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#and it [femshep] somehow happened by them not focusing on writing A Female Character bc shepard had to be unisex it’s so messed up #and then the few times they did focus on making A Female Character we get… that dress……. (via greytune)

grey u never fail to provide me with excellent tags. but seriously, that’s the thing about femshep that made her good! i talked about this exact concept with hoagie last night!!

bioware succeeded in writing one of the most powerful female characters of all time BY WRITING A MALE CHARACTER. 

femshep, for the most part, was completely unhindered by the male gaze and sexist stereotypes. she was badass, she talked shit, she did the right thing– or the wrong thing, depending on your temper– and she was a completely realistic soldier. from the way she walked and fought to the way she talked, she was written just as respectfully and thoroughly as a male character. 

and it was sort of an accident! they didnt put much effort into changing her character from malesheps because they didn’t expect her to become that popular! and in the process they literally wrote one of the most realistic and inspirational female characters i’ve ever seen. 

What did Elias do that warranted multiple apologies to Isak from Sana on his behalf and for Sana to be that upset with him? Did he actually hit Isak? Or did he just say something to him? If so, what and why? Is Isak in the wrong too? Surely Sana would be equally upset with Isak if he was, unless she herself doesn’t know the full story yet either. What would have changed if Elias did know that Sana and Isak were friends? Is there really any reason for this to be dragged out any longer? I’ve had enough of the vague misdirects and subtle hints. Can’t we just get a solid answer already?

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I know you like to ignore things you don't like but what do you think of the way this new team is managing things? I know you don't really like to talk bad against the azoffs but I feel so confused by a lot of their promo strategy. They did great in his exposure and photoshoots and releases but then some of the content is:/

I think they’re doing a great job with the GP and a mediocre-at-best job with the existing fandom.

And I think people have the wrong idea about me based on a lot of the anons I get. 

I ignore things I don’t like because I’m choosing my fandom experience, and I choose to avoid drama as much as possible and just enjoy what I enjoy. I do not enjoy being super critical or negative about things. And like I said, Full Stop is doing a great job outside the fandom imo.

But they’re actively ignoring fandom complaints and I think that’s a wrong step. At the same time, dealing with a fandom like ours is new to Jeff and Irving. Irving dealt with groupies and fan boys, but never an active fandom like ours that was heavily female and social media driven. Jeff was a booking agent and learned managing from his dad’s acts that were “classic” by the time he was a teenager. So this is new to him too in a lot of ways.

So I’m hoping they’ll figure it out and quit going to Modest’s “Management for Losers That Don’t Know WTF They’re Doing” handbook for their ideas really soon.

They have time to recalibrate and hopefully they will. Until then, I’ll focus on what I like and ignore what I don’t.  And if there’s a point where there’s more I dislike than like, I’ll just ignore it all and move on :)

friend: what are you thinking about?

me: nothing :^)

my brain: is jongdae’s hair red now????? was it just the light??????? because not only did it look red in today’s hq pictures (x x x) it also did in videos (x). but am i just letting myself believe what i want to believe????????? has he actually dyed his hair again after so long????????????? Is Jongdae’s Hair Red Now

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I think Disney is treating the franchise well. From what I heard, their Marvel movies have been doing well, and I think TFA and Rogue One were good. Sure they cancelled TCW, but Cartoon Network is also partially responsible for that. Plus no company is perfect and I think they didn't wanted to pull the plug. Disney is a smart company and can allow adult stuff (look at Deadpool). I don't see why people are still skeptical & hateful.

I personally feel there is nothing wrong with practicing a little skepticism. We don’t want to get complacent and just accept anything that they give us – this is especially important for a large company that has a lot of renown and resources.

The Clone Wars series is not the only project that Disney had closed its doors on and Cartoon Network would not have been an issue once Disney took ownership of Lucasfilms. Disney decided to close projects like The Clone Wars and others because they felt it would not be worth their time and that those projects did not mesh well with how they work. So, they ask for a “new direction” instead or don’t even revisit those cancelled ideas in the first place.

What they have been doing so far is decent, perhaps even good sometimes, but they also leave much to be desired. Especially in regards to representation and treatment toward certain Star Wars content such as the Clone Wars time period. If they fall short, there is really no excuse on their part except willful ignorance.

We’re not asking for perfection, we are asking that Disney actually listen to the fans when they ask for new content and better development.

Fairy Tail ch.537 spoiler

Everybody is just like yeah mavis & zeref got their happy end mashima did a good job.
am I the only one who cried when they died? I mean well yes they are happy in after life or whatever but I wanted them to be alive. I expected them to die, but still they were precious charas to me & I really loved them the whole time and could always understand their actions. They are my otp since I know them. Maybe I am getting this all wrong but I have the feel nobody is actually sad they died.
But because of their death I am not worried about Natsu, bc it’s a fact macarov died, but he came back after zervis’ death, means that must’ve kinda healt him. And Natsu decided to be human anyway, so I believe he is no demon any longer since this last wave wasn’t death but live. I hope since mashima killed zervis, he may make nalu canon next chapter. That would be nice…
I know my opinion is strange, but rn I am just sad.

angst prompt list
  • “who do you think you are?”
  • “i gave you everything.”
  • “I’m a fool for not seeing this earlier.”
  • “don’t you dare pin this on me!”
  • “i’ve been thinking it over and this… this was never going to work out.”
  • “you don’t get to say anything after what you did!”
  • “you broke my heart.”
  • “i trusted you.”
  • “i loved you.”
  • “i’m not blind, i can see the way you look at them.”
  • “did i do something wrong?”
  • “please, please, i’ll do anything just talk to me.”
  • “i can’t stand the silence between us.”
  • “there’s nothing you can say that can fix what you did.”
  • “what do you want me to say? do you want me to lie and say i love you?”
  • “you cheated on me! you don’t get another chance!”
  • “tell me what’s wrong.”
  • “i never meant to hurt you.”
  • “this wasn’t supposed to be this complicated.”
  • “wait. i didn’t mean that. please, come back.”
  • “how can i hate them, you’re the one that made the choice to cheat.”
  • “how long has this been going on?”
  • “if you know what’s good for you, don’t come around anymore.”
  • “i never want to see you again.”
  • “trust you? how can i trust you if you never gave me a reason to in the first place?”
  • “i believed you!”
  • “you lied to my face.”
  • “i never loved you.”
  • “don’t make me out to be the bad guy.”

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holy shit you do realize your bs has literally droven fluxflu to attempt suicide right now? look at their blog if you don't believe me. what the fuck is wrong with you.

*sighs* look. you cannot blame me for them feeling suicidal since i did not at any point say anything that would be considered suicide baiting. they were being extremely lesbophobic and mutliple people (2 younger than them) in the server came to me talking about how they were made uncomfortable by them because of the things they were saying
they are saying adults are harassing them wrt this when we are the same age and i have not harassed them, i gave them the option of leaving the server themself but i did not feel like letting them stay was the right decision considering the fact that they have said transphobic and lesbophobic things and were making others uncomfortable
i did not kick them without warning, i explained what they did wrong and felt like i wasnt going to get anywhere and then told them when i was going to kick them

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Don't get me wrong - lovin all the TG pics showing up BUT seems weird he's sharing all of this and tagging all of these places. Did you catch the note from the surfing school were he forked out all of that money?!? Is it weird the KW article came out while he's on the other side of the planet?

Now that I think about it, it is super weird that they tagged all locations. It is obvious he wants us to know where he is. Reminds me of some of my annoying FB friends who take EVERY.SINGLE.PLACE they go to eat/sleep/drink/pee/anything… 

I am curious to see if anything else will happen with Kerry after that article 

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*curtsies* Duke, I think I need your advice. I really like reading, and have liked it for as long as I can remember. And I do read a lot, even if not as much as I did some time ago. But I've been feeling like I'm reading the wrong things. Like for all I read, not much of it is really Literature, and I can't find a way to fix that... I am trying to get more into classic stuff, but how do I keep up with current releases? With stuff that, in short, Matters?

*Curtsies* What matters to one person is different than what matters to another, so banish the notion that literature has to have been written before 1950 by a white guy to be valuable. That’s the first step. There is no ‘wrong’ reading material. Read what you enjoy. If you’re trying to get into classic lit, it pays to remember that: classic lit is not uniform; it has styles and genres like every other kind of lit, so it’s much easier to get into if you start with stuff you know you like. There is classic fantasy and classic sci fi and classic horror and classic romance. So that’s where I’d begin: narrow the field. Do some reading. Google ‘classic adventure stories’ if that’s what you’re into, or ask a bookseller, or someone else whose opinion you trust. (It can be me if you give me more context.) 

Get to know me Better “Tagged”

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Rules: tag 9 people you want to know better.

Nicknames: Arimi, Dana, Ac-chan
Zodiac sign: Pisces~
Height: 163 cm (5′3′’)
Last thing you googled: Voltron Legendary Defender (cs It is so popular and I have no clue what it is about and was thinking whether I should watch it)
Favorite music artist: Too many…
Song stuck it your head: Wold Larsen- If I be wrong ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cchlCNlJUXw )
Last movie you watched: Batman The Dark Knight - Batman Begins

Why did you choose your url: First letters of real name,and last letters of last name +i
Do you have any other blogs?: nope,I can hardly manage one.
What did your last relationship teach you: that I shouldn’t regret my decisions so easily.
Religious or Spiritual: A bit of both. 

Favorite color: The spectre of Blue
Average hours of sleep: About 6 to 8 hours.
Lucky number: 5
Favorite characters: Hm….*takes out a 50 meter long scroll*
*adjusts glasses* Ok, I’ll mention just some:
Sesshomaru from Inuyasha
Giles Christophe from Midnight Cinderella
Inuchiyo,Mitsuhide,Shingen,Nobunaga from Samurai Love Ballad Party
Zuko and Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender
Edward Elric from FMAB

How many blankets do you sleep with?: 1 atm.
Dream job: Architect and/or Animator
Lipstick or Chapstick: Both…
Last song you listened to: Oats We Sow by Gregory and the Hawk
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0rE8dI6dRg )
Top 3 shows: …. too lazy to remember

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why aren't people excited to see Clarke as a mom in s5? I always thought that she would be great at it and I don't understand why that would make her weak in any way, considering moms are badass. And I like that she is getting a real/strong family bond, somebody to look after, considering how disconnected she will be from everyone else (btw, from JR interview it really seems that she's gonna put Madi above her ppl, like Bell did w/ O in s1) once they land/get out of the bunker.

IDK man. Aside from what I said about internalized misogyny or transference, people like to be angry. They like to pick things apart. They like to speculate the worst. They like to declare things wrong and bad and an affront to the world. Because…

idk really. Tearing a show that people love apart doesn’t mean you’re wise and discerning. Sometimes it just means you’re a dick. 

Watching Clarke grow up and gain this responsibility where she actually receives something BACK for once? That’s great. She’s been burdened by leadership and only got heartache for her sacrifices for the whole show. Now she takes care of a child and gets love and purpose and joy back. 

I think JR is pointing how being a mother to Madi is going to change her and it’s going to be GREAT to see that change. To see what it means. To see the depth it adds to her character. 

And if you think about it, Bellamy did put O above everyone else, but O was also a link between Bellamy, Clarke and the rest of the delinquents. 

It seems there will be a choice between Madi and her people. But what if Madi is in danger, like O was in danger when Lincoln kidnapped her, and Clarke has to go after her instead of fighting or excavating the bunker or what have you. And what if, in the end, Bellamy is like. Okay. I’m coming with you. Let’s go save your daughter. 

There is a precedent for that. Clarke said that to him and it was the beginning of their bond. 

“OMG Yousef’s character has been ruined for not apologizing and now he’s irredeemable” Like, do ya’ll think before you type shit because last time I checked he wasn’t looking at Sana when he was kissing Noora so it’s obvious he doesn’t know she saw him so why the fuck would he apologize if he doesn’t know he did anything wrong? 

It’s ya’ll who are ruining Yousef’s character being extra with your interpretations. I will say while the kiss is one thing, if they keep this back and forth with this Sana being hurt over Yousef/Noora and having Yousana gone on like nothing happened then I will be furious and it will prove how white people can not/should not write for characters of color.

And can I just say if the situation was reversed and Sana decided to go for a Muslim boy and forget Yousef she would not be getting shit. Like, she deleted Yousef from her facebook and was basically going to cut him out of her life for not being religious and people understand her, but now Yousef is not allowed that same courtesy.

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((Cam Boy Garroth Anon is here again)) Laurance: Garroth, how did you get so much money so quickly? Garroth: Uuuuuuuuuuuh... My parents?

My old hc is wrong!! I used to think that Garroth got all his money from his parents and that’s why he never had a job, now we know the truth

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I'm sorry if you've answered this question a million times before, but whenever you first started your channel were you nervous even before uploading your first video? Or were you confident right from the start?

Sure, I still get nervous that I made a mistake or something when I upload even now. It gets a little easier, but i’m still always thinking about the ‘what ifs’ in terms of how people think of the video, if they like it or not. Or I did something wrong/bad.

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So I wanted to ask your opinion on the whole Jaune/Cardin debacle. A lot of people gave Jaune shit for cheating into Beacon and pushing Pyrrha away calling him "selfish and cowardly " (I mean he still gets shit now but that's not my question) . Do you think that's true? And did you like the way he settled the situation and made up with Pyrrha? Jaune's also one of my favorite characters too.

Jaune made the wrong decision in pushing Pyrrha away and letting Cardin bully him into submission. He admitted it himself. Jaune’s got an inferiority complex due to the fact that he’s not as strong as all the men in his family so his goal of becoming a Huntsman would have been impossible had he not faked the transcripts. Due to the fact that he’s not as good as other people he overcompensates by, in his own words, acting macho. He refused Pyrrha’s offer to help train him despite her being one of the best students in the school because he didn’t want admit that he actually needed it. He apologized for this.

When he realized that Cardin was going make Jaune pull a cruel prank on Pyrrha he grew a backbone and turned it on Cardin. The whole arc he had was showing that Jaune is a pushover and weak willed, and him stepping up and taking responsibility for his mistakes. That was the whole point of Ruby’s talk with Jaune about being the leader. He was making it all about himself when he needed to focus on taking care of his team. It was a good arc and gave Jaune some much needed character development.

Levihan Week day four: Private

(If I got the date wrong, its classic Jade getting confused over small things lol)

After the defeat of the Collosal Titan- the remaining 15 year olds refused to call Bertholdt by name, though it did nothing to silence their sadness over the loss of their fallen friend- and the decrease of Titans four years ago, there was less worry. The problem that was Zeke and Reiner stayed and would forever until they were defeated, but the remaining Scouts couldn’t help but relax…they deserved it after all the trauma.
Some would say Levi and Commander Hange even more so, having been in the Scouts for five years and having lost all their friends apart from each other. 
With the panic between choosing if Erwin should live (that was the cruel, self-blaming statement Levi always chose it as) an outsider like Flocke would have expected Levi and Hange to grow apart. For a while they did.

For a while she did.
After weeks of angry silences and sharp words, they eventually reconciled and explained their feelings to each other in private. They were different when they were alone together. No one would think of Hange as different in private really, but she was even more loving to her ‘handsome cutie’. Levi was the one who was entirely different.
When they weren’t in private, he was stoic, focused on the job of saving humanity and occasionally gave motivational jabs.
When they were in private, he spoke in much more loving gentler tone, sometimes smiled and gave a lot more motivational speeches to whenever Hange was feeling down.

He made Hange laugh too and feel more like her old self.
For example, one night after they finished making love, he kept his arms around her and lightly dragged his fingernails down her shoulder blades and sides which caused her innocent adorable laugh to flutter in the air.
“Imagine if the kids saw you like this. They would think you were a badly characterized clone…bet the MPS considered that.” She failed to say softly with a straight face as the ticklish sensation returned.
“I’d just kick the brats out. They’re bad mannered enough, never cleaning the floors properly.”
“Though I know you’d protect my decency, love.” She replied, staring at him fondly as his feather like touches gradually ceased.
“It will probably give them nightmares to see their superiors having sex.. with our libido though I’m surprised they’ve not seen anything yet.” He counteracted, giving a small smirk. He brought his hand up gently to her cheek and kissed her gently. “I hope whatever comes next…we’ll win.” He added in a whisper, making her loved-up smile even wider.
“Me too. There’s probably more Shifters that they have. Can’t wait for that.” She sarcastically groaned. “I know we promised not to say it but since we are alone…if we do win, I hope we can get married. Adopt the kids. Have a little cottage above your tea restaurant that I fund with my research money since I’ll be the best researcher ever.”
Her add on made him chuckle. “Same here, sweetheart. I want exactly that.”
Their lips touched again lightly and briefly, before Hange’s arms wrapped around Levi and they both closed their eyes. Both of them were in the safety of their arms.

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What happened to Ken where did he swear?

in the original version of the VIXX 5th anniversary video, he cussed on a piece of paper (i think it was at Hakyeon and Wonsik lol) and wrote “F*cking ba$tard, why did you hit me you f*cking b*tch”

lol it was clearly a joke, and he’s always been like this, but it became a controversy because apparently adults can’t cuss and play around with their friends

jelpi took the video down and edited it, and asked for the original not to be spread so things wouldn’t get worse. Ken didn’t do anything wrong lmao and anyone who thinks otherwise can have me personally serve them my foot up their ass


I haven’t posted anything in a while and I mainly blame it to that I don’t really feel part of the studyblr community anymore. I’ve stopped interacting with people mainly cause I don’t really try to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad I found this community two years ago and I have to thank so many people here because without all your motivation and support, I probably wouldn’t had even finished my degree. I was depressed and struggling with my ADHD cause it was a lot to managed and I didn’t want to get help because I was too used to deal with it on my own. But someone here managed to talked me into telling my family and I’m really glad they did ♥.

But I still feel like, right now, I don’t have anything to offer (and I barely log in anymore) to the studyblr community so, for now, I’m oficially on hiatus. Maybe I’ll come back after I turn in my master’s thesis or maybe I won’t, I don’t know. Anyway, I won’t delete the blog or any posts, but I won’t be updating anymore.

I wish you all the best and thanks for these years ♥♥♥