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p5 hc

just some hc ive been thinkin but for a while. Also this is gonna be EXTREMELY  LONG

- akira is the cool quiet type. externally. Internally, hes a fucking dirty memester and never misses an oppurtunity to drop subtle outdated memes

-*akira under his breath*: get rekt, scrub

- he also only has like two different smiles: his soft ‘look at all the friends i made along the way’ smile and the dirty ‘fucking gotcha in ya dirty face’ grin

- so basically people who think they know him are WRONG,, u gotta get real close and personal to figure out this dude

-ryuji is like aggressively protective of his friends.


- (also ignoring all the shitty canon of the sacrifice(you know what i mean)and some backstory)

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Like, don’t get me wrong because this has the potential to be something good, but coming from MGS fandom I have so much to say about why a “morally gray, pseudo villain with an army of kickass female super soldiers” is actually a terrible idea and I’m terrified they’ll fuck this up somehow.

RFA: MC Choosing V’s Route

This is a little rushed, but I had to get on the hype train for V’s route! CHOO CHOO MOTHERFU- Imeanwhat 


    A stranger came into the chatroom today. Apparently she’s going to take the job Rika had before. She seems nice. I hope we can get along.

    Her name’s MC. Even her name sounds pretty. But V keeps talking to her lately. It’s kind of annoying, really. First Rika, now MC. Really, what’s wrong with that guy…

    It’s been a few days. She’s still talking to V more than the rest of us. Everyone else says she’s probably getting details about the party from him, but I feel like he’s doing something else. I hope MC doesn’t do what Rika did. She does remind me of Rika…

    They keep talking more and more. MC even defends him. I bet he didn’t tell her everything that happened to Rika. I bet he left out the parts where he messed up.

    I’ve been trying to tell her about V’s past, but she keeps defending him. Once, she got really mad at me. I don’t know why, but somewhere in my chest hurts when she gets upset. Why does no one else try to mention what V did to Rika? Isn’t what happened to her V’s fault? Do the others really want to stand by and watch the same thing happen to MC?

    I haven’t been on the chatroom for two days. When I went on, I was told that MC and V had started dating. Everyone else seems happy for them, but I can’t believe him. Does he think MC is a replacement for Rika?

[[It’s a bit long, so everyone else is under the cut]]

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I’m done. Im tired of people only liking Plague for his looks or cause they want his damn dick. He is suppose to be a fucking evil asshole. Where did I go wrong? Oh right.. By drawing porn of him and writing all that fucking smutt. Also by finally showing his tentacles. He has had them. Before I made this blog live for months I worked on him. Now all my hardwork feels like it was nothing.

This happened with my damn muse for @satanrick . Now its happening again.

Thanks to those who spoke with me. Sorry you didn’t get the response you wanted.

Im also upset cause my Aunt tried to commit suicide. And shes the one person in my family who never saw me as a freak. ))


Yesterday’s run was absolute hell. But in the best way possible. The last 400-500 metres was an uphill slog, the course itself is an absolute myriad of hills and steep downhills. I enjoyed it though, even if I did get sent the wrong way for the second lap.
The goody bag was brilliant, I love haribo.
In all, good run, I am capable of a lot mor Ethan I give myself credit for and I do enjoy racing. I’ve another three lined up for the end of the year, bring em on.

historywhore replied to your post “Sam, it’s raining like crazy here. Did you make it out for camping?”

Cubs or sox?

Railcats! :D I have a ten-ticket pass to the Gary South Shore Railcats indy team down in Indiana. 

They’re playing the Railroaders, which I believe they’ve tied with twice in a three-game series; they’ll be completing yesterday’s game which was called in the 11th because of rain, then taking a break before the game I have actual tickets for :D 

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Cubs, but tickets are egregious and Cubs fans are frequently assholes, so if I want live baseball I go to Gary. It’s cheap, there are no concessions lines, and the people in the stands are much nicer. 


Best Friends stay together, Best Friends glow together ✨

this is probably the shitiest doodle I’ve ever done but please give me a break it’s almost 5 am I clearly hate my life but I wanted to post something thanks

also sorry if the russian text is wrong I just went to a website to see how to swear in Russian lol I suck

So for those who didn’t know, Kentin and Noelani are best friends. Noelani arrived to Sweet Amoris before Kentin did, but when Ken arrived she pretty much instantly began defending him from evil Amber, because they were simply much alike and she didn’t want him to get embarassed by any evil intentions of hers. Since then they’ve been best of friends and are there for each other no matter what ~ ♥ 

Kentin will always have a special place in Lani’s heart!

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The one thing take makes me side eye the shit out of this upcoming season is the fact that EK still doesn't have ANYTHING upcoming on her IMDB list for 2017 or 2018. When she worked on TWD 2011-2014 she ONLY had ONE other project except TWD EVERY year. 1 2011, 1 2012, 1 2013 and 1 2014. She worked steadily with 5 projects in 2015, 4 in 2016 and now 1 again in 2017 and nothing in 2018... Deja vu? And haters, don't tell me she can't get roles. She proved you wrong in 2015 and 2016.

While I am cautious about IMDB, as it can be edited by anyone, I agree. Emily has yet to announce any projects besides some shows like the songwriter one she did in Indiana back in June. People figured that Tyreese, Noah, and Sasha would all die because their actors all announced main-cast roles for other shows. Emily has yet to have a starring role in a show or movie, even though she is a talented TWD alum. She also has yet to go on a tour that conflicts with TWD’s filming schedule. As I mentioned in another post, music and acting are her two passions. Besides recording some music this year and Ten Days in the Valley, she hasn’t done anything close to long-term for either. She also maintains at least two (though it’s really three since she still has her Georgia apartment) properties in major cities. You gotta pay the bills somehow. It could be argued that she hasn’t picked up any other roles so as to not conflict with Ten Days, should it not be canceled, but she appears to have a small part in it and she could find another part that won’t conflict with Ten Days’s filming schedule. Yet she hasn’t. For all intents and purposes, she schedules projects like she’s still on the show.


“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine. I think I just woke up on the wrong side of bed.” Staying up so late and getting up randomly probably wasn’t doing him any good. His entire body felt heavy and if it wasn’t for their breakfast agreement, he would have stayed in his room and gotten more sleep.

“Did you sleep okay? I know it can be difficult to sleep when worried.” Stacey mumbled, looking over at him with concern.

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People laugh at bbhs shimmy shimmy kokobop I think I like it and compare it to Minseoks and use the stupid meme when you have a chicken leg on a girl's thigh (that's bbh) vs a normal hand holding the girl (Minseok), it sounds funny when you say it, but so many people agreed and laughed (it was twitter and a repost on instagram) and I'm like.... Wtf. If ANYTHING I'd swap the pics bc bbhs was so sensual, I don't get what was wrong with that??? I hate twitter smh

Lmfao im so tired, ppl would attack bbh stans if they did that, but its not the same when its a “less popular” member. Personally, i think theyre both hands on thigh, and pls… we all died during baek’s opening lbr

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Let's not forget that there are people saying the staff didn't think about "Hunk's name" cause they only think about him for food. I dont see what's wrong with that and what does that even mean? Hunk is his name, what do they want?? "Ah actually, my name isn't Hunk, even tho everyone calls me that since day 1" but whatever

Yeah I dun get why family names, real names or ages are so important.. These characters are so much more than those things

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Hi hi! For awhile now, I have been having a ton of trouble getting to the I Am A Conversation webcomic on taptastic, the website says that the link is either wrong or the story was removed. I was just wondering if you did actually remove the comic from taptastic? And if you did, why?

Oh yeah I actually removed it from tapastic because it’s a sketchy af website… I’m not sure how the situation looks now but essentially, they are allowed to sell your comic w/o asking your permission (I think!!! My english isn’t good enough to understand what the entire deal was completely) and many other artists switched to other sites like smackerjeeves and such because that’s not cool to just change that policy out of nowhere.

Right now, I have the comic on a separate tumblr because it’s easy enough. The link is in my bio so both mobile and desktop users can access it, however it’s much easier to read on a desktop. I hope that helped!

My post are always getting reported by I don't know who but... I know the models are deadly beautiful but if it's too much for you to handle you can simply block me or leave trumblr lmao. I don't remember harming anyone or did something wrong 😔😔😔 all I'm doing is sprading love. But anyway!!! Have a nice day hater 😉

in response to @redinfernodemon asking “what happened” to make me hate the su fandom now

  • constant, unending discourse
  • su critical blogs and posts around any given corner ready to complain about anything and everything
  • people demonizing characters that the show has portrayed as good, if with a few flaws, just so that THEIR villain characters (cough jasper cough) and flawed ships (cough j.aspidot cough) can look like pure and smol and sweet beans that did nothing wrong
  • ship tags getting flooded with hate just because they conflict with a ship that particular person loves
  • people misreading things and accepting them as canon despite what people who have actual experience in the thing say
  • me getting CONSTANT hate whenever i write ANYTHING steven universe related because i don’t write jasper as a cinnamon roll and i write a lot of l.apidot
  • people treating this silly little cartoon like life and death, sending each other death threats, hating each other, etc.
  • my friends getting hurt by people sending them hate over the su content that they create

basically i don’t think the su fandom deserves any of the immense effort i put into my fics anymore. it doesn’t deserve any effort besides a reblog every now and then.

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You sound really aggressive when you answer asks and I'm starting to think it's intentional. Regarding the last ask, just because it makes perfect sense to you doesn't mean you should mock someone for not coming to the same conclusion.

I’m honestly a bit confused… but I wasn’t trying to mock them, nor did I insult them in the ask you’re referring to. They claimed the game was mocking them. I disagreed. I did not say that they were stupid for thinking otherwise or even that they were wrong. I pointed out why I don’t agree.

If I sound more terse than usual, I apologize. I am currently really struggling with a severe depressive streak and have been getting flooded with a lot of asks, some of which have genuinely been insulting (which I’ve mostly just deleted).

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Some international fans took pics and modified them in a desperate attempt to "unwhitewash" bts. The least we can say is Korean fans did not appreciate that AT ALL. They nicknamed it yellowwashing and called it racist and asked Ifans to stop. It is a huge cultural difference between Europe/NA and Asia. We in the west are biased in favor of tanned skin (don't even try to argue, anti white skin IS a real thing here). I say we let Asians do as they please when it comes to THEIR celebrities.

WTF. are you seriously saying whitewashing is an okay thing to do??? “their” celebrities???? do you have any idea how harmful whitewashing is for k-pop idols?????