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Anthony posted a pic with painted nails on Insta and some people were calling him gay and he replied with painting your nails don't make you gay liking the same sex does~ something along those lines and putting the man in manicure. I love when guys can do things that are aimed at being feminine and be proud of it

im jus waiting for dan to like the pic

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I feel like sex isn't really a social construct though. Gender, gender roles and stereotypes are. And we should definitely fight those. But sex is something biological. We need different sexes in order to reproduce and there obviously is a different between male, female or intersex.

guys pls i don’t have the time for this. the characteristics we consider “male” and “female” in regards to bodies are socially constructed; that is, if an alien race came to earth they would literally have no idea why we call people with certain body parts certain things. it’s a social construct because it’s born of our society and does not exist without humans. animals do not call other animals male or female, as far as we know. these ideologies were created by humans. other examples and time and money; they are tangible, but the way in which we think about them and have conceptualized them is “fake”, so to say. i beg of you to do some research into this, it’s really not that difficult to find information on it and there are tons of people out there who could do better than i could.

- mod emery

Alright, I actually realised my wording in the last post was bad and might have lead people to misunderstand my point, so here is the new post.

The gay community, unfortunately, can be very hostile and unwelcoming towards gay trans people. From my own experiences as a gay trans person, it has been a very toxic community to me. This, however, doesn’t mean that every gay person is transphobic. The gay community might have a problem with transphobia as a whole but that doesn’t give me the right to call gay people transphobic. It’d be homophobic and I’d be erasing trans gay people.

So here’s the original point I wanted to make; if it isn’t okay to call gay people transphobic then why is it okay to call ace people homophobic? Sure, the ace community can be toxic and bigoted, every community is to some degree, but by calling ace people homophobic you are erasing LGBT+ ace people. It’s important to speak out about bigotry in communities, but don’t do it in a way that erases oppressed people within these communities. ~Cinder

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alli!! why do some people say viktor instead of victor??

it’s because russian doesn’t use c in place of k and since victor is russian, others prefer to call him viktor! but the official spelling that is used on the website, bds/dvds, merch and basically everywhere is victor. there’s a bit of a disagreement going on about which one is “correct”, but i think it’s just silly and unnecessary. i hope that everyone will one day see the light and realize that the best name for him is obviously vitya ♥

Can we as a fandom stop calling people who are disappointed in YoI homophobic?

Some people, including many LGBT people, are disappointed in the show and think that it didn’t go far enough to make Victuuri explicit, don’t even think that Victuuri is canon, or have other issues with the show and characters. Let’s not call these people homophobic for criticizing yoi.

Look, no show is perfect and there are good reasons to be bitter about yoi. I personally love yoi for all it is and do believe Victuuri is canon. But calling LGBT people who are disappointed in it homophobic reflects poorly on the fandom, and shows a lack of understanding for the points they are trying to make. 

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How do you feel about pansexual, bisexual, etc people saying they are "so gay"?

It’s inaccurate and homophobic to call yourself gay when you aren’t. For some reason, this really infuriates all sorts of non-gay people from bisexuals to sex-repulsed heterosexuals. But gay is not an umbrella term and using it as such erases the reality of actually being gay.

Some bisexuals argue that they can call themselves gay because they are same-sex attracted. But they are also opposite-sex attracted. Does that make them straight? Obviously not. They aren’t gay or straight; they’re bisexual. And being bisexual is extremely different than being exclusively same-sex attracted. That’s why we deserve different terms.

This is just another way non-gay people appropriate the language of gay people. (It’s also often seen in non-lesbians calling themselves butch or femme.) It’s really sad when, upon hearing someone call themselves gay in “queer” spaces, I can be 90% sure they aren’t actually gay. Because of this trend, it’s getting harder for actually gay people to find each other, or to speak about our experiences without being spoken over by non-gay people. And that’s not an accident. We are being actively erased, and this is just one of the ways in which it is happening, even within our own LGBT community.

-Mod Noel

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do I have to call myself pansexual even though I could like anyone if they have a good personality? I just feel like bisexual is a better term for me...I don't want to seem like a hyporcrite because I'm nonbinary/agender and have people think, "Oh, they're bisexual? So they don't like their own 'kind' of people?" or something along those lines... I do know the difference between bi and pan and don't want to offend anyone because I know the terms are often used interchangeably :o

Nope, it’s totally cool! Some people just click better with the term.


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i keep seeing people call systems with a lot of fictives (esp if they have fictives from recent media) fake, and it's making me worry that i'm faking everything. a new headmate appeared recently who happens to be a fictive from recent media (well technically the character's been in the series a damn long time but he's specifically the newest incarnation of him, from a thing that came out two months ago) and while we love him, we're afraid people are going to call us out on it

i’m sorry you’ve been going through a rough time recently, personally i wouldn’t know what to do in that situation since i don’t have any fictives. but, i’m pretty sure some of my followers do, so they might be able to give out better advice than i can

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HOOOOOW do you end up with such nice lineart ???? and like other people in general. like digitally, my lineart leaves something to be desired, but like when pencil and paper I'm fine?? idk help


i feel your struggle :’D well, it’s important that you use a brush that you are comfortable with, some programmes offer stabilising the brushstrokes (idk how you call it properly sorry D: but it’s def an option in SAI), so perhaps that could help!

also i usually draw on a much larger scale than the final .png i upload, and by re-sizing the picture the lines will also get smoothed over to an extent!

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Hi floral! You always give such good advice and you have such a beautiful, gentle presence so I thought I would ask you something that's been bothering me for a while. How do you find a calling or a dream? I feel like all my dreams are small and short lived little moments. How do I reach so far and find in myself what's going to make me say when I'm 80 that I lived the best that I could? I don't feel pulled to anything. Is there something wrong with me?

Awee you’re so sweet!! 🙈 and there’s definitely nothing wrong with you! A lot of people don’t know, some never will; If you want to be content at the age of eighty all you need to do is make the best of the present moment at all times. As for your short lived callings, they’re leading you towards something bigger. Your calling may be one large thing or it may be an accumulation of many small things, you also may never know. That’s why it’s important to just follow what feels best for you at this point in your life, just as long as you’re not hurting others and are doing what’s best for you while enjoying what you do ~ there’s no right or wrong answer and it’s always changing. Instead of putting your focus on the future, turn inward to what you want to do and apply it to the present moment. Just be and let life take you where you need to be, or help guide it to where you think you’d like to be. Meditation may also help, as all the answers to your questions always reside within you 💗💗

callout post : chrisana

i feel so bad about having to do this but ummm someone has to… shes made all of us really uncomfy for some time now and i think it’s the right course of action and don’t get me wrong I know yall really like her but sometimes you need to face the fact that people on the internet aren’t really what they seem. and they can be really toxic. and hurt others with their words and behaviors and I feel like it’s important to CALL IT OUT. I have screenshots from various sources but they wanted to remain anonymous… so I’ll respect their wishes esp since their ethnicity really puts them at risk w nora.

because nora is a REVERSE RACIST. I’m in a group chat w her and she’s constantly discriminating against our pale faced overlords. everyone is so scared to speak up. she uses various slurs (cr*ckers / wh*tes / m*yo / l*ctose), she mocks their cultures CONSTANTLY and really spreads an aura of toxicity in this otherwise loving and relaxed fandom I just don’t understand :/// don’t let her use her platform to spew her hatred. she may be a mozlisims but reverse racism is never OKAY. feel free to block her if you’re a woc (white of color) im really concerned about your safety rn :/// alt er love

I’ve decided I may start being (more) selective in people I write/plot with simply because of… several reasons actually but I won’t list them. This is a muse I do actually have interest in developing (and since someone won’t let me just let it go to waste…….) and some people seem to have misconceptions about him and well… yeah. That’s it.

Anyway, this is a plot call, I suppose — but ONLY!!! if you would like to plot thoroughly, and actually want to contribute and do it together. Do not make me do all the work. Only mutuals, too, please.

i remember some people called me their fav mutual a while back…..hopefully i haven’t lost my personality via peer pressure on dis website to what made me appealing during that time. i’m more comfortable with myself know though so hopefully i don’t try forcing myself into doing things to please other people on here

Suicide Rates of LGBT

LGBT has been targeted for discrimination for a very long time. Homophobes and transphobes hurt us verbally, emotionally, and even physically, and it’s a serious problem.

First it was the gay/lesbian people, then the transgenders, then the nonbinary people, etc. “Being gay is gross,” and “You can’t be a boy/girl,” and “You can’t be a made up gender.” Over the years, it gets worse.

Some people don’t know what kind of pain they’re putting a person through with their words. Words are as powerful as actions. They can be a benefit or nothing useful. The discrimination in this case benefits absolutely nothing.

If you are homophobic or transphobic or are against LGBT and call them attention seekers and snowflake and made up, think about this: What would calling people that do for you and for them? It definitely won’t make them cisgender and/or straight if that’s what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s only going to make them more miserable. Loads of members in LGBT are discriminated for trying to be themselves and trying to live their life in a way that makes them feel the most comfortable with themselves. Depression affects LGBT more than the heterosexual population. Why? Because they’re treated differently. Like they’ve don’t something wrong when they’ve done absolutely nothing. Telling a person these negative things can lead one to take their own life. Think about it: You discriminated a gay person for loving who they want and for being attracted to the same sex. They get enough discrimination already. And one day you hear they’ve killed themselves because they couldn’t take the pain anymore. Think about the grief you would’ve caused their family (homophobic/transphobic or not), and to say your not responsible is ignorant. If you hurt that person verbally for being a fucking human being, then you are a part of their depression, their self harm, their suicide. Depression includes the symptoms of suicidal thoughts, insomnia, fatigue, agitation, emptiness, etc. Self harm can kill a person if they do it enough times and can severely damage your health. And suicide can cause great pain and grief. But sadly the people in this world can’t take the change to try to understand people; to try to be more accepting because they’re more focused on hurting others instead of trying to make this world a little less darker and a little more peaceful. You can’t say anything about someone if you’ve never walked in their shoes and have felt what they’ve felt.

If you know someone who’s against LGBT or someone who discriminates people of the community, I want you to send them this. Please. Or if you’re reading this as a phobic person, please think about what you’re doing to people and how you’re killing them inside. Because this is a problem, bullying and discrimination. You could be a great help in this world by learning about someone’s identity and orientation and accepting the fact that not everyone is going to be a cisgender heterosexual. Not everyone is going to be like you. Imagine yourself as a gay person or a transgender person or both or whatever. Think about what you’d have to go through everyday if you were surrounded by a hateful community. Your family hates you (parents have abused their kids for being gay, trans, etc). Your friends hate you (many have been under peer pressure and negativity because of who they are). No one accepts you for how you want to be. No one accepts you for being human. A person of LGBT isn’t any less human than you are. That’s something people need to realize. And if we can’t ever realize that, then people won’t ever change.

Watch this video. Hopefully it can get to someone’s mind and heart and change them for the better. And reblog this as many times as possible and share this on your social medias.

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Hey there. I'm feeling really down today. Could you do some Ethan x reader hcs about him and teamiplier reassuring that reader isn't annoying?

- you always feel like you’re bugging the team

- it gets to the point you the team doesn’t want to be friends with you

- after a while you bring it up to ethan 

- he’s almost offended you would think those things

- “are you serious? me and mark are possibly the most annoying people on earth and you think we wouldn’t want to be friends with you?!”

- you’re shocked by his response

- he calls in the rest of the team and tells them what’s going on

- mark practically tackles you in a hug

- “Y/N, that’s a bunch of garbo!”

- amy and kathryn join in the hug

- tyler is uncomfortable with hugs but gives you reassurance

- “you’re incredible, and not even annoying at all. even if you were, we put up with ethan and mark, we can put up with you” 

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: I hate drunk people. [Long]

To preface this let me explain my situation, we have a bunch of petroleum workers in house which puts my hotel at 100% capacity and over 200 people. (Which is over double our number of rooms. :D) Also for some reason there’s a bunch of moms in house.

Tl;dr at the bottom.

It’s exactly as the title says, I hate drunk people. Not because they’re drinking do what you want and live your life to the fullest, but maybe don’t do it at a hotel and harass the two night auditors on duty?

Problem 1: There was a fist fight in the hallway on the first floor, so we had to call the cops and I got to clean up blood! Even more exciting because I had just cleaned that hallway.

Problem 2: While cleaning our porch area I found multiple smashed beer bottles, I got to sweep it all up as well as well as power wash the area. Someone also left a ring of keys, let’s hope they’re still here.

On break: (Yes something even happened while I was on break.) I was sitting outside vaping and listening to anime openings like the weeaboo I am, and a drunk girl approached me giving me her whole life story. Que me trying to message my girlfriend to vent a little, girl goes off on me for messing with my phone. And breaks over.

Problem 3: A dude gets into the cabinets in our breakfast area and creates a giant mess, me and my co-worker ask him to go back to his room. Guy is obviously intoxicated and harrasses us for treating a ‘loyal customer’ horribly, (he’s only stayed with our brand 3 times) we ask him to leave or we’ll call the police. He finally fucks off and we get to reclean ANOTHER area I had already cleaned.

Final Problem: Our PMS system aka Opera goes down right before breakfast prep, aka the time we’ll get most our checkouts.Fuk.

Anyway how was all of your nights?

Tl;dr We had a lot of intoxicated guest, most of which we were able to handle. Also our PMS system is down. :D

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you said the way the fandom treats eren makes you wan to throw up. what happened? I mean I agree that people bash on eren too much but did something happen after this most recent episode that people are shitting on eren?

I’ve seen some posts after the most recent episode, but it’s more that I’ve just been noticing extra hate towards him recently, like there’s always been hate but it’s been even more noticeable recently and it’s really gone and upset me honestly.

He deserves so much better than to be kicked down by everyone for doing fucking nothing wrong. It’s always the same. He can’t open his mouth without recieving criticism, whether that be people calling him whiney and annoying (for reacting to situations very realistically, may I add) or people bashing him for the sake of ships and raising their faves up. Eren can’t seem to do anything right for some of the fandom. Everything he does is wrong in some way or another, and they bitch about him doing this and that, when really they would never do that if any other character did the same. It’s so infuriating.

Some incredibly horrifying things are happening in Marawi, which is in my country. A terrorist group has taken over, buildings are burning, people are dying. Another terrible thing to note is that the government has not sent help to the communities. Our president is all the way in Moscow and refuses to cut his trip short. Our government is calling it propaganda. It is so much more than that.

Please please please if you do pray, please pray for Marawi. Please pray for the world, with what happened in Manchester, to Bangkok, to Marawi.