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Hello I'm in a good mood so I wanted to say that I love your account Aaand which hair colour do you like on bts ? I like ginger or black 😏 And good night 😴

:) this is cute !! ok so fave hair colours!

  • on yoongi i like his dope era blonde hair best, i think that pale colours in generally really suit him tho (dont kill me i dont care for his black hair srry)
  • taehyung i prefer light brown/golden brown! and when he wears that headband. and no bangs
  • jungkook…….honestly he looks good in any colour other than that hideous red from like …danger era was it? i cant remember lol but that was terrible and we dont speak of it. also forehead!kook 5ever
  • namjoon… he looks best in blonde but like yoongi he also looks great in any pale pastely colours!
  • jimin oh my god jimin fucK he looked so good with his bright red hair (which if anyone can pull off it’s him) but i loved loved LOVED his blonde hair too
  • hobi i think his natural hair looked best, but i also really loved his brown hair and alSO FOREHEAD HOBI!!!!!!!!!
  • and jinnie…..PINK HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but also BLONDE!!!! but also his golden brown!!!!!!!!!!!! anything but that hideous jungkook red lmao

I wrote this as if the boys are homeschooling their children. For now I just did the Sakamakis but if you wanna see the Mukamis let me know!!~Mun M

Shu: He prefers assigning homework for his kid to do instead of actually teaching

Reiji: He keeps a strict class schedule all day. He’s a good teacher, although he’s pretty strict

Ayato: He favors gym class. That’s about the only thing he teaches his kid. None of that useful information

Kanato: He secretly tells his kid that if they bring him a cookie everyday, he’ll help them with whatever homework he gives them

Laito: He prefers his child know a bit about everything. Although he makes it a point that his kid must be properly educated in sex ed

Subaru: He is truly in for a test of patience. Every question his kid asks drives him crazy, but he’s a surprisingly good teacher

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Can I request sex with jun from seventeen? I really like the sec with Vernon

Thank you! And thanks for the request! x

  • Ahhh Jun..
  • I feel like he’s a bit freaky lowkey..
  • Is super bold and blunt when it comes to sex
  • He likes to get straight to the point
  • Like he may just skip foreplay all together (ofc makes sure your’re prepared tho)
  • He’s rough and goes fast most of the time
  • He‘s a switch but is naturally dominant
  • Would totally be into dirty talking but, we’ll get back to that..
  • Loves it when you leave hickies all over him omg
  • Often asks you sexual questions like
  • “What’s your favourite position?”
  • “Do you like it when I do this or no?”
  • And this will be at the most random and sometimes inappropriate times lol
  • And you’re like ??
  • He does this to see your reaction really
  • But actually means well cause he wants to know these things so he can please you more
  • Alrighty, time for oral..
  • He’d be soooo good
  • He’d stay down there for as long as you want
  • Knows exactly what you like and aims to make you scream his name
  • Now, when you go down on him his dominate side comes out
  • He’ll often just straight up ask you for bj’s
  • When you do it for him we has his hands in your hair (unless you don’t like that)
  • Bucking his hips and moaning
  • “FUck.. don’t stop..”
  • Oh! Lets talk about his kinks
  • As I said^ he’s into dirty talking
  • “Does it feel good?”
  • “Please moan for me baby..”
  • H0ly-
  • I mean I don’t think this is really a “kink” but uh
  • He’s SUPER into shower sex
  • like he prefers it over having sex in the bed/couch
  • And he likes to fuck you from behind instead of picking you up and doing it against the wall
  • Cause he thinks that’s too dangerous to do in the shower and he fears he’ll end up dropping you
  • Plus he says its a fun position

-After sex he’d either want to sleep or eat. He’ll probably make you a snack or something, this is how he shows affection after the act lol

I’m legit so obsessed, help me

So my dear friend @sherise-cosplay said to me I should draw Auror!Yuri soooo I delivered

I hereby headcanon that Yuri only decides to become an auror after lots of persuasion, otherwise he totally would have taken over his parent’s business). His grades at Hogwarts always were at its peak and he passed the examinations flawlessy (except his nerves almost got to him when it came to the stealth and tracking examinations)

He decided to grow out his hair just like Viktor, who had it long until 16, then cut it all off in 7th grade. He doesn’t wear fancy clothing for his auror job, she he wants to be able to move easily and due to battles, it would all get dirty and torn up anyway. Viktor shows his disdain all too clearly.

As you might have noticed, I based his outfit off of his Free Skate jacket. I’m not the best at picking colors so I fumbled a lot before I just went all sepia. The colors of his clothes are completely up to you, just like his house. I didn’t give his scarf a color because of that. I personally prefer him in Hufflepuff but I know people like him in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw as well (and even Slytherin, I mean this boy has some pettiness lol)

And as for Viktor? Heck, idk what his future is gonna be in this universe. He could be a very famous international Quidditch player but that just means he’d be away so often and I prefer them together, at all times

Also whatever you do


TL;DR: it’s lit

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  1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
    Something related to spiders. Lots of people are afraid of spiders. I’m not.
  2. Follow up question: would you want to be a superhero, villain, or just a regular citizen (with powers of course lol)?
    Eh, anti-hero or freelance ‘I do what I want’.
  3. What’s your most prized possession?
    I don’t really have one. My cat? Can a cat count as a most prized possession? The cat likes me…
  4. If you could live in one anime universe, which would you choose and why?
    Preferably one where I’m not regularly in danger of death. Something innocent where not too much changes. Maybe KnB because they have superpowers but no-one dies.
  5. If you could switch lives with one anime character, who would you choose and why?
    ASH KETCHUM I’M GOING TO BE THE WORLD’S GREATEST POKEMON MASTER! Or maybe Gary Oak. Bitches love Gary Oak. Just…Pokemon, you guys.
  6. What’s your favorite pastime?
    Watching anime or  writing fanfics no-one  will see (because I never post them or finish them) or reading, but I get too easily distracted from the latter two. Or just taking naps.
  7. What kind of weather do you like the most (sunny, rainy, cloudy, hot, cold, warm, breezy, etc.)?
    SNOW. I thrive in the cold.
  8. What is your favorite anime and why?
    K Project. I got sucked in so hard by the story line and the pretty animation and the characters and I love the characters and Anna’s adorable, but there’s so much I didn’t understand (I’m a dumbbutt) until I read wiki pages or the prequel stuff (which I still haven’t finished) and rewatched tiny portions of the anime because I wanted to annoy my friend by repeatedly subjecting him to Totsuka’s death and see that scene where Eric does stabby things, because I now actually know something about  the alphabet boys, except today I realised it’s  not really Eric doing the stabbing, not really. I like Eric. Anyway the anime is really pretty.
  9. Follow up question: How were you introduced to your favorite anime and what got you hooked?
    By following someone on Tumblr, seeing some anime posts and thinking ‘hey, that redhead looks a little bit like Kai Shimada from Corpse Party’, seeing it while making my list of anime to watch and then the anime itself hooked me with all the fights and mystery and shit. Update: Yata doesn’t look a thing like Kai Shimada, I don’t know what I was talking about.
  10. If you could magically master any activity or have any talent, what would you chose? (Eg: dancing, writing, drawing, playing an instrument, martial arts, etc.)
    Drawing. Because I have so many comics and pictures I want to draw but I can barely draw anything. My hands do not obey my brain. That or actually being able to learn a language at all.
  11. If you could wish for any single thing, what would it be and why?
    A decent government? In, like, every country, so nobody has the corrupt ones or the  ones making life impossible for the peeps or ruining everything.

Questions of my own:

  1. Are you a musical theatre fan, and if so, do you have a favourite musical or song?
  2. Do you have any pets?
  3. Can you do a cartwheel?
  4. Would you ever ride a motorbike?
  5. Do you have any OCs (for a fandom or for an original piece) or next gen characters?
  7. Why is thinking up questions so hard though?
  8. Who is the best superhero?
  9. Who is the best supervillain?
  10. Uhh…if you were a car, what sort of car would you be?
  11. Does anyone else get very mildly annoyed that there’s 11 questions to this thing instead of 10?


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idk if you have any monster or non-human oc's, but if you do what happens to them when they're sick? do they have illnesses specific to their uhhh,,, how do i say this.. species? race? for example I have an elf boy that breaks out in dark spots whenever he's sick.

I do have a bunch of non-human characters!
I generally prefer the basic sort of illnesses that you’ll find in real life on humans so I don’t really give anyone any “weird” symptoms or illnesses.
For certain characters (the dragons and the fire “demons”/…entities..?) fevers work a little differently: their basic body temperatures are different from humans’ and they can withstand higher fevers without it getting dangerous. They are generally also immune to human illnesses though but that just means I can come up with reason for specific individuals to not be… lol
Other than that I have several characters who are affected By the usual “(magical) powers are affected By illness” thing.

OH. I almost forgot to mention the rotten meat eaters who can’t digest food “normally” and will get sick if there aren’t enough “bad” bacteria in their food.

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To be honest, i just need more cat!toudou

(( there was a black cat version here but I prefer this one lol))

(( wait a second “cat!toudou” did you mean dressed as a cat or like an actual cat omfg ohhh my god you probably meant an actual cat huh!! ))

(GF spoilers) About trust...

“Remember: in Gravity Falls there is no one you can trust

Dipper believes in that more than anybody.

Episode 1 is very important, it shows a lot of things:

“Look, dude, I believe you.”

Soos takes Dipper’s side.

“Mabel, listen! I’m trying to tell you that Norman is not what he seems!” 


“He’s lying ! Shut it down now !!”

MabelI : gotta do it.
Dipper : What?! Mabel, don’t do this! Are you crazy? (lol again)
Mabel :Trust me.
Dipper : What?
Mabel : Dipper, just this once. Trust me!

“I trust you” (Stan)

“Mabel are you crazy ?? We all gonna… !!!”

A big difference here , Dipper is not agreed this time to let Mable act. And this is justified !

“there’s something I should tell you.“

“Kids, there’s something… There’s somethind I shoud tell you.”

Ok now, That was parallels for episode 2x11, We’ll see what happen next, to make some theories :

So, in ep1, Mabel prefered listen to her heart, but Dipper was right ! Gnomes were dangerous !

Maybe “Stanley” is not what he seems either… 

“I must hide this book before he finds it”. - extract from the journal 3. Who is “HE” ? Grunckle Stan ? The author trusted no one, not even his brother ?

He separated the books, WHY ?? : n°1) At the shack (put it in Stan’s hands ?),n°2) We don’t know but I think McGucket is aware, n°3) Next to the bunker. 

“I helped him build a machine which he believed had the potential to benefit all mankind, but something went wrong. I decided to quit the project. But I lie awake at night, haunted by the thoughts of what I’ve done.”

What happened ? Why Stan have waited 30 years to open the portail ? 

Maybe Grunkle Stan don’t know about the bunker and the experiments and “Stanley” was doing something behind his back… WITH MC GUCKET lol (this could explain why he didn’t mantion Stan…)

Since the beginning, we think that the author is the voice of reason and truth, but things are most complicated. OK, stop with that !  Now, the future relation between Dipper and Mabel.

I think they will always care of each other…

But from now on, the issue is more important than the first episode’s one. Something is broken.

I think they will have a Dori & Marlin syndrome. Marlin is pessimistic and trust no one, not even Dori. Dori wants to gain Marlin’s trust.

Now look this extract from “finding nemo” : [video], we can compare Dori/Marlin and Mabel/Dipper.

Well, what about me, huh? Why can’t you trust me?

“What am I gonna do?“

Mabel closed the door, and Dipper was alone.

He feels betrayed, She didn’t listen to him and play it safe, she listen to Stan and chose the doubt. But her feelings are very important, Dipper is less tolerant.

“That’s for lying to me! “, “THAT’S for breaking my heart!”, “And THIS is for messing with my brother!“

Yeah, I think the future will be full of betrayals, regrets, conflicts and also some pain (for everyone, not just the twins).

“Hey, Dipper? I, um…I’m sorry for ignoring your advice. You really were just looking out for me.”

They will bring back together

(I hope or I’ll die ok)

Hosoya Yoshimasa, Minagawa Junko, Nakamura Daisuke

Daruma san ga Koronda Part ½

warning: this contains a there’s-something-in-the-bathroom kind of scary story

Hosoya: I heard that you’re into urban legends
Minagawa: What with that information?
Hosoya: It’s written here in the script
Minagawa: Ah, you’re right
Hosoya: I like urban legends and scary story
Minagawa: You’re too loud
Nakamura: I got into it recently. There are lots of it
Minagawa: Tell us one, a short one
Hosoya: The one that would make people go ‘heee’
Minagawa: The one that not many people know
Nakamura: There are different type of road signboard right. For instance, be careful of animals crossing etc. There’s also a type where nothing is written on it, just a sign with exclamation mark
Minagawa: There is?
Hosoya: I think I saw that before
Nakamura: That sign means that ghost appears in that place
Hosoya: REALLY??
Minagawa: No way!
Hosoya: Is it true?!
Nakamura: It is
Hosoya: Where can you find that sign?
Minagawa: Didn’t you say that you saw it before?
Hosoya: I saw it on TV
… .
Minagawa: Are you serious? No way! That must be a lie!
Hosoya: Minagawa san, are you bad with that kind of things?
Minagawa: .. aa.. ummm… I’ve never see that kind of sign but sometimes when you go to that kind of place that seems haunted, can’t you feel something? I wonder if that sign is really present at that kind of place
Nakamura: Maybe you’ll find it if you look for it. But it’s better not to look at it too much
Minagawa: Even if you tell me to be careful of ghosts, I don’t know what should I do. That’s difficult
Hosoya: It is
Nakamura: Also, in the bathroom when you’re washing your head,
Minagawa: Stop it, that’s scary
Nakamura: You can’t say it in your mind “daruma san ga koronda” while closing your eyes
Minagawa: Waahhh!! I feel like I will say it!
Hosoya: Why (can’t we say “daruma san ga koronda”)?
Nakamura: I heard that if you say it, ‘that’ will appear
Hosoya & Minagawa: SERIOUSLY??!!
Nakamura: Seriously
Minagawa: Let’s try doing that today. Hosoya kun, you do it
Hosoya: Why me??? Why???
Nakamura & Minagawa: LOL
Minagawa: You try that today, and tell us the result at the next Raji Puri
Hosoya: I understand. I’ll write it somewhere
Minagawa: When you shower today, make sure you said “daruma san ga koronda” in your mind while closing your eyes. Just once is enough?
Nakamura: Just once is enough
Minagawa: Say it once in your mind
Nakamura: You can say it out loud too
Minagawa: Whichever you prefer then. This is an experiment
Nakamura: Please try it
Hosoya: Should I turn my back?
Nakamura: If you have the guts to do that, why not
Hosoya: I understand, I’ll definitely do this. If ‘that’ appears I’ll put a “dangerous” sign at my bathroom
Nakamura & Minagawa: LOL
Minagawa: I hope I can see you again
Hosoya: LOL you might not be able to see me anymore

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Why do you ship Tayvin and what do you think makes this relationship different than her others?

I never really believed in horoscopes and psychics and stuff like that but something about how these two clicked got my attention. I normally hop from ship to ship (you can ask my friends, I used to send them pictures of a new guy every week like “OMG HE WOULD BE SO CUTE WITH TAYLOR) but I see this relationship becoming more than just what we see now. Of course, they have only been dating for barely a month but look at the difference in her smile among her other relationships and this one. In the past, Taylor also went to a psychic who told her she would be married by the time she was 26. Of course everyone thought this guy was a joke after everything else he said came true, BUT then Taylor had practically sworn off dating. We had all given up. But she’s 25 now???? And here comes Calvin???? Timing is a funny thing…and now everyone is watching. But the difference this time is that the world is cheering them on. We’re all so used to the media crushing Taylor’s relationships that now, when they have given them a shot (except TMZ….fuck you, TMZ) we’re all bubbling with even more excitement. As for their signs (Capricorn and Sagittarius) it just so happens that these two are two of the most compatible signs. They come together forming a bond of both brilliance and passion. When they work together, their intelligence is heightened and incredible things are made in the process. That’s why I think they’ll make amazing music together. I don’t really know all of the in depth stuff about their signs but I do know that both of them are completely different than anyone of them have ever dated. Collaboratively they’ll be genius since they have intelligence up the ass and the ability to share and construct progressively. As for who they are personally, it’s crazy. A lot of people didn’t know (or care much) about Calvin prior to this whole thing but I did (given my weekly new formed obsessions with different artists I just so happened to focus in on him a few months ago and then again about two weeks ago) Hours were spent watching interviews and music videos along with reading articles and stalking social media pages….most of which was done before and a little more after I knew of their relationship. It sounds kind of weird to say this but…basically, he’s Taylor. (At least that’s what I’ve gathered from the interviews and stuff) he makes it obvious when he doesn’t agree with something or when he’s uncomfortable. He’s hilarious and his humor is like…either you get it or you don’t. He is completely in love with music and what he does. You can tell that’s what he would prefer to talk about in interviews but of course interviewers always want to talk about personal lives and you can tell he hates questions about his love life. Every once in a while he laughs at a dirty joke that more than likely wasn’t meant to be dirty (lol)He’s generally a warm, down to earth, goofy guy. Aka Taylor. We all know what Taylor has been through with past relationships as far as scrutiny and bashing in the media…but the fact that she’s willing to jump right into this huge dangerous blue sea with HIM is significant. After months of preaching independence and self-sufficiency, she has found this guy…THIS GUY who completely fits into her life with no problem. She can keep wearing her heels, he is at the top of his game just as she is but they’re in two different playing fields so there really isn’t any competition or intimidation that has to be worried about like in her other relationships. Calvin has been through relationships of his own which were, unlike Taylor’s, long lasting (months and years on end) so he knows how to maintain a relationship. Hell, you can even tell by the amount of PDA they show that this is different (sitting on laps???????? Arms wrapped around bodies????????? matching clothes????????) I’ve never believed in a relationship more. I think this was perfect timing for both of them. I love how they look at each other and can’t keep their hands off of each other. Taylor didn’t just take her standards to the next level, she moved her entire business to a new building and set up shop in the penthouse. Then again they’ve only been dating for like a month but you can totally feel it…Just the fact that he’s willing to go through everything that comes with being her her because he thinks she’s worth it is the biggest sign of how amazing they are together. And that’s why I believe in them.

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Naw my ideas are man and woman because that was what I was raised on and that's the way the religion I follow teaches. I truly don't care honestly I don't talk down or embarrass or treat anyone nasty because of their sexual preference I just don't think it's right. and that's fine I can not agree with it. no need for you to be nasty lol but thanks for your input mama 😊

no one is nasty, and i’m not “mama” so keep that to yourself. you are taking things personally and i don’t even know you. chill with that. i believe that your ideas are harmful and dangerous. i don’t know you and i don’t know how you were raised. but don’t come into my inbox saying you don’t support how people choose to love and live their life, and then get surprised when i am not agreeing with your foolishness. take that elsewhere. i’m not the one.

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will u vote democrat no matter wat? who do u want to win bernie or hillary?

Oh ho ho…political questions.

Yeah, I’ll vote Democrat no matter what. There’s too much at stake and in the general election not voting for the Dem candidate is a vote for the Republican candidate (likely Trump). I’m not white, male, straight, nor part of the 1% so the Republicans have nothing to offer me except misery, pain, and a lack of human rights.

I’m not going to get into whether I prefer Bernie or Hillary because too many people on this hellsite (and most social media tbh) are incapable of nuanced, objective, issue and fact-based political discussion (exhibit #2972: claims that Hillary is “just as bad as Trump” LOL not only is that empirically denied [have folks just forgotten she was Sec of State for 4yrs or nah?] but irrational claims like that are dangerous and foolish). What’s most important is that no matter which Democrat you support for the primaries, you support the Democratic nominee in the general election. In all honestly, the difference between Bernie and Hillary is slim. If you support one, the other is likely gonna fulfill most of your candidate needs. Any other claims are just presidential election year fervor and pedestal-ing of career politicians.

This isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve been intimately involved with politics for quite some time, but the weirdness and demagoguery of this election are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. People need to be critical of their chosen candidate, hold their feet to the fire, actually read and understand their platform and their opponents’, and know their candidate’s weaknesses. None of these folks are perfect and they’ve all got skeletons in the closet. The general election is not the first time you wanna be introduced to said skeletons. The primaries are the time to suss out each of the candidate’s relative strengths and weaknesses and vet them before the general election in such a way that strengthens instead of damages them so that they’re prepared for the intense scrutiny that comes with being the actual presidential nominee. The point is not to take as big a shit as possible on the other candidate in order to prop yours up, especially not if they both have a good chance of being the nominee. If all you know are memes, buzzwords, “conspiracy theories,” and that everyone else who’s no longer in the race is “evil” (which is only true re: Trump) then you’re honestly not an informed voter.

Bottom line is that the next president needs to be either Bernie or Hillary. I just want people to stay informed. Make sure you diversify your sources and actually read and critically think about criticisms of your preferred candidate. Don’t let Tumblr be your only source.