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why do they call you scout the useless prophet?

because somehow, some way, i can predict the most ridiculous aspects of spn years in advance

these aren’t serious, major plot points that i work out. they’re the stupid little things that people tag as “#spn crack” and then they come true

for instance, the poop emoji being used in response to someone being upset. there’re more recent examples that i don’t have right off the top of my head, but i know others have pointed out

in season 11, however, the word “useless” was brought into question, as i’d basically worked up 3 years of what i believed chuck was going to be like when he came back


would you believe it

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Gabriel would LOVE a fancy trumpet, though. A heavenly noisemaker? Just think of how annoying that could help him be!

but imagine with me:

you’re 8 years old. it’s christmas morning. you wake up a little late, along with your older sibling who’s, say, 14. under the tree there are two presents left. one that clearly looks like a sword, and a small box.

the box is labeled for you, the other for your older sibling. they unwrap what was clearly a kickass sword. eagerly, you open your own box.

inside is a toy trumpet you don’t know how to play and some socks

your dad claps you on the back and says “imagine the possibilities, kiddo!” and then turns to your older sibling and talks about how cool they are

and you’re just like


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someone started a rumor that phil called dan babe in a train station and some people are believing it but i dont know where i stand on the situation.

i don’t doubt someone saw them at the train station but realistically he probably went “do you want a bagel” and their phannie radar went haywire

tho i mean. i’ll gladly accept it as a Fact don’t get me wrong

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Did something happen with Liam today? I heard something about mean people in a group chat. Was that about him?

Yesterday, Liam called out some fans in a private group chat on twitter for speaking negatively about him. All he did was ask them to stop, tell them what they were saying was hurtful, then told them he loved them

No person should have to read negative conversations about themselves, especially from so-called fans. 

Liam does SO MUCH for us, gives us so much of himself, only to get this in return.

Do fans have to be 100% positive all of the time? No. But don't @ them. Don’t include them in your DMs. Just don’t be a dick.


replied to your




((Omg your Ennard makes me laugh so hard.))


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I think it was your blog that first introduced me to the saying "queer liberation is not gay assimilation" and I honestly can't believe how hard it is for some people to understand that.

i think that, too, a lot of people that “queer liberation” types would call “gay assimilation” types don’t see it that way because… there’s like a weird middle ground that’s more like “gay liberation” types. as in, “we don’t want to assimilate! but we DO want to only focus on gay culture and gay issues because it’s the Main Thing that Everything Else Flows From and this is a totally unbiased view based in logical fact” 

As long as you keep lying to yourself you can never go to the next level in your walk with Christ. Many people live in bondage because their pride refuses to let them admit some hard truths about themselves. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and say Lord help me! Let Jesus be strong in our weakness. People wonder why they never make progress or they keep falling into the same old traps over and over again. Something has to change, and many times that something is in us. People who do great things in this life are not scared to address their weaknesses. Pride will keep you from your calling, your blessings, and true freedom in Christ. It may hurt to admit it, but once you admit it, that thing starts to lose power over you and you can put it in the masters hand.

I can’t believe I have to spell this out to people of our own community

A lot of bisexual people identify as gay. A lot of pansexual people identify as gay. A lot of trans, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid people identify as gay. A lot of people with non-heteronormative sexual practices identify as gay. A lot of people with fluid sexuality identify as gay.

Maybe in some communities monosexual homosexuals think gay only applies to them, but it doesn’t. It’s a word a lot of use, and we have every right to.

The level of homonormativity that it takes to think that someone saying they’re gay means they’re monosexually homosexual is ridiculus. You’re calling people homophobic because you can’t aknowledge the diversity in your own community. You’re telling us we don’t belong here. Why would you do that?

Calling all LGBTQ+ fans!

Hiya folks, for my dissertation I’m writing on why queer fans read & write slash fanfic. As a queer fan myself, I want to demonstrate that the stereotype of fandoms consisting mainly of straight white cis people is outdated and inaccurate. I personally read fanfic due to the lack of queer representation in just about everything, but I need to hear other people’s reasons for creating and enjoying fanfic.

You’ll be kept anonymous, this is just so I can get a general idea of people’s reasons, but if you’re comfortable with being directly quoted & credited, please let me know.

Also! If you read queer fanfic for any of these three things, please also let me know: Sherlock Holmes (specifically the ACD books, not just BBC Sherlock or other adaptations), Les Miserables, or Harry Potter. 

SO with all that said: please reblog if you identify as some form of queer/LGBT+ and read or write slash (queer) fanfic, and comment or write in the tags why you do

alternatively you can message me that’s also fine~

thank you!! 💕

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Name: Dakota. some people call my Kody or Kotes
Ancestry: german and Swedish (going back to scandinavia to return to my ancestral roots)
Zodiac: Cancer
Where do you live: United States, Colorado
How are you feeling today?: I’m feeling really sexy and gay
Favorite song right now: Clementine by Sarah Jaffe
Play any instruments?: guitar, a little. 
Are you craving anything? the touch of my dear girlfriend
Signature drink?: hot chocolate with cayenne pepper
What’s your signature scent?: sweet pea
Favorite color: teal, red
Sound you love: my girlfriend’s voice
Sounds you hate: monotone mumbly voices

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How does a spirit companion work? That sounds so cool!

So, there’s some variation but I can share the way I do it and what I see most people doing~

Basically, some humans want to work with spirits in the same way spirits want to work with humans. So you team up! A companion can be a familiar, but they can also be a mentor, a helper, or even just a friend. It’s literally just a companion that is a spirit.

Lots of people who do spirit work call for one themselves, describing whatever it is they’d like in a companion and see who approaches, if anyone. For shops, you’re paying someone else to be the matchmaker, and also for a binding, usually to a vessel. (Note: binding in this case doesn’t mean they’re trapped or they can’t leave… it’s more like they have a connection to that object which gives them quick access instead of having to find it every time. They have their own lives still.)

An awesome blog I recommend who is all about spirits and spirit companions is @spiritconnect ! They’re an excellent resource :)

Late Nights [Part Three]

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A/N: I’m finally starting to get the ball rolling here. I already have so much of this story line already planned out that I want to make sure I get all the little details I can in here before I start torturing you all with cliffhangers. I know I said that I would do this on weekends, but it might just be every night instead. I have so much in mind for this that I’m too excited to wait. Feedback is always welcome and maybe even some suggestions. Where do you all want to see this story go? Let me know and as always.. Enjoy! xo

Read Part Two Here

It had been a week since everything happened. The boys decided to call some other people on the hunt. They thought they needed to keep an eye on me.
I make my way around the bunker, putting all the cleaning supplies in the closet first. Then going from room to room changing out all the candles, everyone having their favorite scents. I even made sure there was one in the little guest bedroom I made up for Cas in case he ever stayed the night.
My mind started to wander to the conversation Sam and I had. He knew everything that was happening between my ex and I. Thinking further to a few weeks ago after a date, I found myself in his room. 

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ooo what about janna? if so do you think she is p simple like sona or is a bit more difficult like nami?

Ohhh Janna is pretty tricky imo. I would call Sona “easy to pick up - hard to master” but Janna is even easier to pick up than Sona and even harder to master. I’d say around Nami level, if not a even a little bit higher (but it’s subjective since some people are better at some things than others naturally. Like I said - I can’t play melee and any melee champ for me is almost automatically harder than any ranged) 

 Basically, not to completely suck as Janna you must do one thing - shield your carry if they are taking or dealing damage. It is pretty strong and it gives AD. Well, also general supp stuff like vision control and preferrably not throwing enemies out of your midlaner’s most powerful AoE spell with your ult… but you don’t even have to fight people like Sona or try to land a multiple-man-flash-R like Sona. Cool.  

 But really mastering Janna takes some time and while mediocre Janna who only throws shields not very off-timing can be a nuisance, a skilled Janna who knows what she’s doing can be a nightmare. On the first glance at her kit it might not even be obvious how can she be useful at all (at least for me it wasn’t) but accurate usage of her abilities (and items okay) make carries almost immortal. That’s not “just a shield” right?

I wouldn’t call myself “a great Janna” either. But I’ve seen some. Oh, I’ve seen some. 

Also if the next one is going to be about Soraka - I’m up for that but it’s Winter event in Kancolle and I’m desperately looking for the duckie, I need some time aaaAAAA  


twitter name: _blake
number of followers: 152 (it has to be exact)
what do they post about: random things, annoys Octavia, pictures, drunk tweets
facebook name: bellamy blake
number of facebook friends: less than 100.
what do they post about: doesn’t really go on that much. probably checks it more than anything? like he has fb just to say he has it and doesn’t go on. 
instagram name: _blake
number of followers: 200 or so 
what kind of pictures do they upload:  random things, some photography, a rare selfie
snapchat: _blake
types of pictures they upload to their story: random things probably no one cares about. 
what they send to people: see above


type of phone: silver iphone. 
last five people to call him: octavia, probably something to do with work, (and thats it because he hates talking on the phone and he’s the asshole who makes sure everyone knows it)
last five missed calls: murphy (all five. ignored so he’ll text instead)
latest text and from who: ‘I’m already an adult’ - octavia
latest picture/video they sent: to: n/a
types of photos/videos on their phone: family, random things
anything they don’t want people seeing: he doesn’t let ppl look in his phone anyways
most used apps: instagram, some crossword puzze game prbly, and netflix
who they call the most: octavia
who they text the most: miller and octavia
latest voice message and from who: ’ make up your phone. asshole’ murphy
background & lockscreen on their phone: lockscreen is just something random and the home screen was a baby picture of Octavia but she changed it probably thought it was embarrassing. whatever. 

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hey im trying to get people to start calling me by my new name and i'm having a bit of anxiety bc few people remember and im wondering if its worth it to change my name, can you maybe please do some positivity for name changes if thats not too vague a request?

Most certainly.


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It would be improper to claim that George Washington was an evil man because he owned slaves simply because during his life, the majority opinion was that owning slaves was not evil. As a better example, let’s say that in 100 years, we discover that plants have advanced consciousness. It would be ignorant for people of that time to say that everyone alive today is evil for eating plants, because in todays standards, eating plants is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Man I needed a laugh today, either your are suffering from some type of empathetic cognitive deficit disorder or you are serious about your scary premise. Never in the discussion of ponerology, do I hear anyone say, oh can’t call Mussolini, Hitler and Franco evil, because the majority of their people thought they were right. Only Black people have to suffer that indignity when talking about slavery. You should feel ashamed but the schools have so programmed you that its normal to be self-deceiving.

well, I’ve decided to cross-post my Transformers Victorian Gothic au over on AO3. It’ll probably take some time for people to start reading it, but that’s how it goes when you’re just starting out on a new site. Took me a while to build up any amount of readers on ff.net, I can do it again.

Anyway, if you happen to see a fic over there called The Adventure of the Spider’s Web, that’s me and my Transformers Gothic.

Listening to YouTubers shit on about equality and how antisemitism doesn’t make someone an antisemite and how racism doesn’t make someone a racist, and how they’re “normal people” is so fucking funny. Like you’re not just creating a commodity in videos and streams and tweets - you ARE a commodity. If you’re one of those top shitty lets players, people consume your videos, your tweets, and your personality. 

You kinda can’t really foster a product in the form of a persona and an internet presence and then call yourself, while speaking through megaphone that covers 50,000,000 people, a normal person. Like it is unfortunate that we let that happen as a society, but we do, and you can’t profit from a system without being an active conveyor of it like.

And you can’t act like you’re the same as some nobody who told a shitty joke and is getting lynched for it. You’re telling them to 50,000,000 people, many who would be impressed into thinking that’s okay, and many who are personally effected by those jokes coming from a much more malicious source (not to say it isn’t malicious in this case). That nobody might apologise, move on, and try harder. Whoever Thefuck has a vested interest in maintaining a brand filled with shitty shitty jokes.

Hey there! 

Are you an American? Do you have a sec to stand up for the millions of poor people, disabled people, people with pre-existing conditions and freelancers who rely on the ACA to keep them, y’know, not-broke and not-dead? (Hi!)

Do you live in Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee or West Virginia?

Congrats: you have a Republican Senator who has publicly expressed some concern about repealing the ACA without a replacement plan! If you haven’t already, this is your reminder to give their offices a call and help them make up their minds!

Alaska – Lisa Murkowski:   (202)-224-6665

Arizona – John McCain:  (202) 224-2235

Arizona –  Jeff Flake:  (202) 224-4521

Kentucky – Rand Paul:  202-224-4343

Louisiana – Bill Cassidy:  (202) 224-5824

Maine – Susan Collins:  (202) 224-2523

Nevada – Dean Heller:  202-224-6244

Ohio – Rob Portman:  (202) 224-3353

Pennsylvania – Pat Toomey:  (202) 224-4254

Tennessee – Bob Corker: (202) 224-3344 

Tennessee –  Lamar Alexander:  (202) 224-4944

West Virginia – Shelley Moore Capito:  202-224-6472

Sample call script:  “My name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a constituent calling to thank [YOUR SENATOR’S NAME] for having the integrity and foresight to see how disastrous it would be to [YOUR STATE] and to the rest of America if Congress votes to repeal the ACA without first agreeing on a solid replacement plan. Not only would it jeopardize the health and economic security of millions of Americans, it would also place a tremendous financial strain on our hospitals and our entire healthcare system, costing potentially hundreds of thousands of jobs. As you know, in [YOUR STATE], we [SOMETHING PERSONAL ABOUT HEALTH CONCERNS SPECIFIC TO YOUR STATE; YOU MIGHT WANNA DO A 30-SECOND GOOGLE. IF NOTHING ELSE SURFACES, JUST SAY YOUR STATE BELIEVES IN SOME POSITIVE CHARACTER TRAIT THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH KEEPING HEALTHCARE AFFORDABLE FOR AMERICANS, LIKE “LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR NEIGHBOR” OR SOMETHING.] As a voter, this is a vital issue to me, and I will be paying close attention to how [SENATOR’S NAME] votes.”

Call today if you haven’t already, and bug your local friends/family to call, too!

We only need to flip three senators, so it’s not impossible. Do this before this Friday, the 27th.

I’m sorry to ask this of you–I know there’s a lot of these things going around right now–but I depend on the ACA for my healthcare and I’m pretty damn terrified.