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Yesterday I thought, ‘what better way to make my past self hate me than to dye my hair the red I’ve spent the last year and a half trying to get rid of?’ So that’s what I did.

I want to seee all of the DAI companions as cats.

Cole is the kind of kitten where you’re always wondering how??? they got in there/up there/did that??

Varric is a talker, a noisy cat, always meowing affectionately, especially at the other cats, and sometimes you swear you can understand him.

Sera is a troublemaker. You don’t have to wonder which cat knocked your plant off the sill, it’s always her.

Vivienne is very dignified, does not like to be petted, and is constantly judging all of your life choices, but will hover if there’s someone around you don’t like and is not above using her claws.

Cassandra is the cat that thinks she’s a dog, specifically a guard dog, and loudly hisses and yowls whenever someone strange is at the door. But she’s also the cat that is curled up at your feet every night, purring.

Dorian is vain, always grooming himself, and the most affectionate, constantly butting his head under your hand for attention.

Blackwall is quiet, you often forget he’s there, but if you’re having a particularly rough day, he’ll come purr in your lap until you stop crying.

Solas is the weird cat. The one that definitely sees ghosts and definitely freaks you out by staring at nothing and randomly hissing. Second only to Dorian in demanding attention.

Iron Bull is huge, and so fluffy, the most fluffy. He likes to laze around in sunbeams and is the most willing to play with Cole and Sera when they’re feeling rambunctious.

30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 21 Cooking

L: How goes the battle?

K: No battle. I’m fine. I can read a recipe. I can make salsa. Go sit.

L: Is that how much cilantro you’re putting in it?

K: It’s how much the recipe calls for.

L: Don’t put that much in. It will taste like soap.

K: It won’t taste like soap.

L: Too much cilantro tastes like soap. How much garlic did you put in it?

K: The recipe called for two cloves. I put in two cloves.

L: You need to put in more than that.

K: What? Why?

L: Everyone knows you put in way less cilantro and way more garlic than the recipe calls for. I don’t make the rules.

K: I literally have the rules typed up in front of me. The recipe is the rules.

L: Extra garlic is an unwritten rule.

K: If you are supposed to put in more garlic, why wouldn’t it be a written rule? That makes no sense. Why would they leave out ingredients?

L: You can deviate from the recipe, Keith. Trust me.  

K: I am going to follow the recipe.

L: I’m calling Hunk…

Hunk says to put in more garlic. 

K: Argh. Fine. 


Atlantis AU: You’re brooding brother

-You’re brooding brother.

The voice of his brother was a little muted by the sound of the wind blowing all around them. Of course he would have come looking for him when all Hanzo wanted was to be alone with his thoughts. His younger brother kept on with his banter:

-How odd of you. Usually your sulking time is not this early in the morning.

Hanzo sighted.

-Weren’t you busy with the courtship of a beautiful blonde doctor?

-We’re gonna have dinner tonight. What about you with your handsome archaeologist? He must wondering where you’ve disappearred. 

-He’s not my…, said Hanzo, looking over his shoulder.

They stared at each other for a second. Genji’s expression dared him to deny his claim. With another sight, Hanzo focused one more time on the scenary, his shoulders dropping a little. After a moment, Genji sat next to him. They looked at the amazing view displayed under them for a moment, until Genji broke the silence.

-Is this what it is about? You’re upset because he’s going to leave?

He sounded almost sad. Hanzo furrowed his brows, not liking the pitying tone of his brother. But he was right, even if it pained him to admit it.

-He has to go. It was his dream to come here, but once he will have his fill and finish the study of our city, he will want to go.

-Maybe he will want to stay…

-He has a home on the surface, people who’s waiting for him. He can’t stay. Outsiders can’t stay here, it’s not their place.

His tone ended the debate. It was foolish to hope for something so wonderfully impossible. He couldn’t put that kind of pressure on Jesse. They would enjoy the time they were having together and once the time came, they would go their separate ways. Even if he was the most gentle, kind, interesting and beautiful man he ever met. Hanzo shaked his head. He couldn’t allow his thoughts to go in this direction and swallowed himself in self pity.One more time, Genji filled the silence between them.

-Hanzo, I have to tell you something.

Genji said that with a solemn expression, grave even. It get Hanzo’s attention, fearing what he had to say.

-When they’ll go, I’ll leave with them.

Hanzo’s head almost whiplashed in the direcion of his brother. Multiple emotions filled his heart, tearing it apart. Feelings of sorrow, jalousy and betrayal mixing with relief and delight. Before he had the chance to say something, Genji said:

-I know what you and father expect from me. But you know I don’t want to be part of it. We have been stuck on this tiny rock for thousands and thousands of years, while there is an all world just above us. I want to see all of it.

He almost looked shy for a moment, scratching his neck.

-And…to be totally honest with you, I happened to fall in love a little…with a very very brilliant woman. And I’ll follow her all around the world if I must. 

All the things Hanzo had wanted to say died on his tongue. What could he say to counter that? He was young and in love and deserved literally and figuratively the world.  Genji put a hand on his shoulder. The gesture helped to ground him a little.

-Brother… Come with me.

Hanzo looked at his brother like he had growned a second head.

-Genji, you know I can’t. I must…

-When we were little, you were as curious and eager as me to see the outside world. I’m sure that this dream never went away.

He squeezed his shoulder.

-Come and share this adventure with me brother. Don’t do this for me, or for father, but for your own happiness. I see the way you look at Jesse and the way he looks back at you. Don’t let him go away.

Unable to lock eyes anymore with his brother, Hanzo turned his head, the weight of an agonizing sorrow on his shoulders. He knew all that. He knew all of this things. But he couldn’t allow them to happen.

-Genji. If you want to go, I will not stop you. But I can’t leave. Atlantis needs to have a king.

With a motion of his arm, he designed all the island.

-This is my city. My home. And all its inhabitants need me. I am the only one who can hold the power and legacy of our blood.

He couldn’t countain the little waver of his voice when he said:

-Even if I want to, I can’t leave.

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