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The Arcana Official Trailer 

Here’s the youtube link for the new trailer, just in case anyone else was having trouble to find it like I was

So, at work yesterday...

I fielded a call from a guy who was looking for my boss. She was out, so I took a message, and when I asked for his name, he informed me that it was Julian Sham.

From this, I can draw only two conclusions:
1. Count Olaf is getting even worse at remembering his own aliases.
2. My boss must have adopted a trio of precocious orphans, and is now presumably in grave danger.


Louis transforming into Klaus!

(via Louis Hynes)

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WOW,  I’M  SPEECHLESS  ?    i honestly never thought that i’d be around long enough to even think about making a follow forever or let alone have enough followers & friends on here to create one ?? despite everything i say about marvel  &  the community in general i’ve met some really great people on here who are honestly some of the funniest & more compassionate people i’ve met in my life & for that reason i’m truly appreciative for the time i’ve spent here. whether negative or positive, i’ve learned a lot and became close with so many people who share my love for the spider-man mythos or comics in general and tbh i love each and everyone of you.  💖

this isn’t the end or anything i just thought i should do something special considering peter parker is my longest running muse and i wanted to spread the love. THANK YOU ALL FOR STICKING AROUND!

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anonymous asked:

i really hope this doesn't sound rude and hate to ask this, but do you know if you are still continuing bygguomt and if so when is the next chapter?

Anonymous said: When do you think we will see a new bygg chap

i am definitely continuing byggualom but i am not sure when, probably not for a while, my current baby is msa chapter 4 and that’s hopefully going to be done within a couple weeks and then i’ll probably actually get started on byggualom ch7.