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Halsey was at the panic concert last night, spencer was at the panic concert last night, josh was at the one a couple weeks ago, josh was at their jimmy Fallon performance, the singer from pierce the veil was at their concert two nights ago, dallon and his family go to tøp concerts, halsey goes to tøp concerts

The alternative music industry is just one big happy family and it’s so pure


So I just thought that Love Like You By Eric Hutchinson’s sounded like a very  Victuuri song with Victor singing about Yuuri and wanted to share.

Art theft alert

They have over 750 posts and all of them are stolen (sigh). You guys know what to do <3 PS: as always thank you SO MUCH to the people who tag me/send me these and (politely) call the art thieves out. You guys are an inspiration! <3 <3

a billion more pics below the cut:

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