or cucumbers

joke: drinking fizzy drinks for energy

“““woke”““: drinking coffee for energy

woke: get the cucumber cut it inna slice, put it inna jug of water overnight for a free energy drink full of electrolytes (x)

@wycombewanderer uff… I totally forgot to put you on the picture… cause I am useless x’D 

@beautifulhigh bring a picnic blanket just in case its wet

@minglewithadingle a cute Dog.

@dasoni a new ugly patterned shirt (YES!!! behold the TOASTSHiRT!)

@scrapyardboyfriends plotdale script at hand

@rocketdocket Something that’ll remind him of Mum

@charitydinglc bring your blonde son Noah

@smittenwithsugden Some motherly affection. lots of hugs and flowers

@trashmouthsugden something kinky for a birthday treat.

@realityisonlythebeginning pineapples for the picnic

@victoriasugden make him a towering purple cake like Vic would

@isabellaofparma birthday text message from Andy commissioned.

@luststricken some dorky nerdy stuff like Death Note

@bitinglip4robert need man sandwiches, a whole picnic basket, no cucumber sandwiches.

@gemmalou-x- the last rolo

@smugfacesuggle black hoody


@twatcitytrick (with the booze)


@aaarondingle (sorry I put your old name .__.)

I am heartbroken that I couldn’t put the whole fandom on the picture

AND I have basically NO idea how y’all look like… so just roll with it *shrug*

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Headcanon: Vader's favorite food is space cucumbers. He never got vegetables growing up and cucumbers are crunchy water.

cucumbers the cronch water

What type of date BgA would have

oooh, thank u for requesting! 

P-Dragon would have a date in the park, where everyone would see the two of you. He would wear a suit because he thinks that you think he looks good in it. You don’t. He would pack a picknick based off the idea that you’re allergic to every generic thing (nuts, milk, bees, gluten, any fruit, all perservatives), he wouldn’t ask you tho, as he would worry that you would be offended and break up with him. So in his picknick (i might be spelling that wrong? who knows) basket there would only be cucumber and in the cucumber he would hide a ring. He does this every week since you started to date and you have yet to say yes but he just won’t give up.

R.O.P would take you to a circus, soley for the reason to yell at the people working there. He’s against circuses and he’s a really passionated animal rights activist. He would also take this opportunity to show how strong he could be when he’s breaking free from the guards for ruining the show by yelling.

Jeungri would take you bowling, however, he would be to shy to even ask you for a date in the first place. You’re going to make every move, god dammit Jeungri how about you man up for once, huh? Why does your gf have to do this every damn time, how about you try to do something?

J-Lite wouldn’t even take you out for a date.

Daeyang would rarely take you on dates. Again, he doesn’t care about this relationship. I think you deserve better. Date P-Dragon or something. Daeyang doesn’t care anyway.

Shadowhunters Fic: Like a Lady Gaga Discography (Raj-centric)

Title: Like a Lady Gaga Discography
Words: 1650 words.

Summary: Raj only wanted three things in life: to do his job, to mind his business and to not get caught up in other people’s shit. Unfortunately he’s on the fast track to failing all three and in no way is it of his own doing. Why can’t these people just leave him in peace?

Aldertree was decent enough looking guy.

For a pompous, pretentious, British dickwad.

Get some tea, Raj. Get Fairchild a change of clothes, Raj. Fetch the vampire, Raj. Make me a cucumber sandwich, Raj. Shine my cordovans, Raj.

The last one isn’t actually true; Aldertree doesn’t wear cordovans. Not that he does either but that’s the difference between the upper echelon guys like Aldertree and the little minnows in the field like him. People underestimate how hard it is to get demon blood out of leather.

If Raj thought the Lightwoods were annoying when they were in charge, boy was he wrong. At least they didn’t pretend to be pleasant; Maryse didn’t anyway and Raj had to respect that, the way you’d respect a creature that was half protective mama bear fresh out of hibernation and other half blood-sucking, face chomping piranha.

Alec though was pretty enough and a pretty swell enough guy.

For a moody, party-pooping asshole.

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I made a subway sandwich guy almost cry the other day because while he was making my sandwich, he accidentally put green bell peppers on my sandwich instead of cucumbers. NBD, I just asked him to pick them off carefully as I am bell pepper-intolerant (look it up, it’s a real thing). Apparently, the people in front of me had yelled at him for heating up their chicken teriyaki sandwich, which is standard procedure, and tried to get him fired.

It takes exactly 0% effort to not be a dick.