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Boyfriend! Jimin

Jimin would be the type of boyfriend that is really playful. He would try his best to make you laugh 

And sometimes, he would even tease you in public and around other members 

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But then pretend to be all innocent and act as though he did nothing wrong 

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Overall though, he would be a really sweet boyfriend. 

He would forever give you little kisses and do his best aegyo for you ( even though its lowkey cringy when he tries to force aegyo)

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But it always makes you smile, which is why he does it. 

I also feel like Jimin is a hugger and so you would always get hugs from him, OH! and LOTS of cuddles !!!

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(ignore the caption ^^)

But let’s not forget, Jimin has a naughty side !

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Jimin is the type to run his hand up your thigh whenever he is in the mood. 

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And whisper dirty things in your ear. 

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And let’s not forget, his constant lip biting just to tease you and pushing his hair back because he KNOWS it drives you crazy.

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And that look he would give you when he is needy:

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But he is a sweetheart at the end of the day, so every day spent with  him would fill your day with happiness. 

Bonus : Pink haired Jimin (ah~ i love it so much)

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So PewDiePie posted a video yesterday which is him doing nothing but trying to shoot Nazis in the balls in Battlefield 1. And I get it.  A lot of what he said is funny. I laughed. He’s trying to prove he’s not a Nazi and I believe him. But it’s not addressing the real issue, which isn’t whether he is a Nazi, but that he made a joke ostensibly aimed at Fiverr that was difficult to read as anything but “look how edgy it is to pay people to say “Kill all the Jews” and “Hitler did nothing Wrong.””  And then, AGAIN, at the end of the video, he makes it about the Wall Street Journal and he fuzzes out a Nazi flag to “not offend people.” On the one hand, I laughed, on the other, he clearly still doesn’t quite get it. The issue isn’t about whether he personally is a Nazi. It’s about his misunderstanding how his work can be and is being interpreted.


Katsuki Yuri is a talented figure skater whose skill-set did not instantaneously come from Victor Nikiforov’s coaching. 

Katsuki Yuri was Japan’s ace before he met Victor.

Katsuki Yuri was one of the top six skaters in the world before he met Victor.

Katsuki Yuri is a talented skater due to his determination and diligence, not just because of Victor.

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Does this mean Emperor Hux's Roman cats bite him a lot?

“Ah! You little-” Ren’s voice echoed through the sun soaked patios of the gardens, tinged with annoyance and followed by the scramble of claws on stone.

Hux raised an eyebrow as a chubby tortoiseshell cat darted past with a mew. He rounded the orange trees to see Ren, out of his usual armour and dressed in a simple tunic, shaking his hand and scowling.

“Ren? Amatus, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. The cat bit me, that’s all.”

Hux smiled, joining Ren on the marble bench, “Did she break the skin? I don’t want you getting ill.” He took Ren’s hand in his own, smoothing over the rough knuckles and calloused palms checking for punctures.

“I’m fine. Just surprised, I thought that one liked me.”

“I’m sure she does, but cats are fickle creatures. You may have petted her wrong, or she might be hungry.” Hux shrugged, “Nothing to be too offended by. They bite me all the time, sometimes I think it’s because they love me.” He raised a hand to stroke through Ren’s hair and felt him lean into the touch, stubble scraping across his fingers.

Mischief sparkled in Ren’s eyes as he took Hux’s hand and raised it to his lips.

And bit him.

I need to be honest now...

It will take a while to say the least for me to get use to “Highlight”.
Don’t get me wrong, It’s not a bad name in any way (and you can associate it with the last album). But it’s just so…different.

I truly wished for that cube would let “Beast” go, I really did. Even if i knew it would almost be impossible.
If not, I hoped that the name would be somehow closer to “Beast”.
But I understand if they thought “ If we can’t get Beast, then we’ll take something different”, to have a completely fresh start.

For me, they’ll just have two names as for now. As I said, it will take a while, and I know it is so much harder for them.

But I’m so happy that they finally could take the step. They recently filmed something as a group and the album is in the making.
In the end, I’m just happy that they can be together and make music, that was all i wanted ♥

Good luck boys, we fans are with you all the way!♥

I am at a constant battle
with myself everyday
I am so stuck in my head
That I can’t get out
I literally don’t know how

I create chaos in my head
And get myself all riled up
Over a scenario
that hasn’t even happened
Then I find myself upset
with my boyfriend
And he didn’t even
do anything wrong
But in my head he did

I know I’m being irrational
And unfair
But I can’t stop it

My chest feels so heavy and tight
I just want to exhale it out
like smoke
but I can’t
My anxiety chokes me

I don’t even notice that I’m
digging my nails into my palm
Or tapping my palm with my finger
Until my boyfriend reaches over
and grabs my hand to stop me

I am so tired all the time
It wears you out
To be constantly fighting
with yourself everyday and
you don’t know how to stop

—  Chapters from my life
Big Bang reactions when his foregin gf visits her family and they have Super bowl party and she fangirls over a player

[GIFs not mine]
Hope you like this one… I did a little thing with parents too. I’m still without wi-fi [ at 11.20 p.m. on 22nd of February 2017] and when I wrote that I felt like I’m writing military diary lol. I am out of kpop world for 2 days now. I missed a lot of memes and I know it so when I come back I want you guys to help me get back on track with kpop world. [now I feel like I’m on deserted island wtf is wrong with me]

You were super excited to introduce T.O.P to your family and friends. Only a few of them knew what kpop is so when they met him they treated him like a normal not-popular person. He felt great by that fact. Your friends invited you both to Super Bowl party where you watched game together and drank alcohol. He liked alcohol, but when you started to express your feelings to your favorite player he wanted you to stop and asked why yo never express love like that to him. Then you both giggled because you were drunk af.
“Buuutt Jagi~ I am so much better from that British guy, come on…”

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You didn’t plan to come home at this time, but Jiyong bought tickets as a surprise and you convinced him to stay at your parents together. When your parents heard you were both coming they told your friends and they made a surprise Super Bowl party because they knew you loved football. You came and Jiyong finally met your parents and they loved him, but they didn’t like his ripped jeans and told him it was bad for his knees. He was really surprised they cared about him as he was their son. You were watching the game at a local pub where you had a few drinks too much and started screaming how awesome Lewandowski is and how pretty and talented he is and how much you love him. He knew you were drunk and he was too so he teased you if that means he can go and you’ll just date Lewandowski.
“Okay. Then go date Lewandowski and I’ll date a model from the USA, okay? *joke*”

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He was excited to finally meet your friends in your home country. He already knew your parents from a trip yo went together. Your friends invited you to Super Bowl party and you were super excited because your favorite player was playing. When you came at the party the first thing you saw was crisps and other snacks you loved when you still lived at home. Taeyang was unfamiliar with most of them, but he at least knew what Pringles are. The game started and Taeyang was busy getting to know your male friends while your female friends watched football and fangirled football player Reus. You kept saying how you admire his six packs and how strong he is and how cute and hot he looks. When Taeyang heard that he came in front of TV to block your view and took off his shirt in front of everyone and asked you if his abs weren’t as beautiful as Reus’ are.
“So you are trying to say you like his abs more than mine? Okay then I guess I’ll just be shirtless for a while”

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He was very nervous to meet your parents and friends. It was his first visit to your home country and he was scared your parents wouldn’t understand him but when he met them they understood each other with same broken English. It was later afternoon when your friends invited you both to a Super Bowl party at one of your friend’s house. When you came in you saw everyone from your high school and you introduced all of them to Daesung, who ended up talking with your best friend who was the only kpop fan and kept him busy with questions and requests. You saw your favorite player on big screen and started screaming how cool and great he is, how his muscles are shining when he’s shirtless. Your best friend sadly translated everything to Daesung, who ended your fangirling.He stopped you with putting his hand over your mouth and asking you cutely who’s got better muscles and who is better looking. He had some alcohol in his veins and so did you so you kind of ended up kissing each other…
“You better not fangirl over football player ever again, okay? *suddenly starts kissing you*”

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He was scared to meet your parents because he didn’t want to do anything wrong to make your parents hate him. He tried to avoid coming to your home country, so whenever you went home, you went alone, but this time your parents invited Seungri to come with you so they could finally meet him. When you come he was very nervous, but when he talked with them they actually became friends. Your parents told you about Super Bowl party at the pub and you decided to go.While you were there and watched a game with friends and drank beer together. Yo were drunk after 2 beers and you started saying nonsense and when you saw your favorite player Rooney you started fangirling and screaming how awesome he is.Seungri was offended and tried to keep you quiet but then decided it would be better if you would go home. The whole way to home he told you about how he became Ronaldo’s manager in Korea. He was all about words and he didn’t stop talking until he saw you fell asleep right before he drove to your house.
“I couldn’t believe I actually… Oh… You’re asleep. Great. I have to carry you now. In front of your parents. Even better.”

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Daily funny calls.

Get dispatched to a sick person call. Arrive on scene before the ambulance and start to assess the patient. First thing the guy says to me is that I need to stay back away from him. When I asked why, he stated he was bit by a goldfish and he is now a werewolf.

Apparently all the werewolf movies are wrong about how people become werewolves.

Later I get dispatched to another sick person call. I arrived on scene with 2 cops and start to assess the patient. When I ask him what’s wrong, he says nothing. So I confirm what he said and ask why he called 911. He tells me he did it bc he was bored and wanted to screw over “the man.” I recalled the ambulance and didn’t feel screwed over when the police charged him with abuse of the 911 system, harassment, risking a catastrophe and some other neat charges I can’t remember.

Way to stick it to “the man.” Dumbass.

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Abdullah and joey have thrown cracks at your advice on live stream. I've seen Abdullah do it a few times, one time when he was with that roider guy, long dark hair in the states last year, don't know name.He did follow it up by saying you were a decent guy though, but what you say is wrong. He's always promoting fats and greasy food man this should be obvious. I know what I've seen, I've got no reason to lie either, I've benefitted from your advice and I'm grateful. This is just a heads up bro!

I think they are both a bit grumpy because Tori can beat them in a 5k, a solo TT up Norton Summit and gets more monthly views than them both combined at the moment and she only been on youtube since Xmas time 😄

I want to see them train up some women from scratch into fitness and social media stars like I have. Then they can say my advice is wrong. 😘

It is funny though because they have taken most of my advice if we look at the following.

They met each other thru me.

They are both on youtube because of me.

They both got their channels kick started because of my shout outs.

When at their peak fitness levels they were both following my training advice. I even paced them both to their fastest ever times up Norton Summit. Both of them purchased bikes and power meters specific to my recommendations.

What happens though is some people get a small following and it goes to their head and then they pretend they were never noobs and that they were born film producers and upstanding citizens all their life or something and that ‘Durianrider swears too much and its a bit too radical’ all of a sudden. 

That putting some sugar in your organic fruit smoothie is the fucking end of the world and telling people to stop being so fucking lazy and train more is ‘encouraing extreme exercise’. (Then Joey tries to do some crazy amount of riding in 3 days after a 6 month break and gets so sun burnt he gives himself permanent skin damage. )

I was a 20 something guy though and yeah, you want to rebel a bit against those who showed you the way but it is more of a sign of insecurity than becoming an independent young man.

They are good guys but acting like 9 year old private school bitches too much from what I hear. That isnt being productive at all.

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Wha- WHAT?! I didn't get a business call regarding any reading! What is this madness, Tumblr? Where, oh where, did we go so wrong? You made me miss that vital meeting. Shame. For shame.

Tumblr’s phone line might be down.  It doesn’t even pick up anymore.  Tumblr and I used to be so close, but now… now they don’t even pick up my calls.  Look, I understand, people can grow apart over time.  I’m a mature adult, I won’t make this dramatic.  I definitely am not crying right now.


“Cass?! Cassandra?!” Darren calls as he goes down the corridor.

“Darren?! In here!!! Follow my voice!!” - Cassandra replies.

When she sees her friend, she cannot contain her happiness.

“DARREN! THANK GOD! How..how did you get here? Where are we? Be careful with Don. He did all this. He’s the one who kidnapped my mom. We…we have to find a way out.”

Darren is confused. He doesn’t quite understand what’s going on, but there is something clearly wrong.

“Cass…I..I’ll get you out of here. But…”

Darren’s voice is muted by a loud siren noise followed by a voice announcement. First in an unrecognizable language then in Simlish:


The 'I Talk to my Cats' Sentence Meme
  • "Don't sit on me, I need to pee."
  • "If you do that the fish will DIE. Do you want that?"
  • "You're going to be fat at this rate."
  • "You sound like a tiny motorbike."
  • "What the fuck is wrong with your tail?"
  • "My keyboard is not your trampoline."
  • "Don't lick her ass in front of me."
  • "I'm sorry you only eat the finest of meats you fucking drama queen."
  • "Get that cockroach!"
  • "Please stop playing with its corpse."
  • "Do you just really like the colour red?"
  • "If you don't move I'll just have to feed you to the dog."
  • "Thanks for the help ASSHOLE."
  • "Don't touch my tea."
  • "How did you manage to get shit everywhere?"
  • "Please don't."

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Can we just address how pink/pale Rick/Andy looks this season like don't get me wrong he's still fine af but I miss season 5/6 Rick with that tan. Or maybe it was just dirt from being out all the time idk😂 I have a bone to pick with the costume and makeup department. Give my boy some bronzer and that tight brown tshirt pls

Say what?! I think he looks perfect. That gray beard makes his skin look pretty tan to me. (I think you are missing the dirt, lmao.) Of course, I did love that brown shirt, but nothing beats the denim button-down for me. I’d be okay if he wore it as much as those raggedy ass jeans. 😄

I think it’s safe to talk the Lego Batman Movie since most of my friends and followers have seen it, and I have a few thoughts (besides the fact that Scarecrow was adorable)

Overall I really enjoyed the movie, it was extremely funny, and made lots of meta jokes you’d only get if you were a hardcore fan of batman. My mom even laughed when they showed a clip from the ‘66 show.

I think my only gripe about the movie was the pop culture references. Don’t get me wrong, seeing Voldemort and Sauron was great, but it just felt like they didn’t belong. Unlike the original Lego Movie where you had all the cameos and characters colliding because it was LEGO and that made sense, this felt grounded in it’s own world. It didn’t really need the Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkeys.  I guess I came into the movie expecting to see the rogues get a lot more attention than they did. Scarecrow gets three lines, and Riddler I think only has one? Yeah, you could’ve given us a bit more than that. (but it’s possible there’s some stuff hidden in outtakes and deleted scenes)

I know it’s suppose to be a part of the Lego Universe, so some easter eggs are expected. I don’t particularly care if they want to connect the story to the original movie in some way, but I wish that they gave the Batman rogues more screen time. Considering all the merchandise, Lego sets, activity books and games, I do wish they played a bigger part.

This was the one thing that’s stuck out the most to me. If your favorite rogue wasn’t popular enough, it was like a game of hide-and-seek trying to find them in the movie more than once or twice. (but kudos on them for at least including as many references as they did)

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Hi, can you explain me how Simon did the boys wrong these past 7 years? I'm new to the fandom and I don't get it? thanks x

Simon is just an overall horrible person. He’s up there with Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump and Piers Morgan.

Anyone in the music industry, under his name and his Syco management, are treated unfairly and poorly and it’s sad to see that that team use their clients as a way to make money rather than to show them off to the world in a proud manner and show off the talent that they have. Because, really, those teams couldn’t care less about the talent. 

It’s all money, money, money in their eyes.

But, speaking specifically about the boys, he used the boys as a way to make easy money, in the most horrendous and horrible way. He let the PR team write and promote them in a way that didn’t show their true colours. All the articles that get put out in the papers get seen by Simon and the PR team to make sure it’s okay to send in and publish to the public; they couldn’t care if the story makes out the boys to be horrible people - a.k.a, the womaniser image that was pushed upon Harry back in the day - because they know, the more horrible the story, the more people are going to be interested in the boys which means the more sells on music because people are intrigued to know more about them.

He couldn’t care less about them now that they’re a bigger name than he is; all he cares about is the money that goes his way. At first, he knew what he was doing because he mentored them into a pretty decent band back on the X Factor - without his help, we wouldn’t have them as a band and they wouldn’t have bonded in the way they did back in 2010/2011. But when they made it as the biggest boyband in the world, Simon knew that this was something that would give him the big bucks in his bank account and he exploited them and let anything happen to them.

The Larries in this fandom claim that he closeted Louis and therefore made Harry and Louis keep their sexualities a secret and from the public eye; which has happened before in the music industry, except it was under Louis Walsh’s label. He closeted a gay member of Westlife and made him keep his sexuality a secret.

Some claim that he’s made Louis take part in ‘babygate’ - please don’t come and attack me for this! I’m just stating things that have been speculated - and made him participate in a big story like this because it’ll keep Louis in the public eye, and Louis is still partly under Simon’s name, I’m lead to believe.

It wasn’t just Simon who treated the boys wrongly these last 6 years. It was a mix of the management team for all of them, Simon’s team (but mainly Simon himself) as well as the PR team who let the papers speak about the boys so horrendously and nastily - for example, letting these writers and article editors and big media outlets label the boys as something that they are far from.

The new teams they are under are so much better so let’s forget all about Simon and be happy that the boys are with better people. xx

girl from last summer-

where did you go? you were the best i’d ever been, the most responsible, the solidest. it felt like i’d finally figured things out. i was working hard at a job i loved, i was headed to school, i was ready to start living.

why does everything have to go wrong?

now we’re almost back where we started from. how do i get going again now that i’m all on my own? 

i don’t know if i can do it.


I think, I think one of the worst things about realizing you’ve been abused is the actual realization. Slowly learning what’s normal and what isn’t. Having it smack you in the face that “oh god that wasn’t normal that’s not normal all” and it’s just this horrifying realization

And it gets worse. You remember more trauma. You remember more of the hell they put you through. You wonder how they still think they did nothing wrong?

You doubt. You refuse to doubt. You panic. You become this mess of “is this real” and “I know this is real” and “I don’t want this to be real”