or did nothing happen

I sit here twiddling my thumbs and tapping my feet. It’s unusually hard for me to stay still today. I glance across the room for a moment.

It’s a little crazy and even a bit funny how over 2 years ago I loved this girl. I fell for her as if it was the easiest thing in the world.
And she ruined me.
She wrecked me and hurt me in ways I didn’t know were possible.
She hurt me in places I didn’t know existed.
And now she’s sitting across the room.
And here we are, a mere 20 feet apart with silence between us.
As if nothing happened. But it did. And it doesn’t hurt to look at you anymore. But sometimes there are those delicate moments where I find myself tasting a bit of nostalgia as I look at you tap your leg or fix your hair. How I loved you and what we were. We were so many good things, but too many bad. Too toxic. We loved each other but it was never going to work. And after all of it. The falling, the love, the destruction and heartbreak. The hurt. We sit across from one another. With these memories still held in the back of our minds. The knowledge of who you are at your core, how you’ve seen my soul, but how you only chose to love me when it was convenient.
The darkness you created in me when you left the way you did.
As if none of it never existed at all.
—  between us 

if isak’s story was told as a thriller. (aka snakesak, the trailer)

my job is literally a joke and also i’m broke and ALSO my love life is doa and u know what? i was WARNED that this would happen in the mid 90s and did absolutely nothing to stop it


Google is still surfacing Holocaust denial pages

  • Google promised to fix its Nazi problem. Weeks later, nothing’s changed.
  • In December, when you searched “Did the Holocaust happen” or “Is the Holocaust real,” Google’s top results — the links deemed most relevant — told you the systematic murder of 6 million Jews was a hoax.
  • The featured results included “Top 10 reasons why the holocaust didn’t happen” on the neo-Nazi site Stormfront and “Holocaust Against Jews is a Total Lie — Proof” on conspiracy site NoDisinfo. 
  • Reminder: The Holocaust is not up for debate.
  • Mic has reached out to Google to learn why the links are back to their leading spots in such a short period of time. Read more

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People scold us for missing people that we shouldn’t. There are some people that just get you. That you have this connection with. They spark something in your soul. And sometimes you have to say goodbye to those people because you just can’t have contact anymore; other than checking in once in awhile, if that. Even years down the road, you get this longing of missing them. It doesn’t even have to be in a romantic way anymore. You just miss how you could talk to them or how they made you laugh, and you wanna reach out. But you can’t. Because some people just aren’t good for you anymore and you need to know when you have to stop. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Maybe they cheated, maybe you did, maybe they played head games, maybe nothing bad happened, maybe you ran because you were scared. Whatever it was, the damage has been done between you. But in those rare moments when you catch up, you get that feeling in your chest and your heart speeds up a little. Some people just leave this imprint on you. Sometimes you drift away or have to tell them goodbye; even if it kills you. I think it’s okay to miss those people. Whether you spent months or years with them. Or if you never had a chance to get started. Because they did make a difference in your life; they impacted you. And that was important. You shouldn’t be judged for missing someone that made you feel something. Even if it is over.
—  Chapters from my life

❝The world might have just enough heroes, Jason. Maybe we can do with a few outlaws.❞

red hood and the outlaws #6 - dark trinity pt 6: darker days

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What if, what if, now hear me out, what if Alfor wasn't a paladin?

I’m pretty sure he was a paladin but if i’m being honest i still don’t trust him 100% like….all of his actions seem so suspicious to me

I DO believe he was a good person and a good father but, i just feel like he might have done something to protect his family/his people that caused a lot of damage to other people (maybe the galra?) and hence creating a divide among the paladins that caused shit to go down 

Dude I’m never gonna get over how fucked up it is that rose bubbled.bismuth for 5000 years and lied about it and even though the episode had this whole “You’re not like rose you can be even better” message going on…HE STILL WENT ON to do exactly what rose did. The exact thing. The only difference is he told the cg what happened but THEY WERE JUST COOL WITH IT…COOL WITH RE-IMPRISONING THE FRIEND YOU JUST LEARNED WAS ALIVE THIS WHOLE TIME. Cool with roses choice to imprison her. Never questioning it. We don’t question roses choices in this house apparently. Everything rose ever did was fine
And after that it’s like nothing ever happened except in mindful education we learn that steven feels guilty I guess so then WHYYYY NOT UNBUBBLE HER….LITERALLY WHY.
I’m fuckin exhausted guys. The lack of basic logic and coherency is making my head spin


When will they be safe and happy? Probably never.

YOI Fandom

Episode 3: Ok Viktor is beautiful but Viktor x Yuri is just a canon

Episode 6: Ok it’s really hot between them but probably nothing will happen before many epis…..

Episode 7: Woa did they just kiss? It’s already so hot! What could happen next? A wedding?? haha

Episode 9: Wait what.

Episode 13: Which college do you think their 3rd child will go to? I’d say Detroit

All Yours

Genre: Smutty smut^^ (Sequel to All Mine

[Warnings: Voyeurism; Exhibitionism] 

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader ft. Jungkook 

Word Count: 2300ish 

So here it is, after a thousand long years I finally finished writing this out. But I’m happy with the way it has ended so I won’t be writing any more sequels to this. 

I hope you enjoy~

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“Jagi, talk to me please.”

His voice, laced with familiar concern, did nothing to deter your mind from what had happened before, from the little cracks in your frayed soul. The familiar rush of anger passed through you at the thought, and you insistently began to count to ten in your head; a desperate attempt to quell the raging fire coursing through your veins.

Yet, as it always did, the scene came back, painting itself before your eyes like an artist’s prized masterpiece.

It had happened a week ago.

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