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here’s something quick and dirty (it’s sfw, just messy) that i never wound up using, set during shepard’s house-arrest prior to ME3. i have no idea when i wrote this! shepard is, as usual, saintly shepard. thanks guys~ (also, i love bailey. what a guy.)

Shepard opens the door with a jaunty swing, and one corner of his mouth quirks up.

“Bailey-bear, ain’t you a sight for sore eyes.”

The Commander gives him a withering look, but steps inside when Shepard moves out of his way. “I swear, the longer they keep you holed up like this, the braver you get, and that’s saying something.”

Shepard only waves a dismissive hand at Bailey and turns on his heel, heading further into the apartment and plucking a few paper cards, littered with his doctor’s scrawl, off a small table. “Here’s groceries,” he says and waves them, waiting for Bailey to catch up to him before he hands them over. “And yeah, you know, gotta keep it fresh. I figure if I’m annoying enough, maybe Anderson’ll get me out of this dump.”

“Some people might consider a free apartment with no living expenses a gift, Comman – up, I mean.” Bailey hesitates and Shepard watches the conflict happen on his face, chewing on the inside of his cheek when Bailey only shrugs. “Shepard.”

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About Persona 5, one thing I am the most worried and terrified about is that people might fake-translate a scene to make notes and controversy over nothing (like what happened with Fire Emblem Fates when a person mistranslated a support to make it look like a “Gay Conversion” happened and lots of people believed it without factchecking. Link: nichegamer 2015 07 03 the-story-behind-fire-emblem-fates-completely-falsified-gay-conversion).

Oh gosh I remember when that happened. However, the good news is that although there was a stir, the game sold remarkably well everywhere and became a “major Nintendo IP” after its release . As a member of the Fire Emblem fandom, I have to say that the salt for Fates before it came out was way higher than Persona 5. In fact, I think I’ve seen little to no salt for P5 , which is a good thing !

I hope nothing like that happens tho. ^\^ However, even if it did , I don’t think it would effect the sales or anything . It will just be annoying to read >_

Seriously though, people who are like “Well Leslie Jones’ nudes being leaked is okay because she said racist things lol” piss me off so much.

Here, come gather around, children! Sit and listen as I tell y'all a little story.

There once was a racist little cunt named Samantha, or Sammy for short. Sammy was a Nazi, like a legit “I hate Jews and think the Holocaust didn’t happen and Hitler did nothing wrong” Neo-Nazi. She was racist as hell towards me, my friends, and my boyfriend.

So naturally, I hated her guts. No one gets to sit back and just rant on about how I’m a “wigger” and a “traitor” to my race just because I am fine with interracial marriage and have a Filipino boyfriend. No one gets away with being a racist bitch towards my friends. God, just talking about Sammy now leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

But then one day, it came up that she had been hacked and doxxed. Guess who was like “You know what? I hate her, but no one fucking deserves this. Y'all are honestly WORSE than her. Fuck y'all.” Ah yes, that was me, her sworn nemesis, defending her.

Of course, she later (falsely) accused ME of doxxing her, even though the doxxing took place during a time I couldn’t even access Tumblr, but even then, I still sympathized with a literal fucking Neo-Nazi.

How old was I then? I dunno, 15? Yeah. 15!

So how come a 15 year old can be the bigger, better person, and act like an adult, sympathizing with a truly vile person, while a bunch of adults are on here saying invasion of privacy is a-ok as long as it’s someone they don’t like? Hm?

don’t say jess didn’t know or care about rory. that is so wrong and unfair. that boy has never truly cared about anything in his entire life until he met her. the only person who made him see a future for himself, who made him realise how great of a potential he had. because she knew him, and he knew her. when jess comes back in season 6, he’s full of gratitude. and he’s so honest with rory. would a guy who didn’t care or really know her make her finally realise how wrong everything was? would that guy help her be herself again? so, yeah. don’t you dare say jess didn’t care about rory. because he did, and he always will.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Mylene was selfish AF

Like, all the shit Zeke went through JUST to play her favorite song at Les Inferno. THEN he saved her ass from getting shot. And she had the nerve to tell him he wasn’t going to have shit going on with his life, and he didn’t have dreams or aspirations, they weren’t important like hers.
Like, what?
Then Zeke is crying real nigga tears, talking about “But Mylene” and she tells him she doesn’t love him and walks away. I was so heartbroken for Zeke, and after that I really didn’t think Mylene was shit. He had the nerve to ask him to play for her after what she did. Like, nothing ever happened. I didn’t care for Mylene because she didn’t support Zeke. All throughout she thought what he was doing wasn’t good enough, that his friends weren’t good enough. She was consistently rude to Zeke friends (and Zeke too). She never wanted to be where he was (because what she had going was SO important and better) but wanted Zeke to be at her beck and call and go wherever she wanted him to go and to do whatever she needed him to do. And it wasn’t right. Mylene was selfish as fuck

Last post before I go back to work but how shameful is the fact that Kubo didn’t even let Rukia (deuteragonist, woman who stopped his rain and changed his world and always pulls him out of his funks, precious irreplaceable nakama) have a last, meaningful moment with Ichigo during the last arc when all of his other friends did? That he even tried to tone-down the moment when Rukia gave Ichigo his powers back during the Fullbring arc by recreating it with a random no one?

That alone says it all.

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Some responses of Tommy (co-creator of Ninjago), for those who do not like Jaya continue twisting on the floor

And a very interesting bonus related to the season Hands of time (sorry long post)

With respect to Nya was forced to be with Jay, I do not remember the lighthouse scene she has been forced to say what she told to Jay, and then on the terrace of the hospital she could pretend she had not remembered and followed with his life as if nothing had happened.
Yes, Jay did not do some things well, we all know that, but in the end was Nya who took her own decision.


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So, if Ronin has any family connection with Kai/Nya, I just… this -> LMAFO, because for some people the world will burn

(Sorry not sorry, I know I’m a bad person)

So I have fallen for the Sam X Rafe ship, not that I hated it or anything, I just accepted the fan base for it. But now I don’t know if I want to call for help or just lay here and let it consume and ruin me.
I should add a little thanks to @captnalbatr0ss for the little push of a cliff into loving this ship a little more.

We Can’t Leave Us Behind

Partially written from a prompt about Mari getting sick and Dia and Kanan helping her. Also partially a ‘what if Kanan hadn’t come to her senses so fast?’

But yeah, I hope you guys like this. Also I’m still on the lookout for ChikaRiko and KanaMarin prompts if anyone wants to send them over. I like writing angst. But anything will be fine. 

If you were wondering why it’s a long title too, it’s because I couldn’t really think of one and Scars by James Bay is such a good Kanamari song, seriously…

The news that a third year had fainted in the hallways didn’t take long to spread around the school. Nothing interesting ever seemed to happen so when it did it seemed to be all the students could talk about.

Being the student council president, Dia usually tried not to pay attention to the gossiping from the other students but given that it seemed to be a serious incident, she hadn’t been able to keep from listening in. The incident was made all that more gossip worthy by the fact that the student who’d collapsed was the new director.

Upon hearing the news, Dia’s chest had constricted with fear. It wasn’t as though she wanted to care so much, it was just an automatic reaction to hearing that her old friend had been in an accident. She didn’t really care. That was what she kept telling herself as she made her way down the corridor, her hands clenched anxiously at her sides. She was just taking her role as student council president seriously by going to see Mari. She didn’t really care.

She wondered if she looked as frustrated as she felt as she made her way toward the nurse’s office. Students seemed to be all but scrambling out of her way. Even Ruby, who had tried to speak to her as she made her way past had returned to Hanamura’s side after a few seconds.

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Ibuki x Ryota x Ryotwo. Ibuki learns the truth about Ryotwo, and all she can think about is how Ryota kept his clone a secret a secret from her.

Double Vision - Ryota + Ryotwo + Ibuki

Ibuki squinted. Nothing happened.

Ibuki rubbed her eyes. Nothing happened.

Ibuki shook her head. Nothing happened.

No matter what Ibuki did, the sight before her remained unchanged. And it’s only after several tries did she finally realize that her vision was in fact 100% real. Double vision.

“Two Ryota’s? TWO RYOTA’S??”

Ibuki comically shrieked twice and that’s how Ibuki met Ryotwo and Ryota.

“Calm down. You’re scaring Ryota.” Ryotwo chastised her.

“Eh? Which one??” She asked obviously still confused.

“T-That would be me…” Ryota timidly spoke up.

“Eh? Skinny Nitarai?” Ibuki held her head as if she was suddenly struck with a headache as she groaned. “So many Ryotums. This is too confusing for Ibuki.”

Ibuki then started headbanging repeatedly, lost in thought. Until finally, a bolt of inspiration hit her as she struck a pose.

“Oh! Ohh! Ibuki has nice idea!” She yelled excitedly and then pointed at the chubbier of the two guys. “Ibuki hereby dubsteps thee as Ryota and…” She then pointed at the skinner one. “You shall be reborn as Ryotwo.”

Ibuki nodded to herself at such an ingenious idea.

“I refuse.” Ryotwo flatly said.

“REJECTED! SO FAST!!” Ibuki dramatically screamed.

“If we’re going with those names then I’m better off as Ryotwo.” He firmly corrected her.

“But why would–?” She was about to ask on it but she came to her own conclusion before she could finish her question. “Ohhhhhh! OHOHOHOHOHO!” She laughed obnoxiously on purpose and then wagged her eyebrows at him. “Well played, Ryotwo! Everyone knows that version 2 is always better! How bold of you! How bold of you!!”

“That wasn’t really what I was aiming for but whatever makes you happy.” He sighed, he’s already used to her antics by now.

“Aww, charming as always! That’s why you’re my favorite out of you two!” She loudly declared and then leaned in to whisper, “But don’t tell the other Ryota, okay?”

Ryota of course heard her first yell loud and clear.

“Say! Say!!” Ibuki chirped as she skipped between the two. “Since when did you get a twin?”

“We’re not twins…” Ryota answered quietly.

“You’re not?!” She asked with an expression of absolute shock. “Then that must mean…”

This was it. The Impostor’s secret was uncovered.

“That must mean…” Ibuki repeated for no reason whatsover other than dramatic effect. And then she yelled, “You must be a clone! A clone!”


“Since when did you master the legendary cloning technique? Teach me master and master!” She bounced between the two as she begged.

That was… certainly an unexpected conclusion.

“Is she always like this?” Ryota asked.

“It’s never boring around her.” Ryotwo chuckled as he said this. “Don’t worry, she’s harmless.” However, Ryota didn’t look too convinced since he was still frowning slightly. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just… now that she knows about us, won’t she…”

“Won’t Ibuki what?” She interrupted.

Which surprised Ryota. “Woooaaaaahhh!”

“Won’t Ibuki woah?” She innocently asked as she tilted her head.

Ryotwo merely smiled at the scene before him. It was about time for him to mediate. “Ryota wishes to know if you plan on disclosing this secret.”

She looked so confused at that. “Now why would Ibuki do that? It’s a S-E-C-R-E-T! Ibuki is bound by honor to keep it hidden!” She then leaned in and cheekily added, “If everyone knew about the cloning technique then there’d be too many people for Ibuki to come up with names for!”

“So… you won’t tell anyone about me?” Ryota asked nervously.

“Nopity-nope! Ibuki is a tight lid sealed lid!” She proudly puffed her chest.

“Thank you.” Ryota let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you from me as well.” Ryotwo seconded.

“Don’t mention it. Ibuki won’t mention it either.” She grinned back at them.

And this was how Ibuki’s story of double vision turned into a cloning conspiracy.

“Now teach me! Teach me!”

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100 pleeeeeaseeee

100. I’m sorry, but that was adorable. 

She shouldn’t laugh. She can’t laugh. Not when he’s standing in front of her utterly and completely baffled by the new remote. 

“It has a great many buttons, Swan. I simply wish to turn the contraption on.” He huffed, and it shouldn’t have been as cute as it was, but Killian versus modern technology continued to provide endless entertainment. 

“I told you, you just need to push the one that says power.” 

“I did that! I did that fifteen bloody times and nothing happens.” He scowls at the slim piece of plastic in his hand. “Who needs the bloody moving pictures? Would it not be more romantic to simply sit by the fire? I don’t need to watch anyone but you, love.” 

And because Emma is an asshole, she bursts out laughing. “No, no, I’m sorry, but that was adorable. You’re adorable. And I love you.” Killian eyes her dubiously, but in the end, he relents, and their kiss puts an end to the question of the remote or a fire. 

A Time for Tenderness

Request: Fluffy Luke prompt idea: “I know we’re fighting Luke, but I had a nightmare, can I sleep in here with you?”

You Got it, sorry it’s so short!!! But there’s still more to come! - A x

Song: Adore You by Miley Cyrus

Word Count: 975

Character: Luke Skywalker

Originally posted by theworldairforce

You knew you had been reckless. You knew better. You knew that you had taken a risk that not only endangered you, but your entire team. It had paid off though and the mission had been a success.

Luke didn’t see it that way.

Shifting on the lumpy mattress, you looked out at the sky, wishing he wasn’t so mad, but he had no reason to be making such a fuss. You’re fine. Nothing happened. Not only did nothing happen, but you had successfully infiltrated and overwhelmed the enemy forces, and you successfully directed your team, and you got everyone away safely. For the most part. Two of your wing mates were knocked out of the sky, no major injuries, nothing life threatening, but they’d be in Bacta for the night.

Rolling over you closed your eyes, attempting for the third time to sleep.

Wandering through the halls, you saw his arms crossed, Luke looking at the bacta tanks. The moisture on the glass made it hard to see through, and you felt concern rise until it was a thick mass in your throat. You weren’t just their commander, you were also their friend too. “Are they ok?”

“They died Y/N, your inconsiderate means were too much, their injuries too advanced we couldn’t -…” You could see the disappointment in his eyes, the pain in his features. He looked older when he was sad, his blonde hair looked limp, like he hadn’t washed in a few days. Your guilt pushed you to take a step closer, your hand reaching out for his, but he drew away, shaking his head. “No-.. No not now Y/N.”

You shoot up, panting. The heat making your skin clammy, or was that the dream. Pulling on the closest pants, you leave the tank top on and race to the infirmary, the glass fogging like your dream, but no Luke. Looking at the readouts, you felt your pulse slow slightly, but the unease of his rejection still driving your feet onwards. Your feet echoed on the stone as you find yourself drawn to the Jedi wing, and further on to the Jedi Master’s room. Your hand raised to knock when the door opened.

He was shirtless, his pants slung low on his hips, and your eyes are drawn to his face. The sorrow from your dream absent on this Luke. You feel the urge overcome your muscles and darting forward; before you can stop yourself, you hug him fiercely. He doesn’t push you away, despite your angry words early, his own arms wrap around you despite the disappointment in his face earlier. “I’m sorry.” You mumble against his shoulder and he nods, his cheek rubbing against your brow. “I-.. I was stupid and careless and thought I could do it all and-…”

“Ssshh.” He drew back and looked at you, a hand cupping your cheek, “You’re shaking.”

You hadn’t realised the trembling had returned and you shake your head, “I’m fine.”

“No, Y/N, what is it?” You realise you two are still standing in the doorway, and sigh, drawing back, “You know, you can tell me anything?” Shaking your head, you play with the ends of your hair, fidgeting as you try to work through the jumble in your mind. He stood patiently, waiting for you to figure out yourself before he reached for your hand, “Y/N?”

“I-…I know we’re fighting Luke” You chew on you lip and look at his hand, “but I had a nightmare,” the realisation dawned across his face, “can I sleep in here with you?“

He stepped aside and you walked into his chambers, the comforting feeling of his room settling your frayed nerves, “Want to talk about it?”

“Not really,” you say quickly, but it only took a glance at his face to know that he wasn’t offering. He was telling. “Ok-.. Ok.” Walking over to the bed, you sit on the edge of what he had deemed ‘your side’ and play with the frayed edge of the thin quilt. “They-.. They died in the bacta. You-… You wouldn’t look at me.” You felt your body curling into itself but couldn’t help it. “I know what I did was wrong, but it’s what I had to do Luke.” You look up at him, still standing his body conveyed ease and serenity, neither you knew you would never be able to accomplish, no matter how much teaching.

He nodded when he realised you had finished your thought and sighed, “I was scared.” He said, his blue eyes pinning you with guilt, “You were making maneuvers that pilots much more senior to you don’t attempt. And while I know you’re capable I was-… I was scared.”

You scoff slightly, “Even Jedi get scared huh?”

“This one does.” He looked at you, crouching so that you were eye level with him, his hands grabbing yours, “I was terrified I was going to lose you.” Your guilt tenfold and you nod, understanding his sharp words from earlier in the day, “I’ll admit-… I wanted you to come here tonight.” He shifted and sat beside you, his eyes focusing on his toes.

“Nightmares for you too?” You nod understanding, having seen Luke in the throes of a nightmare before you knew they were debilitating for him, “I am sorry.”

“I am too.” He yawned and stretched, rubbing his face, “It’s too late for arguments. Lets just go to bed?” You nod, not bothering to adjust the bedding, simply laying on top of the quilt, you head on the pillow as he cuddles in behind you. You find yourself too exhausted and more than ready for sleep as you lay with him, your last thought was to smirk at the buzzsaw roar of Luke’s snore behind you before you passed out. Sleeping soundly all through the night.

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do not send hate to anyone who you disagree with

do not send hate to anyone who is in a different fandom

do not send hate to anyone you dislike

do not send hate to anyone you believe is wrong 

do not send hate to anyone who is different from you

do not send hate to anyone who tries to start a dialogue with you

do not send hate to anyone you hold a grudge with

do not send hate to anyone who believes differently

do not send hate to anyone

it takes a child to go on anon or create dummy accounts just to harass someone, and honestly you don’t belong anywhere online if you still haven’t learned something that preschoolers are being taught. if someone offends you then tell it to their face and explain what they said and why it impacted you. don’t go on anon and throw slurs at them or attack their person (and i’m talking about race, gender, sexuality, etc.). if something is so bad that you’re about to harass someone over it then you most likely are just as bad or worse.