moved to the new dorm for 10 month, what were you doing until now still didn’t clean up? That’s what we want to say to him.

VN : Actually I was just staying still waiting for when will this story will be brought up. So it came out here. Sorry.

JH : So you were watching and waiting (our reactions)

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Shamelessly Dominant - (M)

Genre; It’s Smut my dudes *screeches*

Length; 2,700+

Kink(s); exhibitionism/voyeurism, impact play, degradation, agression, sexual sadism, etc. 

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Everyone on the outside of your relationship with Youngjae saw him as the softest, most submissive person ever- God were they wrong.
He had them so clueless to the person he really was, the side of him he trusted only you to bear witness to. 

The two of you sat across from each other- him on the faux suede loveseat, you on the couch sandwiched between Mark and Jaebum. 
“So what are we gonna do tonight?” Bambam asked, “It’s the first real night off we’ve had in fucking forever.” 

Yugyeom immediately agreed with his friend, “Yeah- Let’s go do something, like a cafe or club- even just going out to eat.” He began, pulling out his phone. “I don’t want to be cooped up here.” 

“Well,” You began, leaning your head on Mark’s shoulder as he hand ran through your hair. You could already feel Youngjae’s jealous gaze burning holes into you, but you continued. He was protective of what was his, especially when it came to his Hyungs and the way they acted around you. “We could go clubbing. I mean- we haven’t done that in forever.” 

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What Apollo Said: As usual, I was struck by his resemblance to his father, Poseidon. He had the same sea-green eyes, the same dark tousled hair, the same handsome features that could shift from humor to anger so easily. However, Percy Jackson did not favor his father’s chosen garb of beach shorts and Hawaiian shirts. He was dressed in ragged jeans and a blue hoodie with the words ahs swim team stitched across the front.

What Apollo Meant: Percy Jackson is so hot. Like gods damn so hot. Those turbulent sea green eyes and tousled bed hair… mmm good shit. And those cheek bones man. Meg, have you seen this kid’s jawline??? Sharper than his sword I swear to gods. If you think he’s hot now, you should see him when he’s angry. And man this kid just rocks that bad boy look, thank the gods he didn’t get his father’s sense of style. Good shit.

You Comin’? // Theo Raeken

@dunwithcalum: If you are doing the sentence thing??? “No, like… i just cant believe you are actually wearing my clothes” w/ theo


Exams were in a week and I am a complete mess. I’ve always had good grades, but this year? This year has kicked my ass. The sheer amount of work that I’ve done this year is enough to make me want to go plant a whole forest. I’d been so busy trying to cram in so much review that my brain hurts. I had taken the weekend off (or that’s what I told myself) and came back to school on Monday trying not to think about the impending doom that I’m sure to meet on exam day.

I was so preoccupied with trying to remember my locker combination and a million calculus formulas, I barely noticed the emerald-eyed boy standing next to me.

“Hey Y/N, are we still on for tonight?”.

On for tonight? What does he–oh. I told Theo I’d study with him. I completely forgot. The confused look in my eyes probably gave away the fact that I totally forgot about our plans because he continued by saying, “If you forgot, it’s fine. We don’t have to”, a despondent look flashing across his face. Was he upset?

“N-no, I want to” I replied, a little too quickly, “7o’clock?”.

“Yeah, see you then” he said, a slight smirk replacing the preexisting frown.  It took a few minutes for my heartbeat to return to it’s normal pace. How was I ever going to concentrate on actually studying when he’s going to be there to look at?

7o’clock rolled around and I was currently sitting in my car in the Raeken’s driveway. You’re here to study Y/N. Study. I took a deep breath before getting out of my car and hauling my huge backpack up the front walkway. After a few knocks, Theo eagerly opened the door and guided me inside. As I entered his room, there were papers and books spread out everywhere, he was really prepared.

I sat my bag on the ground and began spreading my binders and papers out just as he had, as he joined me on the floor. After going over a few questions each of us had, we sat sat in a comfortable silence as we looked over our own papers. I kept glancing over at Theo, I just couldn’t help it. His jawline was sharp and his eyes were as green as dew covered grass, being illuminated by the morning sun. I caught myself staring as the sound of the pen in my hand dropping to the floor woke me from my trance.

A few minutes later, the numbers and formulas on my page began to blur. I needed a break, and I know exactly what I can do. I looked back over to Theo, my mind instantly calming. I scanned over his face, a look of concentration spread over it. How his features still appear so alluring while in such a state of concentration is beyond me. I got lost in him again, only this time he happened to notice. His eyes glanced up to mine, and he gave me a soft smile. It took me a few seconds to realize that he saw me, and I turned my head back to my books slowly.

“You look tired” he stated in a gentle voice. And boy, was he right. I was exhausted. “What time is it?” I asked, but not really wanting to know the answer. He turned to look at his phone before telling me, “after midnight”. Well no wonder I’m so tired. I took a deep breath before rubbing my hands over my face, trying to prepare myself for the drive home.

“I should go” I said, gathering all my papers and placing them back in my binders. I tried to stifle my yawns as I stood up, and Theo followed. “You don’t have to go, you know. You could stay here?” he stated. I took a deep breath again, before looking at the time again. “Are you sure?” I asked, not wanting to overstep. “Of course”, he replied “it’s late, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you”, a blush creeping onto his face.

After texting my parents to let them know I was staying, I took the clothes Theo gave me and headed to the bathroom. After changing into one of Theo’s t-shirts and replacing my jeans with a pair of soft sweatpants, I sauntered back to his room. I wasn’t prepared to see a shirtless Theo when I returned, but it’s surely what I got. I stood in the doorway, mouth watering and while also drowning in the material of his shirt. His abs had a soft glow due to the moonlight coming in from the window near by and his hair was tousled flawlessly atop of his head. Theo caught me staring yet again and gave a small laugh while walking over to his bed. Once he laid comfortably on the bed, he patted the spot next to him, motioning me to join him. My feet padded across the cold wooden floors and I climbed onto the bed beside him. My body was wrapped in the warmth of the blankets as well as the warmth of Theo laying beside me. My eyelids started to become heavy, and while listening to Theo’s even breaths, I allow myself to fall into a restful sleep.

My eyelids fluttered open to the soft sunlight coming from the window and a strong arm wrapped around my waist. I stretched my arms and yawned before getting out of bed and checking my phone, careful not to wake the sleeping boy that had been next to me. When the screen lit up, the time showed 7:30am, and my pulse went through the roof. I had a study group before school in 15 minutes, not to mention it’s exam day. Great. I slid on my jeans as fast as I could, grabbed my backpack and slipped out of the door, all but sprinting to my car.

Besides a rushed morning trying to get from Theo’s bed to the exam room, I’ve had a pretty good day. I crushed my calculus exam and my study group helped to put my mind at peace with my other upcoming tests. I was currently standing at my locker, putting my books away before lunch, when Theo approached from down the hall. “Hey, Theo” I said, closing my locker and turning towards him. His jaw almost dropped to the floor when I turned to him, a surprised look appearing on his face. “What’s up sleepy head? Is something wrong?” I asked, becoming worried. “No, like…I just can’t believe you are actually wearing my clothes” he sputtered. Confused, I looked down to find that I was still wearing Theo’s t-shirt. “Oh, I didn’t even notice” I told him. “It-it looks good on you” he replied, blushing. “It should, it just helped me pass my calculus exam” I threw back sassily before giving Theo a big kiss on the cheek and walking down the hallway. I turned my head back to him, and he was still standing in the same place looking almost shocked.

“You comin’?”.

Writer’s Note: Y’ALL IM ACTUALLY REALLY PROUD OF THIS ONE! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO @lexsdesires and @pansbaby for all of their help! As always thank you @dunwithcalum for your request, I hope you love it!

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#23 and also "I got a fistful of your hair But you don't look like you're scared You just smile and tell me, "Daddy, it's yours." from bruno mars gorilla with either Kylo Ren or Newt? smutty smut and hopefully a lil longer? ;*

#23: “she’s gonna be an angel, just you wait and see - when it turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets” + “I got a fistful of your hair But you don’t look like you’re scared You just smile and tell me, “Daddy, it’s yours.”

Newt had started off his night in a suit, his date to the ball wearing an angelic white gown. You had been the definition of lovely and polite, making light conversation with him during the date, dancing properly and giggling gently when he accidentally stepped on your feet. Everything had been like a dream, the car he had bought running smoothly as he drove you to your door. You were proper and contained, wanting to leave him wanting more. But that all changed the moment he put the car into park.

“Tonight was… amazing.” He smiled, his handsome face illuminated by the dull streetlamps. “Thank you. I’d love to do it again sometime.”

“You’re a busy man Newt. I doubt we’ll get to do something like this soon.” You fussed, loosening his tie for him. The way you bent over to tend to him made the view of your breasts look great in that low cut dress. 

Newt cleared his throat, trying to avoid staring as it was not what a gentleman would do. “I’m willing to hold out for someone like you.” He uttered huskily. “I mean it. You’re special to me (Y/n).”

You sighed. “I hate how formal we have to be to each other. I hate that this is our first date.”

Newt frowned. “You didn’t enjoy it?”

“No, I loved it!” You said. “It’s just… People like us don’t have the time to develop things. You’ll probably forget about me after a month of chasing down rare dragons to write about.”

Newt considered your words, his hand lingering at your jawline now. “I’ll always make time for you. I see… I see us going somewhere.”

“Really?” You perked up hopefully, grabbing a hold of his scarred hands. You adored their roughness. 

“Yes. And since people like us don’t have time to develop things,” he smirked, leaning in closer, “why not speed up the process?” His lips were hovering over yours now, their softness gazing yours teasingly. “Let’s not waste time on formalities. I want you.” He pressed his lips to yours, impatient and desperate in his touches. You were excited, but the moment was being slightly ruined by the handbrake digging into your stomach. Newt parted, his lips a little swollen from the intensity of the kiss. “Backseat?” He suggested.

“Backseat.” You nodded, both hopping out and hastily climbing into the leather cushioned seats. Newt pushed you into the cold material, his hair already dishevelled and his pupils blown with lust. He took no time in peppering kisses down your neck and breasts, his hands exploring you excitedly. All the while you tugged on his hair, your fingers getting lost in the soft tendrils. 

“Yes Newt. Right there.” You moaned as he began sucking on a sweet spot on your neck, right above your hammering pulse. He dipped his clothed hard-on into your core, eliciting a whimper from the two of you. 

You had received enough teasing, and decided to push Newt off you, responding to his perplexed look by taking a seat in his lap. His head fell back onto the now foggy window of the door as you ground into him, his hands pulling at your dress. As he zipped it off, you smeared red lipstick stains all over his jaw and neck, nipping hard to mark him as he had you. 

“Fuck, love.” He groaned, running his hands down your now bare skin. In the meantime you had managed to rid him of his shirt and tie, unbuttoning his trousers now. He pulled your panties to the side as you pulled his length out, wasting no time in lining yourself up. 

Your thighs trembled as Newt wrapped his arms around your middle, grunting as you immediately started riding him. His fingers clawed at your shoulders as he pushed you down, his strokes sloppy and needy. You kissed him with force, biting at his bottom lip as he kneaded your ass, relishing the sounds you were making just for him. He let out a low moan as you bit on his earlobe, before arching your back to provide him with a deeper angle.

“You like that daddy?” You purred, feeling his cock twitch violently inside of you. His mouth hung open, unable to push out a reply while his vocal cords were stringing together a succession of groans and whimpers. 

“Y-yes.” He uttered, his mouth finding your nipples. “Baby girl.” He tested, smiling against your breasts as you shuddered. “Cum for daddy, won’t you? Be a good girl.” 

You screamed onto his lips as he captured yours, his hips jerking up into yours harshly to lead you to your orgasm. The stifling air in the car had left you both sweaty, your bodies so dirty but pure as you both came to your highs. You had no strength after you had come down, your head resting against Newt’s heaving chest.

“That was… greatly unexpected.” Newt chuckled, his face flustered. “I didn’t take you for one who liked to do things fast.”

“Speak for yourself Mr. Magizooloist.” You retorted, flicking his nose. 

Newt couldn’t believe how events had taken such a turn, but he knew that when he had met someone so easy to connect with, sometimes it wasn’t right to take it slow. 

“So… shall we go again?” He suggested with a dark smirk. 

*Request a song lyric drabble*

tips for easing dysphoria (masculine)

Someone sent in an ask about appearing more masculine. To my knowledge, we haven’t made an official post on this, so in the meantime I’ll give you my personal tips that I use to appear/seem more masculine (as I’m AFAB myself).

1. Bind, if you can. Use a binder, or a widely accepted alternative for binding (camisoles, sports bras, etc.), but DO NOT BIND USING ACE BANDAGES. You will hurt yourself, and it can crush your ribs and lungs.

2. Contour your face with makeup by your jawline and cheekbones, it makes your face look more masculine. Thicken your eyebrows too.

3. Work out, especially your upper body. Gaining muscle mass always looks good AND feels good, and I joined martial arts to do just that. Please keep in mind that it’s not recommended you bind while doing physical activities, no matter how bad the dysphoria may be!

4. Dress more masculine. Wear button-down shirts, use a packer if possible, and shop in the men’s section when you have the opportunity! I frequently wear male shoes, jeans, and baseball hats. Thrifting in this case is absolutely wonderful, and you can take your friends along with you!

Dysphoria sucks, I know. I promise, it will get better eventually. Keep fighting for who you are, and there’s always support here! Good luck <3

~ Wren

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11 Feysand!

Bathing/Showering Headcanon:

- Bath time is pretty much spa time for these two.

- They go all out in concern to using oils, soaps and even having candle lit to provide a romantic lighting.

- There is also this rule between them where only their partner is allowed to clean the other person.

- This means Rhysand thoroughly washes Feyre’s hair as she lathers Rhysand’s legs while moving upward.

- Feyre makes little soap bubble paths on Rhysand’s tattoos before rubbing her thumb across the dark ink.

- Rhysand’s hands slowly make their way from his mate’s hair down to her neck and back.

- He’ll sometimes have his hand accidentally “slip” to caress the sides of her breasts.

- Feyre retaliates though by taking extra care of the matter between Rhysand’s thighs.

- Eventually Feyre decides to be merciful and continue moving her hands upward.

- She spends time washing her mate’s chest and tracing the tattoos that band across his shoulders.

- Rhysand though as decided that it’s time to wash Feyre’s back.

- Silently Feyre let’s Rhysand gently clean her wings.

- The feel of warm water and his calloused fingers has Feyre gripping the rim of the tub in restraint.

“Do you like how that feels darling?” “Should I apply more pressure to thoroughly clean you?” “

- Feyre can barely hold back her moans, but she does let her imagination run wild and opens her walls so that Rhys can see just how much she is affected by his ministrations.

- “Such dirty thoughts,” Rhysand huskily whispers in Feyre’s ears. “Whatever should we do with such a mouth like yours?”

“I have a few ideas…” Feyre trails off while pressing harder against Rhysand’s chest so that she has easy access to his jawline which she nips at.

- Rhysand continues washing Feyre, making sure to stroke her wings and bring out a few moans that he can feel in his own bones.

- When they stand from the tub they help each other dry off.

- Feyre is quick to use the fluffy towel on Rhysand’s wing and playfully dart into the bedroom without a stitch of clothing.

- Rhysand quickly follows his mate to the bed where she is already waiting for him.

- That night Feyre puts her ideas from the bath into use. And the High Lord and Lady of the Night Court are not seen until late the following afternoon.

hickey / taehyung

warnings: hickey, kissing, making out…

note: sorry for mistakes

‘‘but please taehyung, it’s nothing like that it’s just a stupid hickey’‘ you whined to your best friend of 5 years, pulling at his sleeve, as he scrambled through your fridge hoping to find something to cool himself off in this hot weather.

‘‘no i won’t do it it’s weird y/n…’‘ he stammered back, grabbing a bottle of cola and an extra one for you. he closes the fridge and shoves the cola in your hands but you grab it and set it down on the counter, walking towards him and pulling his waist closer to yours.

‘‘gosh tae c’mon pretty please! i’ll return the favor i promise!’‘ he stops in his tracks turns around and you look him up with your doggy eyes.

‘‘not with those eyes pleaseeeeee…’‘ he huffed before grabbing your forearm and leading you to the couch in the living room. he sat you down and throws the cola on the coffee table, before hovering his legs over your waist.

‘‘w-what are you doing?’‘ you suddenly ask but he rolls his eyes as his hands travel to your neck. with one hand he moved your hair away, while the other one rested comfortably on your shoulder. 

‘‘j-just stretch out your neck a bit’‘ he commands and you do as he says

within seconds you felt taehyung’s hot breath on your skin and moments later his lips finally met your skin. he first pressed a couple of them on the same spot before moving on the other side.


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Everything All At Once

A/N: An anon request for some post-300 smut with Spencer x Reader.



It was barely above a whisper, but he looked so fragile you thought he might crack at anything louder. The team had been keeping you abreast of the changes throughout the case. For better or for worse, you knew everything that happened to Spencer in the course of the past 24 hours. You approached him slowly, tipping his chin upward with your index finger. “Spence, are you okay?”

That was a stupid question. What you could see of his skin had no scratches or cuts. He was relatively physically unharmed, but when he met your eyes you saw that he was far from okay. “Spence, talk to me.”

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Random AU Starters

  1. “The vampire ‘knows’ best.”
  2. “You know what your magic did? My eyebrow game? Fleek AF.”
  3. “But seriously dude, I own a Cerberus.”
  4. “You? You’re a mobster?” *Bursts out laughing*
  5. “You’re my new professor? Shit. This is awkward.”
  6. “Me? A good person? I murder people.”
  7. “You’re a potion master?”
  8. “Do you believe in mothman?”
  9. “My magic? Sick AF.”
  10. “You were in a band that kicked you out too?”
  11. “My dog is loose. I know you just moved in and- oh god- you’re cute too- but my dog- help me please.”
  12. “You’re really cute and I now have to do this presentation with you looking at me- oh- oh no- my heart- is now jumping up into my chest- stop it heart! I don’t even know you! Oh god- you looked at me!”
  13. “So, our friends introduced us, and honestly, our friends should do this for a living. You’re perfect.”
  14. “We are both single parents and our kids get along, and now we know each other and my heart beats faster when I see you. I need to stop.”
  15. “Me and my dragon shall rule the world!”
  16. “I’m royalty and you’re not, and I have fallen for you, so let’s runaway together.”
  17. “That plant just told me I have an on point jawline, and I mean, yes I do. But also. I’m screaming.”

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Hello! I saw your ask box was open and i got vvv excited !!Can i request cuddling head cannons with kenma kageyama and kuroo? Thank you

Kageyama Tobio

  • He won’t make the first move. So the both of you will just awkwardly hang out at first and you’ll probably have to do the initiating.
  • Cuddling with Kageyama is something his s/o other would eventually get used to. He’s not an expert cuddler, and he’s gonna be stiff and awkward sometimes.
  • When the both of you spoon, there’s a high chance that the setter will develop a boner. It’s really cute though, he’ll be all flustered and embarrassed.
  • Kageyama has a tendency of burying his face in your hair or the crook of your neck, and he just really enjoys smelling your scent.
  • Would leave trails of kisses around your neck and jawline. And probably some hickeys too.
  • Kageyama likes being the bigger spoon, but whenever he’s feeling down or what not, he wants to be the smaller one.


  • Oh man, Kuroo’s hands will roam places. Kuroo would probably tease you a lot, like grabbing your ass or just tickling you. There’s no in between.
  • Lazy makeout sessions! It’s a guarantee that whenever the both of you cuddle, a makeout session is bound to happen.
  • Kuroo, like many others, does get boners too. Except that instead of hiding it, he flaunts it instead, he just really likes to tease his s/o.
  • Has a bad habit of licking his s/o when they least expect him to. You could be just minding your own business and suddenly feel something wet on your neck, and his obnoxious smirk.
  • Kuroo doesn’t have a preference about being a bigger or smaller spoon. He usually lets his s/o decide what position they want.

Zach Dempsey - A to Z

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks): Dom/Sub, public sex (fingering included) and VICTORY SEX AFTER GAMES, when he specially can ask anything from you.

Rosie’s was relatively empty that Wednesday night, you and Zach sitting in one of the farthest and most hidden squares of the restaurant as both of you waited for your milkshakes and fries to arrive. Zach’s hair was wet from a quick shower after training this afternoon and you were teasing him about how his letterman was getting completely soaked, and so he proceeded to shake his head so that little droplets flew at you in revenge. As the waitress approached your table with the food, you mouthed a silent apology for the noise your laughers had made, but she just smiled a little in reassurance to you. After putting the milkshakes and fries on the table, she smiled more openly in response to the thanks you and Zach gave, and then left to serve a few more tables. You immediately attacked the milkshake, surprised when one of Zach’s hands cupped your chin and then turned your face to him, your boyfriend’s soft lips touching yours with a little more force than necessary for a little peck, his tongue coming to trace your lower lip before deepening the kiss. The kiss was short, but you were still hot in every corner as he parted the kiss and casually began to eat his fries, as if he had done nothing much.

- “What was that for?” - you muttered, sucking in a deep breath. You could feel how your face began to warm up. Zach just grinned at you, shrugging. You threw a fry at him and then proceeded to devour his fries as punishment. He did not seem to care, though, just laughing as he watched your attack. But then his hand on your shoulder began to slide smoothly down to your waist and it was easy to see the atmosphere had changed, only with the new look on Zach’s face and the way his hand massaged his way down. As he reached your waist, he lightly squeezed your side, pulling you closer as he curled his other hand around your neck, so he could move closer to face you. The second kiss he’d given you had been nothing innocent, his tongue running over your lips even when you’d already conceded passage, nibbling and sucking them before finally entering your mouth, tongues quietly acknowledging each other until Zach retreated to change the angle, his body practically turning sideways on Rosie’s bench, his broad shoulders clearly covering any sight of you, his hand caressing your face now, as the one that was on your waist began circling your body until he was able to comfortably reach your thighs. The surprise of his grip on your left thigh made you let go a small squeak in the kiss, which managed to make Zach break it to laugh at your reaction.

You could feel the way your cheeks burned in shame, but the main reason your body kept so warm was that Zach’s hand still lingered there, caressing your thigh until he began drawing abstract shapes with the tips of his fingers on the your inner thighs. The sly smile he possessed only confirmed that you must had been even redder and you pulled your milkshake close to your face in order to disguise the massive blush. Zach just let out a chuckle, his hand slowly sliding higher now, dangerously close to the edge of your pleated skirt, carefully reaching the lace panties you wore, his fingers testing a fondness over the fabric. You almost choked on the milkshake, disguising how carefully you moved on the bench, so you could open your legs wider, giving better access to your boyfriend’s hand. It was his turn to cough, his other hand sliding across the table very clearly as it spread out to reach for some fries. Your best guess was that he was disguising what his other hand was doing, but exactly how he was managing not to blush completely, was far your understanding. For a second the thought that he had experience with this floated through your head and a small bitter wave started to make way through your body but Zach seemed to catch the way you shifted the focus of your thoughts and slid his fingers inside your panties, demanding full attention. You risked a look at him and all your doubts flew out the window as Zach looked at you with pure admiration, the black pupils of his eyes widening telling you of the desire he was holding back. Then he tried a finger in you and though your expression remained carefully mounted, his completely failed: his eyebrows twitching as he squeezed his eyes shut and swallowed, clearly shaken by how wet you were.

You masked your desire and the way your shame mingled dangerously with the adrenaline of being provoked in public, picking up some fries and slowly nibbling at them while Zach quietly continued the movement of his fingers, using the best way he could to get his others fingers to massage your clit, together with his palm. It was not the best way, but you could feel how the danger of doing that act in public could maximize the sensations, in that even the slightest pressure on your little nub had you completely enraptured. Zach seemed to realize that too, because he lowered his head to your ear and, after nibbling on the shell and risking a little lick just below the jawline, he accused:

- “You’re liking this.” - There was a tone of surprise and dark temptation in his voice and all you wanted was to hear it again, so you lifted your face to look deep into his eyes, nibbling at a fry in an attempt to look casual even if your blush had completely spread all the way to the tip of your ears. 

- “You have no idea.”

(A fluffy little parental!hiccstrid ficlet! May contain a spoiler, but if you know anything about httyd3, then it doesn’t)

Astrid smiled when she spotted her husband strolling through the village with their baby girl. She always knew Hiccup would a great dad, and he proved himself every day.

He often carried their 6-month old daughter with him as he made his daily rounds through the village. If Ester was awake, Hiccup would tell her stories about growing up in the Hooligan tribe and how dragons went from nightmarish foes to the greatest friends Berk had ever seen. He’d grab her little hand and wave at the folks as they passed by. Ester would giggle in that cute baby way as the villagers greeted her back.

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Sick days / Jeff Atkins

Originally posted by yung-godxo

Authors note: this was gonna be fluff but i saw that gifs anddddddddddd……smut happened. so, enjoy peeps. if this flops, i probably couldn’t careless if i like it. and it’s not proof read. its 4:21, i’m tired. 

Summary: Y/N was sick with a cold and sure, normal couples cuddle and watch cute movies when one is sick. But Y/N and Jeff aren’t necessarily a normal couple. 

WARNINGS: dick sucking, hair pulling, oral while sick, small kinky stuff, dirty talk

“Jeff, I feel like i’m dying.” Y/N groaned, laying her head on Jeff’s chest. He chuckled, looking away from the TV in Y/N’s room to the sick girl on his chest. She straddled his waist, placing her hands on his chest to keep herself stabled. 

“Want me to go get some medicine?” She shook her head, sniffing and running a hand through her hair. Y/N had been sick for around 2 days now. It started with drowsiness, a headache and sniffles. And now she was shaky, slightly sweaty and insanely sleepy. 

“I can’t already had some today and would rather not overdose.” Jeff smiled, pulling the girl down and hugging her before lifting her head and placing a kiss on her forehead. 

Y/N pouted, connecting their lips instead. Whatever she had, she hoped it wasn’t contagious although it probably was. 

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Yes!! do high!tom please

***disclaimer: i do not know what tom does in his personal, private life. i have no knowledge on his drug use or even stance on drug use. this is, as with all my other writing is, fiction. **tw for drug use


  • he doesn’t have a lot of experience with drugs, he never really had time to experiment if he wanted to because he was always working
  • but finally, when he does, it’s not what he expects. he’s been drunk before but this was totally different
  • someone at your friend’s house had explained something about “ingido” and “saliva” but he’s already forgot what each one meant
  • he doesn’t feel sleepy like he thought he would. instead he’s been reaching his hands through the IKEA shag carpet that your small circle of friends were sat on (he’s been doing it for 25 minutes but hasn’t noticed he has)
  • he thought he’d die of coughing before he ever got high
  • there was one rotation where he was coughing so hard tears were in his eyes and he thought he would vomit
  • (luckily you brought him a nice cup of tea with honey)
  • you lay on the floor together, his head in your lap while you gently let your fingers follow along the natural curls oh his hair
  • he’s remaining rather quiet but his head is exploding with questions and ideas for work
  • (”i should do an animated movie…i’ve got the voice work!! i need to call my agent”)
  • and when you ask him is he’s doing okay, he just lazily lulls his head to the side to smile at you
  • he reaches a hand up to cup your jawline. you rest your chin against it and let out a content “hmm” when his thumb rubs your skin
  • he smiles a warm, happy smile up at you. half of him thinking about how much he’s in love with you
  • the other half is focused on counting how many boogers you have in your nose
  • “hey babe, do you think aliens are ever gonna come and say ‘hello’ to us?”
  • and the can of worms is released and he’s suddenly talking a million miles a minute
  • “why is the US still on the imperial system??? only Myanmar and Liberia share it, so like, what’s the deal???”
  • “it would be so sick to hear what your dog is thinking”
  • “freckles are just landmarks of the face”
  • “when’s the last time Steve Martin did a movie?? i miss him”
  • “are tongues really fucking gross?”
  • (it should be noted at he made the previous comment mid-snog with you and then went right back to snogging so)
  • “why are you laughing?? i just said the word ‘lit’???”
  • “i should go see a chiropractor shouldn’t i? maybe i could PLAY a chiropractor” “for what???” “a movie, obviously” 
  • and in the cab ride back to your place, he’s feeling extra clingy so he reaches across your waist an pulls you as close to him as the seat belt allows
  • he has an arm slung over your shoulder and his head resting on it so it is level with your ear
  • he’s mostly just giggling about whatever nonsense has wandered through his head but occasionally he’ll prop his head up to leave a kiss at your hairline or on your year
  • “love you lots, i do”

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why do you think us gays are so enamored with katie mcgrath? like, out of all the actresses, why do we zoom in on her and go like "her, we pick her, the irish potato" to stan hardcore? i'm just trying to understand myself

because all lesbians are like lena luthor…. give us a tiny hint of validation, and we’re going to melt at your feet.

also her jawline and eyebrows are the 8th and 9th world wonder, respectively