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hey boo! <333 how about, ererijean "Can't I tell you a secret" or "Can we pretend I didnt just say that?" or maybe you think you can work them together ? ; 3 <333

“Lebi, call my mopher,” Eren whined, kicking out his feet from beneath the blankets. 

“You’re not dying, Eren,” Levi said again as he checked his phone. “It’s just a cold.” Jean was supposed to be back twenty minutes ago with more Nyquil.

“Lebi, plee,” Eren said, followed by more kicking. Levi ignored his plea and pressed the back of his hand to Eren’s forehead.

He opened a drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of aspirin. “You’re fever’s back, that’s all.”

“I’b dying,” Eren moaned.

Levi sighed. Eren had a stuffy nose, sore throat and slight temperature—nothing a bottle of Nyquil and a good’s night sleep wouldn’t fix.

“Lebi,” Eren repeated, pushing his covers to the floor. “Cab I tell you a sebret?

“I don’t know, can you?” Levi huffed, picking the blanket up from the floor and pulling it back over Eren’s arms for what felt like the thousandth time. He pressed his hands underneath Eren’s body to tuck in the blanket like a cocoon while his patient giggled at the sensation.

“Lebi,” Eren whispered very seriously. “Jeab used yur toobrush.”  

“What?” Levi snapped at the same time that Jean arrived, a bag from Walgreens hanging at his side.

“Hey, hey, hey, Eren,” he said, walking over to the bed and rapping his knuckles against Eren’s forehead. He turned to Levi, “He’s clearly delirious.”

Levi didn’t smile.

“I’b not delibious, Jeab.” Eren said.

“That’s exactly what a delirious person would say,” Jean pulled out the Nyquil and measured out a cap full. He held it out to Eren. “Now, drink this.” 

“No,” Eren shook his head.

“Eren, don’t you want to get better?” Jean stroked his arm lightly. Despite his annoyance, the sight tugged at Levi’s heartstrings. 

Eren didn’t say anything, just sat on the bed with his arms crossed. He looked a mess – his hair was sticking up in sweaty clumps and his face was red.

“Well,” Jean said with a sly look on his face. “I guess Levi and I will just have to keep each other company while you’re sick.” Levi played along and ran his fingers through Jean’s hair slowly. 

Eren’s gaze tracked their movements with interest. “The sooner you take your, ahh, medicine, the quicker you can join us.” Jean said, his voice catching when Levi tugged at his hair, pulling back to expose Jean’s throat to Eren.

As Levi’s lips brushed against Jean’s neck, Eren hastily took the Nyquil from Jean’s fingers, wincing slightly at the foul taste but drinking it down all the same. “I’b not dying.”

Levi smiled and pressed his teeth into Jean’s skin. Someone owed him an explanation about the state of his toothbrush, and he was going to use every trick in the book to get it.  

I’m not usually one to get involved in drama but...

This whole black face thing has got way out of hand. 

First off, in my personal opinion, Jackson covered in paint from head to toe is not black face. Second of all I find it really disgusting seeing supposed fans completely turn their backs on Jackson and send him hate. 

 I saw a comment earlier on saying “Why didnt Jackson even think that what he was doing was wrong?” Lets get one think straight here, even if he did think that it was offensive he can’t refuse to do it. Firstly, it’s not like it would have been his idea in the first place. Secondly, he is just doing what he is told to do, after all he is just following what the director of the CF wanted. I also want to point out that JYP/Jackson would have had to sign a contract when they agreed to do the CF. If Jackson had outright refused to film it because of this, he would have been violating the terms of the contract. This would have lead to the potential of a lawsuit being filed for breach of contract and damages against JYP.