or delet it later

i have mini heart attacks every time i see a drawing of mine in the taz tags like.fuck dude there i am. it me. 

its still so surreal to see my dumb comics and draws when im looking for actual cool people’s art but in the best way <3

Taking a day off social media tomorrow. Nothing is wrong, it’s just part of a 4 week challenge I am doing :) I won’t be answering or checking anything. Have a great Wednesday friends!

Hey, please comment on fics you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a three page essay or something, just say you enjoyed it, maybe point out one thing you like. Please. Because getting nothing is by far thee most crushing thing for a writer, it feels like no one is reading their work. 


This hair is nicely done…..

I forgot to screen the front of it.

I’m not sure how I feel about this pack.  I blame @jenba that I got it.  She just had to make a post with those wicker chairs.

I got the pack for the chairs!  LOL

The female clothing isn’t bad either.  

Although, EA PLEASE PLEASE enough with the damn high water, capri pants for males.  PLEASE.  There is barely any clothing for males and you keep insisting on making clothing that my males beyond the age of teen would never wear.  NEVER.

Would have been nice if the toddlers had gotten some clothing and a couple more for the children.

Anime Shogatsu and Store orders

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been kind of inactive lately ;0;; Just a quick update, I’ll be attending Anime Shogatsu this weekend with @jiphee​ at table #15 so if you’re in Toronto and going to be attending I’d love to see you! :D 

Aaand all store orders will be shipped early next week!  I’m almost done packing them ahhh thank you for being so patient with me <33 *u//* e-mails will be sent out once everything is shipped

also I will reply to asks soon I promise ;u;; 

Hey there!
So I’m trying to answer as much questions I can
but I think (expect for few that I already planning to answer) I will delete everything 

and will try in the future to handle the Inbox in a much better way 

so if I didn’t answer your question or you see that I don’t answer it in the next few days I’m sorry it is nothing against you <3 it just that the question is too old or I just don’t know how to respond 

I hope it is okay with you all and I hope to open the inbox again in the next week