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Guys I just had this really really weird dream.

So I was Lucien’s pet deer and we were on our way to visit Tarquin, except that Tarquin actually wears these big black goggles and has white shoulder length hair gelled back. Oh, and when we reached he was doing yoga under the sea and smokin’ a hookah.

And like I have no idea what to make of this???

Okay so Remus has to use a cane in the winter because he gets such sore joints he can barely walk, but it makes him uncomfortable because people stare at this 16 year old boy with a cane, so most of the time he just leaves it at the dorm and bites through the pain. This doesn’t go unnoticed by his mates, of course, and so it’s not an unfamiliar sight to see James, Peter or Sirius with their arm around Remus’ waist, playing it off as “gotta let everyone know you’re taken, Moony”, but subtly supporting him and making sure he is in the least pain possible

anonymous asked:

why does riordan frustrate you so much??

Hi anon!

Here’s a couple links that do into the long and short of the situation: 

First, here’s a link to a video that the the lovely @bibliophilicwitch made on the subject. 

Second, here’s a post that goes into detail and includes it’s own links as to what he said/wrote and why it’s pretty fucking shitty

As for myself, I liked his books as a kid. Not to the same level as I liked Harry Potter, but it was one of the series I read growing up and it still has that nostalgic soft spot in my heart. It was also one of the books that got me reading D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths (which is freaking awesome dude, check it out) which in turn got me interested in mythology in general and in retrospect I realize that it planted the seeds of polytheistic belief in my preteen Catholic ass. Skip forward a decade or so and I’m a polytheist and suddenly that interest in mythology is Useful. Then I look back on these books that meant a great deal to my getting on this path to begin with and find that they are completely and totally disrespectful and not only the books are, but that the writer is completely disrespectful and dismissive of my religion entirely. 

Which sucks. In my opinion, Riordan is a good author. I still like Percy and Annabeth, I still like the idea of the story. He’s good at writing engaging characters and fun books. But the complete and utter disrespect he shows to the myths and the gods just ruins it entirely. In his first book he reduces Dionysus, literally the god of wine, theater, madness, and revelry, into nothing but a bitter old camp director. And he does this sort of shit to almost every deity he writes, because he literally doesn’t care about them or their cultural context.

Then distaste turns to personal insult. He goes and fucks with my gods. My gods specifically. I’m talking about Freyr, my fulltrui, my patron, Deer-dad, Lord of Dicks, whom I love more than I can fully express. 

I went and read part of the first Magnus Chase book, out of fairness, and it started out okay. Like with Percy and his gang, I like Magnus and Sam, and the elf and dwarf guy as characters. I like Magnus’ sense of sarcasm and at first I thought maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. But I couldn’t finish it. (I should point out here that (*spoilers if you give a fuck*) Magnus is Freyr’s son, thus Freyr is a big part of the series.) Not even a fifth of the way into the books and he starts pulling his shit. Riordan went and reduced Freyr to a, and I quote, “D-list god” of nought but love, summer, and sunshine. HE DID THIS TO A GOD WHO WAS REVERED IN UPPSALA NEXT TO THE LIKES OF ODIN AND THOR. 

(From the Skog Church tapestry. From left to right: Odin, Thor, and FREYR, yah fucking shit!

And here’s a quote from an article about the tapestry:

According to Adam of Bremen: “If plague and famine threatens, a libation is poured to the idol Thor; if war, to Odin; if marriages are to be celebrated, to Frey.”)

Freyr was one of the three most worshiped gods in heathenry. He is supposed to be the progenitor of the Ynglings, the oldest known dynasty of fucking Sweden, for shit sake. C-list god, my lily white ass. He reduces Freyja into an airhead blonde (goddess only of cats and beauty) who cares more about a pair of earrings than the safety of her kid (literally, one of the major plot points is her making a character who is canonly her son into a place where she know’s he’s likely to be hurt only to buy a pair of earrings). And I quit before I met Thor in this gods forsaken book, but the only thing I know about him was that he’s bitter Jesus didn’t meet him for a duel. Fucking hell. And now! Do you know what he’s done? Just as I started worshiping Greek gods, including Apollo? He’s written a book about Apollo being turned mortal and it’s insufferable. I can’t go into the Apollo tag without seeing something about it and like, c’mon man I just fuckin’ got here! 

Now, to his credit, Riordan has fixed a lot of the shit he was criticized about in the previous books. He now has significantly more poc characters and he has several canonly LGBT characters, including a trans girl. And like, I want to be supportive of that, especially as a queer person. I respect that he’s made strides to become more inclusive. But, the crap I talked about still exists and to my knowledge he hasn’t apologized about what he said about the pagan/polytheist community, nor does his increased inclusivity negate the disrespect he’s shown my gods and my religion. So on that I’m torn.

My only solace is that Riordan can’t hope to touch the Irish myths. They’re so much of a patchwork and self contradictory at times and a general glorious mess, he won’t be able to fuck with it. Hopefully.