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Just as a comparison; my regular work, realism, and animation back then, 

and now:

I still have a long way to go but like… don’t forget I was learning from the beginning too, I got to where I am now through practice and study just like you guys can! Don’t give up man, your work will adapt and grow along with you. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to somebody else’s chapter 10

Y'all I hate this so much. Remember how I have laughter induced hiccups?? I have laughter induced hiccups. I can’t laugh too hard at something or else I get really violent hiccups like. It legit hurts I hate. The last time I got hiccups was because I laughed so hard at the fucking spider grow tweet I thought my throat was gonna close up. Now I saw that fucking “resort to using candles like the amish” video andnsn I lost my marbles. Started laughing like a hyena joker lovechild. Now I have hiccups strong enough to push my heart out my ribcage send help


Okay so I have a lot of wips and idk what really to focus on exactly, so if I did a post with photos of them, would u guys be okay voting or something on which one I focus on? Lmao this is like a prevote for the actual vote 😙


I’ve been thinking about this Good Chase, Bad Chase thing for a while and… Chase is a YouTuber (technically) right?

So what do fans of YouTubers love doing? They make dark versions of them.

We ‘created’ Chase because he was never intended to be an ego in the first place and we loved and adored him, just like we do Seán, but with a simple reblog by Seán, we began to question if he really was a good guy and so created a dark version of him as well…

(Haha, I don’t know. This sounds kinda dumb but I’m just thinking out loud XD)


Why I hope Sansa Wins Everything (Rant)

While I don’t actually think Sansa could win the game of thrones, I can’t help but root for her. Everytime I go on a YouTube video where her name is even mentioned the comment section is littered with “I wish Sansa would die already”. Like Why? What has she directly done to hurt you? Then it’s bullshit excuses blaming her for stuff in season 1. Sorry, but no. Everyone loves fucking Jamie Lannister who crippled Bran and literally murdered people but as soon as Sansa makes one shit decision in season1 (12yo) several years ago she’s an asshole forever???? People can say Jamie or the Hound (murdered children as well) has come a long way but not for Sansa???
There is some crazy double standard for Sansa Stark and it only makes me root for her more.
When/if the day comes and she has either won the game of thrones or at least survived I will literally throw a celebration party and bathe in the bitter tears of ant-sansa people.
[End of rant (had to get this off my chest)]