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Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

Mundane witch tips!

-when you’re about to sneeze, picture the negative energy going out of you

-when showering, take in that energy from the water! Water contains lots of energy!

-don’t have time to/forget to bless your tea when you make it? Bless the box of teabags with the intent on the energy being released when the tea is brewed bing bang you’re done, time saved


-enchant you’re jewelry for whatever mood or purpose you’re feeling that day

-cleanse your crystals every once in a while

-meditate for five minutes when you are feeling bored

-for my witches who wear glasses, put a spell on them to prevent you from dropping them!

-send a little positive energy into a pen at a bank/office so when the next person picks it up they get a little pick me up, for a little pay-it-forward kindness 

-glamours are great spells to put into sunglasses

-brush yourself to rid of negative energy when you’re feeling stressed

-put a lil essential oil in whatever school textbook you dread most to help you feel more positive towards the subject

-protect yourself daily, especially my empaths out there!

-touch your tarot deck/ shuffle it to stay in tune with it’s and your energy even if you don’t do a reading that day

-sigils on shaving razors so that you won’t cut yourself while shaving

-open your third eye when divining

-pick up those heads up pennies you find for good luck

hope this helps! feel free to add something! (Just give me credit and don’t delete my tags when reblogging) 


Thor Ragnarok DELETED SCENES, Alternate Post-Credits and Rejected Concepts Explained

NOOOOO!!!!! Why did they cut the knife scene?! It was so badass!

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