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i keep seeing that horrible post with that tweet that says “young transgender kids are like vegan cats” because they’re “not actually the ones in charge of their lifestyles”, followed by a long ass essay justifying the statement and spreading the idea that trans kids don’t really know anything about themselves and are confused or some shit. thanks for equating people starving their cats to parents being supportive of their kids. thanks for basically saying that letting kids explore gender and expression is child neglect. 

ask yourself, why the fuck do you need to insist and prove that a child is cis at the first suggestion of them wanting to be a different gender? why are you so afraid of the idea of having a transgender child? how does calling the kid by a different name/pronouns they want hurt you? of course, kids of any gender should be allowed to wear what they want and play with any type of toys, but there’s nothing wrong with also letting them know that being trans is okay. even if the kid decides that they’re not trans, you’d be showing them that you love and support them in their identity regardless.

want to know what’s actually a horrible thing to do to your child? to tell them over and over that they’re cis at the slightest indication of them being trans, drive it into their head they have to suffer silently and pretend to be cis, and refuse to offer any support for them in a society that already has an aggressive stance against trans people.  

Harry creates a safe space for absolutely everyone at his shows and some people don’t have the decency to give him one back. How could they call themselves a fan of Harry and do something like that?

yk what i find so endearing? how unapologetically DORKY and in love robert sugden is with aaron and vice damn versa. like. individually they are both the type of people who would laugh and cringe at someone doing some massive grand gesture or being cheesy with their choice of words because that’s just how they are. but when it comes to each other? COMPLETELY new rules. rob’s little ‘evening … i am now!’ during the prison phone call and aaron’s sighhh and ‘it’s so good to hear your voice’ like. and of course the whole 'my beautiful husband who i love’ like … GET A GRIP YOU LOVE STRUCK IDIOTS. it’s just hilarious, and so flipping natural for them to just radiate love for each other whilst still openly judging anyone else who dares to do 'romance’. like lol they think they’re as in love as we are and have found their soul mate. bless them. let’s laugh.

what icons.

Some people need to be reminded that a) Harry is 23, has been in the spotlight since he’s 16 b) had to fight this nasty image of a womamizer, marriage destroyer, sex god etc. for years c) his own team objectified him and created this illusion of him being accessible / not a person who deserves & needs privacy and respect d) that is called sexual harassment e) he treats everyone around him with kindness- how about you do the same? f) you’re not his fan and don’t deserve to call yourself one g) he sadly would never call you out but be aware that you probably made him very uncomfortable and mad…

“Asexual as a white supremacist wet dream!” (yes, really)

See I’d make this a #JustAphobeThings post but reading through that post actually really concerns me. OP seems to be struggling with some very serious internalized aphobia.

I mean they literally claim racists want POC to be asexual because aces “lack something they deem human”, that being asexual “weakens” people, and that aces don’t feel…

As a WOC myself, statements like “When I say it’s difficult for me to say I’m asexual, I really do mean, it is viscerally horrible to consider myself asexual. It is violent.” or “How could it not pain me to call myself asexual?” are so heartbreaking I don’t even know what to say.

1305) I need help, for some reason I don’t like when people call me beautiful, everytime somebody says I want to tell them to stop calling me that and say that I’m handsome. I know that I’m not transgender but I wish I could start doing drag, dress like many androgynous models, etc. I want to be the “fuck you” of genderoles, but I’m so scare to do what I want, please somebody help me.

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I used to ship yoon/min too. Tbh it was bc people who talked to me about BTS were ym shippers. One of the things they told me was how Yoongi looked more happy w Jimin and go soft he was for him. Lol they still think like this, and talk about Yoongi like some cold person that doesn't like the other members, only Jimin. And Jimin for them is this cute bottom that would submit to Yoongi 24/7. Like... I unfollowed lots of people bc of this. They only saw Jimin like Yoongi's sexual toy (1)

Plus, for them jikook are only brothers and pull “recipts” about Jimin choosing Yoongi over Jungkook when those are fake. Idk, I can see how soft Yoongi is for e/o on Bangtan and how he’s not cold… Shippers need to stop that bs (2)

(let me start off by saying i know not every yoon/min shipper does this and some ji/kook shippers do this as well. this is a general call out.) that’s so gross to me. the fact that they only see jimin as yoongi’s play thing and they don’t realize how sweet yoongi truly is. like, i hate that so much. yoongi is the softest boy i’ve ever laid my eyes on. he legit spent his entire bank acc getting army gifts for his birthday. and people still think he’s some hardass with no human emotion. and then the fact htat they always fetishize and stereotype jimin makes me so annoyed (ji/kook shippers do too tbh). like, i just want these freaking stereotypes of the boys to stop.

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Do you think my teachers would notice if, on a school trip to Spain, I quietly introduced myself as a boy/with my real name/pronouns?

I’m not sure, but if they’re around you then yes, probably. I’m under the impression that you’re not out to your teachers, and if that’s the case, if you’re in a safe situation and you’re ready, I think you should come out to them so that it’s not a shock if they do hear that. However, if you’re not safe to be outed at home, then that could be advised against because teachers might need to tell your parents.

If, however, you are uncomfortable introducing yourself as your birth name and incorrect pronouns, then find a nickname that people have given you and introduce yourself as that. For example, I have a non-binary friend called Charli, and an older preferred name of theirs was Eden, and some people still nickname them “Eddie”, even though their new name is different; it was just a nickname that had stuck. If you can find anything like that and teachers ask, you can just say that it was a nickname! 

And, if you think it would work, you can even say that for your real name. Some people have their families call them something entirely different from their birth name just for the sake of it. The examples that come straight into my head are Jacksepticeye (Jack), whose real name is Sean, and Christopher Robins, whose family called him Billy Moon. If you think you can get away with that, then do! 

For pronouns, it is a little bit difficult, and I think that you should just keep it vague and don’t take it personally if people assume the wrong pronouns; you’re in the closet, and people will assume incorrectly. It’s crappy, but sometimes that’s the way that things go. 

I hope this makes sense and has helped somehow, and also enjoy your trip! Try not to focus on gender issues as much as you can and have some fun.

- Claude 

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∞^☄&♀ Bruce Wayne

∞ - Old age/aging headcanon

Bruce hates that he isn’t as young as he used to be and hates to be reminded of it. Despite how much Stephanie and Bruce call him “old man”, he refuses to acknowledge his aging in front of people.

^ - Appearance headcanon

Bruce’s outfits are relatively the same since he is a CEO. He spends 5 minutes on his hair, 10 minutes on picking a suit getting ready, and then he is out the door.

☄ - Fear headcanon

Bruce is afraid that Gotham will realize that he is Batman one day and if they do find out was kind of repercussions that would mean for his family.

& - AU headcanon

AU where Bruce goes to see a therapist, doesn’t adopt 20 (some which look like like him), nor does he dress up like a bat to beat people up as a coping mechanism 

♀ - Genderbend headcanon

Ruth Wayne was always doubted to be a capable CEO of Wayne Enterprises because she is a woman but that just meant that Ruth was going to do more to prove that she is a good CEO and more then capable of running a multi-billion dollar business 

I think I have to make a push to get the poisonous people in my life out of it. I can’t take people and their weird passive aggressive things, their weird ass drama, or their backstabbing.

I think it’s just time to move on from some parts of my life. I don’t need the guy who passive agressively cuts a bunch of people out of his life because of a specific reason, but didn’t do it consistently. I don’t need the woman who talks shit behind our backs, criticizes everything, and is constantly negative (nor her husband). I don’t need the guy who only contacts us when he wants validation. I don’t need the guy who just goes around sniping at people on Facebook then is all “lol I was kidding” when he’s called out for being a dick. No, no you weren’t. You were trying to hurt someone. I don’t need the people that laid an ultimatum on me and tried to make me choose between them and my own morals.

I’m turning 40 in a couple of weeks. And I just think about how much time I’ve put into people that just take. I just don’t have it in me to deal with people who are just hurting me and those around me.

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Is Rupert going to become the big "it" name in Hollywood some day soon? I think yes. I would love it if those of us who knew him now, who predicted his bright future, could claim their name to the prestigious club of knowing Rupert before the masses; who recognized & appreciated his talent before the rest of the world. Could we have a special membership for those of us who knew him before the fame that is soon to come? A few years from now, millions could be checking into this blog.

Don’t laugh! Ages ago when I did my MBA I wondered why people can’t invest in people they believe in. Turns out people are doing it:

It’s called a human capital contract, in which an individual raises money from investors in exchange for equity in herself. The idea is a bit unsettling. It sounds like either a modern version of indentured servitude, or the early version of some dystopian future in which every person is valued in dollars.

We would just need Rupert Friend Inc. to have an IPO. I’d invest!

As for the core group of fans who follow the blogs… we should have a platinum membership with special benefits (like angel investors get). What do y’all think the privileges should be beyond ‘I told you so’ rights when he finally wins an Oscar?

Back brakes on my truck went out. With labour and inspection/emissions, $481. Fuck my life. This is the first month since my GA breakdown and repair that I was going to be able to put money aside for savings and now I am in the negatives again. I swear I am cursed by some sort of anti-money plague. Every time I am doing okay and can finally relax for a minute, maybe grab a nice dinner or a new outfit, this shit happens. Not counting the fact that I still have not bought a new phone but I need to because mine will not allow me to answer calls or turn it on half of the time. Why do most young people avoid driving and live with their parents? This is why.

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  1. further introduction on me!
  2. my portrayal of karamatsu has histrionic personality disorder and not narcissistic personality disorder, like the fandom usually tries to slap onto him.
  3. casual reminder that nothing about karamatsu is ‘daddy’ so take off your fandom goggles and lower your expectations if you wanna ship with this man child.
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Thank you so much for calling out the secret sessioners who were bragging about meeting her and saying how there are so many secrets that we will never know. Ps I feel like taylors team should do more research on future people who will be attending the ss bc I’ve seen bad things that some have done

It’s not like you can really predict this kind of stuff so I hate when Taylor has to take the blame for certain fans being invited, I just wish more of them realized what an amazing opportunity they were given and focused more on the beauty of the moment itself than sharing the moment on social media making insensitive posts and constantly making everyone feel left out

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Is it weird that I, a person who doesn't ship v/min romantically (I do acknowledge that they are the superior bond in bts like that's just straight up facts) get lowkey offended when I see some y/m and v/k shippers call their otps "soulmates"? like I know I'm probably being petty as hell but like v/min are self claimed soulmates & the universe knows that. This may sound hypocritical but i can see why some jikook shippers call them soulmates tho coz busan their interests &their matching moles etc

i mean, people are allowed to call their ship what they want, there’s nothing wrong with that. like, as a v/min appreciator, i do get bitter because v/min are real life soulmates (and i understand ji/kook because they have lots of things in common that are stereotypically like soulmate things (ie. brothers that are each other’s ages, brothers both ending with ‘hyun’, matching moles, both from busan, and just general things like that) but i mean there’s nothing wrong with them thinking their ships are soulmates

Emotional Consent

I’ve always been hesitant to post about this because I’m worried people will take it as a personal offense and I just want to say in advance this isn’t “@ anyone” or a callout even

I just feel like emotional consent as a concept is rarely talked about and therefore it’s often breached unknowingly (hence why I don’t never get mad at anyone specific for breaching it), and also I think it’s important I make this post. I didn’t learn what it was till I was older, and most people don’t.

Essentially “emotional consent” is a mutual understanding and willing agreement between both parties when discussing directly emotional or potentially emotionally loaded questions.

I’m going to start with examples, and I know it might feel bad at first if you recognize you do some of them (it’s okay, we all do from time to time), but please keep reading because I promise I’ll get onto alternative dialogues and solution

Here are some examples of what a breach of emotional consent can look like- not all the ways of course, but the major ones off the top of my head:

  • Venting to someone without warning or established boundaries this can look like starting a conversation by venting, or detailing graphic information seemingly out of nowhere and without effective trigger warnings. This can put people in situations where they feel like they have to respond, even if they’re not emotionally equipped, if they’re busy, or if they don’t have the spoons. Of course, usually this wasn’t the intent of the venter, but still has the same effect. FYI- this includes celebrities, social media icons, and people you admire. 
  • Talking graphically about sex, masturbation, or anything in that range without warning or established boundaries this can look like anything from sharing a funny sexual escapade with your friends, and dirty jokes, to sexual harassment and telling someone hows bad you want to fuck them despite not knowing how they feel about it. Sometimes in these scenarios, people can appear visibly comfortable in attempt to fit in and not seem prudish, or to avoid awkward confrontation. This can also be especially sensitive because this is a topic that can very easily and unexpectedly bring up traumas and insecurities along with the discomfort, and it can perpetuate rape culture.
  • Using pet-names and romantic implications, even platonically, without established consent this one was tough for me to swallow at first because I love pet names and I love using them platonically to show love. But even more, I want the people I love to feel comfortable and safe around me. Some people have deeper more negatively charged, or more intensely charged feelings around pet names than I do, and I wouldn’t want to subject them to that. Some people are also comfortable with certain pet names and not others. Also things like calling platonic meetups dates, cuddling, and platonically holding hands mean different things to different people, which is important to respect.
  • Showing people media or sending articles or news with heavy emotional content either without warning, or with the expectation of discussion part of this is about including trigger warnings, and making sure viewing triggering content is optional in spaces and interactions we have control over. Another part though, is the fact that we often expect people to have interactions and discussions with us about emotionally charged topics, including politics, crime, oppression, natural disasters, etc. without fully understanding how this can affect the other person.
  • Telling someone they’re the only person you feel comfortable telling something to, or be open with this one sucks because it usually (except in cases of abuse) comes out of genuine care and wanting to make the other person feel special. That being said, no matter how you phrase it, it can put a massive responsibility on the person that similar to my first example, can make them feel obligated to help even when they’re not in an appropriate place to. 
  • Expecting people to share personal or intimate information a lot of times we ask emotionally loaded questions because we care about and are interested in the lives of our loved ones. That being said, if we’re not careful people can really feel obligated to share information they’re not prepared to, or don’t want to process at the moment. This can look like “How’s your health been?” “How are you handling [life event]?” and “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

so now the more pleasant part! What can it look like to prioritize emotional consent instead- these correspond in order of initial bullets

  • Starting vague and asking if it’s okay an example dialogue could be “I’m feeling crappy about [blank] are you up to listen to me talk about it?” I also love to add “or should I try [alternative coping method/talking to someone else right now?]” to the end of that if I have one so the other person knows if they say no I have something to turn to. Another example could be “Would it be alright for me to vent right now? FYI it may include mentions of [possible triggers] so if you’re not up for it right now I understand?” or simply “Are you comfortable with me talking about [blank?]”. Also talking to a celebrity or idol “You really helped me with [blank]. I don’t know if you’re comfortable with detail so I won’t elaborate, but I really appreciate it.” or “You really helped me with [blank.] [An explanation about what specifically helped or inspired you in more detail rather than graphic description of the event.]”
  • Again! You can just ask example dialogue can include “Can I mention something about my sex life?” “I have a joke but it’s dirty so I want to make sure thats okay with you” “Can I say something nsfw?” “Is everyone here okay with sex mentions?” 
  • Asking still works! Example dialogue can be “Thanks [petname] (are you okay with me using that or would you rather I don’t)” “Are you okay being called [petname]?” “Are you comfortable with [intimate platonic act]?” “Do you want to [intimate platonic act]?” “I’d like to [intimate platonic act] if you’d be okay with that”
  • Ask/Warn ahead of time or clarify you don’t need response example dialogue “I want to process [news event] but I know it’s heavy so I wanted to ask first” “Jsyk this article contains [possible triggers] so don’t read it if you think it’d be harmful to you]” “Can I ask your opinion on [charged topic]. If you’d rather not, I understand” “[thought or link to article] FYI no need to respond. I just wanted to share.]”
  • Show you’re appreciation in other ways using phrases that show appreciation but don’t implicate responsibility like “Thanks for being here for me whenever you’re able to” “I really appreciate being able to talk about this with you” “It means a lot to me that I can feel so comfortable and open with you” “Being able to talk about this with you has been really helpful for me and I’m really glad I was ables to.”
  • Asking with an easy out or optional response examples include “Hey, I know you’re dealing with as lot and grieving right now so I absolutely don’t need a response, but I wanted to remind you if you need support in any way I’m available and have time right now.” “Do you want to talk about [emotionally charged life event] or would you rather talk about something else right now?” “I know it’s hard to talk about these things and I understand if you can’t, but I want to remind you that when you can and want to I’m available and won’t judge you.” “Would venting be helpful or draining right now?” “What’s the best way I can support you, or are you not sure right now?”

Sorry this became a long ass post but I thought it was important. I should also add that the exception of course is therapists and counselors, crisis hotlines, or other people trained and already prepared to cope with these things. but besides that- try and emo responsibly. 


infodumping about the ocean

There was another student at my school that was a total dickbag, and made it his daily goal to get a rise out of at least one other person, some way or another. Let’s call him Dbag. He annoyed the shit out of a lot of teachers by doing stuff like constantly being late, eating loudly in class, purposefully spilling and dropping things, and loudly retelling stories during lectures or tests. He spent more time being kicked out of class than actually in class. He wasn’t popular with students either, he constantly mocked students with disabilities, would harass people for money or bites of their food, and tried starting rumors about girls that would turn him down for dates. 

I hated this dude so much. He annoyed the shit out of me, but i was pretty quiet about it for the most part. During lunch one day, i was standing with my circle of friends and i felt someone wrap their arms around my neck/shoulders and lean over me. It was Dbag. He starts yelling and saying stuff like “yeah guys i know can you believe (my name) hides her titties under big sweaters and stuff???” my friends started backing up, they saw me get pissed. I said loudly, “Let go of me!” He kept talking and holding me. One more time, I said “Let go, or I’m putting you on the ground!” He ignored me. I screamed as loud as i could, “LAST CHANCE!” and he didn’t let go. I grabbed his arms, bent my knee, and laid him out flat on his back. The floor was concrete. The slap was SO loud. (Google “self defense shoulder throw” the first image is similar to the technique i did) He was winded for a solid 15-20 seconds. I looked around, and everybody was staring, including my period three teacher on lunch supervision. We looked each other in the eye and my first thought was “oh shit, i’m suspended” but she slowly turned around and walked back down the hall. She never mentioned it, i didn’t get suspended, and Dbag called me a “psycho bitch” for the next 2 years.