or do some more crocheting

Inspired by characters from The Bright Sessions

Sam and Damien are two characters who seem vastly different but when it comes down to it they have a lot of similarities. 

Sam’s a time traveller with special place in her heart for the 1810 or rather someone that she met there. The gloves take inspiration from fashion from that period, particularly vandyke points and marie sleeves, while still being practical for modern tasks like driving or intensive internet research.

Damien chose his own name which speaks to the level of edginess he’s trying to achieve. I tried to channel that as much as one can when making crochet gloves. However, since Damien wants you to think that they are very edgy and cool that’s exactly what you think of them

Pattern below the cut (this is the first pattern I’ve written so please let me know if there’s something that doesn’t work or make sense)

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