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Will you ever post "A Star is Born" and "Like a Diamond in the Sky" on this Tumblr? Those pieces are absolutely stunning!

Oh yes!! I almost forgot! Thank you very much, by the way.

“Like a Diamond in the Sky” :

“A Star is Born” :

And here’s a the sketch I did to jot down the idea for the watercolor piece:

Since my digital piece sold for $120, I have donated $120 to the NRDC to support them in fighting for a healthier planet. Woo!


He Tian: You forgot your textbook
GuanShan: Oh, thanks.
He Tian: …what was that?
GuanShan: What?
He Tian: What did you say?
GuanShan: Thanks?
He Tian: You’ve never said thanks, it’s weird. What am I suppose to do?
GuanShan: *blushing* That’s-
He Tian: *looks at him blushing* I like this, let’s do it again *brings the textbook back*
GuanShan: Are you serious?!

squad favorites

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Nalu. "Is that a kitten in your sweater?! Can i pet it?"

Would you believe,that i actually forgot i’d open requests last week????

Like jeez what’s wrong with me?? Maybe it’s the stress, maybe it’s school, heck if I know but hey! Here’s something else!

Thank you for the request kind anon( and sorry for the wait!) So please enjoy!

Man, bus experiences were weird. It was like stepping onto a bus flung you to another realm where the impossible and improbable were commonplace.

Lucy met her best friend on a bus, when the driver slammed the brakes without warning and Levy’s book went flying in her face. There was a guy who came on fully-clothed and left in just his pants and undershirt.

Then there was the yodelling guy, the coyote asleep on the seat next to her, the lady dressed as Santa Claus in the middle of summer.

She could go on and on about the weird stuff she’d seen on a daily basis but at least today it was something cute.

A soft ‘mrrw’ bubbled up from the guy next to her, pulling Lucy out of her novel to cast a side glance at him as he fiddled with his phone.

He was quite……pink. From his dyed hair to his near purple sweater to the headphones that leaked an unfamiliar rhythm and the twisting tendrils of a tattoo that wrapped his throat.

He was very, very pink but Lucy had to admit, it suited him.

Mr.Pink shuffled in his seat, tugging at his sweater and another ‘mrrw’ erupted from him. Specifically from the sweater.

Lucy’s eyes dropped low-not inappropriate low, but low enough- to spy an odd lump in the sweater, that moved.

It wriggled unnaturally and well, anyone would stare if they saw some guy’s clothes dancing on its own, wouldn’t they? So it was only fair that Lucy’s eyes stayed glued on that spot that wasn’t inappropriately low.

‘mrrw mrrw mrrw’ ‘mrrw mrrw mrrw’ ‘mrrw mrrw meow’

Mr. Pink sighed, more annoyed than anything else and dove his hand under the sweater, rummaging around a bit and with a little grunt, casually pulled out a kitten that was a odd bluey-gray. He tucked the little thing in the crook of his arm and absently scratched its ears, eyes drifting back to the phone with a smile.

“You just couldn’t keep quiet could you lil’ guy?” “Meow.”

Oh God. He has a cat.

Even better, he has a kitten. All the good cattiness compacted in a small and ridiculously cute package.

She had to pet it, now that she’d seen the little fluffball Lucy’s day would not be complete without touching it.

So of course she had to prod his shoulder. Maybe a little bit too hard but hey, his eyes shot off the phone in an instant, confusion very clear on his face as he reached to pull off the headphones.

Four piercings on his ear greeted her; two hoops, a simple bar and -surprise,surprise- a pink stud to top them all off.

“Yes?” He asked, brow quirked.

“You have a cat.” Lucy stated plainly. “Yup.”

“And it was in your sweater.” “Uh-huh…..?”

“Can, can I pet it?”

Rather boldly she outstretched her fingers towards his travel sized companion who sniffed them curiously, then meowing back at its owner as though approving her request.

Pinkie chuckled, scooping up his pet and gently plopping it in Lucy’s lap with a goofy smile. Lucy wished she could describe the sound she made.

“Happy likes to chew fingers,” He warned as she scratched the kitten’s chin. Happy immediately bit down on her finger. “Too late.”

“Happy? Is it because he’s always happy?” Pinkie shrugged’ “Nah. He’s kind of an ass, but he makes me happy so, yeah.”

“That’s mean!” She laughed. “He’s just a lil’ baby! Aren’t you?”  Said lil’ baby was held aloft, with various kissy faces and coos directed at him.

“He’s chewed through 3 different pairs of shoes with those razors in his mouth and almost got himself killed climbing out on the sill.”

“He’s adventurous.” “He’s crazy.”

Lucy smirked, lowering Happy back to her lap with a gleam in her eye and a smirk on her lips. “Might I daresay, a bit like his owner?”

If he was intrigued by her before her statement must’ve doubled such feelings. He swiveled in his seat to face her properly, his smirk mirroring hers.

“And how am I crazy?” “No-one completely sane carries a cat in their sweater.” Lucy stated simply. Happy meowed in what she thought was agreement.

“You expect me to leave a baby home by himself? What kind of parent do you think I am?” He clutched his chest in mock outrage.

“A weird one who dresses in full pink.” She teased. “I hate to break it to you, uh……” “Natsu.”

“Natsu.” She said with a smile, quite liking how the name rolled off her tongue. “I’m Lucy and I really hate to break it to you but most people don’t usually deck themselves out in a one colour outfit.”

Natsu ran his fingers through his hair, unintentionally showing her its pale red roots. He closed his eyes in thought. “You raise some valid points there my new bus friend who’s pretty weird herself.”

“I-” “But!” One eye flew open to focus on her, twinkling with mischief. “Don’t you think cat fatherhood and pink overload works for me?”

“Sadly, yes.” Lucy grinned.

This guy was definitely friend material.

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what do you think about some madridistas saying that Messi was taunting the Bernabeu by Messi showing them his jersey and should be considered arrogant.

It is funny how madridistas suffer from short term memory loss. How can they forget his calma calma + pointing gesture at himself in Camp Nou, or that time when he ripped off his jersey after his penalty like he did everything even though everyone forgot he was playing because crispy was practically invisible, wait remember that time when he was so frustrated that he didn’t score so he punched, kicked and slapped a player in his face and pretended to brush his badge when he was send off? No i am not talking about the moment he punched Godin 3 times in his face [and got away with it], i am talking about the time he abused Crespo.  And how can anyone forget about that time when he was so angry when his teammate scored instead of him?  How he always waits around the penalty area to score a tap in to then celebrate as if he did everything. But God forbid his teammates score because then he has to go up to them and pretend to be happy.

Lionel Messi, the guy that always points upwards to dedicate each and every one of his goals to his grandmother, the guy that celebrates his teammates’s goals as much as he celebrates his own, the guy that sacrificed his position on the field because it was better for his team, the one that is known for being a teamplayer, the one that always thanks his teammates for every award he wins, the culé that looked up to the culés that were there after his iconic celebration to kiss the Barça crest and show them how much he cares about them and this club. The one time the guy does something he has never done before and suddenly he is arrogant. You control the way people see you, nobody forced Ronaldo to do those things. Not saying Messi is a saint because he isn’t. He has done several questionable things on the field [like every other player in the history of this game] that i don’t agree with but the fact that he is known for being a good teamplayer and not arrogant is because people see it on the field. 

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Almandine Spinel the Hoopancie~

Nicknames: Alma, Almand

Gender and pronouns: Up to you, my man~

Additional Info:

★ Carries a foam sword to imitate their mom

★ Got into Mommy’s makeup kit and drew a line on their eye to look more like their dad

★ Yes, Mahenge did give Julio a black eye


original meme: http://shadowscarknight.tumblr.com/post/91983216024/hoo-okay-now-that-i-have-a-brand-spanking-new


By the way…

Did y'all think I forgot the Battle Point Giveaway?

I didn’t. I wanted to step up my game, so I got legit Shiny Mew and Ash Hat Pikachu as the Item Holders!!

I got 30 of each of these babies cloned for this Saturday, so go ahead and put in your item requests now!! You can only pick 2 items that are from the Battle Tree/Battle Royal or hard to get items, such as Apricorn Balls and Bottle Caps. Steelixite and Pidgeotite are also eligible to be asked for.

Also, have two random Eggs ready, as that is payment for your items!! (NOTE: Do not tell me what is in the Eggs, I wanna be surprised. :D)

First thirty in my inbox will be eligible!!


God, I’m still recovering from C2E2! I have been jokingly calling it wicdiv con because of how much wicdiv shaped my con experience. Here’s pictures I had on my phone of my Persephone cosplay but I did a photoshoot and should get those photos soon. if you have any picture of me from the con, I’d love if you sent them my way!

I don’t know who this Morrigan was but they looked great and were super nice!

But actually I am still physically recovering, those chains were a lot heavier than I realized and they pulled a lot at my neck and shoulders

Me Rewatching ML: Copycat

Poor Marinette just can’t catch a break about her being nervous in front of Adrien. Even more so it’s something that she can’t help. 

Wait, she’s using Alya’s phone. Alya has Adrien’s number, but Adrien doesn’t recognize the number. So Alya has Adrien’s number but he doesn’t have hers. Did he just give it to her and forgot? Did Nino give Alya Adrien’s number without revealing it? 

That was mean Alya, she was not ready! XD I probably would’ve cancelled the call right then and there and throw pillows. 

Aw so cute hunched up in her chair, looking so small. 

I love her faces. 


Alya is the one that plants the idea of stealing Adrien’s phone in Marinette’s mind. 

I think that the calendar is more for Marinette herself; because she is forgetful, does take up a lot of projects and responsibilities, and can get easily scrambled. It makes sense that she would have a calendar like that to help her stay on top of stuff, for the most part. And she does hope for opportunities to hang out with her crush, it would be easiest to do if she knows and can work around his schedule.  And with his schedule coming out pretty planned out, makes sense that it takes up most of the calendar, while most of Marinette’s schedule is whimsy in comparison. 

And I bet Nino was the one to provide it to her. He would know since he and Adrien do want to hang out and he can work around Adrien’s schedule. And Nino is up for helping Marinette with her crush. 

Adrien missed a call from Nino. 

Aw he called his dad. 

And yep, he doesn’t know that’s Alya’s number. Adrien doesn’t have her number recorded. 

These girls and their priorities. Ladyblog more important to Alya, LB more important to Tikki, and Marinette wants to save herself from embarrassment. I can get Marinette’s most. 

12, Tikki’s floating in the open right beside Marinette’s head. 

“I’m in charge.” Oh please, you can dream cat son. 

And I see Marinette is often viewed as the worst jealous; I say that goes to Chat. Just a mere mention of this guy speaking in awe of LB and cat son won’t have it. 

There he go, throwing Theo so much shade. 

13, Tikki is still hanging out in the open, bright against Marinette’s hair. 

Poor Theo, just wanted to see his crush, and only an autograph. 

Cat son is not amused. 

There he goes, lying with a big smile on his face looking so damn pleased with himself. I want to see more of this flawed Adrien giving into petty selfishness. Look at that smug smile. Cat son has no regrets. 

Marinette, I am very curious about how you’re so good at sneaking around and stealing stuff. If you didn’t have such a good heart, you would be the ultimate thief. Speaking of which, still in canon, Mari is more of thief than Adrien. Where are all thief!Marinette fics?!

That smile as he slips back into the dressing room, he is still so satisfied with himself for getting rid of a rival. 

Adrien doesn’t notice that his locker was unlocked. 

I wonder if Adrien brings up Plagg trying to eat the tv remote, which is why Plagg instantly defends against eating the cell. 

There’s everyone, so excited to see “Chat”; Chat Noir is loved. 


Adrien is deeply offended that someone else makes cat puns. 

Gorilla has a lot of patience. 

BOOOOOOOOP. I missed the boop. 

Marinette has so much trust in Chat. She doesn’t believe he stole the painting at all. My heart is full now. 

LB is not pleased. 

“I’ll leave it to the experts.” HAH.

OOOOOOOOOOH. Plagg called him out on his jealousy!

Theo makes a very clever cat. 

HM is so done with this cat fight. 

Copycat does have a really cute lovesick smile. Look at him, I want to pet his head. 

I wonder if this come and bite Adrien in the ass again. “Have I ever lied to you Bugaboo?” No, but you did tell a lie about her, and Marinette hates lies about her. And if I remember, she doesn’t know that you did lie. If this comes back Adrien, you are in trouble.  

LADYBUG STOP PUTTING YOURSELF IN SUPER RISKY SITUATIONS. You’re going to stress us all out. This is the 2nd time you got lucky. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT CATACLYSM DOES TO THE LIVING.

Ooooooh. Chat was so ready to throw that punch, hard it enough that he flew into a wall. 


Hiss. Copycat hisses. Chat Noir is capable of hissing. 

Copycat might be before the webep that Marinette reveals her suspicion that Chat has a crush on her with her statement of figuring out which Chat was in love with her. Copycat she doesn’t appear to be aware of his crush. 

And has indirectly rejected Chat, with cat son acknowledging that both he and Theo were crushed by their crush. 

Marinette does know Theo, or at least is familiar with him since she calls him by his first name, even though it was never mentioned to her. 

Gorilla gave Chat Noir a look for hopping onto the car. 

ADRIEN GLANCES TOWARDS MARINETTE, despite it being Alya who called out to them and should have his full attention. He gives Marinette a glance. 


Adrien is confused by happy Marinette. 

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Hey Cyborg Queen, hope the words are flowing nicely! My question is how I should handle betas who don't answer all my interview questions. I'm not able to directly speak with my betas once they finish a chapter so I send them my questions but a few skip repeating questions like "on a scale of 1-10, how did you enjoy this chapter?" They're kind of important, and I don't see it as unnecessary like one implied. How can I approach this without seeming dumb or dickish? Have a good day/night!

Thanks so much for your answers, I really appreciate it! It seems you forgot a few, so I’m resending them so we can get this review squared away. Once you’ve finished, I’ll send you the next section!

^ that. 

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Could you maybe do something about Clay and Tony both being super protective together over Tony's sister (younger or older, doesn't really matter)

Hello~~! I completely forgot whether you wanted this as a fic or as a HC so I just did it as a HC. If you want it as a fic instead I’ll get on that asap, but for now here’s a few HC’s of Tony n Clay bein’ the cutest little shits trying to be protective over Tony’s sister!

-Don’t get me wrong Tony and Clay love their alone time but sometimes they can’t help but crack a smile when Tony’s younger sister wants to join in on whatever fun activity they’re doing

-Once, some kid picked on Tony’s sister to the point of physically bullying her, so Tony lowkey wanted to find the kid who did it an teach him a lesson. Clay had to convince him that the bully they were talking about was also 5 years old and that harassing a child may not be the brightest idea…

-Tony and Clay are ALWAYS there for her. Whenever she has something on their mind the two become Counselors of the Year™

-When Tony’s sister is older and starts to bring boys home, Tony gets super protective over her supervising the entire time, and asking him unnecessary questions. Clay is just happy that she’s happy.

-Tony always gets nervous about his sister when she leaves the house alone due to the way the police are in his neighborhood. If he could, he’d be there to protect her at all times

-Clay absolutely LOVES her. End of story. Sometimes Tony is led to believe he likes spending more time with his little sister than with him.

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Are you interested in doing art trades or collaborations?

Hmm, collaborations, maybe!

I am somewhat hesitant of art trades, though!
The people I’ve had art trades the last couple of times were super great and their part was as sweet as them ;u;

But I’ve had experiences in the past where the other person “forgot” their part, or just did not put effort on their piece at all :(
So I’d rather get to know the person a little bit, and look at their work before agreeing to anything :’)

At this exact moment, I am not accepting Art Trades, but I’ll be up for them after I’ve finished some commissions I have piled up !


I was tagged by @arkhamknignt to surround a picture of myself with characters I identify with

I tag: @mlmtimdrake @danteramon @bazs @gothamrouges @kalreyno @littlebluewing @redtodd @helenqbertinelli @polyamrangers @arrowfams @wlwbatgirl @conners-kent @timdrakee @elis-wish @yaymie @panjaxjefferson @blackstephaniebrown if i didnt tag you you can say i did because chances r i just forgot ur url :(

my treasures from #c2e2 this year. i cannot help but notice a pattern, ha! art from @ladylaguna and @jessarts, plus other talented people whose business cards i forgot to take. @ladylaguna did you catch the name of the guy who did the Amano style poster?

also picked up some cute stickers and one very insightful button, but those are in the mail already.

Today i am back in jersey and putting things away. Am taking what i learned at c2e2 regarding how to arrange the display and which items sold best and will use it to inform what i bring to VanCAF in May.

Totally forgot to do this, oops. Tagged by @thirtysixsavefiles. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs. Did it on spotify caaaaause yeah. 

  1. I Wanna Get Better-Bleachers
  2. You! Me! Dancing!-Los Campesinos
  3. Closer-Nine Inch Nails
  4. Peaceful Easy Feeling-The Eagles
  5. Miserabilia-Los Campesinos
  6. I Ain’t Marching Anymore-Phil Ochs
  7. Irresistable-Fall Out Boy
  8. The Sound of Silence-Simon & Garfunkel
  9. Of A Friday Night-Anais Mitchell
  10. Lollipop-MIKA

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So I ended up being guilted into playing with play dough with the boys, and I asked “what should I make?” And OF COURSE the 6 year old said “how about the Millennium Falcon?” Because, silly me, I forgot that the Millennium Falcon is the simplest thing to recreate with neon green play dough.

Anyway I did it and I took a picture and it has HORRIBLE lighting and you can barely see it, but I’m going to upload it tomorrow because I’m on my old phone and it won’t grant me access or permission to the camera or my gallery. So I used Snapchat and saved it from there. Anyway. I am very proud if it. I think I did a pretty decent job. :-)


My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?