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Sketch Requests

Hello there, everyone

I plan on opening commissions soon, so I’ll start off with simple sketch requests.

I know I only draw Link, they are the only examples here but I can draw other characters, I assure you. (I’m just too obsessed with drawing Link…)

It can be anything. scenarios, just a character sketch, whatever your heart desires, it just has to be… simple. (I have school. and other things to do)

It can be a pencil on paper sketch, or a digital one (paper drawings have a different feel, so you might prefer that.) I may or may not color it. I’ll try to.

Once you request, I will probably not draw it immediately (probably. maybe I’ll do it the same day). Maybe it could be a week or two. I’m throwing that out there so it won’t be a surprise that I’m late.

Please don’t hesitate. It’s a request. It’s free. You won’t lose anything if I don’t do it. I just want to practice, that’s all.

You can send your requests through asks. I will post the sketch as an answer. If you don’t want that I can just DM it to you.

(((There are some things that I may refuse to draw. I hope you understand that)))

Thank you :D

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for new artists wanting to get their tumbler page out there?

It’s kinda funny to be asking me for advice bc I didn’t really do anything? I started out without even thinking of getting my blog ‘out there’ as you put it. All I do is to draw what I love and make art and improve myself. This blog is just for me to have fun.

The only tip I can give you is to tag your posts properly. Tumblr tracks your first five tags, so use those five spots wisely to put in popular tags like the fandom or character name so people can find your art. Don’t put meaningless chatter in those.

And that’s all to it.

anonymous asked:

Hi, this is just a random question but do you by any way find karen and Frank's relationship to be manipulative or abusive?

no i don’t anon. i’m not sure what you think is abusive or manipulative? both of these characters are flawed (newsflash: everyone is) and relationships are going to be messy. but abusive? where? 

if you’re referring to dds2 when frank slams a door in karen’s face that’s frank pushing her away for her own safety. he cares about her and he doesn’t know how to make her see that being near him is dangerous. 

but then season one of the punisher, frank is hesitant and wonders if she even wants to see him. then karen HUGS him. karen cares about him, and frank struggles with this again. he doesn’t think he’s worthy of someone caring for him. he doesn’t USE her for help. he needs her help. and again if you’re just saying this because he sounds angry, it’s because he is. he’s a frustrated man, he’s not mad AT karen, he’s mad at his situation. 

that’s the beauty of ANGST. karen wants to help him but she doesn’t want him to get hurt. frank needs answers and he doesn’t want her to get hurt but she’s the only one who can help in that area. 

frank says “atta girl” to her for keeping her gun. when the bomber has his arms wrapped around karen, frank reminds her she’s got that gun to she can get away. frank touches her head after the bomb explodes to see if she is ok. their foreheads touch in the elevator because they know, frank is not done. but karen has done her job to help, and he is appreciative of that. it’s obvious. 

frank’s anger at his family’s loss shouldn’t be seen as abuse. he wanted karen’s help because he trusts her. and if she said no, he would have looked somewhere else. 

if you want abusive or manipulative see one billy russo. 

simmer-and-stir  asked:

Your posts are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I looove your blog and you seem like a really sweet person. I do have 2 questions. 1- do you have any advice for building/decorating and also how do you edit your images?I have PS and Gimp but I barely know how to use them lol. Thanks so much for your time!!!

OMG I remember you, you already asked about decorating and i totally forgot about it o_o I’m so sorry, I remember your profile pic I’M SORRY I was at work, and I wanted to get home and do it with pics and all, and then I FORGOT LIKE A MORON THAT I AM. I’m so sorry, you’re so sweet. I’m at work again, so as to not risk forgetting about it again, I’ll just answer now. 

Firstly, about building. I’m in no way as good as @jenba or @peacemaker-ic or countless other amazing builders, but I figured with building, it’s most important to just try everything. Most of us have those two windows we really like and use for everything, well forget those, try that one ugly green window you never used in your entire life, maybe it’ll give it some charm. Add wood to EVERYTHING. I like nature, and I like natural looking houses, i’m not really big into minimalism or these modern b&w schemes, I like brown, and green, and colours, lived in, family feel to it. I play legacies, so my legacy houses usually start with one bedroom and then slowly add onto it, so they come out these mismatched attrocities, but with some charm to them. But I can’t do second floors lol did you notice that my houses never actually have any rhyme nor reason to their second floors xD I FORGET THE STAIRS. I keep forgetting stairs and then I have no place to fit them in, and they just end up a eyesore. Really, building, it’s not something I’m very good at, but I try. 

When it comes to decorating, my secret is CLUTTER. No really, just clutter everything. Look at your own house and remember how you were reading a book and then your whoever-you-live-with called you to come over and you stood up, dropped the book on a side table on your way, next to a mug of hot coco. And then there’s that endtable next to the entrance with the bowl for the keys, but the actual keys are next to the fridge, but you’re currently being called over by whoever-you-live-with to help them look for the keys in the bedroom. Yeah, well, that’s my decorating style. Plus, I’m european, I like smaller rooms with more furniture and decoration. Big empty spaces are a no no for me. I always hated those big rooms with just a sofa and a tv and I’m like “what’s with all the empty, you doing cha cha cha??” No, you put everything you have including those five sofas your family’s been inheriting since ppl still used leaches in medicine. We cha cha cha in the backyard like civilized ppl. 

Bear in mind, the more stuff you put and the darker the tones you use are, the smaller and more lived in the room is going to look. 

I hope this helps, I’m not really an expert, but I try, that all any of us can do. 

I’m sorry again for not answering the first time ♥♥

carawenmonk  asked:

Maybe a weird question, but do you know any lgbt lit featuring rowing?

Not weird at all, and in fact, I do! Check out Rocking the Boat by Christopher Koehler and Level Hands by Amy Jo Cousins.

anonymous asked:

This is probably a weird and too specific question but do you have any recommendations for a camera for someone who wants to get into photography but will probably never be a very serious photographer (and is also price conscious)? Like basically a starter camera that can photograph things like small animals and nature and can be used by a complete idiot (me)? Thank you!!!

Look into the Nikon DX series!

My first camera was a Nikon D5100, and it was around $500-$600. If you get the model used, you can even get it cheaper. The 3000 models are cheaper than the 5000s, too. If you’re not particularly looking for a DSLR, you can look into bridge cameras (meant to help someone transition between point-and-shoot cameras and DSLRs). They are cheaper with the ability to still capture a lot of detail and take a high quality picture. :) I just don’t think bridge cameras have interchangeable lenses, which you may not need, you’ll have to do your own research a bit to see what sort of camera fits what you have in mind.

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Laurel-Plum and Cotton-Mochi

Laurel - Is there a major victory you’ve achieved in your life? if so, what is it?

Plum: D…Don’t tell Olive I’m telling you this…

Cotton - What do you like to wear for pajamas?

Caatli: YO MOCH. You got a question about your jams.

Mochi: Really?! OH! My pajamas? These are new, and I mostly wear them in winter!! I REALLY like them!! I hope you do too!!  ❤️

If you have any more questions for me or my OCs, feel free to ask!!


☀️🌙✨ tarot questions ✨🌙☀️

the fool: do you have any nicknames?
the magician: have you ever written a poem or song about somebody else?
the high priestess: what is your dream date?
the empress: do you think you will ever get married?
the emperor: what are some names that you like?
the hierophant: do you believe in ghosts?
the lovers: do you have a crush?
the chariot: thoughts on astrology?
strength: what is your dream occupation? 
the hermit: what is your favorite soda pop?
wheel of fortune: first three songs that come on shuffle?
justice: favorite color of rose?
the hanged man: favorite movie soundtrack?
death: what are three things you want to do before you die?
temperance: can you describe a strange dream you’ve had?
the devil: do you enjoy thunderstorms?
the tower: favorite colors to wear?
the star: have you ever seen a psychic?
the moon: have you ever written a love letter?
the sun: do you believe in magic?
judgement: do you enjoy school?
the world: do you like waking up early?


“You were directly involved in bringing down the Empire. You and Artoo. So I don’t know why you’re calling me Master. Why you call anyone Master. Seems like people should call you that.”

“Why…I…I don’t know, sir. Programming, I suppose. All droids must do as they are programmed.”

OF COURSE Poe Dameron cares about the civil rights of droids and respects them as individuals. He’s not going to perpetuate a weird slavery hangover where even heroes of the Galactic Civil War are programmed to scrape and bow to humans and call them ‘master’. 


Rogue One Valentines

(with suggestions from @leechbrain and @foreign-eggplant)

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before on here but I am Mexican! <3 Chicano might be a better word to describe me.

And I’m so happy a lot of people recognized it! <3 I get a lil self-conscious when I share things not everyone will get the reference to. But yes! It’s from el chavo! I used to watch the show a tons when I was a kid so I wanted to draw them in the costumes <3 I actually dressed up as them too when I was a kid <3 Look who’s filling for Chico btw!

For some aus, yes! (I’ve already done some extra doodles from them)

We do have a nonbinary oc! Our lil genderfluid gal, Kathy! <3 She mostly uses she/they! Nothing’s set in stone for the future ocs tho!

I cant even imagine the amount of pressure that namjoon must be feeling with all these upcoming american interviews…i really hope the people doing those interviews do their research so there arent any dumb, rude, or awkward questions


capmeme: eight quotes [2/8]

↳ "Is this a test?" 

i decided i’d create a taylor themed ask list, because these are fun and we all love taylor so let’s see how this goes.

taylor swift: how long have you been a ts fan?

meredith: do you have any pets?

olivia: serious question - cats or dogs?

1989: what time perioud should you have been born in?

red: what is your favorite season and why?

speak now: say something you’ve been holding back

fearless: what are you most afraid of in life?

reputation: what do you want your legacy in life to be?

all too well: what’s your favorite taylor memory?

last kiss: who/when was your last kiss?

dear john: what’s hurting you right now?

ready for it: are you - in fact - ready for it?

gorgeous: besides taylor, who is the most gorgeous person you know?

look what you made me do: do you believe in karma?

the last time: when is the last time you’ve genuinely laughed?

story of us: are you currently in love?

love story: do you believe in love at first sight? why/why not

the outside: are you currently feeling left out? why?

the best day: favorite memory from childhood?

breathe: just take a deep breath, you deserve it!

change: what’s one thing you’d love to change?

haunted: any recurring nightmares? what are they?

come in with the rain: does the rain help you sleep?

enchanted:  when’s the last time you danced around all alone?

mean: what would you say to the people who bullied you?

long live: tell me the deepest reason or story of why taylor swift is so important to you

state of grace: where do you feel most at peace?

22: when’s the last time you just let go and had fun?


This post is multifunctional: in fanfic with college aged characters, many of y’all are in highschool and have never been drunk, so you inadvertently make some choices that make anyone who has ever been drunk laugh.

BUT ALSO: i had never been drunk until summer after senior year. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got to test my limits around people I trusted, and that’s not always the case. It’s a new school year, and I don’t want you freshies accidentally drinking way more than you should and getting in trouble, getting alcohol poisoning, or even just puking on your dorm floor, because that shit is nasty. SO STAY SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE, BUT USE THIS INFO TO HELP.

(disclaimer: i am a 5′5 under 150lbs 19 year old girl with low to med alcohol tolerance. If you/your character is, say, a 6′2, male 200lb frat guy who drinks vodka like water, scale up accordingly)

this got long so it’s under the cut:


1-2 shots: feeling nothing

3 shots: maybe feeling something? maybe just a placebo

4 shots: I’m fi–oh wait, i just stood and the ground moved. ok, maybe i’m almost tipsy. Starting to feel loose.

5 shots: definitely in the tipsy zone. feeling good. stumbling but not falling. whatever Kind of Drunk you are, here is when it starts to appear

6+ shots: I have not definitively documented these, because I am good at knowing my limits. Some people are not. Basically just looser and looser, easier to laugh, more outgoing, etc. But from what I hear, tipsy is the feel-good zone, and then you want to feel even more good so you drink more and then you hit Too Drunk and it’s a downhill slide into FeelingLikeShitville


jungle juice/tub juice: this varies based on recipe, but i would say it is USUALLY one shot per drink. Sometimes they amp it up to two, but guys. Alcohol tastes like shit. If you want it to taste okay, you’ll need way more parts kool-aid/hawaiian punch/orange juice than alcohol. So please, for the love of god, do not have your adult male college student take one sip of a “mysterious concoction” and start making poor choices immediately. He’ll need, like, 3 cups min before the bad choices start rolling in.

wine/beer: what you see as the usual serving size is typically equivalent to one shot, but it’s more liquid, so takes longer to drink and therefore longer to get drunk.


CHASERS: when you’re taking a shot of vodka, tequila, fireball, whatever, it can be hard going down. So you’ll have people using “chasers” like lemonade, sweet tea, sprite, etc. You’ll either drink it right after the shot or right before and then after the shot.

DIFF ALCOHOL TYPES: different types of alc affect you differently. For example, tequila and beer make me nauseous, so I avoid those. My friend says when she’s “wine drunk” it’s different from being regular drunk. Mixing alcohol types as well (like beer and liquor, etc) can make some people sick. Quick list of some types/brands of alc: tequila*, vodka*, wine*, beer*, champagne, cocktails(margharitas, mimosas, etc), whiskey* (usually, especially for college students, this means fireball, which tastes like those shitty cinnamon candies your grandma always had out and feels like an actual warmth in your chest). There are more but I’m a gross college student and * are most common for me

HANGOVERS: i have never had a hangover bc even while drunk im an overthinker, and after every drink i have a drink of water, and this has staved off every hangover. Also, it makes you pee a lot, and peeing at a house party is An Experience


there are “types” of drunk, and they often mix together including but not limited to: Chatty Drunk, (me. i cant shut the fuck up. every thought i have exits my mouth. this is less embarrassing and more tedious, since most of my thoughts are inane and boring) Sleepy Drunk (my best friend. It is important to know if your friend is sleeping or passed out: one is an effect of alcohol, one means they are literally dying and should be taken to a hospital) Annoying/Loud Drunk (this is obvious) and Horny Drunk (my other friend is notorious for pointing to a guy and being like “I am going to fuck him” and then I have to physically drag her away and call an uber, despite also being drunk)

Another friend will, without fail, Every Single Time put on “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz, and proceed to play her 2010 playlist. Drunk people have reliable quirks and do weird shit. idk man, but usually people will know exactly what kind of drunk their friends are, and prepare.

I’m sure I’m missing stuff and I don’t actually drink a whole lot so if anyone has anything to add, PLEASE DO. Also, if y’all want a part two I can talk about house parties or other college shit

if you’ve been bothered by this kind of stuff or made these mistakes in fic or if you just wish you’d had this knowledge PLEASE REBLOG: i never really saw accessible info like this because the only info about alc i ever saw was like “ONLY EVER DRINK TEENY SIPS ONCE YOU ARE 21 BC ALCOHOL IS BAD” and that’s just not helpful


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco